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  1. I used to think that. I was certainly more aware of him (thank you, L&O). But I wonder why and if it is even true. Anthony looks to have a longer IMDb page but TER was the one who had a long-running television show that she was a lead on from the beginning.
  2. Comparisons are pretty common, though. I agree that they're kind of dumb because most actors are originals. Once an actor or actress starts to succeed on their own, I've noticed the comparisons tend to stop until some new actor is being billed as the "next FormerlyNewStar." I think Rooney is only being compared because of her fashion choices but I could be wrong on that.
  3. But I think Tom was wrong about that. I don't recall them saying that each team would get 3 points if they get gold, 2 points for silver and 1 point for bronze. Instead, they focused on what each individual got in points and then they totaled them to determine the overall team ranking. If they switch Chris's scores with moustache Joe's scores, it still wouldn't be enough for the white team to overtake the red team. It was about points, not ranking.
  4. I thought Mateo broke up with Jeff. From what I remember, Mateo was planning to move to a new store so he and Jeff could continue their relationship. In order to do that, Mateo found out he needed to provide his social security card or proof of work eligibility which he couldn't do (wouldn't do?) once he found out that he wasn't documented. Instead of telling Jeff that, he tried to find a way to not move to the new store and eventually just told Jeff that he didn't love him. From that moment on, Mateo has acted like Jeff broke up with him but unless I'm forgetting something, that wasn't the case. Mateo then left the voice mail, which they haven't discussed, and Mateo found out that Jeff was back with his ex post-tornado.
  5. The third episode in a row that I really liked. I laughed out loud a few times in this one. First, I don't know why Jack was at church but all the zingers surrounding church, including my favorite "old testicle" made me giggle. I liked that when we found out the reason that Vince and Will broke up that it was based on a very believable character trait that could lead to someone deciding that they had enough. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen do this kind of thing all the time that it's their norm but it's not everyone's normal. I also thought Jack looked really good in this episode.
  6. Yes. I don't understand why she couldn't have spent time with her date that night and made note of the club she was at to return later with some of the other women in the house. Or ask some of the attendees, whose looks she likes, what the names of some other clubs they like to visit are.
  7. I wouldn't mind them adding a host but I actually have loved their dynamic since the new year. I think the show feels lighter and even freer. Unlike others here, I'm enjoying it more. (And I liked Mario and even Daphne most of the time.)
  8. Here's an interview with David Hull who plays Molly's earning-more-money-while-doing-less colleague. The first part is about Crazy Ex but the second part is about his experiences working on Insecure and white privilege.
  9. Here's a good interview with David Hull about Crazy Ex and Insecure.
  10. But if we're talking about physique, which I suspect @Bruinsfan was, then both Hull and Rodriguez have far more definition, especially in the abs. It's not something that's noticeable when they have clothes on but this routine had stripping. SMF mentioned working out more to match how he felt his character would work out but he's not a professional dancer like the other two.
  11. I haven't replied in a while but I've enjoyed reading this discussion. I've been sitting on this Ansari and "Grace" situation for a while because I keep waiting for my feelings to revert back to how they normally would be. I'm normally not a fan of the "what could the victim have done" train of thought. I don't think going up to an apartment means that a woman should know it must mean sex considering there are many things people do in the process of dating, short of sex, that people don't want to do in public . I don't think it matters what a woman wears. I think we shouldn't talk about what women can do to prevent rape without addressing what men need to do about it as well. I think it's unfair to equate getting drunk at a party where everyone is supposed to have fun with walking alone in the middle of a dark alley. They should not carry the same danger level. And I've been repulsed by the notion that the #metoo movement infantalizes women. However, I've been feeling like this Ansari and "Grace" story, especially the discussion around it, as well as the story of Franco's ex (not the stories about what took place at his school) run the risk of doing just that. I've taken the past few days to read reactions to see if I'm brought back to my normal position on these things but I keep coming back to why didn't she just end that date and leave? She didn't seem to be afraid that he'd become more violent if she did try to leave. What did she hope to get by staying? If we're going to use this story to talk about seeking affirmative consent, and we should absolutely do that, we should also use it to talk about agency. I know all the reasons why women don't say "no" more absolutely like they're socialized to please and saying no could lead to physical assault or stalking or all sorts of horrific stories. However, the more we focus on the worst that could happen by asserting one's self, we avoid the better and I think more likely scenario where leaving the date means it ends there. Seriously, I saw people on Twitter upset he called her an Uber because it meant he knew where she lived. It doesn't sound like he cared where she lived and it's not like she couldn't call her own darn Uber if she feared him knowing where she lived. In Franco's situation, his girlfriend apparently went along with his request for a blow job because she didn't want him mad at her. It doesn't sound like she was afraid he'd hurt her but rather that he'd break up with her. And yes, that happens. He'd be a jerk but if a woman makes a decision in order to continue a relationship with a jerk, that's her choice. There is a lot of talk of mixed messages. I am not going to infantalize Aziz or men either. They are perfectly capable of understanding softer social cues. They do it all the time. He should have stopped. Men are often rewarded for ignoring the softer social cues professionally and even personally but that doesn't matter. He should have stopped. My uneasiness with the way we talk about "Grace" isn't giving him a pass for his behavior. But I can't escape my feeling that we should be talking about how women should get less hung up on pleasing men. She should have left. From the minute he said "Where should we fuck?" She should have realized they wanted different things and ended that date. She should have given his statements indicating he was backing off for now as much weight as he should have given her short blowjob attempts--in other words, very little. To me it was the "He offered me white wine. I would have preferred red." Or whatever her quote was. It sounded like the opening to some old timey literary novel like "Last Night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again. " Then the author says she hasn't meant a braver woman than "Grace." Brave? I'm not surprised the author is only 22. My guess? It's the one place that would publish her story.
  12. Yes. In fact it was the first time we heard of Hallmark thinking of doing a sequel and that is one movie that I loved and wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to--although after all the other sequels we've gotten so far, I'm probably less intrigued. My guess is Rupert Penry Jones. He's not part of the Hallmark family and who knows whether or not he'd be interested in doing a sequel or more than one.
  13. I think you make a lot of good points when it comes to after-the-fact sequels vs. planned sequels. But I think the mystery sequels fare better because the main focus of the movies tend to be the mysteries. That's new every sequel and they can add character details as they solve the mysteries without having to come up with new relationship dynamics to fuel a new movie. I'm not interested in any of the sequels. So far, they've all been regress-regress-regress-retell. Wake me when it's Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade. I like Courtney Thorne Smith and James Tupper and wanted to love both of these movies but yeah, the second one didn't improve on the issues of the first. I just felt like it took forever. And I knew who did it immediately because of casting.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one losing interest in the show. Last season was so enjoyable. The show knew its characters, worked through some issues and introduced comedy nicely. This season feels like a struggle. The cases aren't interesting. What they're doing with Riggs is torture porn and it immediately makes me care less. It lacks the heart that drove last season too. Such a shame.
  15. Aaron has been injured for most of the season so they can't really point to her about his play since there hasn't really been any play.