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  1. I personally think that Kentaro was pretty pissed off. (I'm now reading that some thought he liked it - I didn't get that impression whatsoever. He seemed impatient and didn't remotely smile.) But yeah I like any moment surrounding him because I like him.
  2. "Thank you, Bitch." - Kentaro
  3. If any of you haven't seen Season 3, it is a delight. Mychael was very sweet, very likeable. It is why he won fan favourite. I will never, for the rest of my life, forget Mychael jokingly calling himself "Captain Save a Ho" because of the other designers teasing him about his friendship with Laura. (I learned about that song and that phrase that day he said it.) Margarita saying that the only good designers were herself, Michael, Kentaro and Brandon and yet Kenya and Ayana were simply seamstresses? What a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih. She is so incredibly unaware. It was interesting to see Kenya under pressure. The real Kenya came out. I feel like Brendan or somebody should have told Kentaro how inappropriate the Pocahontas thing was. Is Brendan really Kentaro's friend, or just wanting to make sure he makes the final 3? ; ) I'm a Brendan fan but his outfit? Bleh! A circle skirt?! Did anyone watch Kenley's season? We've seen 50,000 of those. Circle skirt....!?!?! A freaking circle skirt and a crop top!?!?!?!?!?!?
  4. Thanks, @Lamima
  5. Not how I wanted this to go down. I hate the comparisons between Tony and Joe because I like Tony a lot. I have no idea how to feel about Joe but so far no go. I was coming around on Alan. He had a good episode. I wonder if Desi is the only non-white contestant left.
  6. I'm sick of people being pressured to name names. I don't think any victim has to do anything. It's up to him to decide what he wants to do and I don't blame him. He is making people aware of the issue in general. I don't think victims should be blamed for the actions of perpetrators.
  7. I'm extremely shocked and upset by that. My god.
  8. Pics of Pink's jacket for @theredhead77
  9. Kumail was a good host. When I posted that Gal Gadot was reading the cue cards so obviously and it was really distracting, and I got about 54 responses saying that no, that was actually awesome for some reason, Kumail is a very naturally funny actor that could read cue cards but make it look like he was acting in the sketch, and also inject humour into what he was doing. However, someone tweeted that the scripts were lacking this week and I agree. You would think these writers would be inspired by Kumail's ability. Also, I've never enjoyed or needed Baldwin's Trump after like the second appearance. I can't believe how often they do this.
  10. This isn't a rerun? Thank God
  11. Yes!
  12. Never mind
  13. "When he revealed the Idol to me, that was fine, because I think he's so cute! When he revealed the Idol to them, that's not okay, because I thought that was just between us!" To me it was clear cut jealousy and feeling personally slighted, which is fine. I don't think she's a strategic mastermind because of this. All she did was be present for this dude telling her a secret. Which was later revealed to not be a secret whatsoever. She thought they had an intimate secret and they just didn't, so she was upset. It's not really up to her to decide what the guy does with that info. Why was it a good move to tell (Jessica?) about the idol but not the others? What is the difference between them? Getting cast on Survivor and then secretly knowing someone in the cast is like an ultimate fantasy of mine. You would bet I would use that to my advantage 100%. Not doing that would be stupid in my opinion. I think Ali is nuts to give up that advantage. Nuts. Almost no matter what. Lauren is not that much easier to get along with than Patrick. And Patrick seems like a good shield. Patrick seemed really loyal, and then after TC just that much moreso, because he was soooooo upset.
  14. .
  15. Ok. He's supposed to be like 15, extremely hopeful, and vulnerable. Sorry that I worry about children.