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  1. S01.E10: Coney Island Cyclone

    That'd make sense to me. The writers tried to make Pria as forgettable as possible but given that she's played by Parminder, it would be logical that the character will actually end up heavily involved in the Chase/Falken story line.
  2. S01.E10: Coney Island Cyclone

    I found it a little weird that the show would use Parminder Nagra for a one-off, throwaway cameo.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Team Coco

    Watching the edited version, I was surprised to feel a little sympathy for Jordan at Conan's glee. I saw video of the full meal back in September and I totally wanted to strangle Jordan. With all his talk about being quiet and enjoying the moment, Jordan pontificated so much...gesturing with chopsticks in hand, no less. I feel like I'm starting to appreciate why Conan is equally fascinated and irritated by his associate producer. My favorite segment was probably the rental family one. The manager made me laugh - though I'm not sure why he said the prospective 'wife' was 48 when the profile note clearly said 51. She posted some behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. It's too bad the live karaoke segment didn't make it to air. I thought that looked like a fun thing to try. Apparently there's also a film with video game producer Hideo Kojima that's being kept under wraps before the project is released.
  4. Wikipedia has posted an unconfirmed list of contestants, adding: Musicians/singers: Angelica Hale, Courtney Hadwin, Bianca Ryan, Jackie Evancho, Brian Justin Crum, Sal Valentinetti, Cristina Ramos (Spain), Sons of Serendip Magicians: Darcy Oake (Britain) Comedians: Drew Lynch, Preacher Lawson, Samuel J. Comroe, Lost Voice Guy (Britain) Mentalists: The Clairvoyants, Colin Cloud Dancers: Kenichi Ebina, Viktor Kee Danger/balancing acts: The Professional Regurgitator, Alexandr Magala, Ryan & Amber Dogs: Ashleigh & Sully (Britain, previously Pudsey) I'm too lazy to check all the Wikipedia sourcing, but Kenichi was in the official promo. Unconfirmed Reddit reports also include magician/retired NFLer Jon Dorenbos, musician Tokio Myers (Britain) and illusionist Cosentino (Australia). I think I also saw Vicki Barbolak's name floating around somewhere, which would make 50 people. If accurate, then both Mat Franco and Grace VanderWaal did not compete. I'm feeling even more meh about this whole competition after seeing the list of contestants but hopefully Piff can cut some of the saccharine with his grumpiness.
  5. The Zoo

    Some sad news about one of the aging animals:
  6. @Readalot, I've been out of the thread for awhile - I hope everything turned out ok with your dad. The show has released a list with half of the contestants. I'm feeling meh about much of the list so far, but there's good news for @Happy Belly. The show starts airing January 7th. Darci Lynne Farmer, ventriloquist (America’s Got Talent 2017 winner) Paul Potts, opera singer (Britain’s Got Talent 2007 winner) Shin Lim, magician (America’s Got Talent 2018 winner) Kseniya Simonova, sand artist (Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 winner) DJ Arch Jnr, “Kid DJ” (South Africa’s Got Talent 2015 winner) Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist (America’s Got Talent 2015 winner) Attraction, shadow dance group (Britain’s Got Talent 2013 winner) Justice Crew, dance/singing group – (Australia’s Got Talent 2010 winner) Moonlight Brothers, dancing group (Denmark’s Got Talent 2018 winner) Susan Boyle, singer (Britain’s Got Talent 2009 runner-up) Piff the Magic Dragon, comedian/magician (America’s Got Talent 2015 finalist) Sofie Dossi – contortionist/hand balancing (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist) Kechi, singer (America’s Got Talent 2017 – finalist) Issy Simpson, kid magician (Britain’s Got Talent 2017 runner-up) Light Balance, LED dance group (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist) Prince Poppycock, opera singer (America’s Got Talent 2010 finalist) DDF Crew, jump ropers (Holland’s Got Talent 2012 winner and Belgium’s Got Talent 2016 finalist) The Texas Tenors, opera singers (America’s Got Talent 2009 finalist) Tom Cotter, stand-up comic (America’s Got Talent 2012 runner-up) Taylor Williamson, stand-up comic (America’s Got Talent 2012 runner-up) Tape Face, comedic mime (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist) Billy and Emily England, danger roller skaters (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist) Sara & Hero, dog act (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist) Deadly Games, danger knife throwers (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist) Uzeyer Novruzov, ladder balancer (America’s Got Talent 2010 finalist)
  7. GBBO In The Media

