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  1. How horrible, the NC case is. Sadly, it's a nationwide problem. Over crowded prisons, mentally ill people locked up with criminals because there's no place else to put them, drugs everywhere plus inadequately trained guards add up to a recipe for disaster.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Heck yeah. The one thing we know for certain about Brad's parents is that they once raised a murderer.
  3. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I agree. I defended Emily's looks earlier because she seemed to be getting the backhanded, "but she's nice" descriptor which few young women crave. It may just be that Christian with his large creative brain see's women through a lens more in keeping with the Impressionists than today's standard which seems to ignore every physical quality except the one that says, "Whichever female is thinnest wins the beauty contest." I'm glad we're allowed to talk about looks on this board because picking apart appearances is almost as much fun to me as picking apart strategy and is as "fair game" toward people who volunteer to go on reality TV as any other quality. (Family visitors, a little less fair game.) I think Gabby looks like the beautiful Natalie Wood in some of her photos, but she isn't perfect and her lower body is a little bit out of proportion to her upper. I like her ears but maybe Christian doesn't. Emily has a pretty smile and an over all sweet, fluffy look. No wonder Christian says he loves coming home to her and her hot dinners. When I first saw Kara I thought she looked like the mom on, "The Waltons," and didn't get what Dan was so thunderstruck over, but now that I see she has the most amazing hair ever and gets a tan so smooth she looks like she's been slathered in Max Factor's Golden Beige Flawless Foundation, I'm agog with admiration. Nick started out cute in spite of (or because of?) looking like he was wearing lipstick all the time, but now that he's become all tan and defined he's actually the hot young lawyer I want to handle my will and help me decide who gets my figurines. Long tall Alison with her incredible legs is my husband's favorite type so I can't really see her for the green fog. So true. We've seen the big young men voted out as threats following immunity runs by young women who were winning all the endurance/puzzle challenges. We've also seen pretty young women like Jenna M win the whole thing, just because. I do think it can work in the reverse some times, with the "plain" women perceived as really smart whether they actually are or not. Looks are part of this game so we might as well talk about them.
  4. S37: Kara Kay

    I know there's lots of competition and some of the women have serious dance training, but to me it's demeaning to themselves and their art. Most of them only make minimum wage and are expected to turn up for free to dinners and parties like Playmates at the mansion. The difficult cheerleading routines they did in high school are sidelined for routines that are all about sexy body display. The last I read over 70% of them have implants and the others are pressured to get them. Surgery for cheerleading? I see nothing about it that makes it comparable to a sport, much less an elite one, just a bunch of young women allowing themselves to be exploited. But that's just something she did in the past. I'm actually more impressed with Kara every week. She is tough as nails in those endurance challenges, she managed to get rid of Dan before he ruined her entire game, everyone seems to like her and there's not much talk of her being a big threat. She may actually win this thing.
  5. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I agree, I even thought their loved ones seemed both worried and embarrassed for their people. Nick's dad in particular. I was only embarrassed for Davie's mother with her blatant favoritism. Alison and her little butterball mom were adorable together. Well, Gabby has joined my least favorite Survivor, "I voted out my Mom" Ciera. I don't get why doing something hurtful and disloyal equals Big Brilliant Move in anyone's mind. Emily If you're reading this, I think you're prettier than Gabby and have better legs.
  6. S37: Kara Kay

    Thanks. I should have guessed. The fact that it's the thing she's "most proud of," sort of threw me off.
  7. S37: Kara Kay

