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  1. I think some of the wardrobe choices they make for the characters are honestly bizarre. The tan mullet dress with the man's oxford style shirt was just weird, particularly for the office. And the funeral choices, with putting Diana is that huge oversized pink coat, or Kelsey in some poorly fitted pink mess that made her look twenty pounds heavier than she actually is. I also think Liza's really not in a position to be negotiating anything. The show is kind of all over the place on the topic, but if it comes down to it, it's not like Liza can just walk away to another job. At some point, her ruse would be found out. I don't think they would care as much at Empirical, as Liza has built up a lot of good will, but a new job may not be so understanding.
  2. I think Samantha would get tiresome pretty quickly. I always enjoyed Miranda when she being cynical, and I could relate to the Tivo romance or feeling that the person you order takeout from is laughing at you.
  3. I feel like at this point, Danielle would consider having sex with her dogs before she would ever consider having sex with Cody. I feel badly for both of them. I'm sure the producers pester Cody to talk about this all the time, and it puts he and Danielle in some never ending cycle where they both have to dance around the obvious.
  4. I didn't find the drinking problematic, or at least I never got the impression we were supposed to take it that way. There were certainly episodes where some of the characters got drunk, but it wasn't written like they had a problem. Though honestly, how are the writers supposed to determine if the drinking is such that some viewers might find it borderline problematic? That seems like a pretty vague standard.
  5. I can't imagine the show ever killing off one of the girls. Though it probably would make sense if Samantha dies after being impaled by some kind of phallus shaped object. You are right that a health crisis for one of the husbands seems like a logical step.
  6. I agree the best thing for them was to leave. However, the way the whole thing was handled, with only an hour to checkout, the desperate packing, etc. was just dumb. They acted like it was either leave immediately or pay $22,000.00 when it wasn't. I have occasionally seen articles about how things seem to moving forward, and obviously SJP maintains a close relationship with HBO. I'm just uncertain what stories they would be telling at this point. Sex at 60 for Samantha? Carrie and Big have more boring problems?
  7. I don't know if it's that weird. It's not like they grew up in the same household from a young age where they essentially treated one another as siblings. They are both older teenagers who would be out of the house within a year or two of their parent's potential marriage.
  8. I feel like every season is the season with the retcon about Valerie's dad. From where it starts in Season 5 to where it ends in Season 8 or 9 is just kind of amazing in terms of the retconning that goes on. I'm still waiting for Kelly to turn out to be Val's long lost sister.
  9. It was weird to me that they were two years into their marriage, but neither seemed to have any clue what the other really wanted from the relationship. Did Carrie think that she and Big were going to have non-stop excitement until they died? Did Big think Carrie was just going to become a homebody? Did either actually care what the other wanted? And Samantha was just the worst. I don't believe for a moment that she would have acted the way she did in Abu Dhabi. She was like some crazed stereotype of how a desperate older woman would act when an available man is around. And finally, are you telling me those four women couldn't have afforded to split $22,000 a night? Or that it never occurred to any of them to just ask to downsize to a less expensive room and/or suite?
  10. How interesting. Did they try to make it seem like the couple would get back together, or did they just essentially admit that things were over and the whole thing was being done for time filling purposes? I ask because I honestly don't understand why Cody and Danielle are still making noises like this all could suddenly work out. Cody made a comment on Twitter about how he made a "commitment" before his friends, family and God," as a reason why he hasn't given up entirely, so maybe he's just really, really immature given the circumstances under which that "commitment" was made, but it's just sad to watch.
  11. In fairness, there wouldn't be a show without it! That being said, I agree that we saw the problems that can occur when the boundaries between "mom" and "friend" are blurred.
  12. When I see a couple like Cody and Danielle, I wonder what the contract they sign says about what happens if one of them ends things early by leaving or otherwise announcing that they've made a final decision weeks before the filming period us up. Do they just lose the money they should be paid for that period? Is there a penalty?
  13. Seriously. Diana was the best. She was supportive and actually was trying to help Liza. I also kind of rolled my eyes at Liza making a show of the potential job offer. I understand she said what she said in an emotional moment, but surely she realizes she can't just go off to a new job and maintain her lie?
  14. It's a mixed bag. I did think he was somewhat careless in his gun ownership. A responsible gun owner doesn't leave out ammo or their gun out on a table where anyone can grab it. It doesn't mean he deserved to die or anything like that, but he certainly made it very easy for Shayna to get a weapon and go after him.
  15. I don't agree they should have been interacting the moment Luke found out, but I agree that Luke letting it go on for as long as he did was absurd. It was the worst of all worlds to have Lorelai find out such huge news in the manner she did.