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  1. Archer : In The Media

    I think officially, yes because at the end of Season 8 he never wakes up. I think that Adam Reed did mention this and that he wanted another season of where Archer is in some kind of fantasy/dream-like world. http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/archer-season-8/49836/archer-season-8-creator-adam-reed-talks-dreamland-and-beyond Maybe we will get splashes from the real world along the way or something?
  2. Archer : In The Media

    It does look fun but I hope that they return to the real world by the end of the season.
  3. Archer : In The Media

    It was pulled from Netflix as well. My theory is that FOX is pulling their stuff ahead from the buyout/merger from Disney (which isn't 100% finale just yet) and maybe put it up on Hulu or just let Disney kept the episodes until they create a streaming service (and figure out what to do with Hulu) until then.
  4. Agent Carter in the Media

    So, I don't know if this was posted here but Agent Carter made the list of Modern Rogue's "Top 10 Greatest Rogues In Hollywood History" at #4. http://www.themodernrogue.com/articles/2018/3/5/the-top-10-greatest-rogues-in-hollywood-history
  5. The Future of Agent Carter

    I think it was partly due to the fact that not only Marvel TV but Marvel Studios was actually jointly producing the show and that there was no "protection" (unlike Agents of SHIELD ) like a certain other show. Overall, I just don't get it either (well I feel like we have more puzzle pieces now as to way it happened) because like you said, the ratings (in comparison to some other show) the ratings weren't that bad.
  6. Archer : In The Media

    Yes, the new season is coming.
  7. Looking back I remember seeing Lawnmower Dog first and loving the whole episode and wanted to see more. Not a specific moment per se but just watching one episode was enough.
  8. Simpsons In The Media: I'm Kent Brockman

    Not technically as good as those youtube videos (and I so want to add some rum/vodka to that hot cocoa and thanks for posting them, btw) but this article was posted today about Disney buying up all of FOX Entertainment:
  9. Ratings and Scheduling

    It's also airing during the Holiday season. IMO, it would've been better if this show aired after the Holiday season (like in previously planned January airing) but apparently, they wanted to premiere the show on literally the first Friday of Dec. Also, I guess ratings don't matter IF Disney is forcing ABC to not even consider to cancel this show. So, I say big deal.
  10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    The date on that article (or at least the one that I could find) says it was published on 9/22/2017 and Inhumans is already aire several episodes since then.
  11. That would be really depressing IF that did happen. I mean right now The Orville is better Trek than Star Trek Discovery.
  12. Or simply whoever took them didn't want Fitz and/or Fitz escapes from them before they go up to space.
  13. S01.E05: Pria

    I would say that Game of Thrones is one of those shows where they can literally get away with dragons.
  14. S04.E17: Identity and Change

    This to me just speaks of what they wanted it both ways. I doubt that Victoria Hand really cared if Fitz went missing and/or dead, back in THE HUB, BUT the show just kept on insisting that Fitz is some kind of special engineer since the time of Howard and Tony Stark. Also, that TWS tie-in (the one about Fury using one of Fitz's devices) always grates at me for some reason. I don't know but I feel like that was so shoehorn (and yes that had to be after the fact that the movie came out and I could swear that Fury said that there were multiple people that invented it and/or never bothered to mention who made it. BUT the show wanted Fitz to be the sole inventor of it, which was stated on the show). Yes, I do know that it is very subjected in nature and that in any transition to any media there are going to be changes. But in Robbie's case, it felt like they took the character and just totally rewrote him. He really had nothing to share with the Robbie Reyes from the comics but only in name, he drove a classic car and his family. Hell, in the comics his Uncle is really a fucked up evil person but in this version, it's implied that Eli got corrupted by the Darkhold and that was why he was evil. As with wanting it both ways- yeah they have been like this since Season 1, IMO. Overall, I feel like it's just lazy writing and/or poor setup that is causing this. Like how you pointed out that Gonzalez's character and also Mace. And I think that they totally wanted us to not trust Mace, and to have all the main characters go, "yeah that guy I don't trust" BUT why? ANd then later not only do they trust Mace it turns out that he seemed to be more eagar to rescue/help people than the main characters (all they really cared about were themselves). Yeah, Fitz and Simmons never struck me as people who were deeply in romantic love. I got the friendship part and even the brother and sister part but never the romantic part. I guess people just started to ship them to a point where the showrunners were like, "oh okay we will give them a Will They/Won't They storyline and fill it with angst". Like they didn't know how to hook them up but wanted to because of the shippers (and honestly since when do shows ever listen to shippers? Coming from the Star Trek community that thing was never to be fulfilled by any showrunners- no matter how loud and angry the shippers got- because they will always come back to watch the show in the end). It just feels so loop sided because it's like Fitz has gotten everything he ever wanted- Simmons. While Simmons had to deal with Trip's and Will's death and any concerns she had about dating Fitz was just swept under the rug. Yeah, I would file this under as another thing that the show mishandled and could've done better. Also, I believe that Coulson and May are headed in the same direction. Personally, if they were going to put them together I would've just done it in Season 1 and be done with it. As with the whole ", they are a family" thing kinds of pops up from time to time so that isn't really dead and it is kind of gross when you think about it (which just points as to why they should've never have been paired up in the first place). Also, the angst- way too much angst for a couple that is supposedly a) madly in love and b) soul mates/true lovers (which I think that they are not totally in love with each other but the writers are just forcing them together for the shippers). I have never heard about that but I would like to see a link. It's not that I don't believe you but I just want to see it myself.
  15. On one hand, the cast of characters, that was being featured in an episode, was getting too high and I felt like the writing was having a hard time cramming everyone in. BUT I do agree that Spy's Goodbye shouldn't have even been written and that both Bobbi and Hunter shouldn't have left (and that writing them off to do a pilot episode that was still a toss-up by any means was, in my opinion, wrong and I am glad that Palicki found another acting gig quickly and hey she plays the female lead on The Orville) BUT I do want what is written and shown, on this show, to have some kind of meaning. Spy's Goodbye (for better or for worse) was one of those moments on the show that actually had feeling, in my opinion, and now they are going to ruin it by having Hunter come back onto the show. Personally, they are doing this probably because of fan pressure (like ratings even matter anymore for this show since it's been reported that Disney is protected it from cancellation) and I am just kind of bummed that they would totally rewrite just about anything to get fan reaction.