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  1. Let us never forget.... Watch "Judge Judy Lets Dog Find Its Owner Inside Court" on YouTube ... the great story of Baby Boy. 😊
  2. This was the worst runway presentation so far this season. Too many things were just over designed or had too much fabric to be practical or were just fug. It's fascinating how the designers have so much trouble making something so simple. Jammies. A nightie. A robe. Maybe it's because they slept rough on top of the Empire State Building & didn't have time to shower. Even the winning look had problems. It was pretty & I totally got the inspiration, but it wasn't flattering in the bosom. I thought the model looked oddly flat-chested. I love that it was produced in silk, but for $200 I expect perfection. The twins were so annoying to the the other designers this episode. I call gamesmanship.
  3. Video of Dino dancing:
  4. I don't have time to read all the comments right now--- I look forward to it! Soo many red borders, looks like you guys really brought it! *snap!* So, about the model Kylie being "curvy" & overwhelming the shaved twin--- I re-wound & checked. Her measurements are 36-31.5-44. I was like, hm. I broke out the tape measure. I'm 36-30-40. I wear a size 6 dress! If "curvy" = "plus-sized," that woman is not it! Shaved twin needs to get her life together. I'm glad the 2 judges called her out for it. Also, where was the cheating scandal I was promised?! I guess last week's preview could occur anytime during the season. Rats!
  5. I cannot believe they spent 25 minutes peeling crawfish. Zzzzzz. Eboni tried, but she won't be winning an Academy Award anytime soon. That crawfish dumpling broth dish looked & sounded delicious! Also, Jeff looks like George Costanza.
  6. Just caught the one episode today. So many of these bad reality tv shows are blurring together--- the women kinda all look the same & act the same & I don't really care too much about them or their petty dramas. & I don't really recognize any of their husbands/boyfriends/baby daddys. I miss Basketball "Wives" of Miami because there were a few classy, well-spoken girls in the mix. That made it more distinctive & gave me some women I could relate to. Plus, the show was more of a novelty then. I was mildly interested in the really pretty woman having drama with her future MIL. The show should have given more time to the future MIL, because I didn't get her point of view at all. She just seemed like a bitter older woman in need of a makeover. Yes, the really pretty girl's wedding timeline is absent, but I kinda got what she said about having to schedule everything in the off-season. The only other thing I remember is the cartoonish butt implants of a couple of the WAGS. Meh. Is anybody watching this?
  7. This show is sadistic. In one day, they had to transit to the meet & greet, meet everybody & have drinks, sketch, transit to Mood, shop, transit to the work room (they were there by 10:30am), work until 10:30pm, transit to their hotel, check in, unpack, shower, sleep in a room with strangers, then they were back in the work room by 9am for runway day. All in a large, slow-moving group. Good Lord! Cha cha should never have been cast. He has zero talent. He was beyond rude to his model on the runway. The judges can see. He didn't need to call her a "big girl." I felt like she wanted to shank him with one of her exquisitely chisled cheekbones. Brandon's camo & pink outfit should have been safe, not in the top. And that gold, alien monstrosity should have been in the bottom, not safe. Lol, how did they miss that? I thought Kenya's white dress was so sweet. Her model looked like an absolute doll. If she keeps up this display of skill, I'm sure she'll be able to secure a nice job in fashion. I'm really rooting for her! Betani should have picked a fabric that better represented her asthetic--- ethnic prints & bold colors. Also, she should have just admitted that she screwed up & cut the dress too small. Her attempts to save the look were disastrous. Why stand by something you know looks bad & is poorly sewn?
