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  1. I know I'm over it.
  2. I tried to listen to this but started getting queasy about half way through. Josh's head seems to hold about ten times more phlegm than any normal person's.
  3. Did Josh start to turn around or were there just fewer people around to bully? He was planning to torment Kevin and call him names until Paul told him not to. [sorry to be so random -- I seem to have skipped a whole page]
  4. I don't get the feeds, but if I did, I would be outraged over missing all this. Really, why do they wait so long to turn on the feeds?
  5. I think Jun could cook. Jun is my favorite winner because of her low key game, eavesdropping all summer while appearing to be just cooking. I wish they'd think a little harder. He was a self-starter on many of his nasty episodes. Paul didn't make him loom over Megan and shout her down, "You can talk when I'm done talking!" Paul didn't make him cheat at pool, something that I think says a whole lot about a person. I hate that his crying has made some people see him as soft hearted and sensitive, when every tear has been for himself. When it comes to any empathy with other people it's a flippant, "She/he played herself." Paul actually told him not to call Kevin nasty names. I think Josh is a frightening man who hates women and he's all the scarier because he presents himself as a big loveable teddy bear.
  6. Johnson calling CBS and demanding that Morley Safer be fired. Wow. The talk, last night, about how outstanding the soldiers were, on both sides, really makes you weep for the incredible waste of life it all was.
  7. Oh yeah, right. I forgot about the boob job jokes. [sigh] Why am I fighting for Wells when he's not fighting for me?
  8. That Wells! I think he is a good guy. I even thought the puppets were probably the producers idea and that he was using them to ridicule the gossips not Scallop Fingers herself.
  9. I remembered the whole thing wrong, then. Not only did I think he started with the compliments, I thought he said, "Why are you fighting for someone who wont fight for you?"
  10. Yes, it was chilling to hear JFK say that he knew we had no chance of winning in Vietnam, but that if he pulled out the troops he wouldn't win re-election. How lucky for Madam Nhu that she was visiting America when the coup went down. Horrible woman.
  11. Oprah's fat again? Heck yeah! She's endlessly brilliant and creative, one of the richest women in the world, amazingly philanthropic, and she does exactly what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Thank God there's one woman in the world who doesn't worry about the number on a scale. I was really rooting for Bob Odenkirk to win for the most complex, fabulous role ever as Saul Goodman but I loved Sterling K Brown's hilarious speech and I'm happy for him.
  12. My Air Force husband was stationed in Thailand, loading bombs on planes, in 1972. He knows a lot about the history of the whole thing but he was still mesmerized, as was I who knew very little about the 1950's build up. I was married to another, very anti-war man at the time, I'm anxious to hear from that side, too. The thing that stood out to me last night was that our government seemed to be more interested in doing what was best for all America than in fighting party politics. The music takes me right back to the period. I'll watch any Ken Burn's documentary and I'd listen to Peter Coyote read the phone book. We're in it for the whole 18 hours I think.
  13. I understand that Scientology explains why her children have quit communicating with her, but not why she has quit reaching out to them. Surely she is free to say their names and it would be an ideal moment to send her love. They almost always save the biggest moment, in this case, "Best Actor in a Drama" for last, which means that person might be cut short because the show's air time is up. It's the price he pays for winning the top award.
  14. It looks like someone just said something really funny and I want to know what it was.
  15. Mention of Ali and Roberto made me think of how much their relationship on the show was like Rachel's toward Peter. Ali was always the one initiating kisses while Roberto held back looking a little uncomfortable. He even actually pushed her off a few times. I never thought he seemed that into Ali and I remember Roberto's father telling her Roberto could get any woman he wanted, and seeming to imply Ali wasn't quite beautiful enough.