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  1. S04.E08: Coushatta

    Oh no! LOL. Someone's going to try to donate. Yes, Kim loves Slippin-Jimmy and being Giselle more than I thought. Jimmy's Cajun accent sounded just like Adam Sandler to me, but I don't know any Cajun's so maybe that's how they sound. Last week Gus's house and this week Nacho's! Great for me, I love how they decorate to character. The maternal instinct in me keeps wanting these nice, intelligent young men to get out of the criminal world and no one more than sad eyed Nacho. There he is with literally more money than he can spend, buying big expensive boy-toys, living in a cold house with paid girl-friends lounging on his sofas all day waiting to fake affection for him, while we know what he really longs for is the warmth of real family life. Snif.
  2. The Miniaturist

    Otto sure did get over Marin's death in a hurry, didn't he?
  3. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I'm just so glad we're about done with this thread because every time I see the title that song starts up in my head again, and inside my particular head it always sounds like a vinyl record played on a slightly too slow speed and just a fraction off key. I'm this close to madness.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah, who would have ever thought that when a young woman and her step-father go missing on the same day, there just might be a connection?
  5. The Miniaturist

    So. Marin didn't marry the man she loved because she didn't want to give up control of the "household". Really, Marin, those two servants and all that huge, dark, nightmarish furniture? We're not talking Downton Abbey, bossing around the people at the sugar house couldn't have been that fabulous, either. Johannes couldn't be even a tiny bit discreet like all the homosexual men of his time, the "confirmed bachelors" who had gentleman friends in for 'cards," several nights a week. No, he simply has to have sex up against the wall in the street and in public warehouses. Then he makes a speech in court contemporary words about how he simply can't deny who he is, so that they're pretty much forced to uphold the law and drown him. He did a rotten thing to Nella, basically saying that she had to live a life without sex or romantic love so that he could have those things. I had no sympathy for him. I know a platonic couple who have had a long happy marriage, but they both went into the situation with their eyes wide open, neither person wanted a sexual relationship with anyone. Johannes just expected people to sacrifice themselves for him. Marin and Otto, just out of the blue with no foreshadowing? I don't have any opinion about Nella because I could only understand about one quarter of what she said. I hope never to see the actress or her poor tortured breasts again. This was not a masterpiece in any sense of the word but a heavy handed public service announcement with really great production values.
  6. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    I love all Gus footage, just having a long look at his kitchen gave me a thrill, but I found the whole plot point that Gus could have a huge influence on Hector's recovery to be far fetched. I would guess that how much anyone recovers from a stroke would depend on; about 90% how much physical damage was done to the brain, maybe 8% the strength and motivation of the patient and about 2% the skill of the therapist. Anyone who has a degree in the field would know the exercises to apply and that masses of encouragement and patience would be required. Hector won't be left without any further therapy just because the expensive doctor is gone and, who knows, the next therapist may be a pretty young blonde with a cute behind who would motivate Hector into leaps and bounds of advancement. Look how fast he learned to knock water over with the right negative motivation. It's also hard for my frugal soul to see how much money Gus is spending on the underground lab, but then I remember he probably has a storage unit stacked with cash that he can't spend any other way.
  7. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    That wasn't the first time we've seen them brushing their teeth together, it must be some writer's idea of solid couple-hood. Ewwww. I don't think I've ever seen my husband brush his teeth.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    While I was watching that part of the show I saw her jerk her foot up a couple of times and thought the pavement must be really hot. If only the sweat bees had attacked her forehead, they would have died of botulism. ( I like Andrea but that glass forehead bothers me.)
  9. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    Seriously, I've always noticed that people become ten times more awesome the moment they die, but setting up someone who couldn't deal with his problems and killed himself as the fount of all wisdom is such a head scratcher. Another thing that seems to happen at the moment of death is the widow becomes, "stronger than everyone else put together."
  10. Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    I would love it if they would drop boring Colton and make Jordan the next Bachelor. We saw how nicely he broke up with Annaliese, and how sweet he was with Jenna after he flipped for her -- both good qualities for a Bachelor lead. Jordan would be funny and enthusiastic about the women. "Male model," is hardly an impressive occupation, to me at least, but neither is "Failed Football Player."
  11. BiP Season 5: Speculation & Spoilers

    During Becca's season I thought Jordan had clearly been cast in the villain-lite roll, so I took every pocket square diss in the tongue-in-cheek delivery for which it was intended. Once he got to BIP he was allowed to be himself and while he was still a bit vain and shallow I liked his humor and thought he was pretty cute. When he fell for Jenna I thought it was totally sincere and I was afraid for him because she didn't seem to reciprocate in kind. Still, when she accepted his proposal I just put it down to her being less articulate and outgoing as Jordan. Now I just hate Jenna. What kind of woman risks losing a guy who thinks you hung the moon for some player? She may need therapy a lot worse than Kevin.
  12. S05.E11: After Paradise

