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  1. All Episodes Talk: Disappeared

    Just watched the Amy Bradley cruise ship episode. I'm familiar with this case as I've heard it covered on true crime podcasts and maybe Dateline or one of those shows. I still think the most likely scenario is that she fell off the balcony. She was sharing a room with her family and they would have heard her leave again. Once the family offered 250k for her return, it muddied everything up with all the grifters that came forward. That guy that stole 100k from them claiming to be Special Forces is human garbage. It's always amazing to me that people will take advantage of the suffering of others.
  2. S09.E16: Wine Weekend

    I've been watching old episodes from season 2 and 3 and this episode seemed written by someone who has has read character descriptions but has never watched the actual show. Manny is the most obvious but Jay's lines seemed really stilted and didn't work for me at all. I'm sticking to the older episodes. They are letting this show go on way too long and it's a shame.
  3. S11.E09: Nothing Lasts Forever

    Well that was gross. This was one episode where I'm glad it was too dark the whole time. Those squishy, blood sounds were the worst. There was a fountain of youth, cannibal episode back in the day that took place in a slaughterhouse with a vegan cult that looked guilty but wasn't. I liked that episode better than this one. I guess the relationship stuff was okay. This whole "we're super old" routine is getting old. They aren't that old. But if she was whispering about babies to him, than yeah, she's probably too old for that.
  4. I often wonder what would have happened if the trial had been in the Santa Monica courthouse like it was supposed to be. You probably remember his trial only moved because the Northridge earthquake had damaged the SM courthouse and it was closed for repairs. Although his celebrity status probably would have protected him like it did Robert Blake a few years later. When I had my OJ run in he definitely was not amused. He was very stone faced, not mad really, but he looked prepared to take on negative attention. In the 06 interview he says how much the public loved him but this video store was near Nicole's house and I doubt people who lived around there were positive towards him. My husband said that I looked shocked and scared when I recognized him. As someone who was used to being recognized and adored, he must have had to get used to the shocked/ scared looks too. That couldn't have been easy for him as especially after watching the interview you could see that he likes to think of himself as a nice guy. Couple of thing that struck me. One is how much Los Angeles has changed since the trial. The neighborhood near the downtown courthouse is the most gentrified neighborhood in the US since 2000 and LAPD underwent a lot of leadership changes too. Although domestic violence is taken more seriously, it's been a slower fight. When the murders happened it seemed like his defenders had a dismissive attitude towards his abusive ways. I remember having a lot of conversations where defenders would say that it takes two to tango and that she had an equal role in it. The other is that after the murders there was a theory floating around that he had done it but he had disassociated and actually wasn't aware he had done it. After watching this there is no way you could make that argument. He knows he did it and got away with it and he still blames her for making him do it to her. I hope he finds himself totally ostracized.
  5. I think it was about getting even with the LAPD more than white people. Furman's reputation certainly didn't help. He was a habitual abuser who escalated and sadly that happens every day. So tragic that she really knew that she might be killed at any time. I can't imagine living like that. I think he might not be done doing bad things. When I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 I was with my husband and we are entering a video store. There's a man walking towards me and we do that dance where each person tries to move out of the others way and as we are doing that, I look up and realize it's OJ. He gets into a black Bronco with another guy and drove away. He was a really big guy.
  6. Fabio's dress looked a little like a washed out denim muumuu. Not a fan. There's still a few people who are dead weight. I kind of want to fast forward through their eliminations to the final collections. Not sorry to see Joshua go but I would have liked to see his rock star outfit. Edmond should have been eliminated. That dress was an affront to flowers. Speaking of next weeks challenge, I'm so glad it's something different. I'm so tired of all these red carpet challenges. Every week it's a gown. Gowns are fine but after prom and wedding, almost no one ever wears one again. I like sportswear challenges or the weird ones like the time they re-imagined the USPS uniform, which was mostly a disaster but at least it was different.
  7. S22.E12: After the Final Rose

    Basically he was more physically attracted to Lauren (maybe she reminded him of Emily?) and he likes her blankness. She will demand less of him and need more help. Becca was a smarter choice in that it would have been a more challenging relationship where he would have had to make improvements on himself. He wanted to want that, but in the end, he went with what was easier and probably a better fit as he's a simple guy. The issue I have with this is that he is a 36 year old man! A person should know themselves better than that by their mid 30's. Do some work on yourself, dude. By not knowing himself he ended up unnecessarily hurting Becca. He did cop to that and said that there was no excuse. He gained a half point for that in my book.
  8. S22.E11: Week 10

    It also sets Becca up to be The Most Sympathetic Bachelorette in the history of the show.
  9. S06.E08: Mizrahi Madness

    He's in the middle a lot when he should be in the bottom. I'm amazed he's made it this far. I really don't think it's because of his designs.
  10. I agree and I'd add that the mom didn't seem to have the tools she needed to help. I hope she followed through with treatment. She and her remaining daughter are going to need all the support they can get. All the women in that family seemed so fragile.
  11. This is a discussion that she and Tyler should have had. Is Cate stable enough to be able emotionally deal with suffering a miscarriage? Is she stable enough to deal with the hormonal changes and potential post partum issues? She and Tyler talked about this on camera with other Cate's friend but did they talk about with Cate's doctor and her therapist? Maybe these conversations were had and it was decided she was stable enough. But anyone looking at her can tell there's a lot of unresolved pain in those mascara smudged eyes. Mtv money and her relationship with Tyler has kept her in this holding pattern in her life. She hasn't matured much since her 16 and Pregnant episode. Farrah really looks and acts like a cartoon. Her driver deserves an Academy Award for his poker face. The massage scenes made me sad for Leah. Most kids would have objected but Leah will do whatever to be with her mom and please her. It's a pretty one sided relationship and Leah deserves better.
  12. S07.E12: Something Blue

    I guess I feel like this show is so bananas that to work on it you'd have to open minded. Of course it's possible she's homophobic. But it's also possible that Farrah's weirdo/ friend/ boyfriend is ganging up on this woman to get her fired because Farrah has decided she doesn't like her.
  13. If your niece is a daily pot smoker, she could have this: http://www.newsweek.com/mysterious-rare-illness-linked-smoking-weed-causes-severe-screaming-and-728682 Pot has a reputation for helping with pain, so people who have pain caused by it often don't want to quit. I felt for Taylor too. With all the money she's making stripping, even if her mom kicks her out, she could still afford her habit. Although if she starts losing teeth, she may not be making that kind of money for long.
  14. S07.E12: Something Blue

    I honestly didn't understand what happened at the end with Farrah and the producer. It appeared that Farrah had kept everyone waiting while she got ready. Deb was waiting in the car. The female producer (Kristen?) asks her if she wants to get out and she says no. Then Farrah comes down and screams at the producer for leaving her mom in the car when they were actually all waiting on Farrah and her mom was ok with being in the car. Am I missing something? It makes Farrah look pretty psycho. Now Simon is claiming that the producer is homophobic. I have a hard time believing that. If she is, she is in the wrong industry and in the wrong city. Ryan showing up drunk and not prepared for his wedding pissed me off. If you don't want to marry Mac then don't! If you do, act like it. No half measures, Ryan!
  15. You know how they say there someone for everyone? I feel like this fits these two perfectly.