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  1. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    Well me and my husband were together for 18 years before getting married two years ago. So shut up Brittany. It's not so unusual. It was so great seeing Prague again. I'm from former Czechoslovakia and spent lot of time there as a kid when my grandpa worked there for a while. Surprised they didn't go to see awesome Orloj clock. You haven't been to Prague if you haven't seen Orloj.
  2. S07.E06: WHAT A RIDE

    Jesus Ryan was high as fuck again. His dear wife was getting angry just like when he was driving high to that awful wedding because he is not supposed to act that way on camera. She just wants to portrait their relationship as this happy fairy tale but Ryan is ruining her narration. He was weirdly talkative like we saw him before when he took something. He obviously doesn't give a fuck as long as his diaper is changed and his dealer is on time. I guess famewhoring still pays well enough and obviously means more to Mackenzie (I hate she has that name as our first sweet doggie was called that name and I don't want him to be associated with this despicable person in any shape and form) than finding normal guy who doesn't do drugs and it's not a danger to her child. I can't wait for this to go all wrong (as we are already seeing) and then she can go play a victim and do a run on all the trashy talk shows to squeeze a little more money out of this shit show. It's fascinating how she is trying to manage him to play "happy and in love" so they can take pictures of their engagement long after their sham of a wedding. I bet she already had them sold to some magazine so he had to do it otherwise she wouldn't buy him more pilses. It seems this couple will provide enough drama and Macy will become obsolete and hopefully cut from the show. Catelynn is delusional if she thinks Carly misses them. The kid barely knows who they are. She definitely can't remember meeting them the first 3-4 years of her life so she probably met them 3-4 times including their wedding that she can have any real memory off. She might only remember them because they send her these ugly clothes in weirdly stinking packages with mysterious glass instruments that her parents immediately throw to the trash. Farrah should take a long hard look at her new bestie Frenchie and stop with her plastic surgeries otherwise she will end up on Botched like Frenchie did. Oh but she already appeared on that so never mind. Another reality show checked off her list. I should go check her Imdb to see everything she appeared in. I wonder if there is separate database for porn or if they just jam it all together. At least she works and doesn't go from one fucked up relationship to another. Or if she does she keeps it private. Thank you Farrah for acting seminormal the last few years. The bar is set very low for these people if nasty person like her seems better than the rest of them. I might actually miss her but not filming might be actually good for her feral turning child who wants to please her mom so she repeats all those nasty things she hears about her grandmother from her mother. Not that Debra is not nasty... seems this trait runs in the family. And Amber took about 3 and half minutes after breaking up with her "fiancee" and "her soulmate" to get over him and find new man. Or maybe he " found" her? It was just couple episodes ago when he was still living with her and trying to get back in her good graces (and bank account). I don't pray but maybe I should start as the upcoming child should be better off to never be born, that's how sorry I feel for him/her. Maybe Gary and Christina will take it in but then Amber cannot seem to care about paying child support for her first child anyway. Leah is lucky if she sees her "birth" mother once a month despite her living only 30 minutes away. That's a pretty huge sum to not give to her Boo, it must be at least a year since Gary seen any money from her. She always has some mental health excuse why she didn't see Leah for months. Stay on your meds and stop jumping from D to D and learn how to be a proper mom! But I guess dogs are her babies now (like she said tonight) - they don't require as much attention, but wait... Her favorite must be the cat, that one doesn't need anything but some food and water and if Amber sleeps too late cat can always catch some spare rodent and find a puddle. Actually after thinking about it some more Amber's very favorite must be a snake as it doesn't need to eat but couple times a month. That would also explain her weird infatuation with Matt despite him having forgot to tell her about his gazillion children. But he just did what Amber does to Leah on regular basis - abandoned them - so it was fine, no harm done... Until he took too many "cookies" from her cookie jar.
  3. Kaiser insurance does this too. I was asked if I would donate few years ago. I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression and insomnia so I didn't even think about it much as I would love for someone figure these things out. Until recently it was just in your head problem and I wasn't able to get disability so I'm now seven years without any income. I hope there will be a day when I will be finally pain free and will be able to sleep without sleeping pills.
  4. S07.E05: HIGH HOPES

