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  1. I'm confused. Was Nathalie Kelley going to be fired anyway and recast the part? It sounds like it. (I guess Cristal would have needed extensive plastic surgery after the fire.) If the "fake" Cristal is gone, then so what if the "real" Cristal Flores shows up? There's no drama of the impostor & and real person.
  2. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm sure name and face recognition have a lot to do with it. And there are also actors who became diplomats, like Shirley Temple Black (ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia) and John Gavin (ambassador to Mexico). Politicians and actors have mixed and crossed over for decades.
  3. Millhouse Van Houten hears you.
  4. "Tiny Paradise" started a new season on HGTV, and I caught the first two new episodes. The first was a family of millennial hipsters/hippies in Hawaii building their own tiny home out of reclaimed wood and what not. I had to laugh, when, in the first five minutes, the wife said something to the effect of, "We wanted to live in harmony with nature," which is why, apparently, they were moving their family of four into a tiny trailer. The home turned out to be really interesting, with some pretty cool features, but it was oh so tiny for one person, let alone four. They had two small children (5- and 3-years-old), and while they showed a sleeping loft for the parents (presumably), there was nothing for the kids. The second episode was another group of millennial hipsters building a home out of a box truck that was, apparently, being parked on a private winery where the wife worked part-time. Again, another interesting build, but the wife kept going on about the expensive real estate in the Bay area (no argument there), but that she couldn't see "wasting" their money on rent when all they got in return was shelter (hey, lady, having shelter is a fairly huge thing for most people). In the end, they spent $80,000 to convert a box truck. She was so proud of that, and that they'd be able to travel with their home. Tell me how spending that much money to build a house in a truck is somehow better than renting an apartment? The place had a bathroom, but I wonder how they did the water and electricity hook-ups. Seriously, if you're going to spend that much money on a truck to live in, then just buy a freakin' Winnebago, which is already designed for tiny/mobile living.
  5. Season 2 All Episode Talk: Chenoweth Chat

    She mentioned a husband last season, so having a child was certainly a possibility. I'm not liking Sherri Shepherd's hair this season, and her weekly conditions aren't quite as funny this time around. I think they're making Josh a little less naive and a little more ... well, creepy isn't the right word, but to me, he doesn't seem as lovable as last season. The magazine Carole Anne was reading at the OB-VYN was "Furtility." Is there no one in Lavinia Peck-Foster's life who doesn't die a horrible death?
  6. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Or the "Twinkie defense" that got the murderer of Harvey Milk and George Moscone convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.
  7. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I've been watching reruns of "Futurama," and the beginning of the recording usually catches the last minute or so of "Scrubs," and I've come to realize I hate the pretentious "ruminations on life as seen in this episode" as some whiny ballad plays. Specifically, I hate Zach Braff's JD, but it has since expanded to include any show that engages in this overused plot device (although I did make allowances for "The Expanse").
  8. S06.E01: Fugitive

    Thank you.
  9. Gravity Falls Recommendation Video

    The complete "Gravity Falls" series is now on DVD & Blu-ray. https://www.amazon.com/Gravity-Ritter-Hirsch-Kristen-Cardellini/dp/B07BXZPHSQ
  10. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Roseanne Barr disputes racist claims: 'I'm not that person' But ya are, Blanche, ya are that person.
  11. I'm quite enjoying Upstart Crow, a BBC 2 sitcom about the life of William Shakespeare. I caught series 2 on my local PBS station and enjoyed it so much I sought out series 1 on Google Play. Even though I've watched some of the episodes numerous times already, it still makes me laugh out loud, especially when Will is telling his family (he goes between Stratford-on-Avon and London) about how terrible his trips are. There are a bunch of YouTube clips of previews of episodes, but they don't seem to embed properly here.
  12. Frasier in the Media

    Even though he was a pompous ass, as was Niles, there was something about Frasier that made him a bigger ass. Sadly, I don't think "intellectual sensibility" works in today's climate, where anything smacking of education and elitism is immediately disdained by the hoi polloi. It would be kind of sad for 63-year-old Frasier to still be trolling for young hot chicks (although Martin was seen as dating in his 60s). Maybe if the character was dating age-appropriate women. Didn't Frasier go for smart, professional women around his own age? (Something Kelsey Grammer doesn't seem to do in real life.) Still, would they create a female character in her 60s for Frasier to date? Given what I just read in Wikipedia about his politics, I think I'd probably pass on a reboot anyway. "The Guardian" weighs in on a "Frasier" reboot: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/jul/26/fraiser-reboot-kelsey-grammer-pros-cons
  13. All Episode Discussion

    I actually liked that about their apartment. It definitely wasn't a "House Beautiful" staging. I understand getting into it, but he overstepped his bounds when he grabbed the mike from the preacher and kept asking for "amens." Well, maybe his wife was a harridan, and he didn't want to spend time with her. Was this past Saturday's episode the last one? Because it was awful. I hated the Ms. Meadows character. And why do they call her Ms. Meadows? They called her boss, the publisher's son, by his first name. She was just such an unpleasant character, I couldn't see why they would go to bat for her. If it was the last episode, at least it went out on a kind of happy ending -- they're having boy and girl twins -- although I kept wondering if Leslie was far enough along to have an ultrasound that determines the sex of the baby. I kind of hated that this show came up with "God squad" and pushed it as though it was something original. There was a column called "The God Squad" written by a priest and a rabbi in my local paper for years. I liked Jay R. Ferguson when he was in "The Real O'Neals." I hope he finds another show.
  14. Frasier in the Media

    The "Roseanne" debacle is entirely on Roseanne Barr. Personal responsibility and all that. We might soon find how what would happen with a "Frasier" reboot: 'Frasier' Reboot Being Explored by Kelsey Grmmer & CBS TV Studios
  15. S01.E07: Majority Rule

    Just rewatched this episode, and, yeah, John's a total douchebag, unrepentant that it was his actions that got the entire landing party in trouble.