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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Given up in a sense that time spent shooting another MCU movie is time spent away from his loved ones not to mention time spent not working on other movies or activites that interest him more. Considering that he has made 200+ million he has more money than he could ever hope to spend. And consideration that he is 53 he probably is aware of how limited his time to do the things that he wants is.
  2. S03.E06: The Devil You Know

    Yea I can't belive he totally redecorated the apartment and no one said a thing. Especially considering they said that all his assets were seized and he has no money. Although getting him in the white suit was hilarious and awesome. That fight was amazing. Just so brutal and fast. Only thing that kind of bugged was the hitting Matt from behind the cubicle wall with the bank shot when Dex couldn't see him. I know he never misses but how are you supppsed to aim at something you can't see? I did kind of smile though when Dex pointed the gun at Karen. Because if he hurts her he might have to worry about Matt. But he would also then have to worry about another guy who is also a vet who is even crazier and even deadlier than he is. And if there is one person left in the entire MCU whose harm would get Frank Castle murdering again it is Karen Page.
  3. S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    The only other thing that bugged me waa Foggy's give me 5 bucks so I can be your attorney thing. Because it is bullshit and means that lawyers who do pro bono work don't have privilege protections. Would have been better if Karen had asked if she needed to give Foggy money and he just said that's only in movies.
  4. S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    I really expected that the tape that Dex started listening to was not going to be one of his therapy sessions, but one of Fisk telling him what to do. Especially since Fisk clearly orchestrated things so that his stalking victim got a job at the hotel. And man for such a low key episode a lot of plot stuff happened. I am really curious how Matt has any hope of getting his life back. Even if no one figures out he is Daredevil the video of him fighting in the prison would destroy his reputation. The only thing missing is I wish there was some explaination for how Dex got a job with the FBI.
  5. S06.E04: Ride Along

    Also not shocking that Burgess fucks up multiple times and in the end gets away with pretty much zero reprocusions.
  6. Luke Cage in the Media

    Keep in mind too the insane number of characters that Disney owns the rights too. Especially once the Fox deal closes, if a Luke Cage show isn't working, you can always do a She Hulk series or a Wonder Man series or a Moon Knight series or a Blade series. There are just so many options to choose from if one you have right now isn't working.
  7. S03.E02: Please

    But the lower you are on the org chart the less information you are going to have on cases and the less authority you are going to have to direct (or even stop) an investigation. That is the kind of things that bad guys are going to be interestes in when bribing or blackmailing someone.
  8. Luke Cage in the Media

    I imagine so, there was some talk awhile back that any streaming shows on the Disney service would be a big deal, like shows starring MCU movie actors. I can see if that happens they would want to dilute things with too many other shows out at the same time. Luke Cage and Iron Fist never seemed to get the same kind of reception as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Punisher. I think next season of Agents of SHIELD will also be the last one.
  9. I am kind of ok with this. While I agree that season 2 was way better than season 1 between the first season and The Defenders, there is a lot of crappy Iron Fist to make up for. Plus the show never really grabbed my attention. For example Daredevil season 3 came out today and I have already watched 4 episodes. I have only watched 8 of Iron Fist season 2. I find the quality of that show is so much better, being closer to the MCU movies while Iron Fist is closer to Agents of SHIELD.
  10. S03.E03: No Good Deed

    Man this show is soooo much better than Iron Fist. One day and I am about to start episode 4. Iron Fist s2 has been out since early September and I have only watched 8 episodes. It just seems so much smarter and adult oriented. Man that Agent Poindexter guy is super creepy what with the bartender stalking. Yes I know who he is. Letting Fisk out of prison is super stupid. I mean if you want him to have more protection just move him to isolation ib supermax or something (or the raft). Also how did Fisk get a waterproof ankle monitor but Scott Lang had to wrap his in plastic?
  11. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    That didn't really bug me too much. Real world yes, but in the shows world they just would have said that Mouch or Hermann had a buddy in personnnel who grabbed the resignation paperwork before the commiasioner saw it so its no problem.
  12. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Because the good streaming services are becoming the equivalent of what premium cable channels are. And when was the last time you saw Nicole Kidman star on a network tv series.
  13. S01.E04 Beyoncé Circa Lemonade

    That was the best one so far. The scene at the beginning with all the parents just hanging out at the table in the table in the school yard after dropoff really worked and was really funny.
  14. S07.E04: This Isn't Charity

    So I am confused, if the candidate is taking the spot on Engine 51 from the guy that Hermann transferred, who is taking Hermann's old spot on Truck 81?
  15. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    The conditioning has to be brutal. Wasn't it for Civil War that Evans basically shot the hold back the hepicopter scene first because it was basically impossible to maintain that muscle tone while actually shooting a movie? I think I also read that during shooting pretty much whenever he was off camera he was doing bicep curls. But yea little day in the life episodes could be a nice way around that. I read a great comment on some other site about Daniel Craig and the Bond franchise but I think it applies to the MCU as well. With Craig you have a guy pushing 50 and you are expecting him to get into the shape of a 20 year old elite athlete. Honestly I am surprised we haven't seen a super hero movie have to push back its release date because the star messes up his knee or shoulder or something due to excessive training. And yea having to answer "what was it like to pick up the shield one last time" 100+ times over a weekend would be painful.