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  1. She's definitely improved over the years and has shown a willingness and drive to learn and progressing. I think that's what got her on the team. She isn't a TERRIBLE dancer. That makes a lot of sense now. I remember she used to irritate me her first year in TC when she spoke b/c there was something "off" about how she spoke that really annoyed me. Congrats to the girls! This confirms that our insiders know what they're talking about (so leave them alone! lol). The girls are cute, but I'm gonna need some chocolate girls to audition and make the team!
  2. That makes sense considering that photo that was posted upthread. I thought she was naturally tiny, but that has to be hard for her to maintain. I love KaShara to pieces, but you have to also remember that KaShara came in "DCC heavy".
  3. Oh, have you not heard? It was none other than Jenna! 😂😩 Pretty much
  4. That's initially why I thought she was pregnant or something.
  5. I'm just a bit sad for Tara that she doesn't get to cheer w/ her bffs Erin and Madeline
  6. "We" don't believe EVERYTHING anyone says on here. There have been however several people who have come on here and have given us little nuggets of information or confirmed some speculation. I think that's a little much. I doubt Jinelle did anything like that (help VK). She seems like she would be the one to report back that she hasn't been truthful tho
  7. I guess she's just always been a little "dcc soft", so that's why you don't see it and she looks the same..because she does. I don't think there's anything wrong w/ acknowledging your talent just as long as you aren't putting others down to uplift yourself. I will outwardly admit that I am a great writer, but I don't think that seems "off" or "full of myself." I just happen to be aware of my talent. Same goes for her. IDK, maybe it just isn't a big deal to me.
  8. I agree. And for the life of me I can’t imagine it being because they aren’t sure who to choose for the team and they HAVE to get it down to 36 because that’s just insane. I think she’s either pregnant or like you said something personal where she had to make the decision. My guess is, if that’s even the case, that Kelli knew how close she and Jenna were and simply asked her about it..or overheard something and Jenna squealed. Hell im just guessing as many of us are. They seem to still be friends so whatever it was wasn’t terrible.
  9. I think looking clean and having straight lines is key. She definitely did that. Also, a lot of cheerleaders do similar “dcc” moves, so I wouldn’t say she took their material. I don’t know her personally to make judgment in her as a person, but I’m sure she’s a sweet girl. It doesn’t hurt that she had a presence that is young, seemingly fun and inviting also. She could easily get dome choreography gigs!
  10. To be fair, that’s really all she knows. They do look phenomenal compared to other nfl cheerleaders
  11. Same. I wasn’t going to be a lazy newbie and demand answers lol I remember I came back once during auditions ..for like a week..and had to read through about 45 pages 😅
  12. I really think 38 I don’t think they will re-edit. They can just simply state that it wasn’t her year..she had a good run..she should reaudition blah blah. It’s not as deep as the Erica thing where they “had” to
  13. After Judy confirmed that she said she DID like her, I stopped listening for anything else