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  1. A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's second season. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.
  2. From Deadline - Issa Rae On Keeping ‘Insecure’ Real: “I Based A Lot Of My Characters On Real People, Whether They Know It Or Not”
  3. Pick your winner for "Idiot Stick" Award for Dumbest Character Moment. Remember, only 1 vote per member, so choose wisely.
  4. Pick your winner for Worst Couple. Remember, only 1 vote per member, so choose wisely.
  5. Pick your winner for Most Unintentionally Funny Line. Remember, only 1 vote per member, so choose wisely.
  6. I totally loved Hasan's sit down with Preet Bharara. Nice move skyping the folks, Hasan!
  7. As a reminder, this is a spot to discuss the show and the stories on it; not a springboard to talk about politics and current events. Conversation is walking a fine line in here, and some posts have been hidden. Going forward, posts that aren't primarily about the show (i.e., discussing articles on other sites, conversations with family or friends, discussion that happens on other shows) will be removed, and repeat offenders will garner warnings. Throwing in a passing reference to the show will not cut it.
  8. A note - the season may be over, but that does not change the rules regarding book talk in the episode topics. Posts have been moved or removed that were not following the book talk rule. Going forward, posts may be removed, and in the case of repeat offenders, warnings may be issued. If you want to discuss or read about the book, the place to go is the American Gods By Neil Gaiman: The Book topic; if you want to discuss the various mythologies that are tapped on for the book and series, the topic The Mythology and Folklore of American Gods is the topic you want! Thank you! @Athena & @saoirse
  9. Everything about this little bit of scene is perfection, especially Laura's line. The joy on Shadow's face, the grimace on Wednesday's...Mad Sweeney isn't even featured in this particular scene, but the slightly out of focus vision is perfect. Damn, I love this show.
  10. Netflix has dropped a clip and announced the release date for the first season.
  11. We'll be closing up the poll this Friday, June 23 around 7:00 pm ET. Right now it looks like when the new season debuts, the forum will be going to individual episode topics, and if that's the case, the moderators will work to come up with a way to title topics that will help people know who each episode is about. In the meantime, if you haven't voted, now is the time!
  12. You guys. Will they put Dean Norris' version of 'How Great Thou Art' up for sale? Because I would TOTALLY BUY THAT.