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  1. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    I get what you are saying BUT you are forgetting that we in the audience called out Ryan on his nonsense. We call out everyone when we see things not be handled appropriately. But you can't get annoyed with us because we aren't buying into your "Jon as a potential abuser" monologue. We call out people when we see things.
  2. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    Ryan and Jackie probably agreed not to publicly embarrass each other by requesting a divorce, but I think all of us knew Ryan was not 'husband material'. We knew something was amiss.
  3. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    My heart went out to Jon. As well, how does any man respond (with confidence) to a woman who point blank tells you that she does not find you "physically attractive... but that can change..."?
  4. I loved how Erika felt so threatened by Teddi's "truth" she immediately went to a physical street-fighter response. She was threatening Teddi, rather than talking around her. She even shouted Teddi down rather than talk. It was clear that Erika feared whatever Teddi had to say.
  5. (NEVERMIND - I just read on page 3 that Kyle made up the 'escaping Holocaust" WTF is wrong with this gal?) old post - I hope that question eventually gets answered. I am shocked that Kyle didn't ask Mauricio all those questions after hearing how he came to Mexico. I am completely intrigued by his family's story after learning this tidbit re: escaping Europe.
  6. I think Dorinda was the perfect choice because I truly can't picture any of the other women agreeing to slog around in horrible conditions, thinking of others. They would demand a glam squad and proper dinners. Dorinda just isn't that person. Yes, she is definitely flawed, but so are the others. She's just not good at hiding her flaws.
  7. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    To be fair, I think most of the cast have drinking problems. His problem is more in our face because of blacking out. He did seem to try to reign it back only to have the others constantly saying, Oh come on... I know Schwartz comes off stunned, but I find that when it comes to assessing what's going on, he's generally bang on. He sees things that often surprise me. He's aware without appearing so. As for him making out with another, and blaming it on booze, I am surprised he hasn't ever messed around more (during their fights especially in the beginning) as they were so young.
  8. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I am surprised more posters haven't pointed out that Tom San. is notorious for never following through. One of Ariana's biggest complaints was that as soon as she included Tom in her book (because he was insanely jealous of the deal) the book has literally stalled. He cannot follow through with anything and Lisa and Ken know this. I think they are pretending there's a partnership for the name TomTom
  9. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I thought he only rented it for the party?
  10. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    Exactly. Jax was just grateful everyone was hating on Scheana so he could use up time screaming about her and not being in the hot seat himself.
  11. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I am sorry but I just cannot give Jax a pass. It seemed to convenient for him to begin screaming at the one person everyone had a shot at, and he refused to acknowledge when he was wrong. He's done a lot of nasty shit on this show, just the ridiculousness of Jax stating pillows meant James and Kristen cheated was nasty. Do we blame his dad's death on that behaviour? Anytime someone started to speak, he would start yelling again about Scheana. I don't buy it. He's avoiding some truths - he never did answer if faith was a one-time or many times. What about what he said about Brittany? It's easier for him to scream about dad's death and scheana, than be real. Florida wasn't even real, I bet. I agree with most of what you are saying (except I didn't cry with Jax either - maybe it's age and how common death becomes?). I do remember the episode of the Toms writing their second TomTom cheques and specifically stating, well I hope Lisa doesn't cash them for a while. So I think the cheque-writing was strictly for show and there's probably some drama brewing for next season.
  12. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I agree with you, and given that he's on the radio, his vocabulary makes sense. I do think he and Stassi purposely played up their educated vs uneducated personas for the camera as I don't think Stassi is THAT dim-witted. I have to say, when Patrick wasn't throwing around insightful comparisons, he was a typical, self-centred, crude dude. As soon as he had to meet someone or pass day to day civilities, he was not attractive or street-savvy.
  13. S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I truly cannot stand Jax. He has some serious issues and I actually feel guilty watching him implode on television. It's not like he's even clever enough for us to say "Oh, Jax's doing that on purpose". He is so self-centred that he is incapable of empathy, or of even listening to a different point of view (despite the fact that his point of view is ALWAYS wrong). Brittany is a fool. Both of them - begone!
  14. S02.E03: Jinger Flips

    LOL, I don't know - all three make me wonder. Every time they talk about home births I shudder. Just get me somewhere relatively sterile, please.
  15. S07.E03: Spurgeon's First Haircut

    There was a time when Jess first met Ben and I thought they were a very attractive couple. But then he started talking, and it was clear he was as thick as a plank. Then Jessa turned into this horrible, bullying smug bag. Next thing I knew, Ben's haircuts were hideous and he always had a day's growth. Jessa used to put some effort in to her self, but clearly not anymore. They both are meant for each other as nobody else would want them. Ignorance is bliss for them.