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  1. So basically, its cool to kill people if they belong to a religion that annoys you with pamphlets? Ok...
  2. Floki, is this you!?!?! Praise Odin for giving you such a great internet connection in Valhalla :)
  3. "Your questions are meaningless"-The Writers, to any poor souls trying to make sense of this mess. All of this ret coning of how the Dark Curse is supposed to work is just ridiculous, and continues to make Rumple retroactively look like an idiot. I mean, he created this enormous, years long Machiavellian plan, stretching generations and universes, to get to the Land Without Magic, and, as it turns out, if he had just turned a few more pages of his spell book, he could have done it all in five minutes! And Regina should be pissed that she had to kill her dad and crush his heart, when she could have just bypassed all of that or found a loop hole. The true Savior we needed all this time was...a lawyer! I still have no freaking clue how this time line is supposed to work, or how this stupid multiverse runs. So, its been 8 years...why has no one aged? And have we ever figured out how long Henry was running around the multiverse, so much so that he aged like 15 years while his moms and step dad aged about three months? And thats just the start. I dont get it! I swear, somewhere in the multiverse, Barry Allan is sighing with relief that, for once, his timeline isn't the most fractured and convoluted one in the multiverse! I did like some things. I still like Gothel as a villain, and Robin and Alice have potential, and I do kind of want to know whats up with Rumple, but the massive leaps in logic, plus the fact that I dont care about most of the newbies, is making this whole season a real drag. How sad are things when seeing Zelena is a highlight?
  4. Thats exactly what she said, and I am quite bitter that she said it ;)
  5. Hi Stan Lee! Tell The Watchers we say hello! The season is going at a slow pace, and I am ready for the kids to actually,you know, run away, but I am still really enjoying it. I like the slow way things are being introduced, and how the show is fleshing out both the kids and the parents. I am curious about the magic staff. Is it some kind of psydo science thing, or magic? Because it makes WAY more sense for it to be magic, but then they talk about DNA analysis, so what gives? Karolinas rainbow form looks really cool. I also enjoyed Gert flirting with the security guy over Kafka, and than the other security guy showing up and getting into the video game. I feel bad for Frank. He seems like an ok guy, and his wife is apparently just using him as a means to an end.
  6. I have to say, Aethelwulf is really winning me over this season. He has really mellowed out and become a wiser, kinder person since we first met him, and I am fully rooting for him now. Especially next to the crazy bishop guy, who is clearly a sketchy asshole, and you can tell Aethelwulf has his number. His expression when Judith's cousin showed up was basically "thank God a non crazy person with a sword is here!", and I appreciated him telling the bishop guy to shove it. If it had been just him and Ubbe last week, they would probably be signing peace treaties by now. Speaking of Ubbe, I can see why Lagatha would want to ally with him, even if he is down for now. Ubbe might be naive, but he isn't stupid, isn't crazy, has leadership skills, and is still a son of Ragnar. If things turn bad for Ivars troops (and considering Ivar is kind of totally nuts, its pretty inevitable) I can see everyone coming back to Ubbe as a more sane alternative. And Ubbe needs all the allys he can get so he can rebuild. I always really love seeing the various old world cultures interact with each other, its just so fascinating. Bjorn might not be as totally open to new things as Ragnar was, but he clearly shares his curiosity and willingness to work with different people from different cultures, and I think that will serve him well. Plus, I just love seeing all the sets and costumes and languages and cultural stuff. His expressions throughout the episode were hilarious, jumping from "what the fuck dude?" to "well this is kind of interesting" to "seriously...what the fuck dude"? I am really enjoying Bjorn and the wanderers journey around the world. Also, Bjorn is looking very Ragnar lately, in both his looks and expressions. Granted, he doesn't have the full on Ragnar crazy eyes yet, but we`re getting there. I also like hearing what the rest of the world is getting up to, and how they're all interacting (or not) with each other. Hvitserk really backed the wrong horse here. Ubbe might not be the Golden Viking right now, but at least he wont murder people, even his own family, because he`s in a bad mood. This wishy washyness might be why no one takes you seriously Hvitserk.
