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  1. I just did a fairly good sized clean up of posts that were not related to the show and/or were of a general political nature. You guys know better.
  2. About damn time! Now if only we could rescind the award given to Tim McCarver a few years ago.
  3. Remember to stick to show talk, please.
  4. I wish the show wouldn't go there but on the other hand if it means more screen time for Gabby Sidibe I'm all for it.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I don't mind the Misery-style plot (I audibly gasped when it happened) but at least get someone as good as Kathy Bates, if possible, to play it. Was Trai actually singing? I love The Carpenters and always swoon at their songs and that was a damn good and sultry cover of "Superstar." (and yes, I know The Carpenters didn't write the song but their version is the most famous.) The smackdown of Diana DuBois was incredible on all levels!
  6. I tuned in about 10 minutes late and obviously missed something because the episode didn't grab me or hold my attention.
  7. Guys, I know today is a big day but please remember to keep all comments related to show talk. Thanks in advance!
  8. I liked both Morris and Trammell but don't believe either are Hall worthy.
  9. Never ever would I have guessed that Pamela wasn't real. I didn't think she was part of the DuBois clan either but knew there was a story with her and with Cookie's jail flashbacks I started to wonder if she was Pound Cake's daughter. I enjoyed seeing Teyonah Parris again (I loved her on "Mad Men") so I'm sorry to see Pamela go poof. Trai Byers, damn. Such a superb piece of acting because as a viewer it felt so real.
  10. I am already tired of hearing about Ohtani and we're still in the off season.
  11. I love MLBN year round.