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  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    I believe that you are right about what is going on behind the scenes. The reason why AoS' writers were never told about the Snap was probably related to the whole Ike Perlmutter/Kevin Feige split of 2015 and also a bit not unusual since there were rumors in circulation that even people like Tony Stark Robert Downy, Jr. didn't know what was going to happen and cast members were given fake scripts, faked scenes were filmed , etc.... Before that, I think there was at least some communication between the two. Especially between the two Whedons but overall, once Joss Whedon left, Kevin Feige's split was more like the final nail that separated the two halves, IMO. But again, it wasn't like there was any strong connective tissue between TV shows and movies, to begin with (seriously how does Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all take place in the same New York City that Tony lives but literally leaves out the Avenger Tower in all of their NYC landscape shots? And what is wrong with the way they talk about the movie stuff I just don't understand it), but I feel like the connective tissue between TV shows and the movies are now gone. Although, I have come across lots of people that would fight tooth and nail, saying that the TV division is the same as Marvel Studios. Either they would argue something about how Disney owns both entities and/or people literally believing that the movies will acknowledge the TV side somehow. Hell, there was a rumor that Infinity War was going to mentioned Daredevil because one of the Infinity War's Lego sets had a small Daredevil easter egg, but that never happened (and I am also kind of happy that the movies ignore the TV side. Imagine a forced scene where Tony and/or Spider-Man meets Daisy. I mean are they going to acknowledge that Daisy isn't actually as strong as those Avengers or what? Or will it be something like, "oh, Daisy you are so powerful why aren't you an Avenger")? Another aspect is the Inhumans. The TV side, at least currently on the network side, has taken up to portraying the Inhumans as the replacement for the Mutants (and I just feel like things are going to get awkward on AoS once Marvel has the mutants officially back), while Feige, for the most part, has stayed away from the Inhumans. Hell, once he was able to only answer to Horn, Feige right away removed the Inhumans from the filming schedule. Also, the notorious Marvel's Creative Committee that was so much hated (and had Perlmutter as it's head) by fans was dissolved once Feige answered to Horn. At this point, I think there can be an argument to be made that AoS and the rest of Marvel TV are no longer in the MCU. You can kind of tell in Season 4 that they were still trying to bank on movie tie-ins but also trying to keep the theme vague but, IMO, also got some stuff wrong (like the scene where Senator Nadeer mentioned a "Hong Kong Incident" that some took to be a vague reference to Dr. Strange's ending but since Dr. Strange reversed time at the end this couldn't be right) and by Season 5 you have even more vague references to Infinity War. I mean at first there was a rumor that they weren't going to do an Infinity War tie-in/reference but as March approached (if I remember correctly) they announced that there will be an Infinity War tie-in. So, I feel like we were at least lead to believe that there was supposed to be a tie-in and most people were expecting something other than two vague, word of mouth, references. The Snap was the most logical but also I could see the show backing out of Snapping their own characters, because well this is AoS, I don't have high expectations for this show anymore. Edit: Fixed some grammar, crossed out Tony Stark and replaced it with Robert Downy, Jr., and added as much links as I could fine.
  2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Media

    I mean if they didn't know what direction Infinity War was going then why place the ending literally on the same day as the battle of Wakanda then? They should've just taken the team back before Infinity War even happened (further than the present). But even before the ending, they cram not one but two, in my opinion, lame tie-ins, to Infinity War by having the characters mentioned that Infinity War was literally happening, in the show's real-time, by word of mouth and not actually doing the one thing that everyone was expecting to happen. I mean they were doing a time-travel theme story so they could've had them just time travel to the past way before Infinity War happened to avoid anything major. I mean they had at least known that the movie will be affecting the MCU for at least the next few movies to come, right? But overall, once they were mentioned that things were happening off screen my guess was that they won't show the Snap-on screen. But come on they have to address it literally in the first few minutes of their first Season 6 episode- right?
  3. Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

    I just saw this and I haven't been following the Mission Impossible franchise very closely but I really liked this movie and it was fun. The only thing that I have to say that once Walker tried to frame Hunt I knew that he was the real John Lurk. Other than that it was a fun movie and as far as spy movies go it was great watching it. Although, I still don't buy Cruise as an action star but that has been my opinion my whole life but watching him do those stunts (and I heard he got injured on some) was interesting and fun to watch. Overall, Cruise, Pegg, and Rhames all have great chemistry together and that is what, IMO, made the movie for me. Ferguson's character was okay but I understand that her character was there more likely because they are setting up her character to be Hunt's new love interest in later films (well, she actually is the love interest but they did have a small nod to Hunt's first wife that he still has feelings for).
  4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    I saw this movie on opening weekend but I held back on posting my thoughts here about this film (until now) and about the direction where I see this franchise going. First I want to say that I absolutely loved Jurassic Park and it was one of the major films that shaped my childhood and I still seeing on on rewatches. Now, I am not going on a Star Wars diatribe here but overall, I have seen all 5 films in the franchise and this film is ranked second to the bottom for me (even lower than Jurassic Park III and The Lost World) but I didn't absolutely hated it but just that the way the film was written made the entire movie so dumb, in my opinion, to watch. Although I did have a better time watching this movie than Jurassic World (which is at the bottom of my list and my least favorite JP movie) only because they toned down, Owen, there was really no annoying nephews to rescue but they did have a clone girl, and also didn't have a character death like Zara's (Claire's assistant who got mercilessly murdered by the Mosasaur and also got tossed around by the Pterosaurs) in the movie. What is really striking is that I am surprised that they made everyone acted so dumb in the movie and got away with it. Mills was dumb, Lockwood was dumb, even Owen and Claire was dumb, but the dumbest one was the guy who was the lead hunter (the man hired by Mills and was played by the same actor who played Leeland on Monk and Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs) who just decided to try to take a souvenir tooth from that IndoRaptur. Also, why did they stick with the stupid idea of using dinosaurs as weapons? Overall, the movie was so dumb and I feel like each movie addition just brings the franchise down. Also, they totally overhyped Jeff Goldblum in this film because he was in it for like 2 minutes and that was it.
  5. S05.E22: The End