    Interesting that she says in her bio that she will avoid a showmance at all cost. Dan made that hard for her but I think she got past it. What is a "Charger Girl?"
  8. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Well, I liked her until that interview. It's one thing to cry, it's another thing to feel so superior about it. It's everyone's natural reaction to cry under stress, ask any two year old. It doesn't make Gabby better than the people who have learned to control their tears anymore than the little kids who learned to "use their words" when angry are inferior to those who are still lashing out. It's a natural reaction to turn over the Candy Land game when losing, but that doesn't mean we should continue to do it all our lives. I suppose somewhere the guy who's slamming his tennis racket down after losing is saying he has compassion for the rest of us who have no ability to express our emotions. Also lighten up on Carl. And: "One of my favorite phrases is, "When you point your finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you." Really Gabby? What next? Is their no "I" in team?
  9. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    That's what I think. In the early seasons several of the young muscular guys ( Jeff's favorite type) had to go home because they were visibly suffering serious health consequences from the lack of food and nobody wanted to see anything happen like heart damage from running extreme challenges while starving. After that it seemed like every time the group started to run out of rice, there would be a challenge where the reward would be a huge bag of rice. As I recall, a few years ago a woman won a challenge and got to choose either the big bag of rice for the tribe or something just for herself, so of course she took the big bag. I'm guessing Jeff was preparing for something like that when Angelina, bursting with pride, made her hilarious offer.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'd bet 400 dollars minus 10 that she wrote it, because she lists her role as, "Self -- Dan Wozniak's fiancé" where anyone else would have said, "Self -- accomplice to murder, liar and mega-bridezilla."
  11. Seriously, like someone would be walking around thinking I can't get a good job because I don't have a degree, but I have no more idea ne'er a rabbit what to do about it. Thank you @Kili for putting Beth's grievance list together. I was thinking, "she should just wait out the campaign thing," and I see I was wrong. I'll even add one more and say Randall was being self-centered even before William died, he was way too hard on his mother for doing what she thought was best for him by keeping his drug addicted father a secret, and he asked Beth to take both his father and his brother into their home that year. She had to give up her home office! Team Beth! In West Virginia? Of course the kids had a place out back of the school where they could smoke. What burned me, and I wasn't even a smoker, was my college allowed the men to smoke but not the women. Of course all that was when smoking was just a bad habit, long before it became Evil.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yes, because if we knew anything at all about Rachel and Dan by then it's that they would never be concerned about keeping money that wasn't owed them. It was their entitled belief that they could get by in life without actually working that led to everything. Their delusion that they should have a big wedding and go on a honeymoon when they couldn't come up with the rent was so odd it bordered on mental illness. I still can't get my mind around the absolute pointlessness of the young woman's death. What made Dan think that a dead young woman in that apartment would make sense of the young man's murder? And as her poor mother said, why in the world leave her body in such a humiliating position? I'll bet they both thought they were just a few steps away from being movie stars, too. I'd like to tell them he was far too fat faced to ever make it in the movies and she was only Dateline beautiful.
  13. S37 Ponderosa *Possible Spoilers*

    Awww, I love Carl again. It's equal parts fascinating and awful how this game can turn on such small things. Maybe if Carl had just got out of the hammock to do his strategizing, he wouldn't have seemed as arrogant and the whole Godfather image and its consequences might never have happened. Now that I know he was coming off nicotine, I want to give him some sort of special hardship award. When I quit smoking I did nothing but eat cookies and cry for the first six months.
  14. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Nice name change, MisterBluxom. I agree completely with both Green's post and yours. Remember the old westerns when the good guys all wore white hats and the bad guys wore black ones? All of which caused me to be very surprised when the Black Pride movement of the sixties came along and African Americans themselves chose to be called "black," instead of "colored," the nice politically correct expression at the time. So now we have a word, chosen to describe a race by the members themselves, which is so common in our language that we could never keep track of all the uses and phrases where it might be considered offensive. We also have the recently developed concept of coding, something that is impossible to determine without actually reading the mind of the speaker. All to pass judgement on whether some people are evil racists or not and to decide when groups should rise up in outrage. The irony is that in order to keep from offending, people like Kara, probably gently raised by nonracist parents and teachers, is at fault for not knowing the sort of racist terms used by ignorant white nationals and KKK members. The biggest irony of all is that their really is no such thing as separate races, almost no one has skin that is white or black, we all fall somewhere on a wide spectrum of shades and in a few years brown will describe the large majority of Americans. We all should start refusing to check those race boxes on forms and using race as a descriptor until the entire concept phases out. I agree completely that it's all very hard. I know the sleep deprivation alone would have me throwing Elizabeth-style temper tantrums, Dan-style pout sessions, and Gabby-style sob fests. But that's what would make me, like those three, not great at Survivor. Gabby's conditions aren't one bit harder than anyone else's out there so I feel free to credit the ones who keep their cool for outplaying her.
  15. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Oh my gosh you are spot on! Now I can't wait for the reunion to see how she looks with her hair down and make-up.