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  1. And when Emily was coming out from the tryouts and said she made it her mom was sitting in the car with sour while everyone else was exited for Emily. She is just absolutely horrible to her daughter and turns everything into her being the victim in some diabolical plan from Emily. When Emily was crying at the TH couch you could see the hurt on her face but her mom just kept crying and raging at the same time. No wonder she prefers Diego's family who seems more easygoing and lighthearted. It will be hard for her if they split up. But then she can move in with her grandma (who knows how bad her daughter treats Emily) although she will have to switch college. If she will still be attending...
  2. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I would say that's the least of her problems.
  3. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    Actually Costco now delivers pretty much all food items and some basic household items like detergents and paper towels. I can get it within hour.
  4. S03.E09: 80's Ladies

    This Bravo blog doesn't make sense at all. D'andra is putting those two parties together. The first party was LGBTQ something no tie event where she brought Brandi but she is calling it here Patron event. She said she went home after their "boozy" lunch and brought Brandi change of clothes because she lives too far. Even if their lunch was till 4 pm where was Brandi until they went to the event in the same car? They arrived when it was almost over so let's say past 9:30 pm. Where was Brandi for 5 hours if she didn't go home to change and we know she wasn't with D'andra? (She had to go to some bar and continue drinking as she was completely drunk after 9:30 pm.) Then D'andra starts talking about the co-chair thing but it was Kameron who was co-chair for the 80's AIDS services no tie event. She is saying she should know better than bring tipsy Brandi without telling Leeann but she was invited to this event independently of Leeann because she was past honorary chair to AIDS services of Dallas before Leeann and Kameron even heard of the organisation. So which event she was invited independently of Leeann - LGBTQ or AIDS services??? But then she goes back talking about the LGBTQ event and how she went home after their lunch and she was completely sober and did some work before picking up Brandi and going to Patron (which we saw on the screen called LGBTQ) no tie event. So she is mixing possibly 3 different events together. I guess she had too much to drink while writing the blog. It's such a mess.
  5. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    How TF Catelynn doesn't think there is anything wrong in their marriage and they were "fine" the last two years? Because Tyler walks around her on the eggshells and every time there is something he would want to discuss (like him not being happy) Catelyn goes into her "mental illness" persona and shuts down any further discussion. The same goes for her mother-in-law and probably the rest of their family. So of course she thinks they are perfectly ok. She keeps getting new diagnoses just so she can keep this victim more going and doesn't have to take any responsibility about anything in their marriage. Now she comes back with PTSD diagnosis. Compare that bullshit with the real PTSD that Dakota has. She comes home after almost 6 months of nature walks and movie marathons and just couple days in she can't deal with her daughter following her everywhere. She spent all that time trying to avoid real work on herself (as little as that facility can provide) by taking naps and staying up all night watching movies so no wonder she is still not equipped dealing even with the simplest real life stuff. I say this as someone with severe depression diagnosis and who had to finish couple outpatient treatments. My worst depression is under control with the help of the right medication for the last couple of years as I came to be able to live with the fact that my pain and insomnia are not going away and I am not able to work and bring home any income. I felt worthless for so long and guilty about me doing nothing for years while my husband works 70-80 hours a week. I had to quit a job I loved as I was getting worse and after 5 years of fighting fibromyalgia I was missing so much work I would be fired. Now I have been home for 8 years and it took almost 6 to get to a point I can actually leave the house once a week instead barely once a month only for doctor appointments. I never had the financial resources and MTV help but if Catelyn had even a bit of inclination to be better and do better after all the years she spent in therapy she would be better. At this point she is too far gone to change. She sees herself as someone very brave to bring the mental health issues on the tv screen and thinks she is actually helping other people. Tyler can just go and leave her and she will continue with her victim mentality and people telling her how "strong" she is will just perpetuate the problem. How can someone who feels so low can also sit on such a high horse?
