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  1. I love Ben, and I love the idol plays. Can't wait for somebody to tell me that he/they feel sorry for me accordingly. You all know it's coming as sure as the sun will rise. For me, this whole season has been Ben. The rest of it is forgettable. I think that the contestants WERE shocked and upset that Ben had an idol. I think it DID throw them into disarray. For Chrissy to say his display was too much was laughable and pathetic. Please! It's a fucking game and television show and it's tribal council. LOL. Must you attempt to take the fun out of everything?! If you win an IC go ahead and run around like Rocky and pump your fist in the air. (That's what I would do.) And Ben should be able to do similar when he pulls out an idol since the rest of you are absolutely shit at finding them or using them. Dr. Mike. Devon is cute, and he makes this weird face at Tribal like he's totally evil. That's about all I've got. Some of these people have lost way too much weight.
  2. Another thread about hating Three Billboards
  3. Yes, a huge spoiler. Here's a very, very critical review of Downsizing and Hong's role in particular if anyone is interested
  4. I'm a big McKinnon fan but I also noticed she seemed to be in every sketch. I honestly wondered if James was a big fan of hers or if they seemed to get along really well or something.
  5. Okay.... Thanks? And I still find it weird that she kept mispronouncing the name of an accused sexual harasser/abuser as the name of the host of the show at the time. Personally if I was the host I would find it even weirder and find it hard to concentrate.
  6. Ok.... I'm wondering if you've read any of these critical takes I am talking about? There's a lot of them. Just searching "Three Billboards" on Twitter it seems like reaction to this movie is very split. It's dismissive to say that people not liking a movie are just trying not to when people seem to have takes that seem to be thoroughly written out. Are the people who like the movie just wanting to find things to like about it too? It's okay for reactions to a movie to be subjective and varied, especially when people take so much time to explain their viewpoint. There's a full thread that starts with this tweet here: And some other summaries:
  7. Some people are very disappointed with the Globe nominations. Besides the already mentioned snubs: - Greta Gerwig having no director nomination for Lady Bird despite being 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (apparently it finally got a lukewarm review?) - no female director nominations despite it being a great year for female filmmakers - a very WHITE category for Best Picture - Drama - I've read criticisms from POC critics and white critics alike that Three Billboards is extremely problematic
  8. I really liked this episode. I didn't fall asleep before the end so that shocked me. Also, I love SZA and her second song "Love Galore" was one of my favourites this year. James is super duper passionate. Remember the "Za" sketch. I thought it was so stupid but look how insane he took it. Also his acting in the Spelling Bee sketch was fantastic. That was my favourite sketch. Couple of things though - Cathy Anne called Al Franken "Al Franco" each and every single time. Was she trying to do a dig at James.... that whole thing was SO weird to me. - Leslie Jones admitted on Twitter that she actually almost threw up :) The kids at the beginning who nailed their line readings I actually got a huge kick of. Like the Matt Lauer kid. I thought Weekend Update was GREAT except I personally hate Cathy Anne. For those who might not know, James Franco admitted on television to flirting with a 17 year old on social media, and there are screenshots and pictures of him doing so. To the person who asked, Dave is James' younger brother. I first saw him in Superbad. Then 21 Jump Street. He is in The Disaster Artist with James. He is married to Alison Brie.
  9. Hahahah. Not this again. My god. Every season.
  10. I guess I'm not following you. Her alliance against Ben was solid. Even people who weren't in her alliance were solid against Ben. Every single person voted for Ben. Her assumption was that Ben wouldn't have an idol, or I guess, that working with Dr. Mike would be a good thing for her. I like Ben too. I don't think he's taking the game too personally. He figured out his allies were working against him so he did the right thing by trying to make a majority to stay in the game. I did not see him get angry or raise his voice once, unlike Chrissy. Chrissy took things extremely personally. I'm not 'blaming' her because I'm not in that situation so it's hard for me to judge, but how the heck did Ben take things personally? What was he supposed to do? Laugh it up at the backstabbing, and high-five the people who betrayed him, all the way to the jury? He quietly thought about his next move and then made it and then played his idol and saved himself. LOL
  11. LOL. Thanks for writing out these quotes. This one is really funny and reminds me of a great scene in "The Big Lebowski", when their car disappears into thin air with a huge amount of money in it: Walter Sobchak: Where's your car, Dude? The Dude: You don't know, Walter? Walter Sobchak: [clears throat] It was parked in a handicapped zone, perhaps they towed it. The Dude: You fucking know it's been stolen.
  12. Thanks. I do know about that option, but I prefer not to use it for sitcoms because it ruins the timing of a joke.
  13. My two complaints are that I miss so much of Andre Baugher's dialogue (his voice is very low or he mumbles?) and I didn't like the team using an ambulance. Other than that I loved it. Still a great show in Season 5. Much credit to the writers and actors and directors. They often pull off really fantastic and funny episodes. I feel like it's such a rarity to have a great sitcom in 2017 this many seasons in, but this show certainly does it.
  14. In the sex positions sketch, Mikey Day's character actually says (to Colin or Michael) "Well I don't have a choice" which implies that he isn't even consenting to the sex. Very creepy strange idea for a sketch honestly.
  15. For me it's nothing to do with "blame" and I don't live in the US and I'm not over-saturated. I don't want Alec Baldwin on SNL. Blame doesn't factor in. I just don't want to see him on the show period. 1. I hate Alec Baldwin, he's a disgusting person. We've known he's been disgusting for years and lately it's been even worse with him publicly attacking victims of sexual abuse and rape. SNL continuing to give him airtime feels particularly awful after this. 2. His Trump impression is not accurate and not funny and he doesn't look like him in the hair and makeup. It's a horrible impression. He's not even in the cast so there's really no loss if he disappears. I am no fan of Trump but he doesn't do this thing where he hangs his mouth open and just shakes it around. What is Alec doing?!