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  1. I think Maddie always looks odd in the group. She’s not pretty. She also seems to have no personality other than the nice girl. Maybe it’s just her voice which sounds whiny or her cliche way of talking. I was a fan of how much polish she gained after she was cut the 1st year, but I think she’s stopped there. Maybe I formed an impression of her crying so much all the time the first two years. I’m not sure. I’m just not a fan. I’m sure she’s a great person and a good friend, I’m just talking about her appearance on the show. I can see why they want her in leadership because she seems like she would never consider breaking a rule.
  2. Rachel was more of a sure bet to make the team than Victoria ever was. She is not a risk to them in any media situation, interview or public appearance, she knows how to navigate the drama of working with groups of women, she brings all the attention of being runner up to miss USA, which is quite impressive, her dancing is good enough, and she’s gorgeous. Rachel is a great addition to the team and I hope she stays a while.
  3. Was that the girl who said “you like me, you really like me!” She was sad to have to tell her mom she didn’t make finals, I think. I can picture her but don’t remember her name.
  4. I remember Alexandria’s stories were always about her life back home. Maybe after one game she realized it wasn’t really worth it. She seemed to have no future or connection with Dallas.
  5. Can anyone take these prep classes or do you have to be invited/qualify?
  6. If they knew Malena wouldn’t make it or even if they strongly suspected she couldn’t get to where she needed by the end of training camp, then they should have told her not to quit her job that she loved. Keeping Malena and letting her give up her job for this training camp was one of Kelli’s worst management decisions. Kelli has a responsibility to these girls as people not just as DCC wannabes.
  7. The problem is that we’ve seen the show for years and we’ve seen the standards that Kelli claims to have every year. It wasn’t hard to compare this season to what we’ve learned over 10 years and not see the stark contrast in treatment of Victoria (and even Malena) to other girls. We’ve never seen anyone ignore staff in any manner (although Kindall i guess got it for not wanting to work with Melissa.) We’ve never seen a vet cut at training camp for no blatantly obvious reason. We know something is wrong here. The other problem is that if the show isn’t telling a believable story, the audience can figure it out. It’s been obvious how everyone criticizes Victoria and Melina, so you can’t expect the audience to not grasp that the story is not coherent when suddenly Tara, who the week before looked great at cameos, is cut. The very choppy editing just reinforces the audience not believing what is being shown. The third problem is that if you want the audience to have a different impression, then you need to tell that story. You can’t put out a show and then criticize the audience from making judgement on what was shown. If there is more to the story, show that, instead of getting mad that people aren’t buying what you’re selling. I also think that Kelli was 100% behind focusing on Victoria as the star of the show. I don’t think she cared at all about telling the stories of the other girls on the team - rookies or vet. She had the Dayton and Victoria drama and that was the storyline she wanted shown. She wanted the “beautiful storm” and the girl who fell out of her turns, over the strong objections of the other judges. She’s been behind the Victoria story the whole way
  8. She has to take responsibility for herself. She didn’t take corrections and she didnt take Jinelle or her weight warning seriously. Not to mention all we’ve heard of her toxic behavior and celebrations when she was cut. I don’t give her any slack for being a spoiled, selfish girl because that’s the way she was raised.
  9. I thought it seemed staged a bit as well. She’s cried before or at least fake cried when she was being overly dramatic about being cut and I never saw any mascara It just adds to the clownlike quality of the whole show with her.
  10. Kelli talks a lot about every one bring their best and how they have to always be improving. She needs to look in the mirror because it seems her management has not been improving over the past few years. If anything, she’s become a less effective manager, stifling valid criticism, allowing staff to be disrespected and creating a toxic environment. I see her management becoming progressively worse over the last five years. Maybe that correlates to the increased drama focus of the show, I’m not sure.
  11. You don’t think we will get people talking about Victoria’s cut for at least 5minutes? Now that Victoria’s gone, who will be the talking head about cuts? I’ve been predicting she won’t or can’t manage her weight. She came into camp looking soft and gained the entire time. I was wondering how much she might gain over the football season if she made the team. She gained what 11 pounds in a few weeks? She could easily be up more than 20 pounds by the end of the season. Her weight was just one of the many issues. I just don’t see her growing up in one year.
  12. I’m not sure why Kelli thinks anyone cares about her stress. She’s the boss and she’s made it hard on herself and her team.
  13. I don’t think Tara deserved to be cut. If they brought her back as a vet, she has earned some respect, like Kitty asked for Victoria. Even then it would be ok if we really understood what was wrong. She lost confidence and was in her head, shouldn’t her coaches be building her up and helping her after they decided to bring her back? The only other vets we have seen cut in training camp were very obvious cuts. Hannah, Chelsea and the girl who was so out of it she didn’t even make it to practice. She was clearly well liked and I thought she was pretty. I’m still confused why she was cut before some others that seem worse. I wouldn’t miss Christina though. I took that to mean that vets shouldn’t be blamed for Victoria’s cut. Judy pretty much has to defend the vets in this situation if she hopes to keepteam morale up at all. I do agree that the vets were probably like us in wondering why she was still there and how they were going to deal with her all season. I don’t think Victoria ever thought she would be cut.
  14. Where was Victoria’s kind heart with Jinelle? She’s nice to people she’s known all her life. That’s not proof of anything regarding her character. I’m sticking with my prediction she struggles with her weight, her sense of entitlement and her sloppy dancing next year as well. After saying Victoria’s issues were comprehensive, Kelli practically guaranteed her a spot during her cut, something she’s rarely if ever done before. The closest she came in the past was Vivian where she gave her a “let’s make a deal for next year” regarding her weight. I agree with Tara and Brennan. The edits been so weird.
  15. We saw plenty of what takes place. We saw Victoria flailing from the beginning, judges not even wanting her in finals and guest experts saying she should go. We saw Victoria not improving. There is no way she would have been kept this long if she was anyone else. It’s not a great endorsement for their show when they admit that the edit isn’t showing reality.