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  1. I did. But I posted it in Celebrity News, because I thought it fit better there. I guess it's a "gray" area which thread was best.
  2. Unpopular Opinions: Total Crackpot Thread

    Ron's Wikipedia page says he was born in New York City; so he has a New York accent, in general. However, some New Yorkers also have accents more specific to what part (borough) of the city they're from.
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    This may not be/probably isn't what you're looking for but there's a saying in Hollywood that (paraphrase) says something like, if you're a man in Hollywood who's assertive about what he wants in regards to a project, nobody tends to care; but if you're a woman in Hollywood who's assertive about what she wants in regards to a project, then she's a (B-word).
  4. Unpopular Opinions: Total Crackpot Thread

    Does your TV provider carry AntennaTV? That's 1 of those cable channels that shows reruns of (mostly classic) TV shows (sitcoms plus episodes from the Johnny Carson-hosted era of The Tonight Show) & is usually carried as a digital subchannel of your local affiliate of 1 of the major broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox). In most cities (except here, with our NBC affiliate), the major networks are at the (for example) ".0" position of your local digital channel numbers, with other, usually smaller & mostly cable-only, networks--like AntennaTV--in the positions starting at the (for example) ".1" position of your local digital channel numbers. For example, NBC would be at channel 13.0 on your digital TV box & AntennaTV would be at 13.1 (or 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, etc.) on your digital TV box. If it's carried at all where you live, it should also occupy at least 1 channel number on your cable TV/satellite TV provider. Anyway, if you have AntennaTV, they're carrying what will soon be the "classic" version of Murphy Brown. At least it'll be the "classic" version of the show once the revival version of Murphy Brown starts airing on CBS on Thursday nights this fall. Murphy Brown airs on AntennaTV Monday-Friday nights at 11PM Eastern; Saturdays & Sundays at 5PM Eastern.
  5. Don't Eat That! The Food Recall Thread

    @rcc: As the person who started the thread, I appreciate the comments. I just always thought (especially since I had posted about a fatal case involving a different strain of Vibrio, that shellfish-related, illness-causing bacteria I posted about at the start of the thread, in 1 of the other threads where it really didn't belong, sometime late last year or earlier this year) there should be a place to discuss important food-related news like this. Especially since at least some, if not many, people might have somehow missed hearing about 1 or more food recalls (as you said, you'd only heard about the cereal recall, of all that were posted about before it), & as scary as it may sound, the information about a food recall, &/or cases of food poisoning &/or other food-borne illnesses, may potentially save someone's life if it gets out there where they can find out about it (or, things may go the other way if someone who needs it doesn't get this type of info).
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    So did I. Maybe she's rehashing it in a bid for sympathy, or something, like the paternal side of the Duchess of Sussex's (Meghan's) family tries to by rehashing, or trying to put a new spin on, the same things about her new life 1 or more of them bitch to the (usually British, right now) press about, every week or 2 like clockwork, since she & Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex got married. Personally, I don't see any reason for Roseanne (or Prince Harry's in-laws on Meghan's dad's side of the family) to have brought it up again. I even doublecheked the Roseanne article date, thinking maybe it was from when she originally said the same things. It was new, from earlier this week.
  7. Discontinued Foods You Miss

    After reading this, I went to Walmart's site to check their Cheez Balls/Puffs situation out, again; especially since a lot of Amazon's food prices are ridiculous for 1 package, &/or they make you buy a multiple package configuration (which you usually don't want) to get anywhere near a "reasonable" price per package in said multiple package configuration. I'm really careful when I buy snacks & stuff from Amazon; I don't buy multiple packages of the same item unless I already know I like it or I'm pretty sure I will if it's the first time I'm trying something. Having said that, I have managed to get some OK deals on single package items but I can get really pissed they save the really reasonable prices for PrimePantry members, though I also know that's how they do things. The Balls/Puffs are still listed there for $1.98 each, regardless of whether you want the Balls or the Puffs. But they're also still listed as being out of stock there.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From toofab.com: Fans Rally Behind Roseanne After She Posts Rage-Filled Video About Racist Tweet: 'I Thought the (B-word) Was White.'
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From USA Today: Roy Orbison, 30 Years Gone, Will Tour As a Hologram
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    And that many, if not all, employers have begun asking for the passwords to, & examining a job applicant's Social Media accounts, looking for inflammatory content like the molestation & pedophilia comments ("jokes") that got Gunn fired from his directing job on Guardians of the Galaxy 3.
  11. I think all of that about John du Pont may have actually come out a few years ago, when the movie Foxcatcher was released. Steve Carrell played him & received an Oscar nomination for Best Lead Actor for his performance. And Strauss, the Ohio State doctor, actually already killed himself; the article I linked said he did it back in 2005. I don't know what, if any, connection there was between his suicide & whether or not he actually did the things that he's recently been alleged to have done by former athletes (& that Jim Jordan, the current--& apparently very powerful--conservative Republican Congressman representing the 4th district in Ohio, is alleged to have ignored while he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1987-1995). But I honestly have the feeling Strauss' suicide is probably connected to what's been alleged recently, in the way that other alleged or actual criminals decide to commit suicide rather than face the legal punishment they deserve for their actions.
  12. You'd think that the UK would have enough homegrown celebrities to play the game without asking Meghan's half-sister from Hell to participate. And yeah, I get that they asked her because she's a provocative newsmaker right now, in both the US & the tabloid style journalism practiced in the UK. Plus I'm guessing that she probably gets in the show as being legitimately eligible because her half-sister is now Meghan, HRH the Duchess of Sussex, a member of the British Royal Family (although Meghan herself is still an American citizen, as far as anyone knows, thanks to British citizenship laws apparently stating that prospective citizens/British subjects must live in the UK for 3 years prior to applying for citizenship).
  13. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From CNN: James Gunn Fired as 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' Director After 'Indefensible' Tweets Resurface The Tweets in question included references Gunn called "jokes" to pedophilia & molestation. They were written "years ago" (a more specific timeframe was not mentioned). Gunn's quoted in the article as saying that, when he started his career (in approximately the early 2000s--after working in low-budget filmmaking, Gunn made his directing debut in 2006) he viewed himself as a provocateur, making movies & telling jokes that were outrageous & taboo. He also said that he's previously said publicly as he's developed as a person, so has his work & his humor. Gunn said he now tries to root his work in love & connection & less in anger. He further said, his days saying something just because it's shocking & trying to get a reaction are over. He added: For the record, at the time he made the "shocking jokes", he was not living them out. In addition to the third Guardians movie, it was announced late last year that Gunn was working on a revival of the TV show Starsky and Hutch for Amazon. Last week he had begun teasing other future projects, including an announcement set to be made at the same time as the Sony Pictures panel (tonight) in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Gunn's appearance was never confirmed by Sony. A studio insider told CNN that Gunn was not expected to be part of the panel as of Friday afternoon.
  14. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Actress Maureen McCormick who, of course, played eldest daughter Marcia Brady posted this to her Twitter account, earlier today, about the sale of the house that was used as the exterior of The Brady Bunch's home.