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  1. S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    I'm still distracted by David Berry as LJG. Book LJG is described as slight and blonde (DB is 6'1"). Apparently, his mother-in-law talked him into auditioning/taking the role.
  2. Ugh. I wanted to slap Lizzie for that--I've not liked her since. She turns out to not be such a prim and proper saint. Anyway, Gabaldon does need to stop using rape as a plot point. Okay, we get it. Times were dangerous for women. It was pretty much dangerous for everyone.
  3. I watched the sequel to A Christmas Prince. It was cute, but the prince bugged me in this one as did the wedding planner. I kept wanting to slap him. At least the villain was someone I didn't expect.
  4. S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    Willie does find out in (IIRC) at the end of the second to most recent book. The funny thing is that everyone else sees the obvious similarity of Jamie and Willie, but he doesn't.
  5. S02.E01: Simone

    I'm only on this first ep of the season and Joel is still a nope.
  6. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    How many eps are in this season? Surely not just nine?
  7. Anyone see "Dear Santa"? It's on Netflix. It's not too different from typical Christmas movies... single widowed dad with a daughter, daughter wants a new mom, nasty current girlfriend, nice rich girl.
  8. S04.E05: Savages

    She does help him in the book. She does her 'caller of the stones' thing and gives him her engagement ring (it's insured so no biggie). They think that gemstones help with going through.
  9. S04.E05: Savages

    Could it be that Nayawenne is a Tuscarora name and Adawehi is a Cherokee one? In one of the post show interviews, Maril and Matt said they changed the tribe to the Cherokee since there was more historical info regarding language, clothing, customs, etc. One thing that bugs me is that in the book, the Native Americans were fine to live quietly adjacent to the settlers. It seemed a 'we won't bother you if you don't bother us' thing and the Fraser/Murray fam was quite friendly with them. As another poster said, I remember the broad strokes of the book, but not necessarily the details.
  10. IIRC, from reading Drums of Autumn, Willie was around 12 when he visited Fraser's Ridge.
  11. S04.E05: Savages

    Was so sad that Claire lost her new healer friend. *sniffles* I need to reread DoA. Hope we get more Roger and Bree next week. The preview showed Lord John and Willie.
  12. S04.E05: Savages

    Murtagh! I lurve you! He probably went to FR not just to see Claire the BFF, but Claire from the future for advice. The white sow... hee! I need Adso now. Love the Outlanimals.
  13. S04.E04: Common Ground

    I think Ian is told at some point in a later book and Claire tells Jenny in the most recent book, IIRC. Rereading "Drums of Autumn" now, but it's been awhile since I read the others.
  14. S04.E04: Common Ground

    We do find out that Roger's father can travel in the latest book. He also has the gene from Geillis (the son Geillis had also has it). I doubt Jamie would travel even if he could unless he could take Jenny & Co with him.