    Well, she assumed that she was going to have a daughter sometime in the future with Fitz. And if she thought she was pregnant then why drink? Hopefully, they will remove this "Fizt Simmons baby" from the plot and forgot about it.
  6. S05.E22: The End

    Wasn't Simmons drinking alcoholic around the end of this season or even in the Season 5 finale?
  7. Archer : In The Media

    I thought that they were renewed up to Season 10?
  8. Putting The Hi In Hieroglyphics

    So I really don't know where to put this because I can't find the "in the media" thread but I guess here is okay. I have a short clip of Michael Shanks talking about his time on SGU and what he thought of the series: Also, this another short clip of Michael Shanks and Ben Browder both talking about how much they hated the Zap gun from SG-1:
  9. S05.E22: The End

    I still think that Simmons actions were the ones that lead up to the whole thing with Ruby and the Hydra Machine because IF Simmons didn't break Fitz out of prison and decided to go out on their own to "investigate" then they won't be captured and they wouldn't have been able to even fix the machine. Which would then lead to Ruby not getting the absorption from the gravitonium.
  10. Why didn't I noticed this? I thought that they were able to sneak some uncensored shits but not f-bombs. Wow this episode had balls I really enjoyed this episode but seeing Mr. Fuchs in a giant robot mecha suit only reminded me of Castle Wolfenstein.
  11. Agent Carter in the Media

    I liked the Jarvis/Peggy/Howard dynamic on the show. And they kind of made Peggy friends with that one S.S.R. secretary and Peggy also had that one Russian (well during this time period, Soviet) agent Dottie being her evil foil on the show. Come to think about it, Peggy was also friends with that one waitress that wanted to be an actress.
  12. S05.E22: The End

    Your right but that, in my opinion, is just another example of why the writing on this show sucks so much.
  13. S05.E22: The End

    If the assumption is that there is a spare Fitz, somewhere out there on ice, then there is probably another copy of all of them 70+ years into the future. Because the spare Fitz would have to be frozen and the only reason why Fitz wanted to freeze himself was that he wanted to go the future to be with them. So that is what I am basing my assumption on how they think things can be "resolved" with Fitz but still, it's a reset button and he would still have his "inner Nazi persona" of Dr. Mengele Hydra Fitzler still being part of Fitz. But still, it would be a lot like Ward. The writers went out of their way to kill Ward (who had his "fan club" on places like Reddit but kept on bringing him back. It's going to be a lot like what they did with Ward, IMO, once they bring back Fitz. I really don't care if Ward is evil or Fitz is not supposed to be evil (even though he crossed moral lines in Season 4 and in Season 5 and I kind of actually do believe that Fitz isn't a nice guy at all nor is he the "good guy". He isn't on the same level as Ward but he isn't good either. But that shouldn't be the excuse to have the writers pretty much do the same thing they did with Ward to Fitz. That is why I feel like Fitz should stay dead (but like you I know they will bring Fitz back).
  14. S05.E22: The End

    If they are on a new timeline what if Fitz was never frozen then? But still killing Fitz off (I guess it was for shock value) just so he can reappear for, isn't something that I would want to see. But still, assuming that there is a frozen Fitz somewhere, they have to find Enoch, in the present and explained that the future was changed, by them. Then they have to go to where Enoch is keeping the frozen Ftiz (which looks like their will be one), unfreeze him, and/or have Enoch do it all and drop Fitz off on Earth.
  15. S05.E22: The End

    Yeah, that is why I didn't like Fitz's death because there was a reset button but how would the rest of them even know how to even find Fitz? I know they found Enoch's spaceship but clearly Simmons, May, Mack. Coulson and Daisy won't know how to fly it. Also, still Fitz shouldn't be brought back. It's already bad enough that they decided to destroy a character (twice, IMO) just because they know there is a "restart button" somewhere "out there" (and it doesn't somehow resolve Fitz from crossing moral lines and failure to do even a basic aspect of his job from Season 4 nor they way I understood how his "Fitzler persona" is still in him waiting to come out again). Not to mention that there is no emotional weight to his death because we all knew it wasn't going to last. This is why they shouldn't bring back Fitz. It totally undercuts everything they wrote in SEason 5 finale but I do believe that the writers just don't care about what they write anymore. As with bring back their dead characters (and Fitz would be like bringing back Ward on to the show, IMO), there is no meaning because its either like the case of Mace, Rosalind, and Will where their deaths are easily forgotten by the living and have no long-term impact to the characters or to the long-term story (nor do the characters seem to even care about these characters anymore or even remember them, IMO) or it's like Ward, and they just keep on resurrecting the character in some way as in an overused trope.