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  1. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    Aja should have been in the top. Just proves she was right, darling, the fix is in for Harlow Ben (I love Dela, & her win was deserving, but if the fix is in for anyone, it’s her).
  2. “The winner of the snatch game is... the Amish, because they don’t have television.” SHADE. Ru is still a genius.
  3. Thank god someone finally pitched Death by Martin Short for the nonac. I’ve been amazed that it wasn’t in there.
  4. I’m in serious danger of loving Shangela here. Never thought that would happen.
  5. S15.E08: Restaurant Wars

    I am in HER city, & halfway decent Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen. I’m not sure her restaurant is open yet, but I can’t see it lasting long regardless, after this.
  6. Season 1 Discussion

    Co-sign this entirely
  7. Season 1 Discussion

    I have a really bad feeling that they’re going to make over Lylyian (or however the f she’s spelling it), give her brown hair & brown eyes & a big comeback story. Nauseating.
  8. Season 1 Discussion

    Gawd. Lilyan is a total bitch & her mom enables her. & Breanna is her Gretchen Weiners. The whole Lilyan crying thing because people were being mean to HER cake completely out of the blue. She was laughing at Mackenzie right in from if her & making snide comments in confessionals. I do not buy the act one bit. I love Mikayla & Athena. Anytime all of them are on screen, I can’t look away from Mikayla. Mackenzie is a pretty girl but so insecure. I feel bad for her though because lilyan clearly has picked her as a target. Kudos to Mikayla for staying out of the drama. Very mature, & I’m guessing she’s benefiting from having been to real school. I think I saw Carrington In the preview at the end of episode 1 - I think they add her as a “twist” later in the season.
  9. RPDR: In The Media

    This looks dumb, unless it involves lil poundcake, in which case, I’m all in
  10. Well gun control too, but I can’t resist.
  11. S01.E10: The Future of Beauty

    That was some hot buttered ass of a show. I hope it never comes back. Glad to see that Sandy won - he was clearly the best IMO, & you could see evil Corey steaming under the surface
  12. Everybody on this thread is laughing & riding & cornholing. Except Buster. Buster must be a heathen.
  13. S02.E06: It's No Fun If It's Easy

    Pretty sure she’s an idiot. Sean probably spouts religion to her to get her to do what she wants, & she goes alone because Jesus.
  14. Gimme That Old Time Religion

    OMG i love that movie!
  15. S02.E05: You Could Discover Me

    I love drag, so I was all in on this episode. I only recognized a couple of queens, wound like to know who the others are, but none of them are credited (except Roxy a Wood. The others, even with speaking parts didn't get credit. The 2 I know (Ginger Minj & Sharon Needles)each had several lines; so did another queen I didn't recognize. Bad show! oh, & Javier was dripping with sexy this episode!