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  1. The new female cop seems a little off to me, just can't seem to figure it out yet. Mcelwain, he argues with every single person he comes into contact with. He is obnoxious.
  2. That is better than Swamp I think her parents and any other relatives or friends who have enabled her behavior and not doing anything about May should not be trusted to take care of her either. They already raised Nicole and that is enough proof for me. The poor kid sadly has little chance for a decent life and to grow into a productive and healthy adult.
  3. A chicken foot lodged in her throat. Keith Morrison is a must for this episode.
  4. HA HA HA HA laughing my ass offf
  5. She should apply for a K-9 visa, but I would never let her adopt a dog for its own protection.
  6. Maybe this has already been mentioned, but my first thought would be to call or go to the closest American Embassy and ask the reason for the refusal. My guess is that Azan has been caught scamming numerous other fat, stupid and young woman who have Arnold Ziffel genes and he is on some list.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    It would be interesting to now run a DNA on Caylees remains to see who the father was. I know they ran tests to rule out George and Lee, but since they just used the DNA/ancestry method to catch the Golden State Killer I bet they could figure it out. As for ''someone else" being in the house when the "Foolproof suffocation" according to Cindy, that is just more it was just stale pizza in the trunk bullshit. Of course Jeff Ashton pointed out the search was done when it was only the family in the home which Cindy has yet to create another lie for.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    Cindy was wrong saying that George was the reason Casey lied. Cindy is why Casey lies. Cindy lied constantly and committed perjury. She is also a master at manipulation and deflection. It was on display last night. I thought it was fascinating watching those two. Two things about the show, one that it is well known there was a huge fight between Casey and Cindy the day before she left with Caylee. No mention of that. In fact they were allowed to say it was just a regular day. WOW. Second, the videos of Casey as a youngster showed a girl with a very flat affect. Her eyes seem empty and she looks like she is from another planet. I think there were a lot of signs that something was wrong with her and her parents pretended nothing was wrong.
  9. Last night on Law and Order Chris Noth mentioned D'Agastino's when talking about grocery shopping.
  10. That's funny because I read it as Nobodys ham eat sea
  11. Just follow the trail of Cheeto crumbs........
  12. Nicole is dumb, but she is a brute who will manipulate, lie and whine until she gets what she wants. Reminds me of Whitney Thore. Neither one of them have any boundries.
  13. Islandgal, I only quoted a couple lines of your post, but the entire thing is brilliant and hilarious. I just want to add that almost all of them are so extremely unattractive (as in worse than butt fuck ugly). David, Gorge and Nicole make me cringe. Luis used to look like Howdy Doody, now he looks like a strung out on opioids Howdy Doody. Pedro, If Chantel was my daughter, you would be shipped off in that big TV box with no air holes to your greedy disgusting mother and sister.
  14. I am petrified of needles, but I would gladly choose getting 10 shots all at once than hear Luann fart out another note. You cannot sing Luann. Please stop