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  1. It was basically confirmed this episode that Bash is gay. The way he jumped at the chance to get himself a beard was pretty telling. I just hope he didn't catch the god damn Loch Ness monster. He was probably too deep in denial to actually start anything with Florian. Which is deeply sad on one hand, but might have safed his life on the other. YMMV, I thought that made them more than even. I don't think Debbie has any financlial problems. She was a soap star for a long time and her husband makes good money. She is in GLOW because she needs to work, not because she needs the money. Ah come on, that's bullshit. Bash got barely any screentime this whole season. His storyline was mainly in three episodes. People just think it was more, since two of these three episodes were the last two. The women had a lot more story than he did. The triangle of Sam, Ruth and Debbie has always been a major focus of the show. That's two of the three leads being women. When is it enough women before the constant complaining stops? When there are only women on a show? Or will the complaining just shift to that these women act too much like men (a complaint I've actually heard before)? I'm a gay millenial and I got that one immediatly. I may be 33 but it's not like I consciously lived through the AIDS crisis. Tell your friend to watch some documenteries or just gay themed movies once in a while.
  2. S02.E09: Rosalie 2018.06.29

    God damn Loch Ness monster!.. uhm I mean AIDS I always get those two confused. I guess it was inevitable with this being an 80s show set in the show business. But it always bums me out so much. Now I'm wondering, is Bash so freaked out because he used to get it on with his friend/buttler or just because a very good friend died. I had wondered if he was gay earlier in the season, but then nothing came of it. But it seems like they are circling back around.
  3. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    I think because the acid victim (sorry don't remember her name and she doesn't have much personality) confronted her about how they treated Plum, after she had made a (very stupid) mistake. That confornatation either happened this episode or at the end of last episode. Can't remember. But it was relatively soon after that she went to the FBI, in show-time. Basically the whole Jennifer-thing disrupted her perfect little cult since now the women actually started to stand up and she couldn't have it.
  4. S01.E10: Bedwomb

    Meh. I really don't need another season of this. So much potential, so wasted. I think it was blatant manipulation by the show. Jennifer was portrayed as rightous, while Verane was shown with her smug self-satisfied smile walking down the street. Verena probably did do it for the wrong reasons, not to get justice done, but to stroke her own ego that was wounded by Plum disrupting her perfect little cult, where she sets people up with rapists, only to be then able to prey on them, when they are down. But even if she did it for the wrong reasons, it was still the right thing to do. Also I was confused. I thought the sisters were saying they were going to the feds to protect their families. Did the writers just forget about that? It's an alternative to clapping, since people get triggered by claps now. I wish I was making that up.
  5. I missed this movie when it was in cinemas last year. This evening I saw it in an event open-air cinema, where they show popular films of the previous year. I had heard a lot of good things, but uh boy was I unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster I was in for. This is still very fresh for me and I just have to talk about it. To my surprise there wasn't a thread yet, so I'm making one. Hopefully other people here saw the movie, and feel like talking about it, even after such a long time. I really feel emotionally drained after this, but kinda in a good way, I guess. A woman in the cinema started crying pretty uncontrollably for minutes after the movie was over. I can't fault her for that. I certainly felt like doing the same. If I was a braver man I might have done so. That ending was a gutpunch, even if it should be happy and objectively is. It's nice to know that they will be together, probably for the rest of their lifes and they will be happy. But it's hard not knowing if the memories of their dreams will come back to them, now that they are together. In a weird way I need them to remember. I need them to know what they went through to get where they are now. I need them to know that they saved over 500 people from a gruesome death, by a hair, by giving it all they had, by putting all their energy into it and losing each other in the process again. That can't just not be part of their memories and their lifes and their relationship. It has to be. The stunning visuals and the great soundtrack of course help invoke those emotions. But the story and characters are just great on their own. The german voice cast was also simply amazing. You believed every emotion. I hope the english one was as well. The second I came home I ordered the Limited collector's edition and I usually don't even bu physical media, let alone collectors editions. I was that impressed with this movie. What did you guys think?
  6. S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    Sexual harrasment is included and whistling at someboy in a sexual way is sexual harrasment. :/ I tried to find actual numbers for rape and/or severe sexual assault. But I was having no luck. It's always "rape and sexual assault". A longer search could probably yield results, but I'm really not feeling like digging into the topic. The obfuscation is probably because all those organisations, who fund these studies and lobby for the definitions, live in constant fear of getting their funding cut, should it become clear how much lower the numbers actually are. After a while most organisations that started to make society better mutate into a machine of self preservation that actually hurts society. It's kinda sad.
  7. S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    Yes, because somebody whisteling at you is classified sexual assault in those studies.
  8. S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    "The outy blah, the outy blub, outy, outy, outy. Until somebody invents machines". I wonder who those somebodies were. Lovely how it's all outy, until it's something positve, then it's "somebody". So the episode started horribly and then it ended worse. I'll probably finish this season, but I don't think I'll be back for the next. If there even is one. Talking about how somebody might have prevented a bad thing that happened to them is not blaming the victim for the bad thing. The blame still lies with the perp. If I told you not to go to a secluded place or his flat with this shady guy or you going to get robbed or worse, is that victim blaming or just good advice? What if I told that to a man? Since we are talking about what Plum should have done. She should have bodychecked him into the ground. That skinny bitch had nothing on her. Life is not a pony farm. We all should be save all of the time. But we aren't. So we have to take precautions. If you get mugged, the mugger is the guilty party, 100%. But maybe you shouldn't have walked through that dark alley, in a bad part of town, fanning yourself with $100 bills.
  9. S01.E06: Belly of the Beast

