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  1. S10.E07: Eye of the Tiger

    If I could give four thousand likes to everyone calling out the stupid drama on this season, I would. I had such high hopes at the beginning and now I'm like "well, I'll finish this season". Ugh. I didn't mind the challenge so much but I'm sick of DJ (and I'm thinking he'll win this one, too), Steve has really never bothered me that much (I know, minority here), and I love Anthony (Cleen Rock One stuff aside). I have to be up at o'dark thirty, can't ONE episode be worth staying up for???? Please guys and gals? And get off of Twitter and stuff.
  2. S10.E04: Step It Up

    Well, it looks like I'm going to have about 15 comments because there is so much I have to quote.......let's start at the beginning I guess... It'll just be fodder for the new IM Redemption. Which grated on my nerves when it was all bar brawl, but some nice stuff came out of it. Wondered when it would be back. I had nothing either. I am so sad! I really did like him, he could be a bit much but so could everyone else when they were to "show". Wow. Oh yes, and this. Missing old IMs and also old Face Offs. Yes, I'm old, grunchy, and bored. Yes. I disagree with the judges a LOT, but I really hate when they go against their own principles and rules. So I won't bitch (too much) about this week.
  3. S10.E03: Divine Proportion

    HA! Or maybe Merida, is it, from Brave? Wouldn't it be something if every time someone complained or got into an argument, they turned into a bear?
  4. S10.E03: Divine Proportion

    I am going to watch as soon as I can, even if I have to catch the rerun next week. Without a stencil....God, I hope we don't get St. Marq again......I'm looking forward to watching just so I can keep up, I've been slacking on so many shows!
  5. S10.E03: Divine Proportion

    There is going to be some weird epic return arc. There has to be. Just because/to piss us off. You choose. There is no way that a volatile situation like that is just going to die. I LOVE this phrase. I can think of three ppl right off the top of my head I can apply this to. Thanks!
  6. S10.E03: Divine Proportion

    Well I missed this episode and I was bummed at first because the description sounded like it would be a good one....I read exactly five comments and I already know what happened and who went home, so it doesn't sound like I missed much. What concerns me is the obviously sliding from the first episode....I really hope this season can find its footing!
  7. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    Oddly, that was the one thing that WASN'T asked for, right after the kitchen sink and what all else. Maybe that should have been a challenge rule??? Aight. I'll take it. I do appreciate what he said, but I get super leery of tv stars using the word "humble". First off, if there are any ANTM fans here as well, Jade Cole, Cycle 6, enough said. Second, let us refer to the Princess Bride, about that word not meaning what you think it does? Inconceivable!
  8. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    @Kelda Feegle I wish I had thought of that! A lot of the times it seems that the tattoo close ups go by way too fast for me, which is why I always end up looking them up online!
  9. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    Why so it does! HAHAHAHAHAHA I didn't even notice! Well, that sure puts it in a whole new perspective.
  10. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    Yeah, I get it. Wonder if DJ is just reacting to being a leader now, cause let's face it, Bubba was in charge most of the time last season. IDK, but all that YELLING! I guess it was a bad team pick! I tend to disagree with the judges a lot, and I did this week too, there were many I liked that they did not. I've gotta go find some close up picks on Facebook or whatever, but I liked the stained glass lion, I liked the passageway (crumbled or not) and I liked several others. I even liked the unlined red roses, though maybe not for this challenge. It was different, for sure. I actually disagreed with the winner, wasn't my style and seemed light to me, but with the linework they were looking for, ok. Oh! And the compass. I loved that. All in the opinion!
  11. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    I really liked the idea of this challenge, but if I have to listen to Sparks, is it? and DJ scream at each other every week it is going to be a looooooooong season. I get that they have to have some drama, but maybe it could be organic and just lower the volume a bit. You could see how uncomfortable some of the other artists were......
  12. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    Dang, Linzy did. Never mind!
  13. S10.E02: Fill’er Up

    While I think this is one of the more intricate challenges they've ever had, and well suited for this group of talented artists (though maybe not THIS soon), am I the only person looking at some of these "mazes" and wanting to put a ball in there and shake it down to the end like those plastic games (us older people) had as kids? No? Just me? That's ok, I've had a bad day, so something has to cheer me up! Personally, I would have wanted an Alice In Wonderland maze, with some red roses, the Queen, maybe some Cards and a Cheshire Cat, if it wasn't too much...............;)
  14. S10.E01: Pick Your Side

    I have I have eight and half, and if any of the shows I love and have loved are still on by then, I'll take a demographic hit and raise a "who knew?".
  15. S10.E01: Pick Your Side

    Whew! I must have missed that. In fact, I know I did, since I don't think I caught the whole finale. I'd have to check the date, but something may have come up that day. Story of my life. Thanks so much for helping me get what was going on, because I was worried there. And hot damn, I'm still in their demographic!!! Thanks again!