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  1. Watching Tamar & Vince's marriage implode is not entertaining, it's just painful... & the allegations of years long physical abuse... It just feels unsavory to watch the show now. Like, maybe somebody should have put the camera down & stopped a bitch from getting her ass beat...
  2. I was here for the runway, honey! It was exciting! I loved Marguerita's yelllow jumbo print muu muu & her striped jumpsuit, although it could have been fitted better. Of course, her moment with Jazzmine was everything!!!! YASSS, Queen! I'm not plus-sized, but I love-love-loved the body positive moment. & I'm glad her family made it! In contrast, Brandon really didn't utilize Liris to his best advantage. I thought his collection was a snooze-fest. I mean, if you don't respond to that particular pattern, there's no where else to look. Ayana's jacket & pants look was my favorite of all the collections. The wedding dress was breathtaking. I responded less to her circle texture fabric looks & didn't need so many ruffled looks. I thought her tailored pieces were her best work. That's what I would buy. Go Kentaro!!! Clean, structure, editorial & streetwear... plus, he's a nice person! Good luck to him! (P.S. They could have edited out his pops biting the dust.)
  3. I feel like I came away with more questions than answers this episode. I need to watch it again. I wonder how much money Hollywood is going to get? I guess this was a settlement from that fire/explosion on the oil rig? Just how many farmers walked away from the Queen Sugar Mill? It seems kinda loosey-goosey for business--- people just stopping by & telling RA or whoever in hushed tones that they won't be using QS. Nothing in writing. It seems too easy for them to back out & leave Charley high & dry. Also, help me understand what exactly is so wrong with Charley working with that other mill? I feel like I'm missing something. When are RA & Darla going to have a conversation with Blue? I get that he's 4, but one minute they're telling him they're getting married & will live happily ever after. The next they are taking turns disappearing without explanation. So many questions...
  4. OHHH!!!! Ok, thanks!
  5. I dunno, chile. They've got a LOT of baggage for sure. Maybe part of the problem is that Kandi & Tiny are the richest & most famous, meanwhile the sisters are the most talented vocally. Oh! & Tiny's butt implants tho ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€.... Lawdhavemercy!!!
  6. I just noticed the show is airing on a new channel: BHER. I had to look it up; it's Bet HER. Channel 174 for me. The new episode is shown at 7pm, with a rerun late night. Last season the show was on regular BET.
  7. There was soooo much tension between the members of Xscspe, I've never seen Andy more uncomfortable. Lord, where was the alcohol?! Never have guests needed it more.
  8. Did anybody watch "Xscape Still Kicking It"? I thought the bickering would annoy me to death, but I stayed for the music. They took me back... Ah! Those were my jams! Thank you! I missed the BET awards. So, they're going on tour with Monica & Tamar Braxton & Nene. Sounds like a good ticket! Just caught the Xscape appearence on "Watch What Happens Live." Yikes! The tension! Buy your tickets quick, ya'll--- I dunno how long this tour's going to last....
  9. I think Cynthia has breast implants.
  10. Cynthia compared her date to Norbit. Lol! Damn, that was cold. Porsha's got 12 jobs. I would think she could afford a ticket to Kenya. That trip is hella long tho, first class or nah. Porsha suddenly becoming vegan. Um, don't you have to ease into that? Throwing out all that food was a horribly wasteful idea. I hope her assistant gave it to a neighbor or something. Noelle driving to Charlotte to see her boyfriend at 17 seems a little young to me. But, maybe I'm just old. Shamea's bridal shower looked so nice! I loved the hats & dresses & games! I wish they would have showed the food. I like Porscha's storyline with her sister, but that girl has resting bitch face for real. She always looks like she just smelled something bad. & her mouth is always open.
  11. There. Is. No. Fucking. Way! That dog would still be in my house around my kids. A half an inch from losing his whole eyeball is not a nip! Somebody needs to call Child Protective Services on this bish.... & big dummy Kroy went along with her foolishness. Smh.
  12. I only caught the second (๐Ÿ‘€!) hour. I really liked Ayana's jacket & pants look & Kentaro's blush look. I thought everything else I saw was hideous. Except for Kenya's, which were boring.
  13. Is anybody else watching this? Three months of Tamar & Vince's life before their marriage imploded. It's like watching a car crash.... So far, Vin seems to have chill, peaceful energy. He's happy with his weight loss & went to visit his parent's graves. But, Tamar seems like a bundle of nerves.
  14. Her fake crying was making me crazy. I don't see how she could have possibly had the mental & emotional fortitude to be a stock broker as she claimed. She really could benefit from some therapy. I thought JT was impressively tender with her. I was also impressed that he chose a less flashy renovation & mostly just fixed that rotted floor & foundation. I google mapped it--- looks like the place is still around.