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  1. S03.E07: Sometimes

    His description is exactly how I see her. In this episode, I thought the gingham, backless dress she wore to the party to meet her friend was just a horrible choice for someone with such a broad back. I see the lantern jaw, too, and find it really unattractive to see so much tongue when she talks or sings. I wonder if part of the wide gap in how she's viewed is whether or not we knew her when she was young. Like the man you work with, I had never heard of her before this show. None of that makes me dislike her character or her acting though. I may even like the Jack/Rebecca story better because I see a man who adores his moderately attractive wife and sees her as beautiful because he loves her so much.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I don't know what they intended with that, but my reaction to him always getting to ballet early with the girls and doing their hair in front of everyone, was that he was one of those men who loves to be the only guy in a crowd of women, while they all ooh and ahh over what a great father he is. I've know a few men like that and it's all part of being the center of attention, admired by all. I couldn't stand him even before I knew he was a murderer.
  3. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Well, there was one young macho dude who said to the camera, "We're voting out the sixty year old woman -- because she's a sixty year old woman." Naturally, I don't remember the season, the guy's name, or the woman's name, but I really think it happened.
  4. S37: Mike White

    I'm mainly surprised that Mike hasn't caught on to just how close Christian and Gabby are. If we can see that at home there must be lots of little moments between the two around camp, my gosh they can't pass each other without brushing shoulders the way friendly dogs do. It seemed like a major blunder for him to be saying anything negative about Gabby to Christian. Mike also seemed to only see the surface level of Carl and Davie's friendship. Yes, the two have fun together and both have easy going personalities, but to assume they weren't seriously strategizing when they were alone was very naïve. I guess I expected a writer to be able to see the nuances a little better.
  5. After two years, police have finally arrested four people for the murders of eight family members in Ohio. The four Wagners are arrested for murder but also arrested for involvement in the crime are the two grandmothers of young Jake Wagner, baby-daddy of a child in the Rhoden family. Yep eight people died over yet another custody dispute. Here.
  6. Lucky you! Just last night I really saw her gown for the first time. The gorgeous way it draped across the front and the embroidery across the upper back of the train! Oh my!
  7. S04.E07: Episode 7

    Seriously! She must remember having to fight off the old dude who had put her in the red bedroom when she got all made up and went to that party alone. She must also be aware that some people still call her "Poldark's kitchen maid," and be on guard against those who think her back ground reflects on her morals. Yes, where is the girl who wasn't afraid to fight off a group of hooligans to save her dog?
  8. Last night, on WOSU, was the episode where Edith gets jilted at the altar and goes home to throw herself on the bed, obviously crushed and heart broken. The very next scene is Matthew and Lord Grantham, out on the lawn, Matthew saying, "Poor Edith," and Robert sayin, "She'll get over it." Then Matthew tells Robert he will give him the money to save Downton and the two of them are fairly leaping for joy. I think Fellowes probably thought we would all rejoice along with them,but I was still grieving for Edith and the two just seemed heartless to me. I love the show, but I don't think Julian Fellowes ever realized how much some of us cared about Edith, to him she was just "the sainted Lady Mary's" hapless sister and not really important -- at least until the very last.
  9. S37: Elizabeth Olson

    I'm just now getting interested enough to read her bio. I'm not sure why anyone would call her conservative because she sounds just the opposite to me. She's 31 and has three kids, I would have guessed her at about twenty! Now, I'm just sorry she didn't make it a little further in the game, I would have been interested in seeing her family member during the loved ones episode.
  10. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    I keep wondering why they went to the trouble to tattle on Angelina if they weren't hoping the Goliaths would be angry enough to change their vote from Elizabeth to her. How did they know it hadn't worked? For all the Davids knew the whispering at Tribal was for that very reason. If that had been the case, six Goliaths would have voted for Angelina and six Davids (plus Angelina) would have voted their own, Elizabeth, out. I didn't have a speck of physics in my Liberal Arts heaven but I would have called that challenge centrifugal force.
  11. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    I was offended by her arrogance only. My husband spent 22 years in the military but I never heard him talk 'military strategy," yet all that stuff Angelina spouted was familiar to me due to all the action movies I've had to sit through, just as her business-speak about using intentional words, etc. was familiar to me even though I'm not part of that world. Unfortunately hard driving business words have trickled down to church committees these days, thanks to books like, "The Purpose Driven Life." That's where Angelina's amazing arrogance comes in, she clearly thinks she's the only one who has encountered any of this stuff. She must be an instructor's dream because she's like a sponge for it all and spews it back like it's revelations from a Tibetan mountain top.
  12. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    And he stood there fuming and almost crying while calling Elizabeth childish. Her tears are starting to seem pretty manipulative to me, it makes me wonder how many times in her life she has used them to get her way. I really think she might have messed it up for the Davids at Tribal. After Elizabeth squealed on Angelina the Goliaths were all indignant, muttering that Angelina was already playing to the jury. Then Gabby started to cry and whine about how mean the Goliaths were and I think the criticism renewed their sense of solidarity. Yes, it only took about two seconds for someone to talk her into throwing Angelina under the bus when for all she knew Angelina had been sincere.
  13. S02.E18: The Wedding

