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  1. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    FFS I wonder if Ashley has a word "subtle" in her vocabulary. That constant nagging about ring is nuts. I'm sure Thomas heard you the first 835 times. He is already tired of her desperate begging and is keeping her only for easy lay. The moment someone else might be interested in him she has her bags (not LV) by the door. Except now that he has the allegations to deal with it might take a little longer as it might be harder to find a new sexual provider. But she is done. I only have to listen to her few minutes a week and I'm absolutely sick of it. Thomas must go bonkers! Ashley : "Crazy attracts crazy! " Thomas: "Apparently!" And loved her: "That is so romantical!" I guess schools are "not well" in California either (Teen mom 2 reference)...
  2. Sadly the only way to tell them that is that we all would have to stop watching the show. But I'm unable to do that myself. It's horrible and fascinating at the same time.
  3. It's in southern Pennsylvania. I have lived in northern Virginia for the past 20 years and don't remember hearing about it but my husband knew it when I asked him. That also means it took them at least 2-3 hours to get there so Monique drinking that bottle of wine by herself is not excessive. On the other hand she was certainly drunk when they got there. Wonder if she had something else we didn't see but the women would surely mentioned it. I know they also got the bubbly when they got in the main building for the ride to their house.
  4. S06.E17: One Ton Family: Part 1

    They probably never go to coolers where those things are kept, they head straight for donuts, chips and candy aisle. So they probably have no idea there are better healthier options just few steps away...
  5. Yes it was full complete bypass. The only thing that I have issues with is chicken, especially leftover chicken. Chicken can be really dry and it will get stuck and mind up in the toilet pretty quickly. Even 15 years out I can still have this happen about 1-2 times a year. So if it's chicken it has to be in some kind of sauce, like some Indian dish to have as leftovers. Or we have this recipe from Slovakia for casserole where you use sour cabbage with Campbell mushroom soup with some light sour cream, mix it up, put the chicken in it and bake it. That's the one I can definitely eat without problems even if it's few days in fridge. Otherwise I really don't have problems eating anything. The first year I also had problem with tuna salad, also too dry and ended up in toilet. That was kind of upsetting as it was early after surgery and it was one of the foods I was allowed to eat when the list of allowed food wasn't too big yet. Otherwise I started to add stuff slowly and ate pretty much everything in couple years although I always tried to eat the protein first so I wouldn't get full on stuff that was secondary. I still might get sick if I eat too much, my portions are pretty small but sometimes there is couple bites to finish and if I don't listen to my body and just go for it then it doesn't end up well... It doesn't necessarily makes me run to the bathroom but it will get stuck in my esophagus and it's very unpleasant and can last for hour or more. You will also start producing a lot of saliva and you just have to keep swallowing it which makes it worse. If that happens you can try wait it out in specific position, usually laying straight on your side (not back) or go help to get it out by sticking your fingers down your throat. By now I try to avoid these mistakes so my dog is extremely happy. What always shocks me to see on these shows is when I see people just few months after surgery putting these huge helpings of food on their plates. I mean it's definitely less than what they ate before but I wouldn't be able to eat that much even now 15 years later. They are definitely stretching the small stomach back too early, if they did what they should do properly their capacity should stay very limited for the rest of their life. The first year after bypass you don't even have much appetite, you mostly eat - especially the first 6 months - just because you have to, the food is strictly a fuel only and there is not that much enjoyment back yet. So those huge portion so soon after surgery are mystery to me. Plus there is very important rule that is never mentioned - don't drink anything while you eat and for additional 30 minutes after you finished eating. Plus couple more important things that I never see mentioned: Don't take extended release medications and you have to take multivitamins for the rest of your life. And really you should not drink carbonated beverages.
  6. S24.E10: Beauty is Real

    When was this special episode on??? My Tivo didn't catch it :( is it anywhere to watch for free?
  7. S07.E15: Keep Chugging Away

