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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Acting is a job and a core competency of the job is faking emotions one doesn't really feel in 10 to 60 second bursts for the camera. An actor who can only project emotions that reflect how they actually feel about their coworker is probably not much of an actor. As demonstrated by Winger and Gere, one's skill at faking the emotions is what differentiates a really good actor from a mediocre one. Just like some actors only seem to do well portraying characters who are close to their own personalities while other actors are able to very convincing portray just about anything.
  2. Beta Testers: Moar Wanted

    I'll beta test.
  3. Modern business email and scheduling software allows a user to grant other users read or read/write access to their mailbox and calendar for just this purpose. My assistant has almost full access to my Exchange account and schedules meeting for me all the time. She also responds to some email on my behalf. Of course, I still have access to my mailbox and calendar on my laptop and phone and see all reminders. We see Bess using her computer and checking her phone on many episodes. She is computer literate. There is no reason to assume she does not have the ability to look at meeting and appointment reminders herself but instead must rely on Blake to tell her everything. I suppose Blake could set a different audio tone for his firing reminder if he wanted to but I don't really see the point of doing that.
  4. When Bess first told Blake she would fire him in six months he asked if he should put it on her schedule. Bess replied "Please do."
  5. I dunno. I looked through old photos of five pregnancies and did not find a single picture of me holding my belly in that pronounced manner. I would say that it is not instinctive, more of an involuntary response that sometimes happens but can be easily suppressed if need be. A fetus spends most of the time quietly sleeping, anyway, so one might feel fetal movement for only a few minutes in the course of a day and except for the occasional kick it may barely be noticeable. I think the pose of ostentatiously cradling the belly with both hands may also be a bit of a fad that started about the time people started calling an expanding belly a baby bump and now everybody does it. It is definitely attention-seeking behavior on the part of some celebrities who clutch their bellies every time a camera is pointed at them.
  6. When people like Sasha and Paulie jump in like this it dilutes the discussion about a specific case by redirecting attention away from the injured party and toward themselves and their irrelevant opinions and experiences. Their actions strike me to be less about lending support and more about attaching themselves to a hot news story in an attempt to be relevant again. All the me-me-me posts by celebrities and random people that inevitably follow publication of stories like this one are mostly attention-seeking behavior. If certain behavior is unacceptable at an insurance company, grocery store or dentist's office, then it is also unacceptable on a TV set or any other place of work. I don't buy into the notion that creative people should be given a pass for awful behavior because they are artists or they were just joking around or too important to the success of a show or some other bullshit excuse. MW's documented behavior meets the legal definition of sexual harassment because it creates a hostile work environment not just for the actress it was directed at, but for all other people working on set. The grips, hair stylists, production assistants, etc all have a legal right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment. Being forced to repeatedly witness other people being harassed where they are not in a position to complain about it without fear of losing their jobs is a textbook example of a hostile work environment. So MW broke the law with his bad behavior. When people post what a great guy he is or his behavior is ok if crew members found it funny or he was bored between takes, what they they really saying is that we don't need to hold some people to a professional standard of behavior and don't need to take sexual harassment seriously.
  7. Bodyguard

    This show was made for British TV so I don't see an issue. They don't have to write the dialog from an American perspective. The police looking for suspects on the train were all British. India and Pakistan are located in Asia so describing the suspects as Asian is not incorrect.
  8. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have been living in the apartment next door to Will and Kate for years and they don't want to move out. That has been in the press more than once but is ignored in favor of wild speculation and projection about a falling out or wanting to be more independent etc, etc. Most likely it is as simple as no one wants to evict an elderly couple from their home so they found something else suitable, perhaps with a side of wanting to be closer to Phillip and the Queen.
  9. S02.E08: Stories

    Sure, the patient could sue. It happens all the time and juries tend to be sympathetic and award high damages, even though the patients signed consent forms acknowledging the risks. Hospitals would rather settle without admitting wrongdoing than risk the bad publicity and higher cost of a trial. There were several episodes last season that had B plots dealing with scenarios of settling to avoid worse. Patients can opt for experimental procedures if they want to but doctors can most certainly decide whether they are willing to take on the risk and liability of performing those procedures. It is not for Claire to decide what Melendez should or should do and then create a contentious situation to force the issue. That speaks to her character and it's not saying anything good. Clare thinks of herself as a victim of her mother's narcissistic manipulations, but she is looking more and more like her mother. She uses people to get what she wants and doesn't care about the fallout for others. Convincing herself that she is "just trying to help" or she "means well" is not an excuse for her deeply unethical behavior. She is one of these horrible amoral people who masquerades as a good person.
  10. S02.E08: Stories

