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  1. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    On the other hand in the world of the show Canada has lost their biggest trading partner and is suffering from the same declining birth rates as everyone else. I can totally see them needing to boost their population of adults (who can work) fast. So i can easily see Canada loosening a bunch of our immigration laws.
  2. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    The whole diplomatic mission and talk about trade with Canada had me wondering; what exactly would Gilead have to offer in trade. I looked it up and currently 47% of the US work force is women. In Gilead those workers are gone along with anyone Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or LGBT. Plus all the people who disagreed and fought against Gilead. Plus all the people who needed to become soldiers, guardians and eyes to control the population. Plus all the people who still live in Alaska and Hawaii. So i would think that maybe the workforce might be 35% what it is now (possibly lower), so how is Gilead producing a surplus on anything that they can trade? Especially if you figure that Gilead seems to be anti-education, what with hanging people at universities and all, which probably killed any high tech industries. So other than hand knit clothes and scarves, what do they have that Canada might want?
  3. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    This show is weird sometimes. It seems odd that Fred can use the bible to justify beating his wife but can't find a justification to allow him to have sex with his wife. Also when took position on the chair I really thought he was going to hit the strap across her hands. At first i thought that was an error, but Aunt Lydia is one of the most interesting and well rounded characters in the show. She is also one of the only 100% true believers of all the characters. So i am thinking she just put aside the Gilead rules that she may or may not think bullshit because she believes in her faith and sees the birth of a baby as a miracle.
  4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Wow hee dodged a huge bullet there. Also the fact that Thanos has own labelled helicopter is hilarious.
  5. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    To me it is basically the equivalent of someone choosing to work for anyone else really terrible. I mean if you go to work for Charlie Sheen or Bill O'Reilly or OJ at this point can you really act surprised if their shitty behavior costs you your job?
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    But even those people took a gamble by choosing to work for someone who was a known jackass and make money off of that. The gamble could have paid off but in this case it didn't.
  7. S43.E21: Tina Fey / Nicki Minaj

    I have to wonder though, how do you not get Sam Waterson to play Mueller. The guy would be perfect, plus the Old Glory Robot Insurance sketch is a classic.
  8. Oh i get that it could happen and it doesn't really bug me. I just think it is funny to imagine battle-hardened generals (even Gilead true believers) looking at Waterford and being like "you want me to call you commander?".
  9. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    Michelle Pfeiffer looks like a scary badass with the grey hair. I also like how on the titles lf each poster there is a little Ant-Man and a little Wasp in different locations. Except in Paul Rudd's poster there is only a little Wasp and in Evangeline Lily's poster there is only little Ant-man.
  10. S02.E07: After

    All the people hanging (it seemed like every other household) had me wondering are those people all part of the resistance? If so why is the resistance losing so badly with that many followers? If they weren't all resistance and the government was just killing everyone they were suspicious of doesn't that give the resistance more recruiting power since if you are going to hang anyways you might as well fight back.
  11. Roseanne: Aftermath

    I need to amend my original idea. Tom Arnold should play the Liz Lemon style showrunner, Sarah Chalke should play the ABC network executive, and the difficult star should be played by Katy Segal as a shout out to the fact that Roseanne Barr was the original choice for Peg Bundy.
  12. Not much to this episode, although I did enjoy seeing Kimmy beat that guy at arm wrestling then kick the crap out of him. I always love the reminders that she is crazy strong.
  13. His picture of the original Ghostbusters also looked signed but it was just the word "signature" writtem three times in cursive script. I also thought the name Tabbi Bobatti was hilarious.
  14. I didn't really care for the backpack,it kind of got on my nerves. But the fucked up scene where Kimmy was getting ready to murder it totally saved that plotline. Although Titus saying he was only hearing half of Kimmy's conversation was also pretty funny.
  15. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Honestly I am not even 100% convinced that the plan to get the gauntlet off of Thanos would have worked even without Quill freaking out.