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  1. Double ugh. I can't stand Brian Posehn. I don't find him funny in anything.
  2. S01.E09 Show Boat

    Except this is the 1970s, so interracial dating would be very much a big thing. Just because history makes us uncomfortable doesn't mean we should ignore it. Lawrence would be all liberal about it, but the parents would probably have an issue with it at first, but I think they would come around. Frank was becoming my favorite even before this. Maybe I identify with him a little -- follows the rules, does the right thing, even if he's a bit of a prick sometimes, but he gets overlooked because he doesn't make waves. I thought it was interesting that when Peggy accuses him of being involved in the play because of the girls, he was, "Ew! No!" I wonder if that's foreshadowing or just that he was more intrigued by the engineering/design challenges. While the "hell, yeah!" moment was Frank telling off Peggy, to me the most poignant was at the end, when he gives Peggy the program and says, "They put my name in there." There's the slightest catch the actor puts in Frank's voice that speaks volumes -- he's finally been recognized for something he did. Lawrence is the ex-seminary student finding himself; Eddie is the jock; Joey is the operator; Timmy, the showman; William, the smart one; Pat, the cute one; and the baby. There's nothing that sets Frank apart. I wonder if his rant at Peggy will induce her to take steps outside her world, like learning how to drive. (And speaking of driving, how many cars does the family have, just the one that Dad drives to work?) I don't like the direction they're taking with Joey. While I appreciated the spoof of "Godfather," Joey's gone beyond just the mischevious neighborhood "operator" to out and out felon. When were they doing this play? The girls (except for Wendy) were in their school uniforms, which would imply they were in classes. Maybe it's summer school? I have to give props to the girl playing Magnolia -- she had the singing voice down perfect for a female singer in the vaudeville era. Edited to add: In a family of eight boys, shouldn't the older ones (Lawrence, Eddie, Frank, Joey, Timmy) all have assigned chores? So far, they've made it seem like Frank does everything. We've seen Eddie be the go-to guy for watching the baby, but that's it.
  3. Matthew 6:2 (ESV) So, yes, there is a right way to be a philanthropist.
  4. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Plus Marc Evan Jackson is hot. I think you have that backwards. 😉 Janet was surprised about the reset button in Mindy's backyard, and that she had reset Derek a few hundred times. I'd lay money that that little throwaway line will come back with consequences later on.
  5. Orvillian Media

    What?! I thought he was already married.
  6. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Brave soul. But I agree with you.
  7. S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    I hate Bernadette so much generally, but she was firmly in "C" territory this episode. If she were a man, her bully tactics toward her staff and coworkers would have her the subject of complaints and reprimands from HR. Are we supposed to find her mean and manipulative behavior funny because she's a petite woman with a shrill voice? Because I don't. And I hate that she goaded Penny into imitating her bad behavior. There's a difference between being firm with your staff and being a bitch (or a dick). Penny was a bitch right off the bat. "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar" is a cliche for a reason. I was also sorry to see Penny's complete surrender to being a corporate drone. I guess resistance really is futile. The only thing I find mildly amusing about Bernadette is the off-the-cuff remarks about the drugs her company develops and their side effects.
  8. Or maybe he's asexual, so "getting laid" isn't his raison d'etre. It certainly seemed like that, especially when he said the twin bed was big enough for him. Personally, I liked the kid. He might have been socially awkward (which does not mean he's "on the spectrum"), but he seemed likable, and he was comfortable with what he wanted and what he was willing to spend. I found the mother, and to a lesser extent the father, suffocating. I want to slap anyone who says, "I want what I want" or "I like what I like." If you "love" a city but you complain about everything about it, why are you moving there? She was just another spoiled ugly American. I liked the couple moving to England, and I wanted to cheer when the English husband said his American wife might need to rethink "English charm" because it's not what she sees on TV.
  9. Schooled

    I've never watched "The Goldbergs," so I don't know the characters, but all the commercials for this just looked horrible, and the blonde lead seemed especially awful.
  10. S02.E03: Home

    Did Alara resign her commission and leave the Union fleet or just take a leave of absence? In any event, it's not up to Ed to offer her her old job back; that's up to the higher ranks. If she did resign, doesn't that mean she'd have to go through the whole enlistment process again if she wanted to come back. I'm also a little confused about the reason for the actress leaving. Don't most actors want steady work? It sounds like she was doing not only movies but also some other TV shows while doing "The Orville."
  11. I can't speak for the original poster, but I dislike Oprah because everything -- even her philanthropy -- is all about her and how great she is. I think she did a "tribute" to Mary Tyler Moore that was more about Oprah's feelings and less about MTM. ** I hate many of the Progressive commercials with Jamie, not because of him, but because they first made him the butt of mean jokes and now the ridiculous one that he has a big house and a hot model wife. The new tax prep software commercial -- H&R Block? TurboTax? -- that consists of the word "free" repeated ad nauseum.
  12. S12.E12: The Propagation Proposition

    Penny bought him off by renting the Batmobile for a day.
  13. Depression is not something to be mocked.
  14. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Like a cockroach after a nuclear blast, I believe Kelly is already planning a "comeback" of some type. Of course she does. Because it's everyone else's fault but her own. She's going to break his hymen? 🤔
  15. Favorite Commercials

    The State Farm ad with the accident between the car and the helium truck makes me laugh every time.