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  1. S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    That preview was bonkers. They appear to be throwing in every single "its too predictable to be what they will do" into a single episode. Trope city. Totally predictable in every way except for throwing everything into a single episode. I think its probably a fake out but I'm not completely convinced she doesn't succumb to cancer because I'm betting on an eventual Gary/Katherine relationship born of hate and that grows into love because Katherine is helping Saint Delilah.
  2. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    I don't think so but I imagine its because Monitor interfered because its Barry and Oliver being tested. Deegan wanted acknowledgement that he won which is not satisfactory is no one knows he one. Monitor picked Deegan because it was a test and Deegan is they type to want acknowledgement that he won
  3. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    Huh? I didn't really catch any difference in how Flash and Arrow were treating Oliver's character over the last two nights. And neither were particularly fair. YVMV.
  4. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    I'm not kidding about this. During the episode, I was kind of shocked that Arrow shaded Oliver as bad or worse than The Flash did. so I give The Flash a pass on that because his own show doesn't treat Oliver any better. I agree with you. This was a huge misstep for me. With so many of Olicity's past issues being about lying/trust/respect, there was no good reason for Oliver to hide that they were dealing with Freaky Friday here. None. No upside at all. It made no sense. I think the show just didn't want to be repetitive since Barry/Oliver/Iris had just played out that scenario on the Flash. And that isn't a good enough reason. I wish they would stop bothering to force the crossovers to be episodes of each show by swapping out which characters support the action. If they had Felicity in p1 finding out about the switch around the same time Iris did, I think that would have done a lot to fix the issues in the episode.
  5. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    The last part was trying too hard to make jokes and plot happen; but at least it moved along. This part was bordering on unwatchably tedious. It suffered all the same problems as P1 but chucked most of the amusing parts to introduce Batwoman and Gotham. If they wanted to do a Kara/Oliver/Barry adventure, I wish they would just do that with AU versions of the other characters instead of forcing them briefly interact with their teams in ways that aren't organic but instead are stupid, OOC, and in service to plot.
  6. Theories Manifesting

    I do not think they would do it, but it just occurred to me that this show is somewhat perfectly set up for: The plane was stolen by aliens The passengers were studied or modified in some way The aliens invade The passengers are supposed to be their ambassadors They are torn between are the aliens intentions are good or evil Some work with them and others start a resistance If I were show runner, I'd turn season 1 into a prologue for a show like V, Falling Skies, or War of the Worlds. And that may be because I need to update my go to "you think that is out of nowhere and couldn't happen" phrase from "and then the aliens abducted the submarine and took it to outer space" to something more contemporary.
  7. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Yes, I know that. But what about the conversation Stassi and Brittany had in the park with their dogs? It didn't seem extremely clear that she slept with her ex while they were broken up. Not saying it didn't, but it was vague/confusing to me.
  8. S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Every season, every one hates James. I did think it awfully convenient that he renewed his enemy relationship just before filming started. Then Kristen decided to go to war on James over it. I think they scripted a story line to make James and Kristen relevant this season. The one part of this episode I liked was Stassi, her boyfriend, Shwartz, and Jax getting along. I think the inheritance was to maintain the fiction that they are hurting for money to avoid breaking the fourth wall. Once I realized that Jax's plan was to deliver the ring on a tray, I started wondering if he chose the location based on who would be willing to pay a fee to be the place Jax proposed to Brittany. Did anyone catch the details of when Brittany slept with her ex and if Jax knows? I kind of got the impression that Jax/Brittany were kind of sort of back together with him spending time dealing with his Dad's death and her spending time at home.
  9. I don't think that is it. The police and IRS are institutions that have no upside in paying attention now. Say the police investigate and determine Shelley is a captive or dead. The next thing is an investigation of corruption on why people who have approached them for a dozen years have been ignored. The IRS is going to have to explain what changed to change their status, which is nothing. They aren't going to want to admit they were harassed or influenced into capitulation. It doesn't even really matter if everyone involved is no longer there. The blowback against the institution would be enough that it would take a whole lot of pressure or evidence to force them to investigate/reconsider.
  10. Pet Peeves

    I still don't understand why that cowbell SNL skit is heralded as the funniest thing ever. The live action Grinch was so loud in theaters that it gives me a headache to think about it.
  11. It's still up in my On Demand. It's in an additional episodes section.
  12. Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    One of the themes of this show is that in grasping for the Iron Throne they are ignoring the true threat that they ultimately can't defeat but must battle, death. I don't think Jon, because he was resurrected, gets to live beyond mission accomplished.
  13. I apparently didn't connect things in mind as clearly as I thought. Despite knowing all about Thor, Asgard, and Norse mythology, I saw that Marvel was doing an Asgard comic and thought "Marvel and Stargate SG-1 crossover". My google search kicked in faster than my brain did.
  14. Does Bran as Regent for Jon and Dany's baby get around ruling at end of season 8 without him taking the Throne? I've been thinking that fits GRRM's writing process. Have Jon die while successfully halting NK's move South but not completely defeat him. Have Dany defeat Cersei and then die in childbirth. The baby has enough goodwill and powerful supporters because of his parentage to keep him as the heir and Bran is installed as regent until the kid is old enough to rule because no one else is left and Bran is expected not to usurp the throne and is expected to nip all scheming in the bud because he's the 3ER. Where the writing part comes in. Turns out the baby is the Prince that was promised and reincarnation of Azor Ahai. It turns out the books (that will never be finished) are a prologue to explain how Azor Ahai was reborn setting up another book series (that will never be written).
  15. Once I got over the horror of there being 79 new Christmas movies airing I actually read this article. Actually, I read only the "contains" section in solidarity with the poor sap that realized that there was no way anyone was reading all those official summaries and took the bullet of reading / watching enough to summarize in two to four phrases what was going on. I kind of like the random "Snake Plissken as Santa", "plush suit, murder" , "no Lindsay Lohan", "One Tree Hill reunion" which just screams please, its too much, make it stop. Made me wonder how OUAT would come across summarized in a couple of phrases per episode. Anyway there is also a Christmas movie version of Snow White in that list.