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  1. S04.E01 Smoke

    I don't get why Jimmy didn't get a JD (juris doctorate) from a small no-name uni, but went with American Samoa. To practice in New Mexico, they would have to be accredited by the state's Bar Association, however I don't know NM's rules for that. Could it be for comedic effect? Most lawyers don't have a Master's degree as us in the States think of it. A JD is considered a terminal degree like a PhD, MFA, MD, etc. Most here get their Bachelor's degree (takes 4 years unless you're Super Chuck or also attend classes in the summers) and three years for law school. I guess I associate LLM with British Commonwealth countries. I have friends who are lawyers. Maybe I can ask.
  2. Donna D'Errico (ex wife of Nikki Sixx) and Sharise have a podcast called "Single AF." Athena and Bobbie have been guests. Donna is a little more hesitant to give dirt about her ex, but Sharise doesn't care. LOL Donna is still stunning! Donna mentions in one of the episodes that some of the stones in Heidi's ring from Vince were fake!
  3. S04.E01 Smoke

    I want to know if Saul helped her with it. :D
  4. I know this is getting OT, but for crying out loud!! She's a designer!!! :o
  5. The dress is bad in color too
  6. Here's a link to the blind item http://blindgossip.com/?p=92117
  7. Topper is married. This has to be a contender for the ugliest wedding dress ever. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5829669/Tinsley-Mortimer-ex-husband-marries-Vogue-designer-Tabitha-Simmons-five-months-birth-child.html
  8. Suits in the Media

    Saw the preview with Katherine Heigl. Cringe. http://tvline.com/2018/04/26/katherine-heigl-suits-season-8-promo-video/
  9. Diana as a lion jumped the shark. LOL
  10. I believe Queen Victoria walked two of her daughters down the aisle. It's not unheard of in the royal family.
  11. I wonder if it will be half as hilarious as "The Windsors" wedding special. LOL You can Netflix it in the states. Princess Anne is the best! Not waking up at 4 am to watch, but I'll watch the replays.
  12. Some parts of this were sooo heavy handed. There's also no way Harry ever contemplated moving to Canada. Her contract ended after 7 seasons anyway. And what about the chicken proposal?
  13. With the capture of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker, I wonder if they'll do breadcrumbs like they did with BTK the first season? Are they filming right now?
  14. I think Dorinda would benefit from therapy (if she's not already doing that) and kickboxing sessions.
  15. I can't remember, but was the party to be the same day as the marathon? When I ran mine, after showering, all I wanted to do was veg on the couch and not move, never mind a party. LOL