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  1. Mental illness would explain why Ashley is having such a hard time cutting her mom off. The woman needs therapy or at least a life coach; she was all over the place talking about what she wanted to do with her life. I've met 16 year-olds with more solid, reasoned 5 year plans. She doesn't look like a meth addict, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was on something; these days so many addicts abuse "prescription" medication.
  2. You know, it just dawned on me that---maybe--- if Megan had her druthers, she would have worn her reception dress as her wedding dress. The Givenchy is iconic & very sweet, but the Stella McCartney looks much more her style. It was also white & had a train; we didn't get much of a look at it & she was kinda holding the train in her right hand. Of course, a sleeveless, backless dress would have been completely inappropriate! But, maybe they could have remedied that with some sheer, lacy or beaded material. It's just interesting to think about all of the personal concessions she has to make to live the royal lifestyle. Then again--- she was standing next to a man wiping tears off his face with love for her! My favorite parts of the Royal Wedding: Watching Harry & William together. They looked soo handsome walking in! Their body language was so in sync; it suggests a close bond between the 2. Harry's nerves reminded me of William's on his wedding day, lol. The music was lovely & the lighting was spectacular! The carriage procession with all those beautiful horses, the sea of people cheering, the two footmen standing behind them who couldn't contain their smiles--- that's the stuff dreams are made of!
  3. Tennis Thread

    Good point. I just read that she withdrew from the Madrid Open & the Italian Open, so the French looks increasingly iffy. Oh well, at least she's enjoying life off the court. Lol!!
  4. S01.E06: Etoufee-faced

    Hm. I'm not familiar with this show. Barry & Tamica make such a beautiful looking couple, but watching them fight is painful. Being on reality tv has a history of breaking up a lot of marriages, so things don't bode well. I need a palate cleanser. Time for my eleventeenth viewing of the Royal Wedding.
  5. Isn't Candiace's mom some kinda psychologist?!? Why would she be soo cruel as to ever tell her daughter, "your father left you when you were small." The fuck?!? Who says that to their child? I didn't really care about her taking over the wedding planning; mom's do that sometimes & she is writing the check. But, this is just toxic. I'm side-eyeing her more than Ashley's mom because she's supposedly well-educated in mental health.
  6. Well, that escalated quickly. I was relieved Karen had those shrieking harpies escorted out of the restaurant. How embaressing! I had to laugh when little bitty Monique bowed up to Robyn. Girl, don't write a check your butt can't cash. These ladies had some really nice figures in their swimsuits. Made want to go do some crunches. (Nope. Still on the couch. Eating.)
  7. Tennis Thread

    Well, I don't know if she'll be rusty at the French Open, but Serena slayed at the Royal Wedding!
  8. Tennis Thread

    I was shocked her fine was only 4 figures. That was horrible. That ref must have been legit terrified.
  9. S03.E06: I Came From Jesus

    To my, ahem, trained eye--- Monique's bottle of Caymus appeared to be a standard size 750ml which is 5 glasses of wine.
  10. Butter?!? Blasphemy!!! I had to google this one & apparently there are lots of recipes for using butter in collard greens. In particular it's supposed to create a savory flavor when you don't use meat. sATL did you happen to notice if the Braxton's omitted smoked meat? I dunno ya'll... I may try it if I pick up a small batch of pre-washed, chopped, packaged collards. I wouldn't want to waste my time washing & chopping a two pound mess 'o greens & don't have it come out right. But, please don't tell my mama I said that.
  11. Putting Tracie off the tour that way was just messed up. She deserves an honest response at least. If you did it (👀 looking at you, Tamar) own what you did & say what you gotta say, but hanging up the phone in her face? No, just no. I'm willing to hear Tamar out, but nobody can hear you if you refuse to talk. On the upside, I thought Tracie looked great in her talking heads with the blue, wavy hair. I like it much better than the hot pink looks she's been sporting for a while. And those scenes at the end with that beautiful grandbaby just melted my heart! This was the season finale, right? A good way to go out on such a positive note. I hope they continue with or without Tamar. The baby shower was hilarious! I cracked up when everybody was giving Mama E a hard time while she was flirting with the new dude. & his response that his Black Card should take care of it put Papa Braxton in his place in a light hearted way.
  12. S03.E06: I Came From Jesus

    Once again, Monique was *killing* me with her braid game this episode! I just loved how she had those tiny, intricate braids in between the large cornrows. Her husband was so sweet helping her with her injured back. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, probably from his time in football. When that big, hunk of man said maybe she should forget about the trip, stay home & let him take care of her--- Chile! Ida been like: "Bye, bitches!" I'm not one to ditch my girlfriends for a man, but she really does need to care for her back injury. Once you get past 30, injuries don't always heal 100%. Drunk Monique is quite funny, but drunk driving is never acceptable. Shame on her. I'm shocked that the production company doesn't have safeguards in place. On all these Housewives shows, the women are always drinking. We usually see footage of them driving themselves to location, but I always assumed production had pre-arranged a safe way for them to get home. This should be a wakeup call for Monique, Bravo, Andy Cohen, etc. to do better. I think Monique's drinking is related to unresolved issues from her miscarriage.
  13. I'm sympathetic to Ms. E. about her marriage. I've never been in that situation; it must suck. But, wasn't the divorce, like, fifteen years ago? Time to put on her Big Girl Panties, build a bridge & Get Over It. I agree with sATL, her problem is she needs to get herself a new man. Personally, I wouldn't give my ex the satisfaction of knowing I was still hung up on him. Braxton & Ms. Wanda are pretty amiable; I think I could fake it even if I secretly hated their guts. Tamar is something else. Smh. She took Toni's engagement news (finally!) & made it all about "she." Cripes! I know she's going through a divorce, but Damn! Offering to plan the wedding: a nice gesture. Insisting you & only you plan the wedding: Team Way Too Much. The sisters have been soo patient with her. I only hope one day she sees that. I. Died. When Toni was told Birdman wanted to tattoo the wedding date on his head. *snicker!* Um, well, he's..... fully invested in the marriage! Smooth response, Ton, a very graceful way of saying 'Aw, Hell to the naw!' Lol! Maybe she can get him to laser off some of those horrible face tatts. And why was her butt crack waay out in that one dress at the photoshoot?!? She has a hot body for sure. I certainly don't see the 20 pounds she says she gained for her film role. But, eww, that wasn't cute. I sense a bummer coming on with the finale. The pace of the show has been soo slow this season--- at least regarding Toni's engagement announcement to the sisters. There is. No. Way. They're going to properly address Tamar having Traci booted from the tour in one episode.
  14. Vonn is a cutie! Go Trina! I liked that she said she can be herself around him. I cannot believe the sisters asked about his credit & penis size. I bet Trina wanted to crawl under the table. Did anyone catch what field he's in? The gender reveal was cute. Zzzz.......Somebody wake me up when Toni tells her sisters she's engaged.
  15. Michael is too controlling over Ashley in general, but I understand his plight here: I think he would be fine taking care of Ashley's mom, but he's not trying to take care of some lazy, good-for-nothing, maybe abusive dude that's about the same age as him, too. I think they should cut Ashley's Mom' support by a quarter, then a half & give her time to adjust or make some life decisions.