    RAF? I mean if you have a type, you have a type. If your partner changes from the type you find desireable into the type you find undesirable it's hard to still get it up for them. I'm into dudes who at least have some meat on their bones and my ideal is a full blown bear. If the bear I'm dating would suddenly turn into an annorexic twink, I'd probably rather jack it to porn, too. Of course the dudes are faking it. Do you have any idea how much chemicals they have to directly inject into their dicks to even get them up? Yes, if it doesn't fit in your worldview it can't possibly be real. These sites rely on ads and ad networks. They know more about you than you know about yourself. The genders are accurate. Internalised misogyny is the worst. It is so much harder to scrub than externalised misogyny! I suppose I imprinted at a young age at all the gay shit around me. That I didn't even know existed, which utterly confused me when I first got a crush on a boy. All that is to say: That is not how sexuality works! Again, just becaus something doesn't fit in your worldview doesn't mean it isn't real. I'm not from the US. But pronhub doesn't seem to filter by country. Why would they? If you didn't see anything different in the porn room from your usual porn viewing you wwatch some kinky ass porn. This show is clearly saying "If you like porn or consentual sex where a woman is treated roughly, you are a horrible misogynist!" and you seem to imply the same. That is kink shaming. No ifs or buts about it. Yes, that is the overarching theme of the show and it is bullshit, like patriarchy "theory" in general.
  10. S01.E06: Belly of the Beast

    That video collage seemed far fetched, so I looked at the hottest pornhub videos for research purposes (yes really, the porn I usually watch doesn't have any women in it). Not even in 10% of the videos were the women treated roughly. It also seems to be implied by the show that women being treated roughly in porn is some indication of misogony, when it's just that some men and women get off on it. There is also a lot of gay porn where one of the men is treated roughly. I'm usually not very much into that kind of porn, so I don't watch it, but I also don't assume missandry because of it. I get a bit infurirated how these "progressive" writers kink shame to the max and think they are so great for it. They are so progressive, they are oppressive.
  11. Love, Simon (2018)

