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  1. Interesting. On PHOTOS - Meet the Cast of Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid! - Reality Blurb I found some pictures of another model, Carrington. A much prettier "blonde" than Lilyan. Bone structure! Wide set eyes! There's a group shot of them all & she's on the end. I guess she didn't work out for some reason & they just cropped her out? Hmmm.....
  2. Lilyan's face is average at best: close-set eyes, weak bone structure, bulbous nose, short neck. A number of her pre-show pictures featured her wearing large sunglasses to hide her face. And she's short. 5'3. She's not a bad looking person, but Who? In The World?! told her she was supermodel material?!? The way she talks about herself--- girl, bye. Plus, her nasty attitude makes her look downright ugly. Lilyan was right though, about Makenzie's fake-ass tears. What kinda social anxiety causes you to be a total bitch to your mama? Makenzie can have several seats! In the modeling world, Lilyann would get booked over Makenzie, even though Makenzie is more modelesque. Disrespecting the Artistic Director is a huge no-no. Word quickly gets around & it makes a model un-bookable. I think Breanna is adorable but her mom is soo obnoxious & thirsty. Girl, let your daughter get some shine! Talking about moisturizing homemade vaginal wipes on national tv next to your, clearly embarressed, young daughter? Girl, get a filter! Athena is adorable--- just young and a little shy--& her mom is nice, too. She's a front-runner for me along with Mikayla. I thought it was interesting that Mikayla had the best attitude, personality & social skills & she's the only one who isn't home schooled. Her face & 'fro are adorable, but I thought her body movement at the photoshoot was just lovely! It's hard to believe she's such a novice.
  3. So wrong. Soo funny!
  4. What in the UPSET is going on?!? I know folks are rusty from the winter break, but Damn! Serena, out. Venus, out. Sloane Stephens, Coco Vandeweghe, John Isner, Sam Stosur, Dominika Cibulkova, Jack Sock--- All OUT! I'm exhausted!
  5. Did you guys hear about this? Basketball Wives' Jennifer Williams 'slashed ex Tim Norman's tyres' I don't know how much I believe about Tim's side of the story. But, anyway it's just messy!
  6. Oh! Ok, thanks! I didn't know any of this; I've missed several episodes & just caught this one because Jennifer was featured heavily. I always like to see her hair & makeup & clothes. I'm thrilled Janae has moved on. Did they show her husband at all? I hope he treats her better than Tim did. I pray she has a healthy pregnancy this time. It was soo sad & scary when TJ was born premature...
  7. What was that Ms. Robbie said about expecting a new grandchild?!? Who's pregnant? It was sad watching Jennifer pick out rings & cajole Tim to go house hunting, etc., knowing what's in their future: restraining orders, lawsuits, stalking...
  8. ******Hey folks!!! This is totally off-topic, but--- I'm trying to start a forum for Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid. It airs on Lifetime. I'm thinking some of you guys would be interested, too. Please click on "Info," "Site business," then "New forum requests." We need some help coming up with cute, funny Topic Titles. Or, at least if we can get some "likes" maybe that would motivate the moderators to create the forum? Thanks!
  9. Damn, that was cold. Hope it was worth it, Brother, because that's going to be your TC legacy. Still, I don't understand how the roulade presentation would have made Tu's chicken skin crispier.
  10. It hurt me that the octopus didn't make it on the plate in the QF. I wanted somebody to taste it even if it couldn't be judged. I was glad to see Adrienne go back & taste her food after the judges critique. Not that it helped. Padma calling out Fatima tho! Lol, girl you better represent for South Asia. Um, nobody helped Lee Ann down the stairs with her luggage?? The idea of a radler doesn't sound good to me at all. Then again, I don't really like fruity sodas & I rarely drink beer. I can't believe Chris wasn't in the bottom 3 with pre-fab sausages & buns.
  11. Kelly from the Deli reminds me of Patricia Field.
  12. Oh! She was adorable! That cute lil 'fro! I remember her better than quite a few girls who actually made it into the house. One problem she had is that there was a lot of strong competition for mixed-looking/ethnically ambiguous girls. But, let's be real--- they didn't pick her because she was too shy & sweet! Producers be like: 'Hm. Do we take the quiet one with the perma-smile or the one that read Law Roach for filth?!? Decisions, decisions...' I didn't catch that. Thanks! No wonder the clothes were so fabulous & crazy. I was impressed that the production values looked so expensive. Yep, that was her. Really pretty! I thought she had already done some professional modeling? But, Tyra was all 'No. You're an actress. Bye.' Also, I hate to pick on the poor girl with alopecia, but something was off with her skin. She had bags under her eyes & just overall didn't look healthy. I wonder if she has other health issues?
  13. Molly took Jon's unemployment well. Shawniece seems a bit immature. Expressive eyes run in Jephte's family. Without saying a word, they were all 'really happy for him'/'I can't believe he's doing this!'
  14. Good Lord! There's gotta be a fashion recap somewhere! Here's a teeny bit to tide you over: ProudMary over in Fashion Crimes feels our pain, too.
  15. Oh dear. Apparently the "four brides who all know each other" IS their conceit for the new season.