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  1. S03.E05: Good Form

    I really liked this episode when it first aired, and I will always love it for being the episode that got me not only on broad the good ship Captain Swan, but also the Charming/Hook bromance. And I still enjoy the episode a lot, even if I can pick some nits now. Its fun seeing Hook as upright Leutinient Jones, who even tosses rum out in disgust, and his backstory works for me, and lines up pretty well with what we know about Hook. You can see him as a former good guy who went bad after having his world rocked, even if I think that his turn to piracy, as well as his whole crew, was way too fast. But, we also get our Captain Swan kiss, AND Charming and Hook bonding, and I can get behind all of that. I find the whole heart rip thing to be...weird, mostly. I actually like Emma being alright with doing something morally ambiguous to save Henry, without the show losing its mind in judging her, and Regina doing this is more of the kind of ambiguity that I can get behind from her. Snow and her never ending "there must be another way!" chorus is already a massive pain though. What is that "other way" Snow? You seem to rely on blind luck, or the villains just backing out if stuff at the last minute. Not making tough choices has basically led to everything being cursed or dying, so... Charming is such a stubborn ass sometimes, but I did like the banter between him and Hook, and him giving Hook credit to the rest of the gang was a nice moment. And he and Snow were quite cute actually, and we in general had nice group dynamics throughout. Granted, we are more or less doing Onces favorite thing yet again (traipsing through the forest), but the character dynamics are at least interesting. Pan and Hook also have an interesting dynamic that I would have loved to explore more. "One handed pirate with a drinking problem" is still one of my favorite lines in the whole show, it just never fails to make me laugh. You know, Pan is really the only person who comments on Hooks obvious drinking problem, which is kind of darkly hilarious to me. And the flying ship is still a great imagine.
  2. S11.E07: Kerblam!

    So, just in time for the holiday season, be prepared to be terrified by...bubble wrap! Not a gift basket will be safe again! Not a bad episode at all, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was fun to get back into space, as much as I've loved the historical episodes, and the big scary robot company was a solidly Who style kind of place. It reminded me a bit of the giant space bank from a few seasons ago, except that was more of a heist, while this was more of a mystery. I admit, I didnt see Charlie being behind everything coming at all, I figured that it was robots being scary and evil, because those things looked scary as crap, so kudos to them. It wasn't an amazing episode or an instant classic, but I thought it was a lot of fun, and it was certainly more focused than the last space episode. Yeah, I can see how this looks like a "robots gonna take our jobs and AMAZON!" kind of plot,but I do think the episode was a bit more complicated. The automation of the work force was shown as a bad thing, but the robots weren't really evil, and the system was actually trying to save lives, where a full on "before of robots" episode would have the AI system as a full on HAL 9000 style villain. The big speech the Doctor gave was all about how technology isnt evil, and can be a good thing, it just depends on how people use it, and people are the ones who are really pulling the strings. So, it did have a bit of nuance, certainly more than some Who episodes. The companions didnt have as much to do, but I did like what we got, with Graham being his kind, lovely self, Yaz wanting to get in touch with the daughter of the poor worker who was killed (I mean, damn dude, why not just announce your retirement party) and Ryan using his knowledge of these big companies to help out. And I liked the corporate people, and poor, doomed Kyra. All she did wrong was have a cute office flirtation, and want a present damn it! Also, I love how Graham always calls The Doctor Doc. Its super cute. I do question the Doctors plan to explode all of the robots. I feel like they could have done more. Those robots were super creepy though, even knowing they weren't really evil, just alien and trying to help in their weird, mechanical kind of way. Loved all of the shout outs and call backs, like Eleven finally getting his fez (which is still cool!), the Doctor talking about the wasps and meeting Agatha Christie, and the Doctor mentioning that several of her best friends have been robots. Good times.
  3. S04.E06: I See You

