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  1. College Basketball

    Great quote regarding the tournament thus far: "St. Bonaventure beats UCLA. Syracuse beats Arizona State. Buffalo beats Arizona. The Pac-12 was just taken out by New York State."
  2. College Basketball

    Today I read something to the effect of every team in the tournament has a chance of winning their first game except for Buffalo. Brackets be damned, this is why I love March Madness.
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Poochie Willow.
  4. S02.E18: Bad Medicine

  5. S15.E17: One Man's Trash

    Casey magically has a degree in forensic science so will she be the new Abby?
  6. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Guys, stick to show talk and keep general politics and other assorted news out of it. Thanks.
  7. MLB Thread

    I remember Ken as a player and only have limited access to hearing him behind the mic but I've always liked his work. Nice to hear he's a good guy too.
  8. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I don't do Twitter but I wonder if Meeka's account was hacked? Very little irks me more than text speak shit like "r" and "u," especially when coming from seemingly intelligent adults.
  9. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Every time I see Joe's elevated hair poof, or whatever that thing is on the top of his head, I think of the Belgian cartoon character Tintin.
  10. College Basketball

    I believe you, and I get it. Last night on the NBC Sports Network I came across the A10 college basketball tournament. Terry Gannon, who these days I only think of as announcing figure skating, was calling it and while I know basketball is his first sport I was surprised that he was really, really good.
  11. I would have enjoyed the scene more if Jack was playing against someone who could actually act.
  12. College Basketball

    I didn't watch whatever game this was but Dan Shulman is so good at baseball that I can't imagine him sucking.
  13. I loved Will speaking the lingo with the teenage girls, and I was impressed that those two young actresses had the comedic chops to hang with Eric McCormack. Great casting!
  14. S15.E16: Handle with Care

    No, I think they do as well. In fact I feel the characters have excellent chemistry and Jack could be a good romantic foil for Vance.