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  1. 50 Shades Series: Fan Fiction Run Amok

    Some hot ass author in the third film. He only had 5 minutes of screentime.
  2. S22.E07: Week 7

    Speaking for myself, I was just making a joke. I've never been one to pretend I know anything about car-racing. I certainly do not.
  3. S22.E07: Week 7

    This is so me. This is how I'd date and travel too Their job is basically to sit, though. Tia telling Arie on Bekah M. didn't even bother me. It barely registered. I'm not sure what that means. I just don't get what the big deal is. I don't think it registered for Arie, either. I feel like Arie isn't even interested in Tia anyway so whatever. I doubt these kind of speeches have any affect on the Bachelor, whether he's not interested in the tattler or very interested. Though I guess if someone who is a front runner tattles (say, Vanessa tattling to Nick about Rachel?) the editors would just cut it out of the show so the winner looks pristine.
  4. S22.E07: Week 7

    Yeah when Kaitlyn won Bachelorette over Britt (the first season I watched). At least one guy very honestly said, I was hoping for Britt, I'm leaving. Which I respect more than the opposite route, which is staying anyway to try and get Instagram fame. Bekah M. Aw man! I think Jojo is 10x better looking than Tia. I thought Jojo and Caroline really resembled each other and I was surprised when Arie cut Caroline.
  5. S22.E07: Week 7

    Jaq seems super cool and all - honestly - but when she said "I went into this not thinking I'd have any deep feelings" my first thought is of course, why the hell were you on this show, then? It's not like she was captured and forced into it. It all just seems disingenuous. And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why Kendall likes Arie. It makes no sense to me. Just the vibes I get from Arie, I 100% do not think he's ready for marriage. This guy is such a playboy. And there's nothing wrong with that, he doesn't seem SLEAZY.... he's like a "nice" womanizer. LOL.
  6. S22.E07: Week 7

    Just want to add I liked how Arie acted when Jacqueline rejected him. Some people react very very badly to that but he acted with a lot of class, I thought. I thought it was very much Jacqueline who kept making out with him, and he didn't know what to do. He's Arie. But I have to say he was really nice about it.
  7. S22.E07: Week 7

    I couldn't be paid to watch one episode, let alone a full season, of Bekah M. as Bachelorette. I'm sure that you can download old episodes of Hannah Montana to get the same effect. She irritates the hell out of me. I'm sorry but I can't see the argument that this 22 year old probably drama major is ready to be on a show that is meant to find your future spouse. I'm sure she'll go on American Idol next or whatever. She's trying for Instagram fame, nothing else will do. I don't even believe she's attracted to anyone besides herself, or a camera. How many times did she point how many roses were left, and calculate exactly what percentage of chance she had left to still get one?
  8. S22.E07: Week 7

    It was weird how Jaq kept passionately kissing Arie while dumping him, no? Bekah M. I thought was so fake. I thought the entire thing was such a performance. I couldn't bear it. She is just such an actress, through and through. Lauren is such a boring weirdo but to be honest she reminds me of women I know who always seem to get a lot of guys. Doesn't say much or do much, just looks like that, and apparently that's enough. I couldn't believe all of Arie's declarations of love for her, jeez. Kendall is so gorgeous, but I find Arie and Kendall's personalities so completely mismatched. I think he's just confused because she's really really gorgeous (my opinion.)
  9. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    The worst is SJP fans who are commenting on Kim's post and attacking her. She just lost a brother. Kim is angry and hurt and lashing out - at least that I get.
  10. Sex and The City General Discussion...

    Oh wow. Am I really the first to post this? On Kim Cattrall's Instagram. Let's just say she agrees with @Quof .... Link: Screenshot:
  11. Alyssa is quite attractive and sexy --- did anyone else watch that season of Mistresses she was on? Because WOW. But yeah, it's a shame how she's styled here.
  12. Oh, wonderful, my words being picked apart still. Neither you nor I nor anyone knows who creates the challenges. It's a faceless person who makes them. You can assume the word 'judges' there means whoever creates them. Thanks.
  13. My exact sentence was "and the people in charge of making these challenges". You quoted it. Never! I still love the show, always and forever. I understand people's desire not to watch something, I don't understand their desire to cancel it for others. There was just a brilliant episode recently...... actually I think the past 2 before this one were pretty damn good. This one was just a bust.
  14. It's been more than one season now actually that TH has been explicitly used on All-Stars. I hate these judges and the people in charge of making these fucked up challenges. Betty Boop is completely irrelevant. If you want the designers to dress Taylor Swift - even though I despise her - then MAKE THAT THE CHALLENGE. Product placement or whatever the fuck cynical shit that Betty Boop stuff was is not a design challenge. Convoluted and ridiculous. The judges make a BETTY BOOP challenge and then yell at the designers for not being YOUTHFUL enough. Guess what assholes? These designers are too young to even know who Betty Boop is! They are confused by your old people nonsense! Fuck you Isaac. If you want the challenge MAKE YOUTHFUL CLOTHES then make that the challenge! The stupid Betty Boop of it all confused them! Because it was moronic! Next week: Dress Kermit the Frog, but make it SEXY and chic and updated for today. No don't use green, that's too literal! No don't use felt, that's too literal! Yes, dress him in pants... but make it SEXY! Show some skin! But not too much ! That's vulgar! No don't use a suit... THAT'S TOO OLD! Not menswear inspired..... make it youthful! Kimberly was robbed. Do you guys notice that she never gets a critique? I really thought her outfit was bangin'. It was the jumpsuit that had print, and I think she made a short jacket with mesh to wear over it.
  15. S22.E03: Week 3

    Sorry to Kardashian fans but I really feel like KK's impact has changed a lot of women (not all, I hate generalizations about generations, so I'm glad your son spoke up for them) but this includes - way of talking (vocal fry, uptalk, "Like", "I can't", "LITERALLY" when it makes no sense, etc.) - plastic surgery - huge concentration on makeup/false lashes/contouring I'm not saying KK invented these things, but I think she and her show went a long way in making these things popular amongst a particular group of women. Was it beautiful classical sounding music? I noticed that too. Maybe I'll tweet at CH and ask him.