    The Trapped in the Car song was definitely the highlight of the episode, they totally nailed the career trajectory of the Beach Boys and a lot of bands like them. I liked the weird pairing this week, and how they used the ensemble in pretty creative ways. I think that Paula/Josh pairing was my highlights, as the two of them have a kind of weird history, mostly of Paula stalking Josh to help Rebecca, and yet have hardly had any screen time together alone. And self aware Josh is pretty awesome, he really nailed what her issue was. Nathaniel and Rebecca were also a really good mix, who I cant even remember really talking before this episode. They're both really snarky and are brittle on the outside, and soft on the inside (although Heather is pretty soft now), but are different enough that they still work as an odd couple pairing. Nathaniel was a dick, but Heather shouldn't have grabbed his envelope. But, they both learned something, so its a win! Darryl and Rebecca were my least favorite, mostly because I thought they were both rather assy. Rebecca blowing up on Darryl sucked, but he had no business telling some random person about Rebecca's problems, and he really was acting super annoying in the car. I felt like they didnt really learn a lesson either, and that they both should have apologized, and not just Rebecca. Rebecca told Darryl she wanted a fun day, and he just wouldn't stop going on about her stuff. I freaking loved all of the almost kisses, complete with sappy music. Thats how so many of these "opposites have to be in enclosed space...get to know each other...fall in love..." stories end, and the mockery of it was super welcome. And I am glad that Heather and Valencia are still in the show, if less so.
  4. S14.E06: Optimism

    I don’t think Dean and Mary have real issues, or that he resents her or anything. I just don’t think they think about each other that much, especially on Mary’s end. It’s clear that her sons (especially Dean) aren’t a real priority for her, and they seem to just be alright with that. They’re probably better off.
  5. S02.E04: I Put a Spell on You

    I really dont know how Fiji expected wiping Bobos memory to work out long term. They leave in a little town in a super tight knit community, people would notice that Bobo was acting like he never knew his long time friend/ex lover, and would certainly comment on it. Really, I just wish Fiji would just talk to him, and explain whats happening. Or, if he was still in love with her, would he still die? I do love Mr. Snuggles just snarking over all of this though. I still dont trust Patience (and I love that Olivia still doesn't either) but I did like her getting involved in the case of the week, her enthusiasm was rather cute. I dont like her and Mafred though. Come on show, Fiji and Manfred! Its right freaking there! Glad that Joe was back to being helpful, and not almost cheating with demon hunter cowboy guy. He was brutal fighting those fight club people! I thought the case of the week was somewhat unmemorable, but I liked Mary and her father, and it was a nice plot for Olivia and Lem. Even if they dont run out and get a kid now, she at least now knows its not something she would hate, or suck at, and I think thats good for her. She knows that her awful childhood didnt destroy any maternal instinct, even if she doesn't want to be a mom. I hope the weretigers come back for a visit, especially to help fight any big bad guys who show up. Manfred's attempts at being a tough guy was kind of hilarious. Not that he is normally wimpy or anything, but he is usually a pretty pleasant guy.
  6. S03.E06: C-E-- CELEBRITY S-U-- SUITE

