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  1. EHG co-hosts discuss various people and whether or not David T. Cole will want to cover up their heads.
  2. More like BUTTlander amirite
  3. The Brass Eye series was a follow-up to Chris Morris' excellent "The Day Today", which was a spoof of news programs. The Day Today has a lot more humor than the Brass Eye series, so you might want to also check that out. Plus, it gives you your first look at Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge (a character originally developed for Morris' radio series "On The Hour").
  4. Tyne Daly's character on Murphy Brown is named Phyllis. GET IT?
  5. Does Making It Work?

    So many bad TV shows in this week's Game Time!
  6. I was drinking water when Dave did his Robin Williams imitation, and nearly spilled the whole thing laughing
  7. Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

    I sure enjoyed The Extra Hot Great Show
  8. Counting Down 13 Reasons Why

    Warwick burn!
  9. Also, all of the episodes of "Connections" are up on archive.org!
  10. Jeb needs to co-host a recap podcast with Kim Reed.
  11. Laughs In Spaaaaaaaaaaace

    Space Benson!
  12. I'm sure Dave totally meant to also include this clip as his favorite Howards End moment:
  13. Raising Our Voices On Rise

    "I just want to brag about the fact that I've read most of the book"