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  1. I agree. Megan was the easiest possible option. I liked Dr. Faye a lot, but you knew she was done the moment she suggested that he come clean about Dick Whitman. He would never voluntarily give up the life he has, and certainly was not going to keep someone around who thought he should blow things up. Hershey: Your Reward for Helping Hookers Rob Their Johns!
  2. I do feel like we are just supposed to give up on trying to figure out Kate's financial situation. It is a little annoying that a show that tries hard for realism in some areas, just turns around and handwaves others.
  3. I'm not pissed off by him so much as perplexed. His comments about Shawneice being a stranger are mostly true (i.e. they know each other a little better than virtual strangers, but not much), but I do question his attitude towards strangers given he apparently was fine with marrying a total stranger for a tv show. I'm also fully convinced that the clip they showed last week of Dr. Jessica yelling about someone lying to her will be a misdirection, and we'll find out that she was really yelling at a pizza delivery boy for screwing up her order.
  4. I've always been curious about that. My grandmother smoked heavily, and enjoyed her liquor, but none of her pregnancies had any issues. The way people talk about these things now, you'd think millions of children were dying in utero every year or being born with severe defects because their parents smoked or drank during pregnancy, when that wasn't the case. I'm not pretending any of that stuff is good for the fetus, but I do sometimes wonder if we haven't over-corrected. True. Phillip's hobby appeared to be having affairs with other women. Imagine the possibilities if QE2 had been open to it!
  5. According to Wikipedia, co-op boards have been in New York since at least the 1880s. I can't speak specifically as to every building on Riverside Drive, but it doesn't seem like a stretch that a fictionalized version of a building would have gone co-op by the late 1950s.
  6. Without getting too much into it, when my grandfather and grandmother divorced in 1960, my great grandmother, who was wealthy, made all sorts of promises to her daughter in law (my grandmother) about how she was going to help her and her children find a home of their own, which she would help pay for, to make up for what a terrible husband and father her son had been. Long story, short, the "help" never came and my grandmother and her children had to move in with her mother for about two years until my grandmother remarried. And no, the help not coming had nothing to do with my great grandmother not having the money to back up her promises. She had the funds. Everyone in my story is Jewish. My only point being that Jewish families are just as capable as anyone else of doing crappy things to one another.
  7. I did laugh at Grace's need to launch into Sunrise Sunset with Larry, and I really enjoyed Jack acting out everyone's reactions to his being a Lyft driver. The Three's Company rip-off storyline with Larry, Will and Grace was meh, if only because I think the show used to be smarter. Karen, Val and Jack was okay, if nothing special.
  8. I'll note that I'm fully in agreement that if you do not want children with your spouse, you should not have children with your spouse. Having said that, I try to give Daniel Schuler some leeway in what he said about his kids, only because he's been through a terrible trauma and seems to not be coping well. Maybe I need 100 cigarettes now.
  9. If I ever had the opportunity to meet them in person, I'd address them as they wish to be addressed. Otherwise, I don't know how much it matters. I see her called "Kate Middleton" in news stories and magazines in the US, likely because that is how she is popularly known here.
  10. I would change that somewhat to say that Midge wore a mask, while Joel has always been himself. Or at least, my impression was that Midge made real efforts to hide herself from Joel, while he mostly did what he wanted with her support, until he decided he didn't need it anymore.
  11. It was seen as bullying then, and it was not just the way things were. Heck, QE2 herself was alarmed at how this treatment might seriously damage Charles.
  12. I really don't care for Darryl's storyline. I fully sympathize with someone who wants a child or a second child, but has difficulty having one, but I feel as though they are acting like Daryl has no children (even though they acknowledge his daughter), and they have not done a great job establishing why Darryl desperately wants a second child. I feel like this more a storyline so they can justify having the actor around full time, than something that is natural to the ongoing story.
  13. Eh, Law and Order and it's variations repeatedly have had actors show up at various times as different characters without it being a big deal. Heck, Jerry Orbach played a defense attorney before he was cast as a police detective. My point being I'm not really going to fault W&G for having Nick Offerman play a different character nearly 17 years after he did a one off guest spot on the original show.
  14. Her dead mother was not her actual mother, so Benson finds out she is a child of rape once removed sending her world reeling? Or perhaps discovers that she is actually a twin? Maybe amnesia?
  15. My understanding is that it was never clear if the intelligence found was real or Nazi propaganda. And given he still returned to the UK for royal family events through the 60s (he died in 1972), it would seem hard to believe the family simultaneously accepted him at events, while also believing he actively engaged to dethrone them.