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  1. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I don't remember if it was bread or flour but I was very disappointed about this too! WRT to Dave's emotions over killing, I think it is probably harder for him to watch a small mammal or bird suffer. It's also possible he grieved over the fish but the producers decided his story was "starving to death with an abundance of food" so we didn't see it. I also think Dave is not ready emotionally to be on the show. I think everyone, in one way or another, is more camera ready at this point (excepting Jesse and his need to poop - no acting there), which is kind of a shame, even though I generally like everyone. I'm not super invested in anyone in specific winning and found this episode pretty dull overall. Though I felt badly for Jesse, the saga of will he or won't he poop wasn't really thrilling for me to watch.
  2. I forgot this too. In "Flashpoint" (about the murder of a doctor prescribing meds for teens) Provenza, Flynn, etc are leering while watching a teen girl (granted, the actress was probably in her 20s, but not the point) talking to Brenda, including angling the camera at the "teen's" boobs. Also, I can't remember if I'm pinpointing the murderers so quickly because I've seen these all before or if because the cases aren't very complex. Probably the latter.
  3. S02.E01: Picasso: Chapter One

    I also preferred Einstein for many of the same reasons that @ProudMary listed. I didn't think the Picasso series was awful so I'm curious what you didn't like about it, if you don't mind answering :)
  4. The Expanse in the Media

    General talk about S4 and concept art
  5. Who the hell is Henry? From the EW article Apocalypse porn! I admit this intrigues me, it's one of the reasons I watch shows like this.
  6. S04.E01: What's Your Story?

    Yep and so did Madison and Travis as well as Alicia with Troy's brother. I'm not sure if Strand and Thomas did when they were reunited.
  7. Small Talk: The Coffee Machine

    My library had George RR Martin's Nightflyers short story collection so I picked that up. The Nightflyers story was just OK. Mostly unlikable characters (not that likable characters are always necessary) and the concepts were interesting. I haven't read any of the other stories yet. I know it is coming to TV; I think it looks good and am curious how faithfully it will be adapted. I was messing around on my tablet and picked up Connie Willis's short story I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land, which I liked. Not really scifi, more a fantasy type about an odd book store. I like odd bookstore stories so I liked this; since I'm also reading CW's Blackout, I may have found a new author (yay). If any one else likes odd stores related to books/bookstores, I recommend John Connolly's The Wanderer in Unknown Realms; Museum of Literary Souls (also Connolly) -these are novellas that I downloaded to my tablet, so I'm not sure if there are physical books as well. Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind is very good - he's written a series of these, but this one is my favorite.
  8. They've been shortening up the books so I could see them spending an ep or two on Cibola Burn. We get the dead civilization and Proto-Miller's investigation as well as Belter colonist conflict. Then I'm biased because I really enjoyed Cibola Burn :)
  9. The Expanse in the Media

    @Holmbo here are some YouTube videos; I haven't watched a lot of them so I can't tell you how book spoilery they are. Bora Kutlu (the first one) does some very nice work; he has a couple of others besides this one. The second one is more technical and I believe there are a few of those as well.
  10. S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    YES to all of these! Randy seems to be doing much better mentally then what I remember from his first season - he did the sweat lodge to decide whether he should stay I think it was. I think Britt had a decent looking shelter? I seem to remember seeing some stacked logs and a peaked roof. Dave is doing well with the bow but if keeps getting emotionally upset every time he kills an animal, well, that won't be good. I don't want to see animals suffer either but it looked like he killed the squirrel quickly with his knife. I'm always suspicious of the editing - it's very possible Larry caught more fish and we didn't see it. I remember Nicole saying after her first season tap that she had plenty of food, yet the editing made it look like she didn't have much. Bad on Jesse for dropping his fish. I think Brooke is doing well but she looks so thin to me compared to the guys. I hope that doesn't work against her like it did for Carleigh in her first season.
  11. Good eye! I always liked Gabriel and his relationship with Brenda, until he acted like a jerk when he was in a relationship with Daniels. I haven't watched this show in years but it was must see TV for me when it was on.
  12. I got a kick out of flirty Brenda with Fritz. ETA: I always remembered the beginning of Ep 2 where Brenda is lost and later in the ep Gabriel insists on driving her by telling her something like "you don't want to be lost again" or some such. I don't remember which of these early eps is the one where Provenza helps her carry the boxes to her office though.
  13. I figured he intended it to show how close Rick and Daryl are, not as their last scene or ep together. Oh FFS. I don't mind if they left things open ended but more along the lines of Rick leaves and we know he's leaving, not that Rick is dead/maybe not dead with no answer. Idiots.
  14. Comic Con poster Did someone mention they wanted zombies in a tornado?
  15. S03. E10. Sea Spray 2018.07.04

    Amy is annoying. I think it's the actress. Broussard has known the Bowmans longer than he's known her, yet he is supposed to cut ties because she doesn't like what Will did. I get that Will is acting off kilter so I understand her concerns, but she is asking Broussard to trust her when she doesn't trust Broussard. I should be more sympathetic to her but she seems all over the place. I contrast that with Katie getting the outlier list from the woman in her office; I was sympathetic to both of them. The woman tells Katie she's selfish because other people have families (true) yet Katie needed what only that woman could get (also true). The whole outlier categorization is interesting. Seemed like we were treading water a bit and this new piece of information is a good twist. Why put them all in one place? Either those in control don't care if the outliers contact each other, or they want them to contact each other for some reason. I like when Will and Katie are working together. I did laugh when they (along with Broussard) were "take us to your group" uh, no. Ha. Outlier guy was not going to just trust and take them somewhere like that.