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  1. S01.E08: Past Perfect

    I'm starting to get an Under the Dome (TV show not the book) vibe from this show.
  2. Regarding the Wango murder it seems like a classic domestic violence "if I can't have you no one can" type of thing. Girlfriend definitely did it. I can't imaging what the family has gone through. Not just worrying about running into her around town but thinking their family member did it. I hope they get her but she seems like a pretty savvy manipulator.
  3. When this crime occurred I was 26 and living in Austin. I remember hearing about this case and thinking thinking that she probably did it. I recently watched Wernor Herzog's series On Death Row and was introduced to the case in a new light. Is it possible that she had a postpartum, psychotic break and wanted to commit a murder/ suicide with the only two children who would remember her and be more damaged by a suicide but then couldn't quite go through with the suicide part? Is it equally possible that her husband worked with a bad man who saw how the couple spent money and wanted to rob them or Darin discussed doing a robbery with them for insurance money? This man is a criminal but not very good at it, he breaks in to what he thinks is an empty house, stumbles over the kids, panics and start stabbing and slicing everyone. Is it possible that a crazy stranger broke in and killed them and sliced Darlie? Since the police detectives never looked at anyone beyond her, we can't know without a new trial all three options are possible. The sock leaves a lot of doubt. As a juror I would have wanted to know before sending someone to death. The juror's interview alone should get her a new trial. How much her boobs cost is irrelevant. The world has changed since she was convicted. There were a lot of sexist assumptions made. She was held to a very different standard than Darin, For instance, he helped pick the music and threw silly string too. She might be convicted again but if she had a psychotic break the courts would be more sympathetic like they were with Andrea Yates. I can't believe five people are freed yearly from death row. That alone means we should not have a death penalty. The chances that many people have been wrongly put to death is very good. The psychiatrist/ law professor made a good point when he said no one coaches witnesses in Europe because they want the actual truth not a coached version. Prosecutors here are under a lot of pressure to have a high number of convictions no matter what.
  4. Shannon has one of the easier jobs and cannot do it right and then she rolled her eyes. Just fire her! Grown people don't act like that. Also, grown people don't yell at people who work for them, Kristen. The only professional one is Brittany. Her comment to her boyfriend on how he "provides content" cracked me up. That's not a compliment, brah.
  5. S01.E08: Milk

    Oh my gaw, all that barfing almost made me turn it off. I liked the twist. Camille's family is a disaster and she's the only sane one (or as sane as someone could be in that situation). Raise your hand if you can relate a little bit.
  6. The store is so echo-y. That can't be good. Maybe it just exists so that the show can exist. It certainly looked more like a set than a store. It shouldn't be, but it's always amazing to me how far looks and surface charm will take a person.
  7. I only lived in Texas for a few years but I did notice that the men would wear white hats in the summer and black hats in the winter. I like Kelly but I also miss Yolanda. Did she just get sick of doing the show? Thought this case was a little thin as well. Sometimes when that happens they get the guy to make a deal for a couple of years with time served. I just binge watched the season that's on Netflix and that seemed like a common solution to decades old, circumstantial cases.
  8. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    Because unfortunately that's how it goes. Without therapy and serious intervention led by stable mentors, most people model what's familiar. A therapist once described it to me as "the comfort of your discomfort". Nothing changed for Brianna between the first and second child. You could also say she did nothing to change her situation. She is an adult and does bear responsibility. I'm not excusing her. However, it's tough to change if you come from an uneducated family that's also dysfunctional. You rarely meet people who are different from yourself and require a higher standard of behavior. Add to it the dominating, co-dependent mom. We really saw that this time when Dr. Drew pushed therapy and Brianna bristled. If she were to change, their whole twisted family dynamic would have to change. Imagine the wrath the mom and sister would bring down on her. They'd see it as abandoning and betraying them. Brianna doesn't have the confidence to stand up for herself and her kids.
  9. S01.E06: Cherry

    Some serious boundary issues in this family. Ghost girl knows what's up. That last scene was so creepy. Maybe the best so far.
  10. I'm still watching. I think part of the appeal for me is that they are wearing coats and long pants and it's been so hot, it makes me feeler cooler (temperature-wise, lol!) to watch this. Stone looks older than Britt and it sounds like he's trying to pull rank. Fuck that. She's right, that's not a partnership. Drunk Kristen was a little tacky but harmless. Work vacations are still work. I like alcohol as much as anyone but it seemed like a chore to drink that much. Yuck. My husband and I have a running list of rich peoples names that express their wealth and I'm adding Wirth to the list.
  11. S01.E05: Closer

    I sense that the romance with the detective isn't going to end well for her. She needs to be with an artist or a musician, just someone less basic. He seems like he'd be judgey about the scars.
  12. I guess it's fine she picked Garrett. I doubt their relationship will survive real life. I personally liked Blake better but I understand why she didn't pick him. He seemed like he could get a little mopey sometimes. Aside from Garrett's phony tears and the fact that he doesn't seem that bright, he seemed more upbeat overall. One thing we all should be grateful for is that Becca's corny motto wasn't used as much as a lot of us thought it would be. Although I think I heard Garrett say, "let's do the van thing" when they received the van.
  13. The cat wasn't doing anything abnormal but if they're going to have it inside all the time it will need an area of its own to hang out and some toys or it will get into stuff. Dave gets uptight over stupid things like the plant. How's it going to be if they have kids? He just seems tightly wound. Mia saying I love you was gross. She's trying to make up for lying by jumping into the deep end and it's really transparent. Danielle's eyelashes look like spiders got stuck to her eyes. She's been spending money based on what women's magazines are pushing. She and Bobby didn't seem fazed by the dog peeing repeatedly on their bed so either they're both disgusting or super chill.
  14. S04.E01 Smoke

    One of the things I like about the show is that the interactions are nuanced so that you can see them multiple ways. The way I saw it, Howard got Jimmy the cushy job as a way to have him in a respectable position and also to get him out of their hair. Jimmy wanted to be in the firm with them and that offer, to him, was a slap in the face as he would always be an outsider to his brother and his clique. Howard was definitely looking after his (the firms) interests in trying to keep the peace. Sure Howard didn't have to get Jimmy a job at all, but he's self serving too. He definitely barked up the wrong tree looking to Jimmy for absolution. Still not seeing Jimmy as evil at this point. Rude for sure. Hurt people hurt people (and maybe fish too, lol!).
  15. S04.E01 Smoke

    Howard never had Jimmy's back so then he expects Jimmy to comfort him? Nah brah. He was as dismissive as Howard has always been to him. I really didn't see that as evil, just human. I think the opening was real. That cabbie recognized him. I'd love to see more of the present and less cartel stuff.