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  1. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    Well, if we start saying that their lines are producer driven, then we can't dislike Bradley because they might have asked him if "as a lawyer" he thought some thing or other and insisted he compare beaches and talk about what he found hardest about the game just to make him sound whiney. They might have encouraged Kellyn to tell us her philosophy of life and to mention her divorce during every interview. Maybe they talked her out of taking the advantage. They may have got Chris to cry by asking him about his mother's MS. Pretty soon we can't hold any of them accountable for anything they say or do and even what looks like poor performance in a challenge might just be edited that way. In which case this message board is just a pointless exercise in posters judging other posters as judgmental while the reality TV cast becomes sacrosanct.
  2. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    Well Chrissy comes in at the morbidly obese BMI and that's the group (and the only group) of women who have a shorter life expectancy because of their weight. (According to the Study-of the-Day.) I agree that the weight can cause lots of problems and make normal life a struggle, but I was only talking about the life expectancy thing, because I had just read about it on Winston's second link.
  3. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    I can imagine it because I've been both. I was a married mom who had to support myself, my son and the dead beat husband in the recliner. Then I was a divorced mom who only had to support myself and my son, which was easier. I had no family around, no child support or alimony and only a minimum wage job. Yet, I never once described myself to anyone as a "single mom." "Single mother," is a term originally only used to describe never married mothers with no father in the picture. As such, the phrase garnered so much sympathy and so many, "She's so brave!" comments, that other women, from widows to divorced women getting $5000 a month child support checks, decided to start claiming the term for themselves. I have never slammed any reality TV contestant for not mentioning their kids and never heard anyone else do it. But if they do bring them up and refer to themselves by the loaded "single mom," phrase then, I reserve the right to discuss this, along with all the other things people say on the show. If a man brags that he's a brilliant lawyer at home, but then can't manage simple strategy on the show, I'll laugh at him. If a woman says that her children are her one and only concern in life and she then mentions hobbies that take her away from them for months out of the year, I'll bring that up too. If she's implying through the "single mother" claim that she's the total support of her children, I'll wonder how she manages to get time off from her job for Reality TV stints and whose watching the kids while she's on. Stephanie made her children and her status as "single mother," part of the show when she brought it all up. If she has all sorts of support caring for her kids while she does other fun things, then she's not the struggling-all-alone "single mother," we picture when someone uses the phrase and she should stop using it about herself. How do her children and their father feel about that, if they're with him watching her on TV? How "single," is her parenting if the kids are with another parent or even a grandparent, half the time?
  4. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    Another season without enough Kate to satisfy me. She is the character who interests me most and I keep hoping they will do more about her job, and go deep into the world of weight struggles with her. At the same time, I just read a new study that says morbidly obese women die, on average two years earlier than normal weight women. Two years. Meaning Kate's life expectancy is 79 instead of 81. And that's only for morbidly obese. So I'm thinking, would I rather live to 79 eating whatever I want, or live to 81 hungry? I think I would choose powdered donuts and 79! Maybe Kate/Chrissy Metz would, too. If that's Kate and Toby's thinking I wish they would show that. In any case I guess we should quit expecting Kate/Chrissy to collapse in a heap at any moment. I'll admit I have been frightened for her.
  5. Rebecca - Mandy Moore

    I truly cried for the first time while watching this show, when Rebecca was apologizing to Kate about "getting in her way," and Kate said, "You don't get in my way, you are my way." Mandy Moore is my least favorite actor on the show, mainly because the competition is so tough, but her scenes with Kate this season, particularly when Kate had just had her miscarriage, really bring to life that tense mother/daughter relationship.
  6. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I thought for a minute that we were supposed to think (or we were supposed to think Deja thought) that Randall really was her biological father. It wouldn't be the first time that a father adopted his own child who was the product of an affair. The I thought, no, not Randall, but Deja could still have thought that. Kids who don't know who their father is imagine sports stars and singers are their father so this wouldn't be that unusual.
  7. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    My mistake then, last I heard breast implants were around ten thousand, but that was several years ago so they've probably gotten cheaper. I wouldn't care if Stephanie chose to get breast implants or have her feet bound or whatever else, if she wasn't playing the, "I'm a poor, self-sacrificing single mom who only lives for her children," card. Because, seriously, what kid has ever said, "I wish my mom's boobs were bigger and more circular?" You can buy a lot of nice school clothes for $5000. Well if you're talking about the crying, Chris did that last week. ;) I agree, though, that in the cry baby challenge Kellyn takes the win by being scared of the island and the advantage. I dislike both Kellyn and Stephanie for the same thing and that's trying to convince us all about what special, amazing people they are.
  8. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    At least he wasn't just standing there yelling at Chris to pull harder. Why didn't they reach around for some rope or ask for it? As frustrating as it is to watch a tribe do something that dumb, I think Jeff is way out of line to coach them.
  9. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    Yes, and I can't help but wonder what part of living for your kids requires $9000 implants and a push-up bra.
  10. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I hope she realizes now how lucky she was not to take after her mother whose features are too small for her pointy chinned face. I could never understand the hoopla over a woman who looked like every Denny's waitress in the Midwest. Alexa Ray is dazzling.
  11. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    I heart your writing, Kimber. I've been enjoying this season but was missing people to hate. Then I was served two delicious ones on a platter. Bradley the whining braggart and Kellyn who seems to think the Universe has aligned itself with only her in mind. Did Stephen Hawkings know about this? She really should shut-up about her divorce because every time she mentions it she makes it sound like she looked at him one morning, while his hair was still messed up, and her gut told her Karma had something so much better in store for her. I love Laurel more every week. She, Donathan and Wendell are a dream alliance.
  12. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I don't know, I think we're being a little too hard on Deja's mother. She has tried and failed over and over, she has lost confidence in herself as a mother and feels like Randall and Beth will give Deja a better life than she can. I just think her self-esteem has been so beaten down that it's hard for her to realize that her presence and her love mean more to Deja than all the material things and security that the Pearsons offer. Me, too. I think a lot of people have second thoughts during all the stress that lead up to the big day. Sometimes it's just stage fright but other times it's a series of red flags that should be heeded, and that's when it's good to have someone remind us that it's not too late to call it off.
  13. Hoarders in the Media

    Wowsers about says it, Enoughcats. We we're all upset about the way she treated her chickens, but it would seem she probably treated her children as bad or worse. Then it comes around to someone as seriously outside normal human behavior as her son. Poor Matt. No wonder he had to give up his work with hoarders after close encounters with too many Hannahs.
  14. This Is Our Social & Cultural Issues Thread

    All the above and quite often mixed together with Grape Nuts sprinkled on top for crunch. He ate all this while sitting up in bed watching old movies on TV. Also bowls of ice cream and bags of Oreos with big glasses of whole milk. Pallas is so right about the comfort of milky foods. He was born in 1915 and died at age 86. At 6 feet tall, he weighed 142 pounds his entire adult life. The powers that be can blame fast food and cars for the obesity epidemic, but I think their generation was genetically different somehow. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)
  15. This Is Our Social & Cultural Issues Thread

    Yes, I think lots of people eat sweetened cereals all their lives. In my family, my father ate cereal as a bedtime snack all his life. It was a mainstay after my mother died and he had to get by through his eighties, on that and peanut butter sandwiches. I think the main point with Kevin wanting his childhood foods, as well as wanting his mother, was just the need to comfort himself while going through withdrawal. Sugar also hits that opioid spot in the brain which is doing all the craving.