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  1. S02.E01: Tar Baby

    So Martin's father had no other motivation than being a complete dumbass for almost turning europe into glass. The writing on this show sometimes... Also he just got demoted for omitting crucial details from reports and thus almost causing WW3? Wow, the soviets are really forgiving these days. I'm afraid that we might never find out what happened to Alex and his family. The story might just not go there this season, or ever again. I hope it does. Last seasons vliffhanger would be a horrible thing to end on. It will take a while for me to get used to Anke Engelke as a hard hitting numbers-woman who wants to recapitalize the DDR, seeing that she is usually in comedic roles, being one of the best comedians out there. The capetown escapades weren't that great. Still love the characters. but the story is a bit lackluster.
  2. S01.E08: Able Archer

    This really lacked explaination as to why Martin's father wanted to turn the whole of germany into glass. Or are we to believe that he really was that dumb? I hope Alex isn't dead. Guess I'm not going to bed anytime soon. Will have to watch the next episode first.
  3. S01.E07: Bold Guard

    Seeing the historical footage on TV spliced in just highlights how very few people on this show have time period apropriate hair styles. "The americans" did a lot better with this, if you exclude Kerri Russel. I don't think he's Stasi. The Stasi was the internal covert agency of the DDR. He should be HVA. And yes, I think he's Martins father. I mean they were stretching it anyway. That nobody missed the real Moritz for this long seems a bit far fetched. If our home country is about to be wiped out by a nuclear attack, wouldn't you try anything to prevent that, even if the odds are increadibly bad?
  4. S01.E06: Brandy Station

    God damn Loch Ness monster! Wondering why the guy in the HVA is supressing part of the dossier and so doing tries to provoke a nuclear war. He better have damn good reasons that include a death wish.
  5. S01.E05: Cold Fire

    The writing is still uneven and contrived in places. Yet, the overall story is solid. So I'm in for the long haul now. Always love me some gay shit. Never love all the mentions of the god damn Loch Ness Monster, but it's the early 80s, no way around it. Alex does still act like a teenager, but that probably is in character when growwing up with such an overbearing father, who you can't even escape when you go to work.
  6. S01.E01: Quantum Jump

    The acting is decent, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. For now I'm in. If I had to read subtitles, I probably wwouldn't be. I think that is a big misread of the situation. He isn't a villian, he's just somebody trying to keep his country save and make a better life for his family. He isn't like Philip and Elisabeth killing people left and right. Also I think it's important to note that germans didn't have the same views as americans in the cold war. East germans weren't the enemy. They were brothers and sisters torn away by geopolitical power plays. You can see it in this episode. The west germans really don't like being used as the battleground for the soviets and americans dick measuring contest. It's the 30 year cycle. People who grew up at the time are old enough to make media now. Are we? I thought he was supposed to be your average dude.
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    I mean Nathan Fillion can come and get it anytime he wants, but I was still rolling my eyes every time they called him 40, which was A LOT. If I didn't know he was pushing 50, I might have blelieved it, but I do. I probably wouldn't have cared if they wouldn't have sayed it over and over and over again.
  8. S2: E4 Tough Titmouse

    Wow, on this show it's easy to get somebody pronounced mentally incompetent. You just have to say it and then a social worker shows up and says "hurdur, I really can't tell, so I'm gonna err on the side of caution and condemn this young woman to a life of limited motion, with which she can't work in her chosen profession." Yeah no, somebody has to be a clear and present danger to themselves or others. Just doing extreme sports doesn't cover that, or any rock climber would be in a padded cell. This show really grinds my gears with it's blatant disregard for any realism. I wouldn't even go that far. Maybe I see some things too black and white, but I think Lea doesn't get to be hurt. Well I guess you can't control your feelings, but she certainly doesn't get to be "righteously" hurt, like the show is portraying it. She left without any warning, decieving Shaun for quite a while, certainly during their last day together. Then she just shows back up again, again without any warning and wants Shaun to be her emotional support blanket. Yeah, no. That's not how that works. First you have to apologise for being such a shitty friend, then that apology has to be accepted and maybe then your friend will ask why you are back and support you.
  9. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    I don't get the part about the Hysterectomy. As far as I could tell, whatever needed to be taken out wasn't immediatly life threatening. Also the operation went on for way too long anyway. Wouldn't the logical, ethical and responsible thing to do have been to close her up, wake her up, ask her what she wants and do the operaten in a few weeks? As a big burly man I had similar experiences. People tell you to be more assertive, but if you don't actually have the confidence to back it up, it comes off as bitchy and people hate you for it. So being assertive is crappy advice. The key is to actually not give a fuck what people think, speak your mind and do your thing. That people respect. (still haven't quite figured that one out either, though) I think more women than men have a problem with that, in general. If it's biology or socialisation or a combination of both can probably be hotly debated for the ages.
  10. S22.E02: A Boy and a Priest

    I don't really get all the complaints. South Park has always been very political. Who could forget the snuke up Hilldogs snatch as one of the earlier iterations? There is a bit of a problem in that they didn't think Trump would win, so their storyline fell apart two seasons ago, from which they took a while to recover, and now they can't really use Garrison anymore. But still, I don't see it being that much different now than it has ever been? what exactly is the problem?
  11. S22.E03: The Problem With a Poo

    Because that's the reality in america now. School shootings happen all the time and nobody cares. It's called satire.
  12. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    I love the guy, but man Jensen Ackles does not have the range to pull off Michael. It just doesn't work. Also why/how did Jack get nerfed and where is Charlie? I don't seem to remember much about last seasons finale. He should just be dead. Just how Cas's vessel is. The meatsuit was remade in both cases, but there was never an actual soul inside.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Large Cakehole

    The Streisand-effect in action. :D I think everybody can relate to this show. As a man I can still remember all the jackets around the waist or bags "casually" carried at crotch height, because you get boners all. the. time. It's weird at how different paces people develop. I started puberty at nine and was always a head taller than anybody else my age, yet my facial hair didn't start to grow till I was 18. Same. Wweird. I think it's because it's really close to Will Arnett's Batman-voice. She is by far my favorite character on this show. I've been saying "bubblebath" in her voice a bunch of times today. How she pronounces things is just amazing. I'm sure that was Rudolph's choice as well. I really like that. I was kinda bummed when they didn't further explore that people can be into both sexes, in season one. They kind of just dropped it there after the rock interlude.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Large Cakehole

    Just making my way through season one. If I wasn't sold before, that big gay musical number in episode three certainly sold me!
  15. S01.E02: The Big Three

    Gooood. This has to be the schmalziest show ever created. And I swear I'm going to murder all those acustic guitar players. Why do a lot of my fellow gays seem to love this show so much? I thought I was in tune with "gay culture" with my undying love for the Golden Girls, musicals and Abba, but I guess not. Also little brother is an idiot. Two years for sitcom star money and famedom? You can do two measily years, you spoiled brat. Almost everybody has to "whore themselves out" for jobs they don't like. If you didn't want that, you shouldn't have signed such a long contract.