    @ jsn73, I'm not sure if this is the one you're looking for, but somewhere in the episode was, "Moonshadow," by Cat Stevens.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Oh I don't watch 'Hoarders," to judge, Walnutqueen. I just like to see all their stuff. If you happen to have collected 500 pounds of walnuts, 320 nutcrackers, and a file cabinet of walnut related recipes, I would only be agog with admiration.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yes! All my favorite shows reflect this interest, Dateline, Survivor, Hoarders... just seeing inside someone's house is interesting to me -- and like Walnut Queen I'm still upset about that Great Dane and the other dog who got burned up along with their woman last week. Monster!
  16. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    To make that one even sadder, the couple had tried to have children for many years before their daughter was born and she was clearly very sheltered and the light of their lives. I watched it, but I didn't "enjoy" it the way I do some others. This question of why we watch and which ones we can't watch is interesting. Looking at @BusyOctober's list I think some maybe if the victim meets some of those conditions, drug addicted sex worker for instance, then I can tell myself, "Well, she lived a very risky lifestyle and so long as we (or our daughters) don't do those things we will be safe. I'll try to justify the show by saying that at least they might serve as a warning for some people and it really is satisfying to watch murderers get found out and set to prison.
  17. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    The actor is wonderful, too. I was truly laughing out loud at the faces he was making while Spiros was trying to teach him his depressing songs. Leslie is becoming a fabulous actor, too. The way his face lit up when his baby mama arrived at the party was heart warming. From the look on Louisa's face, at the end, I think she's going to go through some well deserved guilt throes for her part in breaking up the marriage. Duh Louisa. Did you really think a man could be spending countless days, and some evenings, doing unpaid projects for a single woman and the wife would be happy about it? Spiros has been mooning over Louisa since the day he first set eyes on her and she's just been lapping it up and using it to her advantage, when she should have been discouraging it. Spiros must have seen the effect it was having on his wife and just kept doing it. I'm entirely on his wife's side, but I'll bet last week's information that Spiros 'had to" marry her is the beginning of a story that's intended to make us unsympathetic to her.
  18. S04.E06: Episode 6

    Drake has always looked and acted about sixteen years old to me. If only Hugh had lived, he and Drake could have formed the first boy band together and traveled Cornwall singing sentimental love ballads to dreamy young maidens.
  19. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    I imagine the split bamboo, with it's open side down, has more "give" to it than the solid round ones. Yes, I think it's become a sort of humble brag that says, "I was really smart in school." However, in Christian's case, I can imagine he truly was left out of the cool kids clique due to his blinking tic. What I never understand is any lasting desire to be part of the popular (often shallow) group. Christian is now probably the richest person at his high school reunion and I'm betting the loved ones episode will show us a very pretty girlfriend.
  20. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Those two made a good set because, although one victim was very young and the other was a grandmother, both victims were entirely sweet and innocent and both murderers had practically no motive. The young murderer just wanted to see fear in a confident person's eyes and the husband of the second victim just "made a bad decision" to burn to death his wife and two beautiful dogs. Chilling.
  21. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    This a hundred times! I always fall for the nerdy Christian types, but this is the first time I've found someone like John absolutely adorable.
  22. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    My Carl-love moment was when Elizabeth, in her fury, nearly knocked him off his feet with the bamboo she was dragging. Instead of getting mad, he calmly picked up the back end of it and helped her with it. God bless him, I wish I could be more like him. Instead I'm like Elizabeth, prone to keep a lid on my irritation until it all blows up like a cheap pressure cooker. Elizabeth is a good example of why I think they need to cast more old people on Survivor. A fit 60 year-old can withstand the elements better than a young one with a bad back, or a young one who runs cold. I think it's all a matter of the individual's condition. Dan, your 350 pound self is telling you to quit bragging so much. Lyrsa should have had more confessionals, she's funny and honest.
  23. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    Yes, I found him much sexier than his usual smiling self who is often a little overly eager to be Louisa's devoted slave. This episode he had shades of Mr. Knightly in his, "badly done," moment. I know and it makes me a little irritated with him and Louisa now that we know for sure. I know they haven't done anything "wrong," but there certainly has been a lot of time and flirtation cutting into that marriage. Margo's girl-crush was hilarious to watch, I'm enjoying her so much this season.
  24. S04.E05: Episode 5

    I'm glad, for Rosina's sake, that Demelza told Drake Ossie was dead. Rosina's marriage with Drake might have had a chance while Morwenna was another man's wife, but with his death Drake's obsession would have had him always looking longingly in Morwenna's direction, while poor Rosina would be giving him a home, children. and unrequited love. Now, Morwenna will have time to heal from the abuse and, someday, she and Drake will probably be together. I like Rosina, she reminds me of Shelly Duvall, I hope she finds someone who will love her in return. No woman deserves a husband determined to carry a torch for another woman.
  25. S03.E05: Toby

    I'm enjoying the writing for Zoe that shows the audience incidents from her point of view, whether or not she ends up thinking that Kevin is worth those teaching moments, we at home are learning things. However, I do still think we need to remember that Zoe doesn't represent every black woman, anymore than the white women TV has shown us over the years are truly representative of white culture. How many times has a comedy shown a white woman with pink curlers all over her head and a white or green mask on her face? How many real women have we ever seen that way? I'm reminded of a line on, "Seinfeld," when Elaine was going off to spend some "girl time" with a new friend. Jerry asked her if she was going to shop for ribbons and then have a pillow fight. TV often portrays women doing housework in their expensive work clothes when I always change as soon as I get home. I guess they never get bleach spots since they only ever vacuum, nor any grease splatters since cooking seems to consist of nothing more than endless celery chopping at the island. I once froze in an interview, too. We'd talked for a half hour and everything was going great. I was pretty sure I had the job since I was being shown which desk would be mine, etc. Then I needed to sign and date something and I totally blanked on the date. The interviewer noticed my hesitation and told me the day but I couldn't even remember the month. I watched her face and new the job was gone.