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  1. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    My thing is though Gellis went through in 1968 and landed in time quite before Claire. For Claire's travel time flowed like normal. It makes more sense that Roger can travel because of hybrid DNA or whatever than just Gellis. The more interesting question for me is why Claire? And I'm really hoping there's an eventual reveal to the skull Claire found.
  2. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I dispute this because the show has been consistent on the characters being able to hear the buzzing and making that clear to the viewers. Gellis never mentioned it, so attributing to her is not consistent with what the show has presented. It could simply be that because she was from the future and had a child with someone from the past that it made all their descendants able to travel. That's fine. I can roll with that because the show has been consistent with people saying they *don't* hear the buzzing. So there must be something about the people who do. This begs the question, with fair justification for Bree and Roger, why Claire can.
  3. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    No, we can't assume Gellis heard buzzing, because she wouldn't have needed to kill her husband to go through the stones. Also, everyone on the show who has heard buzzing has said they heard buzzing, or it was made abundantly clear that they did. We can assume that being a descendant of Dougal was why Roger heard the buzzing, which again in this episode, they made sure we knew he did. And in fact, when Jamie pleaded with Claire to go back to Frank through the stones, Claire specifically said to Jamie, "do you hear that?" "No." So, although, the show isn't really going to do much about time travel, they have been consistent in that regard. I don't recall when Claire was in the cave in Jamaica when she killed Gellis if there was buzzing. I mean, I know it's certainly difficult for a woman at the time, but I kind of laughed that Bree had a map with a red crayon and a pb&j sandwich, and she thought that was enough. I like how the Captain is essentially Two-Face. So, that aside, it begs the question of who was the skull Claire found. If the both of Bree and Roger went back accordingly, who else could it be?
  4. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    He is? Since when? I totally missed this. I don't get how that makes sense because she never heard the buzzing. Is the captain of the ship Roger is on supposed to be a bad guy? Because I watched Black Sails.
  5. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Yeah that's tough for Frank. I don't know what the books are like, and I don't care to, but he's been given really short shrift. I didn't like how the last season was so accelerated, and I feel like including this scene then would have been more impactful. I feel like there was so much left on the table with Frank and her. I just think he's an exceptional actor and is criminally underused. It seemed a little much that both Roger and Bree seemed to get to the past without too much difficulty. Though when Bree said "Claire". Oy. Many villains are magnetic. What can you do? Even Bronn stuck with Jamie. To be fair, she had a red line on the map with a circle. *snort* I mean, really, they had compasses back in 1971. No, it's not a scifi show. The whole time travel aspect is what drew me in. To be fair, in the first season they sang a song about how someone in Jamie's time went through the stones and found themselves in the past, and then returned. So we do know that it's always to the past when you go, and that however much time goes through when you're there that if you go back, you're that much more forward in time. We also know Gellis researched the stones extensively, and had more control over when she went because she used a human sacrifice. Only Bree, Claire, and Roger heard the 'buzzing'. None of them know of the other stones, so they don't necessarily know they can go elsewhere. I'd be certainly trying to figure out the stones, but yeah, this isn't that show. I was hoping for more. I actually liked the break from Claire and Jamie. There's been a few episodes this season I've genuinely enjoyed. So I guess the theme is if you're from the future, you're going to mouth off in the past like you know better.
  6. Doctor Who in the Media

    So basically, "It's not the same as last time and it's different than I was expecting." From a show whose main premise is literally reinventing itself. And if we had whatever 'connection to its past,' or 'whatever about villains', they'd be saying 'oh it's the same as it's been, they should have done something different.'
  7. NFL Thread

    Do either of these teams avidly want to win. This is a poor final 7 minutes.
  8. S22.E10: Bike Parade

    One of the goths was in the bike parade too! For wanting to be canceled, they're still bringing a quality show for me.
  9. It's strategic. You can align with another nation to hold a larger one at bay and get them out of your neighborhood, for example.
  10. The show always had small details that made it seem like a functioning space station. I always liked the uniforms. They had jackets and pockets.
  11. You can also watch on the web site if part of your recording was cut.
  12. All the people complaining about the war on xmas aren't being forced to do anything they don't want to. I guess that obvious to those of us here that live in objective reality. Oh, she actually tweeted it a long time ago. I do enjoy bringing it up whenever she brays her precious little mug. This is my other one. Anyone watch The Boondocks? "Because a bitch got books to sell."
  13. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    Presumably, regeneration can give one a fresh outlook and new lease on life. One could argue the change from Nine to Ten was because the Doctor finally shed some guilt about the time war and wanted to move on. Not everything has to be broody all the time.
  14. S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    Ok, Claire, yeah, we all know John came by to see Jamie. And? It's not like someone with Claire's long view of time didn't figure that out literally the second he showed up. Surely, your relationship with Jamie is strong enough that you're confident he's not going to run away with John. Really distasteful scene for me in what was two weeks of good episodes. Claire is impulsive and has a mouth, and that's fine, but I found this to be unnecessarily cruel. I'm not one to swoon, but Jamie catching a fish with his bare hands was all find of swoon. Yeah, I get the larger context, but at this point with what she's lived and seen, I expected it to roll of her more. Of course, this is a woman who waited for her husband to die and immediately booked it once there was a shred of evidence where Jamie was and literally ditched her daughter in the process. So, sure, you can pine away about how you have a daughter, but you're the one who took off after literally becoming an MD. It's not like you were destitute. Honestly, the child actor did an absolute fantastic job. I have to give him credit for taking responsibility about the fish. Also, I'm getting over the rigid rules all over the place. How about - You took fish from our river. Sorry, we honestly didn't know about it. Here, take the fish. I thought the snake was the reference to the toy snake that Jamie carved for William when he was a boy. I liked Claire last episode and thought she did a great job mediating between the Germans and Native Americans. I take her point here, but I just found it cold and hollow and honestly a little OOC.