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  1. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Links to See/Buy 3 More Stan Lee Commemorative T-Shirts And Another Stan Lee Commemorative T-Shirt
  2. Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    From ET Online: Chi Talks to ET About Writing the Thanksgiving Ep and Possibly Writing More in the Future
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From Billboard: Billy Idol Officially Becomes a US Citizen—See the Photos
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    From People: Model Kim Porter, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Ex-Girlfriend & Mother of 3 of His Children, Found Dead at Home at Age 47
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Roy Clark was another of the celebrities I was fortunate to be able to meet. This time, as a “civilian”—backstage before a concert he did in my hometown before I became involved with the March of Dimes & began meeting more celebrities than I could count, sometimes faster than my mother (who was my chaperone) or I could count them. Thankfully, like most of the celebs I met, Roy Clark was very nice to a then 7-year-old girl who was attending his concert.
  6. From People: Article on Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Party at Buckingham Palace Admittedly, continuing their relationship after he married Diana wasn’t really the thing to do, but I like the way Charles & Camilla look in the top video screen a lot (though you can’t see all of her gown, which I’ve seen in full length & liked a lot there—fashionistas please Google).
  7. From Harper’s Bazaar (US): Prince William Sent a Low-Key Photo of Himself to Fans Who Wished Him Happy Birthday Sharing because it’s a particularly good photo of the Prince/Duke, even though I’m posting it months later (I just found it). Unfortunately (sort of), it turned out Kensington Palace sent the same pic in response to the fan mail they received marking William’s 35th birthday (he was 36 this year). This article also includes a pic of the thank you note sent in response to the fan mail received on the occasion of Princess Eugenie’s recent marriage to her longtime beau, Jack Brooksbank. What’s notable about this card (& has probably already been noted here) is that, unlike the other cards sent out in response to fan mail received on special Royal Family occasions, the message on Eugenie’s card was handwritten & the card was signed by both Eugenie & Jack. Granted, Eugenie & Jack could’ve just written the message & signed it once then had it printed on the card instead of hand writing each individual card (I once wrote my signature for a card like this, in black felt tip pen, on a piece of white typing paper & it was transferred to the card in the printing process).
  8. Small Talk: FYI

    Pat would love this...NOT! (Maybe he’d just cringe & ask “Why?”): According to a report I just watched on GMA in the last few minutes, flip phones are apparently making a comeback—as uncomplicated (meaning no bells & whistles that could add charges to a phone bill; especially if a parent’s paying it) primarily safety-related devices for children. Particularly those children who walk home without the presence of a parent/other relative or guardian, or another adult.
  9. Don't Eat That! The Food Recall Thread

    From CNN: Four Types of Duncan Hines Cake Mix Recalled Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
  10. From ABC News: Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer, Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence in LA
  11. S02.E01: The Wish

    Thanks for reminding me about “elective”. I’m the kid of 2 former medical/nursing professionals (1 deceased almost 2 years ago), plus I’ve had way more than my share of hospitalizations & procedures myself, so you’d think I’d remember the word “elective”, in the medical/hospital sense, easier. Maybe I can remember it better now, since (finally... sometimes I’m a late bloomer) noticing “emergency” & “elective” both start with E. I thought I’d remembered Mr. Sheen’s surgery was between S2 & S3; I did remember he returned home right before Christmas & there was a picture in various celebrity media sources of him holding a pillow showing the anatomy of the heart, with all the blood vessels. His son Emilio also acted as spokesman for the family during his illness, as I remember. I still find it rather ironic that Mr. Sheen & his character both went through cardiac surgery within about 2 years of each other.
  12. S02.E01: The Wish

    Late to the party, but let’s just embrace the fact that I showed up at all, as they used to say on the last show Ms. Tomlin & Mr.Sheen co-starred in. At some point after this show started (I forget which season they were filming/about to start filming at the time), Mr. Sheen had real life heart bypass surgery during a Christmas break between seasons (I forget how many blood vessels were involved; I wanna say 4) that wasn’t classified as emergency surgery—more like proactive (I think that’s the right word), taking care of an issue before it becomes bigger & more dangerous/life threatening. Having binge watched this ep early this morning, I wondered if it was merely a coincidence that Robert also had heart surgery, or if it was written in because of Mr. Sheen’s recovery period from his real life cardiac surgery. Does anyone know/remember how the cardiac events were connected?
  13. That was an early celebration involving Camilla, his sons & daughters-in-law, & representatives of causes Charles supports, the military, etc. I think it was Meghan’s first Royal Engagement as a member of the family (it was the Monday after Harry & Meghan’s wedding, I think). Harry called Charles “Pa” during his remarks & was stung, or almost, on an ear by a bee when he was speaking about Charles to the invitees, which led Meghan to whisper about it to Charles & Camilla when she noticed it. I found this article about it; it says since this is a “milestone” birthday (he’s 70–personally I’d have waited for the real milestone of 75), there were to be different celebrations throughout the year, sort of like the Queen celebrating her birthday twice.
  14. S11.E06 Results May Vary

    It was the same idea, a small town in New England (New Hampshire), with a very small population of legal voting age, is the first to vote in each election, usually shortly after midnight on Election Day morning; but they gave the town a fake name in this ep & in The West Wing. In TWW, the town was called Hartsfield’s Landing & mentioned in their S3. It had a different name, which I’m confused on the spelling of, in this ep. In reality, we mainly hear of Dixville Notch, NH, in school & wherever (at least I did), but there’s another town, Hart’s Location, NH, which also votes shortly after midnight on the early morning of Election Day.