    Why is Ryan only now starting to think about going to addiction counselor and NA meetings? It's been probably 6 months since he got home from his unfinished stint in rehab... That stuff should start right away to help him not to relapse. But I don't believe he got ever completely clean as his refusal to take drug test in order to get visitations with Bentley proves. And why Taylor and Macy need warehouse in Jacksonville??? I thought he quit his job to concentrate on this "business" so is he gonna commute to Jacksonville every day to do his job? Did he gave up the fancy office with beer on tap? WTF! It's just seems like convenient excuse to not to do anything hands on because they could easily get warehouse cheaply right where they live. Now they can say: "oh but we can't commute to Jacksonville so we hired someone to run the business for us because it's too far" .
  8. I had full bypass in 2003 and can eat pretty much anything by now although mostly I eat yogurts (about 2-3 a day), nuts, legumes, hummus with lentil chips, smoked salmon with ancient grain crackers, Lean cuisine, eggs, and cookies. Plus all kinds of vegetable and fruit. What I don't eat at all is fast food like McDonald's and similar stuff, highly processed food or fried stuff, donuts, any kind of soda. I would have something like that maybe once a year (except the soda). So it's still mostly toward high protein. I do eat pasta and bread (the real good bread from bakery, not the square white think you call bread here in USA) or cheese but not daily, occasionally I will have cake or some kind of dessert or ice cream about once a month on average. I do have cookies or something small that is all sugar and carbs every day LOL but since my calorie intake is not really big I'm fine. My portions are small, regular meal I would get in restaurant (we don't go more than couple times a year now) would last me 3-4 meals. My husband is executive chef in one of the best restaurants in DC so he doesn't have time to cook every week for whole week like he used to anymore (I on the other hand hate cooking and didn't cook anything in couple years except eggs) but when he makes fancy meal it's 2-3 portions for me again. Since his cooking at home is limited since he took the top position (so now he works 13-15 hours a day 6 days a week instead 11-12 hours a day 5 days a week) we get lot of fresh or frozen prepared stuff from Costco and he has that for dinner while I will just have my yogurt or something small. I grew up in former Czechoslovakia and we ate mostly stuff from our garden and fresh food cooked daily (we didn't have microwave till I was 20) so when I came to USA 21 years ago I gained so much weight in 2-3 years. Everything was fat free but all was just crap back then. I never felt satisfied after I finished eating because everything was just overprocesse junk and full of high fructose syrup and bad fats. Lots of stuff that we ate daily on regular basis back in Czechoslovakia only just became trendy here in the past 10 years. I'm talking about kefir, kombucha, real whole grains bread, kale, cauliflower and yes Nutella too. Even chocolate doesn't taste like real chocolate should in America until now when you can get good one here too. I grew up on those things so I didn't know how bad the food here was and was overeating trying to be sated when it was not possible. I never had to give up sodas because I never drank them as a child, I never had cereal before I came here at 26. The same for fast food restaurants, I had my first McDonalds when I was 18 after Velvet revolution when they opened the borders to West for the first time and I remember I was so extremely disappointed as it looked nothing like the pictures and tasted bland. Anyway just wanted to mention this difference in eating as lot of Americans still don't have access to real unprocessed food so they only eat the junk they think it's food.
  9. S06.E10: Benji & David's Story

    I had the full bypass in 2003 and still don't drink 30 minutes after eating. I also don't drink carbonated drinks at all. I can eat pretty much anything but small portions. I still might get sick if I eat too much or food that is too dry (usually I can't have chicken as leftovers at all or it goes out in toilet). Or it won't go out but it sits what it feels like in your esophagus for really long time which is pretty painful. If it doesn't go away I will have to try to get it out. I only have this maybe 3-4 times a year, didn't puke in couple of years. But just for my portion example - beef burrito bowl from Chipotle lasts me 4 meals.
  10. S01.E01: Eyes on Me

    Who the eff is in charge of the graphics inbetween the girls? When they went to Colorado they showed the map and right top corner of the Colorado had Nevada as neighboring state. Way to make already plenty of dumb kids that watch the show dumber. Although it's killing your brain cells even without that mistake.
  11. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    Didn't read the comments yet as I'm just starting to watch this episode but at 14 minutes Kody says that the new law "will sent more polygamy running into shadows and hiding. In the darkness evil things are easier to do". So did he just say polygamy is evil??? LOL
  12. MTV Promoting Teen Pregnancy

    For now. Give them couple years.
  13. S06.E08: Robert's Story

    Thank you. It's really difficult. I just wish for few good months so I could enjoy my life like back in 2006. Everything afterwards just got more and more difficult. We used to just pack our tent, dog and us and drive 3-4 days to Yellowstone twice, visiting gorgeous places on the way... Even did it through Canada couple time too... Now I can barely stay in the car to drive to near parks, anything over 8 hours we have to split it and stay in hotel... And at that point I already had to take extra large dose of hydrocodone just to arrive. I can't drive either because the opiates make me drowsy. I'm not even 50 and look 15 years younger so people don't think that I'm sick because I don't look like anything is wrong with me. And now from these two experiences it's incredibly difficult to get my pain under control because everyone is making their own assessment before they give me something that will actually work which takes forevef, even from sister to sister. I understand there is opioid problems everywhere now but it makes it really difficult for people in pain to have it properly managed. I was just crying for over 3 hours and I still didn't get anything until I was transferred and got on pain killers schedule that was mostly maintained. It was horrible for my husband to see me like that, just completely helpless. I never tried any drugs, not even marijuana, nor even a cigarette and don't drink but everywhere I go I get looked at like I'm there seeking drugs. I have to now start any conversations in medical facility telling them about my high daily dose of prescription opiates that I took for over 7 years and having really high tolerance for painkillers and hoping someone will actually take me seriously and it won't take 3 days of me crying from pain to get something that will actually work for me instead trying the morphine and other things on me that won't do absolutely nothing because it's like giving me sugar water and candy. Before my 1st hospitalization I didn't even know what dilaudid is. Now I know that it works for me and I can get of it easy without any problems once my pain gets under control. I never craved any of the opiates I have been on. They either work or they make me sick but never had the feeling of high that people chase. Once I tried 6 hydrocodones but instead of making me feeling great or whatever people crave to feel they made me sick. I guess I was lucky because since the opiates didn't provide the feeling people chase for me I never in 7 years asked for increased doses and other tricks that are considered suspicious. But I still wanna be given appropriate amount of pain pills to deal with my pain when I found myself in that position without being considered a criminal. If he was on Prozac maybe they should switch it for something else after his demeanor changed so drastically and it became obvious the prozac wasn't working anymore. Or increased dosage to see if he would go back to the way he was before. It was such a huge change and it shouldn't be ignored.
  14. S06.E08: Robert's Story

