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  1. I wonder...is this because of ratings (I honestly don't know what the ratings are for this show) or because the hosts of The Chew want to move onto other things?
  2. I'm already disappointed that whoever put this list together doesn't know how to alphabetize titles, re: the use of "The". Just sayin'.
  3. Well, technically, Prince Harry is still correct, but I get you on the Duke part. I'm still having trouble of thinking of William as a Duke instead of a Prince.
  4. S02.E12: Day 485

    My guess is that his parents immigrated illegally, but at a time when having children born in the USA would allow you to stay. It was mentioned that his parents where dead, so their citizenship status is moot. Instead, we get Jay who is analogous to a DREAMER (although he doesn't have the current protection under DACA). Had the issue with his birth certificate arose a few years earlier, it probably could have been easily solved with a few court filings, which his employers would have been happy to do for him. I did miss the part about the Uncle, though...
  5. S02.E12: Day 485

    I thought it seemed shorter as well. I think the different name was his parents' attempt to avoid any confusion/suspicion. A genuine birth certificate existed from Nigeria so, if another birth certificate with the same name and same parents shows up in the US, it could trigger something. Obviously it didn't work, but I think that was the intent.
  6. I hadn't known about Oprah's dress, but I agree. Wearing white to a wedding when you are not the bride is a still a major faux pas in the US, and one that I'm sure everyone knows about (the same taboo doesn't hold to wearing black, which is an acceptable color to wear, especially to evening weddings). Oprah may not be focused on things like this, but her stylist(s) definitely is and the fact this happened--if it happened--leaves me gobsmacked.
  7. Life in Pieces - All Episodes

    Actually, we won't be watching in the fall. CBS has this as a midseason show next season....
  8. Life in Pieces - All Episodes

    So, I logged onto my CBS All Access this morning to watch the season finale and thought, "Um, this is funny and all, but it doesn't really make any sense..." I had no clue there were 2 episodes until I read this. (Yes, I have since gone back and watched both episodes...probably the best of the season!)
  9. S01.E10: Opening Night

    I doubt that they shot 2 endings, only because this was shot several months ago (before, I believe, the show even began to air). Also, it was expected that Rise would inherit the This Is Us audience, which didn't happen. I have a feeling that no one was more shocked about this cancellation than NBC.
  10. Collecting and De-Collecting

    It sounds like donating is not an option you are considering, or else I would suggest giving them to your local library for their book sale. I get the desire NOT to get into the shipping business--I've done that and it is a major pain in the ass. If you were willing to do a little bit of that, you could offer your books in one large group or 3-4 lots. That way you could let go of a larger number of books in fewer shipments. Since everything is also on one topic, you could venture into the world of figure skating fandom and see if anyone there is interested. I also get the issue with the second hand stores. I have 2 in my area and one will only accept paperbacks and the other (Powell's) is inexplicably picky. Since your books are pretty niche, I think the 2nd hand route would be difficult.
  11. And, once again, all but one show that I plan on watching will be on Thursday night. Proven Innocent doesn't show up here. I hadn't heard that it is a mid-season show, but could it show up post football season (on Thursday....sigh!)
  12. New series coming to Netflix. Foreplay: Anticipation for Sex Education Pillow Talk: Small Talk The Manuals: Sex Education in the Media
  13. All Episodes Talk: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    The few times I've seen Diane Keaton on interview shows such as this, she has always seemed over the top and out of control. At first, I thought there might be some substance involved, but I know I think (hope?) that she is actually quite nervous doing these things and is over-compensating.
  14. My friend, we are in the same boat--this is the second show I'll be watching just to watch actors I had to quit watching in the disaster that was Grimm. I do worry, though, that from what I've heard of this show, that there isn't that much actual *story* going on. Of course, that didn't stop TIU (at least up until the middle of this past season, when I quit watching). It's hard to tell from a trailer, so I am more than happy to be wrong on this count. Still, this is the show I'm most excited about next season so I hope it all works out. Oh, and I am glad to hear that we already know how the guy dies. That already puts this one a good season and a half ahead....