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  1. I really liked how they had an entire episode focused on how handsome he is, and how that makes service people treat him extra well. First of all, that's so true to life that it happens to attractive people, and it was nice to actually see recognition of his looks that way. The writers were directly addressing reality. And to top it off he had dealt with this privilege his whole life, and he didn't even recognize it until he was forced to. That's just so real. The opposite of that is things like Debra Messing eating like a pig on Will and Grace, Sandra Bullock always being a geek in her movies when she's extraordinarily beautiful, Amy Schumer being a blonde with model-like legs but always pretending she's so average, blah blah. To me that stuff is so disingenuous and eye-rolling. So I liked how real that was. He is as gorgeous and charismatic as Kate and Goldie. Now, Wyatt to me, is just okay-looking and kind of forgettable (LOL) but maybe I just need to see him in the right role. By the way I just saw Out of Towners (1999 version with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn). My god, Goldie's voice is exactly like her daughter's. I fully recognize that Goldie was a star way before her daughter. I'm just saying, man it's creepy.
  2. Romantic Comedies

    Guys, "Crazy Rich Asians" is a perfect romantic comedy. I cried so much. Try it out! I definitely rate this one a 5/5. Others I've seen recently Keeping the Faith - 3.5 - Decent, but much too long. It could have used some editing; didn't need to be 2 hours! 'Til There Was You - 3.5 - I know this wasn't treated kindly at the time (1997) but I really enjoyed the first half. Sarah Jessica Parker turns in a great performance. I want to find this on DVD but it's very hard! Nine Months - 3.5 - This was so much better than I remembered! I thought it was more like a 2 or a 2.5 movie. But it's not that bad! The ending gets kind of crazy but the leadup is really not so bad. Hugh Grant hates his performance in this one, but he's still as cute as he always was. Beauty and the Briefcase - 3 - LOL. Um....... Hahaha. This is the only thread I'd feel safe enough to confess I watched this. It's exactly what you'd expect from the trailer and description! The Out of Towners (1999 version) - 4 - I felt like I had to see it because Marc Lawrence wrote it and I love almost everything he's done! It was really cute. Rapid fire pace, a lot of jokes and gags. Hello My Name is Doris - 3 - I did NOT love this one. I found it way overhyped. Critics seemed to love it but I thought it was just okay....it was weird, but not in the way I liked.
  3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    This was one of the best and most important movies I've ever seen. I spent like 15 minutes of it crying. Not because of anything in the plot, but just the magnitude of what it meant for me to be watching it. I had to force myself to stop thinking about its magnitude just to calm myself down and pay attention to the movie. It was incredible.
  4. MLB Thread

    Bautista is still my King!
  5. I like this one. Somebody recommended it on Twitter and I ended up enjoying the hell out of it. I tried to watch Jurassic Park 3 though, and THAT one seemed terrible to me. I could not get through it.
  6. I actually absolutely love it. I embrace it. It's legitimately one of my favourites of the decade. Sex and the City is legitimately a favourite of mine and one of my absolute favourites of the 2000s. I recognize that SATC2 is bad, and I find it kind of offensive in several different ways, but I will watch it. I also enjoyed Twilight without any irony at all. I was always under the impression that Mommie Dearest was considered a classic because people seem to reference it so often. I'm a little bit younger than it. Whoops. It's always been on my list to watch.
  7. Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

    Ugh, yes!!!! I'm sorry but I think Michelle Monaghan is a total nothingburger, she should not be an actor, and Rebecca Ferguson has never won me over. She always looks so fake to me. Fake, fake, fake! (Elaine Benes voice). Anyways, this movie was AMAZING and left me totally speechless. I'd totally recommend it. I'd definitely recommend seeing it in the theatres , if you can.
  8. I loved how Ramona was having SO much fun at the Cabaret. And I loved how she can be having a CRAZY tantrum and Carole gives her the most mild, cliched advice and her reaction is always "Wow, you're brilliant, you're a genius, I never thought of that" and she immediately calms down. I find her hysterical.
  9. I LOVED Ramona's backless sequin gown when she screamed at Bethenny. I follow this redheaded guy in the background who is sipping a drink on Twitter! (If you watch the clip.)
  10. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    I never watched Winter Games! Or whatever it's called. So I am interested having Yuki on the show too. Again, it's a different perspective, someone different than what we're used to seeing on this show. English isn't her first language, so yeah as soon as she was introduced I was already cringing in anticipation of how the audience would react to her. I agree, it's really cool that John named his ancestry. I thought it was awesome. Like I said I love that Jubilee made him feel excited to talk about it. Caroline was clearly not interested in who he was as a person; though I understand we could just be swayed by the editing..... that was some convincing editing. Jubilee REALLY listens. Her eyes bore so deep into John's while he spoke. A friend and I always found it so hot on Ben's season, LOL.
  11. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    That reminds me. I thought it was hilarious that the camera kept panning to Joe just laying back on the couch, his face totally red, loooooooooooooooooooong after said Caroline said she was going to leave him to go to the bathroom. The editing made it look like DAYS, DAYS that he waited there. LOL. While it was probably just the same shot over and over again ; ) I'm super glad that John is on the show, honestly. It's a different perspective, for once. As someone with two Asian brothers and a lot of Asian female friends I see a lot of racism against Asian men, and in my personal experience the worst offenders are Asian women themselves. And you add into that the fact that John is a self-described nerd, I'm not sure women are just flocking. Good for him for putting himself out here on these shows. He'll get more exposure and hopefully more opportunities to meet great people.
  12. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Also, Chris has the worst personality, like ever. I've always felt that way.
  13. However, Jillian & Todd on Love it or List it Vancouver (another version of the show) are extremely adorable people. I totally recommend that version. I was totally burned on Kristen Bell when it was revealed that she begged the show Gossip Girl to be its narrator. God. The narration was the only negative thing about that otherwise awesome show. (personal opinion). But she's been winning me back since then.
  14. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Thanks! And UGH! to Caroline's behaviour. I did not find her one bit charming, whatsoever. She was so weird! The beginning, of not being able to figure out how to walk, or talk, or go to the bathroom? What the F was that? How many times did Joe have to say "You're fine.... Yes... Walk this way towards the bathroom." It was one of the weirdest things that's happened on this season. She was FREAKING OUT. And then on the date, that distracted by animals thing. She is a child. John is an adult. It's just a bad, bad match. I was liking John until he said something like he was a Boy Scout until college? Did I hear that right? I feel bad for judging. LOL. But hey if Jubilee wants a nerd this is a match made in heaven. Grocery Store Joe is just extremely beautiful. It's incredibly disarming. The guy should be in movies. Jubilee's clear admiration for intelligence and need to be with a nerd is also charming. I forgot to mention something else. Annalise listing which guys she'd be fine with taking a rose from IN ORDER. Ha! She listed at least 4 men! So basically, she will take anyone! Anyone! And if the top 4 don't want her, here's the next 6 she's fine with! That was a bit breathtaking.