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  1. The Alldredges

    I watched an episode tonight and had to laugh when the Husband was moaning about potential sister wives who end up not being what the family hoped for. Am I the only one looking at this family and thinking, he's old and disgusting yet wants (clearly) a young wife he can have sex with and pump out more babies. Even with a scarf around his head, she still has to deal with his 20+ years older body. I believe the women even considering this group are more interested in the wives than him. Too disgusting for words. No way would God summon me to lie with this type of male. God would want women to recognize their full worth and not their worth as only an extension of some horny guy.
  2. The Snowdens

    What an excellent read! She stated everything I feel about this loser (except she forgot to mention his habit of licking his lips when they discuss bringing a new 'wife' in. When he talks about the physical attraction he has for his new prospect, I just can't... It's like he's eying up a juicy T-bone steak. Unacceptable on every level. Wake the F up Ashley!
  3. The Snowdens

    Shoot! What did the information say?
  4. I feel for the McGee wife, but she needs to take a step back and really question what woman would want her chubby dud of a husband, while sharing a trailer so she can live with 2 boys and another woman? Furthermore, she gets to help home-school this family while cleaning up after the dogs? No thank you. Although I have to admit that of ALL the sister wives we've seen, Ms. McGee is the only wife I'd want to know. Can't they just have the women and children live together and be artifically inseminated?
  5. Please, oh please, oh please... Can we not find a polygamous family that has an attractive husband? I swear these men are claiming they need wives based upon scripture or spiritual nudging or whatever because they know there's not a chance in Hell, the average, sane woman will lie down with them. Heck, one of the families (the young Utah guy with 2 wives) isn't doing this because of God's calling - otherwise the second wife would be pregnant by now. I thought the whole point was to have as many children "as God allows". Nope, this guy gets to be child-free 50% of the time, and as his 2nd wife notes, we spend most of our time together in the bedroom. Something is terribly wrong here and it enrages me that these women are all for making their dependency public. (Poor kids of all these families). And don't you find that he's always licking his lips when they talk about bringing in a new wife. It creeps me out.
  6. It's not like she needs to bring in her entire extended family. A mother and two young siblings...? Unless Trump's America is making Visas impossible. Also, why can't her mother and siblings have a holiday in the US? Did Leida's entire family needs visas to see where she was moving to? I just find there are too many excuses being thrown around, unless (of course) many of these people have criminal records?
  7. Being silly is an appropriate observation, and one that would kill Caroline as it is wonderfully dismissive. My thoughts went from silly to ridiculous when Caroline was whining about 'not being invited to the reunion', and when she attempted to take over Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens live - via her crazy telephone call. Doesn't she understand that the more she puts it out there that she is unwanted, the more people are going to steer clear of her? Who wants to be associated with someone who claims no one likes her?
  8. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I thought Beau was joking at first, but when Stassi proceeded to pass on a big ol' chunk, he just went with it. It was funny when he pointed out, I guess that means true love... It was gross, but brought back memories of my teenaged 'passing the gum' while french kissing memories. Eew... lol I was annoyed because she said "girls night in" then, "I fought for that pronoun". "Girls" is a noun, she and her are pronouns.
  9. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I would remove Beau from that observation. He strikes me as one of the few people who is just himself. You can't get any more true to yourself than that. I really like him, thus far...
  10. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Lala was drunk and jokingly asked Ariana to get in the back seat so she could down on her. Tom just HAD to share that with everyone. If he was my beau, I'd be annoyed. Anything that's prefaced with "...was so drunk they said..." needs to be doubly considered before shared. Mind you, with Ariana and Tom, I have a feeling they've strategically and jointly mapped out every drama they wish to incur or chase after. but what word does the 'cis' come from. I don't understand, or is it an acronym?
  11. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Kristen has some serious issues when it comes to James. Her leaping around the studio (after hearing that Girl's Tuesday was a hit) yelling about James being permanently gone is beyond sociopathic. Right now I am listening to Billie whining about not being invited etc. and I want her gone. I am over it. What does Cis-privilege mean?
  12. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Scheana carries such a heavy karmic-debt load. Has anyone else noticed that whenever she's moved on from a person, beau, activity, etc. she attempts to distance herself but ruthlessly dissing it, sharing TMI, and she's oblivious to how stupid she sounds. While married to Shay, they were SO IN LOVE, and everyday was like when they were first dating... Afterwards, everything was horrible and she never really loved him. Rob was the "best boyfriend in the world" and they are "talking marriage" and he can please her is so many ways.... Afterwords, he wasn't up front with his feelings, and began to pull away because of the group's toxicity... NOW - she's "faked every orgasm for ten years". I am sorry, but if that IS the case, you have NO ONE else to blame but yourself so quit putting it out there. Why does she always go to the extreme?
  13. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Who is FI?
  14. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Billie Lee didn't have Katie help plan her luncheon, why should Katie invite her to plan for Tuesday Night? (BTW - Billie was invited to the planning.) It's not like every female working at SUR showed up. Plus, Billie wants us to see her as 'female-first' which we do, but then she wants us to see her as trans-female first when it involves planning for a female only party. I think Billie realizes she's fairly mild on the show so she's stirring the pot, attempting to create drama so she can keep her job.
  15. S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    I can't decide who is the most narcissistic, Jax or James? James and his... "I brought everyone to SUR on Tuesday... ". If tons of people show and Lisa rule the gal's evening a hit, James will still take credit for the success. Then there's idiot Jax who feels ANYTHING done involving Brittany, is "really" done to get to him. He's so nauseating, I wish he was simply a guest on the show. He's got all the traits of an abuser, especially his need to control, his refusal to acknowledge his bad behaviour - always stating others MAKE him behave this way, and his attempt to control any communication between Brittany and her friends, as well as isolating her when he can.