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  1. Cast in Other Roles

    I’m very excited for this.
  2. I’m going to see the concert Tuesday! I’m very excited, Lea as a Broadway performer should be wonderful live. Yes!
  3. House of Pose: Cultural and Social Issues Thread

    Yes! Kara Mara, I knew that I will amend.
  4. House of Pose: Cultural and Social Issues Thread

    So far I like how the show is intersecting class, race, sexuality and gender identity in an authentic way. Blanca being physically thrown out of a gay bar (with a clientele of young, white, professional gay men) was a realistic plot point that fit into the story line. Our Cis Straight characters range from the black theatre teacher (who due to her profession has a variety of people in her social circle) to James Vander Beek (I cannot recall his characters name) the asshole sexist white guy. I want them to develop Kate Mara’s character more than just Stan’s wife.
  5. S04.E06: Love & Death

    My thoughts were with Martin being a pirate we have no idea what his ethnic background his. Martin could be multi-ethinic and Rose resembling one of his grandparents or something. It happens.
  6. @Rap541 amen. I want to enjoy my holiday as well! There’s bow doubt the little ones bring a lot of JOY to the holidays (especially Christmas) but it’s not all about them. Their birthday- SURE, Christmas is for everyone attending. -signed another childfree person
  7. S04.E04: Playing With Fire

    Narcisse Jr does look like Narcisse!
  8. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    More like 10 years as Issac is 8, but yes. She’s no where near infertile wtf.
  9. S01.E03: Giving and Receiving 2018.06.17

    @SnarkEnthusiast, I’m a straight Cis Woman but I say Indya is way hotter than Evan so Indya hands down.
  10. S01.E04: The Fever 2018.06.24

    Assuming the transwoman has a penis I think that depends on the couple. If a transwoman has been on hormones for a length of time the penis isn’t exactly like a cis-man’s penis if that makes sense. For the record I am a straight cis woman who keeps herself educated as an ally- so I can speak for no one.
  11. Absolutely. My thoughts are that Chris may be someone without a desire for a “partner”. There are people who have no desire to partner but enjoy companionship and partnered sex.....marriage or a marriage like relationship isn’t a goal for everyone. If Chris, is a healthy white male with a job* and has never married it’s probably because he doesn’t care to. *I say that to point out that he’s at the top of the econonic and social food chain. Not insinuating people of color or people with disabilities don’t have healthy partnerships/marriages, but only that there are prejudices that exist which may make it harder for them to do so.
  12. If he was humbled he wouldn’t have been the “Smuggar” we dubbed him before we even knew! He also wouldn’t have made those lewd inappropriate comments about incest and his sister’s first kiss. I think Jana and JD probably wanted to punch him in the face.
  13. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Yes therapy is wonderful. You can be a decent person at your core yet be in need of development in other areas. You can also be an evil dipshit like Jenelle and UBT who will never be redeemed in my eyes.
  14. Personally? I think as the eldest girl and pseudo mother figure Josh never touched Jana because she would’ve broken his hand or kicked his ass. Screamed bloody murder. No person is EVER at fault for being abused (certainly not a 5 yrs old child like Joy was), but predators know how to choose their prey because they don’t want to get caught! Why do you think adults with intellectual disabilities are so vulnerable to abuse?- because they are easy prey for evil people. Jana wasn’t as deferential to Josh as the other girls were because of her position in the family.
  15. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Yes, and like @Cherry Cola said, (and I agree) Javi is a DECENT person. I do think he has genuine kindness and empathy in his heart for others. But he has HUGE Capt Save a Ho and Famewhore tendencies. Women tend to have more social support networks than men do, and save for huge things (like a severe illness or drug addiction) adult men are usually “left alone” regarding their life choices unless it’s their romantic partner criticizing them. If Javi were a girl, his sisters and BFF would be all in his face letting him know this, granted women don’t listen either if they don’t want to. Javi does have issues with self esteem, self worth, love hunger etc. I don’t think if he never met Kailyn he’d be with a nice girl. I don’t think he would know what to do with one. He’d probably be with a girl who’d cheat on him, disrespect him, physically assualt him and he’d have little social support for the emotional abuse, thinking he should “man up”. Of course no one wants that for Javi but I doubt his new girl is much different given his taste. And now there’s another kid involved. Shaking my head.