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  1. S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    I kind of like that the missions have become a bit messy and cracks are starting to form. That was true of communism at that time so I guess it's symbolic. I also liked Paige As A Spy story in this episode. I even liked her pushing back at Elizabeth because I've been dying for someone to do that for a few episodes but the best scene was Phillip showing her how easy it was for him to flip the script on her when fighting without even breaking a sweat. No, Paige doesn't fully get it but that's on both Elizabeth and even Phillip. When Paige said she likes what she does, like Elizabeth, it would have been a good time to point out that the suicide she thought was a suicide was not a suicide. They're protecting her from the full truth and hoping she'll just follow demands. But Paige isn't Elizabeth. Unlike her mother, she wasn't raised to be a soldier and to follow orders. She's not acting out of patriotism. I think she's acting out of a sense of empowerment and connection to her mother. That makes her unpredictable. And I do think seeing how Paige is being brought into it is playing a part into Phillip going rogue. The kid whose parents were kid did a good horrified look. I wonder if Agent Hill seeing Elizabeth's face will come back to haunt her. He seemed to be a little wary of her. It's mentioned in history books and to what extent depends on the book used. But when Paige likely learned about it, she didn't know her parents were Russian. Annually, the US doesn't celebrate Russia's losses in the war. And while she is in college, I don't get the sense that studying is really why she's there. Isn't it just part of her cover?
  2. With three hours, when do you think they'll get around to finding out when, exactly, Teddi and Dorit were supposed to meet? 4 p.m. or 4:30?
  3. SNL in the Media

    I think it would depend on how far along they get with this show before next season. Since it's in development, Hulu could decide to run with it and put it into production right away. It could ask for a pilot first. But since Lorne is exec producing, my guess is she'll be with SNL until it goes into production. And I'm so there for an Aidy show except I don't have Hulu and I don't want to get Hulu. Wah.
  4. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I finished this one recently as well and I agree. I think the first half of the book, before the obvious twist is revealed, was so slow. It led me to do some skimming (especially since the book was due back at the library soon). The second half was faster but by then I was in the skimming mode and I think I missed something. And because my speculation about how they could pull off the movie is probably too much information if people would rather remain unspoiled... I also guessed the twist in The Woman In The Window. That could be done in a movie. I guessed most of the twists except the last one but I also wasn't totally shocked either.
  5. Some details in there, like why I feel this show has been darker this season, were answered when it mentioned there was significant writer turnover. Interesting that one of the stars is a bit of a divo and other volatile. What a mess.
  6. I've seen a lot of people praise other places for Clayne for speaking out--with his #truth/the#truth but nothing he says disputes anything about the report. It doesn't. It's his defense for his reprimands Itt attempts to put a more favorable spin on the situation but it more or less endorses the rumored facts of the case in that he was reprimanded. He probably has no insider knowledge whether or not his behavior would lead to his firing or cancellation of his series so he can't speak to that but oddly, if I read between the lines, the information he shares makes it even look worse. Notice, he said that he has been reprimanded twice this season. So we don't even know if these were his only two reprimands. An HR reprimand after the first incident? Giving the other person involved money at a studio's request? That's really vague. Who was the other person involved and why did they need money? It reads settlement to me. Made to go to therapy after the first incident? Then another incident happened which shows that the therapy didn't help. "I only lose my shit because I love the show" is abuser's logic. I'm sure it makes sense to him but knowing what we know about studios, if they're considering cancelling or replacing him, it must be huge. It's a solid performer for FOX.
  7. Unpopular Opinions

    Nope. In fact, homophobia played no small part in hampering Brokeback Mountain which many expected to win. And you also have to be the right genre. Comedies, romcoms, superhero/comic book movies--all of them also face an uphill battle getting recognized for awards. I think the only reason cartoons do so well is because there's a dedicated animated category.
  8. Beachfront/Lakeside Bargain Hunt

    I really liked the Beachfront Bargain Hunt Renovation edition this past Saturday. Adding a pool and those big windows did wonders for the feel of the house.
  9. S03.E20: Gender Reveal

    Yeah, I could see it going either way. A superstitious actress might not want to play out a miscarriage or abortion (even if they're pro-choice) while they're actually pregnant but wouldn't care at any other time. A not-so-superstitious actress might not care at all. I think most of the issues I've heard of is when a show decides to make a character pregnant because of a real life pregnancy, that real life pregnancy ends in tragedy and then it makes the subsequent issue of the fictional pregnancy painful/awkward.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Mom

    Casting spoiler:
  11. S01.E05: Chapter Five: Do Your Job

    I don't like Sally either ever since the hook up. And honestly, I'm tired of shows having basically one main female character (the Barry ratio is 5 men as regulars to 1 women regular) and the writers make that one female character a mess of a character. And not in a good mess kind of way but in a "I don't know what we're doing with her" way. She's the love interest. But then his story/POV needs her to reject him. And she's the bitch. Then they don't give her enough funny. The actress might be at fault but I largely blame the writing. I look at all of the main characters and I know who they are and what they want. I don't know why Sally does a lot of what she does. I don't need her to be likable as a lot of the other characters aren't "likable" sorts but dammit, why is it so hard for her to be understandable? Even some of the recurring characters have better character development. The only Sally scene I enjoyed over the past two episodes or so was when her classmates called her out "doing things for the group."
  12. I remember the Blind Item but I did not think it was LW. I almost wonder if I'd like the show without Riggs. They've gone so dark with him this season and it hasn't been as enjoyable as season 1.
  13. S03.E20: Gender Reveal

    Dina didn't really give her the perfect opening. Dina kind of sprung the possibility of having an abortion right now! on her. While supportive, it's just as possible that Amy wants to think about whether or not she wants to have an abortion or another child and hasn't fully decided yet. (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did something like this where a woman who got pregnant initially thought it was a given she was going to have it but after talking to her husband about it, realized that having an abortion was an equally valid option for her. It's what she chose.) I think both options are avenues are realistic.
  14. S04.E10: Book of the Unclaimed Dead

    I am pretty sure the 2 season renewal came for seasons 3 and 4. The fifth season was announced in Feb, around the same time the April debut date was announced. One thing I noticed about this season that previous seasons lacked was a sense of things wrapping up. It could have ended here and there weren't any ongoing stories. Last season the threads about Bosch's mother's killer and the Koreatown killer were left open. I don't feel like it did. Since we already knew what the killer looked like and the murders seemed random, without specific motivation (towards the specific victims), I wasn't looking forward to spending a lot of time with that lack of mystery. It was the reason I wasn't a huge fan of S1's serial killer story. But to have that story also end randomly made it work for me. The fact that it was likely a combination of the killer's recklessness on the bike meeting a potentially distracted driver and Crate & Barrel's dumb luck felt comedically satisfying to me. That's the way this works sometimes. As for Maddie, I think she has a place but I hope next season gives her a little bit less of a place. There was just a tad too much of her this season--likely related to her mother's murder. Hopefully, that's the only reason.
  15. S03.E20: Gender Reveal

    I think they're still dating. In addition to Jonah saying he needed to find Kelly, Mateo, in his play acting 'defense' of Jeff, said he was going to go after Jonah's girlfriend. He then snarked on Kelly. So he still has a girlfriend. As does Adam, I believe.