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  1. I was thinking that she just didn't want to get them involved in another curse situation. While they aren't cursed, there's also no predicting how this particular curse might effect them if they show up in Seattle.
  2. The only familiarity I had with it was from Winona Ryder's diagnosis in Girl Interrupted. I never knew that there was any significant stigma attached to it. Also, on a shallow note, I thought Rachel/Rebecca looked great in that yellow dress.
  3. It was surprising that Naomi was nowhere to be seen at the hospital. Though maybe she's blaming herself for Rebecca's suicide attempt, and the guilt was too much for her to be able to see Rebecca. As for Paula, I agree that she needs to back off, but not necessarily that she's destroying Rebecca. It kind of goes back to what Rebecca said before. Paula has a husband and kids, and she immediately back burners them for Rebecca's issues. Even though Rebecca treats her like a mother-figure, Paula needs to step back and recognize she isn't Rebecca's mother and needs to serve a more healthy role in Rebecca's life.
  4. Jeffrey Tambor indicates he is unlikely to return to the show in wake of the allegations against him, and the environment he says they have created.
  5. I don't how this mock jury went, but typically, the lawyers will try to go through the entire case, complete with someone playing the defendant giving something that approximates his testimony. It's not just attorney openings and closings.
  6. I'll admit that given some of this woman's prior choices of men, I did briefly ponder whether she had something going on with the garbage man.
  7. I think Jacinda said he had been out of Lucy's life for ten years, so perhaps it was a situation where he abandoned them and lost his rights. Do they still have that rule that people in Storybrooke can't leave the town or they lose their memories and revert back to their cursed personas? It's convoluted, but my impression with Storybrooke was that while until Emma showed up everyone lived the same day over and over (and did not age), but time still passed. So it wasn't a situation where it was still 1983 in Storybrooke, it was the modern day, but for the people in the town it was always the same day.
  8. This might be what you are referring to: "I believe her. I was at work with her the day after what she described transpired. I remember clearly how shaken and subdued Kater was — and continued to be from that day on," Noxon wrote. Though maybe she was more definitive elsewhere, and I missed it. It sounds like Noxon is saying she believes her, but she doesn't seem to actually know whether it happened. What does that even mean? The whole thing is just strange to me. He sounds like a jerk boss, but I'm not sure what exactly happened between he and Gordon.
  9. Does she though? Gordon made some pretty specific charges of sexual harassment, and Noxon sounds more like she is saying that Weiner is a control freak who is difficult to work with, and while his actions could have led to the kind of comments Gordon describes, she leaves it kind of vague as to whether it happened.
  10. I think it's fair to compare the two. This show wouldn't exist without the original show. I will say the original show had plenty of ludicrous storylines: Poison paint, two secret Carrington children, Dueling Krystle's, Randall Adams, etc. I do feel like here we have them trying to rush through storylines instead of taking the time to develop things.
  11. I find it fascinating, if only because the show acknowledges just how co-dependent Will & Grace are at times, and how toxic things can get. Usually they will have some big fight where they point this out, followed by some episodes where they don't speak, and then things reset to the status quo. I mean, I couldn't imagine being married to either of them. I did like that Conan had on Sandra Bernhard given she shows up at some point when Will and Grace accidentally buy her place for *gasp* $1,000,000.00! Foreshadowing? I also thought Kevin's point about Jack being dressed in way that desexualizes him was an interesting idea.
  12. I feel like there are too many characters, and clearly not enough material for all of them to have something to do. So instead of character development, we get shopping montages.
  13. Honestly, I think those are two very different situations. With Hojo's, I think his reaction was because he thought something bad had happened to her, not that he really believed she was going to leave him. So you have relief mixed with anger over having put him through that during the last scene. In Hawaii, they are on vacation and getting along well. He doesn't seem concerned about what she is doing because there's nothing to be concerned about.
  14. I think he was relatively prominent in the second season. There's a great scene between he and Alexis on YouTube where he tries to use sordid tales of her time as a jet setting party girl in the 60s and 70s (after divorcing Blake) to get her to leave Denver, and she turns the tables and eviscerates him. It's actually pretty good acting and writing for that series.
  15. Seriously. I'm surprised Don's next affair wasn't with a salesgirl at Baskin-Robbins.