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  1. I did feel like there were times when Jackie used the "she's my sister" card to insert herself into Dan and Roseanne's marriage in a way that was just inappropriate.
  2. S02.E03: REWATCH: The Freak Show

    I kind of love the scene. She recognizes that she looks crazy, recognizes the relationship is now over and quietly leaves after he reveals the box just had some old childhood items in it.
  3. The Golden State Killer seems absolutely terrifying. That he called some of his victims after the fact to essentially terrorize them all over again is just so horrible. Sarah, I had considered buying McNamara's book, but was curious about something. If McNamara hadn't died in the way she did, is it a book you think you would seek out? I know you mentioned it felt like the book needed more editing. Also, for someone like me, who likes true crime, but dips in and out of it, are there any particular podcasts that you like? Aside from The Blotter Presents, of course!
  4. S09.E14: The Beefcake & The Cake Beef

    I think the case actually weighs free speech or the free exercise clause against Colorado's public accommodations law. The Supreme Court decided about thirty years ago that a facially neutral statute could stand even if it imposed on a group's religious practices, so I don't think the baker is arguing that his religious freedom trumps the law. He's arguing about compelled speech, and seeking to carve out an exception to the law. I didn't particularly like the plotline because it seemed as though the writers fundamentally misunderstood the wedding cake case, and seem not to understand that there's a difference between a baker refusing to serve a protected class and a baker declining to decorate a cake with a certain phrase or political slogan. I also don't really get the deal with Grace's assistant. He vanished for multiple episodes without a mention only to suddenly show up again like he was never gone.
  5. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    I think he was a spoiled little boy who grew into a spoiled, petty man. His parents clearly set a terrible example and help bring him up with warped values. However, I don't recall either of his parents suggesting murder was the way to accomplish your goals. I fully believe whatever rage he felt was simply a reflection of his own, finely honed narcissism. He believed his own hype, and decided that he was entitled to start murdering people in order to get what he wanted, whatever that might have been. He deserves no sympathy, and if I were the families of his victims, I would truly wonder where they are going with all this, and what they hope for the audience to take away from this series.
  6. S19.E16: Dare

    The episode made me so angry. No, a doctor cannot decide for herself to presume consent for organ donation. No, it doesn't matter if the organ is going to an adorable child (and there would absolutely be no way a potential donee would be testifying at that trial, as it's not relevant and extremely prejudicial). And no, the parents are not selfish for not wanting their dead child's illegally harvested organs to be donated. I couldn't even when the father of the dead girl took it upon himself to apologize to the other family (and even worse, he apologized on behalf of his wife when she didn't even want him to engage them.) Flames on the side of my face!
  7. It is! I'm glad to see she wasn't permanently shunned by casting agents after appearing in late stage-90210.
  8. Whenever I see that scene, I think what was wrong with Sally Kirkland for that to have been the best take they had of that particular scene. I don't know what it is, but it's like she decided the best way to handle the character was to go over the top. If it was real life, I can't possibly imagine someone agreeing to take in someone else's kid without having their spouse on board with the situation. Roseanne was extremely lucky that Dan eventually agreed to the plan.
  9. I really do love it. I now look forward to the later Season 9 or 10(!) revelation regarding Samantha. "Steve, I'm a ____________" DUH NUH NUH NUH DUH NUH NUH NUH NUH
  10. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    I'm just going to note that plenty of people from backgrounds much worse than Andrew's are able to overcome those obstacles and make it in life, or at least they don't resort to becoming serial killers. As portrayed by the show, Andrew wanted everything handed to him and did not want to work for it. He's been shown to be a lazy, spoiled liar who becomes violent when confronted over his mistruths, or when his vision of a perfect life is threatened. His parents may have played a role in making him what he was, but ultimately the choice was Andrew's. I just can't countenance the idea that he had never had the chance for something different, because they've shown he very clearly did.
  11. S01.E01: Pilot

    There are some decent actors, but the show itself is eye rolling. I understand fully that this type of show is not meant to be realistic, but I think my main question would be: Why would you have two of your most inexperienced attorneys first chair what appeared to be a prominent terrorism trial? And I'm fairly certain naive, but good hearted lawyer's entire line of questioning to the park ranger who arrested her client would have been stopped the moment she started testifying in question form. I also tend to think smug jerk lawyer's calling of the ship captain as a witness would never have gotten off the ground since the guy appeared to have no relevant testimony and existed solely to bait naive, but good hearted lawyer into her rant.
  12. S02.E18: The Wedding

    At some point, I fully expect to see a flash forward that is nothing but Pearson graves, probably all with the same death date as the show then does a season long mystery about how it is that the entire (currently living) clan died on the same day. I really am thinking the show spends too much time wallowing in either death or the promise of something equally horrible befalling the family.
  13. S01.E03: Borderline

    I think it's more that Annie wants a judge to grant custody, so she has to show why her living situation is better for Sadie than Sadie's father's home. If her living situation is one where her kid is left alone a lot of the time, particularly if it's a situation where the kid is injured badly because he was left alone, that's something a court is going to frown upon. But you are also right in that the kid is old enough to where the court will weigh what they want when making a decision.
  14. S01.E03: Borderline

    This is something that kind of bugs me in general about the character. I feel at times like she is too dumb. Syncing her phone to the stolen car, and drinking heavily on the same day she had the appointment with the CPS lady just seem almost purposefully stupid. I also kind of felt like Christina Hendrick's character was a little too old to have such a poor understanding of how credit scores work, particularly when you are married to someone who likely has a terrible one.
  15. It's amazing to me that Fallon immediately takes Cecil Colby's word for it about all the bad things her father has done. Even though she knows Jeff and Monica are plotting against her, she never even stops to think that Cecil might not be telling her the truth. I just rolled my eyes at Steven's whole storyline. I feel like that Steven's lie about being Ted's "partner" is the kind of lie that would fall apart pretty quickly if anyone had bothered to ask even the most basic of follow up questions.