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  1. That might be the best video ever. No offense Chuck, you take the trip around the world. You can fall in love in every country.
  2. The NBA

    Plus, if it were the Lakers, the media would spin it something like return to tradition.
  3. No, I was saying that cops that live and are kind of active in the community might lead to better relationships overall.
  4. One thing they didn't point out was how the cop was a baseball coach too. I'm thinking that more community involvement like that also is quite a help to the police.
  5. Malory versus Killface's mother? Sideshow! It's in there. I always thought they were endgame. I still going on the assumption that this is all coma Archer until shown otherwise.
  6. I think Bill was good on challenging Will when he said the democratic party could also produce a Trump.
  7. Bill was making a hyperbolic joke within the context of people using those texts as proof that there's a deep state. Even the conservative woman sitting in the middle pointed out that the time stamp on the texts indicated that they were messing around and shouldn't be taken seriously.
  8. Archer and Pam did hook up a bunch of times too though. I've loved Pam since "you could drown a toddler in my panties". That's right up there with "as god as my witness I swear I thought turkeys could fly" in terms of TV lore.
  9. For someone allegedly so well versed in history, he seems to forget that this is the southern strategy. I used to read his column in Newsweek or Time back in the day. He is sometimes in the group panel on the Sunday shows. I was surprised to hear him talk this way on the show. Going all the way back to Wilson seems a little much. Presidents always push the edge on the limits of executive authority, but this situation is much much different. If he doesn't realize that then maybe he needs a break.
  10. I'm not sure this administration knows that, so let's not tell them. I don't know about how that applies on the state level vs federal either.
  11. I was disappointed in the ending. It just sort of stopped. I feel like there was a lot left on the table.
  12. Billy is great. I hope his efforts to glam the vote part off. The woman in the middle was cackling when Billy said he made out with George Will. Seriously though, while it sounds nice when she says she'll vote for the Democrat, I'm finding that hard to believe. They were talking about Roy Moore, and one of the reasons he lost was because Republicans stayed home.
  13. George Will is incorrect stating that judicial review was thought up in Philadelphia. The concept came out of the 1800 SCOTUS ruling Marbury v Madison, by chief justice Marshall. And then lost all credibility with the "unsettled" canard about climate change. You want to argue a carbon tax would lead to recession? OK, fine. You can't seriously say unsettled. I don't know what he's talking about with the appointments clause. Was Ken Starr confirmed by the senate? If not, I would think Clinton would have refused to testify.
  14. I think that's the point. You don't have to walk on eggshells because someone is trans if they're an asshole. She'll grow on you.