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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    Finally caught this, and I thought it was pretty good. They dont make a lot of these light on drama high on feels and indie music type shows anymore, so I think I can get into this. Plus, I always liked Lucy Hale but I hated her awful screwed up story lines on Pretty Little Liars (which I watched until the most bitter of ends), so its nice to see her playing a more likable character, with a love interesting who isn't her damn high school teacher who spied on her and her friends because he was writing a shitty book about her ALSO underage friend he had a thing for. God PLL was weird. I think its a good premise. What do you do after all the "live like you were dying" romance has ended? How do you just start to go about dealing with the boring and crappy parts of everyday life? I like the actors as well, and that certainly helps some of the more cheesy dialogue, so thats a plus as well. I also cracked up at her husband telling her all the stuff he has fibbed about (my favorite movie isn't Love Actually) and him realizing now they can do and talk about normal couple stuff, and thats a whole new thing for them. "Do we want kids? Can we just have a quickie every once in awhile? Our sleeping arrangement is pretty uncomfortable to me", and I think thats an interesting take on a relationship. I hope they can stick it out, at least for awhile, before a CW love triangle invades.
  2. S03.E15: Amnesty

    That ending was so sweet! I like Mateo and Jeff way more than Jonah and Amy or Jonah and Kelly. Although, I do think Jonah and Amy have good chemistry, I have very little patience for this Ross/Rachel on and off again stuff, with pointless side characters showing up to delay the inevitable hook up. Just get together or dont damn it! Normally Kelly kind of exists to be a roadblock to the Jonah/Amy end game, but I freaking loved it when Sandra's enemy (cant remember her name) was saying she wants to hurt Amy's daughter, and Kelly was just very slowly backing away while smiling awkwardly. The Pastor was great too, can he show up again from time to time?
  3. S04.E13: Chapter Seventy-Seven

    Oh, whenever Rogelio starts to try, I start to cry. I figured that Xo was lying, but it was still super sad to see. This show has just been getting darker and darker, with Michael's death being the darkest, but with that, they desperately jumped ahead in time to keep it from keeping the jokes down too much. With Xo having cancer, its hard to push that to the side. The last scene with the whole family praying in Spanish was a gut punch, its hard to see the show going full wacky for awhile. I found some sympathy for Louisa, but I still hate Rose and how much Louisa lets her get away with. Great episode for Petra, especially when she dressed up as the tooth fairy, and when she was telling Jane about how much she struggled with Rafs cancer as well.
  4. S07.E13: Knightfall