    Love Simon has been out for only a little over a week here in germany. Tuesday is reduced prices night (ticket was 6€) and the cinema just reopened a few weeks ago after part of it had burnt down in January. It's the only cinema in a big radius so people are generally hungry for the experience and it's packed. Imagine my disappointment when the movie started and I was still the only person in the cinema. Generally I would have been thrilled, but it's so sad to see how hard a time movies with gay leads seem to have finding an audience. Five minutes into the movie three more people walked in. So I guess that was something. Now, looking it up, the movie seems to have done well enough, with it's relatively low budget and probably rather small marketing budget. So that's nice. Truth is, it's a hard genre to make profitable these days and it probably had little to do with the sexuality of the lead. I usually wouldn't have gone and seen this kind of film in the theater either. I'm really too old for that stuff. But you gotta show Hollywood that people don't have a problem with gay leads, so I bought a ticket. I was pleasently surprised. I really loved the film. I often think it should not matter what sexuality the lead in a movie has, but then I watch a movie that has a gay man as the central protagonist and I understand it does matter. It matters a lot to me. Pretty much every time I see a movie with a gay man as the focus, I get to reflect on a different aspect of myself. I wonder if straight people have that, too. Before I came out I like Simon didn't really have to fear that my close family would reject me. Yet it was still hard and it took me a while. Sometimes it is still hard. When is the right time to tell people? Do I just run around screaming "I'm gay?". Generally I'd like more people to know. I'm usually assumed to be straight and it feels like people don't know the whole me. Then again, some people I'd rather they don't know. And in general I find me being gay kinda hard to talk about. Like it's still not normal to me. I'm not sure if I follow Simon's conclusion that it's just hard to show people who you really are because what if they don't like you. I have to think on that. But with a way better ending. All John Hughes movies I've seen had horrible endings. First and foremost the breakfast club, a movie I loved for 99% and then despised for the last 1%. I didn't think she was blue, but I was sure she had a crush on Abby. I still don't see any other explaination for her getting all flustered when Abby showed up in the wonder woman costume. So when she kinda sorta confessed her love to Simon and Simon thought she was talking about Nick, I thought she was talking about Abby and I thought "neat those twwo childhood friends can be gay together. well not together-together, but together". Would have added to the movie, I think. I was too, because I wasn't in crime solving mode, I was just along for the ride. Otherwise my knowledge of procedurals would have told me, that it's always the first guy they think it is. They just dismiss him at first, but come back around at the end of the episode. (although they have been mixing it up recently). The problem is that film is a visual medium and that would not have been cinematic enough. But they could have compensated by keeping Bram around more. He seemed to be pretty good freinds with our core group at the beginning of the movie, but after the party he pretty much fell off the face of the earth. Had he been more in the movie, we could have pieced together his character, after it was revealed that he and Blue were the same person. I mean Simon has wrinkles on his forehead I just now started to develop in my early 30s, but that only got a light chuckle out of me. It didn't take me out of the movie. I take it you never watched 90210?
  12. Great, you didn't die. You also didn't die from the lead poisoning caused by leaded paint and gasoline, or from lung cancer caused by all the aspestos in the walls. Doesn't change the fact that now we know better. If a baby is struggeling, maybe do what current science knows to be best practice. And if the colonies didn't exist, where would they have been sent? Directly to the wall. So why are they alive? Because the colonies exist. Who created the colonies? He did. I rest my case.
  13. He might have created the colonies to give people a fighting chance. After all, those are all people who were sentenced to death. They would have ended up on the wall or in a pool if not for the Colonies. Janine and Emily are alive because of him. A bit unlikely in Boston. :D
  14. S01.E04: F...This

    So Jennifer's big objection to UK tabloids was that they showed naked women? Where is all that body positivity bullshit all of a sudden? And their solution was to show naked men with their genitals in full view? How is that equivalent? You aren't allowed to show women's vaginas. Men's asses would have been roughly equivalent. It's also not like there aren't magazines that do show naked men, including their asses, out there. Not sure what the point was, really. I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to sympathise with Jennifer at this point. I think I am, but man is the show doing a bad job with it. Between murdering people, risking innocent civilians lives and inventing problems where there are non and then going way overboard, I really don't like them. As for the manifesto, they do know that women make the same money as men when doing the same job and putting in the same hours, right? The only way that could save my interest in them would be a Fight Club / Mr Robot reveal where Plum is unknowingly the head of Jennifer. Yeah, but those men are rich and Plum is broke. On the plus side, Plum is actually really good looking, no matter what she thinks, so she should be able to bag somebody equally good or even better looking if she put herself out there. A lot of people here seem to think this. It didn't cross my mind, but if it did so many of yours, that might actually be a sexism issue worth exploring. If it was a man at Plum's age and a woman at the coffee shop guys, would you still think she was too young for him? Would you project that onto the character? I'm not even convinced the age difference is that big. Joy Nash is 37 and Will Seefried looks 30ish, though I can't find his actual age, which is a first in the whole history of the internet.
  15. S01.E03: Y Not

    Even if I was for vigilanty justice and the death penalty (which I'm both against), I would never throw somebody out of a plane. I don't know how Jennifer justifies this to themselves. Do you know what happens if a person falls on another from that height? They are both dead, not just the alledged rapist you were trying to kill, but also an innocent pedestrian. That scenario isn't even unlikely in a place as crowded as New York. The body at the beginning of the episode fell like 10cm away from two people.