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  1. EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

    Kim's most awesome thing! It is my favorite thing of things!
  2. S01.E06: Higher Education

    Am I crazy, or is the music different in the Amazon streaming episodes than the original? I would check against the DVD, but then I'd have to watch the episodes twice, and I can only watch Brandon's righteousness so much.
  3. S01.E04: The First Time

    amazing. terrible. Thought you were almost going to let Dylan get away with those awful pants, but thank god you didn't.
  4. The one that's got me yelling at the TV every time right now is the Old Navy pants commercial with Amy Pohler. Because only an idiot child wears skinny patterned jeans and a t-shirt to a JOB INTERVIEW. At a LAW FIRM.
  5. S09.E23: Last Forever

    FFS, call in the Wig Cop.
  6. S06: Laganja Estranja

    No one ever said that alyssa was a good mother.
  7. New To Previously TV!

    @Hiccup - Hello, fellow Hoosier!
  8. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    This is Ruth. She's a Boston terrier/Cattle dog mix. I rescued her about a month ago.
  9. S06.E04: Shade: The Rusical

    Maybe among my favorite RPDR episodes. It was just delightful, even if I loved April and am sad to see her go.
  10. March Madness

    I'm less excited than last year due to lack of IU and Butler, but is anyone else fretting over their bracket choices?
  11. Is anyone other than me involved in a drag race pool? Seems like Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio, and Milk are popular choices for the top 3 in mine.
  12. New To Previously TV!

    Hi. Kate here. Indy-based. Likes: comic books, quickfire dialogue, period drama, swearing, game shows Dislikes: sympathetic serial killers, cupcake shows, cops with a tortured past. As a work-at-homer, I take afternoon sitcom block scheduling very personally.
  13. S06: Gia Gunn

    She's objectively The Worst, but I'm wondering if she'll stick around for the villain edit.
  14. S06: Courtney Act

    Petition for a Courtney act spinoff starts now.
  15. Name The Show

    @HerrElvis got it! We experience the rage of Malcolm Tucker through his own eyes as he breaks the fourth wall and addresses his sitcom audience. Edit: I Stole this from Dave in the last page and thought it was my own. (Sky writes apology, wears dumb bag on head)