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  1. S06.E10: Rock Your Face Off

    I didn't think her hats were bad, so much as the way she wore them--- on the crown of her head. Ugh! That irks me to no end! I don't know if there is a sartorial rule about it & it probably varies with the style of hat, but I always had an irresistible urge to tug her hat down over her forehead. I didn't notice her necklace--- I couldn't take my eyes off her face! Man, she is gorgeous! Just exquisite! I was tickled when Fabio kind of Vogued that she was serving face!-face!-face! It puzzles me how she earns a living, though. She's often photographed in the tabloids wearing expensive outfits & she dates rich men, but still... I mean, she was crowned Miss Universe six years ago....
  2. S06.E11: Nina's Crushing It

    Poor Edmond totally misinterpreted the challenge. He heard "mountain" & immediately thought "ski suit." By the time whatshername suggested après ski in the work room--- it was really too late; his look was already committed with that scuba-looking fabric. Based on his winning Rock and Roll look last week, I think he could have made an interesting layered look, with more coverage, cozy knitwear & leggings. Georgina & Kelly were right: his design looked like someone who had never been skiing. Bummer. He was so nice. & I always hope the designers go out on a look that they can feel proud of.
  3. Trina's death drop had me rolling!!! She was committed, wasn't she? Congratulations, Tracie. (Um, I guess...) Tamar was exhausting, as usual. Towanda looked & sounded great in her play! You. Go. Umba. Toni's video was fabulous!!! This woman has not slowed down a step, ya'll! She looks & sounds as wonderful as she ever did... Tamar & Towanda in the background were cute. TV Guide shenanigans: The premiere is only about an hour & 5 or 10 minutes. The premiere of "Hustle & Soul" is hidden in the BFV time slot & it's showing BFV as 2 hours. Boo!
  4. http://m.tmz.com/#!article/2018/03/20/tamar-braxton-mad-family-tv-show-vincent-herbert/
  5. What the what?!? The first airing of "The Duchess & the Divorce" on Thursday is a whopping 130 minutes, the repeat is only 60! That extra 70 minutes can't all be commercials, can it?
  6. Tamar: She Did That!

    Hey Iguessnot! I'm of 2 minds about ^^^this. On one hand, God Bless Tamar! She looks good bald & it must feel soo freeing after all those years of extreme weaves & wigs. 25 years later, I still remember how great it felt to cut off my perm & wear a TWA (teeny weeny afro). The fresh air on my scalp, scalp massages everyday as I shampooed.... ah! Good times! On the other hand, I never went bald. & I certainly didn't when I was transitioning. Now, there are some sistas who totally rock a bald head--- I'm not mad at it! However, most people transition from long, permed hair gradually--- into a short, Halle Berry haircut, or braids while your natural roots grow in a bit. To me, it seems like she's going through some things (the divorce, etc.) & trying to reclaim her independence & maybe struggling a bit... See how in that picture they put makeup on her scalp to make her look slightly less bald? Why wouldn't they just leave her a few millimeters of hair then? Hmm.
  7. Girl! I'm dying! Youse a fool from a long line of fools! Lol! Ooo! Thanks, I will. But--- ahem, mimimimimiiii---- 🎼🎵🎶 "You betta call Tyrone... Call him!... Tell him come on & help you get yo shit!" Am I the only one with this song stuck in my head?! So well said! Although, I was reminded this episode how I like the rarely seen "nice" Marlo. Sheree's look was hideous on her. But, Marlo tried. She's an eager fashion victim & she be a big girl; so it didn't translate well to Sheree.
  8. Cue Brielle's sex tape in 5,4,3,2,1....
  9. I guess this goes here, since Eva doesn't have a thread. (Or a 🍑. Bloop!) Anyway, she was on WWHL with Rickey Smiley & she's pregnant. Due in a few weeks.
  10. Thank God Porsha left! The vibe improved immediately. (For that matter, thank God Kim Z. didn't go in the first place.) Did anyone catch the name of the hotel the ladies moved to? It looked fabulous & they were so much more comfortable. They must have hit the open bar pretty hard, lol! I. Died.
  11. Fashion Police in The Media

    Hey guys! I really miss this show. I can't believe no one has stepped up to try to replace it! It will never be the same without Joan, but I just want to turn on my teevee & look at pretty (& not so pretty) dresses. The E! fashion coverage was horrible, I think primarily due to the Seacrest scandal. I had a great time though over at the Annual Academy Awards Topic under Misc TV Talk--- Specials, TV Movies & Other One Offs.
  12. S15.E14: Finale

    I found out during a Watch What Happens Live episode. The one with Elizabeth Hurley & David Oyelowo. Joe was the bartender & Fati was in the audience.
  13. I checked Trina's instagram. No mention of this enormous commercial. Hm. Looked at my own post a little bit better. "Song by Ashton Merrygold," whoever he is. A singer/songwriter out of the UK. Checked his instagram & he's blowing it up. *He's* the one getting paid! See, you can't just sing the song. The real money goes to the writers & music execs--- look at Birdman, Kandi Burruss, Taylor Swift, etc. Dang! Missed opportunity Trina!
  14. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I tuned in earlier to a re-run. A nice bride with a lisp, a $10,000 budget & a way of saying "I'm a princess(th)!" that made me think she was a little special. God bless her & her union, but I couldn't watch again. New episodes, please. It's time.