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  1. S01.E10: Romans

    Ah, thank you - I forgot about the Deaver child who died. I did remember lawyer Henry probably crossing universes as a child after I posted but couldn't recall how he got away, maybe it wasn't shown.
  2. S01.E10: Romans

    I binged this over the weekend and am still not quite sure how to ultimately sum it up, though overall I enjoyed it. I loved the atmosphere and enjoyed most of the characters (was slightly annoyed by Diane "Jackie" Torrance") and the performances were very good. The Alan/Ruth love story was very touching. It felt like the show got a little sloppy at the midpoint - Henry Deaver was our POV character and his early scenes were great - all the death row stuff, visiting the gators, returning to the town - then we sort of lost track of him in the middle of the show. I was annoyed at the disdain of the town for him; I get they all blamed him for his father's death but he was a kid; I think race was a big factor there. I also really liked Molly; I felt for her with her affliction and I liked her friendship with Henry, I thought there was a tiny hint of something more. I also loved her scene with Ruth on the bridge, when Molly tells her that there's a universe where she left her husband and was happy with Alan. I like twisty alternate universe stories but did feel like the show dropped it at the end. I lean towards guy in the cage really did come from the alternate timeline and that's why he didn't age and got somehow twisted, ultimately twisting everyone who came into contact with him. Remember, the prison guard went on his shooting spree after fist-bumping him. Granted he was upset about not testifying but I think the physical contact was the mistake. When the prisoner is released, Henry holds out his hand for him to shake it and the prisoner draws back, as if he knows it would be bad to touch Henry. Ruth had dementia and was moving through her memories, but she did dance with the prisoner and this could have been the catalyst for her shooting Alan. I can't remember if Molly or Jackie touched Henry when they were with him. I did wonder if there were something to the prisoner having distance from his imprisonment and regaining his memories (he says something to this effect to Henry) and thus becoming more normal, but then he went full on destroyer when he and Henry were locked up, so I don't know. I guess when Henry was missing for eleven days he was locked in that box at Desjardins's place, though why he was locked up and why he was let out remain a mystery. Maybe he was catatonic after pushing Deaver off the cliff and the old bastard was creepy enough to lock him up. I don't know why Warden Lacy would have given the Henry Deaver name to the prisoner either. The warden must have known of Castle Rock's Henry Deaver, once-missing kid; when the prisoner was first kidnapped by the warden he was lucid and talking (he's shouting and pounding in the trunk) and would have given his name as Henry Deaver. Wouldn't the warden have wondered? There are clues leading in either direction and I generally don't mind open endings but to hear that the showrunners hadn't decided feels like a cop out, like they wanted both endings and so committed to neither. I did get a sense that in the final confrontation in the woods, Henry and the prisoner face off and Henry sees the devil face, Henry faced an impossible choice. Where would the prisoner have gone back to if not his own time? Was he trying to lure Henry somewhere? He said he needed Henry to get there; he could have had Henry turn the gun on himself. Now Henry is trapped as the warden was and may suffer the same fate. We can only hope he doesn't pass on this legacy to his son. Maybe this is what the prisoner wanted all along.
  3. S04.E15: I Lose People...

    I don't mind character study or watching the group grow to trust each other but damn that was a pretty predictable episode.
  4. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Well, John Dorie was doing just fine. I think John and June/Naomi. Al was doing fine also.
  5. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    The showrunners always used to say "no" but they lie. I think it is coming.
  6. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Oh come on, the zombies should have eaten Jim, he was fresh meat!
  7. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    They're not going to look for Al?
  8. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    He jumped onto a car, setting off the alarm and saving everyone.
  9. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Tuesday. Bye Jim!
  10. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Are any of you writing down the damn recipe here :D
  11. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    These people are all bad ass zombie killers FFS. He got blown up on the damn as far as we know.
  12. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Morgan = Spiderman with that jump!
  13. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    OK I laughed when the z came through the window. I hope the glass was weakened by a bullet or something.
  14. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Still not getting how Jim being a pathetic dumb ass is Morgan's fault.