    I wonder if he could be put on some antidepressant when his demeanor changed and he was not willing to do the work anymore. I believe he was still in pain whether it was physical or mental. With removing his pain meds there was nothing to get rid of the pain. Pain causes depression but it also works the other way - depression causes pain. I went thru that for years. I also know from personal experience that certain antidepressants will cause weight gain but since he was in controlled environment and was loosing so much weight it would be ok to find something that would work for him. Also his withdrawal could be more controlled and helped with at least until he could deal with it better after his surgeries and rehabilitation. I actually had gastric bypass 15 years ago and lost 130 pounds. I haven't even finished my pain killers I was given as my pain was ok to deal with. I was doing great but 2-3 years later I changed my job and started working overnight shift. A year into it I started to get severe pains and few years later was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and insomnia. My pain was just getting worse and being in it constantly I got severe depression. I was put on meds that made me gain 80 pounds and I was in horrible shape mentally from all the pain and not sleeping even though I was given ambien. I was missing so much work that I had to quit my job that I loved and desperately tried to keep. It took me 5 years of pain to finally give up. At that point I also agreed to start taking opioids that I was offered before but I didn't want them as I knew once I started I would be probably depended on them. The first 3 years of being home without any income (I was denied disability because "it was all in my head") were horrible. I went thru several outpatient treatments. I was just a zombie in pain, couldn't even process what I was watching on tv, couldn't read, never left the house except going to doctor. Then they found antidepressant that actually helped with my depression and I stopped gaining weight. I slowly got better and my depression is under control. I believe that some of the pain I experienced and is now lessened was caused by severe depression. My pain lessened even more after I was put on Lyrica and had my dose increased several times but unfortunately my pain is still not completely gone and even though I don't know if the hydrocodone and fentanyl patches are actually helping me I just keep taking them. I have been on the same dose for over 7 years now. At the beginning of December I got really bad gallbladder infection and sepsis and spent 6 days in hospital. I was in horrible pain and haven't slept for 5 days so my pain was excruciating but even though I told them that I had at that point been on daily high doses of opiates for 7 years it took them 2 days to actually give me dilaudid. 3 days later I stopped asking for it as my pain got under control and I went home the next day. I had drain inserted into my gallbladder and was just waiting for the infection go completely away to have it removed. Finally went for my surgery on February 2nd but what was supposed to be just overnight visit turned into 10 days hospital stay. I had lots of complications and again my pain got so out of control that I would just cry. The nurses the first night and next day wouldn't give me really anything that would work for me. Of course for regular person what they gave me would be enough to stop the pain but I have been taking over 100 mg of morphine daily for 7 years so I have really high tolerance for opioids. (Regular person would probably die if given what I'm on daily.) Finally they transferred me to surgical and started me on dilaudid. I was slowly getting better, even started walk around my room. Then I got new night nurse who pretty much ignored my treatment. She was doing everything she could to delay to give me my painkillers, every time over 60-80 minutes later than I should get and by morning all the progress I made was gone. Finally after that I started to get my meds on time and 2 days later I again stopped asking for dilaudid (just like I told them I would because the exact thing happened in December) and went home (although I left with another drain this time going thru my liver that has to stay for 6 weeks). Between my hospital stays I went to pain specialist and he is gonna try to take me off some of the opioids but he wouldn't start anything drastic like that until I'm completely recuperated. That's why I'm so surprised that they would just cut him off his pain meds in middle of something so major like weight loss surgery. At least he should be sent to rehab like that other guy. Anyway sorry for long lost but I wanted to explain why I think he should have some other help and his dependency on pain killers handled differently. Especially as he was so cooperative at first and then got so depressed. You could see how all light went out of his eyes. I know how pain completely changes you as a person, it kills everything you have in you. I believe he was different person when he was not in pain and then also got depended on pain meds. Maybe it was too late to save him because his family history of heart problems. Or maybe he got so depressed he just gave up.
  15. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    Well me and my husband were together for 18 years before getting married two years ago. So shut up Brittany. It's not so unusual. It was so great seeing Prague again. I'm from former Czechoslovakia and spent lot of time there as a kid when my grandpa worked there for a while. Surprised they didn't go to see awesome Orloj clock. You haven't been to Prague if you haven't seen Orloj.