    I'm not particularly a fan of hers but I liked the interview. I thought these two parts were notable: It's an interesting take on Rahul's anxiety in the tent and I'm so glad Love Productions does look after contestants.
  8. S09.E10: The Final

    Ah, but you don't have to have Instagram to look at her page. I posted the below in one of the other episode threads. Paul and Prue talked about how really hot it got on the weekends. I think they do start filming at the end of April but that their late spring/early summer was just that brutal. There's also a BBC article that explains the changeability of British weather.
  9. S09.E10: The Final

    Rahul doing a live cooking segment on itv's This Morning. He looked less anxious than he was in the tent and began explaining why before he had to get on with the demonstration.
  10. S09.E02: Cake Week

    I think filming starts sometime in April. Radio Times: Bake Off judges reveal how the summer heatwave affected the contestants – and their bakes
  11. S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    Maybe Moon Pies? I think Mallomars are closer to Tunnock's teacakes. Plus the eye shadow. I saw a pic of her with subtler makeup and found it very flattering. I'm trying not to be too critical of her makeup, though, since Kim-Joy clearly has a different aesthetic to my more conventional style. The bright, saturated makeup is a purposeful style choice from a twenty-something who is inspired by kawaii culture.
  12. S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    I don't know Riley's work, but I can definitely see the resemblance. Noel has since grown it out back to his usual length but also gone blonde. Eh.
  13. S09.E10: The Final

    I was maybe vaguely aware that open fire cooking, as opposed to grills, is trendy again in restaurants but I didn't realize that included home cooks and baking. The challenge felt more like something that I'd see on Food Network, not from Love Productions. I can see why Briony went home before Rahul so to me the more arguable week is Danish week. And it's an interesting argument. Choose the person who performed badly, but attempted to fulfill the challenges or pick the contender whose bakes looked much better (and edible) but didn't pass the brief for two of them. I can see why Rahul would be chosen then, but the judges' decision implies Manon should have had some notion that her bakes wouldn't pass the challenge rules.
  14. S09.E10: The Final

    There was a behind-the-scenes profile a few years ago that detailed how the contestants submit all of their signature and showstopper plans before the season starts taping and don't know the order of the themes. I wonder how many contestants ultimately decide to make major adjustments to their showstoppers as the season rolls out or if it's just too time consuming. Rahul was definitely fortunate to have such supportive British friends and their reactions definitely stood out: It did feel a little odd, though, that there was no mention of her extended family, who I guess were at her finale picnic table. It was a pretty quick pan of the crowd. Maybe Rahul could have gotten away with three frosted stripes of flavors? Yeah, someone got too cute by bookending the season with portrait and landscape showstoppers. I'm glad Rahul did manage to create something that was at least thoughtful on how flavors would interact, as unappetizing and rushed as it looked. I bet my young nephew would love the idea of dipping rock-shaped cookies into the green sludge of a pond, though. It was lovely to see Sandi be so maternal towards Rahul - I don't think she gets to interact with the contestants enough.
  15. S09.E10: The Final

    Ugh. Between the campfire technical and the landscape showstopper this has been a painful season finale. I felt for all the finalists. At least the donuts looked tasty. I really liked what Heidi Stephens at The Guardian had to say: Congrats to Rahul. He may be the first winner in awhile who I don't expect to parlay their win into professional baking or a TV career. He's certainly loved by many, not the least Noel, but I have a hard time imagining him putting himself out for regular public scrutiny.