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  1. With all the crying and the future life flashing before his eyes for a second i thought they might kill Danno. Yea considering that wall was just drywall on one side and tile on the other a sawzall or some other type of saw could have cut a hole in it pretty quickly. Quicker than it would have taken to set up the charge. The fastest way to get attention would have been to set off the fire alarm. There looked like there were fire alarn devices, and possibly sprinklers all over that place. Even if you can't light a fire if you smash a detector it will probably send a trouble signal to the main panel. Or just smash a sprinkler head which will also send a signal to the panel.
  2. Keep in mind too that the town still owns 10% of the mine. Although i am sure that 19th century mining companies are quite skilled at screwing over minority partners when it comes to profit. Especially when it would be somewhat difficult for said partner to prove how much production of silver there was. And even if they did Quicksilver could just sell the ore to say Quicksilver Junior at a loss and let that company make all the profit.
  3. I liked that they gave the kid some skills so he wasn't just some dork who could spin guns around and was only deputy by default. Keep in mind there most likely isn't any option for an eye doctor in La Belle so that may limit his options. That was funny, especially since they were totally checking each other out from across the town the night before. And speaking of the women I think my favourite little background thing was the two women who ran the gun check at the door of the saloon.
  4. After watching the Punisher I kind of get this. I really think that Karen thinks that Frank has some kind of psychotic break when his kids and wife were killed. That is what is driving him to kill people as revenge. Along with that she has a ton of sympathy for him because of his loss. On top of that he operates on a code only killing people that hurt him. Matt on the other hand, i think Karen sees as a guy who just likes punching people and putting himself in danger for fun, without any of the backstory or motivation that Frank has.
  5. I was thinking about the Fantastic Four and if they can't make it a 60s period piece (with 60s ideas of what future tech might be, and Jon Hamm as Ben Grimm) then they should totally do a FF tv series, but make it a 30 Rock style show within a show where the Fantastic Four's adventures are the show people in the MCU watch, and the show we are watching is the behind the scenes family drama.
  6. This was really cool and for how long it was I hardly noticed. Like others have said it looked gorgeous. I generally like westerns but it is usually hard not to fill the full of stock characters. Here even the stock characters were played really well (Sam Waterson is an awesome grizzled old lawman- who knew) and i don't think I have ever seen a western with a badass single mom character as one of the leads.
  7. I liked that fight scene, although Daisy almost taking out 2 Kree with just her fighting moves seemed like a bit of a stretch. She's not Captain America. But her not being able to hold her position hiding above them was some pretty cool/fun writing. One thing I do wonder about is how come people aren't more surprised when new humans show up? They said that no one can survive on earth and the base or whatever isn't really that big, so where do they think new people come from?
  8. The only thing I was curious about with the Fix guys was how does their system handle a problem with your car where you don't know what needs fixing. The big selling point was the app gives you a repair quote, but how does it handle an engine light on or a funny noise from the engine. I thought the concussion guys were smart taking Jim and Michael. Jim obviously has connections with pro sports and knows how to sell stuff. And remember from a few years ago Michael became the sponsor of the Canadian olympic ski team. Those kind of connestions to sports would be super valiable I think. Sure Arlene has marketing expertise, but I am also sure that Jim probably has a small army of marketing people working for him.
  9. What I didn't get was he agreed to take the deal before they even had the catfisher in custody. Did his lawyer not advise him of the possibility that he could plead guilty to help the NYPD and then they never find the catfisher. Also why was his career over. I mean i get he would probably lose endorsements, but are there really no convicted felons in MMA. And in regards about to Noah, has Olivia of all people not taught him to be careful around strangers and what to do? It just seemed weird that he could be picked up by someone in a busy store so easily without making a sound.
  10. It feels like they figured they knew this was probably their last season so they would go nuts and throw every standard sci-fi plotline that they haven't used at the screen to see how it goes. Like you said they had space, time travel, the post-apocalyptic future alien invasion and the whole legendary chosen saviors thing. Not sure if I like it yet though.
  11. It has been forever since I have seen X2 and even longer since I read God Loves Man Kills, but I remember Brian Cox being pretty awesome as Stryker. Yes I know they totally changed the character, but Brian Cox did great with the character they gave him (although not sure i have seen him in anything where he was bad). In the same movie Alan Cumming was a pretty solid Nightcrawler. Agreed though about time travel, seems like a massive recipe for disaster. Even great time travel stories can be hard for people to wrap their heads around (John Connor's dad is also his best friend). Trying to do that with super heros and adding diverging timelines, pocket universes and characters existing in multiple times would confuse a bunch of people even if done well. Which is too bad since when i read above that Marvel could get the rights to Kang i was initially excited, but there is a lot of crazy timeline shit associated with Kang that would annoy a bunch of people. The whole kind of thing where The Avengers beat one Kang and then a other shows up who may either be older or younger than the last one is probably too crazy for a lot of people. Which is too bad since there are some great Avengers time travel stories (especially since the FF rights also mean Doom and his time machine).
  12. On thing i did like in the end (can't remember if it was episode 12 or 13) was Frank showing some remorse for what happened in Afghanistan and how he was basically a hit man. Although i would have liked some information on Frank at the time and why he never questioned the fact that executing prisoners is super illegal.
  13. I really like Karen, and even more here then usual. She is very conflicted in her opinions like a real person. She dislikes violence, but she is someone who has been kidnapped and had her life threatened multiple times, so she carries a gun and is not afraid to use it. She also hates what Frank does I think but has a ton of sympathy for his situation (and what happened to his family) and probably thinks he had something like a psychotic break when his family was killed so she is willing to acccept what he does to some degree. Compare that to Matt Murdock who I think she has much less sympathy for because i think she feels Matt is just a guy who likes beating people up.
  14. He can be replaced, but look how many people complained when Daniel Craig was cast as Bond. A new actor as Logan would get much worse. I get it is about money, but fro Jennifer Lawrence's point of view, it is not like she is in a situation where it is either be in X-men or go work at 7-11. She has a ton of options for making a lot of money. From the studio's point of view they pay a bunch of money for someone who is already talking about how much she hates the role.
  15. I also can't believe how good this was considering how slow it started. With how strong it finished making it start so slow even had a point. I honestly and surprised that they pulled it off with how weak Luke Cage and Iron Fist were and how much of a letdown The Defenders was. As for season 2 maybe they should completely flip it. Make it a relationship type of show with married couple David and Sarah and their single friends who sometimes date Pete and Karen. And they all hang out in NYC together. Kind of like How I Met Your Mother, except instead to annoying Ted, you have murderous psycho Pete.