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  1. Spoilers And Shockers

    He might demand, but he has zero proof for any her misdeeds. At least any proof that would tie Gabi to an actual crime.
  2. Spoilers And Shockers

    Or they should have followed through his initial apathy and kept quiet about being the father. It could have been the best kept secret like Mike was really Bill's son.
  3. No. But Katherine did claim that Nikolas knocked her up. And then she was push off the parapet to her death. For the second time.
  4. Except for making people think that Gabby return, all those other things could have been avoided if Abby got herself reevaluated by the doctors either at tge hospital or Bayview. Abby divorced Chad and married Stefan. Her idea. Chad traded the baby and then Stefan had her committed. Abby decided to fake being Gabby and telling Stefan that they can be a family instead of the doctors evaluating her. Abby makes dumb choices and the men that claimed to love her end up betraying her.
  5. Spoilers And Shockers

    Chloe just finished a relationship with Lucas after he was dumped again and got out of rehab. He was a big old mess. Maybe she likes projects. And unlike Lucas, Chloe was actually in love with Brady.
  6. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    Did I miss something but when did Pam reveal that their father was cheating?
  7. She wouldn't have been in this situation, if she just went to see the doctor that she agreed to and gotten herself evaluated. Instead she got the bright idea to divorce Chad and marry Stefan secretly. That wasn't Gabi's or Stefan's idea, but Abby. And then when she was institutionalized at Bayview, she was only locked up for a few days when she thought her brilliant idea of pretending to be Gabby so Stefan would get her out of her instead of letting the doctors evaluating her to see if her she is suffering currently from a mental disorder. This stupid storyline would work a lot better if Abby would actually admit (even if it is only to herself) that the reason she rather do all these extreme things (marrying Stefan, faking to be Gabby) rather than have a doctor evaluate her is because she secretly fears that she is crazy. And that a doctor who is not her grandmother or Marlena who is sympathetic to her would see her for the crazy person that she fears herself to be.
  8. Season 2 Discussion: Cristal-lite

    That might have been fun considering the actress is actually Grant Snow's wife, Katherine LaNasa.
  9. Spoilers And Shockers

    I don't see how silencing Julie is a bad thing. I mean how times I would wish she would shut the hell up.
  10. She says assertive and confident, I say smug and deluded. It is all a matter of perception.
  11. Supercouple Discussion

    Sami said that they would arrange so Susan can visit but they did not leave together to Italy.
  12. Jenn's hair is different color that the photo, so I definitely think it is old.
  13. They were born in 2007 with Sydney born a little more than a year later. I love all of Sami's kids not named Will and I wouldn't want them to brought to this show for fear that they will be raped or turned into a rapist or develop a split personality.. I still think the kids as being too young for normal Days nonsense. Since Sami is not going to be on the show full-time, I rather not have her kids being brought without her. They would barely interact with any of their family members (see Ciara and Claire) and Sami isn't the type to let her kids being raised by other people. And no I wouldn't just age Allie just so Lucas could have a story. Lucas had a mother, son, granddaughter, siblings, ex-lovers, and various Horton family members and they still didn't want to write stories for him.
  14. God, I love Kyle and Mariah are BFFs