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  1. Yvette really is a good player. Kathy's usually pretty good too but there was more stumbling in this episode. I'm happy the Giada lookalike won 150K but she had no business winning that with Gary Cole. I love him but he swung wildly between horrific and on-the-ball. I do think there was a difference in the pyramid he was given and one of the pyramids Yvette had to handle. There were more straight forward categories for Gary Cold whereas cuddle seemed kind of vague. That contestant screwed up though in that she could only think of one or two examples for some of the categories. Hancock and Adams?
  2. S03.E05: Pies

    I find it too--although, fruit and chocolate isn't usually to my taste, although I do make some exceptions. (Cherries and chocolate cake, raspberries and chocolate.) Although I shouldn't have said unusual since citrus and chocolate can go together--although I don't see lime paired with chocolate as often.
  3. S03.E05: Pies

    This recipe for it was posted upthread and mentions it as part of the decoration. So easy to take off but still kind of unusual.
  4. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    I thought something like culo, hola or chica for the question. Wasn't Despacito part of the question? That's why I would have avoided it as an answer even though it makes sense.
  5. They might if the decoys are actually available. But many of them aren't for whatever reason.
  6. S03.E05: Pies

    Sure. And I hate pumpkin. And I don't particularly care for pecan pie unless it's in a really small cookie form with a crust that kind of cuts the sweetness (but then that's considered a cookie.) So I'm actually fine with Paul hating an ingredient, like peanut butter. Or preferring not having too much alcohol in his dessert while Mary likes a kick. Or even preferring things that aren't too sweet. That's a taste preference. What irritated me about this episode, that I had heard about when it originally aired but seeing some of the details actually made it worse, was that it was this grand sweeping idea of hating "American Pies" when there is so much variety in what an American pie can be. And then they went ahead and put really restrictive rules on it-limiting the kind of American pie that could be made-as if they were universal rules to American pie. Here it was no top crust. Must be served outside of a tin, I guess. So no fruit. And a sweeter, harder crust. That's another thing I'm wondering. Were they told to focus on ingredients that you might normally find are only used in American desserts which is why there was so much pumpkin and peanut butter or the banana cream/key lime type concoctions? (I'm surprised no one decorated theirs with a nice meringue on top.) And since things like apples, strawberries and raspberries are used elsewhere--- That's one of the things I don't mind about the show. They will get comments if the name of the dessert doesn't match what is exactly presented but, as long as it follows the rules in general, if it tastes amazing--it tastes amazing. Although I'm not sure how much I'd like the chocolate Ryan added to that. I know people do like chocolate and citrus mixed but I'm not usually one of them. Before. Their affair was in spring of 2013 with the show they filmed airing a few months later. This was filmed and aired in 2012. I think it's jarring because they don't tend to make negative sweeping generalizations about--French patisserie for example. So to see them ragging on a country's type of pie was odd. And then they restricted the kind of pie that could be made by saying it couldn't have a top crust. So no fruit pies or applies pies--all of whose sweetness can be adjusted. Yes. Of our "legit" pies. I love rhubarb pies because I like a tart pie as well--and I have had them be too sweet because of how much sugar got added to temper the tartness. But rhubarb and blackberry are great examples of pies that only end up being too sweet if that's how the baker chooses to make them. I think another thing about American pies is that so many of them, fruit pies especially, are created with the idea that some sort of fat could (IMO--should) be added to the plate in terms of ice cream or whipped cream.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Baking with Gesine

    I liked your post but I think I liked it too soon. What is this "too big for one person" nonsense? I'd polish it off in two days, I suspect. Yes you can--by putting frosting on it. I'd kind of love to try to do a campfire brownie, though. The mac and cheese is a little too thick for me. I like it a bit runnier.
  8. And it probably was a vacation rental that likely goes for 4500 a week instead of a month. I guess I can't imagine passing up living in a place so unique and beautiful. Yes, it seems like a long commute but I've been in a train in that area and it's a gorgeous trip. Yes, I especially got a kick out of when he was conflating the age of the house with the age of the appliances. I don't know how old the oven was (although it presented well on TV) but it's not the age of the house, that's for sure.
  9. Yes we did. But I think they made a mistake. The Chinese couple that got married on a Monday said they chose the date because it's 1/8/18 and it'd be easy to remember. But then the wedding footage said "eight months later" I believe. 8 months? 8 months would be September.
  10. Age in Movies

    True. Although, I forgive a lot if I like the chemistry and I liked he and Mae in The Duff.
  11. Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    Right. That's why I'm rooting for Cho.
  12. Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    And they'll probably try to focus on one of the white cave divers, whichever one identifies as Christian. That's why, even though it feels like it just happened, I fully support John Cho trying to get to it first. He wants it explicitly so it won't be whitewashed. I actually don't have a problem with them trying to make a movie based on the event so soon. If it weren't for the one Thai diver who died, I don't even know if this would be considered a tragedy since everyone else got out.
  13. That's... too many, I think. It worked in season 1 but S3 seemed to struggle to fill 13.
  14. Both Keeping Faith and Hidden are are/will be available in the US via Acorn. I had a really hard time getting into Keeping Faith and haven't seen past the 5th ep but I look forward to Hidden.
  15. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    I hate answers like that. He knows he's not going to match and doesn't care. I mean an answer like Amy's "screwed" was terrible but at least I got the sense it was a legitimate attempt at an answer.