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  1. (*Trina voice*) Yaaa-zuh! This season has been sorely lacking in featuring Trina. Girl has a LOT going on! I think girlfriend is salty because she is stressed beyond capacity dealing with her restaurant. (Glancing at the reviews online, things are good but she may have some staffing issues. Has anyone been?) She at least found time for some personal care-taking, with the breast implant upgrade. Lol, at her trying to get Toni to cop a feel or snuggle her new bosom. And whycome the one Black man she's been with since---pffft! Never!---gotta be hemmed up with the Law? What did Towanda know? Secret squirrel can be too hardcore sometimes....
  2. Tis true. Temptation is everywhere. But!--- Darling, have you ever been to Vegas?
  3. PLEASE don't let me derail the thread! Not all by my lonesome, lol! I'm middle-aged & childless myself. But! My understanding of full custody for the father is that it only happens when the mother is, like, abusive, a drug addict, or derelict in the most basic of parental duties. I respect your opinions. And I'm interested in what you all have to say but, I'm not sure how my opinion can be changed without veering way off topic..... Maybe we should just agree to disagree about this issue & talk some more about other juicy issues that came up during the show?
  4. Well, sometimes when you get older your hair thins from hormone changes & years of dyeing & styling abuse. And the texture of the grey hair growing in can be course, so the hair doesn't look as shiny or have the same body as it used to.
  5. This episode was a total tease. I thought we were finally going to meet Daddy's wife. Regarding Towanda's soon-to-be ex-husband, at least he admitted he was going after full custody out of spite. I still say that man is allergic to work & is looking for a check. (Sigh. Say something nice.) Well, Towanda has said he's an excellent father & I do think he deserves some financial assistance to get himself back in the work force. What'd he say about Towanda's "alterior" motives & that he was feeling "frickled"?!? Um, yeah, it might take a while.... Traci's new business venture sounds promising. I think Ms. "Breakfast Vodka" knows all about good liquor! Whiskey's very popular right now & the history of Black cowboy's was interesting. I'm glad Trina cancelled her pop-up if she wasn't ready to do it right. I wonder how much she spent on things that can't be used at a later date? And I wonder how much the cancellation had to do with her boyfriend getting arrested? I say "boyfriend" & not "ex-boyfriend" because if he was at her house often enough for the Feds to track him there they were still together!
  6. Lord, I hope so! I mean, obviously I knew she would retire sooner rather than later, but I selfishly feared an abrupt end to her career with the pregnancy anouncement. (Yes. I know my priorities are out of whack.) I. Just. Love. Watching her play & I'll take whatever I can get! From the bottom of my heart, I wish her a healthy & happy pregnancy!
  7. She makes this announcement today. On Sharapova's birthday. Oh, the shade.....
  8. I'm sure the scene was heavily edited, but I really wanted the new girl to just shut up for a minute during the family meal. Everything she talked about was "me, me, me." Her marriage, her houses, her kids, her lifestyle. It felt like she was talking at her relatives & they were just tolerating her long enough to get through the meal. I was waiting for her to ask her relatives something, anything about themselves. Or, talk about her husband's Hall of Fame-- that's why they were there. Yes the MIL was difficult, but the new girl hardly made her case for sympathy. She needs to learn that listening is as important as talking during conversation, maybe moreso. Apparently she & the MIL were getting along fine for a while. I wonder what happened to change things? Also, while I appreciate her honesty, she harped on how difficult her marriage was too much. Each time she said it, her husband got a look on his face that made me cringe. The abrupt exit he made at the family dinner spoke volumes: he thought she really fucked up. I thought the scene with Beyonce's Mama Karen & her daughter was very sweet. They clearly love one another & enjoy each other's company. I'm willing to forgive the daughter's spoiled-bratty comments. I just hope she grows out of it. Robyn's one son, on the otherhand, is a Tiny Terror! Bleech! Couldn't imagine putting up with that everyday. I know one thing; I know that video game would have been unplugged & locked in the trunk of my car for a week if he can't be bothered to pause it when I asked him to. And what was up with him running around in circles in the dentist's office? He's a handfull! Daddy needs to put his big boy pants on & do some damn daddying.... At the race track, alll the ladies looked uber thirsty abruptly fawning over the $6million man. I can't lie though; I was bug-eyed when he was making it rain with those $100 bills! And he made a winning pick! He was a superb addition to the show, otherwise I would have been bored during that scene.
