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  1. Try watching the show that's on before new one on Sunday night from 6 to 8. That one has the extra clips. I tried to watch the More to love several times as well but nothing new on that one.
  2. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Honestly, would you say no to 250 000 USD per season if the only thing required of you was to sit couple times a year in the middle of the fight? And I bet they make more on side from social media adds.
  3. I guess that they are only allowed to film in the kitchen and dining area of that rented by hour house. The breakfast that Karen "slaved" over whole morning was ridiculous. At least mess up the kitchen a little bit and put some pans on the stove so it doesn't look completely fake. It was so obvious that the food was not cooked in that staged home. Why all this pretense? What's the point?
  4. I was thinking this was her second engagement party just for the cameras with mostly housewives and few friends. They were engaged 5 or more months at that point, shouldn't they have one earlier? I thought you meant Black Chris as White Chris doesn't have money...
  5. Was it so difficult for Vicky to exchange her peed on pants in the airport's bathroom for new ones? Its not like she didn't have anything else available, she had her suitcase. She could at least wrap shirt around her waist. Instead she just parades around with huge stain in her groin, going in a cab and sitting down like that. Then getting greeted at hotel... Just horrible. You could see it clearly the entire time. It's not like they weren't already embarrassing enough.
  6. Omg, the second they showed Archie I thought he looks just like Shannon. They have the same eyes and coloring and expression. Not sure if someone else thought that as I haven't read the forum yet, had to come here and say something before I even finished the episode.
  7. Nicole can hire Azan as a babysitter for Mae. He is really good with her, he definitely interacts with Mae more than we ever saw Nicole.
  8. Please don't insult water buffalos. David can't possibly be one because they work really hard!
  9. Definitely, it will end up like Pao and her friend Juan. Pao was probably venting to Juan (since she didn't want to tell anything negative to her family) about everything and anything Russ did or didn't do so he now sees Russ in extremely negative light. Chantel is creating the same situation.
  10. They are wasting money on that bullshit. Especially since US government already did thorough investigation on him before they issued his K1 visa. He doesn't have different name and another wife with kids in DR... PS: I went through all that when I won green card 21 years ago.
  11. Maci

    Not even that long since she spent however long on her partner's back while trying to find place to build shelter so she didn't even walked as much as him. Badass failure she is! Loved how they included her saying how other people just quit without giving it a chance because the smallest discomfort but she wouldn't. She spent one night and lasted until about lunchtime only because she didn't want to leave her partner, that means she wanted to quit all night and all morning... she is badass joke.
  12. I know the guy who owns the Restaurant Eve that Karen and Ray went to at the beginning. My husband used to work with him in Vidalia restaurant, he then left to open this restaurant with his wife. It's really good restaurant, they are up there in DC's best restaurants.
  13. Actually I just remembered from when I was going through my Green card process (I won the lottery) 20 years ago there is a way to check status of your application. Back then you had to call and tell them your case number but I bet now everything is accessible on website. You just need your case number. Since Nicole applied for the K1 she would have access to the website to check on the progress, like when the paperwork was received, when was Azan's interview scheduled and then the results plus any other related stuff. That would be in addition to the official letter. So this is another case of the TLC adjusting the real process to fit their narrative. They probably sent that email themselves and that's why it doesn't look real. It's fake but it wasn't send by Azan. It's more dramatic on TV for her to get email and then to go to consult with the lawyer than Nicole sitting on her bed all day and constantly refreshing the website page on her phone.
  14. LOL to me they look like they could be cousins, very similar bone structure and noses.
  15. I doubt Azan can get tourists visa to check America before he moves here. First he is from country where it's not easy to obtain US tourist visa and then he is unemployed, has no business or any property that would prove it would be in his best interest to return back to Morocco. There is many countries that people have problems to get tourists visa, even my sister who applied to visit me with her kids and husband didn't get them even though they own their flat and I send them a notarized letter for the U.S. Embassy that I'm inviting them and they will have a place to stay with us (me and my husband but then still boyfriend). At that point I had Green card for about 8 years. And applications are really expensive and you don't get the money back when they decide not to give you visa. Took them another 10 years to be able to visit USA. I think that it would be actually good for Nicole and Mae to live in Morocco for a year. Mae would learn new language very quickly and easily at this age she is now and her diet would greatly improve. Plus Azan's family actually pays attention to her and she wouldn't have to be on her iPad to be entertained. Azan likes to stay in shape so he would take her hiking and doing fun stuff just to avoid Nicole. And Nicole would have to grow up as she wouldn't have her family to run to with every little problem. She would probably have to get a job or at least try to if Azan can't. Maybe it would be easier for her as she speaks English and could possibly even teach other people. Also her diet would have to improve as I doubt you can easily find microwaveable food and junk food there in grocery stores and eating in restaurants would not work for financial reasons. So she would have to learn to cook using fresh ingredients. Also working and living real life in different country could change her perspective on a lot of things and it would definitely have positive influence for her and Mae's future.