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  1. Yup.
  2. That's possible, but I think we said goodbye to him tonight. As for Sue - nah, Sue doesn't need him now. Sue wasn't the one showing up at senior's bingo "soliciting" (lol). When he talked to Frankie there, he pointed out that when he asked how she was doing, she told him how everyone else was doing. Frankie was the one who needed him and I'm glad he was there for her. I laughed at the exchange between Rev Tim Tom and Sue though - he knows she's all grown up now, a college girl. I don't think they need to write his passing into the show. I'm sure it's possible they will, but I don't think it is needed. They did acknowledge Jerry's time on the show, tonight. He got his farewell moment. They recognized his time on the show and paid homage to him. For a character who appeared in barely a handful of episodes over nine seasons, I think they did right by his portrayer. I think we said goodbye to Tag tonight. The character of Tag lives on, we just won't be seeing him. As for Marsha Mason, I think we will get to see her again to say goodbye to Pat. I wasn't surprised at all, as the past few years have had him leading up to this, ie. working during college and not going to his parents for money. We have seen a lot of proof of Axl wanting to do it on his own.
  3. Yup.
  4. Yup.
  5. Is anyone else thinking that Kate's behaviour at the mall might have (in Kate's eyes) made them forget the batteries for the smoke detectors and that's why she has said Jack died because of her? We already know their house burned down and I don't think they would go so far as to have Jack die in the fire saving Kate. Or would they? Inasmuch as Randall has bugged me this season, tonight looked to me like Kevin isn't the only Pearson brother Beth is unsupportive of. I found her "I need you in the real world" knock such an insult. He's been the stay at home parent and from much experience in that field, I can say with confidence that there's not a whole lot more "real world" than that. It's not like he hasn't been there for her and their daughters. I didn't find Randall's search for "Lady" compelling at all - actually that bored me. But Randall has been supportive of Beth and he just needed a little more time and she should have trusted that. So Beth, if Randall won't say it, I will say it on his behalf - I call marriage. I liked Miguel being protective of Rebecca but I also understood Kevin's need to spend some time with her alone. Miguel should respect that. My new favorite relationship of the whole show? Kate and Madison :).
  6. Pressure or no pressure, Beth is an adult and made her decision to go. If she truly didn't want to go, and knew she couldn't be supportive of Kevin and his efforts to become well, then she had no business being there. I could see Miguel and Toby mistakenly thinking their presence was required, but Beth would certainly know that the presence of anyone harbouring ill will toward the patient is never required. Based on her reaction when asked to leave, she was pissed she couldn't stay to get her digs in and make her negative feelings known, and seemed to try her best to do that on her way out anyway. That makes it more about herself than the reason she knew she was there - to support Kevin in his recovery.
  7. To me it's less about who is capable of fending for themselves where meals are concerned and more about simple consideration. The living arrangement in that house is not that of shared accommodation by a group of strangers. Frankie expected some consideration and she's not wrong. Although when she was going off on them, she wasn't considering Brick, who is another family member living in that house. I don't care if he is capable of fending for himself, I would still think consideration for other people is what is important. They claim to love each other.* I could be wrong but I seem to recall Frankie entering the house at dinnertime more than once over the years with a bag of fast food - for herself. I guess Frankie and Mike really meant it when they declared themselves finished with parenting when Brick was beginning eighth grade.** Maybe that's the joke - Brick turned out a better person without them. * Haven't we been reminded of that more often than not with the end of episode narration? The gist of which is usually something like - "Oh well we're a madcap family all right and we struggle with more than our fair share of calamities but at the end of the day gosh darn it we are a family and we love each other". ** I know it's The Middle but I always found it unsettling - not only their neglect and ignoring of, but also declaring themselves done with parenting a minor child of theirs.
  8. I felt she went out of her way to be a bitch to him tonight. The last thing anyone needs when making an effort to be well is someone there just to show their contempt and non support. She had the choice to stay home but instead went there just so she could give him her stinkface from the start and stink comments when she realized she was being asked to leave. It's all about her. She had no business being there. You're not the only one. He will have to make amends and answer to his behaviour. I don't believe we've seen the last of Kevin and Sophie. But he didn't "cruelly flush it". At the risk of sounding like I'm excusing Kevin's behaviour, I'm really not. I'm just saying that Kevin's actions are that of a drug addict, very different than if he were not a drug addict. It's also possible he ended things with her (the way he did it was regretful and I think he knows that) because he knew he was in no shape at the time to continue any kind of a meaningful relationship.
  9. Poor Mike! He finally has a friend he really loves. No reason for him to believe it wasn't totally reciprocal. "Lexie'sbackfromColorado.Goodbye!". LOL, nope, no competition there ;). Mike took it in his stride, though, and good naturedly went back to spending time with his wife :).
  10. So would I. That seems to be an ongoing situation throughout. She's right about being "the bad guy". For example, she suggests to Kate that she slice up an apple for herself and Kate because they've both had enough cookies for the day, and Jack enters the house announcing they're going on vacation. And, she really is undermined at every turn when it comes to her concern re Kate's eating, and I'm sure it would not be long before you would feel so alone in it. But Jack loving his little girl so much and seeing her as the most perfect and beautiful human being would be, I am sure, very hard to fight. It would have been nice if Rebecca and Jack had been on the same page with concern for Kate's weight and health.
  11. Drinking and driving is so wrong, always. But I don't think the "real" Kevin would do that. He would not want to hurt anyone. It was too easy to forget, with everything else going on in this episode, that Kevin is a drug addict. He is in rehab because he is a drug addict. Thank goodness no one was hurt by his actions, but what a wake up call. I will never blame him that Tess was in the car, which is why I think, and I echo fellow posters here, Beth was so pissed. I am increasingly disliking Beth.
  12. I get that what Kevin did was wrong because drinking and driving is never right. But the visit was about healing, and anyone not on board with Kevin's healing and/or anyone who felt they couldn't be supportive of Kevin had no business being there. So there was no need for Randall and Beth to get a sitter. Beth should not have gone. Her behavior when asked to leave was self serving and immature. Is it just me, or was there a kind of major contradiction from Rebecca? I loved her tonight by the way. But at the meeting, she basically said she gravitated more toward Randall because he was easier. Yet later, it was shown that Kevin was obviously easier, meaning she didn't think she had to worry as much about him. She admitted she was wrong about that, but that doesn't change the fact that back then, Kevin was obviously easier. Why didn't she just say that since Kevin was easier, she felt that Randall needed her more, rather than say Randall was easier?
  13. Poor Sue! It was predictable after Aidan's first mishap that we were supposed to think he was *just* like Sue. So did they really think they needed to keep hitting us over the head with it... or rather, hitting Sue? OUCH!! Looks like she might need a doctor after all ;).
  14. Whoa. I need a drink.
  15. I can speak only for myself, but that is actually a very good example of what I meant when I said he should fight for her. Nothing aggressive boxing-gloves-type-fighting-for-her. Just step up and do something to let her know how he feels, yes TELL her, rather than walk away feeling dejected every time. And I think he's finally there now. I don't think Aiden needed to know there was a party at Sue's house to decide he would try to get to her for a kiss at midnight.