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  1. You know what I just realized walking through this thread? Ursula from Little Mermaid looks like Kim Gravel.
  2. I agree. But in Larissa’s case, I feel it is. She doesn’t love this country. She loves the opportunity it affords her. It’s obvious she wants the Kadarshian lifestyle. Fame, fortune, social media presence, reality show etc. If she could obtain these things in Canada or France, she would have gone there. Guess I’m cynical. My in-laws are immigrants. They love the wealth they achieved here but not the US. Their alliance is to their country of origin. They always talk about how great the motherland is compared to here. Trust me, the USA is better. I’m in an area where there is a high immigrant population, legal and illegal. It’s a mixed bag of those who really are here because they want to be citizens because they love this country and those who are just here for the opportunities and real alliance is to their country of origin. Fortunately, there are more of the former than latter.
  3. Yes, he was. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been making that threat to Coltee for a while and that led up to latter domestic violence matter and the divorce. Colt couldn’t bear losing his mother but his wife is disposable. It’s telling that Debbie paid the filing fee. Guess Debbie won the war and her spoils are having Coltee to herself. But who in their right mind consider Colt a prize? He’s one sick puppy. Enjoy Debbie. You both deserve each other.
  4. I don’t think Larissa loves this country. She’s an opportunist. And only came here to find fame and fortune, use the show and her social media base to launch whatever get rich scheme comes her way. More power to her but unfortunately she hung her star to a sadistic, gaslighting tool.
  5. Did anyone catch the show with Nick Chavez and Kim Gravel with MBR hosting? What a train wreck. My head hurts after watching only ten minutes. I don’t know why they have to team the two together in one show. Nick is fine on his own. Kim is just irritating. I cannot stand listening to her and her pearls of wisdom. She’s morphing into Jeanne Bice but YMMV. MBR next show was with Catherine Zeta Jones. Both woman were dressed elegantly which I did appreciate.
  6. I don’t mind Tova. Love hearing about old Hollywood. She is looking older each time I see her which is sad. I remember her in her hey day. She was one elegant lady. If the Nest lady is 60, then she looks pretty good for her age.
  7. Home Shopping Network

    Suzy Orman was on the Q yesterday. She has been on HSN for a while after the Q dropped her. Wonder if we will see Suzanne Somers on HSN again now that she is on the Q?
  8. Lol. I agree. Just about anything sold at Kohls looks better than that dress. For $300, you’d think she could have found something more flattering and professional. I’m just convinced that some of these hosts live in their own Q bubble. Jane is one of them. She’s better off wearing Q clothing on air. It’s bad and ill fitting but still a step up from that dress.
  9. Obviously, Jane has way too much disposable income to pay well over $300 for that hideous dress. I don’t know what’s worse: Jane actually thinking she looked good enough to go on air in that thing or some designer actually charging $500 for it. Just goes to say that a fool and his money is easily parted.
  10. When I first saw Jane’s awful dress, my first thought: Gunny Sac, early 1970’s. My mom made me a dress that style when I was in grade school. It really looks like a vintage long dress that was shorten.
  11. QVC

    I think Amazon taking over a shopping channel would be interesting. I would love to see how they would change the face of home shopping. My brother worked for Whole Foods. He told me since Amazon has taken over Whole Foods, their sales have noticeably increased.
  12. QVC

    I can’t get over the allure of these hosts having their own shows. They act like they chose the products to present like these products are something special. They aren’t. Just the same old crap. My biggest pet peeve with the Q is that the quality of their products are not as good as they were a few years ago.
  13. QVC

    I miss those crafting shows. They did have a wide variety of stuff. It was great and home shopping was a perfect venue to demonstrate and sell. I spent most of Tuesday watching HSN’s craft day. Granted I’m not into card making but I did see a few projects I’d like to try. Personally, I think the Q needs to tap into the crafting market. There are lots of items they could demonstrate sell.
  14. QVC

    I know I’m late to the party, but I bought the Meghan Markel ring. I love it. I wear it as my engagement ring. It gets noticed.
  15. Did anyone catch Suzanne Somers on the Q last night. Yikes! It looks like her skin is rejecting her fillers. Plus she stumbled around explaining her products. Normally, she is on the ball.