    Well, glad that's over. The audience at these things gets more and more like the irate populace in the old Frankenstein movies. Yes, Kamil broke up with Annaliese on TV, but the whole show has been a series of break-ups on TV, so I don't think Kamil deserved to be torched by a Tia-led mob. At least not until Annaliese had a chance to perform her tearless meltdown in front of the hallway cameras, set up for her in advance. Grocery Store Joe is now my least favorite member of the Bachelor Family. That looking down, toe shuffling, aw-shucks act is far worse to me than the straight up fame whores like Robbie Hayes. Any man who is too cowardly to take a chance and tell a woman, who he's in love with, how he feels -- and then gets mad at her later for not reading his mind, can just takes his pouting self back to the stockroom. It wasn't lost on me that he said when she first got to Chicago he had already put her out of his mind and got over her. I'm no Kendall fan but I would be sad for her in this relationship.
  13. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    I wasn't criticizing Joe for not proposing (although I can see my post sounded like it.) I was criticizing him for seeming to tease her about a proposal and laughing while he did it. I couldn't tell if he was laughing at the idea of proposing so soon or laughing at the idea of proposing to Kendall and I don't think she could tell either.
  14. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it that way. I'm no Kendall fan and if she really only liked him as a friend she shouldn't have been stretched out on him kissing him for the duration of the show -- but we'll never know how she might have reacted to an honest, serious proposal. When he was rolling on the ground laughing while saying, "What if I proposed? hahaha," like a kid giggling and saying "What if I asked you for a date?" I didn't know if he was ridiculing her, or laughing at the show's expectations, or trying to let her know he thought the whole thing was a joke. I was not at all surprised when she looked shocked and walked away. Everything she said to him the next day might have been a speech she made up to save face when she thought he was laughing at her.
  15. The Miniaturist

    Most of the Americans I know rarely even invite their relatives into their living rooms and it's considered a huge breach of etiquette to knock on the door without calling first. I like the sound of the openness of the Netherlands. It really bothers me that PBS forces people to join Facebook if we want to have any say in their programing. They could easily set up their own forum.
  16. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    I hate myself for it, but I actually started to cry when Jordan and Jenna were declaring their love for each other. I think Jenna is beautiful and sweet and I kind of love Jordan for agreeing with me and seeing those qualities in her. I also love how his eyes shine when he talks about her -- so if he breaks up with her tonight, I'll be very upset. Chris and Krystal are both sort of idiots, but they did have such awful childhoods, I think they're well suited and hope they don't hurt each other. Kamil may just be the sort of vain, pretty boy who loves women for the reflection of himself in her eyes. In which case Annaliese is the one.
  17. The Miniaturist

    Yes, and it wasn't the reveal that he was homosexual that was shocking, but that the scene she walked in on was much more graphic than usual. Johannes was nude and it was clearly implied that he was receiving oral sex from his lover. Scenes like that put the viewer in an awkward position where we feel puritanical or anti-gay if we don't like it, when it may just be more than we want to see from any two characters.
  18. The Miniaturist

    Oh thanks for the dollhouse, it's righter and prettier than I thought it was in the film. The library I grew up with was in what had once been West Virginia's old state capitol -- very gothic with domed ceilings. The children's room was the staircase and contained a huge antique Victorian dollhouse that I could have stared at for days.
  19. The Miniaturist

    I read this book when it first came out, returned it to the library, gave myself a good shake, and promptly forgot everything. Now I remember why. The Vermeer-style lighting is beautiful, but the house is so dark and somber. Petronella is not the talented miniaturist I was hoping to follow, but a young woman (played in the slack-jawed acting style of Scarlet Johansson) who seems to sleep walk through her days in tortuous corsets. I kept hoping she would spend more time with the doll house, moving people and things around as she learned more about the household -- the miniaturist is telling Ella things through her gifts, but Ella seems so slow to catch on. I love doll houses and would appreciate longer camera shots when we're inside. The overall tone was just depressing and sordid. We've come a long way from "Upstairs Downstairs" haven't we?
  20. S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    Oh cool! Was there a manager in the back with a spiral pony tail? Was there an older guy making sweet rolls for dessert? Could this be the happy ending I've been longing for?
  21. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I know, right? They should have had a police person watching for just such a man! This was just hours after a murder attempt plus a murder threat to the mother and the perp still loose.
  22. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I hate to think Justin will be out in 18 years. If he had already been in trouble for assaulting three women, it's obvious that he is unable to control his rages. Time served will probably just make him angrier. You could see a little bit of that illogical anger when Andrea asked him about people who thought he was guilty. Those pictures made from DNA sure did beat the composite sketches made from witness memory. I can only guess that Brittney and her mother were looking at Justin with the light behind him to make his skin and eyes look browner.
  23. S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

    Any man who used the word "wifey," would be off my list.
  24. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    I decided to start watching this online last night. I made it halfway into episode three, then involuntarily shut it off while Eric was introducing his little girl to his new wife for the first time. Children of divorce break my heart, probably because of guilt over the one I created, so I teared up hearing that little girl's first words after meeting the strange white woman who's going to the park with them: "Then Mommy's going to pick me up, right?" The poor thing needed to be reassured that this woman wasn't going to take her mother's place and she would never see Mommy again. Gah! So this show is over for me. I wanted to see an older woman surviving on an island alone and instead I get triggered into a sleepless night.
  25. S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    Yes, I think everything came to a screeching halt for Kim with the accident. Over night, she went from the obsessive, sleepless, work machine we had always known to a laid back movie watcher who is just doing the minimum for the bank. Her comment to Jimmy that her powers of concentration were legend was disproved the next day when it was revealed that she had missed her assistant's mistake -- and she didn't much care. The Mesa Verde models shook her up, but I think she had already decided to quit, she just doesn't know it yet. I always thought one of Chuck's best comments about Jimmy was , "No one ever accused Jimmy of being lazy." It was such a huge understatement because not only is he not lazy, he finds boredom absolutely intolerable and he is at his best with something hurried and difficult to do. The new job was the very worst thing for him, even sitting on the couch watching TV by himself is unbearable. I think that's what will make it impossible for him to last the nine months, no matter how often he repeats his goals to himself. Poor thing.