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  1. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Well, I’ve discussed it here before, but my dad just called me. My parents are officially divorced just 6 days after their 39th wedding anniversary. We got through the anniversary weekend pretty well, but next year will be very rough as a 40 year would have been considerable cause for celebration. I’m alreasy brainstorming plans for next year because I think my mom will need the distraction.
  2. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I heart this comment so much. Still chuckling to myself.
  3. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    If Kail wasn't such a despicable person, I might feel sorry for how delusional she is, and how hard life is going to hit her someday. I think this bitch really believes she doesn't have to save for her kids' college funds, or for retirement, because her long career in entertainment will finance that, when the time comes. I wish these stupid women would realize that all their ancillary sources of incomes- books, makeup sales, podcasts, clothing lines, social media sponsors, etc- are ALL tied to Teen Mom. If TM2 goes off the air next year, in 2025 no one is going to be shelling out for Tshirts and lipsticks and buying books from someone who was on a reality show 6 years ago. Yet Kail, in her arrogance, really believes that either 1. TM2 will go on forever, or 2. She doesn't need TM2 to fund her lifestyle. People will still buy her books and makeup and listen to her dumb podcasts even when she's no longer on TV. Edited to change 2035 to 2025. Kail will be scary enough in 6 years. By 2035 she'll probably resemble the love child of Joan Rivers and a water buffalo.
  4. Did anyone call her on that on her page?
  5. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I'm guessing "I don't want to be filmed" was really code for, "I don't want recorded, documented evidence I was involved with you". I guess being homeless is marginally more distasteful than being Kail's pool-boy. Maybe after a few weeks, a park bench will seem more palatable.
  6. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I don't have an opinion at all on what happened, but I will say with her ever revolving door of besties and their changing loyalties, (you know, since she has to pay for it) if Kail had mentioned a pregnancy to anyone in the early stages, she could not be sure it would stay a secret. Which might require damage control down the road. But as far as what really happened, I have no thoughts on this.
  7. God, shut up Leah. Like you wouldn't shit a brick if filming was cancelled.
  8. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    To be fair, she was absolutely right. The guy was a jerk. Haha, read that tidbit in Teen Beat magazine. I had a subscription and it was the best day when the mag came in the mail.
  9. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    After his implants, he hit the clubs expecting all the ladies to fall at his feet, and they were like, ew, he got BOOBS in his LEGS! Who ever is like, "yeah that guy is kind of foxy, but his calves, oh my god, so flat. I can't even!". Probably not many. Loved how his mom tried to talk him out of it and said if was worried about self improvement, he should focus on what's inside, because there was certainly some room for improvement there, or something like that.
  10. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    The reference to body glitter reminds me of that douche from one of the early True Life episodes, I'm getting plastic surgery, where this dipshit complained that he worked out all day and couldn't get his calves to bulge out (if you find this absolutely inexplicable that anyone would focus on this, I am with you). Anyways, he got calf implants, using the same material as mid 90s breast implants. Anyways, he was a fan of going to local clubs doused in body glitter and would generally end up shirtless by the end of the night. He was fond of saying, real men wear body glitter.
  11. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I had SO MANY platform sandals, that caused many a twisted ankle. Such an impractical shoe. Remember the platform sneakers? To this day, I must admit I still think they are a little bit cute. I was born in 1983, so I am allowed to have a fondness for the truly terrible styles of the mid/late 90s. OMG, remember skorts? Or those dresses with the denim upper half and the cotton/floral skirt? I owned both.
  12. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I remember an episode of Saved by the Bell: the College Years, where Slater wanted to move up a weight class for wrestling (which from what little I understand, never happens) and had to eat everything in sight in order to gain weight. He's slamming cupcakes and all the girls are glaring at him. I read in the mid 90s that Kirsten Dunst was offered a part in Now & Then (one of my favorite kids 90s movies!) as the chubbier character, with the caveat that she'd have to gain weight ( I suspect , unlike some people, KD is naturally a very skinny person :)-) and even though KD wasn't that famous at the time and it would have been a good role for her, she refused because she didn't want to gain the weight.
  13. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    Yeah, some of her work was better than others. At the risk of sounding pretentious. some of her more gritty, independent movies showcased her talent much more than the mid 2000s rom coms she was in (although admittedly I liked Little Black Book). The mid 2000s though were just such a time of extreme dieting and I don't judge anyone for doing what they had to do to get work. But at a time where girls were constantly being told, you have to be skinny to be pretty, having a a popular actress who (I suspect) was starving herself to fit that image insisting that it was entirely the result of her genes did a lot of harm, I thought. Like, it's not enough that girls have to feel bad about themselves for being heavier than Hollywood, they have to further lament their own genetic failures? Why couldn't Brittany just have been honest about it? "Yeah, I eat 800 calories a day. It's not good for you and I don't recommend it, but I do it because it's the difference in whether I get A movies or B movies, and I want to be a well known actress. Sue me. " Instead she's just spewing bullshit right and left about how she would actually prefer to be heavier (likely thinking that this was encouraging to young girls) when she's clearly insincere as she starves herself to stay skinny. It undermined her message to young girls considerably. Just my opinion.
  14. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I guess I'm in the minority, but Brittany Murphy bugged the shit out of me. It's obvious from her early roles to later ones that she figured the way to get more acting work was to bleach her hair blond and stop eating. I don't judge her for that AT ALL- if by changing your hair color and losing some weight, you could triple or quadruple your earning power, I'd do it too (although admittedly the hair bleaching part would be considerably easier than losing weight, at least for me). What bugged me though, is she kept denying it. Every single interview I read with her was the same: I eat! I eat all the time! OMG I can't stop eating! I never do drugs and I don't starve myself! I don't know why I am so skinny! In fact, I hate being skinny-I wish I was a size 10! Size 10s are the best! Damn this superhuman metabolism of mine! Every. single. interview. And before anyone jumps on me, I KNOW there are people that are just skinny. They really do eat like normal, they just don't gain weight, and they don't appreciate being mocked for being skinny. You'll not convince me Brittany Murphy falls into this category. I think she was a normal girl with a normal metabolism who intentionally lost a shit ton of weight to get Hollywood roles. No shame in that. Just admit it.
  15. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    She played Brittany Murphy in the Lifetime produced biopic, which I watched because I have no life. The only really notable thing about that was that the movie was greenlit and given 10 days to shoot. Amanda Fuller was notified, like, 5 min before production started. Anyways, she was upset because she wanted to lose weight for the role (she's not fat, but a bigger woman by Hollywood standards, and of course Brittany Murphy was like a 00), but with the accelerated shooting schedule, that wasn't going to happen. Anyways, rather than mess with it, the other characters in the movie just made a point of noticing how skinny she was in the script. I wondered why more movies don't do that, rather than expect their actors to lose massive amounts of weight in very short times. I once read that shooting on Cast Away was halted for like 6 months so Tom Hanks could lose weight and appear to be legit starving. That's taking your craft a bit far, in my opinion, but maybe that's why I'm not a Hollywood A-lister.