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  1. Face Off in the Media

    Sasha. "Pull Your Socks Up" was SASHA, not Stella. I used to get those S names mixed up all the time on the original season. It's been driving me nuts that I couldn't think of her name, then the most recent promo jarred my memory! Random comment time!
  2. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    We could be here all day, and have been, debating who should have won, etc. For the record, in the first go round, I did not think Jason should have won but Cleen's final tat was clearly not what was laid out for his challenge. At any rate, all I want to see are talented artists doing their best. Period. And not for nothing I am WAY less than impressed with this Paramount channels offerings. I honestly didn't think IM was even coming back given what airs currently. Anywho, I would really like to stay up well past my bedtime watching something that is worth it! I forget if I said this before, but my son, who has watched many a show with me IM, Face Off, etc. came in and saw me typing and said "they ought to just call it *BLEEP* Master. That says a lot to me, since we've watched since S1! I shall support as long as I can though................
  3. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I did forget to add that both Cl. and Ch. ( I have no more time for typing) are very talented, and I did think were shafted in some of their original appearances. However, I stand behind my post above. But yet, I'll be back for at least a few episodes, and that makes me certifiable.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    Maybe I need to try harder....I've watched a few epis of Knife or Death and I honestly could not stand it, but I'll give it one more shot. The whole fast fwd. thing does have some appeal. I've missed a lot of the more recent Forged In Fire, mainly because when I couldn't stand Ink Master anymore I missed FIF too, because I would just go to bed! Same night and all that. I'll have to apply myself, since the few newer epis I've seen on rerun were very, very good.
  5. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    Look, I like Cleen, and I like Christian, I really do. I can think of many others that I couldn't stand on a much higher level. BUT I really don't need to see them. Again. I don't need another Rivals season. I know I'm in the minority, but I really miss the earlier days of this show, and I still don't get why it can't just be more like the original format as opposed to the maximizing the drama format. Oh, wait, yes I do. I'm old! ;) Now get off my lawn.
  6. Face Off in the Media

    I hope so, I really do. My old(er) ass will still watch and learn something new! It just hit me today, I really realized this was the last dang season and I'm so sad now....but I'll enjoy every minute. I had a lot of grief last year and missed many of my shows, ANTM, Top Chef even, couldn't stand Ink Master for more than five epis, all the Project Runways...but I kept coming back to this show. I haven't even dealt with Forged In Fire or it's spin off, which I hate. I see a lot of the same ppl. on here as I do other shows I watch, so I guess I'll have to keep moving....but I'll always have a soft spot for Face Off and all the people who were on it! Oh, and for this last one, I did recognize a lot of ppl. today in the one extended promo, but the only names I can think of are Stella? (pull your socks up) though she now has long dark hair and Walter. So many others I can't think of right off the bat.
  7. Face Off in the Media

    I haven't been around for a while, but the minute I saw (and am watching) an older epi of FO I knew it was coming back...but if it is true and it is done, I can't say I'm surprised. Wicked disappointed, but it might be time. I had seen on Wikipedia that they already had an entry for Season 13 but no details. Syfy has a lot of scripted stuff and all, so I think FO may have timed out. I'll miss it though!
  8. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I missed this part, what is next seasons theme? Frankly, I'm shocked there IS a next season. Though, if we're starting off with Cleen again.......oh, my.
  9. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I guess I don't qualify as an official fan/commenter/whatever anymore, because I just had to give up on this season round about the hot air balloon tattoo. Or whatever it was. I had a bad feeling on DJ winning, and fuck if I wasn't right on that one...which I do not agree with at all, not only the tattoos, but I always thought Steve/Anthony were much better, and I hate when shows "show" up the newer ppl. for newer viewers. My husband, who has put up with and watched with me for years, came out at one point and said "Christ, they turned this into a straight up reality show". Agreed. I had a lot of hope at the start of this season and you know what? I'll try out the next one. I've missed every single recent season of all my shows so what better way to start over? PS- That dragon tattoo above? Would have been taken OUT by the judges season ago. Either I'm out of practice, or it is a mess......see you all next season, and I WILL be there, if just to make awful uninformed comments!
  10. S10.E08: Pane In The Glass

    I do appreciate what you are saying, but it seems like when they get down to the brass tacks, super specific stuff, it can go horribly wrong. Seems like the further this show goes on, the worse the pin ups get. And the new school. Though cover ups would be a challenge I could live with. I think the talent level has gone down some in these last years....
  11. S10.E08: Pane In The Glass

    Yeah, well, if they are out if ideas, here we go....................I didn't even think about that till you said something so, either really good, or really, really bad..................and ohhh, what next then???!!! I don't like where this is going....
  12. S10.E08: Pane In The Glass

    This is a complete aside and mostly just me venting (most likely poorly) but I FINALLY figured out who Daniel reminds me of. He looks like a cross b/w Marcel from Top Chef and Pierson Fode (he's an actor, was on a soap The Bold and the Beautiful DON'T JUDGE ME). It's been driving me nuts. Which says a lot that I'm focused on look a likes rather than tattoos. Or just tuning out the drama (La La La La). On the other hand, if Angels is going to be on again that means more life for IM, so yes? Yay? I'm not sure.
  13. S10.E08: Pane In The Glass

    OK, before I hit on anything else...if I haven't mentioned it before I really love the opening credits for this season. Might be the best thing in some epis. Also, no no on another season of Angels. I'm really not sure I can deal, plus now there are only three. It hasn't been too heavy handed about who went on to this season of IM, but I have sinking feeling if this goes on...... At any rate, really liked tonight, I have to say. I LOVED the flash challenge and my least fav was actually AM's team, foreshadowing anyone? But they were all cool. Not totally sure I agree with the elimination though, but I did like the stone tattoo idea...if it had been done well overall. I do think they should have picked someone to win though, there was some nice linework.
  14. S10.E07: Eye of the Tiger

    Hey yeah, I did just remember that this might lead to another season of Tattoo Nightmares or Redemption, so maybe that is a good thing? I might take it though.......
  15. Small Talk: ...not Top Carrot

    I don't know if this will help at all but I found this article. It is long on ads but seems to have a good starting point..... https://www.livestrong.com/article/524213-what-spice-can-i-use-to-replace-cinnamon-for-persons-that-are-allergic-to-cinnamon/ I haven't been able to watch this season at all, and I miss all my forum friends! I've gotta catch up somehow or on to next season!