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  1. S01.E02: So Much For the Afterglow

    From the way they were looking at each other that was not the first time they hooked up. “Blowing off steam” was clearly code for “sex”- they likely have an arrangement that they figured out a while ago. (Sex with someone they trust but they aren’t in a relationship) I didn’t take him to be an ass.
  2. Good Trouble

    Oh I wanted to say I recognized the actress playing Gael’s sister from her work on Pose. Yay for having trans actresses play trans women! Also I wonder if there will be tension between Gael & Jazmin because Gael passes in the straight world, being cis, and masculine presenting and bisexual.
  3. I agree Leah is so used to filming every single thing that she didn’t think. That’s the problem. Yeah me too.
  4. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Labia Injuring Jeans. I KNOW fashion nova carries a wide range of sizes, there is no need to wear your pants so tight they injure your labia!!
  5. S01.E02: So Much For the Afterglow

    It’s Freya from The Originals! Sweet she is getting work, and has a familiar face (although she and Nathan Parsons were only on the show 1 season at the same time). Ummm but aren’t they partners? (As in law enforcement partners) isn’t it a bad idea to get sexually involved with your partner when you’re a cop?
  6. Good Trouble

    Gael’s male love interest, where have I seen him before??!!!! I am racking my brain. He played Luca on the last season of Switched at Birth!! He’s much older than he looks/portrays on tv. Very cute, and good genes Michael Galante
  7. If Beale Street Could Talk (2019)

    Yes I liked this too. After hearing her story -Puerto Rician woman, married to an Irish man, after her brutal rape she goes home to Puerto Rico without her children; I wondered if she and her husband weren’t in a custody battle of some kind, and he sent someone to rape her to scare her/silence her and get her to hand him the children. She was never the villain here, and I liked that Regina King’s character, while fully focused on exonerating Fonnie, didn’t turn her into the villain. I asked my Mom (who’s read the novel) if Tish was waiting for Fonnie- or just taking his son to visit him. She said she was waiting for him; damn. We know Fonnie was innocent, and he did love Tish very much, but that’s a lot to ask a young woman in the flower of her youth to wait for him. Of course that’s Tish’s choice, but I would’ve understood had she moved on with her life, and brought her son to visit him.
  8. S09.E02: Reconnect

    I didnt feel bad for Ali. Something tells me Ali gives as good as Gracie does (remember the scene last year where Ali claimed she was shoved and she clearly was not). This is CLASSIC Sib stuff. Of course neither Ali or Gracie should be allowed to be disrespectful to each other (that’s not ok) but they are at the age where they are establishing their own relationship outside of what adults tell them they should feel for each other.
  9. S09.E02: Reconnect

    I’m watching the episode and I’m amazed that Jenelle considers Nathan a standard of “kind of having his shit together”. If Andrew has a bachelors degree I am a size 12. Andrew is 33??! So he was a 23yrs old grown ass man having sex with a 17year old?! No, just no. A slight age difference in an actual constental relationship doesn’t upset me. (17 and 19 for example, or even 17 and 20) but if you’re old enough to have graduated from college and having sex with people still in high school you’re scum- you’re probably doing that because no girls your own age will touch you.
  10. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Jeeves thanks! Everything was awesome. I am fortunate to have great teeth. I looked at my xrays and they were so nice. Solid! I got the deep cleaning (I was way over due) which I have never had before and my mouth is still numb. I have to go back on Friday for her to clean the other side. Get this- My dentist offered to trade my LV crossbody for her services. Ummm no.
  11. At least JB gets that his daughters may want a life outside of his house. A home of their own, a partner, SEX etc. I’d prefer JB to Steve (although they are both awful)
  12. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I’m at the dentist waiting my cleaning. They are really behind schedule.
  13. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Yes- my maternal grandmother would do this, in chicago. She would send my mom to the butcher for “bull testicles” which would embarrass my mom to no end, this was in the 50s/60s. Given all the land the Duggars have, AND the free labor, raising food, cooking from scratch would be so easy and far cheaper. There are still 8 minor kids at home, plus the parents, and J’tyler. (Never mind the over 18s that are living there)
  14. None of the Maxwell girls have entered a courtship and they are all over 22? Yes something is going on. Most of these fundy parents DO want their children to marry (and marry young)- if only so they don’t engage in partnered sex outside of marriage! Human nature being what it is, someone will stray from the path just for that need alone, much less their emotional and social needs. If Sarah really did want to be a SAHM and a wife, I have to believe her parents (or specifically Steve) stood in her way. No gentlemen of their belief system has approached her for marriage?
  15. S09.E02: Reconnect

    This should be interesting. We haven’t heard from Andrew in a good long while.