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  1. I guess I don't get it. I just thought they were stating another preference, along with the empire waist and some lace. White can be glaring and doesn't flatter every skin tone. A little touch of ivory or pink can soften it.
  2. I agree with all of this so much. I may be thinking a woman is really pretty, kind, big hearted, cool, whatever, but the minute she describes herself that way it's all over and I start coming up with reasons why she is not any of those things. I've lost all respect for Arie for falling for the two most superficial women in his group. I didn't think any of the previous Bachelors seemed like Rhodes scholars but Arie may win the prize for dumbest of them all. His social skills also suck. I think his producer must have told him to be nice when rejecting a woman and to him that means, "hug them and walk them out," never mind all the body language that says that they don't want any of that.
  3. I care about the cat. I loved seeing him with the lonely looking little boy after Garrett Morris had said, "Strays have a way of ending up with the person who needs them." I've always defended Miguel and I like him even more these days. It takes a real good guy to put up with his wife's rude kids just for her sake. I'm starting to feel extremely guilty because I've lost both my parents and yet I didn't quit my job, spend the rest of my life mooning over their stuff, watching TV with their ashes, wearing their jewelry day and night, and going completely off the rails. The only one I can see having any reason for that sort of grief/guilt might be Kate if she begged her dad to go back in for her dog.
  4. Oh no. I would enjoy a new decorating show, but with an actual professional decorator, not Sean who grew up in the most gaudy example we've seen on the home visits and Catherine whose sisters said her room was always messy. Why does being on a reality show make one an expert on everything? Clown faced Ashley Eyelashes and her make-up tutorials come to mind.
  5. He always looks like he has the flu; watery eyes, red around the nostrils, and pale gray skin. Annalise and Lauren may be the lucky ones who didn't catch it. "I was inside my head" must be the new, "I didn't open up" face saving phrase to keep women from having to admit that they either weren't pretty enough or talked too much. Why would Lauren think Arie wanted to hear about every one of her family members on the first date? Arie is proving to have really bad taste in women. First Bekah who is so obviously trying out for her own reality show. The new, "New Girl," show about the quirky hipster girl who is, "Simple, easy, different, and like totally complete in her own super-cool self!" I don't think she's the least bit into that old green haired man. Then, I had hoped he was putting up with Krystal under producer's instructions, but that breathless little conversation he had with her made it look like he was just going through the motions all day waiting to be with her. I not only cringe when she talks, I can't stand to look at her manly body topped with the mismatched face, and the smile wrinkles rippling back to her ears. She's terrifying with her tone deaf lectures to the other women and her obvious delight in their misfortunes. This may prove to be, "The Bachelor: Horror Season."
  6. Yeah, the first time I went to a really nice restaurant and the waiter started to put my napkin in my lap, I almost smacked him. What man first thought it would be a nice touch to bend that far over a woman, put his face next to her chest and put his hands that close to her lap? Personal space, dude! I had to go back and watch this one online after learning that Cooksdelight met him. You, go Cooks! Drive that freeway! Debra needs therapy before she ever goes near another man. I just have to wonder what was so bad about the father of her children that he had to be divorced, but this unwashed, unemployed creep was kept around even after he yelled at her daughter? Terra may be the best person we've met on Dateline! That little whispery voice talking about the Zombie kill shot as she describes plunging a knife through a man's eye. Hah! Terra, her brave little dog and the 14 year-old lifeguard all deserve metals, although the girl's mother should not have let her run out there.
  7. I keep seeing the therapist blamed for expecting Rebecca to have known about addiction running in families. This isn't new knowledge. Two widely seen movies, which were best selling books first, "The Lost Weekend," in 1945, and "Days of Wine and Roses," in 1962, explain and illustrate most aspects of alcoholism. They make clear that addiction is not just a weakness but a disease and that certain people are more likely to become addicted based on genetics and personality types. I remember the doctor in, "Days of Wine and Roses," telling the woman that her obsession with chocolate had been a warning sign. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was first described in the United States in 1973 and widely discussed in all the women's magazines. Rebecca, the reader, would have known and Jack would have heard it discussed at his AA meetings. The kids should have been warned.
  8. I agree. Jack shouldn't be teaching Kate that food should be used for comfort anymore than Rebecca should be teaching her that food is something to fear. I just blame Rebecca for the situation more than Jack because of the accompanying message the parents are sending. Jack tells Kate that to him she is the most beautiful person in the world while Rebecca's message is that Kate is not okay in her present state. It would be great if both parents could leave food completely out of how they interact with Kate.
  9. Overall, if you surveyed every post on every episode thread, I'm pretty sure you would find that Beth has been a much more popular character than Kevin, who was given lots of flack for his actions with the ladies in the past. The first season there were constant raves from many of us about how beautiful the actress was and how cool her character was. I think this most recent episode with Beth and Kevin at his therapy session is the first episode where Beth was criticized more than Kevin. If that makes those of us who thought she was being a little harsh to him during this episode, racists in your eyes then so be it. You're entitled to your opinion but it's going to severely limit our freedom to discuss the show if two of the main characters are off limits for anything other than unqualified praise.
