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  1. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Whether or not Yuki knows more English than she lets on, and I think she does, her main thing is to bubble and squeak and act like a little girl. If any of these guys try to hook up with her he'll definitely get the side eye from me.
  2. S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    I think Col-Ton and Wills might both be the type that dare not speak it's name -- asexuals! I was married to one for ten years, I know the signs. Not terribly interested, except from afar and then mostly attracted to someone who looks exceptionally clean and sterile. More interested in their own appearance and clothing than in anyone else's. Not gay, mildly attracted to the opposite sex, hoping for marriage and children, all provided they aren't expected to get all messed up and sweaty when there's better things to do like go shopping or watch TV.
  3. S04.E02: Breathe

    Oh, I understand you better now. I thought you meant 'stand up for herself," within the firm and I couldn't see that helping her situation very much. Clanstarling's point about Kim's indebtedness to Hamlin and Hamlin is reason enough to stay, to me, but I am all for women changing jobs more often, particularly when sexual harassment is involved, and I usually don't understand why they don't in those situations, but here, with Kim, I didn't see her treatment as something she shouldn't have put-up with for the short term.
  4. S04.E02: Breathe

    I love complicated Kim, too, but I've never seen her as a martyr. I'm curious as to what you think she should have done to, "stick up for herself?" She can scream at Howard now -- and I admit, I wasn't as impressed with that as most other people* -- but if she had done that during the banishment, I think she would have just been fired. I didn't see sucking up the punishment as martyrdom, but as toughing out a rough patch. I like your mental gymnastics on why she was turned on after protecting Jimmy ( I knew I wouldn't have been in the mood on that particular evening) but doing the same mental gymnastics on the Siberian exile, I don't think we would have seen a man in that position as a martyr but as someone who had chosen to grin and bear it. I think we tend to charge women with the doormat label so much more often than men. *As satisfying as it was for the Kim, and the viewers, to yell at Howard, I didn't need that to know Kim was strong. I already knew that from how many embarrassing phone calls she was willing to make before she brought in a valuable client and how many hours she was willing to work, making sure every dash was improved by a semicolon and getting back to work while her arm is still broken. I think I would have liked the Howard scene better with more controlled anger and less screaming. I prefer Kim with her ponytail high and tightly wound.
  5. S04.E02: Breathe

    This makes more sense to me than the theory that he had too much disdain for the two men to work for them. I didn't see his performance as a con but as a demonstration of what a fantastic salesman he would be and I thought they were smart to hire him on the spot -- providing they check his references that afternoon. His spiel about the copier being the heartbeat of the office reminded me of Don Draper's performances for clients on "Mad Men," and while all advertising is a con in a very broad sense, it really isn't the same as Slippin' Jimmy's cons. Jimmy may have thought his father was a chump but I don't think he hates all "nice" people. I thought he truly liked his elder law clients. Even "Gene" was more patient with his hospital checkout clerk than I would have been. If Kim doesn't give Jimmy that letter she's not the queen of sound ethics I think she is. It's my guess she was just waiting for the next morning because Jimmy was in a rare good mood and she had other plans for him. What? White Heat is one of my favorite movies.
  6. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    I have no problem with her doing that either. If she wasn't into him it was the right thing to do. I was questioning her taste, not her action. If her taste in men leans toward the Chris type then I feel sorry for her because I truly think he doesn't like women very much and feels entitled to kisses in exchange for favors from him -- like his non-compliment that she gets to have the title of "first blonde," he's ever kissed. Men who group women by hair color have always disturbed me. Chris was pretty much telling her that, that was all he had really noticed abut her and her most important attribute. Compare to Kenny who said he loved her smile, her green eyes, and the way, "When she talks to you she really talks to you." Which is what Kenny does when he talks to women and why I'm so sold on him. I'm happy for him that he dodged the Krystal bullet.
  7. S05.E03: Week 2: Part 2

