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  1. She could’ve also introduced herself as “the Duchess’s mother”. She’s got a few choices, I think: Her first (or full) name, risking the person not knowing who she is just by her first (or full) name, without adding she’s the Duchess’s/Meghan’s/Meg’s mom. Or her first/full name, adding that she is the Duchess’s/Meghan’s/Meg’s mom. Or, if she wanted to perhaps be a bit cheeky, she could introduce/could’ve introduced herself as “Harry’s/Prince Harry’s/the Prince’s/the Duke’s” mother-in-law (although the use of “Harry” alone, with neither title—Prince or Duke—could’ve been a “thing”, protocol-wise, depending on how much slack we get on that— like do we have to bow/curtsy, & to whom; or does Doria have to curtsy to Harry & Meghan, etc.?—as a former British colony from the period before July 4, 1776). Also: From The Express (UK): Samantha Markle Compares Meghan to Donald Trump; Calls Her a “DuchASS” This is a few days old. I think it was published when they said Samantha compared Harry to “a hamster/a ginger hamster”, but I missed it.
  2. Yeah, like, “I’m your (half) sister. Why wasn’t I invited too?” Seriously, though, it’ll be interesting to see what kinda rant she gets into over the book. It’s apparently already out on this side of “the pond” (& I suppose the other side too), & I’d swear GMA said this morning it’s already a best seller (which the half-sister from Hell’s book—if she gets it done—presumably never will be). Go Your Royal Highness (even though it’s not really your book)!
  3. Stepping in here, regarding the bolded, because I’m not sure if some clarification on “Cracker Barrel” is needed here or not. If it is, if you’re familiar with the Cracker Barrel Country Store (& Restaurant), this mac & cheese isn’t made by them, though they do serve mac & cheese in the restaurants & they also have some products available for home consumption that, I’m fairly sure, are sold in other stores besides Cracker Barrels. The Cracker Barrel mac & cheese being discussed is a relatively new product available many places, or wherever, you can find other brands of mac & cheese. It’s another mac & cheese product by Kraft (besides the kinds in the blue boxes—they put the microwaveable cup version of the original blue box product in blue cups/boxes as well; they also had a kinda short-lived frozen version of the blue box kind some years ago), using various varieties of their Cracker Barrel brand cheeses. I knew those from when I was a kid—from all those Kraft sponsored TV specials aired mostly around the holidays, which would include commercials showing how to make various kinds of usually holiday/party foods using Kraft products, & the recipes would usually be printed in TV Guide the week the special program aired—though, until the mac & cheese commercials started airing fairly recently, I hadn’t heard of Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese in so long that I thought it was no longer being produced.
  4. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From USA Today: Tim Conway Recovers From Brain Surgery As Family Fights in Court Over Comic Actor’s Care
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    From USA Today: KISS Announces Final 'End of the Road' Tour, Promises to Go Out with Many Explosions
  6. In this article (which is from 2011), & at least a few other articles, it’s alleged Julie told her then-co-hosts on The Talk “My husband can fire your asses anytime.” This was about the era, if not the time, it was decided that original co-hosts Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini wouldn’t return for S2 (& a 3rd original co-host I remember, Marisa Jaret Winokur, from Hairspray, had her role reduced for awhile, after which she also parted ways with the show). Les Moonves speaks in this article about Julie Chen allegedly threatening her co-hosts with that phrase.
  7. I’m not sure when the new season starts, but TLC’s been airing old eps in the very early AM hours (like at least 5-7AM Eastern) lately. Today’s were from 2016 & were about Halloween when Will was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Zoey was Minnie Mouse, & she had to go to the pediatrician & get a checkup & 4 vaccinations, & she got a crush on her doctor, or so Bill thought. Then they kept trying to take more candy than they were supposed to during Trick-Or-Treating. Then they went to New Orleans with nainai & grandbaba because Jen had a speaking engagement & they saw the sights, ate beignets at Café Du Monde; Bill & Jen revisited a psychic they apparently had visited some years earlier; & Will, Zoey, & their grandparents met 1 of the people responsible, somehow, with Bill & Jen eventually getting to adopt Will. The other episode was about the kids’ lemonade stand at nainai’s house while (I think) they were having a yard/garage sale of their stuff because the grandparents were moving back to Florida. I keep hearing commercials for their new season where Bill says Will’s been asking about China. So it looks like (among other things), whenever the new eps start, the family’s taking a trip to China.
  8. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    Why is Robin only on for what seems like once a freakin’ month? It’s like, she goes on vacay for at least a week, then comes back for at least a week, then disappears again, without George, or Michael, or anybody else at least giving the standard “Robin’s on assignment” excuse for her absence, then when she finally comes back she may only be on every other day or something. I don’t believe she’s having any health issues, like what caused her stem cell/bone marrow (I forget which) transplant from her sister, Sally Ann. She just seems to get more time off than the other anchors (like Scott Caan gets written out of 1 episode of Hawaii Five-0 for every 5 episodes Alex O’Loughlin appears in per season). I think if I were the other anchors on GMA, I wouldn’t be very happy if Robin’s getting what seems to be so much more time off than they are, without any real reason for it.
  9. Sharon became a “breakout star” (like pretty much the rest of her family who wasn’t already famous, like Ozzy was) of the MTV biographical reality series about the family (except for their daughter Amy, who prefers to stay out of the public eye), The Osbournes. From that, she got a syndicated daytime talk show, Sharon/The Sharon Osbourne Show (which may have had to end rather abruptly, due to her colon cancer diagnosis during the show’s run) & a higher profile as a celebrity than she previously had. Plus there’s her outspokenness on different issues (I believe like on Julie’s husband’s situation) when she feels it’s warranted. Those factors combined are how she did it—got where she is.
  10. I have to say, my favorite parts of Matthew winning & his speech were his references to getting a son from the experience of being in The Americans (& hoping the little bugger—I guess Sam’s 3[?] now—was asleep); his calling Keri “Keri Lynn(sp?)” & promising more to come, & her adoring (& other) looks in response to Matthew’s comments.
  11. I know what you mean in the bolded (that 2 hosts are having/had spousal-related issues), but until Julie Chen resigned/was made to understand that if her husband left, it would also behoove her to, there were actually five hosts of The Talk: Julie, Sharon, Sara, Eve, & Sheryl.
  12. From USA Today (& Multiple Sources): Julie Chen Expected to Announce Today That She’s Leaving The Talk Following Her Husband’s Resignation As Head of CBS So far, no announcement has been made about her Big Brother hosting gig, but it’s expected she’ll at least remain as host through this season, which will apparently end later this month.
  13. At least most of the women who spoke in the video appeared to be Arabic &/or Muslim.
  14. Awards and Nominations

    And to go along with Matthew’s acceptance speech, we have what’s supposed to be Matthew’s full backstage press conference after winning. It only runs 3 minutes, 32 seconds; It was posted by Variety.
  15. For those who might’ve missed it, here’s Matthew’s acceptance speech, from the point where the Queer Eye guys are introduced & remind everyone of the nominees then announce the winner, all the way through the end of Matthew’s speech. It was posted by the Television Academy (the group who also posts the Emmy Legends interviews online, if you’ve seen those). And here is what’s supposed to be Matthew’s full backstage press conference after winning. It only runs 3 minutes, 32 seconds; the video was posted by Variety.