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  1. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    It seems fairly obvious to me that Michael searching out vampires and werewolves was a protracted interview process for a new vessel. I know that Dean is supposed to be "the vessel" for Michael the way Sam was "the vessel" for Lucifer, but I think the writers got enamored with the idea of the biggest bad of the angels being in the body of a Monster. I think the odds of Michael still being in Dean are nil. He'll probably have some left over memories or Michael radar to move plot along when necessary, but I doubt its more than that.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Tales of Myth & Legend

    I watched the second season this weekend. It seems like they retooled it to make it a different show. They have dropped the documentary/history lessons completely and I don't think they are really doing the origins of folklore anymore. Its all more acting out historic tales of horror/true crime/serial killers. I think overall it was better than season 1. But there were also parts that seemed to take too much liberty with history. It headed a bit into fan fiction based on historical events. Ep 6 was just tonally bizarre. It was heavily comedic. I kept having to remind myself that Jack Parsons wasn't Howard Stark and I wasn't watching an Agent Carter episode focusing on the wacky demon summoning, rocket launching sexcapades of Captain America's dad.
  3. S01.E04: Friday Night Dinner

    It seems to be heading in the direction of Katherine being treated this way because of how the dynamic changed as she had to step and deal with Eddie's alcoholism. I wonder how pregnant Katherine will be when they blame her for how she handles Eddie's alcoholism. That she is flinching when he drinks is seems to point to him getting kicked out of the band when she is pregnant. The birth probably gets him into a program.
  4. S01.E04: Friday Night Dinner

    I cannot stand Delilah. How does forcing the wife of your lover to join you for dinner in front of her kid turn into a magnanimous gesture appreciated by the cheated on spouse and admired by others.
  5. This comes from a perspective of being completely unspoiled for the premiere. And I ignored interviews and such to the point that if I knew Dabb was the showrunner's name, I forgot it over the summer. I really don't think there is a coordinated effort to elevate Sam at Dean's expense. If there is, they suck at it. The premiere was a hot mess when scrutinized but it wasn't a hot mess with a consistent agenda. Pulling apart the there will be no new King of Hell scenes at the end, it comes off as if parts of the production team are working against each other. If Sam is intended to be the greatest and most feared leader ever, they wouldn't have made Kip such a weaselly caricature. That was intentional from casting to wardrobe to dialogue. The two things that are out of sync with that are Cas getting his ass kicked which was a plot point to set up the final confrontation. But even then he had to be beat down by every Demon there, so it underlines they are ineffectual too. Easy for Sam to intimidate when their leader was killed and most of their numbers depleted. The bigger issue was Sam's speech and everyone's reaction to it. It was out of step with who Kip and his demons were. They acted like he scared off Lucifer though awesome force of will. He scared off three followers who followed a Demon who never could have ruled Hell who were defeated by a small army of hunters (relative to the normal Demon fight) I think the speech was more about wanting a moment of epic than about Sam . They sacrificed having it make sense for that. It would have played better if there was more weariness about these petty low level Demons diverting his attention when he had other more important things to do and had Cas rolling his eyes. If Dean had been there, that was how it would have played because that's how they are used to writing Dean and that is Dean's typical attitude. That isn't how they are used to writing Sam. Its also possible that the speech was just a short cut to give a preemptive explanation on why someone jockeying for control of Hell isn't a story they are going to focus on while Michael in a Deansuit is on canvas. So I agree with you. Even if they are doing something on purpose, they will course correct. They can't help it. They haven't even managed to avoid undermining themselves in one episode.
  6. Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    @daxx Huh? Is the universe trying to befuddle my brain with 'Craig'? Yesterday someone was randomly discussing some Craig person who appears to be relevant in DC TV social media. Now you are getting books from the guy? place? In other news, I was happy to find out yesterday that they are doing eight new episodes of Veronica Mars. Apparently there is something that would convince me to get a Hulu subscription. Who knew?
  7. I think the fundamental problem with Supernatural is it lost its sense of humor. It just gradually shed the MOTW and meta and otherwise humorous episodes for repetitive versions of the apocalypse and Angels vs Demons. In OUATs case, its similar to the general decline in number of episodes that the show seemed to be interested in enough to put forth an effort. It slid from good season to good arc to the premieres and finales will be good to a novelty episode to nothing to speak of. Both shows share in that they did/will keep going as long as there is money to be made despite the declining quality and creativity, SPN is different in that showrunners have bailed to do other things, like Timeless and the Magicians. I liked"The French Mistake" and "Fan Fiction" . I actually enjoyed most of the lesser book and convention episodes too. I probably liked it because I found the humor in making jokes about the show and the fandom because it was true enough to be funny. I will agree that its a good thing OUAT didn't go there. But a lot of that is because A&E never showed any sign that they had a clear enough understanding of the show or the fandom to make fun of it without it coming off as malicious. Their tendency to insert characters to reprersent themselves and then live out their hero fantasies vicariously was enough the know I didn't want a meta episode. But OUAT is actually more self referential than SPN at its core. They just stopped at this is a show about characters in a book and skipped the third layer of played by actors on TV. A lot of the problems with the show were that they didn't do a good job of taking the character off the page and make them a fleshed out person. Instead, Regina doesn't get a happy ending because the Author made her a villain. Snow has to have an endless well of forgiveness because the Author made her a hero. The story should have been about challenging those notions. Instead it was a given that was an excuse for any behavior that served the plot.
  8. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    I only remembered this was on half way through. Did they cast an actor for Danny yet or is he still just a collection of text messages?
  9. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    Got around to watching. I dislike Michael running around in a Dean meatsuit. This will never change. It is the last thing I would want to see. I am admittedly projecting my dislike of every storyline where either brother ran around possessed by something and was essentially absent for a portion of the season and then has post traumatic angst when they return. I have a special loathing for when Dean was taken over by the Mark of Cain. So there is that. I think the time Dean has been missing was a misstep. On the one hand, I was relieved that Sam had been out looking for Dean, that he was exhausted and harried, and trying to keep everything going as best he could while still having everyone deployed following up leads. A kneejerk, well he didn’t just give up and never try to get him back this time reaction. On the other, it really bugged me that only three weeks had past. The dialogue is making all the right noises, but it suffers in execution. Mary and Sam don’t look tired. Costuming couldn’t have made Sam’s beard unkempt or eyes bloodshot? The emoting and the dialogue weren’t matching up. It hadn’t been long enough to be truly weary (even if anyone had looked it). I had to google it to get the joke, but Jack mistaking a Rocky quote for Ghandi is amusing. I guess that means that in the AU Rocky Balboa came out before the apocalypse. Whoever decided to edit a scene of Sam coming into talk to Lucifer and asking if he remembered Michael to cut away to a Halloween commercial should be strung up and then fired. You don’t mess with the flow of your show like that to set up a commercial. FFS, can I hope they didn’t do that when it aired in its normal timeslot? The persona they’ve settled on for Michael in a Deansuit is not working for me. They are trying too hard to make it clear that this isn’t Dean Winchester. We saw this Michael last season, why has he suddenly regressed a hundred years in his fashion sense and speech patterns. That or someone answered “what do you want?” with “I’d like to see Newsies”. Also, “what do you want” is an off-limits question to drive this story arc. It makes my brain go to Babylon 5. It makes no sense that Lucifer’s host is alive. It makes so little sense that I wonder if they’ll bring back Lucifer somehow. Or there needs to be an example so getting Dean back after XYZ nonsense happens isn’t the biggest cheat of what happens to a meatsuit when a Demon/Angel vacates. I actually like that they have a bunker full of rebels with the exception of Mary who doesn’t really add anything good to the show. Its at least a different dynamic and less repetitive than the usual for a while. A couple people to get to know and who might actually be in real jeopardy and suffer actual consequences is not a bad thing. Star Trek had red shirts for a reason. I do get the sense they will conveniently forget that AU Bobby isn’t Sam and Dean’s Bobby. The choreography of the fight with Kip and his demons was the dumbest I recall on this show. Slow Mo plus enhanced sound effects, just stop it. And its going on forever. I’m of two minds on the ‘there will be no new King of Hell speech’. I would love to see a clip show with “unseen” footage of all the times Dean and Sam have walked into a room declaring that X wasn’t ever happening and anyone who disagreed had to go through them with a progression and variety of reactions. That’s how I’m explaining it in my head because it didn’t really work. It could have worked because Kip was cast and written as a demon who clearly couldn’t rule hell and Sam was scaring like three demons who were still alive and were weak enough to be following Kip. The problem I had with it was the reaction it got from Cas and the others. It was too awestruck. And it was too serious in the delivery. There should have been a little exasperation in there. Basically, I have to deal with you morons who couldn’t rule hell for five minutes when I have more important shit to do like find my brother.
  10. Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    I'd suggest a food costume. Lasagna specifically. But it would probably just end up with you having crypt sex with Garfield and then hatching a plan to sacrifice Odie to curse the Charmings and Nermal to live in eternal Mondays.
  11. S01.E03: Save the Date

