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  1. MLB Thread

    I'm glad MLB is doing this again. This is one of my favorites and it's going to look interesting on the back of such a skinny guy's jersey: Cubs: Carl Edwards Jr. -- STRINGBEAN SLINGER
  2. MLB Thread

    Good morning Yoan Moncada. You're welcome.
  3. MLB Thread

    I've decided to go back to rooting for the Braves because they're having a much better season than the Rays. And since I'm admitting that in public they'll probably go on an epic losing streak.
  4. MLB Thread

    It has to be difficult for certain personality types to thrive in a place like New York and be under intense media scrutiny (my hometown so not a disparaging remark on it or the people.) See also: Randy Johnson.
  5. MLB Thread

    Me too, and no pitcher stole or slid into bases better than former Red Norm Charlton. He may have been an ass but he ran the bases well.
  6. MLB Thread

    To hell with the DH!
  7. "The View": Week Of 7/16/2018

    Using nicknames or snide words to refer to the President is considered personal politics and your post will be removed, and warnings are possible. Pro Tip: Don't do it.
  8. MLB Thread

    I missed him too. And for the record I don't like the Derby being a timed event.
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    While I hoped Croatia would emerge victorious I can't be upset with France winning. It is a thing of beauty watching Mbappe play.
  10. Tennis Thread

    Novak is my favorite player and I don't see the neediness and off putting personality that so many of you do. That being said I almost feel as if his win was cheapened by the fact that Anderson had to be physically drained from his two previous matches, and perhaps this will start a conversation on the need for a fifth set tie-break.
  11. Tennis Thread

    I'm working from home today and have the TV on for background noise and the chair umpire's voice is scaring me.
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Keep personal politics out of it and discuss what was on the SHOW. Come on, you guys know better.