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  1. Judas H. Priest! Shitstreaks with Gomer Gravel - horrendous. I clicked over just in time to hear screeching, shrieking, jumping up and down and laughing hysterically about skin tags. They were supposed to be selling lipstick. *click*
  2. What's up with the sleeves on Beach Blanket Bimbo's Mrs. Roper getup? I wasn't too impressed with that Mitch Stone hair goop. It looks like something used in 1960's Nashville and by beauty pageant rejects like La Douche. Plus, I can't stand men who giggle. It's annoying and juvenile and makes them sound stupid.
  3. I just saw that. She said the slit on the side of a duster was egregious. What a dumbass. Yo, Shitstreaks! Your hideous shooties are an egregious choice in footwear. Your hairstyle is egregious. Your earrings are egregious. You are egregious. Egregious definition - outstandingly bad; shocking. "egregious abuses of copyright" synonyms:shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous; monstrous, heinous, dire, unspeakable, shameful, unforgivable, intolerable, dreadful. The Q used "an egregious error of judgment" when they hired the Shittish.
  4. Last night, dare I say it, Shitstreaks looked almost normal. Her hair had been brushed and styled and the rat poison had apparently worked. Her outfit wasn't hideous. However, she was wearing those disgusting peep-toe stinky boots. Tonight, her hair looks like if she brushed it, it might look normal. Might. She's wearing some really stupid looking high-water jeans that looked like they escaped from 1973 and, of course, earrings that could be used as caissons to anchor a one hundred story skyscraper. And the requisite stinky boots. I really think these hosts are punking us. Jilly Bean has her white pants, Caroweeble has her metallic mules, and the Shittish has those reeking stinky boots. I think it was @kittygirl who coined the phrase, It's a Loathe Story.
  5. @stoneforest - Your view of the world through your artwork and prose is terrifying and hilarious! I applaud you! True! And she's clean. Unfortunately, it looks like she couldn't control herself and chopped off her hair again. Those elf ears! That dress would be perfect if it covered her knees.
  6. QVC

    Diva's cookbook is published by Ballantine Books and sold through Random House. It's a real book, not something slapped together by Q employees. Unfortunately, it's still full of crap. I'll stick with MamaCarpeDiem's beatup version of Campbell's Soup Recipes I inherited if I want to do that kind of cooking, thank you very much. Comfort Food Shortcuts: An "In the Kitchen with David" Cookbook from QVC's Resident Glutton
  7. @RubberbandGirl - You rock!
  8. No kidding! Everyone's congratulating Diva like he's the first man to give birth. It's nauseating. 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢 Freaking merge! Bish-coa-tee! Arrgghh! I just can't with these clowns! Why am I watching this crap?
  9. OMG. The Q has now managed to destroy that nice Lock-n-Lock Lady, Chris. She's screaming about some damned glass pan with a lid. There he goes again acting all grateful - they've sold 60,000 How To Clog Your Arteries With Very Little Effort Cookbooks. 52,000 during Stuffing Your Piehole. Diva must be getting a good cut of the profits. He's practically drooling and it ain't over that food. Judas Priest! That potsticker OAP's voice is obnoxious! As are her carl (Blabby speak for coral) fingernails.
  10. Diva acting all humble and grateful because he's already sold 53,000 How To Have a Heart Attack With Five Processed Foods or Less Cookbooks is making me want to slap him. And I used to like David. Lately, he just is too punchable.
  11. Why is that bossypanted hag, Caroweeble, co-hosting Stuffing Your Piehole today? She's totally obnoxious! Does it take two obese hosts to convince people to buy a Processed Foods for Fat Unhealthy People Cookbook? Caroweeble has hogged down about 2,000 calories so far. No, Diva, spraying olive oil on a disgusting looking fried banana concoction doesn't make it healthy. Diva - "Do you like potstickers?" Caller - " No, I don't". Love it!
  12. Looks like Ralphie in A Christmas Story.
  13. At first I thought @Booney had photoshopped a dead rat into Shitstreaks hairdon't but, upon zooming in, it's her actual hair. Gak! How can she stand to not comb or brush her hair everyday? The daily hair washing and showering at this point is a lost cause.
  14. Home Shopping Network

    I'd never watched these Beekman characters on Evine. Out of curiosity, I turned on the Ho to see a Hee Haw version of the Philosophy bowl o' suds. These guys look like rejects from that cheesy "Just For Farmers dot com" dating site.
  15. I assumed she was referring to either: Watching porn Watching some British show she can't possibly understand Reading The Daily Mail for news about the Royals and the Kartrashians