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  1. S05.E02: The Hand That Sits the Cradle

    But Grandma basically stated that she took care of Jessica for selfish reasons -- to get over her husband (or was it father?) dying. Which makes it seem as though this ritual can only take place conveniently right after tragic events to the caregiver. While I'm glad they made the book an utter failure, I still don't care for Jessica. I cringe whenever she's front and center.
  2. Season 2 Discussion: Cristal-lite

    Why is "singing" in quotes? Elizabeth Gillies is a phenomenal singer in real life. I thought this episode was hilarious. I knew Cristal's ashes were going splat as soon as I saw her urn on the table and Alexis in a wheelchair. And I loved Alexis's line about "a pre-menopausal woman getting knocked up from a one night stand with a gay man," especially since so many people have commented on Kelly Rutherford's age. Sam remains my favorite character, and I loved all his interactions with the family (especially Blake). I see they've decided to make Jeff Colby dress like an idiot. What the hell was that suit and hat he was wearing in the opening scenes? I would pay money to see Fallon, Culhane, and Liam in a "devil's triangle." 😉
  3. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Where did you read that?
  4. S1:E01 Pilot

    I'll admit, the trailer of the dad shirtless getting his haircut prompted my viewing of the pilot, but then I got drawn into it. I really liked the dad's talk with the oldest son, and absolutely loved his line about his dad scratching at the earth but how he wanted his sons to reach for the stars. I don't believe there is a Catholic boy around who didn't think about becoming a priest at one point or another. I know I did for a little while, and it was a big deal for a family to have a priest in the family. The boys were surprisingly well-defined, but I wonder in a cast that large if they can become individuals rather than remain characteristics. I'm kind of partial to the second-oldest redhead son (with the secret girlfriend) and the snitch brother. Not quite sure if the main character is strong enough to stand out. The juice cane with the two holes was a nice touch. I totally remember that. And when you wanted to shake it up, you had to hold both holes closed.
  5. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    I disliked DJ's wife. She has spent several months of deployment in a foreign country with a different culture, and she returns as a judgmental American "Christian," unable to look at any viewpoint of her own. Her crack to Darlene about reading the Bible, because Darlene dared mentioned a religion followed by a billion or so other people is what infuriates me most about myopic Americans. I've seen it with some of the veterans I've worked with -- they return from deployment without an understanding of another culture. I agree about not missing Roseanne. Both John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are multiple award-winning actors. Roseanne was the truly awful actor, as are some of the kid actors. I tuned in to see how they'd off Roseanne. I don't think I'll be back, mostly because I wasn't a big fan of the original series and didn't watch the first-season reboot at all. I've long found Roseanne to be unfunny, crude, and obnoxious. I liked the easy banter among Becky, Darlene, and DJ, but I don't see Darlene as the matriarch of the family. Then again, sometimes life forces us to take roles we never expected to.
  6. Characters We Hate

    My UO is that I always felt sorry for Frank. Yes, I get he was supposed to be the "villain" (even more than the Chinese & North Koreans), and he was a shit of a human being, but there was just something ultimately sad about the character, that he had become an angry, morally corrupt individual because of outside forces, not necessarily that he was innately bad. I frequently thought Hawkeye and Trapper and BJ were just dicks to him.
  7. S12.E04: The Tam Turbulence

    I disagree. I think Raj is a dick pretty much all the time. Everything he "does" for other people is predicated on how much gratitude he will get from them. I don't think he acts selflessly at all. As Howard once said to Penny, Raj is a dick, she just doesn't know it because that was when Raj couldn't talk to women. Even as late as last season, when Raj and Howard found the drone, Raj was creepy and borderline misogynistic, as the drone's owner saw when she was reviewing the video captured by the drone.
  8. It's Mr Fischoeder. No one's going to question him. He plays by his own rules. 😀
  9. S01.E02: Margaret Turns 65

    I have wanted to live in an assisted living community since I was in my 40s -- my own apartment with an efficiency kitchen, but a dining room for when I didn't want to cook or when I wanted to socialize. I didn't think this episode was as funny as the pilot, but I want to see where this is going. Vicki Lawrence had a hit single decades ago, so she can sing. I was sorry that her impromptu open mic was so bad. I used to find Leslie Jordan annoying, but so far, he's the one I've found funniest so far. I love Vicki Lawrence, but she needs to step it up a little and get a handle on her character.
  10. It's not the same thing: We don't see the blood leaking from a vagina to illustrate the absorbancy of a pad, so why would we need to see a curved penis for the product that deals with that condition?
  11. S10.E01: The West Side Curmudgeon

    Yes, Megan Mullally, you have great tits. No need to keep thrusting them in our face. When did Jack get a fiancé? I liked him with the closeted "pocket gay" police officer from last season. Didn't care for David Schwimmer or his character. I still find it sad that these people are in their mid- to late 40s and they're the same as they were 10 years ago, dealing with their issues (or not) in the same ways.
  12. Fast Food Ads

    I never got the impression that he's a grandson, just a hunky gardener. Also, people are going to look at attractive people and comment on it. (Happens right here all the time.) The implication is that the two ladies are harmless because they're old and sexless at their age. I didn't realize at first, but the "sweater" they made him is that snug sleeveless number he's wearing.
  13. Graham Norton on his chat show frequently refers to his guests by first and last names even after he's introduced them.
  14. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Amy may have had this in mind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet_nurse
  15. I think they missed on this one. It should have been "We'll Always Have Parrots." Loved the kids' story with Mr. Fischoeder and all the double-crossing. Glad that Teddy's story was barely a C plot.