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  1. I guess this episode is their version of being topical. They didn't even bother trying to thinly veil their criticism. This episode was obviously filmed shortly after the G8 conference.
  2. I would like to a musical season devoted to Irving Berlin. George Gershwin called him the greatest songwriter that has ever lived. Berlin lived to be 101 and his extraordinary life spanned a remarkable time from the Victorian era to the modern computer age. The greatest names in many genres have recorded his music.
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    They look like they are thinking "Take the damn picture already". The red carpet walk seems like an obligation that a lot of celebrities do but don't enjoy.
  4. S06.E20: Fit To Be Tied

    I think it is pretty simple. Joan is a prime suspect because, apparently, the FBI doesn't believe her story. An alternative version would be that Joan and Michael had a struggle at the house but she wasn't injured, at least not seriously. She did, however, injure Micheal seriously and he fled with Joan in hot pursuit. She caught up with Micheal at or near where his body was found. A big brawl ensued during which Joan sustained her injuries and Michael ended up dead. It is very plausible that Joan could take out an injured man weakened from blood loss. What I think actually happened is that Sherlock killed Michael and Joan knows it. The key to it is the phone call between Joan and Sherlock where Sherlock tells Joan he will be home imminently. Why include that unless it was significant? Sherlock arrives home just as Michael is leaving, checks on Joan to see that she is not about to die and then takes off after Michael, catches up with him, a brawl ensues and Michael ends up dead. I can see Sherlock violently attacking Michael in a blind rage for hurting Joan. The ongoing theme all season was Sherlock's devotion to Joan. Her well-being and happiness is paramount for Sherlock. He was willing to move out of the house and remove himself from her day-to-day life to help make her adoption happen. She is his heir. He even told Joan he would lay down his life for her. That presumably means he would also kill to protect her, if need be. Moriarty may have been The Woman but Joan is The One and Sherlock is just starting to realize that.
  5. Celebrities might get the information filtered through their publicist along with a couple of talking points to repeat in an interview or, more likely, it is the publicist responding. It is their job to read that crap and respond so their clients don't have to. Sometimes I get the impression that people think Hollywood is like high school where everyone congregates in one place every day, knows everyone else at least on a superficial level and just spend their time gossiping about who's doing what with whom. That couldn't be further from then truth.
  6. Before last October, such rumors only appeared at gossip and tabloid sites and the online hangouts frequented by the readers of those sites. Mainstream news outlets and serious journalists don't report on celebrity gossip. One thing I have heard celebrities say for years during interviews is that they do not read the tabloids and gossip sites. Why would they? Nobody needs to read negative stuff about themselves that may or may not be a bunch of lies. Most other people also don't read those sites for similar reasons or just due to lack of interest in celebrity gossip. The subject just never comes up in my social circle and that is probably not unusual. The people who closely follow celebrity gossip, regularly read the gossip and tabloid sites and discuss it all in detail represent a small, insular subculture. So, yeah, I find it totally believable that a spouse might have no idea what her partner was up to and be blindsided by press reports. Some people can successfully lead a double life and hide things from their families for years.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't see any allegation of elder abuse. Moving Conway to a different facility, perhaps as part of a decision to transition from palliative to hospice care is not abuse. The standard of care mentioned in the article is very expensive, perhaps without significant benefit to Conway anymore. Just because the daughter disagrees with the wife's medical decisions and wants to slug it out in public to get her way doesn't mean the wife is doing anything wrong.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I see the series as the story of one man's journey through a judicial system that was at best inadequate and at worst corrupt. Everyone involved in the case seemed to be either inept, shady, self-serving or all of the above. It's ok that Kathleen Peterson was not the focus because the show was not about her. The medical examiner and blood splatter expert were both shady. The judge seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. He should never have allowed anything about Elizabeth Ratliff's death to be entered into evidence. There is no reason to believe the German medical examiner and police got it wrong. The ME in Durham had a vested interest in ensuring that ER's cause of death exactly matched her conclusions about Kathleen Peterson's death. She even went so far as to exhume ER's body and transort it 1200 miles instead of letting the local ME do an autopsy to ensure she got the result she wanted. Everything about her results is suspect. Barbara, the nanny, was also shady. Her testimony did not match up with the German police report. She claimed there was blood everywhere and admitted that she went up and down the stairs, stepping over Elizabeth, before the police arrived. Why would she do that if not to hide something? The lady prosecutor spewed a lot of inflammatory bigoted rhetoric to sway the jury in the absence of hard evidence. David Rudolf just seemed to be not very good at his job. The ill-fitting suits suggested to me that he was not a high-powered defense lawyer. If he couldn't even afford a decent suit that fit him for court appearances his practice was probably not doing so well. I don't know if Michael is guilty or not. However, I tend to think he is not. The owl theory is not as outlandish as it may seem at first blush. I think it is also possible that Michael took the blame to protect one of his sons from what might have been manslaughter, not murder. He thought he would be acquitted but once he was found guilty there was no going back and admitting the truth because then they both would go to prison. Todd distanced himself from the family after Michael went to prison while Clayton and his wife remained very devoted to him, visiting Michael in prison and giving him a home after he got out. Both behaviors could be interpreted as that of a person with something to hide.
  9. That article is annoying. It's common knowledge that one should shop for shoes at the end of the day because it's normal for feet to swell a little or a lot during the day. That sometimes means going up half a size to get the best fit. Soft padded heel cushions take care of any early morning looseness. It's also common knowledge that walking around in tight-fitting, stiff new shoes causes blisters. This is not some secret that only celebrities and their stylists would know.
  10. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Sony tried shopping the show around without luck. This is an expensive-to-produce niche product that doesn't have a big enough audience to make it profitable for anyone. If a major broadcast network decided the show was too rich for its blood, then it is most certainly out of reach for basic cable. The number of customers who would be willing to pay to watch the show on Amazon would be smaller than the network viewership. This is also not the kind of show that will induce enough people to subscribe to a streaming service just to watch it to make it profitable for Hulu or Netflix. The focus on American history also limited the potential for international success. In the end TV is a for-profit business so there is little interest in keeping shows on the air that are not profitable no matter how good they are or how vocal and loyal the fans are.
  11. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    The commercial applications for hosts are pretty obvious. 1. Sell to end consumers as a way extend their lives, perhaps indefinitely. I imagine most customers would rather spend eternity as a young, healthy version of themselves in an artificial body than take medications to preserve the middle-aged or elderly body they currently have. The experiments with Bernard and old man Delos are the groundwork for that. 2. Sell to the military, law enforcement, and other entities that need to send operatives into dangerous situations, such as war zones, active shooter incidents, forest fires, nuclear meltdowns, and be sure that the individuals will reliably do their jobs regardless of personal risk including certain death. They could also offer host commanders unencumbered by emotions and ethics to control personnel and direct operations. Clementine controlling the hosts to fight and kill each other was a test of that. Delos has already productionized their process to make host bodies. They just need to build more manufacturing facilities to meet future demand. I doubt that a host costs millions of dollars to produce. The white organic goop and the electronics seem to be commodity items and the software is developed once and then deployed everywhere. Standardization and economies of scale would bring the unit price down to a point that buying a host body would be like buying a car or home. Rich people would pay cash and purchase extras like exclusive upgrades and same-day concierge repair service. Everyone else would finance their purchase, with Delos making money on the financing, just like automobile makers and big residential home builders do today. And like military contractors today, Delos would make a ton of money overcharging for hosts, spare parts and repair service. For example, charging $2000 for replacement eyeballs that cost $50 to produce. Unless I missed something in season 1, I never got the impression the parks are only for the super rich. There are no doubt VIP packages for the wealthy, but such an enterprise also needs to cater to the masses to be financially viable. In real life lots of middle class folks accrue credit card debt to finance vacations at luxury destinations. Many vacation resorts are based on the idea of selling two weeks of luxury living to people who can't otherwise afford that lifestyle.
  12. Current Timeline: News and Media

