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  1. @Rt66vintage I totally agree! When I first started watching the show and especially her segments, I couldn’t believe anyone could be as clueless as she was. I couldn’t believe how she could ever think Mo actually loved her and wasn’t just using her for a green card. A real train wreck. And one I couldn’t stop watching! Ditto for Nicole/Azan. That train is still wrecking.
  2. Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Their flirtation dance can go on for a long, long time. For as long as Azan continues to flatter her fat ass while throwing in earnest pleas for cash and Nicole continues to send money and believes all the sweet nothings he's spewing. This will only end when Nicole will finally wise up. But since she's all manner of stupid (she has a PhD in Idiocy and wrote the textbook on How to be a Pig-headed Imbecile) it could be eons. Not even sage advice from her parents, stepparents, pastor and sister could penetrate her thick skull.
  3. OMG, too funny! Blanche doesn’t look like Blanche though.
  4. Mama's Family

    This week MeTV is showing episodes featuring Ken Berry in honor of his passing. Yesterday he was in the gold jumpsuit at the Bigger Jigger, tonight he thought he was adopted. Aww, RIP Ken.
  5. She’s a perennial loser. She’s always going to be behind on the rent, the electric bill and the cable bill. If she’s responsible for those three girls, why doesn’t she ask their father to kick in before she goes crying the blues on social media and begs for handouts from strangers? Her whole life is fodder for a country western song. “There’s a tear in my beer and a film on my lopsided glasses.” Wonder how much money, time and energy she’s spent keeping tabs on Mahammit?
  6. Olga wishes Steven goes out for a walk and never comes back.
  7. Gosh, Leida is thick as a plank. One cheesesteak for 4 people, sharing an apt. with your kid, a bland Holiday Inn meeting room, a cash bar and a $400 flower budget and now Leida decides Eric is a cheapskate? Asuelo is Einstein compared to this idiot! Go back to Indonesia already.
  8. But she looks like a princess in it! But that’s what they all say.
  9. It did look like a chandelier, but I think it was an engagement ring balloon.
  10. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    So that’s how SwampLurch came to be partially black. Remember he posted he was a few weeks back.
  11. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

    Every dress Sondra makes she says “Oh, that’s the best dress we’ve ever made.” As long as TLC keeps paying her, she’s going to say it.
  12. Floyd sure gets around! Yesterday he was a barber in Mayfield, hometown in Leave it To Beaver. But there his name was Andy. Guess he had to change it once he got to Mayberry, can’t have two Andys.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    Direct flights from Minneapolis to Miami take about 3 hours and 35 min, so Olga could’ve made it to their door by 10:30 or 11:00. Rose could’ve called her cousin at 5AM. Farmers get up early in the morning. Crazy but not outside the realm of possibility.
  14. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

    Thanks, that explains a lot. Interestingly enough, I found out Bubba, Jett’s husband has two brothers. One brother, Lushy, was engaged to Annie and another brother Doug was engaged to Kayla, another one of the Gypsy Sisters. Not sure if any of the brothers got married or are still engaged. What a small world!
  15. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

    Angie certainly has anger management issues. Last week she went ballistic over the color of her little granddaughter’s party dress and this week she’s wigging out over her 26 year old daughter’s choice of husband. It’s one thing to not like the guy but to barge in like an evil avenger and cause a full-fledged brawl during the nuptials is ridiculous. Hate to break it to ya Angie, Jett is going to marry who she wants and all you should do is smile, hope it works out and be there for her to pick up the pieces if it doesn’t. Jett should have had Gypsy Security stationed at the door to prevent Angie from causing a disturbance in the first place. But then it wouldn’t have made for all the drama this show seems to require. I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between Angie and Annie, one of the Stanley cousins. I wonder if she’s her mother. I know a lot of them are related. Did anyone else notice that, or have I been watching too many of these episodes? Mona Lisa, Jr. still needs to work on herself. Don’t fire Kara yet!