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  1. 03.01 In the Same Boat

    I read a review where them skipping six months was weird. But I actually felt like all of the stuff surrounding Riggs felt weird and awkward. I get why they did it because the audience who isn't aware of it would want Riggs dealt with. But I think this show will flow a bit better once they put him in the past. Otherwise, there was enough to keep me interested in seeing the partnership develop.
  2. Yeah, I tend to like Dylan's screenplays. And movies. The chemistry wasn't off the charts but both actors/characters were watchable. That last bit of angst was unnecessary but overall it was a pleasant movie.
  3. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    When she said she thought she was over Lawrence, she said it with a hint of a question like she almost couldn't believe it was true. It could be her infatuation for Nathan (there is some truth in that getting under someone new is a way to get over someone else). But I'm not sure I get the sense that she's thinking about Lawrence in that way. I still think she's obsessed with being ghosted. And I think they're just continuing their reconnection as friends. He sent her info about the workshop which looks to be taking place at his place of work. So she invited him for coffee.
  4. S04.E08: Coushatta

    Quite possibly if someone were motivated or willing to spend the time investigating. But when it comes down to it, I think the ADA would only want to satisfy her curiosity. Exposure could lead to consequences for Kim and Huell. But it'd also publicly reveal that they were easily conned. I don't think Huell or Kim would be worth the embarrassment to the DA's office.
  5. S02.E01 Under Pressure

    Of course ratings were down for the second episode. 911 had an NFL lead in on Sunday. That was a boost for the show. That article said ratings were down for almost all shows except the Resident. Many shows achieved new lows. 911 was on par with its previous season average. I think time will tell how successful the Sunday spot was when we look at the DVR retention. It doesn't really seem like JLH matters all that much one way or the other.
  6. S02.E02 7.1

    This season has 16 episodes last I checked. I thought she was pretty kind with him, especially at the end. If he had been able to "hero" his way out of his trouble, he could end up in more trouble down the line. I thought her final words to him were pretty great. I think the first three episodes are considered a three-parter so I don't expect it'll be a theme throughout the whole season. I didn't see the red heels. Bummer. Do we think her dog is with the daughter?
  7. S04.E08: Coushatta

    I think the scene is meant to show the contrast/duality of her life. With Huell's situation, she was methodical but she was basically freewheeling and reckless with the law. On the other hand, with Mesa Verde, she was conservative when Kevin wanted to be somewhat reckless. I guess it's about Kim's inner war. Whereas Jimmy always tended to be more inclined to break bad, Kim keeps going back and forth.
  8. I think Lifetime and, once upon a time, ABC Family (now Freeform), used to do about four-six movies a year. Then they really cut back and now seem to be back in the game with Hallmark's success. It's going to be tough to keep up but I'm happy Lifetime is in the game if only because they allow their characters to be a little sexier which is nice if they have chemistry. I'm loving some of the casting choices, though. I loved Megan Hilty in Smash so I'm happy to see her turn up.
  9. Yep. And million wasn't buzzed for billion even though they basically share everything but one letter but land was buzzed for island.
  10. S02.E01 Under Pressure

    I think this show took itself seriously in the first season, especially in the beginning. There were the full moon episodes in which everything was fun ridiculous. And then there were the episodes where we Abby's mother went MIA and we learned that Bobby killed 100s of people and we're supposed to feel sorry for him over it. Ridiculous, in a different way. The opening montage hinted at some fun and, in fact, there was a story that didn't get past the FOX censors that didn't make it. I just think this episode was suffering from premire-event-itis. Hopefully, we'll get back to some of the stupidity once we get past the premiere eps. I liked Buck last season, especially when he got together with Abby. But then his insecurity around Eddie started to irritate me. But then Eddie was written as Super Eddie who knew how to solve every damn thing and I felt more sympathy for Buck because Marty Stus are annoying. I'm glad that whole rivalry seemed to resolve itself by the end of the episode, though. I agree. And it felt like the 911 operator worked last season because Connie didn't want a big role in every episode so for some she'd just do the 911 voice over. The last thing I want is a ton of 9-1-1 drama where the operators work. The Bobby and Athena thing confused me. Last year, we ended with them going on a date so her need to always be inside seemed weird. I get the reluctance to be out to family and friends but dinner or a movie in a city the size of LA should be pretty safe.
  11. NFL Thread

    My favorite thing was how last week it was absolutely not about the new rule but about some scoop rule which they were going to put in an NFL training video---until they didn't. Tet this week, almost act same hit, new rule was cited. The NFL is just---they finally "fix" the catch rule only to focus on their roughing the passer rule which is confusing coaches, defense players and QBs.
  12. S02.E08 Part VIII

    I kind of liked it too except for the fact that they never explained the first murder. We never found out why he killed them--if it was just because he was afraid they were taking him away? Nothing. Otherwise, I enjoyed them wrapping up the stories. I don't know that I would have seen all of them if I hadn't read the speculation here.
  13. It was a Lifetime movie. I remember it specifically because I remember reading here (or the general Christmas movie thread) Andrew Walker talking about how it being on Lifetime allowed them to be a little bit sexier. Watching him hug Danica at the end of this past weekend's movie*, trying to make it a sexy hug, reminded me of that and made me laugh. *I guess they ended on a hug because they're only allotted one kiss per movie?
  14. I liked the Top 4. I guess Shin's magic kind of escaped me. I tended to get bored but I didn't hate his win, even though I probably would have been happier with anyone else of the top four---yes, even the comedian. I think being funny in a 2-4? minute set is incredibly difficult and I was impressed at how yesterday's was constructed. It even got me to chuckle a few times which, again, I think is tough to do like that.
  15. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    How do we know Mike found him? I thought Mike was only in charge of bringing them in and interviewing them. But we saw after Werner's interview that Gus was watching the whole time.