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  1. I think she didn't understand the Bible quote, probably never heard it before. I also doubt her parents explained orgasms to her, most parents don't, especially overly religious parents. Serena may have been the one to put "this can be pleasurable and bring you closer" into her head. That, and pure biology at 15. None of that says her parents weren't affectionate with one another now, just that they didn't drop and go at it on the dining room table in front of their kids whenever the mood struck them. An affectionate hug or kiss on the cheek, or taking out the garbage for your wife is hardly a sign of LUST, which is what Eden thought was a sin, until Mrs. Waterford told her that wasn't true for a husband and wife. As I said, I think she's very innocent, and warped Gilead has made her believe that with marriage would come affection such as she saw between her parents. I didn't mean that her mom wore a peak-a-boo bra while making the oatmeal and daddy took her from behind. ;~) (not that I would know anything about that)
  2. I can believe that Eden came from a loving marriage, and an affectionate one. Gilead rules have only be around for a few years, and I don't think showing affection is against those rules. I think she had a romantic if rather chaste idea about love an marriage, that all it took was the ceremony and ring and voila! Romance! Kisses! Hugs! Praise! Taking out the garbage! Saying she looks lovely! Telling her yellow is a cheery color, just like she is a cheerful wife. I wasn't thinking about that recently promoted Commander with the pregnant wife, and Fred's obviously uncomfortable and jealous reaction. If Fred does suspect Nick's the father of June's baby? (I mean, it's Nick or the doctor, who else could it be?) Anyway, it's already been mentioned that Nick is being considered for Commander some day. So if young fertile Nick gets Eden pregnant? That leaves Fred knowing that Nick knows he's sterile, with TWO babies, and probably no longer Fred's servant, but now his co-commander. Also, he's younger than he is, and his crush handmaid prefers him. I still doubt that Fred planned the ambush at the empty house...but he certainly does have reasons to want Nick gone.
  3. IF they both live, I see Philip being thrilled with the downfall of the USSR, then appalled by the criminal free for all that results, and then? Getting the hell out of there completely. I can also see him traveling back to Tobolsk to finally put together the scattered and terrible memories he has of that place, possibly even getting some clarity from his brother about those years. I think he will definitely become very close to Misha, they seem very much alike. Resourceful, thoughtful, consider their actions, do the right thing when needed, and also both in need of answers. I think Elizabeth will be in crisis, both about what she gave her life to, because she will have 4 years to endure the mess of the USSR before it collapses, and more importantly, when it falls, all that she did, everything from the sex to the murders to losing her children? Will have been for nothing, and worst of all, her own actions helped ensure the downfall of the USSR. She'll be in pieces. Soon after the collapse she'll also be entering Peri-menopause, with it's own set of emotional issues, and physical changes. I see her end as suicide or alcoholism. Can Phillip hold her together? Possibly, or possibly he will stay with her even when she completely falls apart, and suffer through hoping for better. I really don't see them lasting though, because I think Philip will finally realizes he's been miserable for most of his life, and he wants to stop that. He'd rather enjoy his children, and finally give up on the woman who certainly aided and assisted his horrific life for years. He only did it for her, he would have been out of that life long ago, if not for her. I don't think he'll go looking for love, but I think it will find him, maybe when he's at an Italian beach with his now adult kids meeting him for vacation. He's lovable and loving in a real way, a giving way, and there will be a woman who loves him back for who he is, not who she expects him to be.