    You know, sometimes I wish that, instead of coming up with all these different universes all over the multiverse (that all seem to be weirdly similar to each other), they just should have done a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thing, where all fiction just exists next to each other, even if they dont always make total sense. Like, while all this is going on, sometimes they hear that the weather has turned to crap in both the neighboring kingdoms of Westeros (who are also in the middle of a nasty civil war) and Narnia, so they cant really ask them for help with the Regina mess, and at some point they end up in the future where they find a city called New York where aliens are invading and being beaten back by superheroes, only a few days after the Ghostbusters are got the statue of Liberty to walk around the city, which both made for great stories to be told by this guy they meet named Ted Mosby who loves telling really long pointless stories, while watching a news story about how in another city called Chicago, several major car pileups have stopped traffic as local police chase down two blues musicians, and a parade was stopped allowing a kid to sing twist and shout with the entire city which distracted everyone from a guy in a trench coat riding Sue the Dinosaur down the Magnificent Mile. It would be totally insane, but it wouldn't be boring or make no sense.
  5. You know, something struck me watching the most recent episode. For all that the show has set up this vast fictional multiverse filled with so many different worlds made up of so many genres...they really dont seem all that different, do they? Most every land they go to are just variations of the original EF, but with a few astetic differences (Arendale was snowy, Scotland had mountains, Agraba had sand, even Wonderland sometimes seemed like the EF but with some weird clothes and trees, especially later on) and eventually, they all just started blending together anyway, until it was all basically one big, bland world of billions of trees and vaugly understood monarchies. In this episode, I truly had no clue where we were half the time, because every land they go to looks exactly alike now, and everyone acts alike, and there is no variety. It never felt like we were actually exploring different worlds that had vastly different rules and orders than the EF, being from totally different genres. We never found a space opera universe where magic doesn't work but aliens can shoot lasers out of their eyes and breath in space, or a musical verse where everyone bursts into song every few hours, and no one there finds it odd, or an action movie world were the laws of physics seem to actually work different and cars keep blowing up every time you try to drive them, or even an urban fantasy style world where magic works, but the magic users of that world find the idea of life in an EF medieval style world to be quite undesirable compared to a normal modern life that just happens to also involve spells and magical creatures, and are just as likely to shoot a monster as use magic to fight it. Or even a really dark, disturbing crime or dark fantasy world where the genre is so deeply different than a fairy tale, that our gang cant even really function there, and its denizens cant even comprehend their happy endings or true lives kisses. There is so much that could be done with mixing genres this way, and for awhile, I thought thats what they were going to do, especially when they introduced Doctor Frankenstein's black and white horror movie world, which is still really the only world that really came across as truly different, and that this was a totally different universe with its own rules that were totally at odds with the EF, and where our heroes would have to get creative to succeed in. But nope. There were a few other attempts at showing different parts of the multiverse (the Land Without Stories, Cruellas eternally roaring 20s) and while I really liked those glimpses into what was really different, they would quickly get thrown away just to get back to the same old same old. We got one or two episodes in the 20s and in the B&W world, and the Land Without Stories was quickly tossed for more Regina nonsense. They couldn't even really bother to come up with just different cultures within their own fantasy genre. They kind of tried with Mulans vaugly Chinese nation, and Muridas Epcot Scotland, but, again, mostly just some location and costume changes, and its the same thing as always. Even this season, after setting up that other cultures have their own fairytales to introduce a Cinderella played for a Hispanic actress, its still just the same old story, just with more murder (positive representation?) and less interesting than the last time with blond Cinderella. Theres nothing about her story thats more specific to Latin American telling of the story (which there certainly are), and there arent even other Hispanic people in the plot! Colorblind casting in stories like these is fine, but when they specifically point out the "other cultures, other stories" thing, you expect there to be more changing than one characters race. Hell, I am still trying to figure out why she seems to be the only person in her country with a non English or American accent. Again, its nothing new. You could have done Cinderella with this actress in the first season, and it would have been the same thing, so why both? I think that really is one of my greatest disappointments of this show. They had potential to really play with genre and how different people from vastly different world relate to each other, and be really creative and fun, and maybe even explore some interesting concepts, and we got...the same damn forest every damn episode. Or, this season, bland Seattle neighborhood. Truly, the limits of their creativity knows no bounds. Its not like your owned by freaking Disney or anything so you basically have access to everything thats ever existed. Nope, lets just get back to blandness and not actually bothering to explain whats even in another world, or in the next country over. Its all basically the same! Its so nice that literally every story in existence is basically the same freaking thing. God, no wonder Issac went nuts. If I had to watch and record the exact same crap for all eternity, Id probably try to liven things up to.
  6. S07.E13: Knightfall

