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  1. Goodnight, y’all! Until the next batch of losers grace our TV screens.
  2. They’re probably having makeup sex #2,457 right now.
  3. Yay! Rachel finally has a Kleenex!
  4. Because she’ll have sex with him.
  5. Of course she is! Because her sister is too. And whatever her twin is doing, Darcy has to one-up her.
  6. Inconsistencies and Continuity Goofs

    Either that or Gomer picked up some mechanic skills from Wally or Goober along the way so that in later episodes he could do car repairs.
  7. What a pathetic little wedding.
  8. Icky Ricky: It’s so hard for me to leave her. Ya sure didn’t have any problems leaving your wife, you rotten two-timer.
  9. Way prettier than Eyeore. Now she’ll have something else to cry about. Inferiority Complex.
  10. Run back to NM. All this ain’t worth it.
  11. Another reason for Rach to cry...it never ends with these two.
  12. Here it comes...Hazel’s gonna hit him up for $ for living expenses.
  13. Is there ever a scene when Rachel isn’t crying? Even at the jeweler’s she’s ready to burst into tears because Jon’s balking at wearing a wedding ring. They didn’t discuss this beforehand?
  14. Paul: I spent all my money on your stuffed unicorns! Boo hoo!