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  1. I clicked on that link, saw his picture and thought to myself that even though I don't like to judge a book by its cover, his face is exactly the kind of cover I would expect for a commentary like that.
  2. Unpopular Opinions

    It was Steve and Kayla but I remember it from clips/flashbacks so I don't know if it was honeymoon.
  3. A few more things--Kayla and Eve's conversation was decent until Eve said Kayla should be worried about Jack running around. I appreciate the show ending the era when the show wanted us all to forget about Jack's past but they don't have to shoehorn the rape into every conversation. And it definitely felt shoehorned in there. Eve knows darn well the days of Kayla living in fear of Jack or running into Jack are decades in the past at this point. And another--I thought Stefan essentially raped Abby so why was the talk today about "betrayal?"
  4. Unpopular Opinions

    Yep. The 80s especially had so many different types of supercouples from the sparring/stalking to love combo (Steve & Kayla), the professional combo (Roman & Marlena), the friends to lovers story (Kim & Shane) and the bad girl/good girl (Bo & Hope). Sometimes the vibes were more innocent and other times the vibes were steam up the windows/simulated hot tub blow jobs. And all the stories would overlap too so even if you weren't into a couple's pairing, there were friendships to lean back on. As for Jack and Jennifer--the show is giving us a brief history lesson of who they were but they're focusing mostly on the serious things when in reality, I'd describe Jack and Jennifer's love story as largely having a 1930s/1940s madcap romantic comedy vibe. One minute they'd be fighting over how to spell/pronounce a word or a stupid decision (usually Jack's because of his issues) would lead to hilarious physical comedy which quickly turned heartbreaking because of why Jack made the choices he did. So was that everyone's cup of tea or did they work for everyone? Nope and I get that because there are plenty of popular couples in this show's history that never worked for me* but I was 1000% down for that shit. *So I know Bo and Carly were very popular but they never worked for me. Even though I wasn't a huge Bo and Hope fan (before my time), I still preferred them to Bo and Carly. And I'll save the rest of my confession for a later post.
  5. I just have some random thoughts. Jack and Eve aren't sleeping together yet they're sharing a hotel room? I miss the writers who had Jack giving Jennifer grief over Dannifer. But in spite of that, I did like some of the dialogue. The Jack thinking Jennifer is crazy for wanting to be with them is vintage Jack. As was the Jack who pointed out that maybe he's not the family man Jennifer wants to be with as I've always felt like there was part of Jennifer who wanted to be with, or felt she should be with, someone a bit more traditional than Jack. I miss Steve.
  6. When I first heard about this project when RDJ was going to do the role, I was so against it. But when I started hearing the rumors of Matthew Rhys taking the role, suddenly I was on board. I'm on board even more now since it sounds very different from the legal years of the TV show.

    Witnesses, I think. It's why he killed her parents. Kidnapping her from her house cornered her. If he tried to do it outside, there would be light. She could scream and run. Plus, even though it's a rural area, I think the road she lived on was somewhat busy. He was taking it to get to work. I'm sure others would as well. And take it to leave work. Her bus times would likely align with those popular times.
  8. I agree with those who loved it and those who found it boring. I was finding it pleasant and loving the gang all together. But then I was kind of over it with about 30-40 minutes left. And the doctor worked there for like a weekend? LOL.

    Plus, there was so much more information released today in the criminal complaint so is 48 hours going to do another show? I won't give all the details but for those wondering how he targeted her, in his confession he said he saw her getting on (or off?) a school bus on his way to work one day and knew she was going to be the one he took. He went to her house twice before to take her but something made the circumstances not right. He didn't even know her name until he got her home.
  10. Friends From College

