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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Why did Madeline kill Easton #3 again?
  2. Yeah, I don't know about that reasoning. Different affiliates interrupt more than others.
  3. Yes. I think that's why he mentioned it. They have to pay every time they show a picture too. I think? They definitely paid for that headshot, but the pictures of the Qs is always on the mantle and I can't think they pay Stuart Damon every time they show it.
  4. Yep. But I think it's really, really cheap. I mean Burton made it sound like a dollar fifty (although for Burton cheap could be a hundred dollar)s. But it's probably much cheaper.
  5. They have to pay any actors who appear in the old episodes who aren't on the show anymore. (Which is why cheapo Frank once blurred JJ/Lucky in a flashback they showed once.) Steve Burton said once it was something ridicuously low though. Who knows, I'd say more like they probably just don't to have to identify and pay every actor who appeared in the old episodes. I wouldn't want to do it lol.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm pretty sure "Uncle Sonny" only started with this Joss, but I'd have to double check. But I remember saying "what the heck" to myself when she first said it because I hadn't remembered her saying it before. (Or maybe I just found it weird that teen Joss was still calling him "uncle".) And the thing is Joss WASN'T around Sonny her whole life. She didn't start living with him until Carly got married to him in late 2015 and Carly had only been with Sonny briefly before that. Before they got back together in summer 2014 Carly hadn't been with Sonny since before Josslyn was born. I don't know, even if Carly just called him Uncle Sonny, it just sounds weird coming from her (Joss).
  7. No, it was the lowest rated episode that week I remember. I guess they are just re-airing them because they thought they were well done?
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Begrudgingly I'll stick up for Chad here. He doesn't always have that face. MC has that face 99% of the time. Tell him someone spilled something, he makes that face.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Today on "Everybody Sucks Hospital": Shut up Kiki for saying that Ava seduced Morgan twice. Shut up Ava for her stupid speech and her stupid crying. I was on her side until that dumb scene. Shut up Franco's nasty strings of hair falling in his face. (Frank's next interview: "Oh, did you see how Franco's hair fell in his face in that scene? Sooo funny! Roger's hair has such comic timing!") Most of all, SHUT UP Carly, for acting like Jason's fucking secretary. Way. Too. Much. Carly lately. I'm sorry, but Laura Wright is not some huge draw. Carly #2 is standing right in front of her! They could use her as Carly and no one would give a shit. (I've usually preferred LW to TB, but it's whatever now.)
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Monica's apology made me roll my eyes a little but I didn't think it was crazy. She basically only apologized because Nelle turned out to be psycho. It was Michael's "well that was nice of you to accept her apology" that I thought was ridiculous. Yes, so kind of Carly.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don't buy that Lucky heard Liz was dating Franco and didn't come to town and shoot him. Sigh.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Also, Morgan and Kiki were not in a serious relationship. They tried to ramp it up by having Kiki bleat out how Morgan wouldn't cheat on her, but they basically fell into bed again because they were like "well we might as well". And then he slept with Ava a day after she came back and she started having feelings for Dillon two seconds after she got back together with Morgan.
  13. @Asp Burger to bring some of the conversation from the other thread here, 2008 was indeed mostly terrible, which was was the worst of the Carly Jr writing for Lulu (yet at the same time trying to make her into some mini-Laura: "She's tough and she's strong just like Carly! When she's not having a nervous breakdown because she's so fragile like her super fragile mom Laura!") and . . . other stuff that I have no idea what was really going on but I know that it was crap until Laura came back. Lots and lots of Spinelli I presume which was part of the reason I was not watching a lot those two years. But I think late 2005 to Metro Court Crisis (which I didn't really watch but lots of people say that was decent so I'll use that as a cut off date) was decent and much better than anything Cartini has put out and I also liked a lot of 2009-10. I also thought Laura's second visit in 2008 was a bright spot in a crappy year.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Text from my offliner pal: "Why would they bring back a character like Cassandra that no one cared about. Bring back Nik or Jax or something." Why indeed, Frank.
  15. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    No, this Oscar also mentioned that he like to read and listen to music and that made him an outcast from other teens. Seriously.