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  1. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Most ironic statement in a while: Three time cold blooded murderer Chris talking about his victims, "They were just awful people."
  2. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    Unpopular opinions: I never think anyone is playing for 2nd or 3rd place, because we tend to magnify our own strengths and they all probably have had a few good moments edited out. If I was this close to the end my delusional self would be thinking, "Oh sure I haven't won in challenges, but I did catch that fish the first week..." It's when they have to verbalize it to the jury that you see the self doubt kick in. There's never been a boring Survivor season for me. Just things like the communication between Wendell and Dom during the spool challenge and Donathan's strange "truth bombs," are good TV to me.
  3. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I have a suspicion that Sea Bass is smarter than he looks. Once I saw his matching sister I realized he just has high eyebrows.
  4. S01.E01: Part One: "Little Women"

    I've never understood the point of doing period dramas and then modernizing them. I was around eleven when I first read, "Little Women," and the quaint language and unfamiliar rules of etiquette regarding gloves and running were all part of the joy of the book for me. I was still young enough to play house with friends and we pretended to be the little women with all the old fashioned stylings we could muster. Add me to the "she was terrible," group and I actually like her parents.
  5. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    Pretty much, although most very small children are more Mommy-bonded than they are with their fathers. Most child psychologists will say that the mother is the number one source of security for the child and that losing her is their primary fear. That's why women are given primary custody in divorce cases far more often then the fathers, but I really hate to see either parent leave his or her children for six months at a time for any type of job.
  6. Unforgotten

    Just finished watching and I'm emotionally exhausted. The British do crime dramas almost too well. "The End of the World as We Knew It," is an autobiography by Robert Goolrick describing his childhood abuse in just that way. I read it last year and fully understood that "changed forever," thing for the first time. My heart just bleeds for all of you victims.
  7. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    My husband is career military and served 22 years, just like Angela, so I understand the advantages. I just know I wouldn't have joined when my children were babies because being with them as they grew up meant far more to me than a pension and traveling. I know circumstances are different for everyone, but I do think if you choose to have children they should come before most other things. I don't share the sort of patriotism that says we should thank every military person for their service even when it's something we didn't ask them to do and would rather they had not. I was astonished when congress decided to go to war over a criminal terrorist act and I voted for Obama because he voted against it. Seventeen years later, I still view the lives lost there as a tragic waste. There are hundreds of ways to serve our country. Every nurse, council member, farmer or fireman in America is serving our country. I feel like Jeff Probst is shoving something down our throats that we don't all have to agree with.
  8. S36.E12: A Giant Game of Bumper Cars

    When Jeff choked up and said something about how Angela had sacrificed her family for her job, I gasped out loud and thought, "No! He did not go there!" Then I realized he thought that was a good thing and was praising her for it. I was slow to catch on because I don't think it's a good thing and I really can't imagine why a mother of a young child would volunteer to join the military, knowing she may have to leave them for months at a time. But I would only think it, I wouldn't say it.
  9. The Wingless Bird (1997-98)

    I've watched this one and a half dozen or so other Catherine Cookson dramatized novels on YouTube. I think one of the less esteemed British channels, (ITV maybe) made a bunch of small mini-series from her books. No they aren't BBC or Masterpiece quality and "melodramatic and soapish" sort of define Catherine Cookson. In spite of (or because of?) that I've read all her books and watched all the TV adaptations. One of the best is The Dwelling Place which stars a young handsome "Mr. Bates," from "Downton Abbey."
  10. S07.E07: Episode 7

    Tom had been sitting with her for hours and had already said plenty of romantic, loving, husbandly things, but he was also her priest and fulfilling that position for her as well. I've sat with people as they died and the fear of death is foremost in their mind. Barbara was a believer whose focus was pulling away from earthly things and turning toward God. At that point it's not whether or not Tom loved her that mattered, but whether or not her sins had been forgiven and she would enter some sort of spiritual bliss or fall into oblivion. It can be terrifying. I thought the "boiler plate," or as she would see it, the comfort and reassurance of the last rites and the 23 Psalm, would have been just what she wanted to hear. Phyllis may think it's all meaningless but, to some people, it's the romantic "Love Story," fluff that becomes totally trivial at the end. Thinking about it again makes me appreciate the way Tom's character has been written. He never seems to forget his primary calling, it was there even in his break up with Trixie and his choice of Barbara as partner and wife.
  11. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    And if it weren't for the weight loss making her head look a little bit disproportionate, she would be a beautiful girl. I am beginning to wonder about the way the camera men edit the young women. If they like her, she's shown in attractive poses and cute moments, if not, she's either not shown at all, like Chelsea, or only shown the way Jenna was. We saw Sea Bass tell Jenna her hair smelled bad, we had endless back views of her thin soiled underpants (so often that, that's how I recognized her all season,) and last night we had a close-up of her cleaning her teeth with a stick and another of her face scrunched up being scrubbed with sand. Now I don't like Jenna; Donathan told her he felt so close and friendly toward her that he was going to give her his idol and she immediately walked away from him and called him stupid. Not nice. But I still think it's unfair of the camera men to film the unattractive moments that we know they all must have. The underpants situation was not Jenna's fault and even the lovely Libby must have cleaned her teeth with a stick once in while but we didn't see that. The Ponderosa crew doesn't seem in on the grudge and has instantly made Jenna much prettier and more likeable. On the other hand, while I think it's unfair, it makes me wonder if Jenna and Chelsea have been "rude to the help.," to bring all this about.
  12. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    I think Laurel thought the line would be ironically funny because she's a woman and he's a guy and usually all the gushy compliments like that go to the female. I was more embarrassed for Kellyn drooling over Michael, and Michael having to hear that just then when he was nervous about going home. I think when most young men hear that sort of thing from women they aren't into, they have no idea how to respond.
  13. S36.E11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

    All this evidence means nothing to Kellyn, she continues to trust in her great intuitive powers in the face of endless failures. She's like the lottery players who only remember the times they've won. I would love to see her glare her way to the finals! Last night, I think I might have found a clue to why she gets so little air time -- she looks straight into the camera a good bit. As much as I like Wendell and Dom, it would serve them (and everyone else) right, if Chelsea went on an immunity run and won the game for it. I wasn't a particular Michael fan, but I had to shake my head over the rush to get out this huge, "immunity threat," while the real ones were hiding in plain sight.
  14. I agree with all you've said, particularly that part. After our years in England, listening to constant nasty remarks and jokes about "Yanks," whispered just loud enough for us to hear, I'm hyper sensitive when we're put down as inferior. I may have had enough now that the show seems to be more about changing fashions and less about the nuns and midwives helping the poor people of Poplar. My favorite episodes were ones like the girl giving birth on the ship and the typhoid spread through the awful toilets they had to use. Beauty pageants and go-go boots just don't compare. I really should have quit watching after season 6 episode 4 when Sister Julienne was desperate for more midwives, taking applications from far and wide, but she and Nurse Crane both firmly agreed, "No Americans!"
  15. S07.E07: Episode 7

    I can think of quite a few American shows with cast members who look like normal people, some shows even feature lead actresses who look normal and even get awards, Elisabeth Moss for example. I get rather tired of this stereotype of the American actors as more shallow, more vain, and less well trained than the British actors. I lived in England for three years and would hear the British actresses being interviewed on the radio and, believe me, the attitude that they themselves were quite superior to all those in Hollywood was front and center at all times. If the Brits simply don't care about appearances it's surprising that the actress playing Edith didn't have the lead in Downton and that Cynthia didn't have the lead over Jenny in Midwives.