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  1. I started watching this with my husband but didn't get too far until he fell asleep (take that as you will). However, my complaint is that my children found this in Netflix's "kid" section and were halfway through the first episode before I caught it. Grrr.....
  2. S02.E08: Season 2, Episode 8

    Exactly! Also, even if the somehow ended up in the North (where slavery was still legal, although it was a *slightly* weaker institution there), they still would never be able to live as a family as they have been in London. And how would everyone afford to go? Yes, they have some mone...I've seen a figure of 5 pounds per person, but that doesn't include all you would need to bring with you (like food...these ships didn't have buffet line). That's about $1000 in modern US dollars. Again, that is *per person.* Of course, there was the alternative of going over as an indentured servant, but they would have no control over where in the colonies they were going and were committing to about 7 years of service (which, while not as horrible as slavery, wasn't much better).
  3. Scandalous Speculation

    I just can't see Jacob (or North) going to America. That is almost like someone who is Jewish (even if they are ethnically Jewish, but practicing another or no religion) going to Germany in 1938. There is absolutely no mystery about slavery in the Colonies, especially in the Southern Colonies (which includes Virginia) and they know Harriet, who had been enslaved. Yes, they would be "free" once they arrived, but they would have no way to prove it (and frequently "proof" meant nothing). This show has been incredibly historically accurate and I think if they try something like this, it will blow all its believability out of the water.
  4. Scandalous Speculation

    I'm going to go ahead and work on 2 assumptions here: 1 - This show is getting a 3rd season 2 - Margaret is truly in America and won't be making some miraculous return (sniff!) The next season should be interesting, but I could see how things could work. Yes, Lydia is still around, but I don't know how she would get out of Bedlam, unless Charles has a sudden change of heart (which I doubt, since I assume he is now the proprietor at Golden Street). This show works best on several opposing forces, and we still have that, even with Lydia and Margaret essentially out of the picture. Spartan is still around, and only short 1 person. I'm sure there is some animosity now between Charlotte, Lucy, and Nancy and Lady Fitz, I also see the beginning of a conflict between Emily and North, even if it was based on a misconception on her part. We also have Harriet and her group and wherever they land (I'm guessing Greek Street). Then we have Charles vs. Emily and that whole deal. And who the hell knows what Cherry is up to. Clearly, Charlotte (possibly with Nancy), is ascending to the "Margaret" role of the show. I can actually see Emily becoming a bit of a Lydia here. They are able to keep the momentum of the show going, even without the matriarch characters. Also, while I hope that there is a 3rd season, I'm not sure they can keep things going much beyond that. Either Spartan is done or everyone is dead, but something has to happen at this point. As much as I loved this season (I think it was better than the first, which I also loved), it did feel like the second book in a trilogy to me
  5. S02.E08: Season 2, Episode 8

    I would watch the hell out of a show of Margaret indentured servant-ing away in Colonial Virginia. More thoughts in the spec thread.
  6. S02.E08: Season 2, Episode 8

    Well, that was definitely worth it. I'm convinced that this is one the best shows currently around and I want to say "ditto" to all your posts. Here are a couple of other things that stood out for me. Margaret's family is mistakenly under the impression that she can never return. We know from the last episode that Hunt told her that she could return after her sentence (7 or 14 years) was complete (historically we know that she would also have to be able to afford to return to England). I don't think this was a writing error--it is realistic for them to have known people who were transported, none of whom ever returned. I do think, though, it would be far more likely that she would have been transported to Georgia, and not Virginia. But here's what I found completely heartbreaking about this. Now that they all know where she has gone--and I think we can assume she's on her way as Hunt said she'd sail "tomorrow" and North was looking for a body that was hanged "yesterday"--most of her family could theoretically find her. Charlotte, Lucy, and even Nancy could make their way to Virginia. Hunt and Margaret's son, however, could never do that. Even though Margaret is alive, she's still essentially dead to North. I was moved more than I expected when Nancy admitted to Charlotte that Margaret was the great love of her life. I really appreciate how this show is handling what modern eyes might label "gay" relationships. Here they aren't one thing or the other...they just are. I think this also applies to how the show treats the characters modern eyes might label "minority" but here they have full agency. I recently listened to a podcast that featured an interview with an author who writes historical fiction. She says that she always looks for the characters that history tries to put on the fringe because, in reality, they weren't on the fringe. Sort of along those lines: Violet and Amelia. I wonder where they will go with this, but I do think that the two women are on different pages. While I don't doubt that Violet has a genuine affection for Amelia, I don't think she necessarily wants to be in a relationship with her. She is far more determined to be tied to no one in any way and to be independent. And since Hunt (who I am so glad is still alive) seems back in the picture, it should be interesting. I really, really missed the hearty laughter and heaving bosom of Margaret Wells...it made her absence feel more devastating. Finally, Florence Scanwell preaching at the mental hospital with Lydia screeching was just pure perfection.
  7. Small Talk: The Impala

    Hey all, we know that the absence of sub-forums is currently making the forum difficult to navigate. However, the threads--including this one--are not the place to vent your frustrations about this. If you would like to discuss it with your fellow posters, utilizing the Private Message function is an excellent way to do so.
  8. Scandalous Speculation

    In the 2.7 thread, @chaifan wrote: I do think that there should be some housekeeping...the cast is starting to get a little bloated. It's fine now, but if they keep growing it, it will become unmanageable. I'm thinking Blaine is the most likely to go, only because his storyline has so much urgency at the moment. I don't really see how they can keep it going from the point we are currently at. Either Blaine finds Sophia and does something to Lady Fitz, or Lady Fitz does something (or someone does something at her behest) to Blaine. Honestly, though, I'd love to see that vile character gone. Villains like him are effective, but only for short periods of time. It does seem like they are trying to set up Sophia as an at least supporting character, so I'm hoping Lady Fitz is the one who sticks around.
  9. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    Replying to this in the speculation thread...
  10. Harris's List: Harlots in the Media

    That is a fascinating article and, honestly, the sex scenes are the least fascinating thing about it. I love how this show is so respectful of the actresses (and actors) and I think that really shows in their performances.
  11. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    I don't think the hangman was in on it. He was at the mercy of the executioner (Hunt) and if things did not go the way Hunt wanted, the hangman would be responsible for it. He just had to do whatever Hunt told him, as we saw when Margaret was begging Hunt to tell the hangman to kick the table out from under her.
  12. Scandalous Speculation

    I think that there will come a point where Quiqley, through her own machinations, gets herself in such a tight spot that she will ultimately have to side with the other women. I feel like this show is heading down the road of "all the aristocratic men are evil." I'm okay with that, but I would love to see a benevolent aristocratic man show up if only to break up the stereotype somehow. Fallon will never be sent to the colonies. Men of his standing never were. The whole idea of penal transportation was to get rid of the riff-raff. He is much more likely to hang for his crimes (although I have a feeling that Lucy might cause his end). Oh, and while I think that Quigley will eventually "turn," I'd still love to see her hang. Just sayin'.
  13. Harlots Cast & Crew in Other Projects

    I think it would be possible for Samantha Morton to do Harlots and The Walking Dead. Both shows have shorter seasons and, if the filming schedules don't overlap, she could do both and probably still have time off during the year.
  14. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    Sentences for transportation were for either 7 or 14 years. After the sentence was complete, the person serving the sentence could return to England, but they had to pay their own way. As a result, most stayed in the colonies (and then in Australia). Here is an article about it .