    As yes, the Mills family is totally known for saving people. I mean, except for Graham...and Marion...and that groom Regina killed just because...and Snows old nanny Cora through out the window...and Percival's village...and Percival...and that village Regina slaughtered when they helped Snow...and all those kids Regina sent to be eaten by the Blind Witch...and... You see what happens when you just randomly decide you Big Bad is the new hero without ever really dealing with that? Especially when your a show that loves making broad statements about heroes and villains and good and evil and crap like that? It just makes everything seem super hallow to any of us that have been paying attention to this freaking show. Anyway, much like last week, this wasn't an awful episode, I would say it better than last week just by being at least somewhat about one of the more interesting stories (Hook and Alice), but it was pretty boring, repetitive, and raised a lot more questions that I know will never be answered. Like, why was being taunted by this one random guy so awful that it made WHook go back to dueling and such? Its basically just a Hook Prime plot, but we`ve already seen it before, and WHook seemed to have gotten over all that revenge/pirate reputation stuff ages ago, who why both doing that, instead of building on his relationship with his daughter? Also, does all this take place in the same AU that Murderella and Tremaine and everyone is from? So they have an AU Smee as well that is exactly like the one in the EF, who also knows Hook? And that Hook is gone? Or is this the Prime universe at a different time period? Which time period? Is this an alternate Rumple, or one from the past in the Enchanted Forest? If so, where is Hook prime at this point? Is that why Bobby was even hammier than usual as Imp Rumple, because this is a different guy? Who just happens to be exactly like Prime Rumple? But, this should be the future right, if Hook is older (and by older, we mean two grey hairs), so why is Rumple still in jail? Isnt he living with Belle in the first 10 minutes of Up? Or, if is this is the AU that Murderella and Co are from? Or, wait, is this the Wish Verse? Then, could they maybe freaking establish that fact? Also, why did the captain who was a dick to WHook have to be Captain Ahab? Beyond one reference to him having a thing about fish and a peg leg, what was the point? Stop namedropping show and just write some actual characters! Also, was that supposed to be th thing from Moana that the guy had? In which case...I have a rant I plan on saving for another thread. Its hard to get invested in all these stories when they're so spread out. We haven't gotten anything from Tilly and WHook in ages, either as Rogers and Tilly or as WHook and Alice, and thats kind of killing the momentum of the story, in just the way Faciliars plot will probably be killed because we have like 30 other damn plots to get through and Tiana wont have another episode for awhile. Unless they give the episode to Regina and talk about their relationship, which...not that interested in more Regina sex. At least this time, it was presumably consensual at least. Seeing Rogers interact with Gothel really is super creepy, and the actress is still doing a decent job at being scary and threatening, even thought thats quickly dying down as we still have no idea what her plan is, or what this coven actually is. Or how the flying fuck magic even works in this universe but thats a whole different rant. I would have liked more of WHook and Alice and their life together instead of pointless OOC dick measuring and Gothel cackling. Poor little Alice cant ever go outside and the only people she knows are her father, who tries his best with her but is still only one person, and her evil mom who raped her dad to get a kid who she could dump in this tower forever and apparently pops up to be evil from time to time. Thats a lot of angst for a kid, I would like to explore that more, please?
  7. S02.E04: AKA God Help the Hobo

    Jessica is totally committed to her trademark look, and I love it. Like, Jessica is so stubborn and wants so badly to be in charge of her own life, she wont even like the damn weather affect how she lives her life. So Super guy isn't a bigot, he just thought Jessica was trouble, and is actually a decent guy. Yeah, saw that coming. I mean, Jessica kind of IS trouble, but it usually isn't really her fault. She usually means well... With all these references to Its Patsy, I really want to see some of an actual episode. What actually was the show? It looks like a sort of 90s tween come, but why was it such a big deal? I wanna know! Speaking of, it seems like Trish is taking a rather dark path this season. I hope she doesn't go full on dark side like Simpson did, that would really suck to watch. Malcolm is not only getting more assertive, he is getting some. A lot of it, apparently! Sobriety looks good on him. So is Jerris ALS going to be like Jerris divorce last season? Not bad or anything, but not really connected to the plot or the other characters?
  8. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I cant decide what call back line from Steve I want more. Do I want someone to be like "are we going to try and fight these guys They're intergalactic conquerors from outer space!" and Steve says "I dont like bullies, I dont care where they're from." OR, do I want him to be fighting until the very end against Thanos, and Thanos is like "Surrender, you cannot possibly win!" and Steve just gets up and says "I could do this all day" while practically falling down in pain and exhaustion. I dont care if its cheesy I WANT WHAT I WANT.
  9. "I bet you $5 they're special needs moms". I really enjoyed both episode, I think the jury duty one was my favorite. Its like they asked "what if the juror from 12 Angry Men who stalled the trail was just stalling to take a break from his family? And the trail was over some minor act of vandalism?" and stuck Maya and Sarah Chalk into it. It was super funny, and I loved the Golden Ticket number. The second episode was good too, and it was nice to see Jimmy doing architecture again, even if that adorable rent violation had to screw things up. I hope he can pursue that again, especially now that the kids are getting older. he always seemed kind of sad that those dreams didn't work out. Not filled with regrets or anything, but a bit sad. I also liked them tackling the issue of JJ wanting to date, and the hurdles that go along with that. And Kenneth's obviously much younger profile pic, and Dylan laughing at him, was hilarious. "Did you put single because divorced twice wasn't an option?" I was also happy to see JJs movie buff friend back, and his whole film shoot was pretty great. I thought JJs movie looked pretty good, for a student film made by an 18 year old who had never directed before and his classmates and one teacher who REALLY needed that cameo I feel like. Although, I think my highlight of both episodes was Mayas totally insane murder eyes when Dylan was dancing around in the bathroom trying to talk to Jimmy.
  10. Black Panther (2018)

