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  1. We're getting a second season! Anticipate and speculate here! (if you have spoilers, please be kind and spoiler tag!)
  2. Posts have been removed that included personal politics. Conversation here should be about the show; future posts that go into personal politics may result in warnings. Thank you.
  3. New celebrities come along every year. Which ones should host when Saturday Night Live returns in the fall? What recurring characters would you like to see? What returning cast members would be great hosts (or not)? Speculate here!
  4. This is a reminder that this topic is for discussion of spoilers. If it's not a spoiler, this isn't the place to talk about it: not to rehash decisions made by cast or crew or argue about past seasons. We've allowed a lot of leeway, but it's sliding way off topic the last few days, so let's please right the ship and talk about spoilers for Season Seven of Once Upon A Time.
  5. Jon Batiste and Trombone Shorty went to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts at the same time; they apparently go way back. From the February 3, 2014 issue of The New Yorker;
  6. Let's get back on topic please. Thank you.
  7. THR interview with Reese Witherspoon;
  8. Interview with Evan Rachel Wood; please note, there are spoiler-y hints, so if you want to stay completely unspoiled, don't click the link!
  9. The murder that the cop is investigating Desna for happened after she started dating Quiet Ann, right? I'm trying too remember - I can understand Quiet Ann being in denial if that's the case. You never want to be used, or betrayed by a loved one, but being suckered into what you think is a legit relationship to be used to get to a good friend could seem even worse? So that's why I'm thinking she had so much trouble. Of course, I could go back and find out that the relationship started right after the murder scene, and then I'd be wrong. Off to check now!
  10. Looks like this week is clip shows, and they're off next week.