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  1. Yes. I still don't want to see a third repeat of the very same story. Not all young mothers have easy babies who conveniently fit themselves around a work schedule, be it part time or not, and not all mothers find themselves bored to death at home.
  2. Maybe I'm just remembering my own opinion and the people who I agreed with, but I don't remember JoJo or Kaitlyn being particularly well liked at first, at all. I thought Kailyn was vulgar and totally wrong for the show and while JoJo was a better fit for Bachelorette she always seemed fake to me so when I say Rachel is "best ever," she really is for me. I liked Ashley a lot, and loved Des for her sweetness, but I wasn't as Wings says, "dazzled."
  3. Heh. When Barbara woke up with little rollers all over her head, I was expecting something completely different for the ceremony. In reality those little rollers would have given any woman a head full of tight curls. Maybe there was a deleted scene where Trixie's effort at hairdressing turned Barbara into a Shirley Temple disaster that all had to be frantically washed out and returned to straight-with-headband. I really hope we don't get a repeat of Chummy and Shelagh's stories where shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and raising a baby in pre-Pampers Poplar, was such a piece of cake it could all be done by seven in time for a day at the ante-natal clinic. It always surprises me to see them taking their babies with them to work. My baby was such a colicky little screamer they would have paid me to take him home and never come back. Of course we know Barbara has the birth control all figured out,* but there will probably be a thousand vicar's wife duties, plus we know Barbara will volunteer to take on all sad cases that come her way. *I never knew diaphragms were so huge! Did they really put those things in virgins?
  4. Plus rainy English weather. As I get older, I can barely wring out my wash cloth due to arthritis in my thumbs. Imagine if you had been a laundress all your life and suddenly knew you were going to have to either work through terrible pain or quit and starve in your old age. Thank God for social security. @Snarklepuss thank you for sharing your family history with us, love the picture, especially the top hats! @ Glaze Crazy, I've book marked the link. Thanks so much!
  5. [Culpepper Law firm commercials] "A little swagger never hurt either." Okay. Now I hate him.
  6. Oh you poor thing. Stuff you'll have to keep in case the, "Where did you put the birdsong clock?" question comes up. Anne prompted me to winnow the bathroom today. I decided I rarely use the hand mirror on the counter and now just have the matching liquid soap dispenser and toothbrush holder on either side of the sink. I'm in constant competition with my minimalist husband and he only has two things around his sink. I then threw out the two useless candles that had been sitting on the edge of the tub forever. I really, really want diabetic man to pack his stuff, take some pictures of the house, and move out some day while she' shopping. Even the tiniest apartment would be so much better for him. A good divorce lawyer should be able to get him out of her debt. Do it before an innocent child enters her world and needs a thousand scratchy little outfits and no actual care.
  7. I did like Jenny and enjoyed her story as she learned so many things in Poplar and gradually got over her married man. Maybe that's why it took me a while to really warm to Barbara who I sort of saw as the Jenny replacement. I'll confess part of it was that I didn't find Barbara pretty enough for the handsome Tom, she almost seemed to be forcing the plainness with her plain hairdo as though that made her more moral than Trixie. Well, Barbara's very niceness finally melted my cold heart. Not only was she wonderful in Africa, she does things every episode that make her almost as sensitive and kind as Sister Julienne. Barbara was the only one who noticed how hurt Phyllis looked when Shelagh chose Sister Julienne as her midwife and I'm sure that helped her decide to make her, her own bridesmaid. Then along came her father who is nice and humble in the very same way and finally she came down the aisle with a little make up and that fabulous cape and I even realized she was actually very pretty. (Still hate her hair, though.
  8. Seconds before he went off on Tai, I was commenting on how deeply exhausted he looked -- actually ill. I think the food deprivation is much harder on men and the more calorie burning muscle they carry the worse it is. So, I'm not convinced Brad was being fake all season and that was his true colors coming out. I didn't want Brad to win, but I don't hate him for showing his frustration with Tai. It's our grandparents who have the most to learn from seeing Zeke play Survivor. Kids today grew up watching Glee and dozens of other TV shows and movies where the gay people are wonderful and sympathetic characters. Acceptance and understanding toward people in the LGBT community is a steep learning curve for older people who grew up being told by teachers, parents, books and movies that this was something very wrong, a sickness even. It's always hard to unlearn something that was learned during the formative years. Old people may be throw away people to most of society but what they think still matters if for no other reason that many of them are raising their grandchildren.
