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  1. And it's a good one! That was the year the show really started to attract a British audience and then Entertainment Weekly encouraged Americans to check out the show online.
  2. It was also a lot more watchable after Batali left. On the show the three explained that June 14th is the last taping day - and invited everyone to tune in, joking how lit they already were today - and that the new summer episodes were filmed earlier. Also next week is a pre-planned hiatus for Memorial Day weekend.
  3. The Zoo: In The Media

    If the show gets renewed, expect coverage of the New York Aquarium: New York Daily News: Jaw-dropping shark exhibit coming soon to New York Aquarium New York Times: How Do You Move a Shark? Very Carefully
  4. Media for the New Magnum

    CBS Trailer
  5. Deadline: I'm going to say no thanks to yet another unknown sibling. Damon has gone silent on social media but Clayne expressed his congrats to the cast and crew on the renewal.
  6. Figure Skating

    Google translates the caption as "At the inauguration." So I guess they attended Putin's inauguration ceremony. I liked that Orser mentioned three specific things in that first interview. One, that Evgenia told him she had no interest in trashing her previous coaches; two, that she wants some creative input into her choreography and music; and three that he acknowledged the flutz. On a much lighter note, Rockerskating live tweeted Dancing with the Stars last night, which cracked me up. He gave a Adam a "Quickstep CLEAN!!!" and decided that "NChen has really been practicing his Lvl4 applauding."
  7. The Wine Show in the Media

    Matthew Rhys was on Seth Meyers this week, promoting The Wine Show, which has made it to cable on Ovation TV.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Boogie Down Bronx

    Animal Planet released next week's episode early and announced it at the end of the show yesterday. It's on the app and I guess on some cable providers' free-on-demand streaming. I'm not sure about the timing but no complaints. So I'm not sure when gila monsters will show up, but the komodo dragons are considered episode 9. It makes his visible tears at losing Snowballs last year all the more moving. As Josette and others mentioned upthread, Pitbulls and Parolees had two dogs with swimmers recently. Then one progressed so quickly that she appeared on Puppy Bowl. The Bronx Zoo shared video of the baby snow leopard, Khyber, and mentioned that she's Leo's granddaughter. I really liked this official snap of her:
  9. GBBO In The Media

    Graham Norton clip: when Mary Berry was once arrested by customs officials
  10. All Episodes Talk: Boogie Down Bronx

    I agree that it's one of the best shows on TV right now. I haven't rewatched yet, but I laughed when Jim said "Good boy!" to Jackson the golden eagle and then Elias reflexively said "thank you." Heh. There was an update on the pink pigeons on the zoo's website. A pair successfully bred a chick and it's being raised by the surrogate nesting pair.
  11. Hannibal in the Media

    David Tennant told Entertainment Weekly he had discussed playing Hannibal:
  12. Figure Skating

    Tomorrow's Stars on Ice show will be filmed and broadcast next week on NBCSN: April 14th from 12:30 – 1:30p EDT.
  13. Figure Skating

    They could always be picked later on for a full length season, when they'd have more time to establish a voting base. This is only a super short four week show, so name recognition is going to be more important than usual. I think Jamie Anderson is already at a disadvantage, voting-wise. However one personally feels about Tonya, I do understand why DWTS producers would choose her. It doesn't surprise me that they would want to capitalize on her being in the public eye again. Plus Nancy was just on the show last spring. I thought Tonya had a surprisingly good sense of humor when Ellen tapped her to skate with her show producer but yeah, she wouldn't be my first pick of retired skaters for Dancing with the Stars.
  14. Tennis Thread

    Just for laughs...Andy Murray was apparently ambushed into a comedic charity bit last week. I laughed out loud at the Tim Henman part.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Boogie Down Bronx

    It makes it all the more impressive that the different zoos have been able to increase the population from 16 to 400. I think it was good to hear Breheny's perspective on why the zoo controversially doesn't plan to move the three elephants to a sanctuary. It hurt to see Jerry say goodbye to Patty, Maxie and especially Happy.