    Disney Executives: "Hurry everyone, lets dive into our Scrooge McDuck pile of money again! And perhaps send a selfie to our old friends..." DC: "Damn it, I hate when they send these!"
  11. S03.E10: The Art of the Deal

    So, true story. I was having lunch with some of my friends today, and this conversation happened: Friend: "I was watching SyFy the other day, and that stupid Magicians thing came on, and some girl was texting emojis in a life or death situation, like so fucking stupid and some guy was at a fucking book club and it was the dumbest shit ever." Me: "Well, I quite like that show, and...shesfromamagicallandandshejustdiscoveredtextingandthinkingsitstheuniversallanguageandtheyweretryingtobesneakytofreeoppressedfairiesandthebookclubisintheafterlifeandhemightbetrappedtheirbecauseofamagicalcupcakeandITMAKESSENSEINCONTEXT!" *takes a sip of flavored water*. "So, yeah, it makes more sense when you've seen the show." And she didn't even see the messenger bunnies. I guess this show has officially become a I Will Fight You show now.
  12. Oh my God, the drama of everything! Of course Clifford has a long lost twin who shows up dramatically at the will reading! Of course Hiram does some crazy blood oath with Archie like they're Klingons or witches or something. Of course Chick cuts out pictures of Polly and schemes to send her away. Of course Jughead carries his giant map with all of Hiram's schemes around with him to whip out at all times. Of course. I cant decide what my favorite part of the will reading was. Alice running in all dramatic like to yell at her husband with former Mayor McCoy just trying to avoid getting dragged into this, Claudius showing up at the most dramatically appropriate moment, or Toni just having a grand old time. No, my favorite moment was when Mrs. Blossom tried to take Nana Blossoms hand, and Nana pulled it away! I freaking love the Gothic madness of the Blossoms. What do you bet that, somehow, Claudius will still manage to be the evil twin. I love whenever the show uses 50s music. Its sets a really cool atmosphere, even when it involved Jughead and his sad attempts at being sneaky. I mean, I think in the battle between some random teenager and the super wealthy mobster, I have an idea whos going to win. And he doesn't wear a stupid leather jacket. For someone so smart, Alice is pretty stupid about Chick. What more does he have to do to act evil?
  13. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Yeah, from the clips we saw, it looks like Thanos and company kill a bunch of people on the ship, maybe everyone except for Hulk and Valkyrie (SOBS!), and then he will threaten to kill Thor if Loki doesn't give him the stone (which he stole because Loki), and because Thor is pretty much the only person in the universe Loki gives a damn about besides himself, he does it. Then...I have no idea. Maybe Thanos kills him when he has no more use to him, and tosses Thor into space, and that how he finds the Guardians?
  14. Oh my God, that trailer! My brain cannot comprehend such awesome and yet terrifying imagines! Its looks so epic, but...I am just not ready to see my beloved MCU characters getting killed off. I thought I might be ready, but I am not, Not even a little bit. And yet, I am so ready for this movie, and to see all this unfold. My brain and my heart are very confused. "Lets talk about this plan of yours. I think its good...except it sucks." Tony is just SHOOK ;)
  15. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Dear lord, so much is happening, I am losing my mind. Just a trailer is causing me to want to flail about all over the internet, how am I going to handle the freaking movie?!?! My Head: "Wow, this movie seems like it will have a lot of great action, suspense and character dynamics. I hope that it manages to combine all those elements into a successful narrative that brings these many desperate stories together." My Heart: "OH MY GOD EVERYBODY GONNA DIE HEAD FOR THE FREAKING HILLS EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE AND THERES GONNA BE TEARS GET AWAY FROM MY BELOVED CHARACTERS YOU MONSTERS OMG!!!" I already love Tony and the Guardians meeting up. "Lets talk about this plan of yours: I think its good...except it sucks." Tony's gonna have to deal with not being the biggest smart ass in the room for awhile. However, the moment that got the most chills from me, even more than the many scenes of everyone in all kinds of trouble? "He can wipe out half the universe with his fingers. If he gets all the infinity stones, he can do it with the slap of his fingers. Just like that." *snap*. Oh, I think I might have an idea as to how this movie ends...brrrrrr.