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  1. ^^^^^Yes, yes & yes! It was soo bad, it made me wonder if WeTV has given up on the show... I mean, while we're watching all the bootleg, ratchet editing, they're heavily promo-ing new shows, targeted for a younger audience... All I can say is: Boooo!!!! This is one of my favorite reality shows!
  2. Sorry I'm a little late to comment. I had the same reaction as all of you. But, yeah, the poor man's battled serious drug addiction for decades. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body. After a certain point, even when you get clean, it still shows. If he's survived all that & is currently sober (I hope!) God bless him!
  3. *raises hand* I'd tune in to that forum! I've looked around several times & I was surprised there wasn't one. (OT. We'll have to agree to disagree about Tamar, though. She can be a mess, but I love her! Like Wendy. 😋 What about Jeannie Mai crying on the show over the state of her marriage the other day!?! About how she told her husband before they got married that she didn't want kids & now he's changed his mind! 💔)
  4. Ooo-kayyy.... a full sit down dinner with Mommy & the girls rehashing the PV trip & NO mention of everyone's absence from Vince's birthday?! Ok, show... I'm torn. On the one hand, I feel like if Mama Braxton don't want to talk to the b---oops! I mean, Ms. Wanda---never, ever, ever, ever, then she doesn't have to. On the other hand, it may give her some closure, so she can finally move on at this late date. Because clearly she hasn't. Mama Braxton's reaction when she thought Toni invited Ms. Wanda on the trip instead of just to dinner scared the crap out of me for a hot second. The sisters faces at the table watching Mommy were hilarious! So much goes unsaid in female relationships, especially familial and/or long term ones. Oh!!! Mama Braxton spilled some TEA, ya'll! So. Daddy Braxton had invited Ms. Wanda over to the house multiple times while he was still married! Tambout she was a co-worker. Hm! I couldn't help but IMAGINE hosting someone in my home---welcoming them, making sure they're comfortable, feeding them---& then have them turn around & walk off with my husband! Chile..... Andre's never been my favorite person, but there's nothing I hate worse than a bad breaker-upper. I think it's understandable that he was in his feelings for a while. But, I'm soo relieved he finally calmed down & behaved rationally. Towanda was really chill about the property settlement. She really looked like a big weight had been lifted off of her. Poor Toni! That PV trip & all the sun really did a number on her health. She did look puffy from all the steroids, but lucky for her she still looked gorgeous. I really identified with her when she talked about closing herself off from romantic love for a while. & I don't think it's a bad thing at all to take time to be to yourself. However, sometimes when you venture out of that phase, you don't make the best choice.
  5. Vince's birthday scene wasn't 100% honest either, regarding the sisters lack of involvement. But, at least it was actually shot in Mexico. You bring up some good points about logistics. I wonder what really happened? What really went down when Mommy abruptly exited stage left & the sisters no-showed for Vince's party, apparently without a word to Tamar? Was it that ugly that they declined to air it? Hmm...
  6. I rewatched the last episode more carefully. Now I'm convinced that scene with Towanda & Trina with straightened hair was a complete & utter reshoot, done some time after the vacation & likely NOT in Mexico! They edited it in at least 3 times over the last 2 episodes, one time with Mommy explaining why she was leaving PV. I guess the editors had their reasons.... for continuity of the storyline or some such, but it just reads false. I mean, we're not stupid. Braided hair is a significant time investment & a huge clue! The only thing that gave me pause is that I wasn't giving the show my full attention before. Do better, editors! This bit of smoke & mirrors wasn't necessary. The sisters are delighful & funny in their talking heads. That would have covered it without being so fake. Bah!
  7. I see you Lee Daniels! Yes, we should all be well-educated, hard-working & loved up like Barry & Michelle! 💜
  8. I can't keep all the new people straight; there are too many. The dynamic between the sisters is fascinating though. Why is the stylist still hanging around? I would say she can go anytime, however, I was honestly mesmerized by the sight of her in those leggings. Her hips are just soo... angular. And the juxtaposition of that enormous ass & the thigh gap situation... Can't. Look. Away. Yup. That's what I read on the internet anyway. My favorite moment in the episode: when Tami ordered her Bud Light in that fancy schmancy bar. Tami just tickles me so! I didn't have the best impression of her boyfriend though....
  9. Huh. The episode concluding the Puerto Vallarta trip was strangely edited. Trina's (very lovely & silky-looking!) straightened hair made it's second appearance. How in the world did she keep her hair looking salon chair fresh in that heat & humidity? I mean, we previously discussed the improbability of re-doing long braids during a vacation... And---did I miss something?--- the trip just sort of ended abruptly. It was weird not to have a fairwell meal or toast or something with sisters all together. I guess that should have been at Vince's birthday dinner. I understand why the sisters were upset that Tamar brought her husband & kids---because they weren't afforded the same opportunity--- but none of the sisters were able to put aside their feelings to celebrate Vince's birthday?!? First, that was so mean! If you're mad at Tamar, why take it out on Vince? That had to hurt his feelings. Looking at that half empty table hurt my feelings. Secondly, it beggars belief that again not one of them came. Not Toni?! Not Trina?! Tamar was hysterically crying her eyes out for Trina, like, 2 days prior. But now Trina's so mad at Tamar, she can't eat a meal with her?! I dunno. Either the sisters have some real passive aggressive tendencies, or something in the milk ain't clean. I actually burst out laughing when Mama Ev was lecturing Towanda & Trina about holding grudges. Remember that Just Say No commercial from back in the day? Mama Ev, they learned it from watching you....
  10. Roger looking sharp in his formal morning suit at Pippa Middleton's wedding: Mirka looks stunning!!!
  11. Just popped in to see what folks were saying about Pippa's dress. I'll be honest, I wasn't bowled over by it. But, you can't go wrong with simple, clean & classic. It was refreshing to see a bride look so modest & demure. (Maybe I've been watching this show too much, lol!) A hundred years from now her wedding pictures will still look lovely! Congratulations to the happy couple!
  12. I beg your pardon? Her lingerie & fur coat ensemble the previous episode was the epitome of class & elegance.
  13. Hmm.... I wonder what ole girl what'shername actually does for a living. Clearly she's not paying her bills being a stylist. No style & an inability to get along with others? What "top man" was putting her in the front row? Tami cracked me up in her talking heads & she looked gorgeous. She looked stunning in that short, platinum blonde wig. Clearly Shauni, Evelyn & Tami are the HBICs. The next episode preview---the one girl's sister said she lied about the miscarriage & actually had an abortion---made my jaw drop.
  14. This article: Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo is beaten and bound by robbers says her daughter is 21 & wasn't present during the home invasion. I hope Dina & her boyfriend are ok!
  15. I must say I'm really glad Tami & Evelyn made up. There's something about their friendship I just adore--- maybe because it seems genuine compared to all the fake friendships on reality shows. They just seem to get each other. The whole "apologize at the same time" thing cracked me up. Jackie is certifiable. I was kinda bummed they walked away from the Cool Sculpting appointment without getting anything done. I really want to see how that's done & what the recovery period is like. Tami was right though; Shaunie should have done more exhaustive research than looking on Instagram.