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  1. Part 4

    This episode seemed to have more than its share of "music video" sequences. Not sure they added a lot.
  2. Yes! 13 and 14 fail to capture all the complexities. This affects my affect.
  3. The clip of them on that web page presenting at the Emmys is...unimpressive in terms of chemistry.
  4. S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    And yet he's right that if his premise is correct, it is the only rational way to live. What rational human being--gifted with the knowledge of how eternity works--would live his life any other way? It reminds me of a thought I've often had about God. The only believers who are truly rational are, paradoxically, the ones who take everything God said literally--the most orthodox among us. (Of whom I am not one.) Because if any part of you accepts the premise that there is a God, there is one incontrovertible conclusion--God is God. How dare you disobey even a tiny fraction of His hundreds of commandments? You'd have to be crazy. Now, most people who do believe in God (including me) are not like that. We pick and choose and discard the pronouncements and commandments that don't make sense to us, while still being moral people. But there's no getting around the fact that if God exists, God is God--and it really would make the most rational sense to act like it.
  5. Part 3

    While we're asking to be reminded of things...what was the reason Sweat was originally moved down to another cell block? Was it because he didn't want to do it anymore with Tilly? But why would that cause that to happen? If I can just put that piece together, I'll feel whole again. :)
  6. Part 2

    I agree he's excellent in this, but I'm interested in why you call the character a shitbag. I think I may be missing something, but he seems at least as much a victim to me as a perpetrator.
  7. Part 1

    Chalk up another viewer bothered by upper New York State people talking with Upper Midwest accents. That said, I liked the episode and will watch the next one. But while we're on the subject of voices...Did anyone else have a harder time than usual understanding a lot of the dialogue? When actors were speaking "in the clear" (i.e., not buried by music), it wasn't too bad, even though a lot of them didn't enunciate. But when there was music, the sound mix buried the actors under it. Combined with casual enunciation, it demanded closed-captioning--which I resisted, because it's just ridiculous to force viewers to resort to that, when a proper sound mix is all that's required.
  8. S02.E10: Trust No One

    As the season progressed, I began to wonder more and more: Who is paying Zellner's tab? Just her hours alone would easily be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars by now. But that's not all. As we've seen her consult expert after expert, performing test after test, my mental fee calculator approached the million dollar mark. So, did she amass such wealth in her practice that she can afford to do this case pro bono (and is every other expert offering his time pro bono, or is she paying them out of pocket)? Does she view it as an "investment" because it brings her untold value in publicity? Or is Netflix paying the tab? To be clear, none of the above questions imply that I doubt she is driven by a genuine desire for justice. I do believe she is. But that genuine desire for justice costs money.
  9. I would add (upon thinking further) that sympathy isn't only about sadness. It's feeling the same thing as another person, whatever that feeling is. We speak of "sympathetic vibrations," and those are usually understood to be positive. Any in-synch-ness of feeling is sympathetic.
  10. Good point. As I understand the correct definitions of the terms, empathy is not about a feeling-state, it's about an imaginative-state. That is, the ability to imagine the experience of another. One can imagine the experience of another without feeling that same feeling, or without feeling sad. If one does feel sadness for the other person, that's sympathy.
  11. S02.E07: Item FL

    Is it incontrovertible fact that the cause of death even was a bullet fired into her head? Or, if so, that the bullet was the same type found on the floor? I don't remember. If both those things are true because of being proven in other ways, I would be inclined to ignore the lack of bone matter on the bullet. But if there isn't corroborating evidence that she was killed by a bullet to the head of the same type as Avery's, then she could have been killed innumerable other ways and places.
  12. S02.E07: Item FL

    Do you have a theory other than this? Zellner's conclusion seemed like the only one possible to me. I ask because you may be thinking of something that I'm not able to come up with.
  13. S02.E05: What + Why = Who

    I'm sticking with this season, because while it isn't as compelling as the first one, I am finding it just interesting enough to keep going. But I have to think viewership is way down, judging from the lack of activity here. The first season stoked a very enlivening feeling of outrage in viewers, extrapolating from me. :) But this season, a feeling of despair hangs over the whole thing, a deadening sense that despite the Herculean efforts of good people, nothing is going to work out, and hopes will only be crushed. I wonder if that accounts for the lower level of viewership/engagement.
  14. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Was happy to get to see Laura Benanti's Eliza Doolittle on this morning's Macy's Parade telecast. Divine!
  15. S02.E04: Welcome to Wisconsin

    The clips of Kratz definitely don't do him any favors, but for the record, it doesn't appear that he talked to the documentarians at all. Every time we see him it's from some kind of TV-news interview of the past several years.