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  1. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    Definitely with the crowd on not loving cocky douchey asshat guy. I love the Minnesota chef.
  2. I’m sure the Bible says somewhere that all adult women must wear mustard at all times. Probably squashed between the reports of Jesus hating poor people and sex workers. Wait a minute...
  3. OMG, I’d never seen that before. Epically awful, no wonder Breelen got cut.
  4. PBC: Lacey VOTY: I want it to be Lauren, but I think it’ll be Gina. Is this a team vote or TPTB? ROTY: Bridget for me the Bridget vote is just enjoying watching her dance. If these are team votes, both could be anybody at all.
  5. This was tough because there were a few where there were DCCs I love (Jacie) then one person has to ruin it so I can't vote for them (Chelsea). I went with 13 because I really like this rookie class so far for faves, and the hated season 9 for least fave.
  6. Why the H did I go look to see what you were talking about? I’m all for do what you want, it’s her body, etc. but now I feel like I nee md a shower.
  7. Based on the sideline dance, looks like maybe Jinelle was filling in for Molly? Hope she’s ok.
  8. Jessika, Allanna, sometimes Lexie, Gabby. & I loved Gabby in tryouts, but I keep forgetting her
  9. Actually that’s probably a better way to do it. As it stands now, we can just cut off after week 1 by Lacey has so many, & there are so many 0s
  10. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    WTF is she wearing?? I vote knocked up.
  11. I voted for Ashlee because she improved so much & she’s seems incredibly mature & classy. This is tough though, because I also love Bridget, Cianna, Hannah, Jalyn, Brennan, & Erin. & I feel like I don’t know Alanna, Amber, Caroline, Daphne, or Gabby well enough to say.
  12. They cannot get this right to save themselves. First it was both Maddie, then both Madeline, now both Maddie again. It’s not that hard! ?
  13. So they fixed the Maddie’s pic showing up for both her & Madeline problem & replaces it work the a Madeline’s pic showing up for them both?? I swear it was the other way around a couple days ago ????
  14. My rookie edition: Ashlee, Bridget, Hannah. But I could trade those 3 out for Jaylyn, Cianna, & Brennan, very easily.
  15. She really does. That expression is so much better than her smile.