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  1. Spoilers And Shockers

    All they had to say was Abigail had PTSD or better yet she was in a fugue state and adopted another persona in that state, when she ran away from the mental hospital.. People who suffer from fugue states suffered a traumatic experience . Abigail being kidnapped by Ben, giving birth in a cabin and almost getting burned to death would qualify as trauma. A little imagination on Ron's part could have gone a long way..
  2. I loved Kate with Will today. I know everybody always raves about the Marlena/Will bond, I love it as well. However, I have always had a soft spot for the Will/Kate bond. She adores him more than her own children. There is nothing that she would not do for him. Will was always closer to Kate as a kid and Roman to a certain extent. I wish that Kate had had a more prominent role in his coming out story. I love Ted, he is vile, slimy, smart and is putting the screws on Hope and Lunk. Plus, Gilles is so handsome. Freddie is getting better. I loved Wilson today. Poor Paul. I never thought that I would say this, but, we all know what is going to happen.
  3. Spoilers And Shockers

  4. Spoilers And Shockers

    Rumor has it that Chabby will be written out together. I also saw a pic, where her altar Gabby will be back. Reron is at it again, he cannot let go of DID. Ron needs to realize that there are other mental illnesses that he can explore through his writing. Not to mention, there is still disagreement by psychiatrists on whether DID really exists as an illness. Roseanne Barr claimed to have had DID...lol
  5. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Jedediah is on Fox news on a show called the five and she is spewing the talking points that is expected of everybody who goes on that channel. She sounds just like Megan. Wow! It was a reminder that she was no better. Her delivery might have been better than Megan, but, they are the same. After seeing her on that show today, I am glad that she is gone.
  6. I agree. All of the retcons hurt John as a character. They also made him a complete idiot. Was Daphne Tony's mother? The Tony/Stefano dynamic was so complex and rich. It is a shame that the show never had any use for Tony. They would trash him and then say it was Andre.
  7. Abe and John were tight when he was Roman. long before Kristen and Susan were on the show.
  8. To be fair, Tripp's crimes against Kayla is not comparable to Ben's. He killed 3 people, 4 if you include Will. He tried to kill Marlena, Chad and Abigail. Ciara is as unlikeable as her cousin Abigail. I think that she is being an entitled bitch demanding that her roommates accept a serial killer living in their home. I am glad that Bo is dead, so he could not see what a harridan Ciara has become.. Why are the legacy children on this show so awful?
  9. Is John still an Alamain? The last stupid retcon stripped him of being Daphne's son. I thought John being Forrest Alamain and his backstory with Lawrence was the best story that made sense, even though, I would have preferred he had remained Roman.
  10. The View in the Media

    Megan dominates the conversation all the time. She rudely interrupts everybody, twists people's words to fit her agenda. The so-called liberals never interrupt her, in fact, they cater to her, to not offend her delicate sensibilities. They preface their rebuttals to her asinine lectures, by telling her that they are not attacking her personally, but, they disagree. She uses her father's condition as a weapon to keep the women in line. If they go after her too hard, they will be painted as mean liberals insensitive to her father's plight. Not to mention, Whoopie is always there to protect her from the mean liberals. She always gives Megan the last word.
  11. I don't think that the show remembers the people listed in your post..
  12. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    This type of corruption is stunning and this is what happens in a banana republic. How does a person blow $16 million? It is unfathomable to me.
  13. Ashley was wonderful as Abigail. That was the last time that Abigail was a heroine.
  14. Ted has no idea. Kate had no problem putting Sami on death row to secure custody of Will for Lucas. She would have coldly let her die, if Lucas did not have an attack of conscious..
  15. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    She has said it many times on her show. Her firing was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was too good and too intelligent for the view. Plus, she is awesome on her own show. ABC is not interested in having an intelligent, thoughtful, sane conservative like Nicole, Tara and Anna. They want vile people like Megan and Bitsy, to make sparks.