    Maya and Melanie teaming up was cute, and their rivalry is always hilarious. Logan really is a jerk though. How dare he diss Jimmy's terrible and dated Borat imitation! Rays plot walked that line between cute and creepy, and I think it landed mostly on cute. Mostly...
  7. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    So, that was...a lot going on. I left that movie feeling like this movie was actually about 20 other movies stuffed into one two hour movie, or possibly an entire TV season. We have the teen romance between Newt and Leta, and how she ended up engaged to his brother, the relationship between the Scamander brothers, the rise of Grindelwald and his relationship with Dumbledore, the magic carnival with the romance between Credence and Nagini, the Lestrange family drama, Queenie and Jacob, the assistant who clearly has the hots for Newt, there was so freaking much going that, that I felt like we hardly even got a real plot for the movie itself. They all seemed like good movies, but I wanted more information! At one point, the whole movie was just one dramatic reveal after another, all about subplots we hardly even know about! That being said, I did enjoy a lot about the movie. I love Newt, and think he makes for such a great, interesting protagonist. Due to the movie having about a billion other characters and subplots, he didnt have as much to do as in the first one, but I still enjoyed everything we got, and his awkward romancing of Tina, and love of animals. He and Jacob are also a great combination, and make a fun odd couple style dynamic. Speaking of, I freaking love Jacob so much, I love that he is just totally down with whatever. "Immortal alchemist? Wow, you look great for your age!" And, while I wish we got more of the several trillion characters, I liked what we got, especially with Leta and Theseus, and left the movie really wanting to know them better, and being really annoyed that Leta already died. In cannon, didnt she and Newt get married? So, whats up with that?! Also, her backstory was super dark, with her mother being mind controlled and raped, and dying giving birth to the baby. I mean, those implications have always been there in the Potterverse, but this is just right freaking there! Speaking of, this movie clearly wasn't fucking around. I mean, we get child murder in the first 20 minutes! Like the director is saying "yeah, its that kind of movie! Have fun with this one, parents!" A lot less fantastic beasts this go around, and a lot more child killing and magic rape. I mean, Queenie...using magic roofies on your boyfriend to get him to marry you isnt exactly something that a totally mentally well person would do. I was like "ummmmm, can we go back to OK MOVING ON" during that whole scene, it was all so many kinds of creepy. It did do a good job at showing how desperate Queenie was to be with Jacob (even if he did want to be with her, but was worried about her being arrested) and that she would cross some moral lines to be with her man. I gotta say, that was a pretty shocking development, I didnt see Queenie doing darkside. Again, can we get a bit more on that please?!? I will say, Johnny Depp wasn't as awful as Grindelwald as I thought he would be. He was at least trying, which is a lot more what he normally does as of late. I think that other actors could have done just as good, if not better, than he did, but he was suitably charismatic, and I can actually buy people following him and thinking that he might be onto something. In many ways, he is a better villain than Voldemort. Voldemort was so over the top evil, with the skulls and the snakes and the robes and the lack of a nose, everyone knew what they were getting the second they saw him. With Grindelwald, you can see how even a person like Queenie could be won over by him, out of a desire for "freedom" and to be able to live their own lives and avoid the upcoming war. I mean, the guy is also pretty obviously evil (I am totes the good guy! Thats why we meet in graveyards and use hookah skulls!), but he can actually come off as a real person who can get people, especially people who are scared or desperate, on his side. He can have rallys and meet with people, and actually sound like he is making sense. Its not like I can imagine Voldemort and the Death Eaters going from house to house distributing pamphlets. Also, I continue to question magical law enforcement, and where their priorities are. I mean, did no one call the cops when daddy Lestrange kidnapped Letas mother? Was he THAT powerful? Do they not care that slavery seems to exist in magic carnivals? I mean, they do have the house elf stuff and are generally dicks to anyone not a wizard/witch, so maybe this is all par for the course, but its just like, come on guys! And talk about trigger happy, they straight up killed that woman at the rally! Couldn't have just stunned her? This is why you should listen to Dumbledore! So, yeah, a lot to chew on here. And now it turns out Credence is a Dumbledore too? What a twist!
  8. S05.E06: Sub Standard

    "All of my dreams are on horseback. Sometimes...I`m the horse." So Jessica gets super upright and mean and judgmental about her kids lives/everything in the world,and then learns a lesson? Wow, I've never seen that plot on this show before! And as much as I love seeing Dick from Veronica Mars show up, I dont think that subs can do whatever they want just for kicks. Of course, I can imagine that spending a whole semester on every single Canterbury Tale is a great lesson plan anyway, but what do I know? Jessica as a Principle? Oy.
  9. S01.E08: The Burial

    Oh boy, Sabrina is going further and further into the darkside! Necromancy isnt anything to lightly mess around with, even if she did it for good reasons, and even find a loophole where didnt have to permanently kill anyone. I liked this episode a lot, it had some great atmosphere, and the whole cast got a lot to do. Sabrina is really embracing her inner witch, so much that even her witch family is freaking out. I dont trust Faustus at all, in his affair with Zelda, or offering to help Ambrose get his sentence overturned. Also, Ambrose tried to assassinate the Pope at some point! I guess going so directly after the other team is considered bad form in the Church of Night, even if its mostly due to a crush. I hope Ambrose can get out of the house soon at least. Poor Harvey, he really was so badly hurt by losing his brother, and is now stuck with his awful dad. I cant believe Zelda used magic right there to stop asshole dad from punching Harvey! Loved the Our Town exchange between Ambrose and Zelda as well, it was generally an interesting episode for them in general. This isnt going to end well for anyone, is it?
  10. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    So, after all that, a new anti-christ shows up. Making most of this all pointless, at least until the next batch of witches shows up. Pointless, just like this season! Slightly unfair, I know. There was a lot I did like about this season. I enjoyed seeing the Coven cast again, and the sequels and tie ins to the other seasons was fun, I always get a kick out of seeing old characters again, even if their faces are usually around. I liked the expansion of the Coven universe, and the time travel stuff was at least interesting, if predictable and confusing. Really, the big issue is that the whole first few episodes were basically just a framing device to the Coven cast fighting Michael and the Satanists. The only reason that happens is seemingly to set up that the two nice dorks were a back up plan to birth a new anti christ in case Michael didnt work out. But all the rest of it, the costumes, the purples, the convoluted rules, Stu being stew, it all turned out to be pointless. Of course, you can say that about a lot of the season. They bring back Marie from Coven...and she dies. We bring back Zoe and Queenie...and they die before they do much. We go back to Murder House...and that all gets wiped away because of time travel. It just seemed like such classic AHS. A bunch of good ideas, all thrown at the wall to see what sticks, leaving anything that slides off as totally pointless. Basically, the whole season is a massive freaking flashback, with flashbacks WITHIN the flashbacks! I kind of love that Michael just got run over several times. Its kind of hilarious. As was the decapitated head of Kathy Bates doing her best Hall 9000. You know, having all of the cast as their many characters made things weirdly confusing. Like when Coco met Billy on the Street at the hair salon, I had to remember that he was another character before the coke head satanist. It seems like they could have done something with it. I honestly wish that the aliens would have shown up and beamed Michael away at the last minute, and thats how he was defeated. Its not any more nonsensical than anything else thats happened this season, at least the aliens are actually established in this universe!
  11. S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    So, the end times was brought about because...two coked out nerds with truly horrible haircuts were annoyed with parking and mediocre coffee? Ryan, what is even going on now? Are you even trying anymore? What is the freaking point of this season?!? So the thing that makes this season stand out? Constantly, pointlessly killing characters off!
  12. S14.E06: Optimism

