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  1. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    I think the reason for mentioning Sue and Sean's breakups is simple. Nothing to do with their being at different stages of career/life, nothing to do with trouble communicating (although any of those could be actual reasons for the breakups - I'm merely weighing in on possibly why they felt they had to include that at the end). Immediately before that, Frankie said something like "Sue became the amazing woman we all knew she would", and I think they wanted us to know that she did that by herself - with or without Sean she became an amazing woman all on her own. Unnecessary perhaps - because didn't we all know she would? Of course we did. Still, I like to think she kept her name, at least professionally ;). It could be argued she's not the type, but Sue the Independent Woman had it in her all along. I don't think Axl and Lexie are living like the Hecks in a crappy little house in Orson. Yes, they may have three bratty kids just like kid Axl, but to me that house looked beautiful. It was a mess, but those front doors, and that room the kids were in looked very nice. There was probably more to the house before Axl saw the kids that we weren't shown. I always thought all Heck kids would grow up to be successful in their lives. Sometimes the show tried a little too hard to show us that Axl didn't care about Lexie's family's wealth, and I think Axl made it on his own too, just like Sue and Brick.
  2. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    I liked The Office series finale. I know that many thought it should have ended a few years earlier than it did, but I did enjoy the finale :). I agree, endings are rough. It's never easy to say goodbye to a favorite show, especially one that you've watched for years and, regardless of how I feel about the finale itself, tonight won't be any different.
  3. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    After this season I have pretty low Heckspectations for the finale. At this point I am just hoping it's not total crap. Yes. For once I would actually like to need the box of Kleenex I set up beside me for a series finale instead of just wanting to throw it at my screen at the end.
  4. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Yes, what a strange tactic. Especially after a sophomore slump. Oh well. I assume this thread will be open for those of us who would like to discuss. Goodness knows, there's more than plenty to discuss. Madison and Kevin - that looked great until Kevin looked uninterested. And I knew something better must be coming. Beth's "baby cousin" is crazy beautiful. In all the ways that matter. It has been teased that a main character becomes ill. I don't think it's Toby (please don't put Kate through another major loss again). Why would they show us the real things happening a year from now if they still want us to watch? Yes, hypocrite here - because I am delighted to see Kevin and Beth's wonderful cousin together on that plane. Those endearing, caring and real looks and the real kisses. I don't know why they're going to Vietnam, but it looks like they're not going as just friends. Fuck off Deja.
  5. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    I know, right? They've done it before with a new episode of The Middle. Same lame excuses. Worst station ever. I just watched it on the time shift feature on my TV. IMO you didn't miss much. I would recommend seeing it though, because we are fans of The Middle, this was a new episode, and this is the final season. That teacher is horrible. She shouldn't be teaching. Even if she saw Brick licking her car, she should take that up through the right avenues other than taking it out on him. The word is unprofessional. What teacher keeps a pull down some student drew on seven years ago? Loser. And wasn't it predictable when she had no idea who Sue was? I for one was fully expecting that. Mike wasn't nice or gracious to the quarry guys, just wanting to push them out of the way on his way out. Not a very nice episode, I didn't like it much. I have one take away from it, though: I would really like a twisty pretzel.
  6. S09.E15: Toasted

    I saw it as completely unnecessary for them to explain that Sue's friends were out of town for her 21st birthday, implying they were skipping it entirely. I thought it would have made much more sense for Sue to just say something like "it's just Mom and me tonight - I'm celebrating with my friends on the weekend". I remember for my 21st birthday (what I do remember of it lol) that my friends were not at the celebration with my family and my family was not at the party with my friends. I see it as completely normal for a 21 year old to have separate birthday celebrations. Agreed. It seems they could have come up with something much better than taking a page out of Dina Lohan's playbook. Lazy. And not funny at all. LOL true! Yes indeed, especially if this rare display of such purposeful rancor and hostility was Sean's idea of "fighting" for Sue ;)
  7. S02.E15: The Car

    Mandy and Milo hit it out of the park. Again. I didn't miss the adult kids. I think we got the story of the tree. It was the closest one to a pay phone ;). Anne was Dr. K's kind neighbour who cared about him. I cried (through this entire episode actually) when he introduced her to Rebecca "this is my wife, Anne". I think this episode showed they were all in a horrible state of shock. I don't think Kevin was purposefully left out of hugs; rather, he kept his distance as he saw fit at the time, although none were in any shape to be held accountable for their actions. I was waiting for the mention of the child they lost. And we got that from Dr. K. Their loss of Kyle is something that has been touched upon but not explored. I for one would welcome more Kyle. I have been dreading this time in the series even though I always knew it was coming. Yes, we got answers, but about certain things, I think I was okay not asking questions.
  8. S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    Ugh. Horrible episode. I actually did see it coming with Tess. And I tried to care but I didn't. Any flashbacks post fire will be without Jack and I'm just not so sure I will care about these characters any more. Deja, no thanks.
  9. S02.E13: That'll Be the Day

    I didn't like that.
  10. S09.E13: Mommapalooza

    Hmm, I thought $40 was an odd amount to put in a birthday card for a 21 year old daughter/son. In Meet the Parents (repeated tonight), Frankie told Mike (when Mike was jealous of Bennett and said maybe Bennett was given all of it by Dad), that Tam-Tam told Frankie that Bennett did it all on his own, starting with just... $40. Cute and fun :)
  11. S02.E12: Clooney

  12. S09.E13: Mommapalooza

    That's possible, but I think we said goodbye to him tonight. As for Sue - nah, Sue doesn't need him now. Sue wasn't the one showing up at senior's bingo "soliciting" (lol). When he talked to Frankie there, he pointed out that when he asked how she was doing, she told him how everyone else was doing. Frankie was the one who needed him and I'm glad he was there for her. I laughed at the exchange between Rev Tim Tom and Sue though - he knows she's all grown up now, a college girl. I don't think they need to write his passing into the show. I'm sure it's possible they will, but I don't think it is needed. They did acknowledge Jerry's time on the show, tonight. He got his farewell moment. They recognized his time on the show and paid homage to him. For a character who appeared in barely a handful of episodes over nine seasons, I think they did right by his portrayer. I think we said goodbye to Tag tonight. The character of Tag lives on, we just won't be seeing him. As for Marsha Mason, I think we will get to see her again to say goodbye to Pat. I wasn't surprised at all, as the past few years have had him leading up to this, ie. working during college and not going to his parents for money. We have seen a lot of proof of Axl wanting to do it on his own.
  13. S02.E12: Clooney

  14. S02.E12: Clooney

  15. S02.E12: Clooney

    Is anyone else thinking that Kate's behaviour at the mall might have (in Kate's eyes) made them forget the batteries for the smoke detectors and that's why she has said Jack died because of her? We already know their house burned down and I don't think they would go so far as to have Jack die in the fire saving Kate. Or would they? Inasmuch as Randall has bugged me this season, tonight looked to me like Kevin isn't the only Pearson brother Beth is unsupportive of. I found her "I need you in the real world" knock such an insult. He's been the stay at home parent and from much experience in that field, I can say with confidence that there's not a whole lot more "real world" than that. It's not like he hasn't been there for her and their daughters. I didn't find Randall's search for "Lady" compelling at all - actually that bored me. But Randall has been supportive of Beth and he just needed a little more time and she should have trusted that. So Beth, if Randall won't say it, I will say it on his behalf - I call marriage. I liked Miguel being protective of Rebecca but I also understood Kevin's need to spend some time with her alone. Miguel should respect that. My new favorite relationship of the whole show? Kate and Madison :).