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  1. I have a 4 year Criminology degree and some of the occupations that men hold that lead to the most domestic assault I believe is police, soldiers, and professional sports. Point being that occupations where men are required to be violent against other men/ amp up their so-called masculinity/act like alphas etc. often lead to domestic violence in the home. I feel like I'm forgetting one occupation - I took the degree a while ago, so I Googled it: https://mic.com/articles/106886/one-group-has-a-higher-domestic-violence-rate-than-everyone-else-and-it-s-not-the-nfl#.Bro0zF9J1 So I don't agree that men who hit their wives are afraid of hitting other men. The Aaliyah marriage happened in 1995 and WE ALL KNEW ABOUT IT so that's why Gaga's sudden apology makes my eyes roll the fuck out of my head. She's fucking 32 years old. She knew about it. AND SHE'S IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS. SHE. KNEW.
  2. Ocean's Eight (2017)

    I was disappointed when I first saw this in theatres, because I had been anticipating it for 2 years after its announcement, and I was really expecting it to be like The Greatest Movie Ever Made. Unfortunately, it's not, but I rewatched it again recently, and it's very simple: I really do enjoy this movie!
  3. Sex And The City

    I love Robert, but the breakup with Miranda gave us THAT scene on the stairs which I still think is one of the best/funniest things I've ever seen on TV. It was hilarious. Come on!!!! And what's wrong with him being hurt by someone who he WAS IN LOVE WITH dumping him for somebody else? I only hated Miranda relaying the exact words to Steve after; that was so classless. Blair Underwood is just so awesome. He was also a love interest on another favourite TV show of mine, "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Just love him. I loved him on "In Treatment" as well. He's multifaceted.
  4. Temptation Island (2019)

    Seriously. I could not believe that reveal. It was so nonchalant in comparison to the material. Holllyyyyyyyyyy Fuck Although if you listen closely he says "My father was murdered by the woman he was cheating on's husband." Something like that. God, we are the same person. I was disappointed in the quality of guys! I don't think I have niche tastes either; I like all sorts of men! But the men looked not so great so far. That horrible woman who keeps arguing - I now think of her as very ugly because of her personality. I was SO upset when the episode was over. I can't believe how into this I am and I can't believe I haven't changed since 2001. LOL
  5. Sex And The City

    I love Charlotte in the later seasons. I thought Kristin Davis grew so much as an actor. This especially culminates with the incredibly powerful episode "One" in Season 6, when Charlotte experiences a miscarriage. I think all in all, that's the best episode the show has produced. (Other things happen as well. I think it's Miranda rescuing Mrs. Brady, Carrie meeting Aleks, etc.)
  6. Sex And The City

    Completely disagree. The analogy doesn't fit. If you don't offer to pick up the dinner check, you're someone who ate part of the dinner. It's 100% different than Charlotte who is just an innocent bystander to Carrie's fucked up life. Charlotte didn't spend any part of Carrie's money. She is absolutely under ZERO obligation to help Carrie out of her own self-created mess and no, I do not think she looked like an "ass". Point blank. I can't agree because she didn't want "Just the Offer" of Charlotte helping. She actually wanted the money. As proven by her taking it. AND refusing Sam, Miranda, and Big's offers for bullshit reasons. She specifically wanted and TOOK Charlotte's money. She had her own reasons in her head stipulating 1) that Charlotte SHOULD give her the money and that 2) Carrie SHOULD take it. As proven by her having no qualms with going through with this. AND - doesn't Carrie actually list the reasons in the episode? I looked up the script: "So, yes, I have made some mistakes, and, Charlotte you have made some mistakes. When you were making those mistakes I was sitting across from you at the coffee shop nodding and listening and supporting you. And what kills me is, you don't even have to work. You're volunteering. What is that on your finger? I just wear it when I'm alone in my house. And you're telling me to be more independent?" Oh my god, she is just so awful. Carrie actually lays it out that she deserves Charlotte giving her the money because: 1. Charlotte's made mistakes in her life leading to the divorce. 2. Carrie's nodded along when Charlotte's made questionable life choices, therefore Charlotte should support her right back by giving her thousands of dollars. (HA! I don't recall Charlotte not listening! OH, she listened! She just didn't offer up the money!) 3. CHARLOTTE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO WORK, ACCORDING TO CARRIE. (What does that have to do with Carrie's life?!?!?) 4. Charlotte has no basis to tell Carrie to be independent because she wears a beautiful ring in the privacy of her own home. If Charlotte was "apologizing" she was bullied into it, and I don't agree with her apology. Nothing to apologize for. Simply trying to appease a bully.
  7. S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    By the way, that was REALLY mean to the designers. hahahahahahhahahahahhahahaa. Hey I agree! I thought the fashion was AMAZING. Thank god they had 2 days to work it. My ONLY complaint (The judging goes without saying, and I think Isaac is a useless moron) is that the runway was actually way too fast! The outfits were so complicated I really wanted more slow motion walking and major closeups of details. I think that would have really improved this episode. What a waste!
  8. Movie Tropes You Hate