  10. That's exactly the size I was when my parents started to make me feel self-conscious about my body because I had small saddlebag bulges at the top of my skinny legs. The things we have liposuction for today were considered something you could spot-reduce in the 60's. By the time I was fourteen I was doing hundreds of repetitions of thigh slimming work-outs every day, but I never tried on a pair of a pair of pants or, heaven forbid, swimsuit without being poked in the bulge and asked if I was doing my exercises? I'll never forget my father complimenting my uncle on his "streamlined daughters." I also remember my mother telling me my father was ashamed of me and both parents constantly taking the ice-cream inventory. The posts up-thread of little girls on diet pills just broke my heart. (If Mandy Moore reads this thread and doesn't cry, she's reading it wrong!) This should probably be in the unpopular opinion thread but I think, rather than Jack getting on board with Rebecca's plan to control Kate's weight, Rebecca should follow Jack's lead and just permanently shut up about what Kate eats and how much she exercises. Sure, Rebecca should fix healthy meals and quit stocking the house with Twinkies and candy bars, I did that much for my skinny family, but ice-cream trips on vacation, or homemade desserts after Sunday dinner should be something the whole family enjoys with no side eyes to anyone. Looking for a dance class or soccer team would be nice, too, but it should be approached as something Kate might enjoy, not something Kate needs to do because she is simply not loveable or acceptable as she is. Because that is the message Rebecca is giving Kate; along with a lot of issues around specific foods as tantalizing forbidden fruit to be obsessed about until binged upon.
  11. Kevin is a member of her extended family. Beth knows him, has seen his affection for her husband and his sweet side with her children. If Beth thinks the only requirement for happiness is being white and middle class then she is a very materialistic, superficial person, and little children aren't making income comparisons with other people, they just want to feel loved and secure inside their own little world. I loved the therapist sticking up for Kevin and the other one's shocked faces when she did it. They all thought they were just coming to support him in an "intervention" way and never expected what they got. I love them all though and the natural, in character, moments as they learned a few things about themselves and Kevin. That therapy session and this show have the same message -- that our childhood is always part of us and everything that happened to us while we were young effects the rest of our lives. It's not at all odd to me that the Pearson kids are still getting over their father's death, in some since they're still getting over that day at the pool. Looking at all that is what therapy is for. I loved this episode!
  12. I think Becca is beautiful, but I wish she would cut out the fan-girl stuff with Arie. Don't pump your fist and say "Woo," after he kisses you, Becca! Didn't you watch Emily? You are the prize, act like it! I like Tia, I think she's gorgeous and funny. She said the only real line of the night when she said that Arie came out and did some fancy trick driving and the good part was 'He didn't hit anybody." You go, Tia! Thinking like a grown-up who isn't willing to die for her 15 minutes of fame. I don't think I've ever called anyone fake before in my life, but here goes; Krystal is fake. She combs her hair over her eyes, then spends all evening flicking her head to get it out of the way. She makes statements and then visibly arranges her face to what she thinks is the appropriate, matching expression. Her conversation is a string of lines she's memorized from Hallmark movies, whether they actually fit the occasion or not. The worst was her talk with Arie's mother. Arie's Mom: We've been married for thirt.... Krystal: But you weren't always happy. Arie's Mom [startled}: Well er, of course every couple has... Krystal: But your family came first. Arie's Mom: [looks confused wonders if she misheard something.] Krystal's whole passive aggressive refusal to tell the other's about her date was another fake show for the camera. She didn't need to gloat, but she could have said they went to Arie's parents' house because he wanted to reassure his mother. Little does Arie know his mother is probably having nightmares about little muscle bound grandchildren who only speak in random clichés. She scares me much more than Bibiana does with all her silly bluster.
  13. WOSU reruns these on Sunday at 7 and I just saw this one again. I really disliked the search for a new midwife. It seemed very unlikely that a steady stream of nursing applicants would all be flighty, silly types who were smoking as they arrived. Sister Julienne, who usually brings the others up short over the slightest bit of judgment about race, income, marital status, or incestuous relationships -- nods in agreement when Nurse Crane says, "No Americans!" Thanks a lot. When we're such devoted fans of their show you'd think it would be in their interest to at least pretend to like us.
  14. Well thanks for the stats, La and thanks to Ellekotonyok for giving us the grid o' blonds. It all helps me get these women straight. I think Chelsea looks a little like the incomparable Michelle Pfeiffer in her photo so maybe Saber is right and she is all that after all. I just couldn't see it before because she was talking. All I know is early-cut Bri was one of my three pics to win so I guess I'm not attuned to Arie's needs. To make a true looks assessment we would really need to line them all up in swimsuits and make comparisons the way the pageant judge's do. There are things we just don't get to see on TV. For instance, I think the way a woman walks has a lot to do with whether or not she's a real head turner. Even with all that, we wouldn't get that all important smell-test. We saw Shawn take and keep his early lead with Kaitlyn because she loved the way he smelled, and according to her haters, Olivia kind of lost her lead because of that -- or maybe it was the cankles, I don't know.
  15. OH my gosh, Walnutqueen! Devastating is the word. It gave my husband a nightmare last night and I woke up with him trying to unlock my ear. I'm so sorry for their family, it's hard to imagine a more horrific death.