    But he specifically said he went to get the follicle test because he knew any heroin detection could be blamed on the fact that the hair can't grow out the part when he was using for a while. Why didn't he also do the urine test at the same time? Because either he knew it would not came out clean or because that was what Macy was asking for him to do in order to be able to get Bentley for a visit and he couldn't care less about that. I suspect both. It is just very convenient excuse to give to his parents why he can't see Bentley. It's all because Macy wants him to show that he is clean but poor him cannot possibly prove that because the hair will show presence of heroin even if he is clean for 6 months. I get next time it will be 12 months and then 2 years. If he really wanted to see his kid he could do couple urine tests in few days apart plus the hair follicle test. Then he could get the visit easily. But Bentley is only a continuing storyline for him and Mackenzie and the chance to be on TV and getting a lot of money. I don't think that Ryan cares about the TV stuff that much (except it provided him with easy money for drugs) but his piece of shit new wife is probably pushing him to talk like he cares about his son just so they can stay on the show. Mac just wants to be on TV and getting nice paycheck while doing nothing (except when she goes wedding dress shopping in Dallas. Why Dallas??? Because they will pay for plane trip for her and her friend, get her nice house to stay in and probably some cash for the dress.) She is milking this for everything she can. Now she even got her own kid on the payroll. She turned 180 from this nice caring girl to this opportunistic nasty snake. (Apology to the snakes.) I'm now 100% positive that she targeted Ryan as a way to get on Teen mom. From the way she rushed the wedding and how she was in the car on the way to wedding while he was driving high as a kite I would not put it behind her that she was probably actually helping him get the drugs. There is absolutely no way that she didn't know about it like she tried to paint at the reunion. The way she was pissed at him in the car on the way to the wedding was because she didn't want his drug use to get out on tv. She wasn't scared of him crashing the car and killing someone, she was just pissed at him for getting high while filming. Any normal person would never let someone high like that to drive or would try to make them stop driving. But there was no hint of fear in her about crashing, she was just really mad that they will be late for the wedding and that she will have to do some damage control because Ryan driving high will be seen. That's why she said "you took xanax" before ripping the camera off. I think she is up there with Matt - nasty, opportunistic grifter and scammer. She played the role of caring mature woman who took care of Ryan but it was just like Matt pretending he cared about Amber. They both carefully crafted their image and their stories, trying to control the situations to their benefits except Matt had too much baggage and it started to come out. We have seen both dropping their masks for a bit and revealing their true self and intentions (Matt at Amber's friends wedding in Vegas). They are both one of the most despicable and horrible people on TV (and I have a lot to compare since I also watch 90 day fiancee and other reality shows).
  5. S01.E03: Shepard Wives Club

    I think the first Priscilla was meant to be Peyton as you have her twice but otherwise you described them perfectly.
  6. S01.E03: Shepard Wives Club

    There is definitely chance that you might catch something FROM Shep but it wouldn't be something you would want.
  7. S08.E00: Chelsea & Cole, A Love Story

    This was a total palate cleanser after Janelle's shit show episode with her collection of random loosers. She is probably throwing a fit saying she won't tape for MTV anymore. Anyone checked her Instagram? Hopefully she didn't get murdered by her "true love" yet. Glad to see one Teen mom girl actually happy.
  8. Me and my husband got married just the two of us, our dog and officiant on the deck on the lake behind our house (the perfect wedding if you ask me, I could wear my regular clothes and my birkenstocks). Our dog's signature was not required :) This was in Virginia but other states possibly don't require witnesses.
  9. Why would she? It's not Nicole's fault that Azan made her behave that way. She wouldn't have to be abusive if Azan would just talked to her. It's all on him!
  10. S05.E10: Breaking Point

    It seemed like a line straight down on her lip and just prior to showing her putting fresh coat on she wiped all her lipstick with towel. I didn't think she would leave that much on if she was redoing her lips. And it definitely would fit with the weird lip thing she has going. But this is just my guess. Thank you. Slowly recuperating and need surgery next month but watching this shit show full of losers is definitely making me feel better about my life LOL
  11. S05.E10: Breaking Point

    Oooh you brought me back to my memories of The Cure show I went to in Prague in 1990 or 91. Me and my friend (who I was desperately in love with for 4 years) drove 8 hours on the train and didn't even have tickets. Put on our backs paper saying "The Cure tickets wanted" and wandered the streets till we found them. It was the best show ever. Maybe only Depeche Mode show was on that level. I attended that one in 1987 before we even had Velvet revolution and it was amazing. Definitely two of the best concerts I ever went to.
  12. S05.E10: Breaking Point

    Read 4 pages so far but didn't see anyone mention Libby lips. When she was getting ready to go to club she removed all her lipstick to apply it fresh and i saw a scar on her upper left side that always looks kind of funny. So I guess she had cleft palate when she was born? Just wondering if anyone else noticed it.
  13. S05.E10: Breaking Point

    I'm still catching up on the last two episodes since I spent a week in a hospital but I just have to say that when they were in the restaurant and Azan said he will go to America that was the first time he had some light and happiness in his eyes. Although it could be that he was just happy Nikole was going home the next day. Evelyn, dear, I had that red/white striped sweater with buttons on shoulder in the 80's. I guess it must be from second second secondhand store. Off to finish the second half of the episode.
  14. I can't find threat for this season, there is a link on end of previous site but it doesn't take me where I want to go, it appears broken. If someone could help please, thank you.
  15. S16.E13: Finale, Part 1

    I think Margarita was saved only because it was the last time Tim could use his save. Whoever would be eliminated would be saved just by default.