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  1. S08.E02: The Morning After

    So, Evan Peters actually fucking Evan Peters? If thats not peak Ryan Murphy, I dont know what is. So, the rubberman returns, and is it weird it makes me feel a bit nostalgic? Like, awwww, back to where it all began. Good episode, I am still super confused, but in a good way. Much like other seasons that started out well, and then just turned into random weirdness. So, hopefully, they can stick the landing this year? I am starting to wonder if the world outside is as bad as they think it is. Or maybe they actually all died, and this is some weird level of hell? Something else is clearly going on, especially with anti christ Lucious Malfoy running about the place. I felt bad for Evan Peters character. He risked his life to save his grandma, and she was willing to turn him in to die just to save her own hide. What an asshole. I am loving Joan Collins though, and am super excited to see where she pops up next? Maybe if this is connected to Murder House, we will get to see her ghost? Heh, Time in a Bottle. I see what you did there, show. I see what you did there.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Sanctioned Criminal Activity

    The nun get ups were super creepy! The glow on the bus was a nice touch as well. Of course Penelope gets taken off the bus right as her brother gets to it. The search continues! It sounds like the people who killed their parents weren't just crazy idiots, but were some kind of military operation. I guess when your boss is having people killed, you can go ahead and cut to the chase with your own promotion! And of course Jane is horrified by that, even as she waits to get conformation about her own murder. I do wonder now if the maid is up to something, especially when she was saying how they should make a better world for their children. Maybe she and the other domestic help are going to poison everyone?
  3. S01. E03. Buho/Muwan

    The moment with EJO and his sons was really sweet. Then, of course, he starts kicking ass. Nobody skulks around Admiral Adamas house! I am interested in Emily, and her relationship with her mother in law, and I love the actress, but I dont feel bad for her. Even if her husband wanted to internally reform some aspects of the cartel, we still know that he murders, tortures, and commits countless crimes ravaging his country, and she knows it. On the other hand, the baby is super cute, and I hope he makes it out alright. The rebels seem to bed taking care of him, maybe they can send him away? Probably better than him being raised to be a cartel boss. Oh shit, one of the Cartels spy kids got into the rebel camp!
  4. S02E06: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

    Oh, of all the times for Mary to show up again! I do appreciate Danny actually realizing that Walker had her own plan, but then, of course, unforeseen circumstances messed everything up. It wasn't an awful plan, but things can go bad when both multiple personalities that are radically different AND superpowers can get involved. Colleen and Misty kicking ass together and hanging out is still a great time, especially towards the end where Misty was teasing Colleen about getting a tattoo of Danny's name with a heart around it! They're just super great together. I also liked seeing Ward and Joy have a real conversation at last. I get why Joy is upset, and she should call Ward out on how selfish he has been, but, currently, Ward really is trying to be a better person, and Joy just teamed up with a guy who cut the skin off of her childhood best friend. Maybe call it even?
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Man, the kids at that school are going to be milking "our school is a literal prison" jokes for a long time. I guess it makes sense that most of the very few spoilers and hints we are getting are about the prison, as its where the season is starting, but its making me feel rather apprehensive. I dont want the jail stuff to last too terribly long.
  6. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    I totally get that, and its probably why Sherlock confessed and didnt turn Hannah and Gregson in for committing a murder and obstructing evidence, when he probably could have. He owes him, and they really have been a team for a long time now. It just really sucks how everything went down, and that apparently both Hannah and Gregson were alright with Joan getting her name dragged through the mud at best, and going to jail at worst, and he basically blamed Sherlock. I mean, I dont think even Gregson really bought that this was his fault, and was probably lashing out because of guilt, but still. Ouch. Word on everyone who thought that "she wasn't just a roommate" was going to lead to us finding out she was Hannah's girlfriend. Maybe I would feel a bit more sympathy for Hannah is it wasn't that every time we saw her, there was some new dramatic ordeal happening with her.
  7. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    I just have no idea what DC is doing at any point in time now. I can actually kind of get behind them just doing stand alone movies each with their own characters in their own worlds (thats what everyone did before Nick Fury showed up at Tony Starks place and changed the game forever) because they clearly suck at making a connected universe, but...a Joker stand alone movie? Of all their billions of characters, this is what they decided on? What is even the Hell?
  8. Captain Marvel (2019)

    That was so great! All we need now is for Carol to get into a fight scene set to a Spice Girls song!
  9. S02E05: Heart of the Dragon