    That guy doesn't know anything, either. He is just speculating and stating his opinion as fact. He doesn't reference any unnamed sources at NBC or Sony or otherwise indicate that he has actual information from anyone with firsthand knowledge.
  13. S06.E07: Sober Companions 2018.06.11

    There are lots of websites that use screenshots to track down the clothes and accessories worn by characters on TV shows, including this show, and post the details of designer labels/manufacturers and availability so people can acquire them. Same for high-profile celebrities. Any items worn in public by the Duchess of Cambridge tend to sell out the same day in stores. It's so common and has been going on for so long that it's really not necessary to waste screen time spelling out how they located the earring store.
  14. Current Timeline: News and Media

    I dunno, She looked frumpy to me. The dress is matronly and her hair is messy and competing with the hat for attention. It would have worked better if her hair were pulled back in a neat bun or French roll and the hat placed a bit farther back on her head. Lady Kitty Spencer showed how one wears a facinator to best advantage.
  15. Too true. Georgina didn’t do anything. It’s entirely Weinstein’s behaviour. Agreed. When women jump in to apologize for the bad behavior of men it just reinforces the idea that women are somehow to blame for the actions of men and lets the men off the hook. Chapman doesn't need to engage in any public displays of contrition for the actions of her ex-husband. His shame is not hers. Her business took a big hit through no fault of her own. Good for her for trying to rebuild it instead of crawling into a hole because some people think she should be shamed for things she had no part of.