  4. Paige: The Private Investigator

    Paige never asked important questions, about anything, she was surprisingly incurious about just about everything, beyond her very young for her age naivete. I think Paige has the same fanatical bent, the same "I wanna be a HERO!" thing going on, which is not really being a social justice warrior, it's a bit more about calling yourself one, but really doing it as a self-esteem thing more than honestly caring about the people you are supposedly helping. For example, Elizabeth was never interested in the true conditions of the Soviet Union, even when she had people to talk to that had recently lived there. She always shut down those conversations, with the South African guy who trained with the KGB for a year and faced discrimination in the USSR, for example, she heard him, she said "it's not perfect" and that was it. Not a follow up question, not a "how was your trainer?" With the Russian couple in season 5, she didn't want to hear about the shortages and corruption, while Philip was very curious and tried to discuss it with her later. Shut down. Philip on the other hand honestly CARED who he was as a person, and why he did the things he did, who they were for, what they would accomplish. "Why can't we grow our own wheat?" "What will they do with this deadly bio-weapon when they can't even make lids that fit in the USSR?" His curiosity about everything the Russian guy was telling him in season 5, and being quite disturbed by that. Getting so fed up and losing his true self so much that he quit. Anyway, back to Paige. If she grows a brain, and I think she will with maturity, which will probably take her a bit longer than most people, but may fast forward quickly since she's now going to have to face massive legal and financial issues, and do something like actually get a job so she can have a roof over her head and something to eat? I think she will go back and forth about her parents. Hopefully she'll eventually get over her desperate need to follow people she considers "strong and worthy and important and forces for good." Thank heavens Manson was before her time and she never meets Jim Jones. As far as her parents though? She's always thought she's like her mother, or she's always wanted to be like her mother. Especially for the past several years, she's modeled herself on Elizabeth, trying to copy just about everything about her. "I'm not like you (to Philip) I'm like mom." I think she honestly believed she admired her as someone worthy, not just loved her because that was her mother. She'll probably continue to think that for a while, and here and there throughout her life. In the end though? She's going to remember Philip, always, always, always telling her to be herself, telling her to follow her heart, telling her she's wonderful and capable and can make her own choices and decisions. She'll also remember his words to Henry on the phone. She'll remember the important lesson he taught her in that apartment about fighting. While Elizabeth lies to her, and tells her how great she's doing fighting? Philip tells and shows her the TRUTH. While her mother was grooming her to be a spy (and yes, she'll realize when that began and replay that in her mind forever) she'll also remember that it was her father who took her to buy the baptism dress. He's the one who supported HER choice, even though he didn't like it, while Elizabeth was the one who used the church to groom her. So, even though she may indeed be "more like mom" by nature? She's going to grow up enough someday to realize the one she really wants to be more like? Is her dad. She's going to realize the one who never tried to use her, and stood by her no matter what choices she made, who stayed as honest as he could be with her all of the time? Was her dad. Paige says she cares about truth. Philip cares deeply about truth, and sought it in EST. Elizabeth? Cares about what works, and that's not a bad thing, but it's not a good thing either, it depends on what goals you are working for. Paige is in for a lot of truth now, she'll know the general was murdered, and the sailor , and the guys in the warehouse, and the Teacups bloody bodies that their very young child discovered, and murders upon murders going back to before she was born. By the time the CIA/FBI and probably a few lawmakers are done with her she will have a very clear picture of who the "hero" in her home really was. It was probably the guy who couldn't stand it anymore, not because he was weak, but because he DID care, and didn't believe it was a just cause anymore. It's going to be her dad, the one who thought for himself, not the mother who blindly kept following orders.
  5. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I think Eden is a goner, and probably, so is Issac, and possibly even Nick. My further speculation is that Fred is gone soon as well, but possibly not until next year, hence Emily's new Commander coming in. I think they will want to keep Serena Joy on the show, in what capacity though? Not sure. It may be to show what happens to Wives with no Commander, it may be Jezebels, it may be as an Aunt or in the Colonies, she may actually defect to Alaska after all. I just can't see the show losing her. I think there is a even odds chance June makes it to that cabin as well.
  6. Not according to the writer of the episode. Articles in the media thread detail it, but basically she says that this was a "natural" way of bringing on labor (links included in some articles) and Serena and Fred were both shocked that June resisted, since June has been through these ceremonies before and never screamed "NO~! Stop!" The writer and director intended for both Fred and Serena to be shocked by June's reaction, and Fred's guilt led him to arrange the visit with her daughter. In one article Serena, after that trip to Canada, is having doubts and issues, and this was the quickest way she could think of to get June and the whole handmaid thing OUT of her house. (I'll add, that it makes sense that then she could focus on the baby perhaps, and put the rest of Gilead's problems out of her mind, which would be filled with BABY!)
  7. Yeah, I mean he's the show runner, but as it turns out my googling was incorrect. A woman actually wrote the episode (obviously ideas for episodes come from the show runners and from the writing room, not individual writers normally) and she had some very interesting things to say. There are links in the media thread for a few interviews with her, all are interesting. So, while the idea of the two rapes might not have been hers, she did manage to make a few points with them. As I said earlier, they were the most realistic I've seen on the show, and the hardest to watch. Part of that is the men's orgasms, which they've rarely focused on, but that actually worked for me, in a "screw this being holy" way. The other thing that worked for me was that we finally got to see a woman scream NO and struggle, and both a Commander and his Wife had to hear that, and perhaps, realize that is exactly what the Handmaid's have always felt, so no one is buying your "ceremony" bullshit assholes.
