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  1. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    I don't like Dom and I think he was a bullying type. I am very happy he didn't win. I had picked Laurel and Wendell before the show started as my favorites and I am happy the one of them was the winner and the other one was the one to determine the winner. I like it when best strategists win but imo Dom was unlikeable and fake. Whenever he was trying to be soft and sweet with someone I thought he was condescending. Like he was playing a role. It's weird that I never realized I actually picked the two African American people and it's interesting that I did and that their bond was what determined the winner. :)
  2. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    I didn't mean that women don't care to play the game thus gather wood rather that the women are more likely to stay at camp and cook and then wash clothes or do the dishes. Men due to being stronger are expected to go gather wood and cut it for the fire. So a woman who will start searching for wood on the first day will immediately be a red flag that she's looking for the idol.
  3. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Well Sarah played a similar game and she won. I agree with Brent Wolgamott from Rhap; the hidden immunity idols are placed this way as to be found by men rather than women. It's rare that a woman will go for fire wood or if she does it will be a sign she is looking for an idol. I don't like hidden immunity idols to be honest. It would be better to have one idol in one random reward and only when it's played to put it in another random reward. But let it be really unexpected and random like in a bottle or in the handkerchief. Then it will be fair. And stop it with advantages already. I like the wtf moments but it's not worth it when the whole game changes.
  4. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    I'm sure that all jury members got to speak but it was not shown which I find ridiculous and disrespectful.
  5. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Was this the first final tribal council where half the jury didn't even speak? I think Jeff has started getting tired with Survivor. It doesn't make sense to have a jury and not show them even ask at least one question each or make one comment. It doesn't make sense to speak to only 5 people in the "reunion show". I mean, he disregarded last season and this season but we are expected to watch next season and the seasons to come? When even the presenter and producer of the show does not even care for it? What a joke...
  6. S36.E09: The Sea Slug Slugger

    I think it's really predictable that the next episodes will be all about taking out the "strong players" (Michael, Wendell, Dominique) and then only people who have next to zero confessionals will raise from the dead to go to the final three. I don't find myself caring about this season that much. While I enjoy the "wow" moments after an idol or an advantage having been played, I think all this has to do with mostly luck and I don't like Survivor having that much to do with luck. I feel I miss the strategy.
  7. S36.E08: Fear Keeps You Sharp

    Is there a reason some people pronounce this word that way? I have heard it from Jessica Lewis on the podcast of RHAP and she's never corrected so I guess there is some reason to say it that way? I didn't appreciate the super much screen time of Dom and Chris. I understand it was part of a storyline but there are people who have been voted out and didn't even have half of this screen time. And I hate it that we'll spend at least 4-5 minutes on the reunion talking about this where both Dom and Chris will be like "yeah we've talked things through and we are ok now, not a problem" and Probst will insist "come on, give me something here" but they won't and we'll hear nothing from half the cast. So annoying. I hate both Chris and Dom and I don't care about their feud. They threw their game in the garbage just cause they feel they are more manly that the other. Grow up, it's a game for one millions dollars for god's sake! So irritating.
  8. S36.E07: Gotta Risk It for the Biscuit

    When you have an unlikeable person you don't vote them out! You take them to the end because they will take 0 votes because .... wait for it ..... nobody likes them! Duh! Such a huge mistake!
  9. I loved this season of American Crime Story. The one with O J Simpson I didn't like that much even though I didn't know the story (I'm not American). I didn't know the story of Andrew Cunannan and I found it fascinating. Contrary to other people I didn't care to watch a series about the murder of a famous person (I don't have the least interest in Versace brand or company) but the building of a murderer was amazing. The actor who played Cunannan was incredible, all these feelings and sentiments he was transporting to us. I love documentaries about true stories so I just loved this season.
  10. S35: Chrissy Hofbeck

    Anyone who bothered to listen to interviews, did Chrissy mention anything about her being accused of hating women? I was expecting Probst to ask her in the reunion but he didn't.
  11. S35.E16: Reunion Special

    Sorry was that the reunion of Season 35 or was it a promotion episode for Season 26? Only 4 players got to talk? Random people from the audience got to talk more than the actual players? What the hell is this? It was not a great season but I'd like to see how the lives of the players are now. Why Probst and Co?
  12. S35.E13: The Survivor Devil

    What I felt this three tribe season gave us was the flaw that the tribe that managed to go intact to the merge (which otherwise would be considered a victory) became the target after merge. I find it weird.
  13. S35.E13: The Survivor Devil

    I'm wondering what went wrong with the players of this season. I mean, we didn't have some racist person or someone like Dan who treated women badly. All people were more or less likeable or at least normal. From my point of view this was a season where most women were really cool and I loved them (Roark, Desi, Ali, even Ashley was ok) but we didn't get to see much from them. This is a reason I don't like Chrissy, because in my eyes she was the reason these women were booted. Other than that I did like a couple of men but I mostly disliked them (I liked Joe and Devon, I disliked Ryan, Ben, Cole, JP). So the combination of these two factors (likeable women leaving early, unlikeable men staying till the end) made this season unbearable for me. I don't even think I'll ever rewatch, just like I didn't with worlds apart (extra reason for not rewatching worlds apart was Mike's voice).
  14. S35.E12: Not Going to Roll Over and Die

    I don't really trust the edit. Mike Holloway said on RHAP that the moment he was shown walking to the well listening in the people who were talking about him (don't remember the names) was from 10 days ago. Even if Ben suspected they were thinking about voting him out, a good alliance member first tries to discuss it and then moves to great changes. It's easy for Ben to betray his allies and treat them badly. What makes him different than Russell Hantz then?
  15. S35.E12: Not Going to Roll Over and Die

    Plus, as Rob mentioned in RHAP, Lauren could have given Mike a random shell and pretend it was the one that matches the idol. How could he have known the difference?