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  1. S01.E09: The Fever

    This. Heading to wornontv.com now to see if any of the items are listed there. I also LOVE their house. Too cool.
  2. S03.E04: The Same As Air

    Hey, I love her "supermodel hair". Did you watch Castle back in the day? Kate Beckett (Stana Katie) always had THE most fabulous hair (except for an early season when she had a weird mullet-like haircut). I liked Ethan with that other Dr. as well. Was she a psychiatrist? I think Rob Lowe can have chemistry with pretty much anyone. I'm OK with him getting with the EMT. He needs a little lovin'.
  3. S01.E08: Heat Wave

    Lena works part-time at a paint-your-own pottery place.
  4. S03.E03: La Familia

    From the lack of comments, I guess very few are watching. I still love the show. I want Marcia Gay Harden to be my friend, doctor, whatever ... love her soothing voice and calm demeanor. Broken penises are always funny, right? Hasn't every medical show done this story? I will ship Ethan and Rox. Why not? I love that he is opening up to her.
  5. S09.E22: Split Decision

    Do they actually still make lawn chairs like that? Haven't seen one since the early eighties.
  6. S01.E06: Letting Ghost

    I still like the show! At least they addressed the age difference between Martin and Lisa. I also enjoyed Martin and Lena singing Under Pressure, and Fred Armisen always cracks me up.
  7. I like how when they asked her about other colors besides bright yellow she said "Pink!" And then purple and orange. I thought Nate and Jeremiah would die right then and there. I think it would be helpful to educate people how you can have somewhat neutral walls and furniture, but then add color through art, pillows, etc., OR, Nate and Jeremiah could guide the client with color choices if they really want more color throughout. Wonder what her kitchen looked like? Auggh. Loved the vessel sink in the master bath.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Renovate & Regenerate

    So sad that one of the interns (Generation Next) passed away. I'm sorry ... I love history and old houses, but the 2nd house that was unoccupied for years (and practically falling down) should just be taken down and then rebuilt, but in a historical style. Love the city, but absolutely could not take the heat and humidity.
  9. S01.E04: The Nanny

    I enjoyed it ... I like the son better than the daughter. Those were a lot of green beans that they were snapping at the kitchen table. Alex's musings over "mulling things over" vs. a "dry run" was cute. He is so funny. They should make him a recurring character where she has to visit him in prison every so often.
  10. Totally. They were sticking out in a weird way where to me it either looked like a bad tile job, or just not how I would want tile to be in my bathroom. (Might be dangerous too, with slight points sticking out.) I also agree with posters who said the bathrooms were just too dark. Uggh. What a nice family though. And I do love how emotional Jeremiah gets.
  11. S07.E04: Where the Road Goes

    What was the quote?
  12. All Episodes Talk: The Property Brothers

    Saw the episode where the wife had Jonathan improve the garage as a surprise for the hubby. Either he knew about it or is a terrible actor, because his reaction was underwhelming to me as far as being appreciative. I think there was a peck on the cheek ... I would have hugged my partner, jumped up and down, starting crying, etc. Did not like the decorating in the living room and dining area. Kitchen layout seemed a little strange to me, but they go through it so quickly who even knows. For example, the sink was at the island, but then there was a whole other area of the kitchen. Couldn't tell if there was another sink over there. I did like the wall with the wall-mounted ovens, the cooktop (or was it another oven?), and fridge. Also, when they were looking at the house way over their budget in the beginning, I would have told my kids not to touch anything, OR, not taken the kids at all. How rude, but typical for today's parents. Girls were cute though.
  13. S07.E03: Lillypads

    Shout out to "A Bug's Life", one of my favorite Pixar movies!
  14. S01.E07: This Will God Willing Get Better

    Why did Tracey try to get Lou to stay? She should have said, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I got this!"
  15. I agree with this assessment. The hood was too big, especially for a regular oven. I don't like hexagon tiles, although those seem to be the hot things these days. I did like the overall look of the kitchen though. The marble/granite was amazing and dramatic. Did not like the wall color in the bathroom, and I know how Nate said that white subway tile is good from a budget and style perspective, but I would have liked to have seen a different, yet still budget-friendly tile. I do like how they will talk about saving money a little bit ... I'd like more of that. They did come in under budget, but I'd like to hear the specifics. (e.g., where to spend vs. where to save)