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  1. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I thought I heard Michael or Janet suspect that the Bad Place demons had somehow rigged the system so everybody ended up there.
  2. S07 E20 Rachael and Vance

    She probably had all those kids because they give her love and hope for the future. Not rational, but pretty common unfortunately. Traumatized brains make poor decisions. I wish they'd pushed her towards therapy instead of meeting the sketchy dude. Kamie did urge her to be hesitant but then made a sad face in the follow up call when she heard it didn't work out. The only healthy thing Vance did was ghost!
  3. Call me old fashioned but one way to show respect and make peace with someone is to actually get off the couch and greet them at the door. Ashley leaned over and kind of swatted the door open like you would for a pet. The tearful hug between Bar's mom and Ashley with Bar's mom whispering something about loyalty was Godfather level creepy. Kyler's disrespect of Lexi is reaching emotional abuse levels of toxic. Not something to model in front of a kid. Did Brianna's mom spend all her Mtv money? I had to laugh when she asked her boyfriend his opinion and then got pissed at his answer. He's allowed to have his opinion, jeez!
  4. I watched all three episodes laying in bed because I didn't feel well and I wanted something entertaining but not too entertaining. This show was perfect. Also, I live in Los Angeles and it's always fun seeing all the landmarks. I'll stick around and see how it hits me when I'm feeling better. It's an old trope but I like Nolan's sunny attitude being tested by surly and jaded superiors. I find it interesting that Bishop told Lopez to watch out regarding mixing work and relationships but said nothing to Nolan. I'll bet she's the rookie that doesn't make it.
  5. Did you guys hear that Briana needs a job? How is it that Bar and Ashley are talking about buying a house and Briana's crew are talking about selling the car for food? I guess some of these folks blasted through their Mtv money pretty quickly. Also did I hear Briana's mom say she was about to punch her daughter in the face? Even in jest, who says that to their child? Jade's new roomie seemed okay. She needs more people around her that aren't a total disaster. It's good that she hasn't gone back to the boyfriend. Every time he says or does one semi nice thing, he expects her to fall all over him and when she doesn't he's acts like a brat. It's not a good look. Kyler not graduating took him down a peg. Stephon could seriously hurt their child or even kill Kayla. It literally happens every day. She needs to move far away toot sweet.
  6. I feel bad for Jade and her situation is one of those that makes me glad the cameras are there. I think she wants to be a good mom but is overwhelmed. It sucks that her support system are drug addicted and/or homeless. It's good that her ex went back to the therapist. Maybe he'll show up for real soon. He looked really tired with deep, dark circles under his eyes. Maybe he's just upset or maybe there's more he could have added to the Con list, like drug problem. Lexi probably didn't want to go to the party because she couldn't drink because she's nursing. I guess she's never heard of pump and dump. Stephan is a real dirt bag. Kayla is in deep denial, not wanting to admit how poor her choices have been. I actually thought Ashley's advice to Bar - to live a good life that his brother won't get to, was actually a little wise. He needs to move on from his trashy family if he wants a normal life. Dwelling on his brothers' conviction isn't going to help anyone.
  7. S07.E22: Making Amends

    Amber never asks what Leah wants to do. Typical grandiose narcissist behavior. Everyone exists to provide something for Amber and they don't exist as individuals with individual needs. Her whole I'm-a-fancy-lady schtick is part of that too.
  8. Thinking that you can uproot your five young children to stay in a giant, old house that would require a lot of specialists and conservators to fix and you can flip it in eight weeks or so is totally nuts. I was side eyeing the parents mental state from the first episode. The ghosts in the house were right. These people were living in a dream. I think this show would have benefited from having less episodes. There was a lot of scenes that didn't need to be there. But I really did like it overall. I actually screamed at one point and scared my husband who was in another room! It was also very sad and since I binged watched it, it made me a little depressed. My favorite parts were Nell's haunting of herself and the red room transforming for whoever was in it. The tall man was pretty freaky too. Had to fast forward through the kitten parts. I just can't watch things where animals are hurt.
  9. Watching this show makes me nervous for everyone on it. So many powder keg personalities and then there's these little vulnerable babies plopped down in the middle, just innocently blinking up at their unqualified or even toxic caregivers. Ugh. They condescending way Kyler talks to Lexi makes me want to reach through the screen and slap his smug face. His whole "get off your mommy's tit, sweetheart" routine is just a way of chipping away at her so that he can isolate her and have all the control. The car loan was a bad financial plan but if it keeps her from moving, maybe it's not so bad.
  10. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    Bristol's story line is confusing because it's complicated and messy and we don't have any context. It's like walking into the middle of a mediocre movie. I did side eye Cheyenne's dad for saying he doesn't love his own child unconditionally. Parent/ child relationships are obviously different from a romantic one that you choose and can leave at will. His lack of emotional intelligence was showing. No one dared to call him out which was a shame. Fancy ass Amber walking into her new digs, sighing, "it's simple and it will do". Lol! Dang, that shot Tyler did with his buddies was truth serum.
  11. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    Amber and Leah don't have deep roots. Amber is going to have to do some work to win Leah over but she won't. She thinks she's entitled to Leah's affection, time and respect. The thing is that stuff is earned and Leah has another mom who already earned it. Boo hoo Amber, you made your choices.
  12. S04.E10: Winner

    I agree with you guys who said Werner went to his death too easily. He was like, "meh, I've had a good run". I cannot believe the season is over and we never saw anymore of the cab driver in Omaha. More Omaha less cartel, please. I liked the scenes with Chuck. Even the most dysfunctional of relationships have moments of closeness and humanity. Kim's probably gone or she should be. Actually, she should have moved on ages ago. I'm sure there are other bad boy lawyers out there for her. Do we really have to wait a whole year? Argh.
  13. S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Amber and Matt changed their baby on the kitchen counter. That was gross. Maybe Leah would want to come around more if her nicknames weren't so repulsive. Is Bristol's husband getting treatment? Anxiety and depression can make people seem like whiny, self centered jerks. He needs help quick because the look on her face looks like she's done. Why she had two kids with him, it's not clear. I weirdly miss Ryan's cranky, sour puss wife. Cate wants to stay up all night watching movies. Me too, Cate, but alas...
  14. Whew, I've been there too and it's a relief to know that I'm not as sketchy as Kelly made me feel! We stopped there on the way to Salvation Mountain. Slab City is like a folk art campground although it attracts a certain fringe element, I suppose. We saw mostly aging hippy types like the guy they talked to.
  15. S01.E08: Past Perfect

    I'm starting to get an Under the Dome (TV show not the book) vibe from this show.