    You know what hit me watching this episode? I dont know why this show keeps killing off its supporting characters, when it clearly wants then around? Is it really just them trying to pull feelings out of an increasingly jaded audience? Its clearly not like the actors dont want to be on the show, as Charlie and Bobby AUs are still around, so why even bother killing the original people, who we might actually feel connected to, if you were just going to replace them with these other versions? Did they just realize they killed off too many people, and decided to backtrack? I did actually like a lot of this episode, mostly the Jack/Dean plot. Jack playing off of Dean is really pretty likable and cute (if you ignore how Jack was totally down to kill Dean if it meant getting Michael without even looking at other options), and I liked the case of the week a quite a lot. I didnt see Harper being a necromancer coming, and I hope that she comes back, especially with her crush on Jack. Maybe if Jack finally dies of consumption, they can call her in to bring him back? Yeah, she wants to bring him back as her lover/hit man, but its a start anyway! I thought the actress was really good as well, and she carried her scenes really well. The old man bit was hilarious as well. Poor Dean, we all know your still the sexy one! The Charlie/Sam stuff was rather off to me though. Why is Sam so invested in AU Charlie being a hunter anyway? If she doesn't want to hunt anymore, and just live on her own, why not let her? Maybe if he was just trying to convince her not to be a hermit, I could understand that more (but, again, its her life!), but why would she want to be a hunter after everything she went through? Its not like they dont have enough hunters now, whats the big deal? As AU Charlie pointed out, she isnt the Charlie Sam knew, she had a totally different life. Sam is really letting his control freak tendencies out again, that doesn't bode well for Chief Sam. I did think that Felicia Day did a good job at showing the differences between AU Charlie and OG Charlie, and she did really well when she talked about losing her girlfriend in the other universe. And Sam and his fidget spinner was hilarious. I also thought the idea of an entire society of fly people living in their own isolated community, wearing all black bee keeper outfits, was kind of interesting, and makes me want to learn more about them. They seem like my kind of Extra.
  13. The biggest shock of the episode? The Keating 5 not only has nothing to do with the murder, they don’t even know about it!
  14. S2 E7: Weather the Storm

    People in the Greys universe really love to have awkward, work place sex, dont they? Its amazing anyone gets anything done, everyone is either having sex, or walking in on their co-workers having sex every time they try to grab a broom or something. I hope the janitors do a LOT of deep cleans. So did they just swerve over, or did they miss that it was a dead end? Oh good, its useless side character theater this week! With all the buildup to the wind stuff, I thought we would get a few more interesting cases, and not just some stuff randomly blowing around. I definitely think that Jack has something like bipolar disorder, and the fire triggered what was probably there, but dormant. His constant pacing, being unable to sleep, and getting angry about weird things all seem like they could be a manic episode.
  15. I mean, that is her trademark move! Smothering a person who is tied up or half beaten to death. Bonnie is the person you call when your really close to killing someone, but cant actually finish it. It sucks that Bonnie is losing something and someone that made her happy (because, you know, she killed him), but Liza Weil has done amazing work all season. She has been riveting from beginning to end. But maybe next time she has to smother her boyfriend after her kind of friend half beat him to death for ordering his father's death, maybe she should shouldn't take the baby with her.