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  1. Yes, that perhaps is her only act she pulls off for some. Always talking about how strong she is, blah blah blah. The Star. Like your post, at this point I do believe she has started to believe she is a singer and a star. Without booze she has no life. So, she will do her act at 7-Elevens cross country for free until she is trespassed and taken away via Live PD, her final curtain call. I have always seen an extremely insecure person with a life built upon a foundation of lies and pretending, both of which she performs poorly. She more often than not repeats what someone has just said, hijacking it to make it her own. Last night she spoke mostly in cliches. There is not a genuine bone in her body, absolutely no awareness of other people's feeling, even her childrens. She drinks and screws losers who have had too much to drink to run from her.
  2. I think Dorinda's mood escalated (besides the drinks) was because of the vacation fight where besides Luann not (ever) taking responsibility for her part, but also having the nerve to say what has Dorinda ever done for her? Dorinda reminded her more than once that she was the only one who loyally supported her before, during and after Tom. So, what has she ever done for her? ALOT in my opinion and she did it nice.
  3. I will add "Shit on the bed, not the pillows"
  4. Nope. If she did get full ask, the renter got hosed. Not to mention E-coli, a few parasites and horrible foot diseases.
  5. loved, loved, loved that movie! I didn't read thru the thread before I posted KungFu Bunny so I didn't notice you used Baby Jane before I did. Oops :) Anyway, I keep seeing Dorinda (Jane) saying to Luann......"Eatcha dinnah Luann
  6. Dorinda reminded me of Baby Jane Hudson tonight with the make-up. Looking really rough.
  7. I probably missed this being discussed, but I just read where Luann was "dumped" by her latest boyfriend right before she went to rehab for the 2nd time. His name is Rich Super, he is her "agent" and also reported to be married. Married? Who made the biggest fuss about Bethenny and her still married boyfriend? Li-ann. Another reason she flew the coop into rehab to avoid the reunion.
  8. But, being Luann, she took Megyn to the Good Morning America studio for sex thinking it was still the Today set. Afterwards she tried to steal one of those tourist double decker buses but a passenger (hero) knocked her out when she started to sing.
  9. Now if I had creative control of the opening, everyone would still be well dressed, but Luann would be on a silver platter with the apple in her mouth. I have never liked her. Never will.
  10. She will be relegated to holding umbrella's for the other castmates. Or being the bathroom attendant at The Regency.
  11. I thought of another one, nudnik (nud rhymes with hood) but it doesn't really apply to Jesse. It usually is said about a person who might be a little stupid or makes a dumb decision. Jesse is cruel for sport.
  12. I have heard pisher before. What my dad would of said was meshugana hund which means crazy dog, but used for calling someone an idiot, an asshole.
  13. I buy it (you are FBI, after all :) I LOVE this a million times. Hilarious !!!!
  14. That is why I hardly ever post here. I watch the all the 90 day shows. Is it me or is this batch "more stupider" than before?
  15. Just another reason to avoid this trip. Whitney and all her unwashed folds in tropical weather. That’s going to smell so nice. More important, if she touches the buffet its certain death for everyone.