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  1. S11.E08: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

    12 Months of Avery. I’d buy that.
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I love that JJ called back to the case of that miserable, morally bankrupt piece of crap who sold the PICTURE of the phone. That case, and the even worse case of that should-die-in-a-fire bitch ( I can’t bring myself to use the other word, though if anyone ever deserved it...) who sued the woman whose daughter was killed in a car wreck, will live in my memory forever.
  3. S20.E08: Hells Kitchen

    Gee, Bethany forgot the part about remodeling her house and needing an extra front door. I think I am finally sick enough of this slanted BS to stop watching thus crap.
  4. S09.E6: Trust

    I was waiting for Danny and Baez to run into some of the L&O:SVU team at good old Hudson U.
  5. S20.E07: Caretaker

    Jesus H. Christ, why don’t Liv and Amanda make play dates for their kids, have sleepovers, braid each other”s hair, and leave the police work to the menz. Hargitay’s acting gets worse every week. On the plus side, good to see Sasha Alexander.
  6. S02 Ep 05 Carrots

    I hate Leah. That’s all
  7. S11.E06 Results May Vary

    But I bet there will be some sort of Emmy nod because, you know, Trump is the devil
  8. I just saw a preview for an upcoming show where a woman says “But I have more than one uterus.” WTF!!?????? meanwhile the catfish woman is not a “victim”. She’s a pathetic fool. And she is a COUNSELLOR!!!!!!
  9. S10 E03

    SOUPER annoying!!
  10. S10 E02

    But did you CURATE six different flavors? ?????
  11. S06.E04: Ride Along

    Yes, show, women can be corrupt a-holes too. Point made. Can we PLEASE lose Anne Heche now?
  12. S01.E01: Pilot

    I liked this a lot, and I LOVE Richard T. Jones so I will definitely be back. Only nit: why does Nolan have to be in a relationship with his twenty-something fellow rookie!
  13. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Didn’t this used to be a comedy?
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I think the SSMOT (love that) has had experience getting out of uncomfortable situations by playing the coquette. WHY she thought that would work on JJ is beyond me.
  15. S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Maybe St. Olivia will get a clue, realize she is a commanding officer, and keep her spreading middle-aged butt in the station where it belongs instead of trying to run after teenager boys.