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  1. The show is contracted is for a certain number of shows a year - it looks like it was about 160 a year under Jon, and last year they had 164 under Trevor. They have to space them out, and this is a break week for Congress, so it makes sense in some ways to take the break then. They have to find a spot to take those 10-12 weeks of breaks. Jon Oliver took three months off, and Samantha Bee took some extended absences last year as well. I think it is just the way the business works.
  2. You can go discuss it in the topic for the eighth episode (the final of the season). Everyone in there should have watched all the episodes.
  3. A place to discuss particular episodes, arcs and moments from the show's second season. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.
  4. I really enjoyed this first episode. Interesting way this is looking setup, with the interviews 'in the future' and then the story from the past. I have known these people, in different contexts, in my world. I'm looking forward to how this rolls out, and maybe will check out the book as well (no book talk here, haven't read it!). I like seeing Shailene Woodley move towards being a grown up. I think she will do well.
  5. E! has dropped the pilot episode on-line. Beware! If you enter this topic prior to the broadcast airing, and you have not watched it online, you will be spoiled!
  6. I'm super hopeful that we'll see more of them. I feel like it wasn't left with a 'done deal' feel. I liked this. I'd quit watching The Good Wife after a few seasons, but Baranski is enough for me to jump in. Well, and Delroy Lindo. And Michael Boatman. I am pretty into these three actors. So I'll stick around for a bit.
  7. Talking about the contestants' appearance is fine; you still need to respect the opinions of your fellow posters while doing so. If you do not like another poster's comments, we recommend you use the Ignore User function.
  8. I <3 Hank a billionty eleven times.
  9. A spot to discuss the business of CNN. Please note; this is not the place to discuss the shows of CNN. Show discussion should take place in individual show forums.
  10. In a change to your regular scheduled programming; The Network Talk forum was intended to be a high-level discussion of that network (business, ratings, etc). Over time that message got lost, and the forum became a hotbed of ill-placed political chatter; as Previously.Tv is first and foremost a television show discussion site, it's time to go back to the start. Effective immediately, this forum is returning to it's roots and is no longer a place to discuss shows or show content that appear on the Networks. If you want to discuss an actual show, use that show's forum. If no forum for a show you'd like to talk about currently exists, you can request a new forum here. TL;DR As of now political discussion of any kind is out of bounds in this forum and will be subject to moderation.