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  1. Do you guys think the producers like VK? They’ve intentionally been showing negative things about her- her weight, judges calling out how out of control she is and giving her maybes, falling out of two turns when no one else had any errors shown. I'm not so sure they are pushing a positive edit for her. I think she’s quite easily getting the spoiled young girl treatment. The girl who was always told she’s wonderful and can’t see how she truly stands next to the competition.
  2. You think that’s Kelli and not Charlotte?
  3. Lacey could be point. She would be amazing.
  4. For knowledgeable people, was Meredith a good dancer? Miss Kitty seemed to think she was going to get out danced. Kelly said she liked her turn out had they just written her off after interviews or was she also out danced?
  5. Are there other women who were so late to two performances that it caused issues? I’m certain that is one standard easy to measure. I haven’t seen people stay if they are late. Was the blonde girl Hannah who had a swift departure for weight and bad dancing many years ago ever late for appearances? I thought she just turned them down.
  6. I’m not so sure they wouldn’t be asked that question. It’s still big news and the Cowboys organization is right there in the middle of it. I can see the possibility that a cheerleader may be asked that question.
  7. Lacey is my favorite. I just wish she had been featured more all these years.
  8. I’m excited for the finals as well. I am always impressed with miss kitty. She’s one of my favorite parts of the show. Im looking forward to the mother/daughter angles the show has this season. I don’t think we get to see enough of moms and daughters in actual high pressure professional situations. This is a reality TV show in that the story and maybe even casting is designed for drama, but at the end of the day some girls make the team and some girls don’t. The girls’ lives on the team continues for the next year, unlike say Survivor which lasts for a month. It’s a real, competitive dance job.
  9. I haven’t seen much about Victoria but she certainly didn’t seem worse than other girls who have made the team and much better than the strugglers like Morgan and Brianna. If I were hiring, hiring a person I’ve known their entire life definitely has an advantage over a stranger. That’s pretty much obvious to me and is expected every place I’ve ever worked. My law firm has certain policies against hiring direct relatives, but knowing the partners definitely helps you get hired. I've watched this show for years and it’s always been a subjective process based on opinions, not unbiased scientific study. They’ve cut girls I thought were great and kept people I thought would never make it. Most of the girls I could see struggling didn’t make a second year or even finish their first year. I do think that huge tv screen on the field has hurt the team. They are so concerned with the look on the screen that they take more photogenic girls over better dancers who maybe don’t have the exact look. They don’t want obvious errors, but they overlook a lot (except not knowing the size of a football field or who the team owner is)for the girl that looks beautiful. That look and appeal is subjective. As someone mentioned, Kelli didn’t like Janelle - and her first solo with ms kitty was rough as I recall. But she looked really good on the screen and lit up the stadium. If she hadn’t, she could have easily been sent home and they would have lost a fantastic team member. Just trying to say it’s all subjective and there are a lot of factors at play.
  10. I think Dayton is the most beautiful girl in these photos. Maybe it’s her more natural look and not going super tryhard with her photos. edit - my second favorite was Rachel and that was before I heard about her being 1st runner up for Miss America.
  11. Wait, what. Aleandria left after all that effort? Did they let her go? Kalyassa left too? I don’t recall much about Milan. i hope Brennan makes it if she was cut and other girls quit. You know she wouldn’t quit the team outside of a dire emergency. I think the comment about Meredith was spot on. She was performing for herself and not for the audience or teammates. I’m sure she will make it because she was amazing, but she seemed into herself. something about her reminded me of Jenna and Holly, but I think Holly was a better dancer than Meredith from her first moment onscreen.
  12. I wish we saw more from Charlotte. I watched the amazon series about the Cowboys and she was very good. She more involved in the football team that I understood from watching this show. I get it now when she looked at Kelli and shook her head about one of the vets who got cut, there wasn’t much the girl could have done to save herself. if you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it. It’s called All or Nothing - the Dallas Cowboys. otherwise, I hope they avoid making the show a story of one girl who inevitably gets cut. I would like to know more about the strong candidates and see them in comparison to the strugglers. I could have watched a lot of Mary or Lacey when they were in training camp. I know we saw glimpses of them, but they need to add in the narrative of the pressures on even the strong dancers to perform. The brief talking head of “anybody can be cut” isn’t really a story. Or even just show the differences in the rookies. After the first slow learners are cut, it can be hard to see the differences. also I love the guest choreographers. It’s fun to see something new and the girls often have fun.
  13. I’m excited for this season. For my part, I like the stories of mothers and daughters, we don’t see enough mother- daughter stories where the mother has a career and is supporting her daughter too. We don’t have enough stories of women as friends and co workers in a high profile ,high pressure work environment. I can’t wait for the show!
  14. Does anyone think that Kelly and Judy were fooled by Gina? She's said on camera how competitive she is and how she has to beat the other girls. I don't know if they see that footage that's not filmed in practices Im fairly sure it's obvious that she's making friends only with veterans and ignoring the rookies I wonder if the zoo outing was even real
  15. anyone think Celinda will try out again? I don't know if there is much she can do to improve?