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  1. Media: Station 19 in the News

    Full season pick up https://deadline.com/2018/10/station-19-full-season-order-abc-1202486132/
  2. S2 E3: Home to Hold Onto

    I'm not sure watching this season but is Andy sleeping with the new boss yet?
  3. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    Yes. She is insufferable.
  4. S2, E2: Under the Surface

    Andy remains the worst part of the show. I'm trying to decide if she's been the worst written female lead on a Shondaland show. Her hero complex is Mary Sue levels of bad writing.
  5. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    So Ruzek and Upton? That's going to be eyerolling when they eventually want to go back to him and Burgess and explore Jay/Hailey. It should be the tagline of all the season six promos.
  6. Vampire Diaries In The Media

    Funniest thing I've seen in ages.
  7. Shameless in the Media

    I agree Lip is still pretty fascinating but I think they should have ended it once Cameron and Emmy announced intentions to leave. By the sounds of it they gave plenty of notice so it could have led to a satisfying series finale that stayed true to the characters. I get showtime is losing a few big shows this year and if some of the cast are happy to keep working then why ruin a good cash cow but I feel this is just going to go the way of most shows that don't know where to stop and it'll eventually limp into a series finale rather than go out in a blaze of glory.
  8. S15.E03: Gut Feeling

    So has Jesse Williams been written off for a few episodes?
  9. S2: E1 No Recovery

    Good to know Andys still insufferable.
  10. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    Regarding April and Choi, I think they're both annoying assholes to be honest.
  11. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    Jay always comes off as such a creep when he appears on Med which is nearly all the time at this stage.
  12. S06.E02: Endings

    The most annoying thing about these crossovers is that a family member of a regular character always has to die/suffer extreme trauma to service them. It's just not realistic.
  13. S07.E02: Going to War

    Crossovers are the worst. No matter how hard they try they're just not organic at all.
  14. S04.E02: When To Let Go (2)

    It drives me mad the way the move around the timings for these crossovers. I wonder which family member of a regular will die tonight to service the crossover.
  15. Happy All Together Talk: All Episodes

    I thought that the trailer seemed pretty lame but happy to see the actual episode didn't didn't disappoint.