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  1. There's no way she's 52. I really do want her to be on the team though. Sure, but they clearly place other things above the DCC. Definitely isn't their top priority.
  2. EVER!! It wasn't discussed in the spoiler thread, so I don't think we know what happened just yet.
  3. This is probably it. Or some "attitude problem" that they all seem to have *eye roll* Same. I really wanted her to mature and pull through. She irritates me w/ some of the things she says, but I really do hope she can turn it around and get herself together. She definitely needs some time to grow up. I honestly think it's played up way more than it actually is. Yeah, theyve been friends for years before and have cheered alongside eachother for another team, but once they both made DCC it's reasonable to understand that they would make other friends. I liked it too actually. You aren't.
  4. Blah blah blah I'm cutting my bread and putting on some butter WITH MY KNIFE!!! lol Also, Brennan did look really good! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I thought the same thing!!
  5. I read "sausage cupcakes.' I'm either tired or hungry lol It literally only is flattering on Tess, Lacey, Lauren, Kelli and Jayln. Even though pretty much everyone has a perfect figure, it's REALLY "unforgiving." She was so cute. I loved her personality. That's really not the same. I don't eat seafood not because I'm unfamiliar with it, but because I'm allergic. I'm sure no one is allergic to hip hop. Same. As soon as VK picked up that lettuce from her lap, I blew my imaginary whistle lol Amy.
  6. I'm only watching tonight's episode to catch the preview for next week..
  7. ..she hasn't had an issue with her weight. Remember, that's the only qualifying way to help someone lose weight! ;-)
  8. Too much is read into everything on here lol but I agree.
  9. How? No shade, but there's not really anything to emphasize anyone on the squad to miss them. Further, she's honestly forgetable considering how good this rookie class has been so far. It's not like the average Joe knows who the girls are anyway. Okay now that I REALLY look at it, you're right. Meh..I don't think her placement means anything other than the fact that she has seniority over the rookies..
  10. I'm sorry..but tonight is your last night. ;-)
  11. Clearly. Had it been sincere, she would have said it before she ran out of there. There are certainly veterans who aren't performing as well as the rookies this year. I don't think that's their goal. I do, however, think they encourage them to be vague about or skirt around answers to questions that don't align with the Dallas Cowboys brand.
  12. Agree. It IS difficult to understand this as an adult. However, I can kind of see considering her age how news just isn't important to her and how she can just ignore it. With that said, #MeToo is kind of a big deal so it's difficult for me to really understand how she missed that. All of this! There doesn't seem to be a "center." It's a nice picture though, but I certainly would place more senior vets in the front.
  13. That's what I'm assuming. I'm pretty sure no one there was offended like i'm sure they would presumably be today. 1. I think she emphasized "private" so that the girls would know that no matter how private they think they're keeping their posts, someone can and will still see it and it will be public. 2. I disagree. For the 100th time, I don't think she had any clue that people would interpret it as "black face." She knows now.