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  1. "One, Poochie needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Poochie's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Poochie"? Three--"
  2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I had heard that James Gunn had said some pretty questionable stuff in the past, but god dang, that is a weird obsession with child rape right there. I can appreciate dark humor, but those arent even jokes, its that kind of anti comedy "provocateur" humor that I find so pathetic. I love the Guardians movies, but maybe a new director would be a good move. I just wish the tweets weren't dug up by some wacked out right wing conspiracy nut clearly targeting Gunn for his politics and not his awful old tweets. I just have no idea why he didnt delete those tweets years ago. Come on dude.
  3. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    Has anyone told DC they have characters other than the Joker to make movies about?
  4. S01.E07: The Black Mandala 2018.07.18

    I also at first thought he was her therapist, but now I think they cleared it up that he is just A therapist, not HER therapist. I dont see it being long term, but its nice to see a relationship thats just fun and flirty right now, and not drowning in angst. The case was interesting, and it was a good way to explore the use of Reverie. The military was planning on using this tech since day one, and I guess this was how they wanted to start things up. Also, I guess their government contact might be a bit sketchy, but she isnt so sketchy that she is alright with trapping teenage refugees being tortured because of some light evidence against them. Maybe it was pragmatic, maybe it was personal, but it was at least a bit more for her to do.
  5. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    "Fuck Batman." Well...thats a way to start your show I guess... I think I get what the original idea was. They saw what Marvel was doing, and wanted a piece of that success, but didnt want to be accused of just copying their formula. So they looked at the first few MCU films, which are colorful, quippy, fun popcorn flicks, and decided to go the opposite way. They decided that, to differentiate themselves, they would make darker, more supposedly grounded, more serious, even auteur superhero movies. That didnt work out for them (and I can and have gone into the reasons I think that its gone badly), but I think thats what they were going for, and I think it could have worked alright.
  6. That trailer for Titans was so insanely, hilariously dark and broody, its like it was directed by Lego Batman. "DARKNESS! NO PARENTS!" Some of it looks cool, especially the stuff with Raven, but it mostly looks like its trying too hard. Like its trying to do its own spin on The Punisher or Daredevil, but with Dick Greyson, of all people.
  7. Doctor Who in the Media

    With the energy effects, it looks like this is a team up between The Doctor and The Flash! For real though, I have no clue what the actual plot is going to be, but I am super excited.
  8. S03.E08 Come, Clad in Peace 2018.07.18

    I actually cherred when Darla called RA out on his bullshit when he was going on about how Darla was getting help from her parents. "Did you pay for YOUR house?" That was awesome. Ralph Angel trying to make himself out to be some kind of self made man is just so ridiculous. His dad left him the house and farm, probably because he thought that RA wouldn't be able to get his own life together, he has been supported constantly by his family and community, who help him with Blue, money, and are constantly building his ego up, who is he to get on his high horse? I dont see things going well for Micah and his new Woke friends at all. Cant they do something to stick it to this place that isnt actually illegal? Or focus on any of the other billion problems that black people are facing everyday beyond some assholes doing historical cosplay? Not that the place isnt creepy and it deserves to be called out, but there has to be something better they could be doing about it. I do agree on the eye brow raising at people taking selfies at tragic historical sites or in front of memorials. I've totally seen people do that, and its SO tacky. I love Prosper. He is just such a calm, wise presence throughout the show, especially in the middle of all the family/business drama. I also liked the whole sequence of Nova burying her dads picture in the field. This episode seemed pretty filler, waiting to get to next week.
  9. S01E07 Austerlitz 07.15.2018

    A lot of stuff going on this week. Not as exciting as last week, but I was still entertained. The actors are so good, I just enjoy watching them play off each other. I've heard of self man men and women who start with nothing and become super wealthy, who go onto struggle relating to their wealthy children. That probably had something to do with why Logan has such crappy relationships with all of his kids, even beyond him just being an asshole. He really seems to straight up dislike all of his kids, which, while none of them are prizes, that doesn't say much about him as the person who raised them. Watching Kendall go down into his drug spiral seemed pretty much inevitable. I admit that I was a bit surprised that Roman immediately ran off to get him when he realized he was on drugs, and did seem to be actually worried about him. And he did his job, at least a bit. Thats certainly better behavior than we`ve gotten from him in the other episodes. I think Shiv wants to be seen as really smart, and thats why she is going to work for the polar opposite of her dad, and why she is with a guy she doesn't seem to like very much, because she gets to be the smart and powerful one.
  10. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Did Barry run to another Earth again?
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I mean, he IS the greatest threat that Oliver has ever faced! I mean, other than the murderous terrorist ninja, the super soldier with a grudge who was hearing voices, OR his army, the sorcerer with a god complex, the aliens trying to take over the world, the super-powered intradomintional Nazis trying to take over the world, the super-genius martial arts expert, or Ivan freaking Drago. Truly, this random dude whos super power seems to be holding petty grudges is his greatest threat! Seriously, I have no clue what the show is trying to do with this guy. He isnt a really notable comic character, he isnt a classic Green Arrow character (which is why they keep trying to make Black Canary a thing), he isnt really popular with fans, whats the deal?
  12. S02.E07 Betsy 2018.07.17

