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  1. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    I vote both. As well as being a selfish asshole.
  2. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    @happykitteh when Brianna and Devion were teens he was not strung out on drugs and slurring his words. He was well groomed and physically attractive- Nova is the spit of him and an adorable little girl. Back then I got why Brianna gave him a second look. All that being said- Devion should be gone from the Dejesus home, immediately. He’s of no use and even without the legal ramifications of drug addiction (possession, other illegal activity in their home) that’s a bad example for Nova.
  3. @xwordfanatik No where in the USA does an adult woman need anyone else’s permission to get birth control (assuming she’s can pay for it).
  4. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I think that at the time (so when Kailyn was pregnant and Issac was a baby), Janet saw Kailyn as a young girl who had been tossed aside by the one person who (in janet’s world view) was supposed to love her unconditionally (her Mother). As a mother that had to get to Janet. Given that Janet was prone to be kind and supportive to Kailyn, hoping her sour personality was due to stress/trust issues/post partum hormones etc and that if she offered her a stable home Kailyn would mature to be a better human being. She probably didn’t get a sense of what her true personality was like with all the extra stressors in her life and she wanted to make sure that she was in an emotionally healthy place to parent Issac. I think when Kailyn blantanly disrespected her rules regarding dating while under her roof (which to me were obvious- perhaps it’s a cultural thing), Janet went “I’m done.” It’s similar to how Kim felt about Caitlyn (TM:OG), although Cait always treated her with respect, never spoke inappropriately to her, and left when she was asked to leave.
  5. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

    I loved it! The writing was smart, the costumes were beautiful and the men were delicious! 😍 side note- who’s Harry Shum Jr’s agent? He had no lines in the final version yet was listed before the production credits!
  6. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    Birds of a feather flock together. Chris is under no illusions about Kailyn, but I think he wants a free place to stay and free sex on the regular. The not wrapping it up thing I don’t understand, but many men don’t mind having kids as 1. They don’t have much money to lose in supporting them, 2. They don’t do the heavy lifting to raise them so they are non chalant about it.
  7. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I’m trying to remember the poster in The Handmaid’s Tale forum who insisted June shouldn’t escape from Gilead (a life a constant rape and possible maiming/death) with her baby because “you can’t drive a baby without a car seat” when people pointed out that a car seat was the least of her problems (compared to being raped and having her child stolen) they said that they wouldn’t want to risk the baby’s life and were sticking to that. Ummmm. I think the photo of Felicity is cute, and babies do tend to slide down. The Duggars do plenty of things to endanger their children, but I don’t think Jinger and Jeremy will take Felicity’s safety lightly.
  8. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    Basically all this is 100% on the money.
  9. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    @TheRealT Chris was a friend she was texting in your second bullet point. Ummmhmmm Kailyn fails to realize- outside of 2% of extreme situations, living in the patriarchal world we live in, no man is going to respect you if you were fucking him while married to and living with another man (not speaking of actual legal seperations here). If you’d step out on your own man you’re the Ho.
  10. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    Of course she was! She and Chris were probably flirting & SHE (being the married one) was crossing emotional boundaries with him long before Javi was deployed. She probably became gung ho about her divorce to Javi once she thought Chris was a sure thing and madly in love with her.
  11. S02.E02: Face to Face

    I’m sure you are lovely! After the age of 25, unless someone is concerned with having and raising Bio children, a 15years gap or less doesn’t phase me. 20years or more and you’re looking at them really being old enough to have parented you and it gets weird. I say go for your team mate! Darcy does seem to have low self esteem- she’s doing what men have been doing for eons, having sex with younger people to make themselves feel young.
  12. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I most certainly think beard trimming/grooming is a very intimate act. I don’t think it’s inapprorpiate in anyway, not all intimacy is sexual. My maternal grandmother used to give my maternal grandfather at home pedicures (in the 1950s/60s) cause his feet hurt after a long day (no polish, but buffing, soaking, foot rubs and all of that). That’s a similar display of non sexual intimacy IMO.
  13. S07.E11: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret

    As a 32 year old childfree single woman it’s hard as your peer group mostly focuses on raising small children and spending time with their partners. And I live alone with 3 cats, am allowed hobbies, have a career etc etc. I totally understand why Jana and Laura would spend so much time together.
  14. S07.E11: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret

    Asexual or aromantic or both. Many asexual people are still interested in romance. I think that Laura is around to be Jana’s companion (in a purely platonic sense). Single people don’t necessarily want to spend every waking moment alone.
  15. S02.E02: My Mom Doesn’t Like You

    @ghoulina I’ll have to keep watching and I’ll keep my eye out for Max as well. Diego’s balantant disrespect and lack of empathy for others....I can see him smacking women around when the cameras aren’t rolling.