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  1. Future Man

    I was thinking about that, but the whole timetravel doesn't make sense anyway in a few places. Sometimes it seems like split timelines, sometimes it doesn't. The whole past selfes of them getting slaughtered in the hallway didn't make sense anyway. They all should have made it into the control room. Oh well.
  2. S02.E04: Scar Tissue

    Came here specifically to say that. He was wearing that weird mask because he has a few scars, that will probably look more sexy than horrific once fully healed? (I mean they should be fully healed after multiple months, but they don't look it. Imo the makeup department fucked up.) I'm flabbergasted. I'm seriously laughing out loud right now. It's so absurd. If you want to make somebody look horribly scared for life, next time cgi away an eye and leave a hole there. Maybe also cgi aay the nose.
  3. Sex Education

    On episode one: While the show was going for a psychological explaination the more apparent explaination would have been that with this big penis (even though it didn't seem two coke cans big and instead quite possible), he would have been in pain in a normal sized condom and thus would have had a massive problem staying hard not even to mention ejeculating.
  4. Future Man

    Season two: Man they really had no budget, did they? What was that, four locations, most of them in enclosed rooms? Still liked it. They made that work. Though not as good as the first season. The contraints kinda showed. I think because of that they stayed in the future the whole time and that took a lot of the fun out of it. That whole split timeline thing doesn't work at all with all the dead versions of them though. They should have never even seen them when they were running. Basically everytime they met themselves disproved the split timeline thing. I guess they still could be convicted for time crime and sentenced to death by gameshow, but then why wouldn't they have been pulled earlier? Their shenanigans would have sent shockwaves through time and changed the future significantly. I probably shouldn't even try to think about all that time travel stuff this hard, but I can't help it.
  5. Runaways

    Just wwatched episode 7, so will read the rest of the thread later. I get why it was necessary to kill Jonah, but why kill everybody on that ship. Maybe shoot Jonah first, then see if you can get the people on the ship out and if you can negotiate with them. That seemed like more unecessary murder. Also I still don't get how Jonah survived for thousands of years but now needs a sacrifice every 10 years. Seems not wwell thought out. Episode 8: Okay they explained the Jonah thing. Still seems half baked. He couldn't amass power earlier and get a bunch of slaves to dig down to his space ship? I mean he had the members of pride selected so they could do maintenance on the ship, but I don't think he actually needed needed them. It just wwould have made the wwhole start faster.
  6. S02.E12: The Box Of Polaroids

    They Broadchurch season two'd us! Except, while that verdict was equally infuriating, I thought it was earned. Here I really don't get how a jury would come to a verdict of not responsible. The lawyer for the school established that Mr. Porter acted according to policy and Mr. Porter himself testified that the policy was lacking. That Hannah probably would still be alive had he gone after her. That alone should have been enough but there was so so much more. Even the lawyer for the school came off like a bully herself the whole time. I don't think a jury would have sided with her. Also there was a massive fight in the school with no consequences for the kids in it, because there were jocks involved. Howw did that not come up at trail? Wwe had a bunch of last minute additions in this trail, so clearly that's not a problem. At this point I wouldn't even mind Tyler killing the headmaster and maybe the coach... I think it was the gun from Justin's bag, which Monty then sent to Alex. I still don't see how he would be an accessory. He didn't facilitate, he just didn't do enough to stop Bryce. That might be morally wrong, but afaik it's not against the law. Killing herself. In many wways that was a dick move and hurt a lot of people. I really disagree. The only things the defense really did was drag Hannah's character through the mud. They didn't establish at all that the school wasn't repsonsible, while the Baker's established quite a few points where the school failed. If the jury really ruled against the Baker's because Hannah wasn't a saint, despite the fact that the school clearly failed and people think that's normal... well that's just sad.
  7. S02.E11: Bryce and Chloe

    At this point I'm all for somebody killing Bryce. He isn't going to stop. He's going to rape more people. I just don't want Clay to go to prison for it. Stylistically it was an awesome choice that they had ghost-Hannah stop talking to Clay and just have her recount the recording. Bravo. It also was a pretty obvious lie. Zach testified that Hannah was a virgin when they first had sex and who are you going to believe Zach or rapist Bryce? (although even that retcon was dumb and I'm pretty sure Hannah was originally a virgin until Bryce raped her, in season one) I really think the writers assassinated the character this season. The Clay we knew in season one wouldn't act like this. It makes me sad. Feels like they killed a great guy and replaced him with a shitty double. Agreed. Ugh! Amen, brother/sister! And it seems like they didn't even make copies. Jesus! How hard can it be to take photos of the photos?! I guess the explaination around that was that it was technically child pronography and laws around that stuff are stupid and even if you are minor yourself and you just had the photos to bring a rapist down, it could ruin your life. But they had the photos anyway! So what difference would have made it if they had made copies?
  8. S02.E09: The Missing Page