    Melendez, not Claire, pointed out the side effect that the part of the brain involved in maternal bonding and nurturing could be adversely affected. When Claire was with the patient post-surgery and the woman hugged her son, Melendez was not present. That is when the woman made th comment about she hoped it felt the same for her son. The way the scene was played made it pretty obvious that the mother was now detached and emotionally distance, indicating that Melendez had been right. When that woman has time to recover and reflect on what she has lost she will have grounds to sue the hospital. Claire manipulated Melendez into a corner where he pretty much had to support her to minimize damage to both of their reputations and his prospects to become chief of surgery. Melendez was not supporting Claire, he was doing damage control. If they showed up at the hearing with Andrews and Allegra and obviously not on the same page, Andrews would said WTF and just given the CoS job to Lim because if Melendez couldn't keep one resident under control how could he run successfully a whole department. Melendez handled the situation correctly, in my opinion. He stopped the immediate drama and conflict, performed the operation the patient wanted and then got rid of the troublemaker so this wouldn't happen to him again. In this episode Andrews and Allegra only wanted to keep Claire around to avoid damage to the hospital's reputation, not because they particularly valued Claire as an employee. Going behind your boss's back is never well received by upper management. If Claire had been a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman they would have probably let her go. Claire wanted back on Melendez's team so that's what Andrews needed to make happen regardless how he or Melendez felt about it. The final scene between Claire and Neil showed her as cold and calculating. Claire does not understand that there is a difference between being assertive and being manipulative and argumentative, or maybe she just doesn't care. She also has the emotional maturity of a self-absorbed teenager. Claire may be good at certain aspects of her job but overall she is not a good doctor. Claire is not the victim of bad luck or unfair treatment. She is sabotaging her career all on her own. She doesn't seem to see the long-term damage she has caused to her reputation and career for the sake of a of short-term perceived win. She also doesn't get that treating patients not a zero-sum game. I don't see any kind of romantic chemistry between Claire and Neil and I really hope the show doesn't go there. I don't see a way in this day and age they can portray a romance that is not fraught with ethical issues.
  11. S02.E08: Stories

    Claire presented an experimental treatment to Melendez for his patient, who reviewed and vetoed it for valid reasons. She then went behind his back and pitched the idea to his patient without telling him, never mind getting his permission. The patient wanted the treatment so she then went to the hospital board to get approval, again without consulting Melendez, putting him in a position that he had to go along with a treatment for his patient that he was opposed to. Claire committed a major breach of procedure and protocol as well as it being unprofessional, unethical and manipulative. Melendez was right to kick her off his team because she is a loose cannon whom he can't trust any more. After recovering from surgery, the patient pretty much admitted to Claire that the treatment did indeed have the bad side effect that Melendez had strongly warned about and Claire, apparently, kept that knowledge to herself. In other words, the patient is now a lawsuit waiting to happen due to Claire's actions, but Andrews and Melendez are unaware of that.
  12. S02.E07: Hubert

    Well, Melendez is an authoritative figure. He is the respected attending physician with years of experience and she is a second year resident whose job is to work under his direction and learn from him. Melendez is a probably in his early 40s and Claire is maybe 27 or 28. They are not anywhere close to being peers. We have repeatedly seen that Claire is also a manipulative person so she and her friend deserve each other.
  13. Bodyguard

    It's just rumors and people trying to create buzz at this point. For example, I read several reviews that made hyperbolic statements about Bodyguard being Madden's Bond audition. I agree he would make a good Bond, certainly better than some of the other names being bandied about.
  14. Bodyguard

    I don't think the show needs to come back at all. It was a complete story and could be left at that. However, TV being a for-profit business, it is, apparently, difficult to resist the urge to extend a successful idea in the hopes of continued financial success. Budd would need to be put in a different job for a second series to avoid just retreading the series one plot. Perhaps he could be recruited by a hostage negotiation, crisis management or a similar team. If Richard Madden does manage to get tapped to be the next Bond, I doubt a second series would materialize because it would be too similar to a Bond role. A crime or political thriller doesn't need a romance to be engaging so I would rather they not go there. From what I have seen of his work, Jed Mercurio leans more toward depicting short-lived affairs that don't go anywhere rather than romantic relationships. Line of Duty has done well with this approach.
  15. Bodyguard

    Craddock said explicitly that she chose Budd because he would be the perfect fall guy with his military background and unstable personality. She was his boss so she knew when he was taking time off and Budd probably casually mentioned where he was going and what he would be doing, as people usually do at work. Had Budd made plans to drive to his mother's place they would have modified their plan accordingly. That doesn't need to be spelled out in detail on screen. They got the point across that what appeared to be a lucky coincidence of Budd being in the right place at the right time was, in fact, carefully orchestrated.