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  1. Exclusive ! Insider information on Debbie ! I have found out that she is combining her love of living room decor and cooking for her holiday dinner.
  2. S06.E09: No Way Out

    We have seen Colt say one thing and then do the opposite many times. As I posted before, HE was the one who drove to a ONE bedroom loft and talked about Debbie living alone. What and who he is as far as I am concerned is a liar. What he says is not written in stone. And,.......Larissa had NO idea who he was after he proposed after iirc 5 days? Further down a very short road, saying "I do" does not mean you know that person either. I also would not define materialistic by liking things. Everyone likes "things" and its normal to want things.
  3. Give her a couple of years and she will look like..........
  4. I guess his tastes have changed from Bith Phtew to Beef Strokin-off?
  5. S06.E09: No Way Out

    I agree, but I don't think there would be much discussion when you are gasping for air. :) I live in a climate where 100 degrees and terrible humidity is the norm at times and I have to open the car and let it get some air before I get in. I actually never run my A/C and drive with the windows open. But I could never ever drive with the windows closed, there is no air to breathe. I think Dolt and Debbie saw an opportunity to make a few bucks and like most reality folks are dumb enough to do it. Debbie will be able to splurge on a few more vinyl tablecloths, Coltee a few more cat clothes. As far as I have read, this show pays very little, so I guess I watch because I continue to be fascinated why these people do it and always end up looking stupid and the rest. More hamburger and hot dog buns? :) Eyebrow pencil?
  6. S06.E09: No Way Out

    What I don't buy is how they drive it with the windows up? They would suffocate.
  7. S06.E09: No Way Out

    I have one that I painted myself. It says moron with an arrow pointing to my neighbor's house.
  8. Ugh, Leverett is there. He should of been fired from the force when he asked that woman if he could guess which boob she was hiding drugs behind.
  9. S06.E09: No Way Out

    I am fairly certain Leida would not even qualify to be a nurses aid here. She can forget about a "career" in a Ping Pong Bar too cause she has had a baby. Her serve wouldn't be good enough?
  10. S13:E14 Christmas!

    I remember after she was cleared by her doctor and rang the bell to celebrate she had decided to ignore the doctors advice to lay low and rest. She had been offered a keynote at a conference. The doctor clearly advised against it. There was a scene (imo producer/Jen driven) where a group of people wanted to take a photo with her and she didn't do it. So it seems it was more important to her to give her speech, than to stay home, recover her strength and most important bond with her new daughter.
  11. Except for many examples where Colt has said the opposite to entice Larissa or placate her. YOU can buy a couch, we can buy a car with air conditioning. WE will go home and talk to Debbie about moving. He says one thing and then does another. So, before she came to the U.S. I bet he was lying a lot. Oh, I live with my mother now, but we can move after you get here. He controlled the car and drove to a one bedroom loft. If he planned on still living with his mother why did he do that?
  12. Yep ! Who is the bitch now John? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Why did they waste so much time and patience with that wacked out guy from Nye? First they give him a ride home, then spend an eternity listen to him rant and rave. I enjoyed Danny Brown in the studio last night. At least he got to answer questions and talk more than more guests.
  14. I thought it was cruel, the same as with the couch and the "we will decide'' about the moving. When she smirked last night I felt like twisting her nose and breaking it. No moree smirkee bitchee. Let Larissa have something or just at the very least make the experience fun and pleasant. Debbie HAD a responsibility to raise an adult and she didn't. But now Colt is an adult and its on him.
  15. They both have their parts to play. Colt is not only dorky but he is the typical American man who goes out of the country to find someone who also has her part to play. He is a gold digger just as much as she might be. He is digging for a beautiful woman who will have sex with him (pardon me while I puke). She wants a green card and is willing to screw a fat, smelly, cheap weirdo. He wants what he could never have normally, so knows very well she finds him repulsive and will leave as soon as she can. These men can cry foul all they want, but they all know the truth.