    Christ, does Jane have some kind of childhood trauma about every freaking thing she acts like an insufferable jerk about? Its retroactively amazing that they didnt add in some story about how she was whining about not being hired because of diversity because her mom was in line for some kind of clinical trail to fight her cancer and a black person was in line in front of her or some shit. The last three episodes all seem to have the theme of "Jane is totally insufferable to everyone in her entire life." I dont even disagree with her points, but I was Team Sutton the whole way through. Jane was just the most obnoxious, self ritious, condescending, judgmental asshole the whole episode, and she has been like that throughout quite a bit of the season, and she still got her way! It seemed like she really learned a lesson about seeing the nuance in political issues, but then it turns out "oh, Sutton isnt really a gun lover, she just has a sad backstory!" and Jane manipulates her best friend into getting rid of her gun, and ending her hobby that she clearly enjoyed. Just because Jane cant freaking function without having a meltdown over her millions of random traumas (including making freaking Columbine all about her!) and always gets her way. It would have been a million times better if Sutton just liked to Skeet Shoot, and got to keep Betsy, and she and Jane learn about being honest with each other and accepting each other. This is the woman who wants to be a hard hitting reporter? I consider myself a pretty damn liberal type of person, but I was on Sutton's side the whole time. She made lots of good points, and is clearly a responsible gun owner. But, no, its all about Jane and her eternally quivering lip. The part that especially pissed me off was when Sutton was talking about she was in trouble at work because she blew off the scenster girl to support Jane...while Jane is like "What did you feel about all those mass shootings?" Like, what the fuck do you think she felt, Jane? "I heard about them and was THRILLED about the deaths of innocents! I cackled evilliy hearing the news, while polishing my guns!" What an awful question to ask her best friend, especially as Sutton is struggling with work because she supported Jane at her award thing! Its not a good sign that this is the second week in a row that one of Jane's best friends had to leave the room in a huff because she was so pissed at how awful Jane is. I hope Sutton gets a promotion or some kind of win soon. I've really loved her this season, and she seems to be the one of the main girls really working her ass off, but also has gotten the least amount of work success. I am over Kate and Adena drama, and wish they would have one freaking episode without drama, but I do at least think its a more interesting plot, especially as it seems like Adena is doing this for Kat, not because she wants an open relationship. I also liked watching Kat desperately trying to keep the peace between her besties all week long.
  13. S01.E08: Rad Fatties 2018.07.16

    I wish we could have explored Plum maybe trying to date an overweight man, or going to a dating site or mixer for people who are overweight (which I am told exists), and seeing the issues surrounding that, and what that meant for Plum. I mean, obviously overweight people shouldn't have to only date each other, but since she has been treated as so undateable by the show and by herself, and we only see her interested in guys that are in pretty good shape, what would that be like? Would she realize that overweight men are only interested in skinny women? Would she realize she had her own issues with dating an overweight person? Would he not support her wanting the surgery? Would they explore the double standards when it comes to overweight men and women? Or would Plum actually meet a herto man who wasn't a total piece of shit or investigating her for possible terrorist ties, and would get a self esteem boost, and we could see that overweight people can be happy and have healthy sex lives as well as dealing with society's nastiness towards fat women? Or we could just throw in a disgusting, crass rape scene with two episodes left to deal with the fall out. Whatever.
  14. I noticed that too! It was so weird! I was kind of unclear as to why Blake was taking her to his high school, especially as its sounds like mostly awful things happened to him there, but I guess he was trying to open up to her, even if it seemed like a pretty crappy date, but she was just not receptive! She just kind of nodded her head and looked kind of serious, no gasp or "oh my god!" or "holy crap I am so sorry!" the way I think most people would react. Like she didnt really seem to grasp how big of a deal that was. Really, Blake has kind of grown on me. He is seriously in need of therapy, but he really does seem to be falling hard for Becca, and if he dealt with his issues, they could be a good match. But, again, therapy. Dude has a lot of baggage he clearly hasn't dealt with. I mean, he brought a girl on a date to the high school where his parents marriage fell apart, and where a super grisly school shooting occurred! Both while he was there! If that actually what he choose, and it wasn't the producers, Blake needs to take a few personal days! It sucks that Jason inevitably wont be chosen. I honestly am kind of surprised he made it this far, but I am glad to have him here for now. Not only does he seem like a nice, interesting, fun guy with a pretty level head, but he and Becca seem to have real chemistry. More than any of the other guys, Becca comes alive with him, and you can see more of a fun, kind of goofy side to her. With the other guys, she comes across as kind of blank, and rather bored. Like she is reading a script of what she is "supposed" to say and do in any dating situation, hence her not reaction to Blake. She seems like she is playing a part, or is just waiting for the conversation to turn back to her. But, I think he might not be quite wonder bread enough for her. Or the male version of Basic. She seems to have an idea of this small town wholesome love affair, and its let a lot of really good guys get tossed to the side because they didnt fit that picture.
  15. If Jason would just stop slicking his hair back, he would be perfect. Someone steal his hair products! Other than that, I definitely think he is the clear winner. He isnt going overboard with the whole "I am just so wholesome and salt of the earth" routine, and he and Becca do seem to have fun together. His family seems nice and normal as well, and he generally seems like a good dude, and as well adjusted as any person who willingly goes onto a nationally televised dating show can be. And at least he didnt take her on a date that might as well have been called "I peaked in high school, despite several traumatic incidents."