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  1. Posts were moved yesterday to this topic to keep the conversation in the same topic, it had spread to multiple topics. And as always, discussion of mod actions should not happen in topic; PM me with questions.
  2. The Enemy Within

  3. Chernobyl

  4. Mrs. Fletcher

    Mrs. Fletcher is an upcoming American comedy television series based on the novel of the same name written by Tom Perrotta. The series is set to star Kathryn Hahn and has been given a series order by HBO.
  5. Making A Murderer

    This topic is basically an extension of the Aftermath topic; discussion for what happens after the show. Unfortunately, you will likely be spoiled for the actual show in this topic; short of having a topic full of spoiler tags, it's going to be hard to prevent discussion of what happened in the series, but please be considerate of those who might still be catching up; if there's a big bombshell moment in the series that you are discussing, consider using spoiler tags so as to not ruin that particular moment for someone. It's hard to remain unspoiled in the world these days!
  6. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    I loved the attention to detail for the Melvil Dewey outfit!
  7. Airing Thursday, January 17, 2019.
  8. Someone at Vulture ranked all the episodes. I don't necessarily agree with these all, but an interesting read.
  9. The Hunt

    Al Pacino Poised to Star as Nazi Hunter in Amazon TV Series From Jordan Peele
  10. Miracle Workers

    Coming soon!
  11. Sometimes I Lie

  12. With the new changes to the Previously.TV forums, we are giving some clarification and explanation for this forum. It's original intent was to house the topics that didn't have a good fit elsewhere; the annual awards shows, TV movies, special events (e.g., The Royal Wedding). Over time, it also became home to topics for smaller or limited events that didn't warrant a full forum. Now, however, with the Other _ Shows forums that are available, these smaller shows have a good spot to fit on the site. So if you would like a topic on a show that is limited in scope but does have more than 2-3 episodes, you may start it in the appropriate Other _ Shows forum; please be sure to follow the directions here; Topics started here do have the network in parentheses at the end; this will NOT be the case in Other _ Shows forums. If you start a topic here for a show that has more than 2-3 episodes, it may be moved to the appropriate 'Other' forum. Questions? Please PM me at @saoirse!
  13. Airing Monday, January 21, 2019.