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  1. S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    Which doesn't make sense, since the commands are clearly set phrases. It's "freeze all motor functions", not "stop!". You would not translate these phrases and they shouldn't be effected by language glitches.
  2. S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    Sam is Lucifers true vessel and kicking him out still worked. Next. Cas isn't human. Part of the humans-have-free-will-deal is that they can kick Angels out. That includes Arc angels. Sam either kicked out Lucifer way back in the day, or at least he could have, that was canon.
  3. S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    Seems fishy. But you go with that and I'll continue going with wishing death on this team of writers. To each what brings them more solace. :D
  4. S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    Even if that were to be the case, Dean should have at least tried to throw him out.
  5. S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    Okay, I guess it's a sign that I'm not really invested anymore, considering how little attention I seem to pay. But thanks for the clarification. It still feels like a stretch that commands in english don't work anymore, but commands in japanese do. That's just not how robots work. Either commands work or they don't. Robots don't just decide "oh I'll just rewrite these commands to another language", no matter how much they are glitched at the moment.
  6. Yes, there is a huge difference between sexist men and sexist women. "In the eyes of sexist men, [women are], sexual objects, second-class citizens, less important people" and in the eyes of sexist women, men are, sexual objects, second-class citizens, less important people! But I'm not here to have a debate about sexist women. We are talking about Serena Joy specifically here. If she is the victim of the patriarchy, then she is one of the most instrumental parts of the patriarchy (does that make it a matriarchy?). She was basically the Joseph Goebbels of Gilead. She knew for what ideals she was fighting for the whole time. Everything she got now, she did to herself. And again, she is one of the lucky ones. A lot of people are dead, dying or mamed.
  7. S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    So, did the writers forget or just ignore that a human can throw out an angel at any time he/she pleases (as long as they are still concious)? I doubt Dean would have forgotten. That's kinda crucial information. Maybe Dean should have screamed "get out!" instead of "we had a deal!" at the end. Just a thought...
  8. S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    That commands only work in the language the robots were programmed in is pretty hard bullshit. First, all the technicians seem to speak English, the Chinese technician even says he doesn't know Japanese. So how would the technicians give these robots commands? Second, why would you ever fragment your command language? That is just a programming headache waiting to happen. You decide on one language and one language only. The writers were really reaching here... Right up their behinds. Also wondering if guests have to actually learn japanese to participate in Shogun world. Seems a bit high of a barrier to entry, for guest who just want that ultra violence. I think it would have made more sense if everybody there would have spoken english. Somebody tried a bit hard to be artsy with the subtitles here... What I found interesting is that Sakura called Akane お母さん [o-kāsan], which means "mother" or "mom", in the first scene where Akane was supposed to give Sakura away, but killed the envoy instead, but the subtitles translated it as "madam". Sadly I know basically no Japanese. So now I'm curious if the word can also mean madam, or if the editors thought in post that Sakura calling Akane mother would give their relationship away too early, so they changed it.
  9. These ass---uredly nice people just called Serena Joy a "victim of the patriarchy"... multiple... times... https://youtu.be/eLiXw3mMK1I I'm speachless. If any woman or man on this show isn't a victim of anything, it's Serena Joy. She was instrumental in creating this society. She wanted this society. She is part of the reason why millions of people are dead. Now that she has made her bed and has to lie in it, she is suddenly a victim?! Buh humbug! They are only not supposed to have sex because they tried for years for a baby and it didn't work. That being "proof" that they are infertile. Since sex can never be for fun in Gilead they aren't supposed to have it anymore when they can't produce a baby with it. If Serena were to get pregnant I'm sure they could play it off with "God sent me a sign in a dream that now was the time for me to become a mother and so we tried and it worked! Blessed be his name!" or some shit like that.
  10. S02.E05: Seeds

    You make it sound like men can't be raped, because they always want it, am I right? If she is of age she gets fucked by the system just as much as her husband does and that goes for all the hunsbands and wifes there. I mean, of course. Puritans also had a really high amount of shotgun weddings, which means they were fucking around a lot and Gilead has wifes having their handmaids sleeping with drivers or gardeners to get their hands on babies, while probably having a ton of affairs themselves. I was talking about official doctrine, not what people actually did. People always fucked around. In the past probably more than now. We have more entertainment options, like shows on Hulu. ;)
  11. Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    If you are actually desperate to keep your population up and not have your country go under, racism is something you just can't afford. You need all the breeding pairs you can get to get your population up. In the book it was just white people having less and less babies, but in the show, it's a universal problem. There is also nothing specific in the bible about race, I don't think. And Gilead is big on the bible. Christians in general were more about unbelievers being the enemy than another race being the enemy, throughout history (of course with some exceptions). So tank your evonomy, have your country on the verge of collapse, institute a state religion that thinks unbelievers are the enemy, but not other races and you might just solve racism, because most people suffer on the same level.
  12. S02.E05: Seeds

    Moira was also a handmaid and a lesbian in the book, wasn't she? Maybe she got pregnant and had an abortion at some point. Yes, even lesbians can get accidentally pregnant, even if it's a lot less likely. It's hard to even check if a woman is fertile even with our current technology. There are so many factors. I kinda doubt that Gilead would go through all that for every woman or that they even want to use that complicated technology. Though ofcourse, they don't seem as technology averse as they were in the book. But they still killed all the scientist. Not sure if they even still have the required lab workers to do these test.
  13. S02.E05: Seeds

    No, they know that she has viable ovaries because she has a daughter. All of the handmaids were mothers before.
  14. S02.E05: Seeds

    Well then they are also putting their husbands up for rape And not all of the women reacted badly. Just like Nick's wife didn't. YMMV. I don't think she looks younger than 20. Nick on the other hand has a particalur baby face. I was shocked to find out that the actor is already 32. Marriage has changed through the ages. I don't see how it is a Frankenstein's monster. Gilead's version resembles marriage in biblical times a lot more closely than our modern day idea of it. That was my point. The catholics assembled the bible in the middle ages. Leaving out parts of scripture they didn't like. For example Adam's first wife Lilith, you know the one who was made from the same dust he was, but was too dominant. (The bible is very badly edited, so it's kinda still there. In Gensis 1:27 he creates man and woman equally. Then in 2:7 he creates man again and then in 2:21 a woman from his rib ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Or how about the part where nobody would go to hell, because if the people in heaven would see the people in hell suffering and would petition god to let them in and god being loving would do so. The catholics couldn't have that, since then they wouldn't be able to sell indulgences, What are they doing that is against the biblival guidelines for marrige? Well the midevil catholics weren't much better. I think it's still debated if that sex through a sheet with a hole in it is just a myth or was a real thing. That even being a question certainly shows their attitude towards sex though. Birth control is forbidden and I think it's at least implied that the gileaden leadership never took it. So the commanders and their wifes have like 20 years of unsuccessfull trying under their belt. I'm sure commanders and wifes who already had children are allowed or even encouraged to keep trying. I don't think they cut anything. They are just really selectively quoting it and women aren't allowed to read, remember. So if nobody ever told her about that part, she would have no way of knowing about it.
  15. S02.E05: Seeds

    Sex is for procreation, never for fun. Since all the wifes are presumed to be barren, they aren't allowed to have sex. Not sure if it is an actual law, but it's certainly frowned upon. They are removing top soil that has been contaminated with radioactive elements. I question very much if this is the most efficient way to be doing this, but whatever it's Gillead. If they would want to be efficient, they'd just execute these women and put the aunts that are currently guarding them on some mechanical diggers. They'd be at least ten times as fast.