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  1. OMG!! Your comment re: Paul had me laughing out loud (people who snark on this board make my day :). I agree that Paul had to do many a dance, shuffle and apology while in jail to preserve his life. I also wish that Jesse had been thrown in jail for ANYTHING (gosh Darcey, you missed your chance to plant some drugs in his luggage, lol). Jesse would be some inmate's 'bitch' within the first 24 hours. As for Karine staying out 'all night' I think viewers have forgotten that Karine's aunt lived a couple of blocks away. It showed after the family 'eating Paul's food' fiasco, Karine took off down the street, to her Aunt's, where she quickly locked Paul out. Plus, Paul had to meet with Karine's mother at thew same aunt's place (when he tried to apologize for his reaction re: the food), Nevermind a "DNA" test - just get a "DIVORCE" test if you are that insecure around women. (Deep down Paul knows it doesn't equate that beautiful women would want to be near him).
  2. But didn't you want to slap Jesse for even stepping out on the stage? That portion of the program was for the Americans, but Jesse HAD to interfere with that segment (declaring he had to speak up for himself). As far as I am concerned, tv audience had enough of Jesse 'speaking up'. He's a fame whore and hugged Darcey only because he caught a whiff of her moving on to bigger and better things. (Like when she said 'next time' will be better and she's still chasing down Europeans.)
  3. It truly saddens me to see how much of her daughters' future and/or college funds she has re-routed into her face and body. These poor girls will also be forced to go the trash/reality show route just to get enough money to survive. Great mothering, Darcey.
  4. I swear, I am going to have nightmares containing Darcey's crying face. So much botox had her grimacing in such a way that only a gallon of brain bleach will help me recover.
  5. I think it didn't need to be brought up because by now Tarik probably realizes he is not attractive and any American girl, looking like Hazel, wouldn't give him a second glance. As for Jesse, you are right about the bronzer. Have you also noticed the past two years have not been kind to Jesse? He looks like shit, and you can tell he won't age well at all. Hell, just look at his parents (shudder).
  6. I am shocked that they managed to film anything of Jon and Rachel. If he can't watch his language for a 7 minute interview, than why does Rachel have him around Lucy? I like Jon the best of these bottom feeders, but he came across as a crass, uneducated, ranter. Good on Rachel for telling Angela to F**k off. I have been yelling that same expression at the characters in this 90 nonsense for the last 8 or so weeks. Karine 'talking' to other men meaning people who follow her on Facebook or instagram. I've been married for ages and I have far more men on my Facebook than women and I would never consider cheating on my husband. Only insecure people who are incapable of sustaining a relationship would jump to "cheating" because of online messages. It's ridiculous. Paul can read anything he wants of Karine's - it's not like she hides it. Like she pointed out, she's pregnant and the guy Paul is bringing up lives across the world. That's a control problem (of Paul's).
  7. Paul is in the wrong. Karine has never hidden who she talks to/befriends online. That would be akin to my hubby demanding a DNA test because I am pregnant and friendly with a guy in Denmark. If Paul is that insecure, he needs to move on. Demanding a DNA test is f**ked up and clearly misplaced insecurity. Anyone who accuses a partner of unsubstantiated cheating is clearly judging others by their own twisted and hidden intentions.
  8. Tarik did have Angela's story down pat, but he's not off the hook by any means. When Tarik explained how upset he became when he assumed his gal was drinking a potion that would cause an abortion, again I question what the hell is wrong with these men that they immediately jump to negative assumptions. Why can't they just accept the information they are being given by their so-called wife/fiancee? If Tarik and Paul are that suspect re: what their 'loved ones' are doing, then they need to stay single. No woman should have a man questioning her, discounting her explanations, or always demanding complete control over her decisions. Tarik and Paul (and Jesse) need to do the world a favour by being celibate and leaving all the women alone. Ricky is a lying loser who clearly NEVER intended to divorce his second wife. TLC/ Bravo NEED to do background checks.
  9. Angela is straight up NUTS and I was wishing I was on that couch. For her to get bent out of shape and insist she's dumping Michael for stating the obvious (SHE IS HIS ELDER!) demonstrates stupidity at its finest. Same with her getting into Rachel's face for Rachel wagging her finger. Seriously, Angela? You need to be put on meds, or put away. There's nothing about that 'grandma' that I consider remotely appealing. By now, MIchael must have a ton of American women, more in his age range, who is willing to sponsor him coming to the USA. He should count his blessings and block Angela off social media. Paul has never appeared sane in my eyes, and his appearance on the tell-all spoke volumes. Karine is pregnant and he immediately demands a DNA test - what the F*** is his problem?! She too needs to watch her back. When Paul and his mother are stating that ALL decisions need to go through "Father" I immediately conjured up an abusive and dysfunctional family unit. Does Karine really want to be a part of that insanity? File for child support and count your blessings. Paul doesn't love her, he loves the idea of her and controlling her.
  10. This is off-topic but I have also noticed that many people on t.v. use the phrase, "I could care less" which had me questioning whether or not I have been saying it correctly as I have always said, "I couldn't care less". To me, 'could care less" means there's still room not to care. Sheesh, reality tv.
  11. After following these two all season, I have come to the conclusion that neither of them is well-educated (regardless of Jon's assertion that he attended college). Neither of them can speak properly, nor do they have any apparent "skills" to find adequate employment. I also don't believe Jon truly wants to move to the States. What on earth would he do for employment? I am at the point where I do not even want an update on these two. (Except if there is a disclosure that Jon is Lucy's bio dad, lol.)
  12. I sure hope no one is willing to pay. This will only reinforce their delusions of grandeur, and/or importance. It would be wonderful if nobody subscribed to this nonsense, forcing them to re-evaluate their idiotic existences.
  13. Bottom line with Rachel... Does she not own a box of kleenex or a hankie? I find my stomach turns every time she begins to cry because I know what will follow - finger wipes on eyes, followed by finger wipes on nose, back to eyes and so on. It's truly disgusting and I don't understand why she's not better prepared.
  14. Aussiebabe - I agree completely. While in elementary school, we were taught to use "me" or "I" only if it made sense after you removed the other intro subject. IE: They were so happy for Jon and me (because "They were so happy for me" makes sense) . Jon and I walked downtown (because "I walked downtown" makes sense). I knew this by grade 3, yet I doubt that "I or me" is taught anymore, given all the posts online that make the same mistakes. (Watch... since I wrote a post concerning grammar, someone will spot an error in this post. That's always the way... lol).
  15. I have stumbled upon more posts regarding the topic, "Jon is Lucy's bio dad", including a post from Rachel's instagram. All three posts gave me pause in my insistence in believing Jon is Lucy's dad. Rachel insists Jon is NOT the bio dad, and Lucy bonded quickly with him because he has talked to Lucy (in utero) throughout Rachel's pregnancy. As Jon noted, he feels he's Lucy's father, be it bio or not. He states he is secure enough in his 'masculinity', to love Lucy unconditionally. Rachel went on to say that Lucy's 'big brown eyes' are exactly the same as her eyes, but she's not posting her own baby pictures, which is a shame. Then an anonymous poster uploaded an interesting comment stating that Lucy's bio dad had wanted to be involved, but Rachel "suddenly" changed her mind and has made it almost impossible for bio dad to have access to Lucy. which extends to his parents being denied access as well. (The situation with his parents upsets him the most.) If this is the 'real story' then it's only fair that Lucy's biological family be allowed visiting privileges. Also, if Jon is NOT the bio dad, I apologize and take back all the words/posts I made which supported any claims made on other sites, ie: Soapdirt.