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  1. Let's get back on topic please.
  2. Best Secondary Color
  3. test
  4. Day ended while I was still in bed. To be honest, I'm not sure it would have mattered, because I'm not sure how I would have voted at this point. Too many compelling arguments for me...
  5. Here is the spot to discuss next season -
  6. This is why I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for the moment, @SilverStormm. @Jesse, MuuMuuChainsmoker's first post read something about 'should I pretend to investigate Silverstormm, to get this party started' before she edited it with the 'Hooray!' image. Something similar happened in another game not too long ago, on a different site. In other news, I'm kinda with @Drogo, this day may move quickly.
  7. Excellent question. Framed, cleared, or outed? There are three options there, at least from those of us who are Heroes... Anyone do any investigating? Besides @MuuMuuChainsmoker, that is...
  8. Please remember this is about the episode; if you want to discuss Mommie Dearest or Christina Crawford at great length, let's take it to the Hollywood History topic, and focus on the episode here. Posts may be removed going forward.
  9. Umm. A post has been edited. And I read it before the edit you guys.
  10. She's actually 37 - so a hair youngish, but I think she could probably pull it off?
  11. Wow. And yes to your entire post, @stillshimpy. {{{hug}}}
  12. Agree to disagree please. Differing opinions are fine.