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  1. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    I remember Megan was speaking haughtily about Trump supporters, the Midwest and how she has unique perspective and Sarah sweetly replied that not only was she from middle America, but, her parents voted for Trump. Megan was fit to be tied after that.
  2. I loved Julie today and her tenacity to protect and defend her family is endearing to me, even if that family is that loathsome Abigail. I also loved her talking about her devious side. Julie was the Sami of her day. I have always fanwanked that is why she defended Nick so much, she has been there, going down a dark path and getting out of it and becoming a better person. It is why she hates Gabi so much. She took that away from Nick. Plus, Nick's mother Jessica Fallon had mental issues that she obviously passed on to Nick. Marlena used to treat her and was close to his dad. All of these connections should have been highlighted at the height of Nick versus Wilson over Arianna. It would have given the story depth while incorporating history and different characters. Instead, they made it Nick the evil homophobe tormenting Wilson. The Hortons are always fighting with each other. Mickey fought Bill over Laura and Mike. Will and Nick fighting would have been a continuation of that toxicity. It is what made the Hortons fascinating, despite their wealth and social standing, they had problems like everybody. Some of it was of their own making, like Addie going after Doug and some was beyond their control, like mental illness that has plagued the family for generations.
  3. I really hate what Ron is doing to Stayla. There is no way Steve would not go to be with Kayla ASAP. He should have left Steve in prison for now. Marybeth Evans as always sold her grief over Steve. Kayla has always loved Steve beyond reason. Ron has no idea how to write for an iconic couple like Steve and Kayla. Sherry is there why won't he use her in writing for them. She created them and gave them the foundation that subsequent writers used to write their beautiful love story. A love story that culminated in the show being number 1 in the ratings when they got married. No other couple on the show has ever reached that milestone.
  4. Wilson should have secretly married making Sonny's marriage to Leo invalid. Even if Leo sues Sonny for bigamy, the DA could decline to pursue the case against Sonny. I am sure Victor could bribe the DA to make it all go away. He has bribed judges before...
  5. I don't mind Sheila because I love T-boz, but, her dynamic with Abe is so contrived and boring. I wish that Ron would develop characters before putting them in a relationship. I know nothing about Sheila. I would prefer he develops Eli more and see how he vibes with Sheila. He and Lani are not that interesting together, but, it would have been interesting to see them bond as parents. I am still pissed that Ron killed off their child..
  6. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    The late 90's set is what we are talking about. Not her current set that was used for Victor and Maggie when Deimos kicked them out of the Kiriakis Mansion. It was also used for Theresa and Brady.
  7. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    Wendy has always been mean to Michele going all the way back to her radio days. She rags on her for being boring and she rags on her for never getting away from Beyoncé's shadow. The only reason that Michelle lasted so long in Destiny's child was because she never made any waves. Wendy dogged on her for that too. She leveled the same criticism at Kelly. Wendy was right that Mathew did screw the ladies by not marketing their solo projects with fervor like Beyoncé. They did eventually fire Matthew as their manager, but, the damage had already been done. Kelly and Letoya always had the best voices in my opinion, in the original line up of Destiny's child. I feel really bad for Michelle, she is going through a deep depression and had that fiancée who made insensitive comments about race. I found it shocking that he wanted to marry a Black woman, but, was in denial dealing with issues that will come up living in America as an interracial couple. I did not like how he treated Michele on their reality show. Michelle has a good heart and I hope she finds happiness and peace. Wendy is so heartless and cruel to her.
  8. True, but, Gilles is gorgeous. That accent, those eyes and that hair. I wish Ron would give him better writing as Ted.
  9. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Jennifer may have had help, but, it is subtle. She does not look like a mannequin. She had laugh lines and her forehead crinkled. As for Leah, no further comment is needed.
  10. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Plus, Nancy showed with her intelligence, grit and grace why she deserves to be the next speaker of the house. Her strut coming out of the White House after the meeting was amazing, strong and in charge.
  11. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    J-lo is gorgeous and does not age at all. I love her elegance and her clothing are always on point.. Plus, she was a fly girl from in living color.
  12. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    They did have one in Nicole Wallace who is doing fabulous on MSNBC, but, they found her too sane so they fired her.
  13. Leo is sleazy and I am afraid that we are stuck with him for the long haul..
  14. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Megan gets her talking points from her husband.. Some things never change on this show.
  15. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    I too love Marlena's old penthouse set, but, I heard that they broke it apart to make other sets with it. That set was big and luxurious befitting a doctor like Marlena.