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  1. S20.E12: Nominations #4

    Sam really fell hard for me in the like department. My heart broke for Hayleigh in her DR interview after the nominations. She never should’ve been made to feel that way and the shame on her face was so crushing. She has done nothing wrong and has done nothing to be ashamed of and I can’t understand why Sam ever thought that was okay. I don’t even have words for how awful what she did is.
  2. Has anyone heard about an air date for Alton's Return of the Eats show? I'm trying to keep an eye out for it but I don't watch a ton of FN so I am afraid I might miss its debut.
  3. I watched the most recent episode last night with GZ and, quite frankly, I didn't see him doing a whole lot of cooking at the very end. Even the camera was mostly focused on his one sous chef. You could see GZ wandering around in the background asking the other chef questions and then wandering back to his front station. It was weird. The one sous chef seemed to do most of the work (I think he did the lion's share of that pasta dish cooked like a pie (sorry can't remember the name of it). I wasn't terribly awed by what he created either.
  4. I have been so saddened by Anthony’s passing. I feel like I grew up with him and learned so much about travel and food because of him. My husband I have traveled to Europe many times and it’s in many ways because of Tony that I was willing to venture off the beaten path and to try street food. I always dreamed of having a job like his and lived vicariously through him by watching his show. I always wanted to hang out with him and thought how cool it must’ve been to be his friend. I trusted him and valued his thoughts and opinions. I always vigorously defended him and praised his show to anyone who doubted the quality and genius in him. I never knew him but I felt like I did because of how open and honest he was about his flaws and history. He made it cool to love food and to love travel and to talk about it. He will be missed for a very long time by millions of people because he was an advocate FOR people, flaws and all. I wish the demons had remained in the past because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to someone I never knew but who impacted my life anyway. I hope he’s found peace now.
  5. The new season will start on July 16 at 9:00 central. http://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/southern-charm-savannah-season-2-premiere-date-trailer
  6. S03.E03: Bad Vibrations

    I think, for me at least, this is why I dislike Sandy this season. It seems like she's still a little hurt/bitter about what happened last season and is taking it out on Hannah this go round. If Sandy has that much of an issue about what happened last season then either she shouldn't have come back or she needed to deal with it off camera before this season filmed. I don't disagree that Hannah has made mistakes and at times should've done more but some of what Sandy has yelled at Hannah for isn't really her fault and would never have escalated to the point it has if it what happened last season hadn't happened. Conrad's mistake was huge and she made a little comment about it and moved on. That's how I think Sandy would've handled what has happened with Hannah this season if last season either hadn't happened or had been dealt with already. So its hard for me to enjoy watching her when it seems like she's much harsher towards Hannah than she is towards the other staff members. I don't say this to protect Hannah or even because I feel bad for Hannah. I just don't really care to see Sandy work through what happened last season on this season. I don't care and it's kind of not my problem. It's like I'm a charter guest and I shouldn't have to see that side of things, know what I mean? I want to watch the current season and see what happens this season not worry who still has hurt feelings about last season. If it must be addressed then do a little scene where Sandy and Hannah talk it out and move on. I don't need the petty Sandy and Hannah stuff. Besides, I thought Adam behaved just as bad if not worse and Sandy doesn't seem to be bitter towards him. If you can move past it for one than move past it for another or don't come back. JMHO.
  7. I watched the second chance thing and it wasn't very good. Neither of the two participants from MAFS came off looking better. In fact, they ended up looking a lot worse. Honestly, the reunion was the only entertaining part to me because the girls really gave it to David for his behavior and phoniness.
  8. Shahs in the Media

    I agree. I kept wondering if it actually would happen so much that I never gave the when or where a thought. That said, I am happy for them. I believe Tommy is a good person for MJ and I do believe he really does love her and isn't in it for the fame or whatever.
  9. Ryan

    I watched his new show and it was okay. Ryan comes across as a lot more tender hearted than he does on Million Dollar Listing and I really think this shows him closer to who he really is in normal life. That said, the show is a little cheesy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it always works out in the end. I’m going to watch the next episode because it looked like it had the potential to showcase a little more humor but I’m not sure how many more episodes I’ll watch.
  10. I don't know whether it really was or wasn't recorded but Molly and Jon don't seem to disagree on what led up to the argument. They both seem to agree that she was talking to someone else and he didn't like it. His take is that she was ignoring him and her take is that she didn't hear him. Either way, not really the point. If he did have that part recorded, I can see why it was edited out because that's not really what this whole thing is about. I, personally, think what we should have been shown is more of what was said by Jon, Molly and the expert after the video was played. I am sure more was said than what we were shown because Molly's comment about Jon twisting her words doesn't make any sense based on what we were shown as the only thing shown when all three were together was what happened on the video. I feel like Molly was referring to the "making my skin crawl" statement but that wasn't brought up when the three were all together from what we were shown but I do think it was discussed and not televised. That comment seemed to be huge for Jon when he was along with the expert and in the talking head so I feel like it was discussed but edited out later.
  11. S31.E14: Vendettas Never Die

