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  1. A Million Little Things . I've heard that it is "lighter" than TIU and it focuses on friendships, not family....which gives me some optimism, despite the marketing campaign that is very clearly trying to make it the next This is Us . Back to the hate, though...a bit more on what drove me crazy about TIU. I'm someone who cries pretty easily and, oddly, I like shows that move me to tears. However, I cried exactly twice in TIU--the pilot made me mist up and I cried when William died (which happened to air the week my own mother died, so I can't even say that my tears were for the show). My dry-eyes wouldn't be a problem, except Dan Fogelman and the cast were saying every chance they got how TIU would make the audience cry their eyes out. First of all, unless the name of your show is Call the Midwife , you can't say that your show will definitely make me cry. Secondly, if I'm told--repeatedly--that an episode is going to make me cry and then it doesn't, no matter how well written, performed, and/or directed that episode is, it is a failure because it didn't deliver what it promised. I think if they had just cut the "you will CRY!!!!" crap, I might have actually made it through season 2.
  2. I'm definitely on the TIU-hate bus. I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot and there were episodes in the first season that I felt had been done well. However, I started having concerns about halfway through the first season when I realized that we were getting zero growth from any of the characters and the whole thing seemed too preoccupied with how Jack died which, frankly, doesn't even really matter (I mean, the important thing was he was dead, not how he died). I did push through the first season and had what I considered realistically high expectations for the second. Unfortunately, it all just seemed to fall apart in the second season and I abandoned it at the winter hiatus and never looked back. The thing is that TIU is a show I really should like--it has all the ingredients for what I want in a show, but--keeping the cooking metaphor going--never came together into an actual dish. The only new show I'm looking forward to in the 2018/2019 season seems a bit too derivative of TIU, but I'm hoping that it ends up working better and, if it does, I hope it steals away some of TIU's (unearned, IMO) acclaim.
  3. I just came across a video of the initial meeting and the Queen very clearly initiated the handshake. So, not bowing was fine Shaking hands was fine. Stepping in front during a review of the guard was decidedly NOT fine.
  4. Here is an article from the BBC that has a list of do's and don'ts with the Queen. It doesn't specifically say that it is not allowed to step in front of the Queen. However, stepping in front of: 1 - A Head of State in their own country 2 - A 90+ year old woman 3 - Pretty much anyone, if you give a fig about common etiquette is pretty much a universally acknowledged as being a no-no, so it probably didn't even occur to the author of this article to include it (the article is from 2017). It does say that one should never turn their back on the Queen, which unavoidably happens when you step in front of her. It does, however, say that one should never touch the queen unless she initiates contact. I didn't see if her handshakes with the Trumps were initiated by her or not.
  5. All Episode Discussion

    Because the air dates keep changing for the remaining episodes of this show and the traffic in this forum is low, I'm moving all the episode threads into this All Episode thread.
  6. Please remember to keep the conversation in the episode threads to the episode at hand. Posts that talk about what happens in future episodes, including discussion and hints about the fates of specific storylines, will be removed.
  7. A Note from the Mods

    Hello, kindred spirits! Season Two is almost upon us and I wanted to alert you to a few things. First of all, I've started threads for all 10 episodes. However, Netflix tends not to release episode titles and descriptions until they drop the show, so I will go back in on July 6th and update the threads, although you can post in them before that. Secondly, this show will not release in Canada until later this year. So, for our Canadian viewers, if you go into these threads before the episodes start on CBC, you will be spoiled! If you would like to have some non-spoiled discussion of the second season, you can find that in Anne of the Future: Speculation. And, for our Netflix viewers, please try to keep the conversation in the episode threads to the topic's episode. While you may refer to previous episodes if the conversation as a whole is about the topic episode, any discussion of episodes that come after the topic episode will be hidden for spoilers.