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  1. S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    Kelsey also needs to fire her makeup artist! Her face was a strange shade of orange compared to her neck. Caitlin's boyfriend played a creeper on Dexter ... she is lucky that she got out alive. I am totally in on a Diana spinoff show. How can we make that happen?!?
  2. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    So are they just going to wait and see regarding Hazel's eyes for a while? And log what they notice? She definitely turns her head and the eyes flutter like they did before the 1st surgery. I agree that I don't think it is funny to subject the kids to Santa if they are so scared. I did however, think it was cute how some of them were just holding themselves still during the photo shoot, as if thinking, "If I don't move, maybe he won't see me or talk to me. Aaagh!"
  3. S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    Maybe he was bad in bed. Hee hee Cadence with a microphone during the finale ... so cute! Maybe it is just because I am a big Connie Britton fan, but as soon as she comes on screen, the show is immediately better! They should have done a 1 hour or even 2 hour retrospective featuring the best songs, especially Deacon and Rayna duets when they are gazing into each other's eyes. This might be controversial: favorite Connie Britton / actor coupling: Tami Taylor and Eric/Coach Taylor OR Rayna and Deacon?
  4. S06.E13: Breathe

    Didn't Sherlock then say something like "I'd lay down my life for your child as well." Sigh.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Pink is the new blue

    I still have my fingers crossed that SuperNanny will come back and do an episode with the Busbys! I don't think the quints' behavior is that bad ... their behavior seems developmentally appropriate, but maybe just a little bit more order and structure might help. Such as her system for kids who don't stay in bed. Just put them back in as many times as needed, saying "good night darling" and then not saying anything for subsequent instances. From what we have seen the quints have been staying the room, just getting out of their beds, which I guess isn't too bad. Danielle is definitely not going to be up for any acting awards. Wouldn't it have been funny if she really tried to act surprised about the bunny and the beds? If she had read Adam the riot act?
  6. Clearly no one is watching this. Kristin Kreuk looks amazing, but that is about all that I can say.
  7. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Absolutely! I wish they had shown the actual floorplan. The wife didn't really bother me too much. The husband/boss-wife combo is a classic on HGTV. She was very pretty ... maybe she was trying to set herself up for her own show. Was the house the one with stepping stones in the backyard? I agree that little kids would have fun inventing games (in addition to good 'ole hopscotch) to play on the stepping stones.
  8. S06.E11: You've Come a Long Way, Baby 2018.07.16

    I liked how Joan brought in the smelling expert. I forget exactly how he put it, but he said something to the effect of: "Keep it down! I'm trying to smell over here!"
  9. S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll 2018.07.17

    Took a minute to look up how long it would take to travel from Manhattan to Shelter Island ... 3 - 4 hours by car! How the heck did Liza get there? (Usually I try not to nitpick and think about the details too much, but that is a hike.
  10. S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll 2018.07.17

    Peter Hermann's teeth, especially the lowers, are still bothering me. He just looks uncomfortable with them.
  11. S02.E07: Matrimonium

    Loved the cute scene with Elizabeth and Phillip where he was asking what it is like to be pregnant. I also appreciate that he ranks her toes as a top feature ... if I had to rate my features, my feet, toes, and ankles would be high up there. His rant about Tony being welcome into the family was enjoyable as well. Scene with Elizabeth, her secretary, and Tommy Lascelles cracked me up! Oh my! Was she wearing her pearls ... it was certainly a situation that warranted clutching them.
  12. S01.E02: The Smoking Gun 2018.06.28

    OMG. Thank you so much! That was driving me crazy.
  13. S06.E10: The Adventure of Ersatz Sobekneferu 2018.07.02

    I always check wornontv.net to get more info on Joan's clothes. I wish they would stop with the ties and pseudo-ties, though. I like her in blouses, dresses, and some architectural shirts. I wish the website would also give info on her shoes, which are to die for, and I'm sure cost a boatload of money.
  14. S01.E02: The Smoking Gun 2018.06.28

    Who played the Hollywood producer? What has he been in before?
  15. S03.E11. One of Our Own 2018.07.04

    What is the deal with Savetti's girlfriend? Does she really want to pursue OB/GYN, or is she just trying to get away? I liked how Jesse didn't know what was going on with Leanne since she was happy and smiling. I have a person in my life who is usually complaining about things, so when he is happy and smiling I get suspicious. I find it very hard to believe that Ariel didn't take her phone. Teenagers are addicted/attached to their phones. Was she abducted and they managed to take some of her clothes? The blood draw thing is out of the headlines for sure. There is a state where their state supreme court ruled that by virtue of driving, you are giving consent to have your blood drawn if their is probably cause of DUI. Before her accident, Rox was being ridiculously curt with Ethan. Yes, you were close friends/co-workers verging on being something more, but you were not more, and his is clearly damaged.