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  1. That just wasn't the Demelza I know and love and I thought Prudie was better than that, too. I was so glad to see Elizabeth finally take charge of her family. She managed to turn Francis around and I think she can do it with George. George lacks the basic decency that Francis had, but I still think he is capable of change. I've always believed he loved her and that his proposal to her was not just about taking something that Ross wanted. It was shocking to see Elizabeth lie on the Bible, but I'm pretty sure that's what she was doing. * Maybe it's due to the superior acting, but I'm now more invested in the Warleggan's story than the Poldark's. *My husband just said Elizabeth didn't lie, that her wording was that she hadn't given herself to anyone but Francis and George. Given being the operative word.
  2. If Morwenna is pimping her younger, supposedly virgin sister to the monster, I'll never root for her again. From her first appearance, I thought Rowella seemed too worldly and bold to be as innocent as Morwenna thought she was. I'm guessing Rowella has a wild streak and actually likes kinky sex with the slimey creature and maybe even hopes he'll kill Morwenna and make her his third wife. If Aunt Agatha were still here we could ask her for a Tarot reading on this.
  3. Yes, and I've heard, "She just hasn't lost her baby fat yet," about chubby high school girls. An even older generation would see such a girl a few years later and say she had, "fined down." I was once working with a young woman who was losing weight and the old farming customers would look at her and say, "You're looking poor." I can even remember when a woman like Charlotte would be complimented as, "Pleasingly plump." That was all before fat became evil.
  4. I agree and it seems odd to me when they talk about Kevin being the oldest as though that few minutes made a difference. When psychologists talk about birth order they're referring to the differences that come from an oldest being an only child for some time, then having been put in charge of the younger ones, hence the leadership qualities and greater confidence -- or what we youngest call bossiness. The theory expects the youngest to be more of a follower, possibly an underachiever or favored by the rest of the family, and the middle child somewhat lost in between, never having received enough attention before the next child was born. All this takes time to develop, at least nine months. In the case of multiples, I wouldn't expect the sibling placement theory to work at all. Charlotte didn't know this was a one night stand until Kevin left, so I can't blame her for keeping the fantasy alive while she was in the kitchen cooking, but after he ducked out it was time for a reality check. Even in high school I wouldn't have been mooning over a guy who clearly wasn't into my type. The way Kevin had rejected her advance at the reunion would have had me going home with my face flaming, why in the world was she waiting around for a crooked finger? All of those clues that he wasn't that into her should have come rushing back the next morning and by the time he was knocking at her door she should have pulled up her big girl panties, let him in to get his father's necklace, and coldly sent him on his way. On the other hand, I don't blame her for not diagnosing Kevin as a pain pill addict. His symptoms and those of a man who drank way too much at a reunion look about the same to me.
  5. Alan and my other favorite Lilly had the same problem. They needed to take their time with the daily doubles and not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Youth has that wonderful speed and quick recall but poor impulse control. I like Buzzy and wouldn't mind him as Alex's replacement some day.
  6. Really! Spiros, do your children leave their mating otters on the dining room table? Spiros, are any of your children old enough to be sleeping with your worst enemy? Spiros, why not take some of these leftover, sun poisoned baked goods to your wife?
  7. I called Alan to win it all so I'm happy with yesterday's game, but I thought Austin really got screwed on that DD. I can't remember anything except that the first word was "Olive." Austin said he didn't understand the "question," and neither did I. I appreciate the clever wording the writers come up with and the clues within are often the only thing that gives me the answer, but in such an important game and on a daily double, I think they shouldn't be writing something so convoluted that even Austin can't figure out what in the world they're asking for.
  8. Could Spiros live in another village in the hills and just come down to the sea to drive the taxi? Could the doctor's wife only think he's married because Louisa told him he was? Could the family he talks about be his parents and siblings? Or am I being pathetic in my wishful thinking?