  7. Yeah, no kidding. As weird and full of danger as the characters lives generally are, you would think they would be more happy that only one person died (as tragic and heartbreaking as that was) and that the bad guys were defeated. I mean, if Iris and Barry found Felicity a bit annoying, thats fine I guess (although we know its the writers being annoying, not the characters) but I would think they would be more like "Thank God we are actually ALIVE to count these gifts we got, and that everyone who gave them to us arent all kinds of dead now!" or something. Get some perspective! Or, you know, be bitter at the Nazis who attacked the wedding in the first place. But whatever, I guess Felicity is the real villain here. And what the hell is wrong with an espresso machine anyway? Iris and Felicity practically live off of coffee, and that shits expensive. But, again, Felicity is the real villain. Not that I`m bitter...
  8. ...Who put those onions here? I think they're affecting my eyes. JJ showing everyone how he sounds in his head, and telling his family how he thinks about them, was just so heartwarming and surprising. That voice did sound like what I imagine JJ would sound like. I especially loved when he said something like "thanks for the camera sis" to Dylan, it just killed me. In a good way. Really, I liked all of the plots this week, they were fun, but all ended on happy, touching notes. It was nice to see Sarah Chalk show up, and I hope she comes back at some point. Maybe she and Maya can patch things up? Awesome first film JJ!
  9. I am STILL cracking up over Barry actually starting a fire while singing "We Didn't Start the Fire", after making school specific lyrics. He actually made a pretty good song, even if I`m not a huge fan of WDSTF. "That really does matter!!!" Plus, everyone ended up getting the win, and the whole school loved it. Even the weird RUSH kid! I also loved Beverly's Hanukkah sweater, and the whole thing at the end where she was in Adams room and the sweater kept lighting up was hilarious, as was her rivalry with Jeff's dad. Really, just a fun episode. probably my favorite in awhile. Pops mostly clicks with Adam, but I always love when he has plots with Barry and Erica. You can tell he doesn't really "get" them the way he does Adam, but he loves them so much that he tries. Of course, all episodes with lots of Pops are always a win.
  10. Pretty sure Nyssa just called Oliver "husband" to annoy him, but its hard to tell with Nyssa. She did grow up in the League after all, and its hard to shake off those kinds of rules having lived with them your whole life. Either way, its not like they act particularly married or have any legal standing. She generally likes Oliver and the gang alright, more now than she used to, and is generally an ally now, but thats about as deep as their relationship gets on either end. Actually, I would kind of like to see them hang out a bit on a mission or something. Not in a "shippy" way, God no, but just talking about their weird shared experiences. Of course, I love Nyssa, and would take her talking to Howard the Duck if it meant she was around more.
  11. James Van Der Beek! I love whenever he pops up, he cracks me up now, and really makes the 90s kid in me smile. Even beyond that, I thought the Mitch and Cam plot was pretty good, even if it means that Cams awful sister is still around. I dont really like her or find her funny, so why is she still here? I also laughed at the cat going in and out all of the time. My cats do that a LOT. They dont actually want to be outside (inside is where the food is!) they just always want to go through any door they see. Also, is it sad that I am pretty sure that opener was the most physical chemistry I've seen from Cam and Mitch in years? The foot thing was super gross, although I do normally like Alex and Luke plots.
  12. Oh that was extremely satisfying! Cookie and company delivered an epic take down of the DuBois family, AND got a kick ass performance out of it! Granted, I would have have gone with a slow rendition of Drip Drop while Cookie runs a sword hiden in a microphone through Mrs. DuBois as she says "The Lyons send their regards". But this was pretty cool too. I especially loved the crowd at the Captains Ball getting into the drama of it all. There was one lady who was standing behind the DuBois table who just looked like she was about to pass out from shock. And I loved how, in all of the dramatic "gasps!" from the crowd, the one that got the biggest GASP was when Cookie called Mrs. B a...common criminal! I could practically hear the monocles popping out! Then everyone starts cheering for Cookie, and things basically turn into an Empire concert, I love it. Trai clearly needs to sing more. He has some serious talent. I think I`ll be in my bunk... Hakeem seemed to handle getting Bella back with surprising maturity. That was nice to see, as was Anika crying and carrying on. Serves her right. Boo hoo Boo Boo Kitty. Then, of course, crazy Claudia shows up, ready to reenact Misery. I hope it doesn't go on for too long, but I am still interested to see where this goes. Great half season, hope the second half lives up to all of the fun of this half!
