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  1. Let's please keep the conversation on-topic; this episode and this season. Discussion of the cast and future cast should take place over in The Royals and Company cast topic, and as always, discussion of future historical events in one of the History spoiler topics. Thank you!
  2. This is another* web series they need to create. QM and Lascelles getting drunk with other characters. *I say 'another' because I mention the first in the Episode 8 topic, but no spoilers!
  3. Just a reminder - this topic is to discuss what happens on the show. Not what you hope or wished was covered. Thank you.
  4. I feel so good knowing that Patton Oswalt and I had the exact same reaction to Tommy being back...
  5. Poor Charles*. Philip is trying to recreate the events that made him the man he became, but Charles isn't young Philip. Philip lost a beloved sister, had a bad relationship with his father, had a mother who was fragile; he took his experience at Gordonstoun to become stronger. Charles, while not coming from the greatest family life, at least had some security/stability at home, that Philip never had; sending him to Gordonstoun was an unfortunate choice, IMO, and it seems Charles feels the same way. The scene where they return after the challenge and Charles was clearly happier to see the staff (the nanny, a footman) then to search out his own mother was really sad. *In the context of this episode
  6. It was announced today that it will debut on March 26, 2018.
  7. Not sure how much of this episode I really believe, but WOW. Claire Foy again is incredible. I could watch her for hours. The scene where the Queen danced with the leader of Ghana, with Martin Charteris frantically reporting back to England made me laugh. Fun little bits like Michael and Martin talking under their breath during the first introduction to the Kennedys really breathes some fun into this, and gives it some personality. I thought that it was odd that Mrs. Kennedy didn't follow protocol when meeting the Queen - she always struck me as someone who made sure to know that sort of thing, so the explanation about being medicated helped make sense of that. I think I want Martin and Michael to have their own webseries, with guest appearances from Tommy. "Backstairs At the Castle" or something like that.
  8. ‘Big Little Lies’ Followup Is A Go At HBO With Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon Back; Andrea Arnold Tapped To Direct
  9. Lord, is Matthew Goode dreamy to me. And I don't usually like men with that thin build, but, WOW. Beautiful episode for Margaret. It makes my heart hurt to think about her, she just was looking for a place to belong, which didn't really exist, did it?
  10. Yay!!! Tommy came back! I think both Foy and Smith are knocking it out the park this season. I can feel the vibrations going through Elizabeth I every scene. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of more Phillip, but so far I think it’s added a lot to the story they are telling. On to episode four!
  11. There's a topic to discuss continuity issues, and Young Sheldon vs. TBBT. Please take future conversation over there. This topic is to discuss the episode. Thank you.
  12. I know this is sexist (trust me!), but I think in the timeframe that the show is set in, there was a reluctance in many households to leave a teen boy 'in charge' - mainly, it wasn't 'male stuff' to watch kids. Don't throw things at me, please. This is also the same time frame where I threw a huge fit when my brother let my 2 1/2 years younger brother mow with the riding lawn mower, without even considering if it was something I could/should do. I was a girl, why would I want to ride that thing? (BECAUSE IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!) I was a fireball mini-feminist, and didn't even know it at the time!