    Is it weird that I kind of ship Ward/Misty now? Just a teeny bit, but... Ditto the love for the Colleen and Misty team up, but I dont think I need them getting their own show. I love both of them, separately and together, but I feel like splitting even more characters into their own little corner of the TV side of the MCU would just make things disjointed. But if they draw on the comics, they could probably make it work. Also ditto loving the Danny and Ward scenes, those were really sweet, and very well played by the actors. Danny is so desperate for people to love and be loved by, its really nice to see Ward actually showing that he does still care. "They said he had a fist that was glowing red. New York, right?" I love how people in the MCU just give no fucks anymore about the weirdness that keeps happening.
  10. S02E04: Target: Iron Fist

    I do think that Danny and Davos were really close growing up, but I think most warm feelings he had for Danny died when Danny became the Iron Fist instead of Davos. Its really pretty sad how desperate Danny is for people to love him, when so many of the people he puts so much importance on dont really care about him. At least he has Coleen. Maybe he should text Luke and see if he wants to hang out? They could both use the heart to heart. Mary seems quite different from her comic book counterpart, but I am loving what Alice Eve is doing. I am interested in seeing where she goes from here. Hi Misty! Always nice to see Misty and her robot arm show up! So Davos pulled the skin off a dead Iron Fist to get his powers? Super gross.
  11. S02E03: This Deadly Secret...

    That dinner party was some high key levels of awkwardness. It somehow was so cringey that it turned all the way around and became hilarious. Especially Colleen becoming increasingly annoyed with everyone trying to be fake polite despite the obvious bad vibes. "Dad was a troubled man" seems to be a pretty big freaking understatement, Joy. I get that he was your dad, but...dude was also an undead super-villain in league with a murder cult. At some point, you have to admit that him not being around is probably for the best. I wanted Danny to respond to Joy saying that he kept her dad away from her to be like "yeah well, your parents kept my parents away from me a lot longer. Because he had them killed."
  12. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    You know, I think this episode was also trying to tie the various subplots of this season together. Sherlock reconnecting with his dad and his contacts in the UK, Joan's mom not being a good alibi because of her dementia, the parent/child bond with Hannah and Gregson and Joan's adoption and how that made her feel more empathy for Gregson, and knowing this would screw up her chances, and, of course, Michael the self help serial killer. Even with the often separate subplots, I still thought this was a good season. The subplots were at least better than some previous ones, and I really liked some of them, like Bell joining the Marshall's, and we had a lot of good case episodes and character interactions. This could easily be a good ending season, and a solid series finale, but I am excited to see what happens next. Maybe they can even get Natalie Dormer to show up one more time, back in London where it all started? Plus, we need another season to clear up who is watching Clyde. WHO IS WATCHING CLYDE!?!?!
  13. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    Oh, how this franchise loves their montage set to ironically cheerful, old school music. Poor Kim. That party scene was seriously awkward to watch, she looked like she wanted to disappear into the floor was Jimmy was making an ass of himself. So, did Jimmy just full on Break Bad and morph into Saul? Did I blink? I thought that would be a bigger deal?
  14. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    Oh Sherlock. Hannah wasn't worth it. That really seemed like a series finale, and it would have been a decently satisfying one if it was, especially with the last scene. But if they have next season be set in London, it might be fun to see Joan and Sherlock in their city of origin. I would miss Bell though, hopefully he could stop by when he isnt doing Marshal stuff. I will probably want closure with Gregson too by that time, but he is currently on my shit list after this episode, so I cant be arsed to care about that right now. Is the FBI lady somehow related to Agent Watson from Arrow? Another annoying federal agent that is so smugly obsessed with catching one of the heroes and sending them to jail for stuff they either didnt do or had clear reasons to do, that they let the actual bad guys go, and spend more time chasing the good guys around than actually trying to stop any bad guys? Are they both related to General Ross from the MCU, who are all members of the the Watchers Council from Buffy, or any number of this asshole authority figures/groups that say they're trying to stop evil, but seem more interested in screwing with, trying to persecute/imprison/kill, and generally being dicks to the obvious good guys, for the terrible crime of actually trying to do their damn jobs?!
  15. S02.E10: The Cricket Game

    Really, Regina being Poor, Persecuted Regina here, treated badly for the one crime she didnt commit (unlike the billions of crimes she DID commit) and that meaning that her whole slate is wiped clean, is very similar to another super annoying tendency that the show will start to indulge in very soon.