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  1. When the USA pulls out of the nuclear treaty Elizabeth and Philip screw up their lives to protect, and your second thought is The Americans finale.
  2. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Oh I think they did try to do just that, and many fell for it. He has never been ALLOWED to pursue other jobs. Elizabeth still has to pretend to work at the Travel Agency, it's still her cover. Philip isn't really out of the KGB, since he must do that part of Elizabeth's job, and cover for her. Philip had no options, only Elizabeth made rules for "them."
  3. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Yeah, but in this episode specifically, showing Philip unhappy and stressed? HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH capitalism or the United States or him giving up the KGB. Simply because he has not been allowed to really give up the KGB at all, or to even thinking about exploring what jobs he might love and excel doing. It's a false narrative to say he's not fulfilled if he isn't doing KGB work.
  4. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Except, Philip isn't really allowed to step out of the KGB box and even TRY to be himself, do something he would enjoy, say teach, or coach Hockey, or any of hundreds of other jobs he might want. He still must maintain their KGB cover, the Travel Agency. Yes, he made (common) mistakes, expanding too fast for example, but that doesn't make him a failure as a businessman or capitalist or mean that he would fail in anything else. He's still trapped by Elizabeth's choices. I think Philip, with his people skills, could succeed in several other US jobs, and be happy. He has never had that choice, which is part of the reason he wants his children, both Paige and Henry, to have the freedom of choices.
  5. Yes. I get it, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. I see what they were trying to do. For once, a woman was the focus of an action/drama/spy/crime/relationship show, and they worked hard to keep it that way. Because of that, I think she was their primary interest, and since they decided the ending before season two even began? They had to also focus on Paige, but really, mostly Paige's relationship to Elizabeth. They had a generational story going on, and they kept to that, hell or high water. Elizabeth's mom, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's daughter. Elizabeth's dad being a traitor was part of that too of course, and played out with Elizabeth not relying on men, and of course the big one, Elizabeth removing that stain from her family by being super-patriot. What's that saying in dance, the men present the flower/star of dancing, the woman? Now of course male dancers must be equally talented to do that well, but still, their job is, in couples dancing, to present the woman. Mathew did that very well. Beyond that though, I kind of wonder if the fact that Keri and Mathew had a real-life relationship played into their writing at all, perhaps (luckily for us) fleshing out Philip even more, or them realizing that "the marriage" was such a huge departure from "don't rely on a man" Elizabeth that it made her (or presented her) with even more layers and places to shine? Also, Mathew has chemistry with everyone, so making him more of a people person also worked well for the story, and allowed the "different!" story of the woman being the strong one, the patriot, the hero, or antihero, the one who made the rules. When I think of Mathew's main relationships with women on the show, it's also interesting to think of them in terms of Elizabeth, and that HER reactions to each were telling. Paige: They fought all the time about Paige, about the baptism dress, about the record album gift, about spying, and when Elizabeth might be dying from the bio-weapon, she told him to take the kids and "be Americans like you always wanted." When they were deciding between missions once they knew one was blown, Elizabeth wanted to keep the dangerous one, because "the kids like you more." Most of all though, Elizabeth HAD TO BE fostering Paige's contempt for Philip as a spy who gave up, or Paige would never have talked to him like that, been so insulting, so dismissive. So in the finale years, Elizabeth had her daughter to herself. Kimmy: Another place for Elizabeth to show jealousy and domination, most of Philip's seductions gave Elizabeth lots of jealousy to play through the years. It also gave her the big power play at the end, and her fury that he would not endanger Kimmy via kidnapping/blackmail. Irina: Once again, Elizabeth got quite a bit of mileage out of that, jealousy, then all the stuff about going to Gabe to save his son, a huge fight about him LYING to her, etc. Martha: See above, only add much more, including the kinky "make love to me like you do to her" stuff, and the "she was simple" fight, as well as Elizabeth being the one to find her when she ran, and of course the famous drinking scene at Martha's apartment, numerous fights and the most jealousy throughout the entire run really. Analeise: "I didn't know she looked like THAT!" Elizabeth's spy seductions didn't do that, Philip seemed mostly concerned for her safety and for the emotional toll of them, while he may have had some jealousy about her work, his biggest reaction was when he saw the bruises after that mark beat her with a belt, and of course, after he found out Timoshev had raped her. His main focus seemed to be protecting Elizabeth, not jealousy about who she had sex with. Of course, once he found out Elizabeth actually LOVED Gregory, carried on a decade long love affair with Gregory, and had lied to him about it all of those years, before and after finally sleeping with Philip and having children? He was devastated by that, not the suspicion that she found him more desirable, or that she loved him, that was fact, and Philip had to deal with that, knowing he also worked with Gregory through the years, and both of them had played him for a fool. As far as Elizabeth's other men/marks though? If they hadn't harmed her, Philip had no reaction scenes of any kind. I hadn't really thought of that before, but even Philip's relationships gave Elizabeth great scenes.
