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  1. Steve Buscemi In, Owen Wilson Out as TBS' Daniel Radcliffe-Led Comedy Miracle Workers Recasts Co-Lead I think I really like this development. Nothing against Owen Wilson, Daniel Radcliffe was the draw for me here, but I'm excited to see Buscemi in this role.
  2. Okay, so I read the first few posts in here before watching the episode, so I knew what was going to happen, but not gonna lie -- it got a little bit dusty in here when Amy read the cummerbund (it's a belt, dammit!), and turned, and Jake was on one knee. DAMMIT.
  3. Well, I am thoroughly charmed by Kumail's monologue! I'm looking forward to the rest of the show!
  4. Political commentary from either The Rundown With Robin Thede or any related PTV editorial piece is fine to be discussed in this forum. However, posts that contain personal political views are subject to moderation. This directive is purposely broad because anytime hard lines are drawn in the sand and/or examples are given, some will use it as an opportunity to walk too close to the line, or even put a toe over it. Please remember, mods are only human, and sometimes stuff will slip through the net. So if you see a post that violates the above, please do not respond - use the report button. If you have a question on any of this, please PM the forum moderator, @saoirse. Thanks.
  5. Just to be clear, I have no issue that some may have enjoyed this episode. For me personally, though - I have no interest in following new Henry, new Hook, Regina, and Rumple, and definitely not any of the new cast, they just do nothing for me. So watching Emma and Hook go back through the portal, it was just a sense of relief - and that this isn't my show anymore.
  6. Wow. Well, that makes this easy.