    The root of this is most likely Eddie. My guess is that Eddie poisoned the well before they ever met Katherine. She probably missed a few get to know you functions because of work. Eddie likely played the victim in his unhappy marriage and she was met with a polite but distant chilly welcome and Katherine wasn't the personality type to be able to overcome it and make a friendship. Maggie is probably getting the Insta inclusion welcome to underline this. Something else was going on to keep Katherine on the outs. The other thing of note is that Gary likely sent that video because Jon said the wives are off limits. But In that video Jon was defending Katherine when Eddie wasnt.
  12. Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    When I was a kid we made witches heads out of shriveled apples. It's too bad no one watched this show at the end. Now I can't get away with coat hangers as Halloween decorations. My coven would be taken as a very special red neck Halloween or an invitation to hang toilet paper.
  13. S02.E03: Three Words

    So we really should have called this one...two words in the third person i don't know what the three words were but if I hear "the Raptor" one more time, I quit this show.
  14. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    I don't have a problem with the secretaries exactly, but I think they are serving to underline one of the problems with the current incarnation of the series. Murphy has no office. A secretary comes from somewhere in an elevator because its part of the formula. There is no reason for it. Murphy, Frank, and Corky aren't journalists any more. They don't do investigative pieces or in depth, well researched interviews anymore. They are pundits. Its so jarring to have the secretary come down and deliver a message and wacky high jinx while Murphy is sitting on a couch or a table down neat the set. I'm not exactly thrilled that this is what Murphy has become. The only part of this show that is working for me are the parts that Avery is in. Some one said it upthread. Its like there are two shows. One that Avery is in that has an emotional core that comes across real. The other is the trading of bad one liners that stilted and uncomfortable. You'd think that the cast that has a long history together would be what was gelling but its not yet.
  15. I think everything they show is in widescreen format. They filmed it that way originally but didn't render the CGI in widescreen to save money on buying a monitor. Then for inexplicable reasons, knowing the quality would be worse because they didn't to the CGI widescreen, they used the widescreen as a selling feature of the DVDs. Then there was a fire and rats that destroyed some of the original tapes. It would cost them money to put the whole thing into standard again to get the CGI to match up and improve the quality, so they give all the syndication and streaming services (last I heard) the widescreen version.