  8. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Dang! Can you summarize any differences?
  9. That could still play out. This visit and the consequences of it for many characters is certainly not resolved yet.
  10. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    (sorry, if anyone knows how to remove quotes please PM me) Double quote. Maybe, but she's a writer, and I liked her other points. Also, I am holding on to this part: “There are amazing triumphs..." I think June may, just maybe, escape this time. We have others in place to continue with with the Gilead side of things. Maybe not though, I keep thinking Fred, Eden, and Nick are goners. I can't imagine Serena Joy will exit the cast though, she may however, end up in Jezebel's. Some horny Jezebel frequenting Commander may want to have her and subdue her pride and haughtiness, and she's an attractive woman. It would certainly give her new beats to play. For that matter, they could even write in her real life pregnancy, if they don't sterilize her immediately, or she isn't already sterile from the gunshot. He could just pretend to be deporting her to the colonies. http://www.abc6.com/story/38471584/the-handmaids-tale-writer-reveals-secrets-behind-the-last-ceremony-episode except, why would Fred get another handmaid if he has a child? hmmm Please make this be true. More clues that June may escape? The article also mentions that they cut an Emily scene for time, but that it will be on a different episode.
  11. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    From the article: “I do worry about people not wanting to watch because this was a very hard episode to watch. I have to say episodes 11 through 13 are just unbelievable. There’s just this ramp-up adrenaline, momentous, amazing feeling,” she said. “Especially the next episode right after this one, it’s incredible. One of the best episodes of television ever.” Episode 10 did end up with quite the cliffhanger as Nick was kidnapped and Offred was stranded after her reunion with Hannah. “You have got to keep watching,” Chang added. “There are amazing triumphs as well as huge upsets. I think people will really enjoy the next episode. . . . It’s really compelling what’s coming up next. Please don’t stop watching.”
  12. The Eyes: News and Media

    I googled Yahlin Chang, as the writer of this one, The Last Ceremony. Many articles came up. I'm going to link them, but I haven't read them as yet. http://www.abc6.com/story/38471584/the-handmaids-tale-writer-reveals-secrets-behind-the-last-ceremony-episode https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/6/20/17482370/the-handmaids-tale-family-separation-episode-10-recap-yahlin-chang https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/06/handmaids-tale-season-2-episode-10-yahlin-chang-interview One more, Is the handmaid's tale worth watching? https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/27/17285182/handmaids-tale-season-2-hulu This last one is really good, several people interviewed, all with a myriad of reactions to this show, especially in today's political climate, each makes interesting points.
  13. Thanks. I just googled her name, and SEVERAL articles about this episode came up. That makes me kind of happy. I know he still directed it, and as show runner decided what the content should be, but I'm glad at least that women are still involved in writing it, especially this one. ETA Also, and I don't know why I forgot to mention this, for the first time EVER on the show, we got to see a woman, June, scream "NO!" repeatedly. For once, during this disgusting "ceremony" that happened. It was powerful. Pointed out by the writer well in The Washington Post Article. Possibly pointed out in the other articles I just linked in the media thread as well, not sure, the tabs are open, but I haven't read them yet.
  14. Thanks. Do you have a link to something saying this was written by a woman? My search didn't come up with that, but it could have been updated. Directing counts too of course. I don't think Nick was set up either, but it's confusing so anything is possible. I agree, June, aside from being VERY pregnant and hormonal, was just raped, and just saw her very loved child for the first time in 3 years. Of course she didn't want to let her go. If the other guardians had said, "Someone's coming, leave NOW" she would have. For all she knew, they were just sticking to the rather arbitrary 10 minute schedule. Oh, and I would have looked out the damn window too. Honestly, who wouldn't? The men. They made that clear in that early episode. They came up with "ceremonies" to sell the handmaid idea to the women. They even, if I'm not mistaken, laughed about it.
  15. The Eyes: News and Media

    So, I really haven't been reading reviews (which is VERY unlike me.) Who is doing the best ones of this show?