    Makes you wonder why Aneesa didn't call her out for her accent like she did Cara Maria. I too thought her accent was way worse on the after-show. I thought she needed subtitles it was so bad.
  12. Iron Chef America in the Media

    This makes me happy. While I didn't hate the new format, I didn't love it either. I'm glad to be returning to the original format!
  13. S02.E12: Reunion

    I am beyond annoyed with Wirkus idiots. Remind me again why Ashley had to be there for most of the reunion when she was only there for a couple weekends. Her thoughts don’t matter and she should have been escorted off the stage after the Carl and Lauren relationship segment. I can’t handle how they and Lindsay just feed off each other and just try to talk over and faster than everyone else. Andy needs to shut that down. I am also confused about Stephen’s bull excuses for why he decided to publicly talk about Carl’s story. On the show he said it put him in the middle of Carl and Lauren and then at the reunion he says it’s because Carl said it amongst a group of his friends so he thought it was no big deal. If it’s no big deal why did Lauren need to know and how did it put him in the middle? The boy can’t keep his story straight because he’s nothing but a shit-stirring gossip who lacks a heart and common decency. The truth is he wanted to hurt Carl and he knew telling this story to Lauren would do it. The Wirkus doofuses and Lindsay also can’t keep the story straight. They lay into Amanda because according to them she only contacts them when Kyle is gone. When Amanda points out friendship is a two way street and they don’t reach out they change their tune and say she doesn’t reach out and she blamed them for her relationship which wasn’t true at all. They’ve seen all the episodes before the reunion so they know it wasn’t her and they know she was not the one to use the word bully but they still blame her for it because she’s somehow to blame for Kyle’s actions because they are dating. Pretty sure Lauren’s head would explode if the same standard was placed on her when she was dating Carl. I felt so bad for Amanda because I don’t think she likes confrontation and all those idiots know how to do is gang up on everyone. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just pull her aside and have a conversation with her. Carl has managed to grasp this very basic concept and always pulls the person aside and talks with them so I don’t understand why these shrews can’t figure it out. It doesn’t matter if Amanda and Kyle are putting on happy faces the next day. It’s still possible to have a frank conversation about what happened the night before but I guess that wouldn’t make for great tv for them. I think Amit’s only really contribution was pointing out how ludicrous the shrew’s claim was that there wasn’t any tension. It’s a shame Andy didn’t ask him for more of his thoughts. Lindsay and Everett are back together but Lindsay doesn’t want to admit they are back together on tv because then she can’t be the “boss bitch” she claimed to be a few months ago. That unhealthy relationship won’t end until one of them moves far away. I’d also bet money that Lauren and Carl will hook up again in the future and she will again think he loves her when all he wants is a piece of ass. She’ll cling to any guy who tells her nice things. Lauren needs to learn how to blend her makeup. Her face and neck were very clearly bronzed within an inch of her life while the rest of her was a more normal skin shade. It was disturbing to me. Lindsay needs style help ASAP. Bigger boobs can’t fix bad style. The girl either can’t or doesn’t know how to properly dress herself to present herself the best. It’s tragic. If the show comes back, I really only want to see Carl, Kyle and Amanda. I could take Amit but he’s going to have to start bringing more to the table.
  14. S02.E11: Lei It to Rest

    It was the worst, most bogus excuse for betraying someone's trust. I still don't believe he sees himself as the villain in what happened when he is most definitely the villain. Nothing in what Carl told him would make it difficult to keep being a friend with Lauren because what happened had zero to do with Lauren. He just wanted to spread some gossip. Man, I really cannot stand him and I hope he gets roasted at the reunion. Carl shouldn't have lied to Lauren but Lauren never should have known about it in the first place unless he decided to tell her. This has probably been the thing that has made me warm to him the most. He's stuck his neck out for Amanda when he really didn't have to knowing they'd just turn their bile on him as soon as he uttered a peep but he did it anyway. I respect him for doing that. I'm actually believing he's trying to change.
  15. I did too, lol. I've also been watching all the recent clip episodes of favorite moments. I'm excited to see these guys again. Anyone know why Sam isn't going to be on?