  6. I agree with all of that @sistermagpie Honestly, and I'm not trying to be snarky or negative, but I think the answer is pretty clear, to me anyway. This was always the Elizabeth show. Philip and Paige only mattered as far as they interacted with Elizabeth, and since Henry really didn't? He didn't matter at all. OF course they should have paralleled Philip's childhood with Henry, but that didn't impact Elizabeth so they didn't. You mentioning Tuan is another failing, IMO, obviously he was brought in to out-Elizabeth even Elizabeth, thus making her more sympathetic, or perhaps showing that she couldn't do it alone either, as eventually happened in season six. It was such a waste though, because nuance and definition were completely lost or left unexamined, even though the actor playing Tuan certainly gave it his all, and, for me, not for others, was compelling in spite of the writing. The Russian couple and their kid could have been very compelling too, but it just fizzled into absolute nonsense at the end. They needed a lot less hole digging and a lot more character development if they were going to bring in a slew of new people and expect us to be anything but irritated.
  7. Honestly, it's easier to think of an emotion Keri didn't get to play in the last season. I do think that not having at least some of the few remaining cast members have important things to do did hurt the show, especially in season five. In five, instead of capitalizing on the amazing cast they had, and characters we'd grown to care about? They just slung a lot of new faces in, didn't develop or explain them well, and honestly, though they all had POTENTIAL to be memorable, they really weren't. Bad teeth woman came the closest, which makes sense because they were going to have Elizabeth brutally murder her and her happy traitor soccer star lover in front of her child later. WHY did they need to "pare it down" to just Elizabeth and Paige, with a bit of sulky worried Philip, and cameo's by Henry before season six though? Especially with the 3 year time jump? We still could have had an amazing season five with the cast they already had, or a few of them. No, I don't count Oleg walking the streets of Moscow as him being on screen, and frankly, though a bit of Russian has been one of my favorite things about this show? ENDLESS long, confusing scenes with Oleg talking to people we don't give one shit about over stuff that could be handled more quickly, and frankly never was resolved? I couldn't even watch the screen I was so busy reading the translations which were fast and furious. WHAT? Just no. I guess we are supposed to assume that somehow Oleg escaped being imprisoned, never did shit with the illegalities about the food distribution, and daddy managed to get him into his department and safe from prison? I would have been interested in that. I did care a bit about Oleg's mom and dad, especially her, having been in a Gulag (which could have tied in nicely with Philip and his abandoned memories from his time in a Gulag with dead daddy and never mentioned current fate of mommy, or brother....) We were really robbed of so much potential goodness, I wish Oleg's resolve had more to do with Stan, those two were magic together on screen, actually Oleg was magic with all of our known characters, shipping him off to Moscow was probably the stupidest mistake they made, in my opinion of course. I don't think I will ever understand why showrunners would look at this cast, and KNOWING they were all great and creating magic on screen, would then decide to toss them into outer darkness, and bring in a whole new string of characters as the show was wrapping up.
