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  1. Addie intentionally trips people? I love how that's a specific rule. No tripping people this year, Addie!
  2. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    $489 is probably half of Isaac's monthly private school tuition. In Kail's world, he should pay half of that plus living expenses, which is why she feels justified in saying she doesn't get support. Just a guess. Kail, this is why you are trash and no matter how much MTV decides your dignity is worth and what you get paid, you can't buy class. There was NO reason, even if it was true, to post something like that online. You are, always have been, and always will be, low class.
  3. Leah was horrific in her 16&P eppy, but agreed, she was 16, hormonal, and she seemed genuinely horrified at her own behavior during filming. I think maybe a few months after her show aired, they interviewed her and she said that while she remembered being somewhat snarky to Corey, she honestly didn't realize how awful she was until she saw it on the episode. I gave her a lot of credit for not trying to blame editing or her condition, and instead just admitting she had been a complete bitch and she was sorry. While I frequently consider you and Ghoulina my TWOP spirit animals, I must disagree with your last point about Kail. That bitch is still a grifter. Remember last year during the hurricanes, when she tried to talk MTV into sponsoring a "charity" skydive for hurricane victims? (I think that's who the charity was for, I could be confusing that). Bitch, donate your own money and pay for your own skydiving activities instead of using a tragedy to try and get your own entertainment comp'd. Loser.
  4. I wouldn't put a lot of faith in blind items, but it still wouldn't surprise me if it was true. I was suspicious the minute Leah said they met through mutual friends. I realize she's from a small town, but a 40 something man and a 26 year woman who has never held a traditional job or spent any significant time in any post high school education- how exactly are they going to have mutual friends? It wouldn't surprise me if drugs were the common link. ETA: not saying it's impossible mind you, but given the age gap and Leah's rather insular social life...I just find it unlikely.
  5. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    The egos on these girls are out of the world. I suppose in Kail's mind, it's solely because she's so damn interesting that she is the one making this show successful and with less interesting "talent", this show would have been cancelled years ago. To this, after typing this out, I must concede her point. All these girls make complete asses of themselves on a somewhat regular basis, and their less visible counterparts get some smaller benefits (ie they get flown out coach to reunions, and receive less endorsement opportunities) without acting a fool on national television. So, in that regard, she's actually right. But Kail, I really, really, really wouldn't brag about that. And by the way, the benefits that Jo gets from your asshole-ishness are absolute peanuts compared to what your friends in production get. But I suppose you can't really bite the hand that feeds you by pointing this out.
  6. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Get over yourself Kail. Chris doesn't want to be on the show because it lowers his chances of getting into the panties of other coeds and opens him up to more judgment for being unemployed and a deadbeat dad when Kail isn't paying him to play happy little family. And as for Jo- unlike Chris, the "knock Kail up" train left the station long before MTV came to town, so exactly how he "used" her for fame- something he hasn't exactly courted in 9 years of filming- is super unclear.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    From the waist up and ankles down, she looks cute. Those jeans though- my lower body is cringing in sympathy pains just looking at her. I can't imagine sitting down is an option for her dressed like that.
  8. I think Leah has some extremely deep seated self esteem and self worth issues, and relationship troubles will follow her no matter how stand up the guy is (or isn't), and how badly Leah wants it to work. She also has no coping skills and her methods for dealing with stress have been unhealthy to the extreme- and I am not just talking about addiction here. I think Leah wants nothing more than to be a good wife and mother. But that doesn't mean she makes very good decisions when she's hurt or depressed or anxious.
  9. But what would you TALK about with Leah? How pretty she is? That seems to be about all she ever wants to talk about. Her shameless fishing for compliments and her quitting everything at the first sign of inconvenience (driving to class is too cumbersome?) would be enough for me to run away. Sure, she's better than Amber or Jenelle. That's like, a super low baseline.
  10. But it's so fun to speculate! :). My thing is, if he wants to date Leah, he's probably got some issues. Like attracts like. I don't necessarily think he's anything really bad, just not someone that any woman that has her shit together would want to be with.
  11. But in my mind, a guy who would consider a woman a catch based on her age and body type actually isn't a catch himself. The same goes for a guy who would date a woman just because she's on TV. (ETA: not saying this guy only likes Leah for the reasons above. But if that was his reason, he's a jerk. And I don't see what else Leah brings to the table. She's dumb, lazy, and incredibly vain. She's also super needy and never accountable for anything). I'm confused- who is judging him for that? If you're talking about my post, I was judging him for being 39 and having a twitter account with the screen name "Raylan's dad", not for being a first time dad in his 30s.
  12. Total Divas

    I guess I'm the only one here. But I'll still type my thoughts out anyways, as it would be selfish to keep them to myself :). Finished the Lake Tahoe episode, and WOW, these girls are all the most obnoxious assholes ever. All of them. Even Nikki, who I usually have a soft spot for. I rolled my eyes so hard when Nikki said maybe she was just getting too old to enjoy all this drama. Hey Nikki, here's a hot newsflash: you know how you avoid drama? Maybe you don't instigate a "prank" regarding a loaded topic against the most high strung, insecure member of your squad, and if you do attempt the ill advised prank, maybe admit right away and smooth things over instead of watching it escalate and then run off with you sister and roll your eyes over all the drama YOU TWO started. And why is Lana always held to a different standard than the other girls? Every time she has a dust up with one of these women, everyone is always telling her to be the bigger person, while the other Diva involved in the altercation is actually the one at fault, or at least the one more at fault. Paige is the one who threw a damn tantrum and way overreacted. Yet all the girls kiss her ass while Paige freaking sobs over a damn tweet that Lana made 3 years earlier? And while I think a lot of this drama is scripted, I don't think Paige was acting. She's a freaking loose cannon and I don't get why the girls always enable that shit.
  13. All speculation at this point, but I don't find Leah to be much of a catch outside of her MTV connection, so my assumption is anyone who would date her is also not much of a catch.
  14. Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    Yes, by various accounts, it would appear Ryan is indeed a vagina man. Which actually surprises me. I would have had him pegged for a boob man. I don't know why. I mean, we all knew he couldn't be a chin man...
  15. Total Divas

    I can't believe I still watch this ridiculous show. I just finished this episode. And I hope it was scripted, because if Nia actually lured her friends over for a "housewarming" party only to put them to work, and then bitched about how no one was "helping" her and she couldn't afford a professional so she was entitled to her friends' free labor, what a bitch. Also, super rude for her to direct her friends to sleep on the floor of her house while she ran off to her comfy bed. For some reason I kind of think that was legit, based on the fact it was Trinity complaining about it. And yes, it was SO bitchy of Nattie to smugly tell her how shitty she looked, and then be like, it's just my opinion! Yeah, that no one asked for.