    I love "Bridesmaids" EXCEPT for the horrible diarrhea scene. I thought "A Simple Favor" was pretty good, EXCEPT for the incest scene which made me come very very very close to throwing up myself. I wish I could edit Blu Rays.
  9. Movie Tropes You Hate

    I have a top 3-4 that I mention are always in TV shows, ESPECIALLY TV show pilots created in the 2010s: 1. Vomit 2. Masturbation scene 3. Car Crash scene 4. Toilet like you said Big Little Lies had maybe all four, but definitely 1 and 3. I watched Maniac and they did the vomit episode, the car crash episode, and then I think I said third episode would be masturbation and I was right. I might be mixing up the order, but all 3 happened. I like the show Being Mary Jane, but the pilot had 1, 2, and 4. Also the show Friends from College which I ADMITTEDLY hate watch - I just watched Season 2 and I counted 4 VOMIT SCENES. IN 8 EPISODES. That's 1 vomit scene every other episode! THAT'S INSANE! But car crashes are huge in movies too - Adaptation, Office Space my favourite movie, Focus, and on and on and on. I rant and rant and rant about especially vomit scenes - it's my personal vendetta. All of these are just ways writers/directors try to show they're "edgy" - but it's lazy, it's shorthand, it's cliche, it's disgusting, it punishes the viewer, it's gratuitous.
  10. S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    That, and the person who used the airsick bags to do the beautiful coat thing -- Those were the looks that really stood out to me - but the fucking jacket with the hood! Holy mother of god! It looked like she purchased it. Are the judges so dumb that they don't realize she actually made that? Whatever, these contests are soooooooo rigged anyways. The best design never wins, and the worst design never goes home.
  11. Movie Tropes You Hate

    Vomit! Almost every movie has a vomit scene. So far, I've gathered a list of more than 100 movies that feature one. The movie "The Favourite" that came out this year had 5-6 vomit scenes alone. The movie "Blockers" had a 7 person vomit scene. I've seen 11 movies released this year ALONE that feature a vomit scene.
  12. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I'm a little confused. I don't think parents love "Frozen" show their kids the movie because they love "Frozen". It's simply a movie advertised for kids so they show their kids it. Simple as that. Kids are smart enough to watch movies on their own as well. Sorry, but I don't find it at all unbelievable that a kid in the early 80s would be obsessed with Star Wars. In the 2000s I worked with a 16 year old kid who was obsessed with Neil Diamond. It blew my mind, but technology allows for it.
  13. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    You're right. I'm of similar age to her, I have a father, two brothers, and she WORKED in the movie business. What you guys are saying is just too logical to ignore. It simply doesn't track. When you show a child a movie, they don't know, nor care what the release date was. They just care if they love it or not. My nephew born in 2010 used to be obsessed with Dumbo. The movie that was released in 1941. The first movie I ever saw in theatres was Snow White. That was released in 1937. My father took me to see it in the late 80s. I didn't have to wait until a late 80s release to become obsessed with something. My mother used to have us watch Grease over and over again. I wouldn't scan the VHS box and reject it because it was made before I was born. We just enjoyed it. It wasn't until we were much older that we realized that we 80s kids loved this movie made in the 70s, about the 50s.
  14. S23.E02: Week 2

    Maybe Tracy also looks like Whitney Cummings? But I think Whitney is pretty.
  15. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    LOL! Agree!