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  1. It takes them six or seven months to film 8 episodes and the Christmas special? Do they just have an extremely slow and inefficient shooting schedule? Given, they rarely have ever allowed the father into the room for the birthing process on this show, I would say it would not be the norm to have the father in the room on the bed with the mother, actively participating in the birth, like they did with Dr. Turner. Though in this case, it was a couple that Sister Julienne knew extremely well and she's just mostly awesome, so I can see why she allowed them to have that moment.
  2. I had a similar thought. They made a big deal earlier in the season of Tom not being able to afford a ring for Barbara, so this seemed like a pretty huge waste of money from someone who really needs it for other things.
  3. The group dancing was strange. With the hostility, I think they were trying to show how controlling Bernie was with the family to explain how it could be possible that the family had no idea what he was doing. Though given the magnitude of his freakouts at even the slightest question about his business, you'd think they would be more suspicious.
  4. My presumption was that finding out what Pastor Tim truly thought of her situation left her deeply jaded and cynical about religion. Throwing away the crucifix is only disrespectful if it holds meaning for you. If it doesn't, it's just a piece of jewelry for which you no longer have use.
  5. I feel like it's more that he's willing to take the risk of exposure because he realizes that a successful suicide will bring down a lot of heat on everyone. I also think that with his guilt concerning the lab worker high on his mind, he can't emotionally handle being a reason an innocent teenager commits suicide, so he needs to make sure it does not happen.
  6. I agree the season has been sloppy. The Sister Ursula storyline went nowhere. Sister Mary Cynthia was institutionalized only to return for ten minutes before being sent off to another institution. Patsy left for a number of episodes only to return for two minutes in the final episode. Trixie, Barbara and Sister Winifred were also there. Delia was a non-entity. Phyllis, Shelagh, Sister Monica Joan and Sister Julienne had meaningful moments, but ultimately it felt like everyone was treading water. And seriously producers, rather than have a character vanish for five episodes, lock your actors down for the season with a contract. It's bizarre to me that they don't do that, or if they do, they are way too willing to write main characters out to allow the actors to do other things.
  7. I don't know if it's an insult. I thought recasting Sammy Jo as a gay guy was a clever-seeming twist. As for Alexis, my guess was that she'll be introduced later in the season. I don't think you'd reboot this particular show and not include it's best known character. It would be like bringing back Dallas and not including JR.
  8. I understand what you meant, but Shelagh already was a mom before she ever got pregnant with this baby. I guess? I mean, I understood exactly why Shelagh would choose Sister Julienne to be her midwife because of their history on the show. I don't think the same could be said if Shelagh had picked Phyllis. I did very much enjoy the moment between Phyllis and Barbara when Barbara asked Phyllis to be her bridesmaid. That was very sweet.
  9. I didn't get the impression we were supposed to think Tom got a deal on the carousel. Wasn't that the whole purpose of them showing us that Tom won a very large amount of money? It was a sweet gesture on his part, but I didn't think it was realistic that the whole thing could have been ordered and set up in what must have only been a few hours time. I'm sure it happens anecdotally. After all, the odds of winning the main jackpot in the lottery are such that the vast majority of people who play will never win, but there are obviously people who do end up winning. It would be similar for a woman who is told that her chances to conceive are very low. It doesn't mean she can't conceive, it just means it is more likely than not that she won't conceive. I did wonder why Phyllis seemed to take it so personally (from what I recall, she got teary when the choice was made) that Shelagh chose Sister Julienne to be her midwife. I didn't get the impression Phyllis and Shelagh were close, or that Shelagh had particularly relied on Phyllis during her pregnancy.
  10. I thought his positioning was very weird (and would be weird today), and I'm surprised Sister Julienne allowed it. Honestly, I was reminded a little of the "ceremony" from The Handmaid's Tale where the wife positions herself in a similar position behind the handmaid before the husband then rapes the woman. I was so confused about the woman's death. I thought the issue was she wasn't taking the birth control appropriately (i.e. taking three pills at once after having sex), but they kind of ignored that to just suggest her issues would have occurred anyways. I was happy that Delia and Patsy got a nice moment, but I don't think the show has done that great of a job in making Delia seem real. She doesn't really seem to have much of a personality beyond "forlorn secret girlfriend of more interesting character."
  11. I agree. It was like they were scared that having Madoff show emotion might humanize him and make him seem sympathetic, so instead they went the opposite direction where he's mostly a blank slate. I think aside from that very emasculating scene between he and his son (where he essentially forced his son to eat lobster instead of steak), most of the way he acted towards others within the movie was more about maintaining his Ponzi scheme than how he actually felt.
  12. It definitely gives you a sense of her life that she'll have a better time in prison than living with her mother.
  13. True. I may be just be assigning Joan powers of observation beyond those she actually had. I just liked that face she made after Sal kissed her that read to me as "the gay is strong in this one."
  14. That's true. It may be that Joan simply didn't consider Peggy in that manner, so it would never occur to her that Peggy could be pregnant. I think I was just imagining that even if Joan didn't get it before Peggy gave birth, she'd presumably have some inkling when previously fat Peggy returned to work after a month or two (I don't know if they ever specified how long Peggy actually was out), and suddenly was on her way to being thin again.
  15. I just presumed she was in serious denial. One thing I thought about later was it was surprising that Joan didn't realize what was up (or at least never gave any indication she did). I know she made the snippy comments about Peggy having too much lunch, but there was never anything else. Joan just seemed like she would have been on top of something like that.