  9. I wouldn't go so far as to vote for him over my favorite, Sarah, but I loved his humility, too. In fact I love him! He's just mellow and sweet with a beautiful attitude. At the start of this season I didn't know who to root for because I actually liked everyone, but Sarah started doing impressive things and I began to love watching her game. I ended up disliking Debbie for her blatant camera hogging and her rudeness on the jury and Andrea went way, way down in my estimation. Her smugly, judgmental attitude to Sarah for her play was, to use her word, "gross." Sarah told a lots of lies to advance her game but never once said or did anything rude or deliberately mean, "for no reason." Andrea's entire game seemed to be a series of teary eyed, hurt reactions over other what other people did. Check yourself, Andrea. You're the one shaming and blaming. No one is going to buy your book Varner. Get a real job that doesn't involve sales or showmanship and find out what the rest of us know. I love Aubry! Now there's a good sport. I've always thought she was pretty and she looked great cleaned up. just a little bit self-conscious about it because she's modest that way. I still love Michaela, Tai, Cirie, Zeke, Caleb, Haili, most of those people in the back row, but I'm very ready for some brand new people. Even with contrived labels like Healers, Helpers, Hustlers, Housewives, Hotties or Heffers. Just bring them on.
  10. I never minded Debbie, the quirky, unconventional types are my soulmates and I find them entertaining, but after Debbie's jury behavior I hope to never see her again. She loves Brad Culpepper, fine, but loud laughing in someone's face the way she did at Sarah, all the while looking around for others to join her, is just rude and ugly. You can disagree with someone without ridiculing them and trying to incite others to do the same thing. Her speech about voting for Brad because she wanted to show America that good guys can win was also a low blow, implying that Sarah was not a "good guy." It was pretty rich, too, coming from someone who took money to lie about the safety of a community's water supply.
  11. I didn't get all the police officer references until Sarah said she was an undercover cop and then I think I got that she was saying that had made her very good at looking people in the eye and lying to them. Not that she was good at it because she's a liar but because it's her job. maybe. I think she does identify with her job more than most people. Sarah's one of my favorite wins. I loved that she came in with everyone saying , "Who's she? Why is she here?" and then methodically played her game without a lot of bragging or posing. I found nothing "gross" about her game. Yes she lied, but it was always part of game play. She was never condescending, rude, or insulting to anyone. Just good intelligent gameplay while respecting everyone else.
  12. I thought Michaela was the star of the jury, she spoke so well for Sarah and offset all the 'bitter Betty," reaction. She also looked beautiful. I want Michaela to have her own sit-com where she does crazy, funny stuff every week and then says something wise at the end.
  13. I lived in England 1990-1993 and, late at night, the BBC would show very old archive films made by the government. One of them seemed to have been made in the 30's about a woman moving from old tenement housing into new council housing. She was so grateful! She gave a tour of her new kitchen and bathroom with tub as well as toilet and sink. She talked about how wonderful it was to be able to keep her children clean and said that there had been times when she had sat up on a chair, all night, holding her baby in her lap so the roaches and rats wouldn't get at him. There was another one showing the details of all the work a woman did on laundry day in her kitchen. Has anyone else seen these? I've searched YouTube with no luck but I don't know the official names. They were riveting.
  14. Oh, I love your idea so much, now I'm upset they didn't do it. They could have concluded with a sad, pensive shot of Copper sitting on a cliff looking out over the sea.
  15. I think Anita may be dealing with more than just the sort of grief that parents or family members might feel. There may be moments of anger as well as sorrow. Wives of missing husbands probably always wonder if he "went missing," of his own accord. Was it that last fight they had? Was it that woman who called and said it was the wrong number? Knowing he was killed by criminals might be a sort of relief for her. Skylar. Being a bitch to her kind hearted brother-in-law for no reason.