    Not gonna lie, during that scene where Mr. porter imagined what he would have said had he not followed the guidelines and stoped Hannah, I cried... I think that gave the Baker's a pretty good case, that the school guidelines were at fault for Hannah's death. Had they been better, she'd likely still be alive. Clay not telling anybody about being brutalized by a bunch of jocks really annoys me. Yet it's understandable. I remember how helpless you can feel in these situations and how you feel like nobody you talk to will actually help. Sad thing is, usually that's probably even true. Nobody will help you. But in this case, with everybody on edge and a court case hanging over the school, he actually might have gotten help, had he asked for it. So I think my annoyance might stem from the fact that he is one of the very few kids who actually could get help and maybe make a difference, something I and many others couldn't, but he's not taking it. Yes. But she appeared in flash-backs and now and then as an apparition (Not literally haunting the place, but when the mistery about why she killed herself was solved she looked on approvingly dressed all in white, or something like that. It's been a while.) I have been missing Tony a lot this season. I wish he was more directly involved. I guess his storyline has to do with what Hannah had on him and will be important later on, but I wish the writers would have gone in a different direction.
  9. S02.E08: The Little Girl

    Or it was another bad retcon. not as bad as the Zach-one, but still pretty bad. I think they finally got her on the right meds, is what she was implying. That will help a lot, when you have bipolar.
  10. S02.E07: The Third Polaroid

    Yeah devestating depression, sure... If you take it all the time and fuck up your serotinin levels. You won't get devestating depression from one time use. Also it's true that it is a big problem that you don't know exactly what's in it. That is why drugs should be legalised.
  11. God, these retcons are really starting to grind my gears. There is no way Zach's tape would have been about the compliment stealing and throwing away the letter when all of this happened. And no, the "she didn't put everything on the tapes" isn't good enough here, not by a mile. Also Clay being such an asshole seems to be really out of character for him, from how we saw him in season one. This isn't character development, this is character assasination by the writers.
  12. S02.E05: The Chalk Machine

    To be fair to Clay here, ghost Hannah is just him hallucinating. So what she is saying is coming from his brain. So when she says "we don't chose who we fall for", that is him knowing that fact. He is conflicted. He loved her. He's angry that she killed herself and that she made bad decisions that drove her to do it. But he also understands that everybody makes bad decisions. He's working through this in his own messed up way. I don't even know how she thinks that is a good strategy. I would assume the jury would hate her. They might just award the Bakers a few million for the school board hiring a bully as their lawyer alone. I mean afterall if they hire bullies, they probably don't do anything against them in their schools either... Nah, she was into that powerplay thing. I think the show has proven that they show when something isn't consentual a lot more clearly. Bryce is still a fucking rapist and he probably would have raped her too, had she not consented, but this time it wasn't rape.
  13. S02.E03: The Drunk Slut

    I don't really like that this episode was basically saying: All girls have it hard, but only a few boys do. Look it's high school. From what I can tell there are as many mean girls as there are mean boys and boys and girls are equally victims. Only that boys have to be strong and can't turn to anybody when they have been victimized. I guess they decided to adress the criticism many people had of Hannah in season one, that she didn't tell Jessica about the rape, while she was still alive, with yet another retcon. I'm not against the retcons in general (though it's really a few too many), but most so far seem to have been about putting Hannah in a better light and I don't like that. I liked that she wasn't perfect and made mistakes in season one. But now those mistakes get retconed away, one by one. I half expect them to explain that she didn't try to stop the rape because somebody spread super glue on the floor of the closet she was in or something.
  14. S02.E01: The First Polaroid

    Okay. Going into this I was extremely apprehensive. I thought they wrapped up the last season nicely. But this has a lot more potential than I thought. I think this could be better than season one, since they don't have to follow the rigid structure of the tapes and so there is no need for so much padding. Of course second seasons rarely are better than the first, so we'll see. Also seems like we'll hear a bit more about Hannah's darker side, which is nice. On top of that it will be interesting to find out what Tony did to her. I think it's going to be a bit of a retcon, but it would make more sense that she actually had something on him than him just feeling guilty for not stopping the suicide. The last scene with Clay and Sky was grating on so many levels. First of all Sky thinking immediatly that it had something to do with her when Clay didn't want to have sex. Somebody really needs to tell teenagers, both boys and girls, that boys are also allowed to just not want sex, for whatever reason and that it's not because anybody is ugly or undesirable. Second, even though Sky's reaction was unresonable, I didn't like that Clay just left her like that. Wasn't that the thing he did to Hannah, the thing he was beating himself up about? It seems really out of character for him. I don't think he would have done this again, after all he had learned. He should have said that he just couldn't have sex with all that was going on but that he'd like to hang and/or cuddle. In general I like Clay hallucinating Hannah. Like I said in a season one thread: "Unhinged Clay is best Clay". Well, I still think Clay should discover his bisexual side and get with Tony, so... A lot of her arguments seemed to boil down to something you'd hear 100 years ago about people justifying a woman getting raped "Well she had sex with multiple men, so she must enjoy it. How can she suddenly say she doesn't want it?". I don't get how every one of her sentences wasn't followed by "objection!". Either the Baker's lawyer is shit or the script is (but most court scenes on most shows are written crappily).
  15. S01.E12: Tape 6, Side B

    I mean it would be very difficult, but it wouldn't exactly be a he-said-she-said situation. You'd have Jessica's and Justin's testimony and Hannah's dying decleration, which is admissable in court. I don't think he was cold. I think he reverted back to his usual scared/cautious self. He thought he had somehow done something wrong that night and then he also lost his best friend. He was clearly hurting himself and didn't understand. Three weeks isn't a long time.