  8. Which is really bizarre frankly, especially after jettisoning more than half the cast. WHY introduce someone new for Stan, when there really seemed to be un-mined gold with Aderholt? Alone, OK, no biggie, but when you add the losses of Nina, Oleg, Arkady, Gaad, Tatiana, Martha and the rest? WHY lose Aderholt as well? Yes, I know some of those remained in the cast, but they were removed from the main action. It's like DC metro was empty of anyone we knew or cared about, except the Jennings family. We barely saw Stan either. Oh MR is an amazing actor, who can make gold from peanuts really, and he did. I really disagree about Elizabeth only being cold and steely though. She had that, but a TON more to play, exhaustion, lots of veins popping in that forehead, anger, loving mommy, doubting mommy, lying mommy, scared shitless in Chicago, mean, resentment, and then the touchy feely stuff with the artist, and then round that all out with her difficult conflict about what to do for the final resolve of the series. She got to play sneaky seductress with Philip, then fury at him, and jealousy about Kimmy. Hell, she even got to play deep pain (Paige at the train station) and shock, and spunky smiley resolve when they were back in the USSR. She also had "powerful" scenes with Granny, which I'm leaving out because they were stupid, but had the nostalgic reminiscing drunk sex talk cute scenes which were good too. She got to contemplate her own death with her necklace in the airplane, and more meaningful jewelry scenes with the wedding rings as well. The writers really wrote for her, they were trying to hand her that Emmy, but more than that, this whole season was really about Elizabeth. Honestly, I think that's one reason she may not have been seriously considered to win. It was such a gimme, much as The Handmaid's Tale did all second season, wrote Emmy scenes for their amazing actresses. That kind of shit backfires, I don't think Emmy voters respond to Emmy-bait writing, and I don't blame them. Frankly, it definitely hurt the show in THT, and IMO, it hurt TA as well, but not as severely. MR played day to day drudgery, kind of like Death of a Salesman stuff, no flash, just REAL, and he did it so well. He had ONE great scene with Paige, beating the crap out of her. He, and Noah, also made a very unbelievable scene meaningful and powerful, they BOTH deserved Emmy's for that. I'm still pissed Noah didn't even get a nomination, that was acting at it's finest, and it took both of them playing an A+ game to even sell it, let alone make it powerful. Basically though? KR got everything AND the kitchen sink to play in the final season. Oh, and angry smoking as well.
  9. She didn't even have to "lie." All she had to do was keep her mouth shut. Honestly, Elizabeth spilling her guts to Claudia (TWICE!) and endangering first, a man she respected and agreed with, and later, her entire family? Was the most ridiculous thing this show has ever done, and to do it in the series finale final two episodes? Had Elizabeth then killed Claudia (as we all know she should have) then, OK, at least the second word vomit would make sense. There is nothing that excuses the first one though. At all. New subject. I wish they had expanded Aderholt's role after they jettisoned more than half the cast. Stan and Dennis (honestly, I had to look up his first name, that's how little the show bothered with him) could have filled in many gaps of the cast lost, and kept the FBI on screen as vital (not busy work "recruiting" as they showed FAR too much, a little of that would have been plenty.) The reason I say this is that there was a very interesting potential dynamic between the two, that the show touched on, almost accidentally really, but could have been fascinating and a counter point to the different styles of our main KGB agents, thoughtful Philip and follow orders Elizabeth. Stan had great gut instincts, and didn't follow rules, which led to some rather spectacular results, as well as one horrendous mistake, killing Vlad, which is what really blew his op with Nina. Dennis though? Perhaps because he was black, and from a working class family, followed every rule. He was a paperwork guy, which also led to some pretty important FBI work. For example, it was Dennis who went back through paperwork, and discovered the death when the mail robot was being repaired. Together? They could have made a pretty spectacular team, and been far more interesting than watching wheat grow or holes dug. It would have made Stan's betrayal of the FBI and his country at the end more resonant as well really. As you said though, they wanted all focus on Paige and Elizabeth, and threw only Philip some leftover bones, and one great scene which earned him an emmy.
  10. Elizabeth was reporting to Gabe in the beginning about Paige, not Claudia. Also, in the three skipped years, Elizabeth suddenly was emotional rather than logical? Touchy feely rather than cold blooded and straight ahead to do whatever needed to be done? No. There was absolutely no reason for Liz to have to go guard that diplomat, except, oh yeah, SHE TOLD CLAUDIA SHE WOULD NOT KILL HIM, so she knew Claudia would send someone else. Why not skip all that and just pretend to Claudia that she'd be taking care of it?
  11. Yes to everything you said. Commenting on this one though, specifically. It's absolutely bizarre to me that someone with Elizabeth's training would suddenly start spilling her guts (and jeopardizing both the man she respected and wanted to save, and later, her own family's future) to Claudia. If we are supposed to think that somehow, Elizabeth, who has almost always hated Claudia, and never trusted her, suddenly bonded by grooming Paige? They WHY a short season? SHOW us how Elizabeth has "changed" into this massive trust/respect for Claudia. Even then though? I will never buy that a spy who has remained alive and uncaught in very difficult circumstances for over 20 years, suddenly becomes stupid or illogical. She would NOT tell Claudia about the Russian guy she wanted to save, that only endangered him. She would MOST DEFINITELY not tell her that she and Philip are working against the Coup, her, the head of Directorate S, at least one general, and rumored many others. Why? There is no answer to that. There is nothing that can make that make sense, unless Elizabeth is on drugs or has a brain disease. Spies only share information they NEED someone else to know. Or, IF Elizabeth had decided to tell her (for God knows what reason for either case) then certainly, the last word-vomit that endangered Philip? She WOULD have killed her after telling her. We are suppose to believe she respected Claudia more than she loved Philip?
