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  1. S09.E06: Pastry Week

    She said the sweet one was absolutely faultless and that if Paul doesn't put his hand out for a handshake she's going to kill him. It made me laugh when she stumbled across the I a choux you pun. I'm glad Noel has adopted Rahul in his own way but I'm not sure about him being his English mum. Heh. Yay Briony! So glad she baked to her ability this week.
  2. S09.E05: Spice Week

    Heh. Paul's never going to live down that time Nancy forgot his name. I was one of those who teared up when Terry started talking about Bake Off and his late wife. It would be lovely if GBBO kept fan favorites around post elimination, just to interact with Noel and Sandi. I really liked that aspect of Making It. Same here. She earned it over Rahul's messier showstopper. It was great to see how Rahul engaged Noel and Ruby in banter, even when he's so timid around Paul. I've really grown to like Ruby a lot. As chatty as she is, I'd totally love to be friends with her. The contestant I'm worried about is my early favorite Briony. It doesn't feel like she's been able to put a string together of consistent bakes.
  3. From NBC: Summing up the discussion from the season 13 finale: Simon and Howie both talked to Access about how the show is about to film soon (this Thursday). Simon also told Access that he asked the other producers to surprise him with the participating contestants. Mel B. initially signed on this summer but has since announced her plans to enter in-patient therapy - her participation is unconfirmed. Non-winners from various Got Talent franchises are expected to compete; @Amy Beth mentioned a media piece about Susan Boyle. There will be seven audience shows, from September 27th to October 17th, with episodes to be broadcast sometime this winter. edited to add: Entertainment Tonight is now reporting that Mel B. is in outpatient, not in-patient therapy. (shrug)
  4. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    @Danny Franks In response to the question of whether it was an intended reference to Terry Pratchett, Kim-Joy tweeted:
  5. Howie told Access (1:20) that he's going into the new show taping shortly, before the reboot of Deal or No Deal. I would guess Mel B. is now out, so that she can go into her planned in-patient therapy over in the UK. Edited to add: Not sure how many non-champions they're including in the new show but a ukulele player who was on Asia's Got Talent was in LA this week, taping Ellen.
  6. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    I agree with you about Kim-Joy. Some viewers adore her, though. Plus he was amazing to help make Ruby's chocolate sauce. I've got a soft spot for Briony and would have totally been okay with Karen leaving. But yeah, Terry saved them both this week. What was chasing Noel? A yeti? A wolf man? It didn't look hairy enough to be a Wookiee.
  7. S09.E03: Bread Week

    Two links: Antony posing with some stunning korovai last week in Greece. The show tweeted a best-of-Antony clip
  8. S09.E03: Bread Week

    Lamb gives me heartburn but are beef keema naan good too? Peshwari naan are yummy but I do prefer savory varieties. I had to look it up but I vaguely remembered that a bunch of contestants made naan as their signature flatbread in series 3. I could go for some spiced mango naan right now.
  9. S09.E03: Bread Week

    Awww...it sounds like he went into Bread Week assuming that'd be the end. I didn't realize naan would be that hard to make well. Like Ruby I usually just pop some frozen ones in a toaster oven. I bought some fresh naan from Tesco once - and while I'm generally not a fan of that supermarket chain, I remember being jealous that Brits get such a nice variety of quality, unfrozen naan at just the everyday grocery store. I think that sounds like an apt description of Rahul. He is pretty introverted, though - so maybe his joy comes across as more muted. Be confident Rahul - your bakes are great! Well it's not just Manon's attractiveness that is generating such a negative response. If that were true, so would current Ruby. I can't quite put my finger on it, but to me anyway there's something not quite authentic/relatable about her these last two episodes - something feels off. Whereas I thought she was likeable in her first episode. (shrug) The tent does need more smilers with Antony gone. I thought it was cute that he and his partner were dressed alike on their balcony. Did Kim-Joy use pandan leaves again in her bread? I thought I heard her mention them. I'm not a bread baker at all, but I would think Paul would be familiar with Tangzhong roux. Is it just one of those things where he knows the technique but not necessarily the name? Ruby keeps pulling out these amazing showstoppers and I'd love to see her generate more consistent results.
  10. Tennis Thread

    Apparently he lived there a number of years, teaching English after graduating from NYU. It's hard to hear in that interview which has English dubbing, but it's a pretty thoughtful soundbite. I'm not familiar with the numbers at all, but I've heard that unless its hand is forced by the media, Japan quietly doesn't usually enforce the 1985 nationality law that regulates dual citizenship. It would be a lot of bureaucratic effort to track down/force folks to choose and with its aging population the government needs to keep the country attractive to corporate and scientific talent. In the case of elite athletes it makes sense for them to not risk losing people who want to represent the country in the Olympics, etc. About ten years back, though, I think baseball player Yu Darvish did give up his Iranian citizenship to compete at the Beijing Olympics.
  11. Good to know...I’ll keep my expectations low when I give it a try.
  12. What do you think so far? I don't know that I could take that much Tom Allen. He already dominates Extra Slice.
  13. Quite Interesting Episodes: All Episodes Talk

    The P series starts today. An official clip from the first episode: I've missed Phill.
  14. Tennis Thread

    @BitterApple No worries, I didn't think that at all. Yeah, it's unfortunate. And in this case my annoyance is with random posters and not the professional media. I think people who are just hearing about Naomi and only casually follow the US Open assume the American media is ignoring her Haitian father. It's not and neither is the Japanese press.
  15. Tennis Thread

    New York Times: In U.S. Open Victory, Naomi Osaka Pushes Japan to Redefine Japanese So on the champion for a minute....we are also seeing a bit of the outrage machine trying to percolate over Naomi, on the issue of identity. In English there are a lot of cranky posts about why she's called a Japanese champion and not a Haitian-Japanese one, or even a Haitian-Japanese-American winner. In Japanese social media, even with her win, there's some lingering ugliness about her not being "really Japanese." I haven't seen the sports or regular media ignoring her complex identity at all. Maybe her father isn't photographed as much because he won't sit in the players box, but on ESPN there were explanatory cutaways to Haitian flags in the crowd and her parents' story - and when Naomi's called a Japanese champion, it's because she chooses to represent that nation. Haitians, Japanese, New Yorkers, Floridians and other Americans can all celebrate her win, but Japan gets the stat. While she's charming audiences by just being herself, in the run up to the Tokyo Olympics Naomi will have to work on the specific kind of Japanese needed in sports media training. I know she's not confident in her language skills but Naomi gets a lot of the same questions and could further practice how she wants to answer them. (Her parents and the Japanese Tennis Association folks could all help with that. Her father's Japanese, for example, is not rusty at all.) I was glad to see that Japan's nationalistic, WWII revisionist prime minister offered his congratulations and I'm hopeful Naomi's prominence will mean true movement for racial progress in a country that still doesn't really understand something as basic as the offensiveness of blackface.