  8. Missed opportunity, show! When the Red team was undercooking/resting the steaks, I was so waiting for GR's "It's RAW!!!" Lol, what can I say? It takes me back to my Donald Duck days; I rather like watching GR pitch a fit. Throwing out those delicious-looking ends was a sin. Hope the camera crew ate them. Yachecia seemed oddly out of sorts this entire episode. *shrug* Maybe she just had a bad day. Help me out here folks--- how hard is it to boil barley? & then what did she do to help the Blue team once the barley was 86ed? She deserved TDPT. They made such a big deal about the Cowboy not being able to open his tin of caviar, but I think it was wayy more egregious that he omitted the beurre blanc. Wha happen? Did he just not make it at all? I mean, it had to go on before the caviar anyway. His pasta may have been nicely cooked, but it looked hella dry. Yachecia's beurre blanc may have been too thin, but she got everything on the plate. Yachecia for the win. This was a fake cliffhanger. Nice moment of well wishes between Yachecia & the Cowboy.
  9. The reunion was unenjoyable because Jackie talked over everyone. I caught "Baller Wives" after. Those women make the "Basketball Wives" seem mature, articulate and sophisticated.
  10. Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford call off engagement
  11. Just watched "...And a Pickup Truck." This is the episode where the one bride, Tanisha, infamously had her overflow wedding guests put outside during the reception. Ouch! I know I've commented on it here before, but it still stings. Yes, it is unbelievably rude to show up when you didn't RSVP. However, watching that handful of old people mill about in the heat.... I just wish it could have been handled differently. At the very least, they should have been spoken to quietly instead of having the DJ announce it. I dunno, I have some kooky relatives myself & I love them dearly. If I ever get married, I know I'd have to have a contingency plan for stragglers.
  12. Tami: "Beloved. I thought you got your life fixt?!" Ahh, I can't quit you, Tami... Even though your support of Jackie is baffling. Poor lil Hazel. Her backup dancers got more shine than her song did. Well, at least I can remember her name now. I must say, her boobs look spectacular in her talking head. They look real, too, if not--- money well spent. I now think she had her nose done though. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miami reunion. I googled that restaurant, Prime 112, to drool over the menu. $$$$👀 I also loved the 2 NFL wives. How pretty & fun are they?!? Mike Vicks' wife's tan looked soo smooth & creamy & even--- especially the little bit I could see on her décolletage--- I want to know what she does for her skin. I always get Morgan Freeman moles & sun spots there when I take a lot of sun. I thought the decor of the yacht looked a little dark & depressing, but *shrug* what do I know about yachts. Jackie showing up in tennis shoes & drinking her brown liquor with a bad attitude was a recipe for disaster. So happy she decided to leave. Evelyn's closing montage about people making faces when they drink it was hilarious! Jackie mentioned the name a few times, but I didn't catch it. I noticed the show never gave her product placement--- they never showed the label. Um hm, I see you Shaunie. The Shade! We all know Jackie is certified & brings the drama. The ignorant comments she made about Ethiopians (btw, why, God, why??? Was dumb ass Malaysia eating from a communal plate when Jackie had a cold? Gross!) & about Evelyn wanting to sleep with her daughter?!!! I can't! But, the repeated terroristic threats? She has sealed her own fate & has to go. If not, the show is liable for her future actions. When she came for Shaunie, she nailed her coffin shut. Anyway, I hope so!
  13. Ok, that dinner party scene creeped me the fuck out. Yikes! I cannot under any circumstances imagine sitting down to break bread with somebody who's that racist. It was eery... surreal how civilized the whole conversation was on the surface. Eugenics? Bleech! Ralph Angel is controlling. A ring & some tears doesn't change that. The episode description said something about Charley's mama. Wha happen? Did I miss it?
  14. Fantastic! Thank you! I just loved this article... it's quite long, but the whole time I was reading, I was rather dreading it coming to an end. Soo good.
  15. I thought the Cowboy's goose was cooked when it was announced that they had to use the same meat they butchered. I mean, his bones were all falling out. Thankfully, for him, they didn't have to use the whole rack. I loved watching Gordon butcher the meat---the contestants not so much---something about his precision and knife skills was lovely to see. I don't remember seeing the pretty blonde lady who finished top two in the skills test before. This show is so badly acted & over-dramatic & it sucks me in everytime. I wish I could quantify the dramatic pauses & cutaways to shocked facial expressions--- like, how many there are per show or what percentage of airtime is just that. Those numbers have got to be high.