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  1. Fantastic! Thank you! I just loved this article... it's quite long, but the whole time I was reading, I was rather dreading it coming to an end. Soo good.
  2. I thought the Cowboy's goose was cooked when it was announced that they had to use the same meat they butchered. I mean, his bones were all falling out. Thankfully, for him, they didn't have to use the whole rack. I loved watching Gordon butcher the meat---the contestants not so much---something about his precision and knife skills was lovely to see. I don't remember seeing the pretty blonde lady who finished top two in the skills test before. This show is so badly acted & over-dramatic & it sucks me in everytime. I wish I could quantify the dramatic pauses & cutaways to shocked facial expressions--- like, how many there are per show or what percentage of airtime is just that. Those numbers have got to be high.
  3. Oookay.... So, yesterday I was watching Wimbledon on ESPN. I was wondering why they were showing the beginning of Roger's match and not the end of Rafa's. During Rafa's 5th set, I finally heard the announcers say that it was showing on ESPN2. (Aaargh!!!) The part I watched was really compelling though.
  4. So, they were in Cabo for 30 days? Wow, nice work if you can get it! So, WHY was Larry so mad about Bianca being hugged up with another dude at the club that one time, if he's in love with Corey? Larry's love for Bianca is very selfish; he doesn't want her, but he doesn't want anyone else to have her. He should be encouraging her to go out & find a real relationship, rather than stringing her along with vague promises of marriage.
  5. This show is a hawt mess, & yet I feel so utterly drawn to it... I think it's because I appreciate seeing regular, middle-class Black folks, some with creative industry jobs on a reality show. I loved seeing a mix of sexual orientations & races (well, just a bit here). I like that sense of all are welcome. However, we do need to discuss Larry's bisexuality. The fact that Bianca didn't miss a beat when his gay lover came in. Kamani touched on it for a second. I was having lunch at work today when a group of Black, gay men were having a juicy discussion about bisexuality. They said that a woman should not waste her time on a bisexual man, because she could never 100% satisfy him. Thoughts???
  6. I didn't love her hair for the party, but I was willing to let it slide--- sometimes natural kinks & coils have a mind of their own. I was more disappointed by her sari. Ashley has a tight little body & her party outfit did nothing for her & the color was bad on her skin tone, too. My favorite look of the night was actually Charisse! I know! I'm shocked, too! That pale gold skirt was gorgeous & she really stood out among the other ladies with flashier colors & more skin showing. Girl, take your earrings off & I'll hold your purse! Folks all over this thread need a butt-whupping! Lol! Soo many good comments here--- wickedly funny, insightful & they brought receipts! 10x better than actually watching the show!
  7. 👀Yes. Very interesting! They look very happy! I loved her in "Marie Antoinette." Shame about all the tattoos.
  8. Thanks for listening! I want the bride to be happy, but I am just miserable! I am going to have a conversation with her about asking me to do things, not telling me to do things, & saying please & thank you. Wish me luck!
  9. "...And A Taxi Cab" episode featuring 4 New York-area brides--- basically 2 quiet, classy brides & 2 loud, tacky ones. The 2 loud brides were really big on shots & fist pumping. The one Jersey girl looked particularly dead behind the eyes. (That girl needs to drink a gallon of water & take some omega-3 fish oil capsules, stat!) The other one with curly/wavy hair was kind of mean, but she did make some good comments, although some of her pronounciations made me crazy. The one classy bride who was marrying an actor put on a very lovely wedding for, like, $15,000. I cheered out loud when she came out in her dress!!! You go girl! It fit her beautifully. Was that her sister or her twin with the same gorgeous face? I loved Emily's wedding--- the "quiet" bride. Exquisite for $25,000. The gold details on her dress were so lovely against her porcelain skin, as was her red rose bouquet & the big slab of chimichurri skirt steak at her reception looked delicious, though the other brides complained it was too cold. Surprise, surprise the girl with double her budget---ol' dead behind the eyes--- won. I kind of agreed with the other brides' complaints that there was too much food at her reception. Kind of stupid--- you don't have to eat it all--- & First World Problems for sure, but I know I would have felt bad about all the waste. Oh!!! The budget disparities just make me crazy!.... But, I think you are right; I think that's what makes the show compelling. (Aargh!!!) Yes, yes indeed. You are so right about the importance of love & family. One's real friends & family would never judge a wedding like the competitive strangers on this show. Soo much pressure to spend soo much money that they don't have.... smh. Juicy personal story, too! *sigh* On a personal note myself, I'll be a bridesmaid in my half-sister's destination wedding this fall. $2000 for me & a guest so far, plus a week off of work. The real problem is not the expense, but the lack of love & appreciation... It's too obvious I'm only being invited out of a sense of obligation & propriety :/.... sorry for going off topic... it's been weighing on my heart for 9 months... just venting... "Anthropologists." Yes! Makes me feel a lot better about watching so much bad reality tv. It started out as a Jersey thing, but I think the trend is spreading.
  10. Oh! Eva's dating Atlanta-based politician Michael Sterling--- that's the connection:
  11. Oookay.... I saw QS commercials, but I thought they were advertising the new season getting ready to start, not that it had already started. I'm late, but sitting down to four fresh episodes is exciting!
  12. I lurve Eva the Diva! However, it seems kinda random to just insert her into the show. We all saw how that worked out with Tootie. Apparently, her connection is with Nene. I guess they're importing a friend for Nene because she's fallen out with so many people on the show?
  13. Hopefully we've seen the end of the grossness that is Agu & Emily. The more Emily talked about what she doesn't remember, the more worried I am about the girl. That blackout business is some scary shit. Her tears about the breakup were laughably short-lived though. I mean, damn, Kamani was more upset about Agu, lol! Joseph gave her an out---stay away from Agu---- & she didn't take it. I find it fascinating that Larry overlooks Jermane & Bianca in pursuit of Cory, who's clearly a player. I wasn't buying that whole scene where Cory was sloppy, slurring, swaying drunk & professing his love for Larry. It was telling when he said Larry was the type of man he wanted to be with--- that's the kind of thing you say when your heart's not in it. Lo & behold, Cory apparently takes it all back. Jermane is my mvp for this series & he shone in all his finest this episode! His facial expressions are priceless, but his commentary Gives Me Life!
  14. Say whaaaaat?!? How random. ANTM's Eva Marcille set to join NeNe Leakes on RHOA
  15. The details on who was at fault in the accident aren't clear to me. But, I don't blame the family for suing either. Just tragic all around. Meanwhile, Venus is scheduled to play at Wimbledon at 8am est tomorrow.