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  1. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    LOL!!! (New thought, not replying to the above) I think Mike made himself look VERY badly with the "And it's not like CARL AND DAVIE are going to mount an insurrection" comment. He's not "dead to me" but it was 100% satisfying watching his expression at Tribal Council. He didn't hide at all how blindsided he was. He stereotyped Christian as being "as smart as (he) is" and he stereotyped Carl and Davie as being stupid.
  2. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    I'm laughing from start to finish at your essay @Special K, LOL! The women were shown to be extremely strong in that challenge. It was almost comical how at some points it appeared that Kara and Alison were holding 3 bags each while Mike appeared to be struggling with one.
  3. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Chrissy is from a recent past season. A female contestant that rubbed some viewers the wrong way. I think she only worked with men.
  4. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Good observation! Though how the Davids would know that Dan could possibly have two idols, I have no idea. Yes, that's exactly what I said. "Some people think JOHN was their number 1 target, or rather DAN". I'm not disagreeing with any of this, I'm just stating that that's how people feel.
  5. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Davie could have played things "safe" and went along with the Christian vote and kept his idol for himself. Instead, he uses his idol to protect his alliance, then gets his closest allies to split the vote in case their number 1 target Angelina doesn't go home (some people think JOHN was actually their number 1 target, or rather DAN). It's a great plan and I think they deserve credit. This is why I was so disappointed with Carl making sure Elizabeth went home last week. I didn't really get much from her as a television character/contestant but I just couldn't believe they threw their own alliance under the bus like that. Mike is leading all the Goliaths around by the nose and got too arrogant and full of himself, thinking they were all too stupid to have idols or make a plan like the above, I think. You tell the Davids to vote for Angelina and because they're just not as smart as he is, they'll simply do it. I mean, of course Davie had to tell Carl and Nick about the idol right.... or else why would they write John's name down. I don't know exactly HOW much he told them, because if Nick was acting at Tribal, it was some amazing acting. Davie just meant that he couldn't tell the entire Davids set about his Idol explicitly... and I guess that means Christian and Gabby. I'm still thinking about Angelina telling Dan to use his idol on her, him hesitating, and then finally doing it. Whoever said Angelina acts "entitled" I mean I'm sorry, I have to agree. She had no choice, she's a hard player, and she has to want to stay in the game, but man, I would have loved to have known exactly what Dan's thinking process was. I know he has a second idol and imagine if he finds the next one too! Angelina's tribal dynamics are fascinating because I think "in real life" she seems to be used to everyone doing what she says but she happens to end up in a tribe with the likes of Alec and Dan who do NOT just do whatever she says and it's hard for her. Yet she's managed to come this far anyway. @ProfCrash I see what you mean, he was pretty much always standing there smiling. LOL. Like in contrast to Carl. The environment didn't really affect either of them at all, they just acted how they always act. Carl looking "100% done" and John looking 100% comfortable and content, like he's not on a show about survival at all.
  6. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Everyone is talking about how they loved John so much as a contestant but honestly I don't remember any of his confessionals. I guess he always said the straightforward, expected, gregarious thing because nothing sticks out to me. It would have been GREAT to hear more from him so I can get an idea of what kind of person he is and why everyone wants him to come back, but as of now...... I haven't got anything.
  7. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    LOOOL. Thanks for reminding me
  8. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Damn, I'm a fan of his, but that was such a jerk moment. And it turned out to be so stupid. He thinks he's so smart. That Christian is "AS" smart as he is. LOL. Oh please. Why do I have this (probably based in stereotypes) feeling that Christian is much smarter.
  9. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    And that moment when those lunkheads wanted Tai to play an idol for them, but he wouldn't? (My memory is terrible. I only remember Tai, Aubrey, and Cydney - if that is even their names.)
  10. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Didn't really need the Davids to celebrate THAT hard, LOL. Aren't they still down in numbers? But, they have 2 advantages, and Dan is an idiot, so......... excited for next week. So far this isn't a Pagong season! Yeeeee hawww!!!!!!!!!
  11. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    This is the best fucking show on television. Davie gave me a heart attack. I <3 this man.
  12. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Weird coincidence!! The thing about Rebecca though, is that she's played by Mandy Moore, who is otherwordly beautiful. She's too perfect to be exactly my taste, but come on. She's perfect looking (IMO). That's why she "made it" as a popstar. I feel like her looks are kind of being ignored here. Are they pretending that Rebecca isn't that good-looking, or that Mandy isn't that good of a singer? Is Mandy downplaying her singing abilities? LOL. So many questions.
  13. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Interesting! My parents are Boomers, and when they took me to one of their home countries they were careful to avoid anything "too touristy" and wanted to give me the real experience. Who knew they were just snobby Millennials in disguise? LOL. Besides, we don't even know how old Zoe is. Kevin himself is barely Gen X, so she could be too. Although you would think Beth would be Randall's age and yet she strikes me as way older than Zoe. Not because of her (extremely heavenly) looks, but because of her maturity and attitude and lifestyle. It's like how a bunch of us were the smartest kid at our elementary school, but when we made it to the best high schools or universities, we simply become average! (That's my experience anyway, and it was shown I think really well in "The Royal Tenenbaums".)
  14. S03.E07: Sometimes

    LOL, what?! That stereotype is a new one I've never even heard before!
  15. S03.E07: Sometimes

    And there are 3 Zima sisters and they are all actors! And they all look alike. I get it. Milo was beautiful this episode. Just beautiful all around. I finally now know why Mandy Moore's acting bugs me. She still speaks like a little kid, so unsure of herself with so much upspeak. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. She says about half of her sentences like they're a question. She has this overly cutesy voice and it's hard for me to see past. Couple that with her beautifully perfect dollface and she seems kind of un-"real".