  12. how is her acting? https://abc.go.com/shows/the-catch/video/most-recent/VDKA5589381 found a clip!
  13. Yes, it was strange watching it this time. I've ALWAYS loved season 4 so much, but this time...all I could think was about all we were going to miss. Gaad's replacement never did it for me. I seriously missed Arkady and Tatiana, and the Residentura. Losing Arkady just so House's cheating assistant could have a moment? Boo. Hiss. Now, if Gaad had that moment to expel Arkady? It might have been worth it. Really though, it was like they jettisoned most of the cast in season 4, and they didn't make the additions to the cast as meaningful as previous seasons. Exactly. For me, that was not enough. Even in season 6 all those losses resonated for me. Hell, when Tatiana killed that Russian, most people didn't even know who she was. It was such a cheap Renee fake out anyway, and a stupid set up, because Granny would have never even alerted the Residentura if Elizabeth didn't spill her guts about not wanting to kill him. I mean, seriously, WHY, logically, WHY would Elizabeth do that if she wanted to keep him alive? Since when is Elizabeth such a blabbermouth? Or stupid? Martha maybe did have to go, and it was a hell of a story arc for her, but did she really have to be gone from the screen two episodes after Nina was killed, and however many (not many) before they offed Gaad, and then banished Arkady and shipped Oleg off a few after that? It's a lot. I think it was a mistake. Imagine what could have been? If they wanted Arkady and Oleg in the USSR for their big "Elizabeth makes a choice" series finale? Promote Arkady back to Russia at the end of season 5, have Tatiana take over the Residentura with some incompetent new Chief, and have Arkady ask Oleg to join him as deputy for his job back in Russia. When did Gabriel leave? That was another huge hit. I really missed the Stan/Philip relationship as well, and frankly, it could have made the resolve in the garage much more meaningful. Instead? Stan is busy with Renee. Ugh. ETA since season six was a time jump anyway, Arkady and Oleg could have both gone to Russia for the series finale Elizabeth's choice thing. Just have Tatiana take a call from Oleg or something, saying he and Arkady are working well together, or blah blah. Establish the Residentura and Tatiana, and Oleg and Arkady's place that way. Also, for season six, delaying ANY FBI office for so long, when Elizabeth was on an unprecedented murder spree and service members were being murdered as well just made far too many of us roll our eyes at their apparent incompetence.
  14. I was re-watching season 4 last night, always thought it was my favorite season. SO much happened, it was edge of the seat time throughout most of it really. Then, it occurred to me that "all that stuff" that happened led to a very disappointing season 5 for me. That "stuff" lead to Nina, Gaad, and William dead. It lead to Martha, Oleg, and Arkady leaving the main action, and the disappearance of Tatiana, until they needed her to look like the idiot storyline of Renee very late in the 6th season. I know some didn't really care for Tatiana, but I really liked her, she was unusual, not from a wealthy family, earned her position, and was about to be named the first ever4 Station Chief, and I also liked her very much with Oleg, the quiet to loud sex, the BEEPS, all of it. She was respected, really the only female from the Residentura that had power. Speaking of that, we also lost the Residentura, all for a dramatic scene with Gaad's replacement kicking Arkady out of the country. I understand why we lost Young Hee and her family, she was a just a season long spy arc, ditto the AA woman and her creepy husband, and of course Anton. Still they were all gone as well. In season 5 we also basically lost the FBI office, as well as the Residentura, and there was much less Stan and Philip interaction as well. Thank God we FINALLY lost the Pastor and his wife, but still? That's a hell of a lot of major cast changes for a show to absorb, and for me anyway, they lost so much of the flavor of the show, and certainly most of the ensemble feel that made everything mean more, and gave so much interest to our main characters, and the behind the scenes tension of knowing what the Residentura and FBI offices were doing/thinking/planning/working on. Anyway, still love season 4, but in retrospect, I would have taken slightly less action happily, if we could have maintained at least some of that cast.