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  1. Bill should look at the silver lining. ABC canned him and he's got an HBO show that allows him an enormous latitude in creative content, and, where he said the n-word on live television and essentially got away with it. I do wish Bill pushed back on the governor a little more about Cuomo. She kind of snipped at him about 'haven't you said anything dumb'. Yes, all the time, and completely irrelevant to the point. You know there's going to be about 57 million ads with Cuomo's quote, just like the "San Francisco values" ads. Democrats continually shoot themselves in the foot and continually cede the narrative just like she did here. "Oh he apologized and walked back from it." Do you realize that isn't the point at all? I'm really sick of hearing about the "blue wave" because it's 2016 all over again.
  2. All I heard from the panel was excuses and stop gap measures. Wipe out the statue of limitations on child abuse and throw then in jail. Throw anyone else in jail that was/is an accomplice or part of the cover up. We'll see how fast it gets fixed. As they correctly pointed out, football coaches, i.e., Sandusky, Paterno, were married and had children, family, etc. I'm just not buying the panel.
  3. Agreed, but I don't care what her credibility is. You get low level scum gangsters to rat out the boss when you're building a RICO case. If those recordings are authentic, then her credibility isn't really relevant. And again, Bill needs a civics lesson. And again, as we said with Coulter, who can pull up a chair at Sproul Plaza at Berkeley during lunch and say literally anything she wants; she can even sit next to the guy who dresses up as Hitler, here, Jones absolutely has the right to say exactly what he wants. Go to the train station and set up there. Do Snapchat to your followers. Also, it's a week. While I do tend to think Berkeley students overreacted, Bill seems to forget that he gave a 5 minute (very good) monologue on what he would talk about at graduation. What Bill is missing about Jones, is that is not totally about speech, and they only touched on this on the show. Taking aside that his speech causes trauma, what the real point is the lack of a platform for Jones means that he can't hock his products. His 'act' is merely a vehicle to sell snake oil. That's it. People are getting fed up with it. You're not guaranteed a platform, and you're not free from consequences. Good show though. The mid show bit was flat, but the US Attorney was excellent, and the mid show guest was funny and knowledgeable. I honestly thought Bill was way too easy on the church scandal. Letting women in and letting them all marry is just garbage. They aren't sorry, they're sorry they got caught. Throw these people in jail. Tax the churches. Stop going.
  4. Yeah I saw earlier. Disappointing. None of the other talk show comedians really took the media to task like she did.
  5. S06.E07: Changing Winds

    I can't deal with people calling Fig by her first name though. It's "Fig". That's it.
  6. Does Sam speak Spanish?
  7. S01.E10: The Toll

    Marty thought he was smarter than everyone else and figured he'd be able to easily put one over on the 'rednecks', but that clearly wasn't the case and he soon found out he was in very deep. That why his plan at the end was so brilliant.
  8. S07.E02: The Rorqual Affair

    I have no idea what that means, but the better running gag is that there's a lot of "Blue Morpho"s out there this season until we meet the real one at the end.
  9. I'm glad Trevor acknowledged the irony of Brennan having his clearance revoked for "internet outbursts." I did really crack up at Roy's segment. N-word aside, I liked their take on the clips they showed of the media frothing over whether Trump said it or not. Way to focus on the issues, and yeah, we have 100s of hours of footage of Trump on tape being racist, so this is the straw?
  10. S03.E08 The Tom/Brady

    I still think Genesis isn't going to be fooled for long. It was in the Tom/Brady for only a few seconds and the *woman* scientist shot him. It might have left. I'm sure it's going to be in the next host for a while for drama. I do like that the help just isn't that good. It makes Starr even more funny to me.
  11. That one was super weird. It was like another show.
  12. I think that ship has sailed.
  13. S03.E08 The Tom/Brady

    I don't know about that. Each season has tended to drag in the middle, and I think they could have been more efficient with the hours they have. The first season should have been 6 episodes tops imo.
  14. She's not, but the FBI still relies on mobsters and criminals when they're building a RICO case, so it doesn't bother me that much. Would she have realized on her own what a mess this administration is and walked away willingly at some point? Probably not. The mobster is still going run numbers and shakedowns if they hadn't been caught either. But she was and she knew it was coming down, so she took her pound of flesh. Even regular news organizations have to report on the tweets since he's making policy decisions on twitter. It would be great if everyone ignored them, but it's a catch-22 imo. I only think she signed one as part of the campaign, not as a WH staffer. Otherwise, it's a legal decision that says NDAs in the WH don't have the force of law anyway. I think he did as well as anyone else over the weekend. Like you said, she's not going to give up much, and she flat out said that she has a team of lawyers telling her to hold back, *and* prior to taping, Trump sued her. There's not really much you can ask besides 'how did you not know?'. He did ask about what she thought of people's perceptions of her. I guess I kind of believe her when she said that she thought he might rise to the occasion once elected, but I don't think it would have taken 11 months to realize that wasn't happening. She's been hammering the 'blind spot' narrative all weekend, and I don't know if I buy that, but I think Trevor was kind of hemmed in what he could get out of her. I probably would have asked if she's noticed that all the people he calls, "lowlife, stupid, low IQ, etc.," all are African-Americans, and maybe pushed back on her dancing around the word racism, but I don't see what else he could have done.
  15. S03.E08 The Tom/Brady

    I think the joke works best because it's not explained.