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  1. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    It was unsettling to watch Rachel cry tonight. I have seen her on the verge of tears. I had never seen her like this, it is because she sees our country becoming something, so, ugly, alien and vile...We don't put babies in warehouses. I think of the psychological damage that is being done to them. I feel like we are becoming monsters, as a country.
  2. The writers disassociated Theresa, from her family, by changing her name, from Jeannie to Theresa. As a diehard Kim and Shane fan, that was the first slap in the face. The name Jeannie is very important, in the Kim/Shane story. I still remember Kim introducing her baby, to Shane and telling him that she named her after his mother Jeannie, the look on Shane's face, with their theme song, being played softly, was perfection..They made Theresa do horrible stuff, for no reason, just to make her a Sami clone. Then, they threw Kim and Shane, under the bus, by giving her, a sob story of neglect and emotional abuse, to make her palatable. That kind of writing just pissed me off. No parents are perfect, but, I will never believe that Kim and Shane would ever hurt Andrew or Jeannie. Not after everything, they went through with all three of their kids and I include their first daughter, who was stillborn.
  3. That baby would be gorgeous, look at the daddy..lol..
  4. I know that Wilson cannot compare to the awesome supercouples. I was just musing about why I had liked them originally.. Kim and Shane were also my favorite.
  5. I am not the biggest Lani fan, but, Lani has not done anything to the Horton family to deserve their scorn. What happened in her relationship with JJ was a private matter. Plus, there is an innocent baby involved, who did not ask to be born. I see no problem with the Hortons rallying around Lani to give her support. Plus, this is also Eli's child.. Tom and Alice's first great great great great grandchild. Theresa does not get along with her family and does not care about mending fences with them. Whenever, she speaks about Roman or Kayla, it is with derision. I have never heard her express anything about Bo's death. She was nonplussed about Will's death. She has never talked about her brother Andrew or Stefanie who she grew up with, like a sister. I doubt the Brady family even know about what she had gone through in Mexico. It is sad to me because I remember how close Bo, Roman, Rojohn,Kim and Kayla were. They had issues like all siblings, but, you never had any doubt that they loved each other.. The Brady family was always my favorite, I loved Papa Shawn's Irish accent. It made him so different and I loved that, the most about him..
  6. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I like it when they don't name names. It is good, to let us guess the person. When Eve told the story about a female rapper that came to her show , just to ruin it. The fans guess rightly that it was Foxy Brown. They had beef back in the day. Unfortunately, if you are not a Rap fan, you would not know it.
  7. Black Panther (2018)

    Her fans are decrying Michael and are pushing anti-Wakanda forever campaign, on the internet.. Whatever! I loved seeing the guys, but, I missed seeing the MVPS of the movie: the ladies.
  8. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    People are just vicious online. We are snarky on here, but, we are never cruel.. Celebrity's family members should be off-limits. Common decency is no more. I wonder if it ever really existed, in the first place.
  9. Wilson were friends who fell in love like Kim and Shane. They rushed Wilson too much for my liking and did not give them enough adventures. Will like his Great-aunt Kim was troubled, struggled with self-esteem with a secret. Sonny like Shane was like a knight in shining armor . Sonny had a temper and was quick to anger, but, had a good heart. Shane was like that as well. Will like Kim was his own worst enemy with secrets and lies. Shane and Kim had much better writing. Their buildup was really good. They are my favorite couple of all time. They too got horrific writing.
  10. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    Sunny can be very prissy at times and I can see how a woman like Whoopie can be annoyed. However, I wish that she would be mean to Megan and not Sunny.. At her core, Sunny is a good person. The same cannot be said about Megan..
  11. The show was boring today. Hope referencing Bo and calling him Brady made me sad. I miss Bo. I don't want Ciara with Ben. Bo's little girl should not be saddle with him. Ciara had the potential to be such a hellion, like her cousin Sami. The show set up her characterization, as a child. I loved how she blackmailed Sami for diamond earrings. Then, they turned her into a victim and ruined Chase. I could rant about that awful story for eternity.. So unnecessary.. I feel kind of bad for Paul. It is obvious where the triangle is going. I did like that flashback of Wilson, but, they have made Sonny so unlikable. I am trying to find something good to say about Sonny, but, that flashback was just a reminder of how bad the show destroyed Sonny and his innate goodness. It reminds of what they did to Will, years ago, before his murder. I am still nostalgic for original recipe Wilson, they had so much potential. I have always said that they reminded me of Kim and Shane. I don't have a problem with being the lone Wilson lover on here..
  12. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    I agree. She needs to be more forceful with her opinions. Megan tends to take all of the time, when she is delivering her talking points. I have liked it on occasion, when the camera has panned over to Sarah, while Megan is pontificating and she had a WTF look on her face..lol I would love to be a fly on the wall, whenever Sara, Sunny and Joy go out for drinks...
  13. "The View" Week Of 6/18/2018

    She was also had a nasty tone and took umbrage that the ladies were saying that the Republicans were craven and cruel. She had a list of people that she named to counter their criticisms. It only bothers her that her tribe looks bad. I am cynical when it comes to Megan. She has shown us who she is, she agrees with the zero tolerance policy that is being doled out.
  14. Don't think about that, just enjoy her. Unless, she publicly says it.. You don't have to be religious, to be homophobic, racist, e.t.c..
  15. Freddie's unadulterated greed and materialism rubs me the wrong way. There is something disingenuous about him. I think that fuels the hatred of Sonny, by certain fans. In addition to, Freddie's horrible acting and shitty writing of Sonny. I apologize to any Freddie fans on here, but, that is how I feel.. A lot of the Wilson fans were done with him when he was pimping Paulson, before Will was even cold in the ground. He trashed Will constantly and said that his death was a good thing.. He had to walk that back, but, the damage was already done.