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  1. Thanks @Kareem for posting those links. There could have been other reasons, ones we don't know about. Again, I'm speculating here. Nicole got tired of waiting for Azan to recover from his injuries sustained from when his back went out from picking his relatives up off the floor after they got an eyeful of Baby Beluga's monster cleavages (both front & back) in the dress she modeled for them. Of course it took at least 4 aunts, 3 cousins and 2 grandmothers to lace her into that thing in the first place. They finally removed the yellow crime scene tape May 22, the day after she left. And living with his relatives proved to quite the experience. Experiences she couldn't quite stomach (no pun intended). They started looking at her as an actual fiancée and not just a girlfriend, so they really hit home with some truths she didn't like. For example, there's a high probability any future children would be raised as Muslim, she was expected to actually stay awake during the day and learn how to cook and clean. They may have had vegetable identification drills (she flunked them all) since Azan eats healthy and she would be expected to familiarize herself with the vegetable food group. Plus she had to sharpen up her application form filling skills in preparation for the reams of paperwork she'd be expected to complete and rehearse all the right things to say (too much for her little mind to contemplate). It's very possible she couldn't hack living in Morocco for the length of time it would take to obtain a spousal visa. The entire Moroccan experience made her too nostalgic for Florida sunshine, tube tops, a "yes" mom and Starbucks coffee. Not to mention her system was in withdrawal from not having vast quantities of French fries from an actual American McDonald's. That alone could have made her decide to hop on a flight back to Tampa.
  2. Apparently Nicole's stepfather is speaking out to RadarOnline and InTouch. Sorry I'm not tech savvy enough to link the articles. But according to him, the wedding didn't happen because the timing wasn't right. Nicole supposedly called it off. She came back last month because her visa was expiring so is back living with May and her sister in a mobile home. Which can mean several things: The "timing wasn't right" is just codespeak for Azan dumped her because he just couldn't go through with it and finally got the balls to tell her so, even though it meant this particular money train reached its final destination. Or her visa really did expire and this is a perfect way for him to keep getting money from her while supporting her fantasy of a future wedding. So basically it's just more of the same that we've been seeing. Or somehow, some way, Nicole finally came to her senses and realized nah, it's never gonna happen and took herself back home. And tried to retain some small shred of dignity. NOT! Yeah, like that really happened. Never in a million years would she have that much insight. And she left that ill-fitting dress in Morocco. Probably got BBQ sauce and French fry grease all over it from trying it on too many times. So, NO WEDDING!
  3. Daphne, one of the Fun Girls was played by Jean Carson, who was also one of the female convicts in the Convicts At Large episode.
  4. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Good night! It’s been fun! I’ll be looking for James’ obit!
  5. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Floods, fires, he’s a natural disaster.
  6. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Lisa is evil, pure evil.
  7. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Lisa doesn’t want the gravy train to end! (No pun intended)
  8. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Wow, Dr. Now is calling Lisa out on her enabling!
  9. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    He’s eating Jello, y’all!
  10. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    A comatose sloth is doing better than James.
  11. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Cynthia thinks skin removal is a magic pill. She’ll be instantly thin with no more effort on her part.
  12. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Go, Dr. Now!
  13. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Lisa is a big part of the problem. He can only eat what she brings him. In the hospital he ate only what others brought him and he lost weight. Lisa has to go in order for James K. to have any chance of success. Dr. Now should oust her. Then James can actually focus on losing weight.
  14. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    His leg is slowing him down? He’s lying prone 24 hrs a day! He’s not even vertical! What’s to slow down? It’s not like he’s going anywhere!
  15. James (K) & Cynthia LIVE CHAT 2018.06.20

    Cynthia, you’re a looong way from skin removal.