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  1. She was really giving me Kimberly Andrews vibes yesterday, peach, particularly the tossed-off bitchy line about the carbs. Agreed, Claire's ineptness at scheming cracks me up.
  2. Hero. Ryan writing down the names of the women he's killed - names he would know by heart and would not need to commit to paper - is so stupid. It's like Britt writing that letter about her Ben/Rocco guilt and not ensuring that every single scrap of it was destroyed.
  3. I don't understand what they're doing with this Aiden story. It's, like, this weird filler thing to get Liz and Franco across their minimums and make Franco look like the best father figure ever.
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    But Sonny's only doing so for a self-servicing reason, right? To keep Drew from teaming up with Margaux against him?
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The actress who plays Sasha is very pretty. If only I cared. Why is Drew asking LWB/FS about medical aftereffects, he is not a doctor. Go away, Spencer. And take Joss, Oscar, and Cam with.
  6. I'm sure Princess Abigail will mount her steed of a high horse and decide not to press charges. But I dunno where Gabi goes after that. Hopefully she keeps being a scheming vixen because CB is awesome at it.
  7. Says the portrayer of the greatest GH villain of all...
  8. Okay, obviously, in a real-world sense, what Gabi is doing to Abigail is pretty not cool. But OMG, in a entertaining soap sense, she was killing me today - the delicious faux-ocity of her protests to Abigail's questions, dragging Abigail's ass across town, snarking to the unconscious Abs that she should lay off the carbs, psyching herself up to bonk herself in the head to sell the story. Very fun.
  9. And poor guy, after this, it's probably right back to holding Laura's purse.
  10. So I guess this Kevin/Ryan stuff is done by month's end? Ugh, so pointless. And where is Lucy, will she not be part of the end of this?
  11. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    No he's not. No he's not. No he's not.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    We didn't see him find out on-screen, but we did see him stand there blank-faced one time when Sonny talked about Michael being angry with him about it.
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    And look at Drew, all concerned about the blowback on Monica if Jason were to go to jail. Meanwhile, Jase is working to make sure the murderer of Monica's other son skips out on jail for another murder.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm more relieved, I don't trust this show not to go there.
  15. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I hope @LexieLily enjoyed Ryan visiting Kevin because based on the preview, starting tomorrow, it's about to be all about Spencer. UUUGGGHHH. What was the point of bringing Nelle back at this juncture if they didn't move the baby swap along?