  9. Yes, Kevin could have said, "I'm so sorry, but I'm already late going to my brother's house. I'd better run. Call you later!" I feel the same way. The urn stuff always makes me want to giggle. The Big Three are all overly obsessed with mementoes and traditions and I want some wise person to make one of the show's dramatic speeches about how when people die their souls go on to a happier place and they aren't hanging around, waiting on the mantle, for when we feel like talking to them. Neither are they standing in the family room in a white sheet. At least I hope not, for all our sakes. I have a few things that belonged to my parents, but the memories don't live inside them.
  10. I guess that's what I don't like about some of them. My husband (22 year vet) currently plays the bugle for an honor guard that buries veterans. They are mostly old men in their 70's and 80's, standing at attention in freezing weather, to honor the veterans of wars like Vietnam and Korea where more men died in a single battle than in the entire Afghanistan war, and yet they don't brag about themselves as elite or better than any other man who sacrificed for his country.
  11. Different how, then? Are you saying the Marine Corp is vastly more sacred to them than God, their own mothers or their own children? If so then -- ugh.
  12. I agree. I was sorry to see Desi go because I liked her, but she was a very smart choice to eliminate. I actually see it as a nice learning arc for the show, because for years the cast (and Probst) had trouble seeing anyone but the big muscular men as threats. I'm certainly not going to root for "I'm the smartest person out here," Chrissy or "I never met a redhead I could trust," Lauren, just because we have some of the same parts. I don't care about germs, but I would be disgusted to eat spaghetti that a bunch of other people had been slurping over. Those pasta sauce commercials that show babies covered in the sauce to make its seem good have the opposite effect on me.
  13. Ben just wanted to be offended over the Marine thing. People on this show swear on their families all the time so the idea seems to be to name something that is precious to them. So why would Ben be insulted at the suggestion that he swore on the Marines? So he can talk about his service a little more, his huge sacrifice, and, well just how amazing a hero he is for, as he said in the first episode, "putting my life on the line for others." Heroes are great. Heroes who can't quit talking about how wonderful they are, while their eyes fill with tears and faint tones of bulges sound in the distance? Less great. I also wish they would all quit talking strategy with, "We have two hustlers and three healers against three heroes," because I don't know who they're talking about. I'm just feeling bitter about Desi being voted out and the nastiest food reward ever.
  14. I took a heavy blow to my knee a few years ago that seems very much like Kevin's injury. I had to hold my leg the way Kevin was holding his all the way to the hospital, the doctor called it catastrophic and the x-rays showed a dislocated knee cap, broken tibia, broken femur and three torn ligaments. I wasn't put in a cast, but metal was put inside my leg and a brace kept my leg perfectly straight for about four weeks. I was in the hospital for three weeks. The MCL ligament didn't heal and so I'll be walking with a cane forever. If I had been as young as Kevin I probably would have been given a total knee replacement. The doctors all but forced Percocet on me all the time I was in the hospital, I argued with nurses who insisted I take them, and they sent me home with a prescription for thirty more after I said I wasn't in any pain. Every rehab session, which went on for three months ended with the physical therapist asking me if I need a RX for more Percocet. Fortunately I never took another one after leaving the hospital. it was just luck that I didn't end up like Kevin. So, Kevin might not be able to walk again, to go to Jack's funeral, for a few more months.
  15. Only they didn't see it as a break down, but a marvelous speech full of humility and modesty. The audience reaction made me chuckle because I thought it was a little jab at the latest style of acceptance speech at the award shows. Instead of just saying thank you they've all started saying how humbling it is to win Best Actor, or whatever, and I always think, probably not half as humbling as losing would have been. Kevin was right, too. Being good at football, or acting in the "Manny," really doesn't compare with spending months every year doing surgery for free in poverty areas. I had a silly moment as Kevin woke up with Charlotte, when I thought he might have found the perfect woman to save him, a generous doctor who might have reminded him a little bit of his pretty sister who loves him unconditionally, who would help him recover from his addiction and insecurity. Nope. Poor Kevin still can't get anyone to hear him.