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  1. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    As I am reading these posts, I am thinking... "Really?" Are we stooping to mani-pedi shaming? Wow you all must be so well kempt as I wouldn't dare pass judgement in case a photo of me suddenly became public.
  2. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    I am confused. Kathryn has accepted responsibility for her actions and behaviours. Just because she is not sharing her innermost sessions with Bravo doesn't mean her progress shouldn't be validated. Clearly the court's outcome and her random test results speak the loudest for Kathryn taking responsibility.
  3. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    There's an art to crying while wearing false eyelashes. You need to keep blotting the lower lash line, blink while looking upwards. Voila - crying without tears (and therefore not losing an eyelash).
  4. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    I have had a cougar crush on Craig since season one, but everything changed after viewing this reunion. There is something wrong with him, psychologically. He managed to disguise it before, but little glimpses of it would come out (the time he punched Shep's leg with total anger). I found that he bullied Naomi the entire time and if she didn't answer the way he wanted, he'd talk over her and discredit her entire statement. He's emotionally abusive. Can you imagine how bad it gets with no audience? I think he's behaving even worse because he controlled her the first couple of years, and now she refuses to let him determine the storyline. Craig is unbalanced.
  5. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    It made me sad and furious at the same time. Even before she was married, he made it clear he wanted babies. I remember her joking (while engaged) saying, well, maybe I will give him one. Another time she joked that if she didn't bring it up, maybe he'd forget about having kids. So she becomes pregnant and he won't even attend lamaze class with her. Something is wrong here. Why demand a child if you want nothing to do with the process?
  6. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    I agree - but they are not an investment to get a new man. Kathryn can do that without changing a thing. Given how much modeling she's been doing, I think the implants are for her instagram career posts.
  7. I have to agree with you, but I have generally found the show to be boring. period. I do find I am becoming more and more annoyed/angry with their ignorance. They should not be reacting this sheltered as adults. They have access to the internet - research an activity, before participating! When Joseph was freaking out at the European kiss, I kept think are you serious? And the nerve of him implying that she almost got him full on, and "that wasn't going to happen". Eww...
  8. I'm sorry Natalie68, but what the heck kind of school did you attend? As a student, I remember back in the early '80s, gossip about the gym teacher hooking up with one of our grade 12 girls, and he was soon transferred. However, unless it was a private school, in a small town, I just don't see how all that sexual activity was taking place in your school. (And out of curiosity, how does everyone else's sex life negatively impact your education in 7 subject areas?) I am dumbfounded
  9. Yes, the boys are so awkward and their humour is horrible because they've had no exposure to the world. Any Duggar boys you think 'could have' some humour ability, just need more world experience to be able to joke. Think about it, their only role models have been JimBob, and creepy He-who-shall-not- be- named brother. What chance did they have to be able to navigate social situations? Jim Bob never did escape his dork/ inappropriate phase, and you can guarantee many of the Duggar boys would have been tormented if they ever attended public school. Maybe Michelle instinctively knew they weren't your 'average' boys, and would never fit in? However, I feel the girls would have ruled in public school.
  10. Why don't these people make the tiniest attempt to learn the language of whatever country they are going to? I am so embarrassed (for all Americans) when Joe and Kendra were looking at the posters, saying "I don't know what it says. It's all in Greek." No s**t, Sherlock! I don't want people to think they represent most Americans.
  11. Good point - I felt guilty reading a lot of these comments as I was raised in a household where my father made the anniversary all about my mother. Given he usually did the minimum for birthdays and Christmas, I figured this was just the way. I have the same setup in my marriage. I spoil my husband on his birthday, and he spoils me on our anniversary.
  12. There are so many times that they look at each other with such love, I swear they must kiss when cameras aren't around. I see the chemistry with this couple way more than any other Duggar coupling.
  13. The giggling gets me down on the entire show - it seems all the time. However, I find Lauren to be the most attractive addition to the Duggar clan. Maybe she and J can breed the creepy out of this family. Did anyone else catch the mansion Lauren and her family live in? Wow! Also: I have to confess that after watching x amount of Duggar weddings, it really creeps me out how 'into it' the wedding audience is while watching their first kiss. It feels tawdry, or like the poor gals' innocence is proudly sucked out by these clumsy guys while the audience salivates. Eww!!!!
  14. Lauren is definitely at the top of my "If the earth was ending and I had to pick one Duggar to praise..." list. Sorry, Jana and Jinger.
  15. Oops - made an error, but don't know how to delete post. I just wrote another one...