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  1. OMG i love that movie!
  2. I love drag, so I was all in on this episode. I only recognized a couple of queens, wound like to know who the others are, but none of them are credited (except Roxy a Wood. The others, even with speaking parts didn't get credit. The 2 I know (Ginger Minj & Sharon Needles)each had several lines; so did another queen I didn't recognize. Bad show! oh, & Javier was dripping with sexy this episode!
  3. Approximately a million years ago, in college, I got involved in a nondenominational Christian cult - kind of like duggars (no dancing, very strict dating rules, super homophobic, & nobody really talked about transgender issues, but they'd have been completely intolerant) & kind of not (pants were ok, and there was probably some racism, but I think it was pretty subtle, & several leaders were minorities). One day a friend (who was also in the church) came on to me. I had that visceral "lizard brain" response (I was about 20 & very naive) but I'm pretty sure I let her down nicely & told her I wasn't interested in other girls. It would have been mean to do otherwise. I didn't tell anyone; they'd have read me the riot act for not calling out her "sin", & they'd have kicked her out (which frankly would have been the best thing for us both, but like I said, young & naive). That should have been my clue that that group was all wrong for me. Why can't Dillard do that?
  4. What kind of hellish full navy diaper nonsense did Margarita put on Jasmine? She should have joined Kenya in awf lqnd for that abomination alone.
  5. OMG, Corey has been taking "sequin(ce)" pronounciation lessons from Roxxxy Andrews!不不不不不
  6. Jeez, Corey. Thanks for making me wish for another week for Tyme & her stupid voice. Take your horrible attitude & get off my teevee
  7. I'm gonna miss Mitchell. He's the only one I didn't despise. I guess I want Andrew to win; he's not too offensive. Or Sandy, because I want to see Corey's head explode.
  8. Newp. Native Minnesotan here; it's not even close. I think you're right though that it's her own special act that she's putting on This show is is so terrible. At this point I'm just hate watching.
  9. I missed this show so much! There in definitely something off about Carin and/or her mega scary husband. And I don't trust Ava's ex at all - he was totally fishing the girls for info on Javi. Letty going on and on about how Bryce was the alpha male & how Javi was never going to get him alone, meanwhile she flirts non stop to get him to like her, knowing he's a rapist, that was just dumb. Not that she deserved him trying to rape her, of course, but she really reads the room better when it comes to anyone else but herself, doesn't she?
  10. I'm semi convinced she's doing this show in an attempt to learn English.
  11. I'm not even through this episode& all I can say is GO HOME, COREY. Gawd he bugs.
  12. I can't hate too much on Brandon for being a one way monkey that is getting a constant undeserved tongue bath from the judges when Margarita is there with her nasty cracks about other people's "taste level" while sending out something that looked like a roller derby exploded & randomly stuck to her model
  13. Given their teachings, I'd assume he thinks "pedophile" = trans person.
  14. Well now I'm traumatized
  15. Cheerleaders? NIKE!!!!