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  1. Claire is so painfully thin. Those collarbones trying to poke through her skin give me the heebie jeebies.
  2. On-air job in LA is a ridiculous fantasy with those hideous tattoos covering her arms.
  3. Also Lux laundry detergent used to come with a striped cotton dish towel in the box back in the day. Each time you bought laundry soap you could add to your collection with a different color.
  4. So is this the name drawn out of the paper bag? Oh well, now we've got Janelle's, the Roll and Endtable, and Kail with Electrolux!
  5. I wondered because I think the airline has to account for every single passenger in the god-awful event of a disaster so she had to say something. I agree that Lo has had a name, but this is Kail's attempt to "stay relevant" by not revealing it.
  6. Well, another month has passed and this child still doesn't have a name. Remember those t-shirts with the arrow "I'm with Stupid". Well someone should get Baby Lo a onesie with that on it pointing to Kail. Say, didn't she recently take Baby Lo to New York. Wouldn't she have to give his legal name for the flight passenger list?
  7. It'll be official when we read about it in Janelle's upcoming police report.
  8. Not only is her head misshapen but her ankles turn in and her legs are bowed in both the shopping cart photo and the one with David. I'm willing to bet they don't take her for her monthly pediatrician checkups. Poor Endtable might be sporting not only a helmet but some corrective shoes to straighten out her little legs. Not surprising she has developmental issues from her mother's drug use while pregnant. As always, Janelle's priorities are all screwed up. More important to skip the corrective measures to get those adorbs Instagram pics. Ugh!
  9. Kids are going to call him Murph the Smurf. Poor kid. She said she had to wait until she had him awhile to see what name "suited" him best. I guess I don't see it.
  10. Is no one talking about baby name reveal? I don't know how to repost Twitter but there is something on there that says it's "Murphy Nixon". Could this be true??
  11. In an earlier season when Ali first got her motorized chair, didn't we see Leah transporting it on a little trailer behind her vehicle? What ever happened to that? Seems easier to load maybe than shoving it into the back of an SUV. I guess not important if you aren't planning to actually let Ali use it. Hearing Leah tell it, Dr. Tsao's warnings were just due to Ali's "allergies". How can they watch her play baseball/run bases when her legs are all twisted. No wonder poor Ali is tired and has trouble breathing. The energy she must use to try to keep up would be exhausting. Why don't the people closest to this child feel her pain and stop the madness? (I know, as we all walk away shaking our heads.)
  12. The state does hereby name this baby, "Delaware" and they can call him Del for short!
  13. Oh and then there's Kail and her not going to talk about anything on camera, abruptly announcing buh bye, I'm going to bed. Didn't Jo just bring Isaac back? Who puts Isaac to bed??
  14. Little Kaiser had it rough this episode. So much for plastic tool sets for toddlers. UBT smiles wickedly as he lets the Roll loose with a real hammer to pound a nail into a piece of wood. Yikes! Inside Jenelle throws him in his crib to get him out of her sight. And she plunked him so hard into his high chair, I could feel it through the tv screen! But how cute he answers "okay" when Jenelle grudgingly gives him a bottle or a piece of pizza. Just breaks my heart. Jenelle says she wants custody of Jace. If the care of one toddler pushes her to the brink, how is she going to handle a child with school, homework, meals, karate, camp, etc. And a newborn endtable to boot? It's easy for her to paint an angelic picture of her parenting style on Instagram, but the filter sure slipped in what we saw last night.
  15. I seem to recall her original story about her eggs were drying up and this was a "test" to see if she could still get pregnant. Maybe she knows this baby is a girl even though she's not saying, and it was worth the wait??