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  1. S15.E23: Fallout

    Kasie is horrible. We lost Clayton and got her? I now skew too old for NCIS - nothing here for me any more
  2. I remember eagerly anticipating every episode of Season 1. It was dense, raised fascinating moral, psychological and sociological questions. Season 2 with the end of Boone and (as, or more, importantly) the end of the Roddenberry outline, Tribune's mucking made the show adrift - trivial, without vision and aimed at a 13 year old demo.
  3. Season 11: 21 Murdoch Street

    Watched on Acorn this early Christmas morning. Unhappy about Jackson. Liked his character more than Higgins. However, was a predictable choice. Here's hoping for many good and lucrative roles for Kristian Bruun.
  4. S15.E03: Exit Strategy

    I hardly watch any more. Just enjoy the reruns. For me the beginning of the end was Bishop. And the new crowd - yawn. I'm glad they have a nicely tied up Ducky's future. Great character. With Gibbs personality change, I suspect they are foreshadowing some sort of change for his character.
  5. Season 3. All episodes talk

    Her father mentioned the Lawyer who would make sure she got her allowance . . .
  6. S03.E24: Poetic Justice

    I ask this for this year's NCIS and NCIS NOLA - what demo are you trying to appeal to? I really can't figure out what you think you are doing. You have pretty well turned your back on older, female (which used to be your audience), I don't see you hip enough for the 20-30 group. Is it older white males? I just don't get you.
  7. S04.E12: Tomorrow

    Glad I read the thread. I'll just pass on this episode. I've only been a sporadic viewer this season anyway.
  8. S12.E11: The Day In The Life

    Boy did I see a different show. I thought the acting (or perhaps directing) was amateurish - way over the top with the angst. Maybe it was just subpar writing.
  9. S14.E13: Keep Going

    Like the old days! Heart! Loved it all!
  10. S04.E03: Heads of State

    When K came back she supported them both. I like the junior members of the gang, the evil business guy and Jenny. Not really liking Crane's new look - diminishes his gravitas. I truly dislike the abrasive and not too bright DHS character. She may be distasteful enuf to kill this reboot for me. Really do miss Abby. This is likely to remain a casual view at best.
  11. S04.E03: The Final Problem

    I was totally enrapt for the entire episode. Thought it was positively brilliant. Perhaps not Holmes but most definitely Sherlock.
  12. S03.E10: Follow the Money

    Guess the show runners "fixed" the program. It seems to me that they looked at the 3 NCIS versions, picked the one w the worst ratings, NCIS LA and came up with the brilliant idea of making the other two resemble it. They've got rid of strong character driven plots by a tight group of characters. Instead we have many superfluous characters and limited screen time for the characters that actually drew us to the shows. The camera work seems different as well - tho' I could be wrong. Seems like a lot more choppy quick cuts. The writing also seems weaker. Dialogue often seems like it is interchangeable among characters. No unique voice for each character. Other than that tho' great job, show runners.
  13. S14.E10: The Tie That Binds

    Had to catch the holiday episode. The rest of this season - gosh awful. Would have liked more Palmer (a good character being sacrificed at the altar of the demo - at least that is the only reason I can see for the horrible crowd of tedious new characters this season) and Abbie and McGee were somewhat slighted. This episodes had the ghost of heart that this show was known for. I admit I don't watch much any more but glad I had this opportunity to see the show I actually loved. Again the episode lacked the tightness of previous seasons because we had to squeeze in all the new crowd. Perhaps this season would not have been so bad if they had picked only one of the new crowd to add. But as it is, we neither get to know the new folks nor get to enjoy the old. The focus of this episode on the big 3 + young Duckie did make it an enjoyable Christmas visit with friends.
  14. S14.E08: Enemy Combatant

    One of the best things about NCIS in the past (preBishop) were their holiday themed episodes. This one was the worst. A mish mash of too many characters that I don't care about and way too little screen time for the characters I do care about. NO HEART in this episode. Don't know what the show runners are thinking. Felt more like the awful NCIS Los Angeles than the mother ship. NCIS has lost its heart. They should have let it had a decent death at the end of last year and moved the actors who were interested to other parts of the franchise. Really sad.