    Jenna! During Arie's season I kept wondering why he didn't pay any attention to Jenna because I thought she was, by far, the prettiest one there. Now that she has finally been given some air time I understand that she was probably way too much fun and talkative for him. Lauren and Becca being his ideal women and all. Jenna reminds me a little of Marilyn Monroe and I love that Jordan has hearts in his eyes over her. Caroline was Jenna's opposite, always giving interviews in a deadly serious tone, criticizing everyone else, very much the strict schoolmarm. This giggling, ditzy person is entirely new. Krystal had Kenny, the hottest, funniest, smartest guy out there and she friend zoned him to chase Chris, one of the most unattractive, smarmy, angry creeps the show has ever produced. I honestly feel sorry for her.
  8. S04.E01 Smoke

    Agree one hundred percent. I like the fairy tale Cinderella just fine ( hard working, good morals) but when therapists talk about a woman having a Cinderella complex they're implying that she expects some rich man (a prince maybe) to come along and save her. Kim has always made it perfectly clear that she doesn't need Jimmy or anyone else to save her -- she saves herself. All that hard work at the firm was not because she was an uncomplaining doormat, but because she knew she was being punished for something and she was determined to take that punishment with a stiff upper lip and then move forward.
  9. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    You would hope that people who are newly in love would be looking forward to giving 100% to the relationship, but no. Garrett: [tears streaming down his face] Becca is the most amazing woman in the world, inside and out. I love her so much, I want to be there for her through thick and thin for the rest of our lives and I promise she can count on me having her back, 50% of the time.
  10. BiP Season 5--Speculation & Spoilers

    Oh geeze, and he says The Bachelor franchise made him the man he is today. What could that be about?
  11. S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I always find Chris Harrison attractive on this show, too, and I think a lot of it is that unlike most of these guys, he's crossed that indefinable line between boy and man. The Bachelors will be sitting around, talking wrong reasons or whatever, and then Chris will walk in and I sit up a little straighter. It's odd. I do find Kenny extremely attractive, but I wouldn't trust the feeling (fillin?) in real life. I think it's that showmanship and charisma he has from his pro-wrestling. He had moments with Rachel when he dropped the "my daughter," script the show seemed to have him on and talked sincerely to her and I almost swooned.
  12. General Discussion

    Hi Ms Truffle! I've watched most of the UK show, "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners," on YouTube and enjoyed seeing the British hoarders they feature on the second half of the shows. Mostly I like seeing the OCD cleaners doing their thing in their spotless homes. Very inspiring!
  13. S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Ha! I can't stop laughing at that. For all Tia's faults, I do have to mention her beautiful eyes. In fact I could go down the list and find faults with each girl, even Kendal who is my favorite, but they all have some beautiful features, too, Angela's hair, for example. In fairness we should also rate the men. I'll duck behind the sofa and say this: I think Grocery Joe is ugly.
  14. S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I once had a short term allergy problem with my skin and wore Clinique's total coverage make-up for a few months before going back to my usual cheap Cover Girl liquid. It wasn't any "more," make-up or slathered on, it was just more opaque. If someone has chronic acne or very uneven skin tone and regularly wears the sort of make-up that gives good coverage, that just makes sense to me. I'm always surprised when people can tell who is wearing lots of make-up and who isn't. I remember the year Jade was declared more natural and wholesome than the other women because we could see her freckles -- Jade, the wholesome porn model. As far as I can tell through TV cameras and Spectrum cable, they are all wearing, foundation, blush, lipstick, eye liner, mascara, gobs of hair product, and in most, if not all, cases, false eyelashes, fake hair extensions and $6000 worth of surgically implanted saline inside their breasts. Given all that, the cost or weight of the woman's foundation barely counts to me in the naturalness contest.
  15. S05.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    My ears bleed a little every time one of them hits that central "t" too hard. It's not just, "Colton, Colton, Colton," we have to endure, it's, "Col-TON, Col-TON, Col-TON."