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  1. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Oh I hope not. I was just saying it's hard to balance all them in only 40 something minutes.
  2. Ozark in the Media

    The Ending of Ozark Explained. Though I don't know that we needed it to be explained, but it's very pro-Wendy which I like.
  3. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    With a larger companion cast that's going to happen from time to time. One thing I like about the new sonic is she's actually reading a screen.
  4. He was only on for like 2 minutes. Basically he's saying that the Saudis are trying to come up with a lie so the US government can stick their head in the sand and still sell them weapons.
  5. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Me too. Not a problem though. I didn't have a problem with 'brains beats guns' because that is consistent with the classic Doctor. I did like that the TARDIS knew the Doctor would make the sonic that would put the TARDIS in phase, or let herself be in phase, to reappear for this reincarnation.
  6. There used to be a Wu Tang name generator so maybe someone will run with it.
  7. Trevor was incredulous when they were calling each other white lady. I liked that they all hazed her so hard at the store when the showed the video. Clinton was in a no-win situation there. I mean, we're still talking about 1992? The president was actually impeached over it. I think I would have just declined to answer.
  8. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    The classic era Who was on PBS all the time back then, and Four is probably the most iconic, so I could see him selling the scarves.
  9. NFL Thread

    No they won't. Situational awareness though. Or call better plays because that one was a mess.
  10. I agree too, but that's not really what she said or how she said it. And, I do think Bill was correct in saying we can be concerned about more than one thing at a time. There's a long list of factors why they lose, and Bill was asking if political correctness is one of them. It's not, really, and they could have said that clearly rather than a 5 minute lecture on developing a personal relationship with Lincoln before tweeting a quote of his. They could have just said, 'no, that's dumb. The fact that 50,000 people in GA can't vote is a far more pressing issue than a Churchill quote.'
  11. NFL Thread

    Mahomes also tried to force the ball into the end zone at the end of the first half instead of throwing it away and taking the 3 points. The coaching staff has to be aware of the larger context of the game. No one was punting much, so every point you can get is going to count. Even though they were only getting field goals in the first half, you have to figure the Pats defense isn't going to hold all game (which it didn't). As much as I don't like playing not to lose play calling, you also need to maximize points when you're in the red zone.
  12. I think the point was, instead of writing all the pissy dialogue, they could have thrown in a line - "I'm worried this is going to spoil and it will ruin our opening next week."
  13. NFL Thread

    And the over was "only" 59.
  14. Season 17 Discussion

    They need to do this more. Bush vodka. They haven't dug into the evil Stewie well in a while. I did like how he was doing the evil Stewie and baby things for this plot. I did crack up at them totally losing it over SNL.
  15. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    I don't like when Bob gets played for a schmuck. He knew is was the guy when he came in the second time and still got burned two more times.