  6. I noticed that the stuffed toys still had tags on when Karine was holding them on the bed.
  7. I'm only catching up with last week's show now but before I continue I have to say I'm seriously impressed by that scrunched face Leanne did. I have never seen anything like that before. It looked like some serious accident victim.
  8. I think we should play Marry, Shag or Kill with Paul, Tarik and Ricky. Michael seems too normal to be included... I felt so sorry for Michael to beg, grovel and humiliate himself for ticket to America. I guess Angela went through his phone and didn't really find anything too questionable and decided to propose. They didn't show her going through it and just dropped that whole thing. I guess it was not scandalous enough. But I was surprised nobody really commented on that in the last episode thread (I think I read through 9 pages so there could be something later?) as I think it's just horrible to request your potential spouse's phone to dig through their social media, conversations and emails. Michael is trying everything to please Angela, he is just like a kid who is trying to please parent after they did something wrong. I guess in that sense Angela is just like his mother. He is starting to realize how difficult life with her will be but in his mind it's still better than staying in Nigeria. I bet he will regret that one day as his situation doesn't seem so dire like Hazel's. But he aged years in just few weeks of abuse and sexual slavery and the worst is still coming. Hazel's hair is really awfull. She might think it's her best asset and that's why she keeps it so long but it would look much better if she cut it halfway. Looks like her hair is lacking any nutrition and vitamins to be shiny and full which at that age should be at its best but it just looks so sad, thin and lifeless. Just like Hazel herself. In this episode it was really visible that she has possible bald spot right at front as her hair there is still very short and she is constantly playing with that part. Wish Tarik brought her a huge bottle of multivitamins so she can get her body what it's terribly lacking. I hope she doesn't have to pawn her ring to have somewhere to sleep after he leaves. There was no space in her parents tiny room for her to crash till she makes some money. She definitively lost a few weeks of income while hanging out while Tarik was vacationing. Hopefully he can leave now his fiancee some money so she doesn't have to go back to her ex boyfriend in order to get roof over her head. Darcey's sister hair looked also horrible on the live show. It was so obviously fake and badly styled. You would think that she would look better for her special live appearance not just for that reason but because she obviously spends most of her money on her appearance and possibly her model/personal trainer boyfriend. I wonder where her sister got that idea? Seems like Darcey is competing and at the same time wants to be her sister who seems to be a bit more shall we say "mature"?
  9. That's pretty much the only thing she said, you know, you know, you know. It was SO PAINFUL to watch. I couldn't believe she couldn't make a coherent sentence no matter what. It's like she has lived on an abandoned island for 5 years only with Darcey. She is her identical twins so they have the same thoughts and all they have to do is look at each other and say "You know" and nod the head to confirm "yes" since they can read each other minds. I have been pretty isolated for the past 8 years because of my fibromyalgia and depression and many times I don't speak to anyone but my husband the whole month plus I'm not native English speaker but even I can speak better.
  10. I think at this point everyone is hatewatching Vicky and Bravo knows it. They bring her on exactly for that.
  11. I think what Chloe said is that she only had sex with Max because SHE THOUGHT he would leave her if she didn't. Max then said that if he would know that was the reason why she had sex with him he would wait to have sex because he would not leave her. I only know because I just started to watch this show from beginning this past Friday (I know, what was I thinking? How could I not watch this delicious mess if I also watch TM?)
  12. Isn't being fat in Africa a sign of prosperity and wealth? He might not be into her being larger but I don't think it was meant as insult in that situation.
  13. I would rather deal with naked drunk than with mean, nasty and angry drunk.
  14. Shannon "works" on the show so she has income herself. Plus now she is trying the food line and if I remember correctly last season she wanted restaurant. Possibly she realized that was unrealistic so tried the food line instead. I think she wanted less money because she has the show income and it makes her feel less dependent on David. She probably decided for him to cover only their children's needs which includes rent.
  15. But he already did get her to take STD test, imagine if he asked for it again! He would be pushing it and I think he knew it so even if he wanted to be didn't ask. She would be definitely offended and could just leave him.