    I agree that Season 2 was better; although I do feel like the middle lagged a bit with the beginning or ending episodes better. Overall, the characters were better. The affair was my least favorite part of Season 1. Not only was it wrong but, in spite of me being fans of Keegan Michael-Key and Annie Parisse, I just don't think they have much chemistry. I get why they maybe needed to explore being together for real but I would have preferred for that relationship to end on their own terms, like them realizing sneaking around was a lot of the fun which doesn't exist when their spouses didn't seem to give a damn, instead of the soap opera angle. Me too. It was the reason I didn't skip the intros. I liked Nick too until the final episode when he yelled at Lisa for getting pregnant. They weren't together when she slept with Ethan. In fact, she was still technically married to Ethan. And then blaming her for breaking up with his girlfriend which was 100% on him and Lisa didn't even know she was pregnant at the time. Yeah. I don't know why they didn't just say that her boyfriend was out of town that week or reliably used protection since they weren't planning on having a child at that point. But they also managed to get divorced rather quickly. Given the fact that she was only about six weeks pregnant, this whole season took place over that short amount of time. Max and Felix were the best and the funniest part of the series. I don't think it's a coincidence that they're also the most stable.
  11. S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    No. I think Christy's descent started when she got rejected by every law school she applied to. At that time, she was in a relationship with Adam's brother who was stable and into her. A few weeks after her rejections, she started making decisions that were self-sabotaging. Patrick came to see her for his 54th birthday and she twice chose to hold Jill's hand over spending time with him even though there were other people who could help Jill. Those decisions led to a break up. Then, when Patrick moved on with someone else, she acted like the victim in that relationship. Eventually, she started gambling and gambled away Bonnie's bail money and her expensive graduation gift. She gets into law school and goes to Gambler's Anonymous but, at the beginning of this season, she decides she doesn't need to go to GA any longer and basically has to be strong armed into going back. She is affronted by what Jill does with the money Christy pays her over her debt. So the almost slip-up, the gambling and the selfishness all pre-date hearing Violet's podcast. BTW, listening to Violet's podcast (which she acknowledged were all true stories) and forcing Violet to talk to her were all decisions Christy made. They weren't forced on her. The only terrible habit she picked up on after that incident was the smoking.
  12. They didn't find her. She escaped, ran to a woman walking a dog and then they ran to a neighbor who called the cops. The media did ask about whether or not they had a connection on social media. The sheriff said that they did not believe so. I think he would have said something like "I don't know" or "we're not revealing that information at this time" (both of which he said in response to other questions) if they had discovered something suspicious in her social media activity.
  13. The sheriff only said that he didn't have a record in the state of WI. He may have had a juvie record or an out-of-state record but it wasn't part of the information they were giving out. And I actually can believe he didn't have a previous record. So many of the people who murder on Dateline didn't have previous records until they killed. It's the hitmen who have the records. But wouldn't law enforcement have discovered that? They may not have known who the kidnapper and killer were but they likely would have dug deep into Jayme's social media history once they reached the conclusion that Jayme was the target. 48 Hours is having a special on it tonight and I've read rumors Dateline had people there as well. It'll be interesting to see what info was released on Monday when the criminal complaint is filed.
  14. S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    I get the hug thing. I've worked tangentially to manual therapists (like massage therapists) for much of my career and some of them can be really into "energy" and they also like to hug. I am not into energy or hugs but sometimes I will hug. One time there was a woman whose hugs were just beyond. It's hard to describe them. They weren't lingering or engulfing or tight or sexual, they were just weirdly relaxing and centering. It sounds woo woo because it is. But she could make money off of those hugs. I haven't had one like it before or since. I empathized with the group when Christie came back in from smoking and wanted a recap of what she missed. There is nothing worse than that. I had less sympathy when they gave the tickets to the one person who I'm sure took multiple smoke breaks while waiting.
  15. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    He had to step down because he sexually harassed his employees and colleagues. (Horndog implies consent which...no). So I was a little bummed at the Dewey costume since I think Amy would care. Otherwise, I loved the episode. I thought Amy's Bonnie Bedelia was perfection...as were Holt's shirts. I feel the pain over a John Kelly getting the job. I feel it. I wish they had kept Alison Tolman. I liked her rivalry with Holt.