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  1. Thanks, I think I'll skip Christmas in Graceland. It didn't look appealing to me. And there's too many other things I need to watch.
  2. For some reason, I thought this was a Thanksgiving movie but I remember really really liking this movie when I saw it when it originally aired. I think that was my favorite from last year. I just watched A Princess Switch on Netflix and I really really liked it. While I didn't really get into any of the couples, I thought the dialogue was a lot of fun and I did like both love interests even if I didn't find myself connecting with either relationship. (But I think it's because I kept getting interrupted by my dog. Grr.)
  3. S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    I found myself on Violet's side for many of the reasons already stated. Violet had some growing pains and made some mistakes but she was still pretty young when she made those mistakes. She was what..17 or 18 at the beginning of the series when she got pregnant. She was 21 when we last saw her move in with Luke. She's no more than 23 now and I don't think we know enough about her life to tell whether or not she's doing things "the right way" or not. It appears as if she's supporting herself and has a nice apartment. As for the podcast, storytellers (authors, comedians, musicians...etc.) often pour real life into their output. We know Violet is doing this. We don't know if it's the only thing she's doing to deal. There's this sense that family should always be forgiven but if keeping her distance has done well for Violet then I don't think she needs to sacrifice her apparent equilibrium to reconcile with her mother just because of "family." Especially because I noticed, as others did, that Christy was more concerned with convincing Violet's audience that she had changed than really acknowledging just how robbed Violet felt by having an alcoholic mother.
  4. S03.E07 Bali

    Count me amongst the "loving this season" crew. I finally caught up because my DVR didn't record Lethal Weapon last week and I liked this arc. I was surprised how different Cole was when he first met Maggie Lawson's character compared with who he is today. I was surprised that I found him effective back then as a romantic guy. But in the present, as much as I like Maggie Lawson, I'm kind of torn if I want to spend too much time with that. I am a little confused about the cartel story, though. Did Cole arrest the boss? And why did his former mentor want her dead?
  5. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    People like Dre's boss and boss's son, who either willingly try to dismiss or don't know black history, exist. They get good comedic mileage out of them. And they got even more comedic mileage out of them a few weeks ago when they were trying to tell Dre why it wasn't "because of slavery" but he kept coming back to slavery. I think that twist on the traditional routine where the boss was explaining things to Dre vs. Dre explaining things to him would have made for better 100 episode content than some random Prince tribute. But not knowing Prince? Prince whose Superbowl performance is considered one of the best, if not the best, halftime shows? Nope. The Prince whose song 1999 was played incessantly around 1999/2000? Nope. If Prince were still going by the symbol? Maybe. Prince was the kind of artist old rich unhip white people would want to know just to seem "with it." Set that show in Minnesota and boom!
  6. YAY! Bosch was renewed for a 6th season. (The 5th will come out some time next year.) I just love this show. https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/11/bosch-renewed-for-6th-season-by-amazon.html?m=1
  7. S04.E05: I'm So Happy for You

    Being a regular doesn't necessarily mean you're in all of the episodes. I believe it usually guarantees you a set number of episodes over a set time period and you the actor prioritizes that job over other opportunities. I remember some older shows cutting costs by asking some of their regulars to reduce their guarantees so they'd only appear in 18 of 22 episodes for instance.
  8. Spoilers And Shockers

    I don't watch currently but that's what I've been reading. However...it's also Ron. So I'm not counting out anything.
  9. S05.E04: Purple Rain

    Ridiculous. They expect me to believe Jack knows Sinead O'Connor but not Prince?
  10. The more serious movies end up on HMM but they've also had some very Hallmark Channel type movies as well. This comes up every now and then and my response is always kind of similar. Hallmark is going to keep doing this as long as it keeps working for them and, as of right now, it' still working for them. Arguably not in terms of quality or memorable movies but in terms of branding and ratings, it's a money maker. It's similar to Netflix's model, actually. Netflix cares less about quality than they do about making sure you spend time on their device rather than anywhere else. Netflix, Lifetime, UP, INSP and ION (and AMC's Christmas schedule) trying to copy Hallmark shows how much this is considered a successful business strategy by Hallmark. Could it peter out? Yes. Everything has their trends. But do I think making fewer, but better, movies would be a better business strategy than what they're doing? Probably not. They weren't really considered a powerhouse cable channel until they started doing this.
  11. Spoilers And Shockers

    I think this is a situation where I should be careful what I wish for. I'd love nothing more for a darker (while still darkly comedic) Jack to return. But it could go all wrong if Ron goes too dark. (Which, lets face it, he could. Wait until they give Kayla amnesia too and have the two of them fall in love.) Jack has never been really the type to judge Jennifer too harshly even when she deserved it. So I don't know how in character, even as an amnesiac, it would be. And I hope they're careful with how they write Eve's part in it. I also think she's somehow involved in his death and based on how often they're working together, I wouldn't be surprised if she has convinced him they're together. Just as long as they write it as some sort of revenge on Jennifer and not some long lost love situation. That was not never their relationship even if feelings do creep into the present. Write it from the present.
  12. S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    My favorite thing Liev did was his subtle stilted acting in the House Hunters skit mimicking so many people who show up on that show who are not quite camera ready. Thiis was an opportunity to introduce himself to a national audience in a way where he could show magnanimity and a sense of humor. If he has aspirations for a higher political office, an opportunity like this one does not come around very often. Leslie was also in the bathroom skit.
  13. Because people mentioned liking A Bride for Christmas, I watched it again not having seen it since it first aired. It was stark compared to how sanitized the movies are these days. A lesbian sister with a dating life (yay Kimberly Sustad). And kisses that used tongue or at least looked like they used tongue. Even a potentially suggestive fade out. Leann Rimes was better than I anticipated. It was a decent movie but not one I'd watch again. I did love how she threw the coffee at him in the end. And actual chemistry between the leads.
  14. Supercouple Discussion

    Usually. There have been a few couples that started out with sex or were already married when the audience was introduced to them but there's usually something that presents a significant obstacle to them and they may not realize they're all in until later on. And like others have said, there's usually another story, or more, going on while they're falling in love. Jack and Jennifer were always investigating. Sometimes it was personal. Sometimes it was random (like Baby Hannah but that story still had emotional resonance which developed both characters).
  15. Supercouple Discussion

    I'm torn on Lumi. There's a longevity to them. A history. But is there an inevitability to them? That I don't know. Writing on its own can't make a supercouple. I've seen soaps try, and fail, to do that. It's part of the reason I hate having filming months in advance. But supercouple often starts with an accident. Back when budgets were bigger, characters used to cross paths more in parties or at restaurants even if they weren't headed for a big story. If a good dynamic was seen, writers might eventually work those characters back together for a larger story. Then there's a story that hopefully doesn't focus just getting the two together. Attention is paid to who the characters are--why they get along and why they might clash. And so often it involved waiting and push/pull. I feel like waiting at least a year for a couple to have sex was not unheard of. Soaps film ahead, move at a much faster pace and don't have the viewing numbers to really get there these days. The internet may have made them more visible but trust me, those fans were there in the 80s too. In fact, they're probably the reason supercouples exist. As for a trajectory, since Jack and Jennifer are the last soap couple standing that could bring me back to any soap, I can't really speak to how couples are written now but I'll try to fill in what I can find about their trajectory. Under spoiler tags for scrolling purposes only. tl;dr. First kiss after 11 months. Sex after about 18 months. [First] Marriage at 2 1/2 years.