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  1. All Episode Talk: Corrie

    They’re the worst. All they ever do now is cry and breakup. They’re draining to watch.
  2. Very excited for this. Think they’re finishing up filming on it at the moment.
  3. Chicago PD in the Media

    Possibly. She’s a massive personality and disrespectful men seem to be her end line it sounds like she had issues with a few of the men on the show by the end. As for why Jesse and Marina etc stay - it doesn’t seem to be easy to get out of the contract and as already said it might not be that easy for them to get work etc if they up and leave. Sophia had a nerwork deal in the bag once she left while I don’t think it would be that easy for them. I also just don’t think they’re that unhappy. Sophia was dealing with a breakup with a costar (who had moved on). No matter how professional you are I’m sure that elevated the tension. I know she’s been in that position before but with the breakup, the on set tension with Beghe and other crew members, her overall unhappiness (and of course the weather :)) it just sounds like she was burnt out and looking for any excuse to get out. I don’t think the rest of the cast have had as negative an experience.
  4. Chicago PD in the Media

    Sophia Bush divulges more on why she left PD. https://deadline.com/2018/12/sophia-bush-explains-chicago-p-d-exit-a-consistent-onslaught-barrage-of-abusive-behavior-1202517749/
  5. I ended up quite enjoying A gift wrapped Christmas - the leads had a nice chemistry and the story of a widowed father meets optimistic gift shopper felt somewhat more original than the usual high powered career girl moves to small town to learn the importance of Christmas.
  6. Just started A Gift Wrapped Christmas - anyone seen this? I don’t recognize any of the actors bar Lucy from seventh heaven.
  7. Chicago PD in the Media

    Well to be fair Kim wanted him until she realised he wasn't taking their engagement seriously. I really hope they're not going to try and push Jay/Upton once Ruzek/Upton are done. It's too messy.
  8. S02E08: Parallax

    Ugh I just can't with Mandy. She's so miscast, the actress is awful and the writing is awful. It's obvious in every scene with Jason and her that both actors are trying to generate chemistry. also the actress's facial expressions in every scene are so distracting. It's like she's trying to play it sexy but can't pull it off at all.
  9. SEAL Team in the Media

    Was she ever a regular? She seemed like one but I thought she was just recurring.
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I couldn't get over it either.
  11. S04.E06: Lesser Of Two Evils

    Really sick of Conor the patron saint of all patients/interns/Manning lecturing all the big bads on how to treat patients. Worse is he's always right. There's no depth to him anyway. Loving that intern though.
  12. Watching Holiday a Engagement with Bonnie Sommerville and Shelley Long - I'm surprised to actually really like it. I'm midway through it and I like both leads. I find the male love interest is often really bland but Jordan Beidges is really charismatic.
  13. S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    Can Jay please go away. It's so annoying how much airtime he sucks up. He's not even pleasant. He's an asshole in this version.
  14. S02.E07: Hubert

    Hated the stuff with Claire and her friend. It was so inappropriate and agree the friend was manipulative. The Melendez and Claire scenes feel so inappropriate for the fact that he comes off as such an authoritive figure while she seems really young or something around him. I'm not really liking it anymore. Why does Reznick never wear scrubs like the rest of them?
  15. S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    Ugh you just know that this is exactly what will happen. Will and Natalie I can kind of understand. There was a background there from first episode and even though they're annoying you can at least understand how they ended up together. I feel the other two couples are void of any chemistry and the overdramatic fighting is just draining to watch. Conor especially has become so one note through his romances when he was the most compelling character to begin with. Is this the mid season finale?