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  1. I never liked either of them. Lamb looks like he is wearing a Halloween costume and McElwain started an argument with every single person he came in contact with.
  2. I am still traumatized from the chicken feet. I think we forgot the most important item for our safety. (Paul)
  3. ITA It reminded me of Beverly Hills Cop 1 where half the force goes up the driveway in the end and crashing.
  4. Heck with his forehead, he could use it as a door stopper for at least a few doors.
  5. He is supposedly a hoarder. It seemed like he was fessing up on the preview to stealing her money.
  6. I haven't read the live chat, so I am curious about the Jesse/Darcy last night together story. Jesse claims Darcy's door was open? Bullshit. Who would leave a hotel door open ? Late at night? Anywhere? Right Jesse...........
  7. My takeaway from this episode is a new disorder. Jesse was TRAUMATIZED !! Oh my, call 911, call Dr. Bombay, emergency come right away ! He is suffering from P.T.L.S. Post Traumatic Louboutin Syndrome Shove a wooden shoe up your ass Jesse.
  8. That scene where he is insisting she "fala" with him, you can see him escalate. I can easily see him get very dangerous. especially if he thinks he is going to be humiliated on national tv. I do think Karine could be killed, maybe even her mother because its clear he thinks she is trying to get rid of him. TLC doesn't care, in fact the worse it is, the better they like it (money) I hope someone can stop this. Paul needs to be somewhere like a locked ward.
  9. Sounds like a perfect description of Jesse too.
  10. S31.E22: Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water

    Davern and many others who came aboard had to argue with Wagner to call the Coast Guard, even to turn on the search light hoping to spot her. After Wood was found, Wagner was being spirited away by helicopter instead of identifying his wife. He told Davern to do it. What kind of man does not wait or do anything and everything possible to find the supposed love of his life? Wagner was always by his own admission out of control jealous concerning Natalie. He had admitted to sitting outside Warren Beatty's house with a gun at one point during or before their first marriage. The night she died Wagner had smashed a wine bottle while all were present accusing Walken of wanting to sleep with Natalie. That is when Natalie left the parlous and Walken went to his room. Then Wagner went into their bedroom and a huge verbal and physical argument started. It ended on outside and then Wagner is claiming to Davern she just disappeared. According to everyone who knew her since early childhood the ONE fear/phobia she had that never went away was of drowning in dark water. The reason she left with Davern the night before is because Wagner was drunk and acting crazy because of Walken and wanted to move the boat late at night. She refused being deathly afraid and he was hellbent so she left. Walken while winning an Oscar was not well known as he would become. He was still doing small theater stuff during that time. One such place was in Williamstown,Ma. where he found the time to have a one night stand with my best friend. I had forgotten about that little tidbit until I saw a blurb about this case. I feel very bad for all three "Wood" sisters. They all grew up in a house of horrors. Natalie at least had some happiness here and there. Lana never had a chance. She recently had become homeless and her only child died of a heart attack/cancer. She didn't have the constitution of the oldest daughter who escaped and had a good life.
  11. Too bad it wasn't the Lords Prayer bag. She would of had imprints of the words on her face. Something about give ME this day my yellow cake?
  12. I think TLC leads the networks in how many pedophiles they have had on their shows. I can think of 4 shows just in the last few years.