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  1. S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    Me too. Great visual there. I agree with all of the Claire hate and "why is this show still on?" ... to add to it, Jay and Manny's stuff was PAINFUL to watch. Not funny AT ALL. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I will "hate-watch" until the end.
  2. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    The peninsula was ridiculous. I guess they were trying to save money by not doing new windows, but both the peninsula and the other area of base cabinetry would have been better if they had and had regular cabinets with standard counter-height counters. If you are going to do the reno, do it right. The guy was super annoying. "I don't want to do projects! I want to be hiking, having fun, wah wah wah!" Bleh.
  3. S02.E09: The Dance

    Totally thought that the 60-ish dad/grandpa would die during this episode. On a shallow note, I am not into nose rings WHATSOEVER (yes, I am old) ... nose ring attached to more jewelry on the side of your face or ear? I can't even look. Hey, the reception was already paid for. Might as well get your money's worth. Guys looked so handsome, and the ladies cleaned up very well also. Beautiful and fun.
  4. LSSC: Season Four Episode Talk

    Sara Bareilles was amazing. Kick-ass all-female band to boot. Always enjoy Eric McCormack as well. Totally crazy that he got his star on the Walk of Fame around the same time that Michael Douglas did. (I know how ridiculous the whole "star" system is. Aren't they just out of room already?)
  5. S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    Me too. I'm very clueless that way, whereas my husband can ALWAYS call this stuff out. He doesn't watch this with me, however. I loved the proposal, especially "I don't just want to take the next step with you ... I want to take EVERY step with you." So sweet. I've enjoyed this show since the very beginning, but this year it has just gotten better and better and is one of my favorites. Definitely going to miss it for 3 months.
  6. S10 E05

    I know I could google this, but it is more fun to ask the forum: is kombucha alcoholic? Isn't anything that is fermented alcoholic? I'm not good with icky stuff, so seeing that stuff floating in the kombucha grosses me out. Blech.
  7. S01:E08 Three Dots

    Who can tell us if sperm donor sites have pictures of hot model-type men in them?
  8. S02.E04: War of the Wagners

    I don't know about a nose job, but I think she does fillers or something. Her entire face, included her forehead, is just so smooth that it doesn't look real. Yes. Nice job by the costume department. I love so many of her tops, sweaters, and dresses. The cute pink top with the ruffle sleeves is on sale at Nordstrom Rack! (Thank you, wornontv.net)
  9. S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    I watch a lot of medical shows, but I also cannot pinpoint which other show did an organ donation chain recently. Grey's Anatomy? Haven't watched for a few seasons. Code Black? This year I watch this show, The Good Doctor, and The Resident. I do like Ryan Eggold and most of the characters, but this show is on the bottom of the list.
  10. S02.S03: We Need to Talk About Karen

    Totally. I enjoy that couple. I agree with the Cougar Town idea. I enjoy the cast ... it could just be a cute, funny show with a little re-working.
  11. S01.E07: The Prodigal Son

    I was never a big Alias viewer, but Michael Vartan was hot back in the day. He's 50. Hmm. I think part of it is that he is thin. Sometimes when people have a little more weight on them, it fills out their faces and makes them look younger. Cara's parents didn't show a lot of self-control at the lunch meeting. "We can never tell her!" Cara notices that something is up. "OK. We will tell you."
  12. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Autumn is intense, and I like her. Rooting for her and Maya. Absolutely. Maybe they follow this board too.
  13. S02.E07: Trial & Error

    Does anyone watch 911 in addition to this show? 911 also had a karaoke scene where they sang "Islands in the Stream". Apparently the network is too cheap to spend the money to get the rights to more than one song. Loved the Bollywood dance. I wonder how long it took the cast to learn it.
  14. Season 7 Discussion

    Totally. Loved her on Castle. I love Nancy Travis and that episode let her shine.
  15. S02.E08: Buck Actually

    Auggh! I didn't realize that. Is FOX so cheap they can't pay for the rights to use different songs? I've had the song in my head for several days now. It has to be the catchiest song ever recorded.