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  1. I wish we saw more from Charlotte. I watched the amazon series about the Cowboys and she was very good. She more involved in the football team that I understood from watching this show. I get it now when she looked at Kelli and shook her head about one of the vets who got cut, there wasn’t much the girl could have done to save herself. if you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it. It’s called All or Nothing - the Dallas Cowboys. otherwise, I hope they avoid making the show a story of one girl who inevitably gets cut. I would like to know more about the strong candidates and see them in comparison to the strugglers. I could have watched a lot of Mary or Lacey when they were in training camp. I know we saw glimpses of them, but they need to add in the narrative of the pressures on even the strong dancers to perform. The brief talking head of “anybody can be cut” isn’t really a story. Or even just show the differences in the rookies. After the first slow learners are cut, it can be hard to see the differences. also I love the guest choreographers. It’s fun to see something new and the girls often have fun.
  2. I’m excited for this season. For my part, I like the stories of mothers and daughters, we don’t see enough mother- daughter stories where the mother has a career and is supporting her daughter too. We don’t have enough stories of women as friends and co workers in a high profile ,high pressure work environment. I can’t wait for the show!
  3. S12.E08: Picture Perfect

    Does anyone think that Kelly and Judy were fooled by Gina? She's said on camera how competitive she is and how she has to beat the other girls. I don't know if they see that footage that's not filmed in practices Im fairly sure it's obvious that she's making friends only with veterans and ignoring the rookies I wonder if the zoo outing was even real
  4. S12.E08: Picture Perfect

    anyone think Celinda will try out again? I don't know if there is much she can do to improve?
  5. S12.E05: Getting the Look

    It's hard to tell because they are shaking their heads. But we haven't seen anything negative about her. I agree with you. I have seen other cc mistakes but this one the audio is hard to hear as well.
  6. S12.E05: Getting the Look

    About Kitty I like her. Usually there are girls who can't do the choreography but this year it seems most people are good dancers but not power performers.
  7. S12.E05: Getting the Look

    I love Brianna and think she's an excellent dancer and gorgeous girl. I see what the judges saw in her. About Alexandria, my cc showed Judy saying "I just don't really like her." But it didn't make any sense in context. Why wouldn't they love her? I thought they just brought her in because she was the Patriots cheerleader and it gives them a story. I can't imagine them cutting her. also, just FYI I reported a couple of posts for a spoiler I didn't know about. Don't like to report things and not be upfront. I know everyone tries to be careful but there are people like me who aren't spoiled. I forgot the show was on until I heard about the football game being cancelled.
  8. S03.E09: Aporia

    I haven't been on the fence about him, I've thought he was just fine, but after that scene, I told my honey--after I first just said "WOW"--- that I would think that anyone who hadn't been a fan would have to admit that that was POWERFUL. Masterful, even. The line you quoted really got to me as well. 'That's just when he fell.' Yeah, just wow. Much as I didn't really expect to ever root for Nikki--she's an amoral killer, after all--I loved her calm takedown of Varga. Nikki is a great character, and I do fully believe in her Ray love now. I read an interview with Mary Elizabeth Winstead recently, in which she said she asked Noah Hawley if Nikki really loved him, or if it was a con, mostly expecting that he'd tell her that it was a bit of both, but he said 'she absolutely loves him'. I'm not sure WHY she does, or did, but love is weird, and I love her calm but righteous wrath in wanting to avenge his death. AND get outa there with a lotta $$. Yeah, I learned not to eat during this show. Just...ugh. Varga bingeing on the toilet was something I never needed to see. I thought she loved him because they understood each other. The way she wasn't mad after he didn't show up to the dinner with the sponsor convinced me she loved him.
  9. S03.E09: Aporia

    How was Varga able to replicate the first murder scene? I suppose that was from the report that was stolen from Gloria's office in the library.
  10. S03.E09: Aporia

    It was just a few posts up from yours. That's not a recap, though. Agree. I wonder why no actual recap? Maybe they have given up on the show.
  11. S03.E08: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

    Because Emmit will take the blame when the illegal activity is uncovered and Varga is shielded. Emmit is just signing papers in his corporate position.
  12. S03.E08: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

    I'm pretty sure the money Nikki told Gloria to follow was the money that Ray went back to get. Where is it now, anyway? Why would Nikki tell Gloria to follow money that Ray stole from Emmits account? Same idea as the IRS looking into the accounts?
  13. S03.E08: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

    Gloria's adventure ain't over yet and I expect the end will be terribly different than where things are now. I'm very curious about this possibility. I hope you are right! My own prediction is that Varga gets away. Who else is left alive for her to catch except Emmit - and he had to turn himself in (and may still get away) and possibly Nikki. All the other bad actors - Ray and Varga's guys in the woods are dead. I'm cheering for your ending because mine is unsatisfactory.
  14. S03.E08: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

    I think Varga is a figure for unlimited greed. The problem is it's difficult to make paper crimes look sexy and dramatic. I agree that I'm not as invested in the season and this is why: The villains are too one dimensional. Varga is tedious and disgusting. The male cops are obstructing Gloria without anyone on her side supporting her- like the cafe owning father in season 1 supporting Molly and Gus. So all we get are incompetent male cops blocking her in various ways. The female cops are also a bit one dimensional. It might be the acting choices but Gloria is too flat to me and we aren't getting many heartfelt moments with her kid like we did in Season 1. They are basically dogging along on a case without much info about their lives, at least for me. The emphasis on disgusting vomiting, teeth cleaning, peeing, etc. Not fun to watch. The insistence on strident political commentary which detracts from the story. It's way too heavy handed. My suspicion that Varga gets away with everything. No one listens to Gloria and nothing is learned from or gained by the entire experience. I can imagine Varga just driving away completely scott free of any wrongdoing - my only hope that I'm wrong is Nikki and Wrench. However: I adore the character of Nikki. I feel she is a unique character that I haven't seen before.
  15. S03.E08: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

    Emmit may still get away with manslaughtee and Nikki with murder.