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  1. Thumb was a TS! Can't believe three smart people didn't know that one. I also got East of Eden and Florence. FJ was an instaget for me - I saw wingfoot in the clue and immediately thought of the Goodyear Blimp. The new champ really came on strong so congrats to him. Sorry to see Bryce go, though.
  2. Either that or Azan and his family did some heavy duty palm greasing to make sure that visa was denied. However it came about, I'm sure Azan is turning cartwheels. And Little Lotta is pounding her doorframe screaming, "No! No!" before heading out to McDonald's to drown her sorrows in a big helping of French fries. No cartwheels for her.
  3. This whole marital spat may be just a temporary kerfuffle. UBT will make sure he kisses and makes up. No way is he going to jump that MTV gravy train while it's still running.
  4. She's giving Freddy Kruger a run for his money. Girl is stuff nightmares are made of.
  5. OK, there went my appetite for lunch. But sad to say, you may be on to something here. Sad what constitutes entertainment these days.
  6. She was channeling Blanche Devereaux wearing her red wedding dress each year on her anniversary. (For any GG fans out there, you know what I'm talking about lol).
  7. After watching tonight, I've come to the following conclusions: Luis & Molly shouldn't get married. Ditto for Josh & Aika. And definitely ditto for Azan & Little Lotta. Annie should resign herself to tiptoeing around David Poor's hangovers. Libby should resign herself to being controlled for the rest of her married life. And carrying her cell phone 24/7. David Spain should resign himself to saying "yes dear". And last but not least, the burning question - Does Josh actually have upper teeth? We've never seen them.
  8. It definitely is a monstrosity. Why didn't they modernize it? They could fix the neckline and chop off the sleeves or something. Anything would be an improvement.
  9. David doesn't really care how his kids feel. He's eased his conscience by telling them "in person" of his engagement and in his mind, he's done his duty. Now he can go and disappear for another couple of years.
  10. Andrrrrei is the product of a marriage between Lurch (Addams family) and Richard Kiel (Jaws in James Bond).
  11. Saw Evilyn modeling her wedding dress in the preview for next week. Reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.
  12. Azan is right, Nicole is lazy. Too lazy to take charge of her health and lazy parenting. She's perfectly fine with leaving her child with others to take care of, so she doesn't have to. Too lazy to deal with the overdue fallout that is sure to ensue when she yanks that pacifier out of May's mouth. And too lazy to actually interact with her child. It's so much easier to keep her plugged in and plugged up.
  13. I wondered about that myself. It seemed to hit too close to home for Annie, she actually seemed to flinch when she heard that come out of Ashley's mouth.
  14. David Poor's daughter is a sanctimonious lil witch. Her smirk when she walked away from Annie was awful.
  15. And he'll need 4 nickels for IVF treatments. Those don't come cheap.