  9. I used to really like Giselle, but she was a total bitch to the new girl for NO reason. (Was she this horrible last season & I just forgot?) I can see where Robyn thought the new girl was humble-bragging given her own current *dire straits, but Giselle was baiting her & I thought she handled herself well. *Ok, Robyn's straits aren't that dire, lol! She lives in a nice 2 bedroom townhouse. But, her embarassment about it kind of reminds me of when former millionaires throw themselves off a building. Like, girl! Shit ain't that bad... Beyoncé's Mama Karen. Gives. Me. Life. She makes the show for me. Her facial expressions, snarky comments, self delusion & lack of edges--- Ahhh!!! I loved every minute of it! I smirked when she said "high tea." I went to a fancy tea & brushed up on the etiquette beforehand. (You know how Tina Knowles says she's so big on etiquette---) The first thing they tell you is don't call it "high" tea; that's just what Americans say to make themselves sound posh. Back in the day, "high" tea was what the servants ate, fancy people have "afternoon" tea or "champagne" tea. The second thing I learned is that I would be absolutely ravenous afterwards. I left there directly to go get a sandwich. Soo... I guess they just showed Katie's event to tie up loose ends from last season? Meh. I think she's 10x more interesting than Cherisse. She looked gorgeous! Shame about all that flat, warm-looking champagne....
  10. I've only watched the last episode once so far, but the thing that's stuck with me the most was Daddy Braxton inviting his wife on the family vacation to Mexico. The way he explained it to the sisters was all very plausible & charming, but! Lawd! Whatever happened to T.D. Jakes' advice about taking his lead from the sisters?! I know one thing: they better not surprise Mommy with this lil tidbit at the last minute & Mommy should definitely bring a date. I don't know if this is just for ratings or what, but damn! Babysteps! Can Mommy & the wife meet up for brunch or something first?!?
  11. I'm just happy that for once Tamar wasn't the odd person out in a sister dispute. Hallelu!
  12. I loved Traci telling the sisters what she appreciated about each one of them. When she's calm, Traci's words have a big impact. I think that it's important to take the time to say kind words to the people in your life. It was interesting that when Traci & Tamar specifically sat down to talk, Traci just wasn't in the mood to rehash old issues. I believe she wants to move on, but I also believe she's going to bring up these same unspoken issues again in the future. That's: Sister Issue #1--- Refrain from talking about painful truths when you are calm, rested & reasonably sober. Just say you want to move on. Wait until you are emotional, tired & tipsy, then air random, old grievances a little incoherently. (More Sister Issues later. Please feel free to add to the list!) I loved seeing Nyesha from "Top Chef," one of my other favorite reality shows. She was so very talented on the show, but seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders at that time. She seemed so much lighter, she looked years younger & so much more beautiful! Good for her! (Anybody on the Left Coast been to her restaurant, "Leona's"? The menu looks delicious & the reviews are quite good.) Trina's questions for the pop-up seemed a little basic... Have a very limited menu in the heart of the ATL. Well, duh! Trina: Nyesha has experience with pop-up restaurants--- fly her out on WeTVs dime for a live consultation! At least Trina was able to listen to someone's advice. I kee-keed at Tamar undercover talking about the sexual tension between Mommy & Braxton. Braxton's moved on, he's happy; I wish Mommy could, too. She IS an attractive woman, I hope she can find her romantic happiness. I was fascinated by Tamar's reveal to the parents. Now I see where the sisters got the "Well, nobody told me" of it all--- from Mommy! She's the culprit! Daddy was the one who reacted like a normal person: "Aww!" & then moved in for an embrace. It's downright tragic that Tamar can't get more sympathy & understanding from her family at this time. Tamar & Vince's relationship continues to look so strong & intimate. They look like true friends. It's a thing of beauty to see. (Wha' had happen with all those tabloid rumors about the demise of their marriage & stuff?!?) Birdman was made to look ridiculous. I'm no fan of his anyway, but Toni should have told him he was meeting the parents! The shirt unbuttoned down to his navel was all kinds of inappropriate, but that wasn't his fault. Toni set him up for failure. Birdman was almost mute. I thought the eye contact/non-verbal communication between the two of them was remarkable. I still don't get them as a couple---at all!--- but, I'm willing to give him another chance when he's prepared.
  13. Well, I'm a Bette Davis fan to my core--- ^^^^Hello? Note my nom de plume & avatar (That. Hat. Gives me life!) But! Even I thought Anne Bancroft was well-deserving of her Oscar for "The Miracle Worker." So, I don't feel like the real tragedy here was BD losing the award. The devil is in the details--- the mean girl antics of Joan & Hedda. Bette & Joan's personalities were so different it caused them to butt heads (not to mention all the behind the scenes manipulations). It's a shame. They had so much in common. 'All this time they could have been friends.'
  14. The AKAs of Potomac (vs. the Deltas of the ATL) return! There was that loong, drawn out boring scene of Charisse & her daughter on hoverboards. Zzzzzzzz..... But, they didn't take the time to introduce the new, still married, housewife? Boooo! Michael asking the patrons if they tried the kangaroo or emu or whatever---- my thought process is Australia is a long way from the DMV. I would be hesitant to order that kinda stuff simply out of concern that the meat wouldn't be fresh. Thank goodness they showed a real charity event, instead of that fake mess Kate was doing last season. I lurve Hill Harper! The editors were kinda shady showing him wiping his sweaty face like that though. Gizelle looks like a cross between Vanessa Williams & Denise Richards.