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  1. Caro’s Belly would look better if she sized up.
  2. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Too bad Steven didn’t consultban immigration lawyer before going yo Russia. They would have probably told him to get Olga to the US before the birth and have the baby here. Chances are, once she’s here, she wouldn’t have to leave because the baby would be a US citizen. Erica catfished Leida. No doubt. And for some reason seems to get off on it. He really doesn’t like woman. If I was Leida and saw that hovel and bed, I’d tell Eric that I’ll be staying with my parents until he gets the place clean and a much bigger bed. Coltee needs to send Larissa home. He is already married to his mother. Last time I checked bigamy is against the law. Fernanda acts like a typical 19 year old girl. Yes, in my day, a 19 year old girl would never act the way she did. But with the introduction of reality, trash TV, such as the morally superior Jersey Shore, girls these days think it’s acceptable to act like classless drunk idiots. My girls are 13 years apart. The oldest would never think of starting a fight in a club. The others would. They live for drama. It’s just nuts. The blonde sure cut her friend really quick. It’s obvious she wants all her friends to tell her she’s doing the right thing by marrying a 20 year old f*ck boy, because deep down she knows she’s making a mistake. At least her kids aren’t on TV. I’ll give her that.
  3. And add the emotional incest dynamic to the mix and I don’t blame her for flipping out. No matter how hard she tries, she will never be able to take her place along side her husband as a partner. Larissa is the third person in a two man totem pole. She never had a chance and no matter how much she tries, never will. It’s too bad because I think she could whip Colt into shape. Agree 100% with this. He is gaslighting her. I saw it when Larissa tried to pick out the couch. They got a couch Debbie wanted. Colt will never trust Larissa with his money no matter how trustworthy she may be. It will never be enough. He will always find an excuse to side with his mother over her and make it look like Larissa is at fault. The only reason Colt brought her over was to have sex and have the appearance of a “normal” life. He even knows his relationship with his mother is off. Pretty sure previous girlfriends/dates have told his so. Debbie is the worse kind of parent, putting her emotional needs over her son’s emotional growth and happiness. She knows exactly what she is doing and can rationalize as normal every which way she can on national TV. She has emotionally abused her son, preventing from having a loving relationship with any other woman. Larissa needs a good immigration lawyer. She’s a victim. I agree with @Drogo. Colt’s a dickhead.
  4. QVC

    I agree with this. There really are some products that sell better when demonstrated. Granted the younger set may just YouTube it but many older folks find it easier to watch on TV. I think the Q’s niche is proving company for those alone. Many of us has the Q on for background noise. Some has it on for company and become invested in the hosts. We’ve all seen then call in. I just think that is the Q’s target. They have the money. And that population is getting larger. Honestly, the Q will let go a vet host without hesitation. One of the most popular vets was let go a few years ago. There was no outrage by customers. Customers were not lost. They are keeping the vets for some reason but customer loyalty is not one of them. Management at the Q could careless.
  5. Hate Alberti on the food shows. He comes off as ravenous like he hasn’t eaten in days. Just comes off as phoney and fake. You all know he would never buy food from the Q. Just like he would never decorate his home with merchandise from the Q.
  6. When I left my job to stay home, my kid was the same age Sharon’s. I worked while she was in school. Still felt my job was taking time away from her and the family. So, I left I high paying to stay home. Even though Sharon may have appeared to work part time on air, the hosts log many hours off air. So what appears to be part time may well be a full time job. For all we know, management wanted to up her hours or have her work weekends. Who knows. She was good at sales. My guess she is over the Q and her priorities have changed. She has a nice house. I would bet that it’s paid off as paying off the home and then leaving may have been her plan a along. Also, the Q would not hesitate to fire the high paid vets. They let a certain high paid host go a few years ago with out skipping a beat. If one of the vets were not cutting it, they would be fired without hesitation. And they know it. So, yeah, I may be the minority, I can buy her story.
  7. S06.E03: Rough Landings

    I respectfully disagree. Debbie did this out of selfishness. If she loved her son she would encourage his independence and living on his own. JMPO, but that kind of love is a form of emotional abuse. Debbie showed her true colors when Coltie actually ate bread for breakfast. She is playing her part as the victim quite well. My guess is that Colt’s and mother’s apartment/condo/home is in Debbie’s name. Vegas has many subsidies and programs for seniors and low income. Debbie definitely would qualify. Colt has to be banking most of his salary. Lastly, Colt needs to man up, leave mommy, and get a nice place for his bride. Being thrifty is commendable but when it stunts you from living a normal life, then you need to revisit your priorities or get help.
  8. So you mean she over underperformed per Q standards. ;-) I hope she is leaving to spend more time with her family. Good for her. I left my career for the same reason. Never regretted it.
  9. I thought it was the Silverton off the strip. That would be more of Coltie’s style. From Colt’s Instagram page, I’ve learned that he loves taking selfies and pics of his cats.
  10. S06.E03: Rough Landings

    The only couple I care about is Steven and Olga. I wish them the best. Jay’s reaction to the cold and snow was funny and realistic. Eric is such a dud. He and Leida deserve each other. Alessandro, unfortunately, deserves better. Much better. Love Larissa. If Coltie was smart, he’d listen to her and do what she wants. She will make him a better man. Debbie sure pulled out all the stops, didn’t she? Fernanda is too good and too young for Jon. Other than boobies, I don’t see what they have in common. Kalani’s family should be happy that father and son are together. Sure Asuelu and Kalani will not last but the fact they are will to make a go of it, is in the best interest of their son.
  11. S06.E02: Young and Restless

    Colt does look different in the vacation pics. It looks like he gained 50lbs since then. I think Colt has catfished Larissa to some degree. Yes. He was more fit when he met her in person. He probably stayed in a nice resort in Brazil, wine-ing and dining Larissa. Told her how much he made to impress her. Once he had her hooked, then then the real Colt came out. If your beloved was coming from a foreign country, wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward, look your best and make her feel comfortable? Lose some weigh? Fix your air conditioner in your car because you don’t want her to be uncomfortable? Get her flowers? Wouldn’t that be loving and considerate behavior? Any guy who is crazy about a girl would at least do all that. In fact, a guy who is crazy about a girl, would move out of his mother’s apartment and find a place of his own. These American guys want these foreign girls because they can’t find decent woman here. Sure. The problem is them. Woman are just another possession and not a valued possession at that. American woman won’t put up with their behavior. If Eric truly cares about Leida, then he’d be saving and doing without in order to have the funds to show Leida, her sister, and son a good time. Not just throw them a sandwich and say have at it. Pretty sure old Eric was not expecting Leida’s family to come out and give him the once over. Bet he’s pissed about that. He was expecting to just take Leida to his shared hovel and enjoy watching her bitch and complain.
  12. QVC

    Just turned on the Q to see Mary selling Asian shrimp. Three pounds for $83! Alrighty. Why would I pay a premium for shrimp from Asia? Just crazy.
  13. QVC

    I’m considering the Keurig TSV for my daughter going off to college in January. Perfect for a small apartment. 😉