  13. I think Cheryl has magic powers, and she can change the weather based around what outfit she wants to wear. I love Cheryl and her family, they're just one crazy Gothic mess. So glad that Nana Rose is back, she really adds to the Gothic, Blossom atmosphere. I also loved Cheryl at the gift exchange. And telling her mom how much she sucks. I just love Cheryl. Old man Svenson! The creepy janitor! He would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids! If he really is the Black Hood, thats a pretty lame ending. It was the obviously creepy guy who we met two episodes ago? SHOCKING! I think he might have a partner or something, I dont think this is over. Granted, I cant say I am super excited about this story going on for longer, but this is a real disappointment. I do like Betty and Archie as friends, but I dont see much romantic chemistry between them. On the other hand, Jughead is going so dark, I dont see him and Betty being in a cute high school romance for much longer. I mean, cutting a tattoo off a person, even a bad person, is pretty freaking nasty. Since when is Jug so gun ho about being a serpent anyway? It just seems to have come out of nowhere. And, not that I know much about the inner workings of gangs, but if they weren't running drugs or guns, what makes the Serpents an actual gang? Just being thugs for hire? Or are they just a really pretentious leather bar? I think even Jughead was shocked that he didn't have anything to close things out on. But of course, narrator smurf found his mojo at the end. I did think the gifts they got each other were really cute.
  14. I wonder if they'll kind of do what the Arrowverse did with Supergirl, and create a sort of multiverse type deal with the X Men. The multiverse exists in most Marvel continuities, and that means they dont have to ret con all X Men in there, or reboot the whole franchise to fit into the established MCU, but they can still do cross overs? I think that might be the easiest route. While I certainly want to see the X Men and company meeting the MCU crew, it would be kind of a pain to try to work them into their established mythology, unless they just announced that the X Gene had started right now, which would basically be a whole new series with a whole new set of backstories for their characters. With a multiverse, they can have the characters meet without a lot of continuity problems, and that sounds pretty awesome. I mean, I always assumed they were in the same multiverse anyway, with Stan Lee showing up allover the place. The Fantastic Four, on the other hand, can be folded into the main MCU pretty easily. Lord knows we dont need to preserve the continuities of their movies...
  15. Me too. I did really like Curtis when he was first introduced as Felicity nice, funny work friend, who became an occasional ally to the team. I was actually alright with him joining the team and getting some character development, and if that had happened, I think I could have still liked him. But, they never really developed him beyond a secondary character status. He still feels like just comic relief or a supporting character, and not an actual main character who gets significant screen time. Really, the only new thing we`ve learned from him is that he is pretty whiny, and always wants to blame other people for his own life choices. He also has weirdly become more of an asshole as the show has gone on, when normally its the opposite when a character gets more development, especially on a show like this. They still write him like a minor character who exists to drop funny one liners a few times an episode. Another thing that really bugs me about Curtis, and makes him not work the way other characters who have similar personalities do (Felicity, Ray, Barry, Cisco), is that the guy is always ON. Curtis never stops making snappy one liners and bad jokes and he rambles on and on at the worst possible times, and it stops being endearing or funny, and just becomes awkward and self centered. Its not always about you Curtis! Most of the aforementioned characters do similar things, but they all have moods other than "dorky one liners and nerd rambles*, and they know when its time to just be serious or get to the damn point or show an actual emotion. They're actually developed characters who have more going on then just enthusiastic rambling, and you could see why even a hard ass like Oliver would find them amusing and likable. The only time Curtis shows any change is when he goes from *dorky ramblings* to *bitter dorky ramblings*, and it makes it harder to find his awkwardness endearing. I just want someone to yell "GET TO THE POINT CURTIS!" or possibly "A GUY JUST DIED CURTIS STOP MAKING JOKES!"