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  1. Yeah, I don't want to watch anyone have sex, but two obese people wouldn't offend me more than any other people.
  2. It's not hard for me to imagine being her because I was at home with a child in the seventies while my husband worked. I didn't consider my child something I was "saddled with," but the greatest joy of my life and I'm here to tell you, without question, that my life was real. Later on, I worked in a bank, earning money, and was not one bit happier, or more real, than when I was a housewife. Some people just don't define themselves by how much money they make.
  3. I wonder what sort of TV taste would have impressed the date?
  4. The main thought I always take from it is, "Why did that wishy washy woman let Bogart make all her decisions for her?" ;) Thanks for the heads up about "The Letter." I've seen it many times but I'll tune in at 4:00 to watch the opening scene where Bette comes down the front steps shooting. It's such a classic example of that Bette Davis style, she even manages to do that pelvis forward walk while coming down steps.
  5. That's such a great scene where Crawford confronts Greenstreet on the hotel porch! I was so frightened for her I thought he was going to kill her right then and there.
  6. My nominee for worst Hollywood mother will always be Jane Wyman. Immediately after her divorce from Ron Reagan she sent both children away to boarding school as though she saw no use for them without the whole happy family set up. Her youngest was only six. At least Joan and Bette didn't throw out the children with the man. I think Jane Wyman bothers me the most because she always played such simpering, holier-than-thou characters.
  7. I agree -- perfect figure. I still would call those broad shoulders and I don't think that's a bad thing at all.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4325952/Nick-Viall-Vanessa-Grimaldi-appear-tense-Hollywood.html
  8. Yes, thank you for saying that last part. Some people seemed insulted, as though I thought they were incapable of critical thinking beyond their teen selves. Not at all. I just know that if I've liked an actress for years and watched her in many sympathetic roles, then it would be hard for me to dislike her unless she was playing a real monster. Maybe I'm the only one with that problem.
  9. I'm loving the quotes and reminders everyone is coming up with. Oh me, too, anytime the dialogue gets the least bit boring I get a chance to study the background. Susan and God is one I've watched over and over for the furniture, some sofas you have to see to believe, a large round coffee table covered completely in full booze bottles, Joan Crawford in one of the final scenes wearing a dress decorated with about thirty loops of white cord, it's totally distracting and hilarious, and a wild pack of half a dozen dachshunds running everywhere, but never mentioned. I can't list all the films by these great women that I've watched, because it would be too much like work, but I've watched everything mentioned here and, I think all their films that are on the TCM playlist. TCM has whole days dedicated to one or the other, quite often. Someone from the period said that the films they made were about "exaggerated women" and I think that's why I love them so much. It's so rare these days to have movies with a woman's name as the title and know it's all about her.
  10. I think what you refer to may explain a lot of the split perspective on Rebecca. I think many people are predisposed to like Rebecca because they have admired Mandy Moore since she was a teen. For example, you think she is a fine actress and it's only her weak lines that make some of us dislike Moore/Rebecca. On the other side, I never heard of her before this show, didn't see her early promise in teen movies, and think she is a really poor actress and that her acting probably is a big part of why I don't like, "Rebecca." I think even her appearance today is influenced by how she looked as a teen in the minds of many. One poster said, a few weeks ago, that she found it hard to believe that anyone would accept, gasp, the beautiful Mandy Moore, as just a suburban housewife. I thought, who, that big awkward woman with the lantern jaw? So for me it's just the opposite of the fans who grew up with her. I'm thrown out of every scene she plays by how amateurish I think her performance is up against the rest of the cast. It's definitely more than her lines in any given episode, the episode where she was due to deliver and walked to the liquor store was the very worst for me. Her "ditzy housewife," played out like a kid's imitation of an, "I Love Lucy," episode, to me. We do agree on one thing and that is that the writing for her character isn't the best, but I think a better actress could deliver them so that we had more sympathy for the woman behind the words.
  11. [Wisconsin ruined my brackets.] I may have to watch DWTS, now, just to see if Nick can learn to dance without pressing his lips together. His mouth is always his biggest problem. Once again I noticed how broad Vanessa's shoulders are.
  12. Jumping on your hate train to add; I can't stand people who have to get a high five from their friends every time they take a drink of water without dribbling. Solitary confinement for three years before going to trial? I have no sympathy for Garcia, but wasn't solitary confinement determined to be cruel and unusual punishment a long time ago? What if someone was subjected to that for three years and then the jury decided they were innocent? Whose going to give them their sanity back?
  13. It's my dream to be the oldest woman on Survivor and I'm progressing well with the old part. I'm great at going without food, have often fasted for days, but the sleep deprivation would be a real problem. I not only need a comfy mattress and fluffy pillow, I can't sleep on my back at all. I've done eight hour night flights where everyone else was fast asleep and I was wide awake, simply because I couldn't get positioned on my side. How do any of them ever sleep on bamboo with bugs biting and no covers? Remember Scout with her messed up leg and the man with a knee replacement and very expensive dress shoes that someone filled with sand and water? Those two were hopeless at challenges and not that great in the personality department, but they went pretty far in the game, playing the 'I'm no threat," card. That's my plan.
  14. Seriously! I would honestly rather have my husband get drunk one time and punch some guy, than make me go through that ordeal of cheese crackers, long walks and funny hats every Thanksgiving of my life. I never thought Jack was perfect.
  15. Of course! slaps own forehead