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  1. S03.E04: Vietnam

    If I wanted to watch a series about war, I would do that. There are many things I hate watching and the worst for me is war stuff. I didn't watch this episode. You have so many interesting characters with great potential of stories and you keep insisting to show us only one character (a dead one) and his life 47 years ago. I mean, who cares?
  2. S37.E03 I Am Goliath Strong

    Jeremy said in interviews that Angelina and John have a showmance. If this means that Kara-Dan and Angelina-John will be the strong alliance that goes far, I'll be hugely disappointed.
  3. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    But woudn't our world be better if people were more responsible about bringing kids to the world with low chance of them being there to actually raise them? Something that happens despite being wrong doesn't make it less wrong and it shouldn't be easily accepted in society just because it happens.
  4. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Well my dad was an alcoholic and I had a really bad childhood, he was always fighting with my mom and I would cry in my bed every time he was drunk. So yeah, I have no idea of fathers who treat their daughters as princesses. Seeing there are women who adore their fathers is really weird for me and it sometimes makes me jealous. I think this is human behavior.
  5. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Thank you! I am not good at remembering things but I kinda remember that she persuaded Randall to become a stay at home dad so she goes to work in the first season. I don't get how it's said she is working in this firm for 12 years. Maybe they count in the years before she had the kids?
  6. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    So in your opinion it's OK to condemn a kid (your own kid) to become an orphan really early in its life?
  7. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    The worst thing about this show is that I get jealous of how these three people feel about their dad. I can't relate, sadly. It makes me wonder how my life would be if I actually had a caring dad who didn't make my life miserable.
  8. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I don't consider Kate that mature. In fact I am sure that whatever she does in her life is to provr to her mother that she can do these things despite her weight. I bet she knows that her insisting on having a baby of her own putting her life in danger is wrong but she doesn't want to accept that her mother could be right that her weight is indeed a problem. Her mother had everything, a loving husband and her own kids, that's her competition and that's what she is trying to achieve. I think that if Toby could talk to her in a simple and sensitive way, she would realize she doesn't need to do that to prove anything to anyone and she can be totally happy with an adopted child.
  9. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Her clothes alone must be very expensive. They must be made on demand and each of them must cost a fortune. All clothes for overweight people even in stores are overpriced, let alone the ones that you should buy the cloth and make the tailor make them for you.
  10. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Doesn't she occasionally sing at various places?
  11. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Sure, weird things happen when it has to do with pregnancy and health issues that can't be explained. We do hear every now and then a perfectly fit and healthy 20 year old dying of heart attack or a really overweight woman having 5 kids. But is this the norm? How many people actually live with constant health issues taking medicine for years and years and in the end they die young cause of them? I guess way many but we never hear about them because, well it's normal and expected. I am sure Kate has heard many times in her 38 years of life that her weight will not keep her healthy for long more. I am almost 38 myself and with half Kate's weight (I guess) and I have doctors yelling at me all the time and looking at me in a mean and heartless way about my weight. It's not normal that Kate acts that surprised when she hears that at her age and with her weight the doctor does not want to proceed with IVF. I would never get to the point to ask a doctor to do that, let alone being surprised about it. And she was wondering whether her weight was the reason she lost the baby. I find all this behavior bizarre.
  12. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I only watched the episode today and I have to comment on this. I think that all overweight people' lives are surrounded with their weight "issue". How you wake up, what clothes you will choose to hide the extra weight, how people will look at you, how you feel about yourself. I don't think that obese people ever forget about the weight issue. It comes up all the time. I got to know it. Also I don't know if anyone will read this cause you all must be in next week episode's discussion but I have to say that I find Kate delusional. There are women half her weight who have trouble getting pregnant and they find it normal. How can she possibly not see that she is way too obese to even be healthy, let alone getting pregnant and having a baby and raising it? I understand her need to be a mother but I find the time she is spending chasing a ghost really moot. The doctor was really soft with her critique the first time. I have heard way worse things from doctors about the need to lose weight. And then calling her back and giving her a 10% to get pregnant? I don't buy that. Or maybe they just want the money that comes with it. Kate needs to stop thinking she us a normal person who is entitled in a normal life. She isn't. I don't mean to be fat shaming people, I am obese myself, but realistically she has to see that being obese she can't expect to have a totally normal life. At least she has a husband who loves her, she has a job, she has people around her who care for her. A pregnancy requires fit and healthy people. How can she expect to have a pregnancy being that overweight?
  13. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    I love Gabby (my winner pick) and Christian alliance and oddly enough I had predicted it before the season started together with Elizabeth, they make a really smart and strategic team. Christian is one of the most authentic people I've known and in the most lovable and akward way. Natalie really thinks that she should not be voted out because she is the oldest woman? What kind of sexist bizareness is that? Seriously though, davids need to start winning something. I liked the same challenge for both reward and immunity, it gives us more time to get to know the players.
  14. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Ah ok. I am sorry then.
  15. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    I am not too sure he did it for that reason. People who choose to align with young blonde women just remind me of Russell who wanted his idiot blondes to take to the end. I am not sure his intentions were that pure. There are many people of all ages he could find a reason to relate to but he chose the young blonde.