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  1. S01.E11: A Seat at the Table

    This show is totally ridiculous when it comes to a lot of things. For example, Max being diagnosed with a debilitating disease, but having no plan in place for anyone to handle his job while he recovers. And even now, while I like the character of Helen, my impression was that the Medical Director of such a large hospital would likely need years of experience serving in that type of position before being able to handle it. It's not a job you can just step into, while simultaneously running your own oncology practice. Though I guess it does say something about Max's abilities to do his job that his choices to be deputy were either Helen or Bloom, a drug addicted doctor whose issues rival Max's, and Helen seemed to take the job only to spare Max the dumpster fire Bloom would have been in that position.
  2. S01.E11: A Seat at the Table

    I can't believe for even a minute that the hospital would allow someone with her drug issues to continue working like nothing had happened. Didn't she even say she was going cold turkey while working her shift? That's just nuts. I think his son had some kind of drug and/or alcohol problem, along with generalized daddy issues? Wasn't he supposed to be in AA or NA?

    I felt awful for the father. I'm sure he feels that with the rest of the family dead, he can't bear to lose the last remaining connection he has, even when that person is the one responsible for killing everyone else. I also think that survivor's guilt plays a huge role, perhaps with the father imagining that he was somehow to blame for all this because of something he did or did not do for his son. A few weeks ago, I had watched the Find Jodi episode. I think the missing person ones are always the worst, because while Jodi is likely dead and everyone knows it, there is always that uncertainty. I also kind of felt like it was an episode where they might really only have had about 20 minutes of story, but they heavily padded it with the second possible suspect who really was just a red herring.
  4. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    The only thing I can think is they are using the logic that if they go easy in terms of what they eat, they can go nuts on alcohol. It's a dumb logic, and I can't imagine drinking as heavily as these particular guests seem to do, but that is what I could think of.
  5. S20.E11: Plastic

    She was so nonchalant about the whole thing, as though it's totally normal for the police to show up at your home and start tearing through walls in your basement. Because threesomes were a theme of the episode, I was thinking maybe she thought she was going to be in some kind of cop sandwich and she had laced the tea with an aphrodisiac to help everyone get in the mood. I also presume the line where the CeCe asks Olivia if she had ever been with a woman was written specifically for the promos, and the thousand or so Olex fan fiction writers.
  6. S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    I agree. I feel like this is a show where they have the perfect ending lined up, but the network wrongly gave them way too many episodes to get there. So they have perhaps 15 minutes worth of real storyline in a given episode, and 30 minutes of nonsense filler. I think it's a good sign that Rebecca's various dramas may make it so she isn't worth pursuing a relationship.
  7. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Oh come on, it's Below Deck. I'm sure it is the only response the producers will allow the crew to use in response to any given situation.
  8. S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    My guess would be since this was the last episode produced of the season, it was written without reference to the continuing storylines so the producers could move the episode around as needed without creating continuity issues.
  9. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Rhylee is really her own worst enemy. Whatever legitimate point she might make about being ignored for certain assignments, she loses me when she chooses to express her disagreement by engaging in screaming matches that are mostly incomprehensible gibberish.
  10. S01.E10: Six or Seven Minutes

    I'm similarly bad with the names. I had no idea why Max's secretary or the psych guy (or really any of them except the ER lady) was meeting the trauma helicopter. It felt like a very clumsy way for cancer doctor to reveal Max's illness to everyone, particularly when the cancer doctor revealed that the actual trauma team would also be coming to meet the helicopter to handle Max's care.
  11. S01.E10: Crosswinds

    I'll give them credit for remembering that Grandma's death should still be pretty raw for Michaela. And I'm sorry, I just can't with the Danny/Olive/Grace storyline. No Danny, you check with Olive's mother before just showing up at her home based on Olive's invitation. Also, are we supposed to root for Jared and Michaela to be together? When he was talking to Michaela about how she was the one, and that they were soulmates, I just kept thinking that this guy is married to Michaela's supposed best friend. How big a sleazebag is he to be talking that way to Michaela? And is she really so dumb as to not realize that if he is more than willing to throw his wife away like this, there's nothing to stop him from doing the same to her at some point?
  12. New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    One must always kill Supertrain.
  13. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Right, but the suggestion was that the producers were unhappy with Goran not long into his run. My point was that if that was the case, they weren't going to wait seven or so years to let him go. They probably would have done it within the first year. To give an example, on Dynasty, the actress who replaced Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington was not good in the role. She was abruptly written out halfway through the season never to return.
  14. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I don't know. They kept him on the show for what, six or seven seasons? I have to think if he wasn't delivering what they needed, they would have cut him loose and simply brought in another hunky actor to brood.
  15. S02.E10: All Alone

    I thought he was looking to return to his activist roots, so he was planning ahead for future arrests. I think it's all very stupid. On the positive side, I will never not love that you get a slightly used mink coat just for visiting Sophie's house.